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Ficlet: Not Adulting Today

Title: Not Adulting Today
Rating: G
Word Count: 823
Summary: Dan reads aloud to Phil
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff
Author’s Note: I wrote this bit of fluff for @inkyhowlter and anyone else grieving right now for the tragic loss of Chester Bennington to mental illness. My heart is with you all and with his loved ones, and I hope this little ficlet offers a bit of comfort to those of you in the phandom. (The idea was inspired by this VYou response of Dan’s.)

Not Adulting Today

Dan slouched down on the sofa, trying to get into a comfortable position. Most of their furniture at the old flat had been purchased when they were poor and had therefore not been of a quality to stand up well to years of abuse by two sizeable men who spent most of their time at home, and so it had yielded to their every whim. Or at least their every spinal curvature.

Their new sofa, on the other hand, did not have the pliable nature Dan had grown accustomed to, and he found himself in a daily struggle for dominance which the sofa always won. Apparently, now that he and Phil had money and could afford real furniture, he would need to learn to sit like an adult.

He was not relishing the challenge.

He shifted again, stubbornly trying to get the sofa cushions to bend to his will. They continued to defy him, and he sighed in annoyance.

The sound of a key in the lock told him Phil was finally home from his optometrist appointment. At least now he would have someone to complain to about the sofa’s recalcitrance. Phil was an excellent listener, even about the stupidest crap.

“Dan?” Phil called from the entryway, and Dan heard the door close and lock.

“In the lounge,” Dan called back, setting aside his laptop and preparing to launch into his furniture diatribe.

But when Phil walked into the room, Dan burst out laughing at the sight of him. He was wearing his glasses, of course, since he couldn’t wear his contacts to the optometrist, but he had some kind of cardboard sunglasses propped over the frames to cover the lenses.

“That’s some high-fashion eyewear you’re sporting there, Phil!” Dan grinned.

Phil pulled the cardboard sunglasses off and tossed them on the table before flopping down onto the couch beside Dan. The sofa cushions barely moved, of course. “The doctor dilated my pupils,” Phil explained in a petulant voice. “So I needed to protect my eyes from light. And it makes my vision so blurry that I can’t even use my phone!”

Dan made an exaggerated pouty face and fake-commiserated, “Oh, poor Philly can’t play Candy Crush?”

Phil hunched down into the unforgiving sofa and sulked. “I can’t use my laptop. I can’t use my phone. I can’t even read. It’s supposed to last at least 2 more hours! What am I going to do? I’ll be bored out of my mind!”

Dan got a sneaky idea. “I could read to you,” he offered slyly.

Phil looked at him, surprised. “Really?”

“Sure!” Dan enthused. “Just wait here. I’ll be right back.”

He’d been trying to get Phil to read The Edge Chronicles since they first met, but with no success. He didn’t think Phil actively avoided the books, but Dan’s constant urging over the years still had born no fruit. They’d been Dan’s absolute favorite books from his childhood, though, and had a huge impact on him growing up, so he desperately wanted to share their magical beauty with the person closest to him in the world.

Now he had a captive audience.

He grabbed the first book of the series, Beyond the Deepwoods, off his shelf and carried it with him back to the lounge. Phil was half-reclined on the couch, his head tilted awkwardly to rest against the back cushion. Dan settled himself as comfortably as possible without a proper sofa crease and patted his lap. “Lie down,” he urged, and Phil lay down with his head in Dan’s lap, his feet dangling off the other end of the sofa. Even with plenty of money, they hadn’t found a sofa really long enough for either of them to stretch out to their full height.

Dan pushed Phil’s hair back from his forehead and removed his glasses, setting them on the side table. “Just close your eyes,” he said softly, “and picture what I’m reading. It’s amazing.”

“What is it?” Phil asked. He rested one of his warm hands on Dan’s knee beside his head.

“Just listen,” Dan shushed him. And then he opened the book and turned to the first page, happiness suffusing him at finally getting to share this with Phil after all these years. “‘Far far away,’” he began in his best stage actor voice learned from years of being a drama nerd, “‘jutting out into the emptiness beyond, like the figurehead of a mighty stone ship, is the Edge.’” The familiar words and images reminded him of his childhood self reading this same book with such a sense of wonder. He glanced down at Phil’s relaxed, trusting face and stroked his hair again, then continued. “‘A torrent of water pours endlessly over the lip of rock at its overhanging point.’”

He glanced down at Phil again and saw a small understanding smile curving his lips. Phil’s hand gently squeezed Dan’s knee, encouraging him to continue, and Dan did.

forgot to post this to tumblr yesterday, but on a whim i sprinkled some of the pine trees from the forest around greenridge real quick and i really like how it looks. it’s a subtle difference but i think it changes the vibe of the town just a little bit, and the added visual variety is nice

i was tagged by @dailydoseofdia​ for the WIP tag (i can’t remember if others tagged me in this as well but if so, thank you!) <3

I already have a WIP list on my blog, but this is fun and i’ll add some excerpts and status of how far i am with the projects! In no particular order, here are the fics i’m currently writing/brainstorming/outlining/etc… I won’t be including drabbles since i just write those on a whim when i have a bit of time!


[ Jungkook x reader | Hybrid!AU, Catboy!Jungkook, Smut, Fluff ]

Status: writing progress - 25% (not even sure if it’s that many rip, and idek if i’m satisfied with it)


“Damn it Jungkook, will you put it in already?!”

You watched your boyfriend fiddle around, a serious look on his face as his brows furrowed in concentration, his fluffy ears folded back on his head while he exhaled heavily after holding his breath, before he growled in reply to your snappy question.

“I’m trying! It’s too big!”

“Then try harder!”

“Hold on a second woman, do you know how hard it is to try and fit this into that little hole?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time…”

Your quietly muttered words clearly didn’t escape his hypersensitive ears, seeing how they perked right up and he snapped his head to the side to eye you spitefully, his lids squeezed to slits while his hand, still holding the small metal object, froze mid-air.

“Can you not?! I told you i’m really good at screwing, just watch…” he murmured underneath his breath, the laughter you were trying so hard to suppress finally spilling from your lips when you felt it bubbling up your chest the second your mind started to twist the meanings of the words that came out of your mouths.


[ Yoongi x reader | Greek Mythology!Collab, Mythology!AU, Nymph!Yoongi, Smut ]

Status: writing progress - 10% (mostly brainstorming and loose excerpts, writing still on hold) 


in the deep, dark silence, there was only the sound of water dewing skin and a pair of rosy lips humming mesmerizing melodies as if they were composed to fog the mind and feast on the heart that listened to the tones of allure and love incarnated.

Although you were facing his back, you felt like you were being watched, being watched watching him while he continued to scoop up palms of shimmering moonlight to make his pearl pale skin illuminate an almost blinding brightness in seemingly utter ignorance of your mere presence

‘Do you plan to stand there behind that tree and spy on me for the rest of the night or will you at least show yourself?’


[ Yoongi x reader | Fairy!AU, Fairy!Yoongi, Angst, Fluff, (Smut?), Artist!reader ]

Status: brainstorming + outlining

(unofficial) Summary:

The mind of an artist is a turbulent one. Pain and loneliness inside are the reasons and inspiration for the extraordinarily powerful paintings made by your hand, and for those same reasons grabs that same hand for a bottle of liquor every night. When the loneliness kicks in and you just want to forget, you head to you neighbourhood liquor store, where a new bottle of green liquid seems to emit a magical glow, calling for you. So, instead of your usual choices of Vodka or Whiskey, you choose the drink that would change your life forever, in the most unbelievable way:



[ Jackson x reader | Personal Trainer!Jackson, Smut, Crack ]

Status: brainstorming, headcanons

(unofficial) Summary: 

After your best friend, PE teacher and gym buddy moved out of town, you have trouble staying in shape and motivating yourself to get your daily workout. She gives you the number of her former colleague Jackson, and although you’re skeptical of the idea of working out with someone other than your bff (extremely out of your comfort zone), going to the gym with your new personal trainer proves to have more cardio in store than you bargained for!

I have so many more projects going but they’re all only in outlining/storyboarding process so they’re not really worth mentioning! I hope you found this interesting, and once again i apologize for being a very slow (and lbh also lazy) writer. 

more updates and ideas can be found on my actual WIP list ! I hope i find the motivation and inspiration to actually write out the full fics soon!

i tag @trbld-writer @thules @floralseokjin @tayegi @kimtrain i have no idea if you’ve already been tagged or hell, even did this already, but feel free to do so! i know i’m really curious to see what y’all are working on! <3

Sometimes you decide on a whim to let the props master dye your hair purple in the artist housing laundry room while a gang of people in the adjacent living room watch Battle Bots.

Pics to follow.

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The Elriel anon is so stupid because Elucien will likely be canon.

I MEAN, i agree that Elucien makes more sense in canon, and i genuinely read her interactions with Az as platonic, but i think “IT WILL/WON’T BE CANON” is a nonsense argument to begin with, from either side. firstly because we’ve seen that SJM is her own unreliable narrator, willing to totally contradict previously established information because she got a whim for Drama and continuity is for the weak/ people with functional editors, so we have no idea if any of the set-up we use to judge potential “canon-ness” will be valid in the future, and secondly, who cares if it’s canon? the canon in this series is garbage. we raid the canon for toys to play with, not hold it up as some irrefutable holy tome.

tldr, nothing sjm does or doesn’t do can stop me from rolling around in a pile of elucien porn

Minhyun Angst Scenario

Author’s Note: Ok so 3 people asked for an angst scenario with Minhyun and I’ve been having the hardest time trying to thing of one to make it into a long writing, so I’m just going to make it into a bullet point scenario because Minhyun is literally so sweet I can’t think of having arguments with him,,, srry if this is bad bcuz im just gonna go on a whim without having to worry about grammar lol

Originally posted by tokkimingi

  • ok so we all know how sweet minhyun is so being in an angsty situation would be a rare occurrence 
  • but when these do happen, it would usually be something really serious;; the relationship not working out, lack of understanding each other n stuff
  • TW: hyperventilation ( its a sensitive topic for some people out there )
  • non-idol!au just to make things  a little more comfy & have different problems besides the relationship problems that can rise when dating an idol
  • if that sounded confusing im clarifying that minhyun is NOT an idol for this scenario
  • you & minhyun have been dating for a while and have even been living together 
  • but problems rise as you notice that minhyun has been acting strangely more distant
  • you know he didnt talk about his feelings alot unless you asked him, then he would always say if u asked
  • but recently whenever you asked him whats on his mind, he would tell you not to worry and would switch the convo topic to something else as if nothing happened
  • this went on for a couple days until you told him that he needed to really tell him what was going on with him because you were concerned that he was trying to solve some sort of conflict on his own or keeping a secret
  • you felt a pang in ur chest because he looked annoyed when you asked him to seriously talk
  • because of that look he had, you already felt like crying because you really didn’t know what to expect
  • it was really late at night and the two of you were sitting at the dinner table
  • the mood felt heavy and you were fidgeting a lot since you were so anxious
  • minhyun was sitting across the table from u, looking down at his hands that were folded together until he sighed and slowly turned his gaze up to look at you
  • you jumped when you saw him look at you and you kept fiddling with your  hands under the table
  • “y/n i need you to listen to me carefully. i’m just going to say my honest feelings.”
  • you felt your heart drop already and you tried to hold back ur tears, clenching your hands together, anticipating what he would say to you
  • “i think we should break up” he said slowly, trying to look you in the eye multiple times, but he fails to and looks down at his hands again
  • you start crying instantly and you try to suppress it by covering your mouth with your hand and bending over in your chair.
  • “im really sorry y/n” you hear, his voice breaking a little as he was also trying to hold back from crying
  • You rose your head up and looked at him with your red, teary eyes 
  • “Why?” the word that kept repeating in your head and the only word that you could say to him
  • he didn’t like the sight of you in pain and his fist clenched a little when you looked at him
  • “its… harsh, but… i just fell out of love, y/n. it isnt your fault. its just me.” he explained, finally looking you straight in the eyes
  • you couldnt believe what he was saying
  • fell out of love? if he fell out of love then wouldn’t be my fault? i dont understand. my head… it hurts so much. why is it hard to breath?” multiple thoughts were running through your head and you held your hand to your chest, clenching at your shirt
  • the words “why” couldnt stop running through your mind and your head started to lower slowly and your breathing was getting shorter and faster
  • Minhyun watched with worried eyes and got up from his chair and slowly inched closer to you with his arm raised a little to reach out to you
  • “Y/N? Are you okay?” he asked with worried eyes, crouching down in attempt to see your face
  • you were scared. you didnt know what was happening anymore. your mind went to dark places and you couldnt control your breathing. tears were rolling down your face, your eyes quickly moving in different directions, your chest quivering, and your teeth clenching.
  • you were clearly freaking out. you didnt know that something like this would do this to you
  • you clenched your eyes shut and started whimpering, hunching over to the point where your chest was touching your thighs 
  • minhyun saw how your breaths became short and frantic and he immediately stood in front of you to straighten your body so that you could breath easier
  • he grabbed your face with both of his hands and stared at you, “Y/n open your eyes. please” his voice sounded desperate and you could feel as his hands shook when he held your face
  • you slowly opened your eyes, seeing a blurry image of minhyun in front of you, the tears blocking your vision
  • he started wiping away your tears with his thumb, avoiding poking your eye out 
  • “please, y/n calm down. i dont want to see you like this” he said with a shaky voice, basically on the brink of crying as well. “take deep breaths with me” he said and started to create a slow, steady rhythym of breaths, not breaking eye contact with you
  • your breaths were still quick as you tried taking deep breaths, but minhyun started to rub your face with his hand, still keeping the steady breaths he started. 
  • you tried your best, but the words that minhyun said to you before this all happened kept replaying in your mind, causing you to go back to those same frantic breathing
  • minhyun’s face changed completely when you started to go back to that quick breathing and the tears that he tried so hard to fight back finally started to fall from his eyes
  • he obviously wanted to stay strong for you so that he could calm you down 
  • “y/n p-please…” he begged, his words being choked back
  • he bent down a little to hug so, your head resting on his shoulder as he softly held you in his arms, his hand placed upon the back of your head and the other under your arm, slowly petting your back
  • you were shocked at the sudden hug, but it surprisingly helped your breathing calm down and you slowly pulled your shaky arms to hug him back
  • your frantic breathing turned into sobbing and you rubbed your face into his shoulder
  • he was relieved that your quick breathing was reduced down to crying, but he still held you tightly in your arms, softly crying
  • minhyun was quick to recover from crying and he let go of you to face you
  • he smiled, his eyes red, looking at you, who was still crying, sniffling loudly, holding minhyun’s hand tightly
  • he reached over and grabbed a napkin that was on the table and started to dab at your face, drying the tears.
  • you looked at his handsome face as he wiped at yours which only made you cry more because the thought of him leaving you was too much to bear
  • he laughed a little when you started you cry more and got close to you to place a kiss on your forehead
  • “once you stop crying, then we can talk.” he said and grabbed another napkin because the first one was drenched from the tears he was drying before
  • you eventually calm down to where you were only sniffling and minhyun hands you a glass of water and drinks out of his own cup since he also cried
  • you both start talking about your relationship and minhyun explained to you why he fell out of love and you guys realize that most of those problems are things that could easily be fixed if you both worked together to make it better ( communication is key in a relationship ;) )
  • you end up avoiding an emotionally horrific breakup with minhyun, going to bed to prepare for the next day that will be filled with new efforts to keep the happy moments that started this whole relationship in the beginning 

Aomine –  Drabble Prompt #12 – “Say it!”

Aomine knows, not too deeply down, in fact, he’s quite sure he’s being irrational. But no matter how hard he tries he can’t shake the feeling that something is going on between you and Kagami. Ever since he introduced the two of you (what possessed him to do so he’ll never know) you’ve been hanging out more and more, doing things together that he, quite frankly, doesn’t have any interest in.

At first, it was great. Instead of bugging him to death to go to a cooking class or volunteer or whatever whim you’d picked up that week you now had Kagami to drag along with you. And, being the lazy ass he is, Aomine’s been grateful to have a substitute for those things. But now…now you’re hanging out at his apartment…alone…when you were supposed to be with him.

Not that you exactly know you’re supposed to be with him, because Aomine doesn’t communicate what he wants very well. He knows this about himself and yet for so long you’ve intuitively known what he needs or wants that he just got used to you almost reading his mind. Until you started hanging out with Kagami. It’s not enough that the red headed bastard beat him at his own game but now it seems like he’s moving in on another territory of his: you.

His phone is gripped in his hand as he stares at your number. If he clenches any tighter he’s sure he’ll crack the screen. Taking a deep breath, he hits your contact to call you.

You answer on the second ring, no doubt concerned because he almost never calls, opting to text more often than not. “Hey Daiki-kun,” you say, voice holding a tinge of confusion, “what’s up?”

“When are you coming home?” he asks without preamble. You’re surprised again. Usually he just waits until you come home and crawl in bed or on the couch with him. His tone warns you that he’s upset but you’re not sure why.

“Um, I don’t know, maybe a couple hours? Kagami-kun and I just finished dinner and we were going to watch a movie with-“

He doesn’t let you finish, snapping out, “You’ve been over there all damn day!” Which is Aomine code for, “I miss you, but I won’t admit it.”

Taking a deep breath to calm your racing heart you say, “Yeah, I know, sorry, time just sort of got away from me. Do…do you want me to come home?”

“Tch, do whatever the hell you want,” he says bitterly and hangs up. Throwing his phone against the bed he flops down on it and covers his face with his hands. That was not how he’d wanted that to go and yet he allowed his temper to get the best of him again. He knows he should calm down, he really does want to talk to you when you get home to try to sort this out but the more he thinks about all the possibilities of what’s happening at Kagami’s the more and more angry he gets.

Back at Kagami’s you grab your jacket, shrugging it on. Your friend looks at you with concern in his eyes.

“Everything ok, ______-san?” he asks as you pick up your purse.

“No, Kagami-kun, I think Daiki-kun is upset with me for staying over here so long,” you reply giving him a sad look.

“What? Why the hell would that be? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t hung out before!” he says heatedly.

Patting his shoulder, you smile weakly. “You know how he can get. I’ll go home and get this all sorted out. Tell Kuroko-kun I’m sorry to bail before he gets here. Enjoy the movie.”

As you move to leave, he places a hand on your shoulder. “Text me and let me know what’s going on, ok?” You nod and he releases you allowing you to exit.

When you get home Daiki-kun is sitting on the couch, staring at the TV but it’s not on. You takeyou’re your shoes and coat, setting your things down before you slowly make your way towards him. As you round the edge of the couch you can see his face is set in a harder frown than usual. He’s really angry and the look in his eyes when he looks at you makes you gulp.

“So, decided to finally come home huh?” he asks lowly.

“Daiki-kun, what’s wrong?”

You’re not prepared for the simple question to result in a torrent of angry words.

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong? Oh, I don’t know _______-chan, could it be that my girlfriend seems to want to spend more time with another guy than with me? And not just any guy, my rival?!” When he stands up you move away, a bit frightened of his intensity. You’re sure he won’t hurt you, but his volatile behavior is making you nervous.

“What are you talking about-,” you begin but he cuts you off, slamming his hand against the wall you’ve back into and staring down at you with fierce eyes.

“Just say it!” he commands.

You look at him in confusion, tears stinging the edges of your eyes.

“Say what?” you whimper.

“Just say you’d rather be with him than with me!” he shouts.

There’s silence for a moment before you push him away from you and storm towards the door.

“That’s right, go running back to Kagami, I’m sure he’ll be waiting for you with open arms!” he yells as you hurriedly put on your shoes and coat. Grabbing your purse, you rush out of the apartment and down the stairs, finally allowing your tears to fall.

Back in your shared dwelling, Aomine punches the wall hard enough to make a hole and his knuckles bleed. When he finally calms down enough to think rationally again he feels almost ready to cry for the first time in years and possibly the first time over a woman. The very thing he was trying to avoid, he has been the cause of. You’re back with Kagami, and now not even Aomine can blame you if you decide to stay there.

Anonymous asked:

What do you do with a character you’ve created solely to be a part of someone’s past and the catalyst of the initial change in MC’s life, but who is not in the story at all? What do you do when they’re so cool you truly enjoy them (despite them being the MC’s initial off-page antagonist!)? Is this the sort of thing (spin-off) ideas are made of? Or should they go straight to the background character graveyard?

Well, you really have to be careful not to let your whims as the writer get in the way of what’s best for the story. If developing the character more would be important to the story, you can go a little further in developing that backstory and find ways to incorporate it into the main story. Otherwise, you could definitely set it aside and possibly develop it later into a spin-off, companion novella, or bonus short story for your readers. You really have to do what’s best for the story. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

Time to cram

So earlier this week, on a whim, I signed up for a “modified sprint triathlon” at a local pool. It’s a 250 swim in the pool then out to a nearby trail for the bike (8 miles) and run (2 miles). And it is a real trail, too, unpaved and very bumpy. I’ve ridden and run on it many times but never in competition. So I decided to take the hybrid out today - this is definitely not a road biking trail - and hunt for dirt to ride on, including the stretch that the race will be on.

I ended up with about 19 miles, then threw in a quick brick run on the mile loop (actually about 1.1 miles) in my neighborhood.

Tomorrow I have to run with the cross country kids in the morning, then I guess I’ll hit the pool for some laps later in the day. Long run Saturday. Tri Sunday. At least it will be early in the morning, before the forecasted 100° highs. 🔥


“Are you really going to deal with voidsent on your own? That’s not a teamwork sort of business?“ As she effortlessly switched subjects, she gestured to herself. ”Emerald Sunrise, by the way.“

A soft, thoughtful noise hummed behind his mask. His posture went a little more alert at her question. "A pleasure, Emerald Sunrise,” he replied with a small dip of his head. “Ah—yes, I…I oft travel alone for this purpose. Sometimes I have a hired blade accompany me, but…” Another shrug. “Such is not the case this time.” The little stone around his neck continued to flicker and pulse on a whim.  "I shall be fine,“ he assured, weariness on the edge of his voice.

Emerald locked on to the stone this time, seemingly addressing it instead of the man as she stares unabashedly at it, "How do you find these places that you are suspicious of?” She was keenly interested in both the stone and her question, eyes flicking up to meet his mask for a moment.

He felt her eyes upon his stone, and he took a subconscious half-step backwards. His left hand twitched, as if he would lift it, but it remained at his side. “Rumors. People—ah, patrols and scavengers, usually—make reports of strange activity. Some become leves, others put on various boards, and some reach me. I ought to…see what it is about. I would not invite you into danger, but if you’ve need for coin, you may have my share.”

She pressed on, “Just rumors? No divination or looking for signs and symbols? How odd. I would gladly watch you about your business—Ruran, was it?” She pursed her lips, scratching at the brand on her face. “Well, it’s a good thing you offered, because I do not work for free. Lead on.” She commands him, quietly yet imperiously.

{ @emerald-sunrise }


I remembered someone suggesting an ONS gem AU and recently saw a buncha sick SU art so I got inspired!!

AU in which Mika is from Homeworld and he visits Earth to inspect/gather data, then unexpectedly finds Earth gems around?? Now he probably never wants to leave

okay look. i get a few asks every now and again about age gaps in relationships and i know that there are exceptions to every rule but.

i know three girls my age, twenty four, who are stuck in relationships that they shouldn’t be in because an older guy groomed them when they were young teens.

one was thirteen when a seventeen year old boy started flirting with her. she was flattered. she started lying to her parents and sneaking around with him. she fell in love with him. he says he loves her back, and maybe he thinks he does, but he doesn’t act like it. he quit his job without telling her when she was pregnant with their second child, almost singlehandedly raising their first, because he just felt like it. no regard for the family. and she laughed about it when she told me, like it was the funniest thing, like he hadn’t endangered all of them on a whim. because he’s done so much little shit over the years that she’s accustomed to it. he always gets his way and she cleans up his mess because she loves him.

another girl works a full time job and then comes home to cook and clean because her unemployed boyfriend refuses to. she was fourteen and he was eighteen when they started dating and she is still convinced he’s going to change. he quit smoking when she threatened to leave but literally weeks later, as soon as he’d cowed her back into submission, he took it up again, and then tried to paint her as a villain for ‘trying to take away his joy’.

all three girls become completely different people when their partners are around. quieter, smaller.

when it’s just us they laugh as they tell me about the men losing their tempers over something small, like knocking over chairs is a rational response to her asking if she can go away with her friends for a weekend.

they’ve been with these men since they were so young they cannot imagine their lives without them. their entire identities are forged around these uneven relationships.

and that’s the key - they’re uneven. i don’t doubt that two fifteen year olds can get together and stay together happily, because they both had the opportunity to grow up within the relationship, at the same pace. if it’s a fifteen year old and a nineteen year old, though, one has already done so much more growing than the other. they’re at completely different stages of development, they’re psychologically unable to have an equal balance of power in the relationship.

basically, please don’t be flattered by older people showing an interest in you. instead, consider why they don’t want to date someone their own age, who is far more likely to stand up to them when they get controlling. all relationships should have equal shares, but age gaps between early and late teens, or teens and adults, don’t allow that. please don’t take a chance on you being the exception to the rule.