it was about arthur growing to be the once and future king through merlin's love and his people's love


A/N: First of the 900 Follower Celebration! I’m happy to share with you a Merlin drabble. Featuring the once and future king: Arthur Pendragon. Thank you @yourtropegirl for giving me this, it the only non-star trek which is not a surprise. But it’s good to have.

A/N pt2 : I love Merlin. I’m going back through the series now. And my GOD I love this man. He such a handsome and soft boy. Arthur Pendragon is a treasure.

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Pairing: Fem!reader/ Arthur Pendragon

Warnings: None

Word count: about 1000 

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Shady pink objects tracker

This post is devoted to all the times the color pink has been shady af in season 5a. Includes dresses, necklaces, magic dust, and flowers. 

The objects might vary, but each and every time we see pink in season 5 it’s linked to one thing: deception.


No pink. You could call it the calm before the storm.

5x02: Aka, the RELENTLESSLY PINK episode

This episode throws so much association between shade and the color pink that it is undoubtedly the key to watching the rest of the season.  

We’ve just arrived in Camelot, and Guinevere is dressed all in pink. Cue the alarm bells! 

As we discover later in the season, Guin is actually enchanted. Whenever we see this girl in pink, it’s a visual clue to symbolize that we are being deceived. 

In this case, the deception is Guin’s agency. She may look like her own woman, but she’s being controlled by magic.  

And alas- Guin has no better luck in Storybrooke. Here too, she’s is Arthur’s puppet: devoid of memories and the ability to break the spell. Since she remains cursed, she remains in pink.  

Continuing through the episode, we next see pink in the form of a necklace.

Guys, this necklace creeps me out.

Given what we learn later about the disingenuous nature of anything pink this season, this necklace is giving me really bad vibes. We still don’t know for sure what it did to Regina (though I speculate later on in this post) but there’s 100% chance it was something to do with illusions, lies, and false actions.

Moving on, Regina’s pale pink dress for the ball means some sort of deception is occurring. The simplest reading would be this: Regina’s identity at this moment in time is a facade. Either to herself, or to others, or both.

My vote is for both.

Not only is this not a dress she chose for herself (she’s wearing it to appease Snow and Charming), but this isn’t a narrative she chose for herself, either. She claimed the title “Saviour” to protect Emma. But is she a Saviour? She hasn’t proven it to herself yet. And she’s actively deceiving Arthur to prevent Emma from using dark magic.

Next, Regina wears the pink gown and the pink necklace to the ball, which turns out to be pretty disastrous: Robin gets stabbed.

In the above scene, Regina is pleading with Emma to save Robin because she fails to with her own magic. Notably, Regina’s magic doesn’t seem to be working. Regina claims it doesn’t work because the blade was cursed/meant for her.


But you’re also telling me, the audience, that the huge, pink monstrosity of a gem around her neck is just a coincidence and not having any effect on Regina’s magic or actions? And that later in the season, Zelena refers to her magic-inhibiting magic cuff as “restrictive jewelry”? Nah, I don’t buy it. Hope the gem is revisited this season so we find out for sure what was going on with it!

Swen Side-bar: Overall if I HAD to watch Regina beg Emma to use dark magic to save Robin; at least I know she was wearing pink when she did it. A character dressed in pink is coming from a place of deception, whether public or personal, voluntary or involuntary. 


The following episode continues the motif of pink dresses and falsehood. This time, the writers pass the torch from Regina (who we last saw in a pink dress) to Emma.

Hook, this girl is lying to you left right and three ways to Sunday. Either she’s lying that she wants to date you, or she’s lying that she’s the same Emma she was before the darkness.  

And am I happy about that? You bet my Swen-heart I am.


The pink in this episode is just as relentless as in 5x02. But here we move away from pink garments and jump into flowers and magic dust.

We begin with a young Guin being courted by young Arthur. A pink rose shows that his love for her is probably more about “winning the girl” and less about “loving the girl.” Sorry, Guin.

Guin’s misery and pink flower-colored life continues into adulthood, where her birthday party rains pink roses. Not because Arthur loves her; but because Lancelot thought it would be a nice touch to tray and deceive Guin into believing Arthur actually gave a fuck about her birthday.

Spoiler: Arthur had zero fucks to give.

Notably, this is the first instance of deception not necessarily being ill-intentioned. Lancelot deceives Guin to try and spare her feelings.  

Continuing on through the episode, a flashback to season 3 makes an appearance. We revisit Snow’s nightmare: where a younger Emma rips out her mother’s heart while dressed like a perfect princess.

The deception here? For one, this moment was always imaginary. In addition, so is the entire concept of Princess teen Emma. That girl was, and forever will be, fantasy. The real teen Emma was an orphan in blue jeans.

But enough of meaningful backstory to Emma and Snow, right?

The show skips ahead to embrace some man-pain in the form of a flashback: Arthur curses Guin to lose all her willpower and be his wife by forced consent. Delightful. Naturally, the magic dust is…pink.

That plus the pink flowers in the same frame, and I’m beginning to associate pink roses with the things I need Pepto-bismol for.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Arthur goes ahead and builds a fake castle using the pink dust. Why be a little shady when you can go all the way, right?

Ending the flashback, we return to Camelot’s present day, where Guin continues her forced imprisonment in the color pink just in time to break Lancelot’s heart. She and King Shady crash the meeting between the Charmings and Lancelot in Granny’s Diner.

Well. It’s more like, almost breaks Lancelot’s heart. Because our dashing hero actually has the perspicacity to immediately realize something is up with Guin. This is not the “true” Guinevere. So probably, his heart isn’t broken; and instead he’s biding his time in prison by planning how to save her.

Lancelot, never change.

As Guin is ordering Lancelot thrown in the dungeon, she curses Charming and Snow for good measure. (And by she I mean Arthur, because he’s the puppet-master here.)

Meanwhile, that same day in Camelot, things between Regina and Robin are just as sour as everyone hopes they are:

Not only do I personally delight in the fact that Regina and Robin are visually divided (symbolizing a divide in their relationship?), but they are specifically divided by a bowl of pink flowers.

Somebody is lyin’ about something in this scene, is all I’m saying. Maybe both of them? Just one of them? Is it about their epic true love? I like the think so.

And if I loved that scene’s pink roses/love facade, take a quick guess how I feel about what happened next:

Emma kissing Hook in a fucking field of the things was probably my favorite moment of season 5. That, the C$ shippers and I can agree on. Just, for totally different reasons.

There is enough disingenuous love here to make a pink elephant piñata

And like a hollow dummy meant to be broken, the show is going to hang up and bust open Emma’s love for Hook at some point in the future.

I’ll bring the baseball bat.  


5x05 sees- NO surprise by this point- poor Guin in yet another “I have no free will, please help” pink dress.

Lancelot, we all know Guin is a badass but come save her, please. She can’t fight pink drugs in her system by herself.

Back in the past, Henry finds himself unwittingly the victim of a staged false love. If only he knew to beware girls in pink!

If the pink dress wasn’t a warning sign, the pink flowers would certainly do the trick. Sorry, Henry. Your lady fair can’t give you a true response yet because your mom took her heart and is forcing her to reject you. 


The only instance of pink in this episode is a bit of a surprise, since it appears on everyone’s favorite cinnamon roll.

Belle’s cape has pink roses when Merida kidnaps her to go on a quest. And while Belle does nothing nefarious, she does do a bit of deception.

For starters, she doesn’t give Merida the potion that would turn her into a bear. (For her own good.) Still, a lie is a lie. So the roses once again, speak the truth of the matter.

And perhaps, the roses might mean one more lie is being told. Perhaps, she doesn’t not love Rumple, either. Lying to yourself is just as an act of deception as lying to other people.

5x07: Les (pink) Fleurs du Mal?

When the flowers showed up in the title card, I did a little dance. SHADE INCOMING! In 5x07 we finally get the origin story for the flowers, and its just as fun and twisted as we all hoped it would be.

But at first, the flowers are actually a sweet, beautiful reminder of how Nimue wanted to be a good person, and how she and Merlin fell in love. Aw.

But at the same time, the flowers still mean STORM AHEAD.

Yep, no mater how brightly the sun is shini-

oh wait, they’re literally in the shade.

The symbolism is appropriate: Nimue has already deceived Merlin. She’s not cool with raising cute pink flowers and growing old- living the life her family was denied- while the chance to be immortal and powerful exists.

Notably, Merlin never actually gives Nimue a pink rose. Nor does she hand him one. Either action would visually recall Arthur’s extremely disingenuous love for Guin. Instead…

Merlin very conspicuously gives Nimue not a pink rose, but instead its green stem: twisted into a ring that turns to gold.

Maybe, these two will resolve their differences in the end.

But enough speculation about their love. And actually, enough about pink. Since this is the final episode before the mid-season finale, let’s check up on the motif of not just pink flowers, but flowers in general.

There are two other stand-out scenes with flowers in them this episode. The first comes in the form of fashion. Take a look at Zelena’s cape:

The fact that Zelena betrays- or appears to betray?- the Storybrook crew in this scene, makes me wonder if flowers in general are a motif that means “betrayal” in this season.

Because guess when else we saw a flower in this episode?

when Emma puts Excalibur back together, despite Merlin warning her not to.

Are all flowers becoming les fleurs du mal? Or are we being tricked into thinking Zelena and Emma have betrayed us? 

So far this season, only one color flower- an enchanted red rose that Belle uses t monitor Rumple- has been safe from any acts of deception and betrayal. 

Overall, the motif of pink this season is undoubtedly linked to deception. Often, if not always, it specifically appears in respect to romantic relationships.

As for whether most flowers too, are a negative motif…we’ll have to wait and see until the midseason finale airs tomorrow night!