it was a wip for 2 months

A drawing I made for SJM during her ACOWAR tour in Toronto :) I had it colored but I told myself I wanted to repaint it….but that was like 2 months ago and this drawing has been driving me bananas ever since so I’m not sure I’ll ever actually fix it lol

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Well then… guess I need to start putting a Followers’ Gift together.

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I was wondering if you have any good victuuri fics to recommend? :D i love kic btw, i've read it more than i've read my thesis and that's saying a lot! (Mostly about how I definitely make good life choices shhh!)

omg fkdjfdk thank you i’m so glad you’re enjoying kic!!! here are some awesome oneshots i’ve read recently:

  • Hey, Jealousy by @rcmclachlan
    gen / 3k / yurio pov fic about russian hockey team being in love with yuuri and victor is Absolutely Fine Of Course Why Would There Be a Problem ? ?  ?  (yurio voice is srsly on point) 
  • A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving by @exile-wrath
    not rated / 2k / vicyuu are hitmen, it’s victor’s birthday, yuuri gifts him the decapitated head of his longtime rival; can u say, romantic? 
  • all you’re giving me is friction by @alykapediaaa
    teen / 2k / scruffy!victor…. need i say more
  • Laundry Day by @lucycamui & @victorsporosya
    explicit / 7k / vicyuu does the do on a washing machine… seriously folks… this is not for the Delicate Cycle-hearted… this is strictly for the Auto Soak of us 👅💦😩 👏  (seriously this is spicier than the ghostiest of ghost peppers)
  • Stay the Night by @dystopiansushi
    mature / 6k / speaking of ghosts… victor is a ghost who haunts a hotel. yuuri stays the night (WARNING this GOOSED me so if u are EASILY GOOSED then… then u have to read this too ok come and suffer w me dkafdkfjaskdfj) 
  • To Wine and Dine by @kiaronna
    gen / 3k / victor is a renowned chef and yuuri is a food critic who thinks victor’s only giving him a grand dining experience because he’s figured out what yuuri’s there for and i am absolutely sobbing this was so beautiful hECK and its in paris [heavy sigh]

i havent really painted in like 2 months but i saw some great fanart today so i finished this old WIP and it’s dedicated to @dailytoshinoriyagi who is great and inspiring and i hope you can keep drawing toshinori sometimes!

june+august -17
i missed father’s day and toshinori’s birthday and bnha anniversary? but its here now ,,, toshi wished for some time spent with his kids~


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social media rec list

ok let me just start by saying i love social media (in fic and outside fic lmao), and in the world of YOI where they’re both famous, it can work really, really well. so here are my favorites! arranged into AUs, canon and canon divergent ❤️


1. Victor “Milkman” Nikiforov: the man, the meme, the legend by bosbie. Teen, Complete, 13k

god this series is so funny. MEMES AND RUSSIAN SKATE SQUAD???!!! !!!! YES PLS

2. Hot Russian daddy fucks a horny Japanese slut [AKA Viktor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki REAL sex tape leaked] by Krtek. Explicit, Complete, 14k.

hooooly shit, the title says it all. sex tape is leaked, fandom reacts. this is beautiful, deals w the repercussions really well. hot and sweet at the sweet time. i laughed (but felt bad about laughing bcos you’ll see).

3. katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian. Gen, Complete, 12k.

ok this is a fandom classic and y’all probably know it but IT DESERVES TO BE HERE. lovely outside POV of canon.

4. The Bulge (Don’t Bring a Weapon to a Public Beach) by @nagoyadelay. Mature, Complete, 3k.

U WILL LAUGH!!!! Thirsty skating fandom (aka us), tumblr thesis on the size of Yuuri’s 🍆 


1. Setting Sun by @iwritevictuuri. Explicit, WIP, 76k

u think, wow, songfics are so 2001??/11//?? WELL UR WRONG. unbelievably well thought out song fic (b e l i e v e me) playing out on Instagram.

2. we’ll always have paris by @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband. Mature, WIP, 12k.

alsdjlkas Viktor is extra as always in social media, and it’s great, it adds to the humor, you’ll literally laugh out loud at least once in this fic, i promise you!!

3. Stay Close to Me by dasedandconfuzed. Teen, Complete, 11k.

ok ok ok i reread this fic probably once a month??? i adore it. one of my favorite canon divergent fics where yuuri gets 4th in Sochi and catches Viktor’s attention anyway.

4. Rivals (aka UMFB and OBSBH) by @kazliin. Explicit, WIP (UMFB is complete), 293k

wowowow the use of Social Media here is done so well, because it’s really part of the story. you get hints of what Viktor feels in UMFB, the reactions of fandom affect Yuuri, and you see different sides of the characters through how they use social media. lovely lovely, everyone know this fic, but im reccing it anyway.


1. i will go down with this ship! by @yoyoplisetsky. Teen, WIP, 7k

SOCIAL MEDIA AND FANDOM??? sign me the heck up. lovely actor AU w ~layers~ of fake dating and both yuuri and vik have secret twitter accounts where they roleplay as themselves.

2. make my heart beat out of my chest by @xyloophones. Teen, Complete, 43k.

OK this is social media goals, legit, esp the latest fic in this series. Singer-songwriter Viktor and dancer Yuuri collab, super great social media incorporation that im aiming for in my own fics. Yuuri speaking out about his anxiety also is A+

3. leave it all on the ice by snowdarkred. Teen, Complete, 20k.

Hockey AU, deals with homophobia and their hockey careers through social media. one of my favorites, i want more hockey!AU pls.

4. Yuuri!!! on Floor by @handsingsweapon. Not Rated, Complete, 67k.

GYMNASTICS AU!!! omfg, i love this fic. the usage of social media is done great, and it makes a huge point and a statement and pls see more at my author rec bcos i am a stan

5. Lightning Strikes Every Time He Moves by @cuttlemefishwrites. Explicit, WIP, 30k

Popstar AU! look y’all, there are even GIFs in the fic. super underrated amazing fic with great social media and amazing famous Viktor and Yuuri.

6. (Don’t) Ring the Wedding Bells by @cuttlemefishwrites. Explicit, Complete, 44k.

oh god,,, probably my favorite version of Viktor Extra Nikiforov. they literally use social media to find Yuuri, and it’s just adorable!!! super fun read and super funny, believe me.

send me more recs *eyebrow wiggle*

Aaaand here’s a preview for comic that was originally supposed to go up tomorrow night, but right now idk what’s gonna happen because I don’t think I’m gonna finish, realistically speaking. I may chop it into two and leave another cliff hanger LOL OR just power through it ^ ^;

This chapter has actually a lot of Victor, more than Yuuri. I think I’m getting better at drawing his stupid af hair. Is uh, also mildly angsty?? Poor Yurio has a lot of misunderstandings, not at all helped by hormones and emotions that are even more volatile than usual >.<;

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll keep working on it! _(:3 」∠)_ Hope you enjoyed the HCs in the meantime ^ ^;

This comic will be part 2; Link to part 1 from a few weeks ago HERE