it was a whole clan he wiped out

3.05 Bellarke Reunion

Do not judge my extra-ness.  I am well aware there are probably dozens of posts and analysis and breakdowns of this scene, but I care not.  This scene was initially a part of my liveblog but it was so long and would probably take away from everything else I wrote, I decided to do this instead. Warning, there is occasional swearing and saltiness.  

 I’m putting it under the cut because frankly, I hate long posts on my dash.  

Are you ready??  Cause this shit is going to be ridiculous.  

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45. wear it like an armor [T+]

(8)  隅 [sumi, corner]

It took time, but he came back.

(I make no promises.
he wrote
in his first & last
of his long mission
so, you can stop waiting.)

Uchiha Sasuke stood before its gates, doors open wide in a welcoming embrace.

The winter solstice was approaching, as he felt it every freezing morning, as well as the increase of tourists in each town festival he went into. But it was different in Leaf, as it seemed that the oncoming celebration was more grandiose than the village festivals he had been during his travels.

Crimson lanterns swayed from its twines, refracting sunlight in different angles. Bunches of stalls were set-up on the sidewalks, with a crowd of hagglers and vendors congesting the narrow path. A multitude of noises – from quick deals and great barters – were the droning buzz in the streets. And between the spaces of the crowd were the children, running without any care, brooms on their hands, dirt smeared on their noses and chocolates staining their teeth.

Konoha is a racket of conversations and colors, uncaring of the sacrifices it paid to maintain its current peace.

With practiced ease, he leaped on top of an empty post, taking another long look at the panoramic maze of shelters and people, against the clear blue backdrop.

It is the traditional house cleaning, the 13th day of the twelfth month, before the start of the New Year is the time to clear the past. This holiday demands the Fire citizens to sweep each space – from the most obvious ceiling cobwebs, to the hidden dust speckles that inhabited each window crack. It is a symbolic act of clearing their slate, starting with cleaning the stains in their own house.

(to Sasuke, susuharai was clearing old bone-ashes from the altars, wiping out the crumbling incense from its place. And at hatsuhinode, the whole clan would trek the naka shrine, then they would sit with their ankles and knees tucked on its wide porch.

they would wait with their palms upturned, a single coal – made from the collected dust during soot-sweeping, compacted into hard ash – on their hands.

they would always greet the first sunrise by waking the warm cinder with their breaths, coaxing it to live, a tame flamelight on their hands. and it is how the Uchiha are reborn for the promising dawn.)

He walks down the road, leading him to a familiar direction, still at odds with how strange the sights were. Memories told him that the walls and houses were not the same, the pavement felt different beneath his feet. People attempted to revive its former glory, but Sasuke knew the difference, in every acute detail. This was a mere replica of a once glorious district.

After the passing the shallow lake, at the swell of his path, he nears his childhood home, copies of an old, majestic relic.

He expected an empty house.

Instead, a wall – peppered with red-white fans and stark black slurs – greeted him.

The insults (demon) written in (die) jagged (burn).lines (monster)

If this was, a decade ago, when madness and anger had ignited his life, he would have razed the whole village. Surprisingly, the usual swell of anger was only a dull throb.

Sasuke would have ignored these insults, if it weren’t in favor of taking in the sight of an eight-year-old boy scrubbing off the stubborn smears at the nooks of the wall.

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| Part 2 | Part 4 |

“Oh dear Earthshaker, SHUT UP!” Aaron roared, baring his razor-edged fangs.

From deeper in the layer, he heard Serra yell, “What’s wrong?” 

“HE WON’T SHUT UP!” the King yelled over the sound of the prince’s whining. 

“Make him!” 

Aaron growled again, clenching his fist. “He’s only been here for a day and already I hate him.”

Aaaaaaaaarooooooooooon!” Cortez whined. “Where are my sun flecked fieldmice?!”

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#So this is the thing I feel gets overlooked about Itachi#he killed everyone#Adults and children alike#It was a whole clan he wiped out#All for the sake of Sasuke#This is why I don’t sympathize with him as a character#He killed men fighting back and babies that night#Mothers with their children behind them#It makes it hard for me to accept Danzo or the Third as anything other than very weak men#And makes it hard for me to interact with Itachi Muses#He could have exposed the whole plan#He could have killed Danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that#Mun and Muse are hard pressed to sympathize with him