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Finally finished all of my new Steven Universe charms! I’ll have these at AX and others cons I’ll be going to in the summer and HOPEFULLY will open up an online store so you guys can order them soon, so look forward to it!


Now that awards days are finished, it has been announced that my class of 22 seniors, the scholars I have been working with all year towards getting ready for and into college (who are in our AVID program students from rougher home lives / backgrounds / who the administration and other teachers don’t expect to graduate without a lot of guidance and assistance) have all been accepted to a 4 year university and, collectively, have been offered over 1.6 million dollars in scholarships and grants.

I could not possible be more proud of my kids!!! We lost one along the way this year, but at least we ended it on a high note.

Things to think about...
  • What did Jonghyun get from Kibum on his bday?
  • why did Kibum not feel comfortable saying what it was (being respectful of their privacy as well)
  • Does Jonghyun act this cute towards Kibum on a day-to-day basis?
  • Does he tell Kibum he loves him often?
  • Does he send Kibum random messages about what he’s doing and does he ask about what Kibum’s been doing?
  • Do they listen to music together?
  • How did Kibum know that Jonghyun had “tons of underwear”?

thickness1988  asked:

What Matt about to do to Zero


Listen Matt wanted to catch Zero before he went to work so they could have lunch together which is why he wrote him like 90 mins before Zero’s shift. When he didn’t respond he was just like lol ???? cause he was literally on twitter at the time. Then he wrote him again like three hours later around the time Zero would be taking his lunch break.. still no response bitch. Matt just felt ignored okay and he doesn’t like that. In Zero’s defense he didn’t take much of a lunch break because it was pretty busy for him. He snacked on something for like 10 mins but didn’t bother getting his phone from out his locker. 

Zero seeing all of this hours later is like.. ohhhh but by then Matt already didn’t care anymore. He’s just like this was 8 hours ago and I’m doing something else now.

Matt at the moment is out with some friends and is looking at Zero’s tweets like.. “he’s really pressed” so he’ll prob catch up with him at the shop like 10 mins before it closes to annoy him some more. He’ll be petty and try to start some shit just so they can have some sweaty makeup sex later.

@ Midnight honestly same

supertortilla  asked:

i think the carrot is their relationship! it became their thing when they bonded over slicing carrots! when noora was eating carrots after the oh-so-hated kiss, it was showing that sana sees her taking her spot. yousef eating them in "gutta boys" means he still wants to pursue the relationship with sana , but she isn't responding

The carrot is a metaphor for Sana and Yousef’s relationship. It’s like a couple has a song but they have carrots and whenever they see one they are reminded of the other. Yousef still wants the carrot, Sana thinks Noora has taken the carrot so she distances herself from it by not accepting. Also everyone is eating carrots except her cause she’s pushing it away. But Sana will have her carrot in the end. Also in Scandinavia carrots are seen as the reward (carrots or whip).


This is great carrot discourse. Thank, supertortilla and anon, for blessing my inbox with this analysis. 💙😘👌🏻