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SHIT YOU DON’T PULL PUNCHES OKAY. Elise asked about my top 5 Jo pics (I’m predictable I guess) so you get top 5 6 Team NA moments:

1. We’re going to the semis celly that broke my heart

2. Jo’s stupid smile and Nate’s ridiculously possessive hug

3. Literally every one of Nathan MacKinnon’s dirty filthy goals

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4. The McDavid-Matthews goal holyshitsopretty

5. The reunion of the Halifax soulmates

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6. Jack and Connor playing on the same team and cellying together

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hearing someone say that  Alola is a stupid greeting when you meet someone really breaks my heart. i was watching some lets plays of the sun and moon demo and a lot of ppl think its dumb and silly

from someone who lives in hawaii it makes me sad. sure it may sound silly to mainlanders but the game is based on hawaii. aloha is literally hello and goodbye. its a greeting and alola is a nod to that. there was so much effort put into this game and its terrible to have ppl make fun of the culture here


└ Though you’ve always thrived on challenges ne~ Jun-kun?

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Analyzing Wang Jung

I called this a Jung “defense post” before, but that’s not really what my intention is. I just happen to find him really interesting. I’ve spent some time thinking about him—as with every aspect of this show, way too much time—and I wanted to share some of my thoughts because I haven’t seen them commonly expressed.

In fact, by and large the SH:R fandom seems collectively put out with Jung. I somewhat expected he would annoy folks sooner or later, but I thought Ji Soo-mania would temper it a lot more than it has. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Not to say that I agree with Jung’s conclusions or that I don’t think he very often behaves like an ass, but let me play devil’s advocate as a mental exercise. I think it will result in a deeper understanding of the show at large.

One of the foremost complaints about Jung’s character is that people simply don’t understand why he’s acting the way he is. Why he hates So and is so stubbornly set against all of his goals. That it just seems like dickish obstinacy and sheer immature stupidity at this point. And I agree, it really does seem that way. But in actuality the show has given us plenty of information to piece together the “why” of Jung’s actions, but it drip fed us details about his character so gradually since the early episodes, it’s not terribly intuitive, unless you’ve spent way too much time thinking about and writing about the show.

Let me try to trace it back for you.

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Chrysalis kept the drones permanently teetering on the edge of starvation so they would always look to her for food and she would retain her position of power over them. there’s no way she didn’t know about their true forms. Starlight’s monologue alludes to that, implying heavily that Chrysalis kept her subjects weak and dependent on her so she could feel powerful and in control.

I love Chryssy, but this revelation really shows the depths of how evil she is. She raised these drones from birth knowing full well that they could be happy and fulfilled if she taught them reciprocal love at the cost of some of her queenly power.

Klovers younger sister by six years (she is 13 here).  She lost her hearing when she was 5 years old and had a very hard time at first, throwing tantrums because no one understood her, and because she could no longer hear her parents voices.  Klover knew what he had to do (being as brainy as he is) and studied sign language then taught Krystal as well as the rest of the family when he knew what he was teaching was correct.  She is much stronger now and doesn’t let this hold her back as it once did.  
She loves to play turf war with her family and on her own.  In order to help her in battle since she cant hear most attacks, she uses the bomb sensor as one of her abilities and also loves to use the killer wail as her special because it sends a rush in her body when she sets it off.  


Keren @pretendtobepunkrock, Demi @felicityash and myself are so excited to announce the arrival of our CEO!5sos blurb night!

This is set to take place on Saturday the 19th of November, beginning at 7PM GMT and continuing through the night (and possibly the next morning if we don’t finish off)! 

CEO includes:

  • Business rivals (*cough* enemies turned lovers?)
  • Company meetings/dances
  • Assistants
  • The general lifestyle of the rich and important
  • Sugar daddy (ffs hoSE ME DOWN)
  • Anything else you can think of!

Here are some prompts you could use to gain some inspiration from or request from!

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I’m incredibly excited for this (too excited tbh, I live for CEO/sugardaddy lmao). My ask box is HERE and please, please get involved by requesting things, writing your own blurbs/imagines or just stalking the tag!

- Hannah :)

bonnie not worrying about damon is ooc because even if their relationship is platonic with no romance in it she’d still feel something for her best friend when he’s in such state. there’s so much history there, these two people were stuck together in alternate universe for four months. one night three years ago she cried because he was leaving her. just few months ago she was still heartbroken because he left her. even if bonnie bennett had hit her head and suddenly had no feelings for damon salvatore, she’d still worry about him. so all of this is ooc, out of logic out of everything.

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Hey friend, what do you think the pines would pick (class, race, back story, ETC...) If they were to play DnD?

oooh, i like this ask – i rolled up character sheets for what their traits were a long time ago, but what characters they’d choose to play is an entirely different (and fun!) question. so i don’t know if you were expecting a novel in response to this question or not but oh boy, here we go. buckle your seatbelts, everyone

let’s start with the known d&d (or dd&md, as it were) aficionados in the family. rewatching dungeons, dungeons, and more dungeons, it’s very unclear what kinds of roles dipper and and ford played when they weren’t DMing. aka we have free reign!

(please note that all class/race/etc. details i’ll be using are from the 5e handbook, since that’s the system i’m most familiar with)

ford strikes me as the sort of player with a really elaborate backstory and everything for his character but also traits taken solely to max his damage because listen, Elrandir Brúchon, respected scholar, is very wise and so starting out with a spell attack modifier of +6 is completely logical, stanley
he’d absolutely play a wizard, and probably has all the spells he’s able to prepare typed up in a little spellbook like i have definitely done when i played a spellcaster like a nerd. school-wise i think he’d choose either abjuration (which has the absolutely stunning description “members of the school are sought when baleful spirits require exorcism… and when portals to other planes of existence must be closed”) or evocation, because it involves super powerful magic and over-estimating your powers. whoops.
i think for race he’d choose an elf, specifically a high elf for that +1 intelligence bonus, and he’d have a backstory as a sage (THE DESCRIPTION…. “you spent years learning the lore of the multiverse…”) because all that ties together nicely into a very coherent character. and anyone who points out that ford’s character is basically just ford but an elf – don’t take this away from him. he’s having fun

dipper is trickier, because while i can think of things that fit his personality, what fits his personality most is doing or being something “cool” – and there are too many options. i think he might play a half-elf for the charisma bonus, because of course his character is going to need that to be “cool” in the way he wants. as for class, i’m a bit stumped, nothing seems to fit quite right – until i realized the obvious solution. dipper would totally write up his own class. a complete homebrew glorious mess of nerdery. i’m thinking he builds some sort of magus to combine unique magical abilities and fighting capability. and sometimes what he created works incredibly well, because he knows the game so well and built his character carefully, and sometimes it’s a complete disaster because he cobbled together too much “cool”
i think he’d also have a sage background, since that’s a pretty common choice for spellcasting characters, and maybe a tiny bit because he wants to have a character seem smart and impressive. all in all, he’d have a weirdly balanced character completely of his own creation

mabel i think would go for an elf (if her comments on Hot Elf in dd&md are anything to go by, i think she finds them one of the more alluring fantasy races…), and i can see her excellently playing a druid, so maybe a wood elf.
i say “excellently” on the druid bit because “shapeshifting into animals” at random moments in the game seems like an absolutely mabel power to have. i might land her as playing a druid in the circle of the moon, since that one facilitates wild shape better. i could also see her multiclassing in bard, partially because the only background i think she might want to choose would be the entertainer. would this create a strange amalgam of a character? yes. definitely. absolutely. but i think a magical, animal-loving, charismatic, character is exactly who mabel would want to play

stanley is a puzzle to me. the obvious class choice for him is rogue, but rogues are also known for being a bit more lightweight. stan would want to be a bruiser. so the best i can think of for him is some sort of fighter/rogue multiclass, maybe actually with more emphasis on the fighter bit. i assume he’d take the champion and thief archetypes respectively. also, i think stan would take the tavern brawler feat, for the whole “improvised weapons” option.
race-wise, he actually might play a human. their build is sort of jack-of-all trades, which might work the best for his character type. and background could be a total toss-up between something like outlander for the fighter, or charlatan, depending on how close he wants to play to home…..

together they actually make a decently balanced party? (on first glance they’re missing a cleric, but i was actually in one once where we relied on our druids for healing and it worked… okay) i know that i, for one, would be interested in the adventures of the d&d pines family