it was about time i made something shame related
Do You Cry Easily? You May Be a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’
Highly sensitive people, known as HSPs, often respond more intensely to alarms, crowds and high-pressure situations, but they are more empathic and conscientious as well.
By Elizabeth Bernstein

For my fellow empaths/HSPs out there. I hate that society tells us that public displays of emotions are bad and unprofessional. I was talking to my roommate about this (we’re both empaths) and she made a really good point that will stick with me for a long time: “the same qualities that help me relate and gain trust with people we work with are the same ones that lead to me being upset so like ACCEPT IT!“ 

You’re not alone and you shouldn’t feel shame for your expansive range of emotions, in fact you can use your expansive range to connect with people in ways that don’t come as easily to others.

I think if we shifted our perception, and embraced the natural aging process as something that was celebrated rather than shamed and made taboo, women would respond to it differently.
—  Gillian Anderson, People magazine, April 20/16