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Is it too late to ask for a rare pair? :3 Cuz I want some HCs for "Shirayuki X Torou" I think they'll make a deadly combo. A woman skilled in assassination and her partner equally good with herbs. Together they take up contracts to rescue/kill. One uses her potions and poisons while the other, her expertise in weapons. On top of that, they both are attractive and seduction is a lady's best weapon 😉 What are your thoughts???

How about a fic instead? :3

Authors note: Because we steal from each other like sisters do (and because she :3 :3 :3′d, BUT CONSIDERED me when I told her what I was working on), if you would like more with this particular backstory (but with more Obi!), please visit here.

She’s not unique, she knows this. She has nothing but feet and palms to cower across the dusty earth; steals breath as fallen children must. She will never reach higher than she can grow. And yet she stares upon golden spires reaching towards the celestial heavens. Her teeth ache to taste their splendor.

“Torou! Hurry!”

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Ibn al-Qayyim [رحمه الله] said:

«فإن دواءه في مخالفة الهوى وذلك أصعب شيء على النفس وليس لها أنفع منه.»

❝Medicine for the heart is to oppose whims and desires and that is the most difficult matter upon the soul and there is nothing more beneficial for it than this.❞

[Ighaatha al-Lahafaan, (1/69) ]


Shadow Box

some doodles of a character i created on a whim while i was drawing him. i was on Pixiv for like three hours straight looking at their object head equivalents and i just got so much inspiration to draw something. just didn’t know what. all i knew was that i wanted to draw something with black ribbon. this boy was originally going to be a mirror, but i ended up making him a shadow box..? yeah i don’t know. regardless i love the way he turned out. he’s so pretty. i named him Sable

So I’ve just been thinking...

What they really should have done with the new sequels is have someone or a group of someones, write down an over arching plot for the three films. Because there’s threads for tfa that now don’t make a lot of sense that tlj is out. We all know about the whole who are Rey’s parents. And just why has Luke been off on an island for years?

But in tfa Kylo wanted so badly to please snoke and was told that the way to the dark side, to fully commit, was to kill Han. So he did. But then in tlj we have him just up and kill snoke, the guy he’s been trying so hard to impress, based on a two minute conversation with a girl he’s met and a whim. Why? Because Rian didn’t know what to do with Snoke, so in essence, getting rid of him is easier. But that just makes Han’s death all the more pointless. I know we’re supposed to think that kylo has been having doubts and rey is making him rethink his decisions, hell, perhaps we’re even supposed to think that after snoke meddled with their minds and connection, kylo has just had enough. In some way, maybe it’s even supposed to reflect vader killing the emperor in rotj, but it just doesn’t work. We didn’t even get a mention of his vader obsession, something that seemed to be driving him in tfa and now has disappeared?

A lot of the mistakes that were made could have been easily avoided if somebody had written a full script before they shot each part. Yes, stories change and develop, but this is just bad storytelling.


Ok some of you may know, that while I’m at uni I work part-time at a school. I do afterschool childcare and tutoring.

Lately, a few of my third graders have started taking an interest in history and they’ve been cornering me and asking for stories, last week they started grabbing paper and markers to write down names, and ask follow up questions. So proud of them!

Then they asked for things to watch and read, so I pointed them towards Liberty’s Kids, and on a whim mentioned the founders archives so they can go right to the source instead of the way it’ll be filtered by a text.

So, as it turned out, over the weekend my favorite girl actually marathon watched LK, and did all her required reading time on the archive  - A THIRD GRADER. She came in yesterday and wrangled two of the boys to be James and Onri so she could be Sarah, then asked for me stories, with the catch I had to tell the story first person so they can ask questions for an interview for Franklin’s newspaper.

So, I decided sure, and just decided to be Ben. Today she stole my copy of his memoir and has vanished, and ran around showing everyone and almost got into a fight with another kid who also wanted to read it. 

This girl is going places and I’m so excited to watch.

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How did The Song of Achilles remind you of the Laurens/Hamilton relationship?

It’s more roundabout than that.

I read tsoa on a whim four years ago while the musical was starting to be a big thing, and I remembered that Alexander the Great compared himself and Hephaestion to Achilles and Patroclus. Then I remembered that Hamilton was compared to Alexander the Great by McHenry and I wanted to write the historically-accurate fic I’d been thinking about since high school so it seemed like a good avenue to start. there aren’t any great portrayals of Alexander and Hephaestion’s love story (unless you count the Collin Farrell movie but I don’t)

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Okay but how does Rosa do the preggo with the ladies?


Literally that’s how i’m probably explaining it. Or something something Demon Genetics.

In reality i’ve had to start using Wicked Whims bc my woohoo option is gone and they just get pregnant easily off that it’s awesome.

Antis out here acting like RAS is afraid of bughead shippers and they’re practically holding him hostage when he pretty much admitted that Riverdale is his Archie comics fanfic and bughead his OTP lol but sure the TV writer is subject to the whims of angry shippers OK then.

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Why a skunk and a bunny for Vincent and Ben?

I’m not sure why a skunk for Vincent… I really wanted a kemonomimi character of my own and just drew him on a whim. This was the first ever drawing of him:

He didn’t even have a name other than “skunk boy” at the time. I’ve always really liked skunks, cats and owls so I guess that’s where his skunky-ness came from. I’ve talked a little in the past about how I had an anthro skunk character named Vincent Van Stop when I was a kid, so I decided this new character could be an updated version of him. :) As far as his design goes, chubby was a definite given for me as that’s the body type I prefer. I will take a lovely pot belly over abs any day, haha. I’d been wanting to draw some faux-hawk style hair on someone and luckily a skunk stripe suits this hairstyle very well. Despite people mentioning to me that Vincent resembles Pete Wentz, I can assure you he was not a factor in his design. I can totally see it and I can understand why someone would come to that conclusion, especially since I admit that Wyatt was based on Patrick Stump, but my love of Fall Out Boy is 100% Stumpy based to the point where I wasn’t even aware of who Pete Wentz was or what he looked like, haha.

Ben was mostly inspired by my bunny loving friend @rourkie who may have suggested a bunny boy or I maybe just made him a bunny because I knew Rourkie would enjoy that? I can’t remember, haha. I didn’t put much thought into Ben’s design because at the time, I didn’t intend for him to stick around. But people ended up liking him, so I decided to keep him in Vincent’s life and I’m really glad I did because I enjoy him immensely now and I can’t picture Vincent with anyone else. This was the first ever sketch I drew of Ben, which is a bit different than how he looks now:

As far as the Chunky Skunk story goes, I really enjoy teen stories with a little bit of love on the side. Since Split Screen ended, I was jonesing to write some more slice of life/romance stuff. I’m really hoping everyone’s enjoying the story so far. :) Thanks so much for the questions today!
Midnight Lover - voxofthevoid - Yuri!!! on Ice - Chapter Fifteen
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Viktor Nikiforov, figure skating god and human trainwreck, flies halfway across the world from the only home he’s ever known in a last-ditch attempt to salvage his life. His demons follow him faithfully.

Katsuki Yuuri, reticent vampire and trouble magnet, pulls a drowning man out of the ocean on a whim and winds up with an unconscious human celebrity in his house. He knows it’s a mistake to keep him.

Viktor wakes, Yuuri stays, and they get too attached too fast.

In which Viktor is running from himself, and Yuuri is not anyone’s savior.

Chapter 15:  i’ll grind against your bones until our marrows mix

Yuuri has his own doubts and fears voicing them.


Yuuri sat on the side of the bed. Viktor had his eyes closed but opened them when Yuuri patted his arm. Heavy blues stared at Yuuri, almost accusing.

“Sorry, sweetheart. But eat first. I had my breakfast, now it’s time for yours.”

Viktor looked between Yuuri’s face and the plate he held in one hand. A frown furrowed his brows, accompanied by an expression that was equal parts tired and mulish. Yuuri imagined he just wanted to rest, food be damned, but if Viktor was so wiped out from the blood loss as to be beyond words, then he certainly needed some sustenance.

When Viktor showed no inclination of getting up to eat and was in fact drifting off again, Yuuri set the plate down on the bed and reached over to bodily rouse him. There was grumbling and pouting and a half-hearted attempt at glaring but by the end, he had Viktor propped up against the headboard.

It would have been so much easier to just use compulsion. But he’d promised not to use it unless asked, and he wouldn’t break a promise to Viktor.

“Lemme sleep,” Viktor mumbled when wordless protests continued to have no effect. His accent was deliciously thick. Yuuri couldn’t resist stealing a kiss even if Viktor kept his mouth in a moue of disapproval. Honestly, this man.

“I’ll feed you,” Yuuri offered. “You fed me after all.”

Viktor’s expression wavered.

Yuuri drew his legs up, sitting cross-legged beside Viktor. He took the plate from where it was an inch too close to the edge of the mattress and took a tiny piece of tomato, holding it to Viktor’s lips.

Viktor was visibly conflicted now. Most of the sleep had cleared from his eyes, and it was likely that he was resisting out of pure obstinacy.

And well, Yuuri was willing to play dirty.

“Vicchan,” he purred, lowering his voice. “Come on. Be good for me.”

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Hey! I'm not very familiar with Taiwanese or Japanese history, nor do I particularly ship Japan and Taiwan--I really just clicked to your fic on a whim. But I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I think the writing in your fic Kizuna is gorgeous. It's so poetic and poignant, and the way you weave your countless hours of research and labor into your storytelling shows. It's absolutely sublime! I very much admire your skill. Please keep up the great work!

oh my god thank you so much!! I cry getting comments like these??

絆。【 きずな 】 really is my magnum opus fanfiction so far, even if presently I’m a little burnt out from finally completing it. Rest assured, I’ll continue to keep writing that kind of fics. There’s still two more fics in the jptw series and I’m excited to start planning for the next one!

Wisteria climbs and collapses over Milan’s streets in spring, and with the bustle of Salone del Mobile, its terrazzo floors and imposing concrete arches are set aflutter with throngs of design devotees and cherry-red Campari. Built up around land which had largely been occupied by private gardens and allotments, the city’s palazzos can be quite unassuming from the street – at least in comparison to their opulent interiors and lush gardens which, during Salone, are opened up for exhibition.

Their architecture falls between, and often combines, the styles and practices of the 15th and 20th centuries, due to both the need for restoration and aesthetic whim. One architect who fell on both sides of the restoration process was Piero Portaluppi, who had been particularly popular with the 20th century Milanese bourgeoisie, renovating Casa degli Atellani, Palazzo and Villa Crespi, among others. His most famous work, thanks in part to Luca Guadagnino’s 2009 film I Am Love, is the Villa Necchi Campiglio, which would later be renovated by Tomaso Buzzi, combining Portaluppi’s Rationalism with 18th-century Rococo.

This approach, with its fluctuations and shifts of style and purpose, can be felt across the Salone, where ornament and utility sit both alongside and atop one another, and humour and earnestness in an enthralling to and fro.

Text  Billie Muraben