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@bokuakaweek Day 1: First Meeting

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

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uHM,, I feel exposed………. bUT! I got tagged multiple times, a long time ago, to do the selfie tag, and I made this video and it didn’t turn out that horrible so I thought I’d share u___u aLSO, to celebrate me getting my braces out this is a tribute to them, thank you for making me feel less self-conscious ♡♡♡♡

off the top of my head, I got tagged by @18jww, @kamikoy, @junmyeolks, @maerinah…,, @chaeyonq?? uHM I CAN’T REMEMBER but hueh thank you for blessing me w/ your beautiful faces, I lov ;; v ;; I’ll tag @josay@baechyu, @jeongeuks, @coupd, @cytaoplasm and @asleepykid! don’t do it if you don’t want to! (and you don’t have to make a gifset ajkhjgdfg oh mygod)

To My Followers

I appreciate you so, so much.

When I think that my art will never be good, I remember all the people who like my art and reblog it with sweet tags.

When I think that I’m not pretty, I remember all the people who like and reblog my selfies.

When I think that nobody remembers me, I remember all the people who tag me in their posts.

When I think that I have a personality that drives people away, I remember every single one of you, and all the likes and reblogs and nice messages I’ve gotten. And I feel a lot better.

Every time I start feeling bad about myself, I remember there are almost 200 people on here who like me enough to follow me, and that means the world to me.

You may not think that you make a difference, or that your liking or reblogging things on tumblr matters—but you’ve already made my life better. So thank you. So, so much. I love you all.

He Has Galaxies In His Eyes

And The Sun In His Smile

Just something I threw together for @thatsthat24

I could write a book about how much you’ve helped me through anxiety and panic attacks, my depression and just the amount of times you’ve made me smile to the point of sore cheeks and laugh to the point my stomach hurts ( it’s a good thing I promise!)  But since I’m already nervous enough putting this up, thank you for everything you do.  Stay amazing Thomas.

(This isn’t on my Instagram, name is in tags for reasons)

Um! I’ve worked with sigils before but this is the first time I’ve made my own…and I think it’s important that try! I’m still getting a feel for a method to contemplate design, but these came pretty easily since I designed them with two beloved characters of mine in mind. 

They felt utterly relaxing to draw, so I think I’m doing something right.

I made a super quick and simple tarot spread based on taking things “one day at a time”, for those of us who are feeling overwhelmed by a situation. This spread is designed to give fast advice on the day you’re reading for in a non-cluttered way. Hope this helps! I’d love to see people using this so feel free to tag me if you do! :)

Card One- Today’s Challenge: This card is basically self-explanatory. Pull a card to give you a hint about a problem or challenge you may face today.

Card Two- Solution to Problems that may Arise Today: This is the advice card. Pull a card to give you an idea of how to go about solving whatever comes up today. For example, pulling the Queen of Swords could indicate that you need to handle today’s issues with logic and controlled temper, and leave emotions out of it.


when yuuri says the line that’s translated as “Just stand by me!” he’s saying

「離れずにそばにいてよ!」(hanarezu ni soba ni ite yo)

sound/look familiar? it should, since “Hanarezu ni soba ni ite” is literally the name of the song that we saw viktor skate to in his introduction back in EP1

i remember seeing a meta post a day or 2 ago where someone said they were interested to see how/if they would tie things back to that intro scene, so… shoutout to them because. here it is

dead gay walking

This is my first time doing an animatic, and this was only made for fun! ;;

This is not an au, it’s just a story that I felt like matched the song c: I just decided to put together my otp with my favourite song from my favourite musical! 

I hope it’s not that confusing of a story but just to explain: McCree is staying in Hanamura (in some hotel) probably on a blackwatch mission, he already knows Hanzo but they aren’t “together” yet. I don’t really know why Hanzo is so pissed and why did he break a window.. but I’m kinda proud of how it looks!

“Because he was false, and you are true. I have never known a truer man. I think if i gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly”

you know, when I first refused to read the books and only saw things about it on my dash, I was SO SURE that Laurent said this to Damen cause OF COURSE you’d trust that big oaf and protector Damen to treat a heart tenderly. but NO IT WAS DAMEN WHO SAID IT TO LAURENT. 
after everything they’ve been through he knows Laurent is a TRUE person, that he can be trusted and that even though people judge him as ice cold Laurent will treat his heart and his love so carefully, so tenderly, that Damen feels safe putting his love and trust in Laurent. 

and that is the reason this quote means even more to me. I’m just completely overwhelmed


                           His crown lit up the way as we moved slowly
                 Past the wondering eyes of the ones that were left behind

We will not calm down.

I said it after episode 3, and I will say it again. History is being made.

No, we will not calm down. We will not stop posting about Yuri on Ice. We will not silence ourselves because you are “annoyed” by its popularity, because you are not “mainstream,” because you are not this, not that. 

This isn’t about you

This is about so much more. It is rare that an anime is so important and so impactful. Most of the time, anime hype is because a series is either so weird and outrageous that we are just shocked, or just because it is simply really good and entertaining and people enjoy it.

But what all of the complainers out there seem to be missing is what Yuri on Ice means to so, so many people. We experienced the first sports anime to have canonical, queer male protagonists kiss on screen in episode 7 (emphasis on sports as to not disregard other series with canonically queer protagonists. Emphasis on protagonists as to not disregard series with canonical queer relationships between side characters, whether in sports anime or otherwise).

The kiss was a huge success, but this week was an even bigger win.

Now, we have possibly gotten the first anime ever to feature queer male protagonists become engaged (however I could be wrong; but I am consciously disregarding Kyo Kara Maoh. I love that series but their engagement was supposed to be for comedic effect, as it was accidental. It becomes much more legitimate as the series progresses, but the initial engagement is unintentional).

In just 10 episodes so far, Yuri on Ice has displayed a loving, healthy relationship between two adult men, not to mention that one is a Japanese man and the other is Russian. Not once has their relationship been ridiculed or demeaned. Not once have they been played off as anything less than two people, utterly head over heels for each other. 

There is so much to Yuri on Ice- so much- that it is impossible for me to write about in one post, in one sitting, and for me to even comprehend at a moment’s notice. But to me, personally, Victor and Yuuri’s relationship is the most important. To me- someone who has always, always searched for quality representative media- this means the world. This sets the bar so high now and the series isn’t even over (nor do I believe it is even close to finishing, not after its success and the creator’s desires for a sequel of some sort).

For me, someone within the LGBT+ community, to see a healthy and very real same-sex relationship so beautifully and realistically conveyed and celebrated is astounding.

And I hope this is a huge “told you so” to all of the creators of media who thought, “Our series will not sell well if we make our main characters explicitly queer, because no one wants to see that.” I hope they look at the success of Yuri on Ice and decide to create more queer media. Even if their motivation is financial, I’m positive that Yuri on Ice is a step forward. Japan (and especially anime) has much farther to go, certainly. There are flaws within Yuri on Ice and criticisms that are quite legitimate and understandable. I understand that.

But look at the good things that this series does have to offer. To see Yuuri slide a ring onto Victor’s finger, and for Victor to do the same… to see Phichit congratulate them on their marriage, then promptly announce it to the entire restaurant… and to see so many small but significant indicators of their mutual love (and all of this is simply episode 10 alone)…

That’s pretty incredible. And man, does validation feel great

Love Wins.

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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#do you ever think about hermione and how it must have felt to realize that your best friend #your one constant in this crazy world - the one with whom you would stick through thick and thin #the one you would die for so he wouldn’t have to die alone #how it must have felt when the inkling that harry might be the final horcrux #made its roots in the back of her mind #the utter despair and denial she must have gone through #how she must have cursed for the first time her title of brightest witch of her age #because ignorance for once might be better than this #might be better than knowing that each moment might be the last #that this is the last adventure #her pleading in the forest to stay hidden and grow old becomes so much more heartbreaking when you wonder if she knew then #how long has she known #how many times did she prepare herself to say goodbye #until that moment on the stairs #because this is it #and she’s not ready #how do you ever ready yourself to watch a piece of your heart walk out of your life #possibly for the last time #how #(i made myself sad) (via overlyaffectionategreeting)

So anyway, does anyone else remember when Holland and Cody were on the Teen Wolf After Show hosted by Posey? And Posey and Holland made gross, ableist jokes about mental health? And Cody was fucking SILENT during their douche time and then quietly and sincerely spoke about how he feels for people with mental health issues and that he hopes that the portrayal of Stiles’ mental health problems is taken seriously on the show? Anyone else remember that shit? Because I do. That’s the day I became a Cody Christian stan.


Samwell Social Media part 3/?

Nursey’s Snapchat


I just made and entire post about Nursey without mentioning poetry, his moms, or the word chill????? Is this really a Nursey post?


So I was once redania but I made a new blog cause there was so much shit on that one and I hadn’t use it in a looong time due to having no internet (i die)

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what if they made a documentary about the ex-star of 70s american rock band the followers?