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  • taylor swift fandom:*still openly hates joe jonas for being a douche 7 years ago*
  • taylor swift fandom:these calvin receipts are ridiculous and make no sense!! they're from 6 months ago anyway, he's changed!!

I swear though the thought that Guard Tom died angry at the world, feeling betrayed and hateful towards everyone, thinking he was used as a pawn by the heroes… It hurts. It stings so much, because he was such a sweet guy. Yeah he tried to enact revenge once or twice, but he grew out of it. He became a wonderful man despite his hardships, adn fucking World Historian took away all of that so he could have a soldier that would be willing to do anything for him and  fuck I’m not crying I don’t know what you’re talking about

me when audrey who hasnt done or said anything problematic and is solely playing the game too hard too fast and is now trying to lay low for the rest of the week is number 16 on jokers lower than austin and jace who called feeders, the majority of people voting on jokers, weirdos, sickos and freaks, not to mention have said the r word multiple times, slut shamed jackie for wearing a bikini, and are genuinely awful people

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hope and aya are the best international brotp, lbh. they respect each other so damn much and are so happy to compliment each other and praise their abilities. i cry because honestly the american and japanese rivalry is the best because it's all about respect.


apparently Hope said that she’s not friends with players on opposing teams, but Aya is like the one exception obviously. they have such a cute friendship and they respect each other so much after playing together here in the states. for real tho, the Japan/USA rivalry is my favorite because it’s not a really intense “I hate you” kind of rivalry. it’s just two of the best teams in the world playing each other (and always having entertaining games) and then congratulating each other after the game finishes. 

apparently the Japanese players respect our team so much that they always say “sorry” after they foul our players which makes me v emotional. and ofc Abby went over and congratulated the JapWNT after they won the WWC 4 years ago, despite how heartbroken she obviously was. and then there’s the players all being cute together after games (Pinoe bowing to them + ruffling their hair, Aya giving our players candy, u know).

Japan/USA is the GOAT woso rivalry tbh

I’m going to disappear one day. I’m going to delete all my social media. I won’t respond to anyone unless it’s someone close to me. I wish I could just go somewhere where nobody knows who I am. I ache for that. To start new, start fresh, and to forget about everyone I have left behind except my family and two or three friends. I want to see life differently. I want to explore and go to places I’ve never been. I want to go into coffee shops, read amazing books or sit by rivers and lakes to just take in the view. To relax. To enjoy. I want to find what makes me truly happy when I’m alone. I want to enjoy my life.
—  I want to be the happiest happy I could ever be // 12:30am
BET better send thank you cards

to Christopher Maurice Brown.
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth.
Robyn Rihanna Fenty just for being there and singing lyrics that people didn’t expect her to (Shoutout to the plastic bag bitter ass niggas out there that rep the seal)
to Jidenna and Janelle Monae Robinson.

Am I missing anybody?

but like there’s an actual difference between brown and orange.if you’re gonna edit tanned/dark-skinned idols at least don’t make them look like orange or carrot hybrids.those unwhitewashing makes them look like they dosed up on beta carotenes and suddenly had orange-y skin talk about how bad whitewashing idols are but it’s as bad as editing them and making them look like’re not doing then any of them justice.tsk~