it was a whim

Wow guys. I’m completely floored, that with about a month Athelstan got 100 followers. I made him on a whim, really so my trashy self could post my thoughts about the character and have a justified reason for doing so. Little did I know I would become more and more attached to the tiny viking. My reaction to seeing the number on this sideblog tick up is about equivalent to George’s above. This fandom is so amazing, roleplaying with me, accepting my Athelstan lives verse, and just being all around wonderful people. Coming into this fandom officially was probably one of the best decisions of my life. Y’all are amazing and make my dash and life so much brighter. Thank you all so much for supporting me, and following me.

You all are my family ( my close close partners ) -

@ragnarlodbrokkonungr // @torsteinthebowman​ -  so this is that secret I was talking about, when I found out what your personal blog was, I legit shit a brick. I kid you not, I had to go take a walk when I found out because I’ve been stalking your main blog for months, so when I found out I would have the opportunity to write and RP with you, I had to like calm myself down. I hope I live up to your Athelstan expectations. You’re amazing. I’m still in awe of you like every day. I love all our threads, and I love how Athelstan and your Ragnar just get along. And I can’t wait for some great friend moments with Torstein.

@hviitserk // @kingecbertt - I love you and your blogs. Hviitserk is such a  cutie and you playing him makes me love Hvitserk even more. And don’t even get me started on your Ecbert. You are brilliant, you play him brilliantly. I am so glad you made him because Athelstan actually getting to RP with an Ecbert is so awesome. You are so much fun to plot and write with.

@ofodinn - I was super nervous to RP with you at first, you were quality and I was still (and still am) trying to figure out Athelstan. Our threads are so unique in my opinion and I love writing them, exploring their friendship with you is one of my favorite things to do. I love all the stuff we’ve done and really hope I get to do more in the future.

@allthosemuseiisms // @princeubbe - Firstly your Lagertha is amazing. You have her personality down. And don’t even get me started on Ubbe. I love seeing you and all your muses on my dash because you’re just amazing. I could only dream of being able to write all those characters half as well as you do. I love the shenanigans that we’ve gotten into, and I really hope for more.

@theboatbuilderswife - So I think you might be the first person in the fandom I truly followed even before I made Athelstan. You’ve done so much for the fandom from creating that masterlist, to just being a light. You portray Helga so beautiful, and like how on the show she is just so amazing and cute, you make the dash brighter with each post. I am so glad that we have gotten to interact and I really hope for more.

@aprincessoftheblood // all your other blogs - OMG, what can I say. What can I say, not enough. My interactions with you on Philippe are part of the reason that catapulted me into diving head first into the fandom officially. Your Gisla is amazing, as are the rest of your muses, all those children that we didn’t get enough of are just so good, and I love seeing all the relationships they get in. So does Stan it makes him proud.

@snakeeyewarrior // @theblindtrickster - #hearteyesmotherfucker I love your Sigurd. You are so freaking nice to me, and such a good person. Like the world needs more of you. I love my threads with Sigurd, all of them on all my blogs. I love them to death, just like I love you.

I am one of you ( people I want to get to know better and interact with more )

@konungr - @gentledottir - @folkvangrxborn - @yourprincessjudith - @strangestviking - @xpraell - @margrethethegrateful - @siiggy - @flokithetrickster - @saxon-rose - @theaethelwulf // @princessefanda - @kcri​ - @ofthebearandthemaidenfair​ - @thenorthernbear​ - @irandalina​ - @ironsidess​ - @jarnsida​ - @bjornjarnsida​ - @battleshaper​ - @tcrvi​ - @forrademinkonge

Show me a sign ( the gods who I admire from afar and want to appear before Athelstan and shake his world tbh )

@alfodir​ - @asgardianhammer​ - @ all the gods I follow via my main blog tbh

My brothers ( the Athelstans who are so much better than me )

@nobilislapis​ - @paganpriest

I know I forgot people, and I’m sorry if I did. I truly love all my partners, and people I follow. I wouldn’t have this blog without some of you guys. Thank you so much for all being on my dash, and allowing me to RP with you guys. This is one of the best fandoms I have ever been in and I am so happy to be in it. Y’all welcomed me with open arms, and I don’t ever want to leave no matter what direction Hirst takes the show in. I seriously want to get to know all of you. Thank you again.

• I reblog a photo of my boyfriend and you unfollow me.

• I catch up on your page, hearting your posts and you unfollow me.

• I comment on how beautiful your poetry is and you unfollow me.

It is impossible to anticipate the inner workings of some minds. But I do know this: anyone that fickle, that given to whim emotionally, probably shouldn’t be in my little Tumblr bubble to begin with. I look at it like they are doing us both a favour, because they sort of are. I have a wonderful supportive group here that understand me on a lot of levels. Symbiosis. That’s all I need :)

Your eyes only met for a brief moment before the priestess was pulled along by the whims of the child at her side, but something about the night elf seemed familiar to you.

Some more Sotkr, this time with her little sidekick. ^^ Still experimenting with her design, but I think I like this hair color more…

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does setting up or editing screencaps with sims having sex ever make you slightly uncomfortable or question what you're doing? b/c right now i was thinking how awkward it /should/ be for me to not only read about pixelated game characters having sex but having explicit pictures with it as well but how disturbingly used i am to it

Hi nonny,

Nah I don’t question it too much. Some of the realistic animations from Wicked Whims make me feel a bit uncomfortable but meh, it is what it is, right? :)

75 Pounds Lost!

Today I weighed myself on a whim, thinking I would be the same I was 2 days ago. Nope! The scale said 212. ONEDERLAND IS SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT!

This is a huge milestone. I can’t wait to lose 100.

If people’s minds are liberated from their chains, they wouldn’t suffer difficulty in knowing the truth. Man often liberates his mind from the whims of people thinking he has attained freedom, while being chained by the whims of his own self!

لو تحرّرت عقول الناس من قيودها لم يُعانوا في معرفة الحقيقة، وكثيراً ما يُحرر الإنسان عقله من هوى الناس ويتوهم الحرية، وهو مقيّد بهوى النفس!

Spontaneous Combustion

[I had this all planned out in my head yesterday, but this morning it has gone in so many directions, so I hope it’s okay. Since people liked the description of Spencer with Asperger’s I wanted to do one where the reader has some of the traits as well as anxiety issues. This takes place as mostly a swapout in 7x11 – True Genius. And I am still working on the requests please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. It just takes me a little while to let it sink in and for something to come out.]


“Spontaneous insanity is the real bliss! It’s sad that we are honored for playing sane, serious, safe, miserable and controlling in this poor world.” 
― Saurabh Sharma

You huffed as you gathered your things from security, you were already cursing yourself from being late, but you couldn’t really be mad since you had decided to come on a whim. Still, you were going to enter the room, and people were going to turn and look due to the interruption.

Doesn’t matter.

It didn’t matter, it was a common occurrence and you would deal with it. You had been stuck in your cave of an office for far too long, and now, looking back, it was sad, you had remained hidden for far too long and it was time to stop. So starting today you declared you were going to be more daring, spontaneous, which was why you were here at a book signing luncheon instead of your usual food truck. Yeah, it didn’t sound too adventurous, but the guest speakers beside the author were actual FBI agents. That was pretty freakin’ wild in itself. Taking a deep breath, you jammed a hand in your pocket, ready to count the items within, in case the attention made you anxious. Opening the door as quietly as you could you had no worries, whoever was at the podium had everyone’s eyes on them. And from the stuttering and microphone blare you understood why.

“H-hi, I a-am here today to talk to you about different paraphilia and how they relate to violent crimes. Can anyone tell me what dendrophilia is?”

Gif by criminalmindsmanic

Where a guy wants to screw a trees and shrubs.

“T-that’s right…a fetish for trees.”

You smiled, you liked him, the way he stuttered. He was a mess up there, but he was real. He wasn’t bad to look at either, though you didn’t know how he’s viewpoint on you would be. But you were here to do something different, and what was the worst that could happen? You’d try to talk to him and he’d say no? The thought of the rejection caused your heart to speed up, yeah, you liked solitude and yeah, you were awkward in speaking, but no one liked the brush off. But you had to say the hell with it, you’d count everything in your pocket and bag but you were tired of living in a shell.

Watching the man stumble and nearly face plant off the step, losing his papers in the process, you went to wait outside, you could at least say hello, and that you enjoyed his lecture. You could, you would, you’d scream later. And you’d cry if you wussed out so you were doing it. Trying to rev yourself up you went to get some water and sit on the bench in the lobby.

Your leg wouldn’t stop jittering, it was like it had a mind of its own right now. You closed your eyes and tried to take in the smells. Some places could overwhelm you, the overuse of perfume, hints of makeup and aftershave, leftover foods and the smell of gas from the cars outside, a lot could turn up your nose. But in here, there a subtlety to the smells, it was clean, with the scent of new clothing and pine needles, the actual kind of pine needles not artificial spray that would have you sneezing, and there was the unmistakable whiff of vanilla and you knew there had to be cupcakes or something nearby.

The banging of the double doors brought you back with a jump, and you were startled to see the reason for your lingering coming through them. Making your wobbly legs lift you up, you counted the coins in your pocket before heading in his direction.

“Um, Dr. R-reid?”

The man turned to look at you in surprise, obviously in his own world as well. You blushed now that his eyes were turned on you, taking note that they were a very nice shade of brown, matching the cropped hair, and jacket. Okay, stop.

“I wanted to say you were very good up there.”

His mouth quirked. “Thanks, it’s not very true, I was a disaster, but it’s very much appreciated.”

“You were a disaster because you were a human being up there?”

Oh, shit. Your mouth filter had broken for a second, and you saw his brows lift, oh, God, Y/N, you have to follow it up now.

“I mean that it’s natural to fumble a little bit, I…I would’ve been terrified up there, probably would’ve gotten sick on everyone.”

Like now, the acid in your stomach was bubbling rapidly, and you wanted to cover your mouth with your shirt.

“Thanks but I think you could probably handle it better than you think.”

“Thank you, uh, I liked the paraphilia, I may have a new list to go over now.”

“You like lists?”

“Yeah, I’m kind of weird that way.”

“It’s not weird at all!”

His jubilant tone had your eyes widen and you took a step back, though a smile came across your face.

“Sorry, I’m a tad weird too. Overly so, if you ask my friends.”

“I’m glad…I mean, I wouldn’t have had the courage to talk to you if you weren’t a little odd.”

He cocked his head. “Why not?”

“Come on, I told you I’m weird, it’ll be kind of obvious if you stand with me long enough. Not to mention the fact you’re in the FBI, us small town folk can’t compete.”

You meant it as a joke but from his change in expression you knew he didn’t take it like that.

“I would’ve talked to you regardless.”

“I’m sorry, I meant it to be –“

“I know, damn, I’m sorry I cut you off. I do that too much too.”

“It’s okay, so do I.”

“May I ask what it is you do, Miss Small Town?”

You face became even more red. “I’m a developer on the main floor plans at CyberKinetics.”

His brows rose to his hairline. “CyberKinetics? Aren’t you guys making smart sensors for artificial limbs?”

“It’s in the middle stages, yeah, we, um, with 3D printing and everything on the rise, we’re hoping we’ll be able to come out with prototypes by next fall.”

You could tell he was excited. “Weren’t you able to make a prototype of a hand for a veteran? It said in the article you were able to link it with the nerve endings and they could control it and feel it just as effectively as their actual limb.”

Yep, shirt collar over face now. You were having to hold your hands down, all the attention was becoming too much. “Yeah, but the chip inside went out in less than a month, we want something to last, not something that will need charging or a new chip implanted in it.”

“I understand, you want it to be as natural as possible.”

“Yeah, I’m saying that a lot sorry. I’m also not as big in the project as you’re thinking, I’m just an outliner, I stay in my office most days and everyone else actually tries to use and demonstrate the findings.”

“It’s a bigger job than you think; you’re going to change the world.”

You were tugging your collar with a hand. “A small footprint in the sand, what about you? You get to change the world all the time.”

“I guess my footprints are small too, it takes many feet to make a difference…that sounded cheesy didn’t it?”

You shrugged. “Probably, but I love cheese so…”

You tittered on your feet before your eyes darted back to his. “Look, I don’t do this, I’m not one for this but, uh, I know you probably need to be somewhere soon, but –“

You rummaged in your pocket before your fingers hit the edge of your card. “Um, if you ever wanted to go over lists, I’m more into phobias now, but we could always compare that to the different philias if you wanted. I just –“

“I’d love to, um, I mean, we could go now if you wanted.”

The hope in his eyes and the way his own hands fidgeted made your breath catch. “Now? Y-you don’t have to help sign books or something?”

He shook his head smiling. “Nope, I have to tell my colleague where I’m going so she won’t worry, but then I’m all yours.”

All mine?

He seemed to catch his words too, the tips of his ears beginning to scald.

“Do you like coffee? I, um, I like books and coffee and the library close to hear has a great selection of both if you want to that is.”

He grinned. “I adore both those things, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened. “I didn’t give you my name did I?”

He flashed the card. “It’s okay. I haven’t given you mine either. I prefer Spencer to Dr. Reid.”

You nodded, a smile playing on your lips. “Okay, Spencer I’ll be right here.”

“I won’t be far she’s talking to some people over there.”

You watched him sprint with his bag bobbing to the woman that was seated on stage with him. She was beautiful, were all FBI agents good looking? Was that a criteria? Being stuck in the office with a computer all the time your friends and colleagues were used to finding you with no make-up and unkempt clothes and hair. On more than one occasion staying all night and hitting a breakthrough into the afternoon with just your pajamas on. As Spencer came back towards you, you noticed the woman was looking at you now. Your shoulders squeezed, but lessened when she smiled, giving you a small wave. You waved back.


You nodded, gathering your wits and bag as he steered you out the door. You both decided on a cab, and you regretted it as soon as you sat. The close proximity was too much and you finally buried your nose in your shirt, as your hand went to your pocket.

“You cold?”

You looked to him in your peripheral vision, and shook your head.

“I’m s-sorry. I should’ve said, but I was afraid you’d say no to coming, I get nervous easily, and I –“

“It’s okay I understand, i-it’s taken me a very long time to get to this point but I still have a lot of lapses and get anxious as well. And I interrupted you again, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’ll tally them up so I know how many times I can interject you.”

He grinned, but then his face turned serious. “Would it be okay if –?”

His hand came slowly towards your face, him trying to gently tug the fabric under your lips.

“I understand if you’re too nervous too, but you do have a very lovely face.”

He was going to have to stop or your eyes would pop out.

“Thank you, so do you.”

He grinned, and as you approached the stop he got out and came to open your door.

“A s-sweet talker and a gentleman.”

He shrugged timid. “I try.”

“So coffee or books first?”

“Either sounds good.”

You usually didn’t do it, but the staff had known you for so long they wouldn’t mind you browsing the stacks with some coffee. Settling on a dark roast you put some Splenda in as he began dumping sugar into his.

“Sweet tooth?”

“Oh, yeah, you could say that, I don’t care for the bitterness so I overcompensate with sugar.”

You chanced a laugh and seeing him smile you continued. “You could always get one of those dessert coffees.”

“No, thank you, I like them sweet, not diabetic coma sweet.”

Motioning for him to follow, you both began to get lost in the labyrinth of books.

“You must be a big shot here; I’ve never been able to go around a library with a drink in my hand.”

You shrugged it off. “I used to volunteer all the time here when I was younger. They know me well enough that I’ll be careful as well as anyone I bring in. You seem like someone who respects books.”

“I do.”

“What about e-books?”

“Oh, God.”

Exasperation was in his tone and you laughed again. “Good. I love my job but I’d much rather have a physical book in my hand than a tablet.”

“I’m so glad for that, we’re becoming a rarity.”

“We are, antiques.”

You both grinned at one another, before the stare became too intense and you looked away.

“So where are we exactly?”

“In one of my favorite sections.”

Holding out a book you pointed to the label, his brow arching.

“YA? You like young adult books?”

You placed a hand on your hip in mock anger. “Oh, so because I’m past the age I cannot enjoy them?”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that –“

“Have you ever read Neal Shusterman?”


“Here you go then. And that’s one interjection to me now.”

He scanned the book you had given him, pursing his bottom lip before going to a chair. You watched as he flipped the book open and with his index finger guiding him began to turn the pages at an alarming speed.

“Oh, you’re one of those, are you?”

“One of those?”

“A speed demon, I’ve only met a few, but they always made me look bad during the summer programs here. Like three hundred books to my seventy-five bad.”

He grinned his eyes returning to the page. “That’s still impressive.”

“Thank you. I’ll let you revel in the awesomeness in peace.”

He watched you a moment, hoping you weren’t leaving, his eyes returning to the book when you settled with one of your own opposite him. You had only gotten a few chapters into a Lemony Snicket when he closed the book.


“That was very interesting, it was sci-fi, but also a lot of current events.”

“So is interesting good or –“

“I really liked it, there’s more too, isn’t there?”

“Yep, they’re over there, I’m sure you could knock them out before we finish our coffee, then we can get more and debate.”

He grinned. “That sounds like a plan.”

As he went to collect the remaining books his phone started to beep, and you had to force down the reprimand of having it on in a library. You knew with his kind of job it had to be on, but the habit was there. His tone was slightly annoyed and he sighed as he hung up.

“I have to go.”


“I really don’t want to.”

“I understand. Do you…are you going to take the books with you, at least?”

“Yeah, yes, that’d be good, then we can debate when we go out again.”

“Again, I haven’t scared you away?”

He laughed. “Not in the slightest. We’re rarities, remember, we have to stick together.”

“I suppose we do, um, I guess –“


“Before I lose my nerve I guess I should –“

Standing on tiptoes, you brushed your lips along his cheek, taking in the smooth, warm texture.

Blushing, you covered your mouth again. He stared at you a long moment.

“Well, before I lose my nerve…”

He tugged the material down, swooping quickly and planting a chaste kiss on your lips.

You both stared at each other, and you wondered if he’d kiss you again, hell, you were about to go in yourself. But his phone started beeping again.

“Son of a bitch!”

You giggled, causing him to smile at you. “I’ll call you as soon as I can okay?”

“Okay. Be careful. Protect those books.”

“With my life. I’ll see you soon, Y/N.”

And with one last look behind him, he was out of view. Letting you take the opportunity to collapse back in a chair before you fainted.


Lo o salt of the earth! How honorable your toil and how necessary your work. This simple straw hat not only keeps the sun from your face, but as long as it is worn you will be able to talk in the any language of the common folk fluently.

However to mingle with the peasantry has a cost. The hat itself, while making you more personable and likable to peasantry and the commons, renders the affluent rich completely alien to you. You will not be able to understand the language of the rich even if you know it before donning the hat, and you become more susceptible to their whims out of fear of retribution.


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"...I can't help but feel now that I maybe shouldn't encourage people to spend others' money on a whim, eheh. Sorry, Caddy. Just consider it on me! (Although I get the feeling your mom would insist on taking this one, too.)"

“Don’t worry about it, Kodai… Mom as usual insists on doing it in exchange for ‘free advertising’, but I’m definitely taking them somewhere to eat once I find out what my college schedule is like.”

“And besides - if Hellany’s magic sense is as sharp as ever, she’s probably right about that growth spurt. So if Papyrus gets some clothes that’ll still fit in a month or two, that’ll save me another afternoon of fitting and measuring!”

That John/Phil fic...

Now with the final ep done, I’m tossing up writing this thing, it keeps bugging me. But as an experiment, I want to see what others might think of the idea. So I’ll provide a pitch of sorts. If it gets 20 or more likes or reblogs (individual, no doubling up–that’s cheating ;) ), I’ll write it up. Here goes:

John’s in mourning after Mary’s death, wants to escape London, more than anything else. On a whim, he decides to track down this Phil Rask he’d found in the paper a while ago, and did some detective work tracking down, emailing the agent for a time. It was weird and surreal, seeing this person who looked just like you, living quite the different life. Phil felt the same sense of fascination, having Googled who John was as well. So John heads to Miami, and messages Phil while he’s there. Little does he know Phil’s in some bother himself, having murdered Maddy and feeling like the whole world is going to cave in on him. But Phil is drawn, as John is. They meet at the park bench overlooking the beach. And have a bit of a confessional session of their respective sins, knowing that the other won’t judge, or tell. Phil offers to take John out for the night, to binge and forget their troubles, John eagerly accepts. They have a great time, drinking (maybe also high) and dancing at a few bars. Later they end up back at Phil’s place having amazing, cathartic sex. Happy times for all. John returns to London, feeling a little less crap, and then we get ‘the lying detective’.*

I’ll be curious to see how this goes lol

(*Hey, if Moftiss can do their own characters ooc, dammit, so can I 😄)

We are the bakers, not the makers, of ideas

The way you make a cake is by collecting a bunch of ingredients, mixing them together in the right order, then putting it all into an oven to bake.

The process of creativity is a lot like baking a cake, in that it entails the gathering of ingredients—or knowledge—then mixing it up and allowing it to “bake” in your subconscious.

But how often do we think of creativity as something we do as opposed to a process we merely facilitate? The nuances of consciousness and anything beneath it aside, creativity is very much something which takes place outside of our full control. If we could generate novel and useful ideas at any moment, on a whim, there’d be nothing about creativity worth researching or writing about.

Of course creativity doesn’t work on-demand. It isn’t something we can readily rely on, let alone elicit as needed. Instead, it’s a process which we contribute to—or don't—and with which we experience the results as though they had come from a part of ourselves we have little to no awareness of.

We don’t “make” or “generate” ideas any more than we cook a cake. The oven is the thing doing all the work, we’re merely the ones who put the ingredients into it. Our subconscious is an oven, it’s our job to put the right stuff into it and then give it time to bake.

If you want to be exposed to new ideas, there are certainly things you can do to provoke them out of our brain. But the process is no different than baking: you have to first have all the ingredients, then mix them together, followed by giving them time to “bake.” You can adjust the temperature and try replacing ingredients, but the result always requires the time and diligence to bake.

We don’t pull ideas out of nowhere. To “have” an idea is to hold it, not to pull it from the void. In a way, we only ever discover ideas, not create them. We’re the bakers of ideas.


I’m a fiery little ball of anger today. Everything is pissing me off. I just can’t take the continued feeling I am constantly in a position to have to cater to everyone else’s whims and needs - and that leaves me with nobody protecting me or my needs. Everyone’s so self-involved and fucking entitled that I just become full of rage that people have the nerve to criticize my work when I’ve been BUSTING MY ASS FOR THEM. It’s like the fucked up version of a Brian Adams song.

“Everything I Do, I Do It For You, YOU SELFISH SONS OF BITCHES.”

Learning Icelandic

So I started teaching myself Icelandic on a whim today and I’m legit so excited this is like the breath of fresh air I needed I feel so refreshed woo!

I know what you’re probably thinking - “but Eliza you just said you were only gonna focus on Chinese and French, plus you’re already taking a break from Russian and literally only 300,000 people speak Icelandic what’s the point?!”

Well I say “lalalala I can’t hear youuu!!!”

So umm if you’re an Icelandic langblr/someone who’s learning Icelandic/someone who speaks Icelandic can you please reblog or like this post so I can follow you and fuel my newfound language love?

k thx bye

I adopted Louis back in October. I went to Animal Humane Society just to “look” at cats and fell in love with this little guy’s snuggly persona. I adopted him right then and there on a whim because, as my boyfriend pointed out, I needed Louis; he was right.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this little guy. He is the most affectionate and playful baby I have ever met. Adopting him was the best day of my life and I’m sure he could say the same. Now Louis is the king of the apartment, he enjoys sunbathing on his little porch, playing with various toys, and sleeping on my bed! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend :)


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fun fact: in the russian voltron fanart you reblogged, allura is saying "baka senpai" literally translating to the english spelling. this information is brought to you by my useless knowledge of the russian alphabet (i don't speak russian but i learned the alphabet on a whim in high school lmao)

pffft omg i didn’t know that! fun fact: one of my best friends has been studying russian bc she’s doing her thesis on russian literature lol

I just got an ask calling me a hypocrite for condemning Mikami’s acts as Kira but still thinking criminals (like Mikami) should go to jail.

Because apparently murdering people with my own hands at my own whims is the same as thinking that maaaybe murderers should get legal punishment.

Don’t support any legal system, kids - that’s just as bad as mass murder.

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My casual fan friend just texted me "see the baby chair?? Why would he have that If he wasn't taking care of a baby??" Like... he literally has enough money to buy a car on a whim. Dropping 50 bucks on a prop high chair is nothing.

it’s so weirdly positioned too like it was thrown there last second


I had a vegetarian day yesterday, this meal was frankly the dog bollocks. Pepper, mushroom, courgette, broccoli, and onion, with wild rice, basmati rice and quinoa. I can’t believe I didn’t try quinoa before, its gorgeous.
I’m at that lovely point in the month where I want to eat til I die. I’ve had a disgusting amount of cheesecake today. I made it on a whim to try and get the dieters to stop being scared of sugar, so if you ignore the burnt bit, it’s a pretty much zero fat vanilla cheesecake, I made it with 3% cottage cheese and holy hell I recommend trying it, it’s a great substitute for full fat cream cheese and tastes, dare I say it, better than full fat.
I’m also at the point in the gluten poisoning where I’m bloated to shite and back and I can’t stay awake or focus on anything, so today I had a meeting with boss and it was very difficult to try and explain that I was trying to pay attention but I couldn’t keep up with the last sentence he said because I had wheat four days ago. It’s very frustrating when people tell me I’m being lazy or that I need to sleep more, I cannot sleep enough at the moment and I’m sorry, but they’re all doctors, brain fog isn’t a made up condition.
17th January 2017