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So I’ve made the big mistake to listen to the greatest masterpiece of mankind* for the first time in a long time again.

Brain: hey aside from the fact that you know the song is based off a Swedish poem which you’ve never read, don’t you think that’s perfect inspiration for a sci-fi Zesty/Berseria AU?

Me: ???? The only basis for this is the entire corrupted earth and actually deity plot, and, like, why?

Brain: 8D

…Well, at least I didn’t give in and think about plot bunnies or re-designed any characters for a sci-fi setting (…yet…). However, a really lazy but theatrical low-effort doodle of angel Phi happened.

Brain: But hey, wouldn’t all the girls look amazing in plugsuits!????


Brain: *whispers* Michael is the narrator of the song! 83 Also that 20-year-journey through space is the perfect interval for Sorey and Mikleo to grow up from tiny babies to saviours of the universe that Michael & co fucked up and stuff –


P.S.: I’ve actually recorded myself doodling this, so in case you’re curious how I’m doing my messy low-effort doodles, that might be interesting for you! I’ll try to edit it tonight, but as video editing takes me a while, I can’t tell when it will go online. Plus, my neighbours might want to sleep soon and won’t appreciate it if I record my commentary for the video. But we’ll see. I’ll let you know on tumblr once I’m done, of course!

*For everybody out there who doesn’t know this band, this album, and this song in particular (nope, no loops included in the Youtube video, the song runs for a solid half an hour): it is fucking perfection. Listen to it at least 30 times to grasp a glimpse of its perfection. Just. Just. THIS SONG.

Hello guys

So I just finished watching Kong: Skull Island (I know it was about time eheh) and now I started to gif it ! So I’ll be tagging it as #ksipoilers for those of you who might have not seen it yet. So I suggest you to blacklist this tag not to get spoiled ;)

Also I wanted to add- this goes to fellow gifmakers- that I’ve been avoiding tags such as #TomHiddleston and #Hiddlesedit since the film has been avaible on digital download to avoid spoilers so I basically didn’t see any gifs which have been already made and if I appear to make a similar gifset to yours, then please know it’s a coincidence and it wasn’t my intention. I didn’t see any gifset.

Sorry but before I post anything I just needed to let you guys know and calrify things first.

Hope you liked the film (will like it) and that you’ll enjoy the gifs guys ! :)

current hobby: becoming progressively more petty as my mom continues to misgender me and not care
  • I asked her if I looked handsome and she paused and said “you’re cute”. I asked again, and the responses? “adorable” “beautiful” “good-looking” As soon as we get down to the car I look at dad and ask “am I handsome?” and he immediately says “yes you look handsome” while mom just stands there.
  • I made like forty 80s-text callout images about respecting pronouns and demolishing transphobia that are vague enough to not be blatantly about her but specific enough that she’ll see them and know. Every day I will post 2 or 3 of those images on Facebook for everyone to see. If she confronts me about it, I’ll start tagging her on every image.
  • Dad does his best to use “he” pronouns (and gets it right like half the time), and every time he does it when mom is around I can just feel her slightest hint of exasperation.
  • At dinner when grandma and grandpa were apologizing for messing up my pronouns (right after mom was visibly annoyed and told me to stop playing games when I corrected her), I proceeded to loudly express how much it means to me that they at least try and feel remorse when they get it wrong, and that makes me feel so safe and loved. And then I glanced at mom, back to them, and kept talking.

anonymous asked:

So I was a "spoiled gf" accidently with my ex. He loved taking me shopping and calling me his princess- I loved it. I would love to be a super spoiled gf again but I don't know how to really pick the guy or meet someone like that again. My ex and I met on okcupid and he didn't come off as wealthy.He made like 80,000 a yr but as a young guy with no real expenses he was able to spend most of that on me. Whats your advice on finding another one or even a better one? lol

Hang out at places where successful men go to. Upscale places, i have a list of that in my sugar advice tag. Look your best at all times and give off that high maintenance vibes. If he asks about your previous relationships, mention your ex and how he took care of you and say that’s how you like to be treated. Show appreciation and don’t come off as trying to use them for their money.


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!


First Auror Potter I have ever painted was on his birthday, July 31st, in 2016, and it’s the first of this collection. I think that’s why I started to think of him as an +20 yo auror. Somehow, it’s like he’s growing with me in real time. My vision of Harry Potter has matured over the years. He’s no longer a young boy in my mind as I’m no longer a child or teenager. What motivates me is to think he’s got wiser and more serious and all shit he’s been through since he was a kid made him even more sarcastic then he was. “No need to call me sir, professor” would turn into something like “You need to call me sir”.

For more bearded/auror Harry, see this tag :)

A story from the line at McDonald's
  • Me: okay so my sexuality's a complicated deal so let's just call me queer as hell
  • Friend: nono I wanna know can't you explain it
  • Me: well ok mainly I am asexual which means I don't want to do the do nor do I long for it, so it has nothing to do with lack of confidence or anything like that, I simply don't find anyone sexually attractive
  • Friend: right right
  • Me: but I'm also bi romantic. The sexual and romantic attraction are different, and I still fall in love and want to have physical contact with my partner, I just don't need the hanky panky
  • Friend: right cause you have a girlfriend that's pansexual right
  • Me: exactly and as long as we're both happy with not doing the rumba naked, that's a valid relationship
  • Friend: I get it, I get it... I didn't know the entire sexual and romantic orientations were different
  • Me: yeah I know it was an eyeopener for me when I found ou-
  • Lady behind us in line: excuse me so sorry but I couldn't help but overhear but I didn't know half of what you just said and I was just wondering what that thing your girlfriend was is, pansexual?
  • Me: *awkward glance at friend* oh uh I'm not an expert or anything and uh ok so basically it's similar to being bisexual, but there's less value in what gender the one you're attracted to is, at least as I understood it. So a bisexual would be attracted to a person despite their gender, a pansexual wouldn't really care at all in a way uh I'm sorry I'm bad at explaining
  • Lady behind us in line: that's alright I can look it up myself later you gave me a general idea! So where did you find out these things, you're pretty young?
  • Me: well, Internet. Once you're a bit confused about what you might be you usually go looking for explanations...
  • Lady behind us in line: so uh in theory... It's fine if you don't know, I just want to check with you... Is there a thing called aROMANTIC? like you're asexual, is there a equivalent to the romantic orientation you mentioned?
  • Me: oh yeah, absolutely! You can be both asexual and aromantic, or aromantic and heterosexual, literally all combinations are possible!
  • Lady behind us in line: *smiles LIKE REALLY GODDAMNED GENUINELY* thank you so much, I did not know that. *fishes up phone from pocket* now if you excuse me, I'm going to call my mother and tell her I'm not crazy for never having been married or stayed with one guy for long despite being 50+ but still has three children! *steps out of line and walks off while dialing*
  • Friend: wow that was... Amazing
  • Me: see how happy she got? That's the power of right information.
  • And that's why I've been smiling since this happened.

The way people in the North talk about you, you’re the greatest swordsman who ever walked.


@bokuakaweek Day 1: First Meeting

(Day 2: Reminiscent/New Life / Day 3: Wings / Day 4: Dejection / Day 5: Health)

I made a super quick and simple tarot spread based on taking things “one day at a time”, for those of us who are feeling overwhelmed by a situation. This spread is designed to give fast advice on the day you’re reading for in a non-cluttered way. Hope this helps! I’d love to see people using this so feel free to tag me if you do! :)

Card One- Today’s Challenge: This card is basically self-explanatory. Pull a card to give you a hint about a problem or challenge you may face today.

Card Two- Solution to Problems that may Arise Today: This is the advice card. Pull a card to give you an idea of how to go about solving whatever comes up today. For example, pulling the Queen of Swords could indicate that you need to handle today’s issues with logic and controlled temper, and leave emotions out of it.

Ohmygosh SO many of the tags on that post of mine are things along the lines of ‘I used to have a Sonic OC’ ‘maybe I can use them’ or ‘I haven’t thought about my OCs in years’ and things to that effect.

SEE? THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Look around you! Look at how many people are suddenly thinking about the OCs they made when they first got into Sonic and it’s not necessarily with shame and revulsion… it’s suddenly with NEW APPRECIATION. All these people who had OCs, once upon a time, but who probably put them aside out of shame because of the stigma surrounding it.

Now SEGA has said ‘Hey! No, that’s okay! Your OCs are valid and awesome! Make them! They can do what you always dreamed of and help Sonic save the world! They’re canon! They’re in the story! They’re important!’

And suddenly all these fans are rising from the depths, shedding the shame and embarrassment and thinking ‘Maybe that OC is okay after all..?’and ‘I should revamp them and try again…’

THIS is how it’s going to change things! THIS is why it’s important! THIS is what I’m so thankful to SEGA for!

So, again and again, thank you, SEGA. For giving us the one thing the Sonic fandom has needed for years.

Acknowledgement that this is 100% acceptable and okay. ♥

He Has Galaxies In His Eyes

And The Sun In His Smile

Just something I threw together for @thatsthat24

I could write a book about how much you’ve helped me through anxiety and panic attacks, my depression and just the amount of times you’ve made me smile to the point of sore cheeks and laugh to the point my stomach hurts ( it’s a good thing I promise!)  But since I’m already nervous enough putting this up, thank you for everything you do.  Stay amazing Thomas.

(This isn’t on my Instagram, name is in tags for reasons)