it was a very good short season


Episode  — Twilight of the Apprentice

I won’t leave you. Not this time.

Close Call ~PART 1

Some writing to celebrate VLD’s one year anniversary! This may be a bit late in the day, but I was really busy… whoops.

This is the first of four parts, and the parts are just going to get longer, so sorry if this is too short. The next three parts should be up soon. Yes, I’m posting a multi-chapter-ish thing. Today seemed a good day to do it.

Vague Summary: Lance and Keith get captured while on a solo mission… and separated. Lance is very badly injured already, which is not a situation one wants to deal with when in a Galra prison cell. And Keith is worried. (This is also kind of inspired by Jeremy Shada’s “I mean, Lance dies, so that’ll be fun,” when talking about season 3).

Catch this fic on AO3

Psst: @voltronpaella the best beta, @dogsahoy this is the thing I was telling you about,  and @taylor-tut you’ll probably like the other parts better, but I wanted to tag you with my angst anyway if you want me to stop tagging you in my whump/illness/injury stuff just say the word

Keith woke up to an empty cell. The room was dimly lit, a faint purple glow  making it just possible to see. As his eyes adjusted, the ache on the back of his head reminded him of exactly how he ended up here.

Keith supposed he should feel lucky. After all, once the sentries surrounded him, he figured they’d just kill him. Still, it was hard to feel optimistic when he was stuck in a Galra prison cell with no hope of escape.

It’d been no one’s fault, really. The rebel group Matt was a part of had been reported captured, and taken into this prison base. They had to act fast, before the prisoners were sent off to other locations. Two of the Paladins infiltrated, while the rest monitored from the castle, opting for a stealth job.

And, like so many other plans before it, everything had gone to shit.

Keith had been holding off a large crowd of sentries, but once Lance’s location was discovered—


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translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :)
Adam, Mutasim, Simo, and Yousef

Host: Gutta boys. Hi. How are you doing tonight?

Adam: Good, very good. We’re enjoying ourselves.

Host: Even though Skam is over?

Simo: Yeah that’s sad, but it’s cosy atmosphere here.

Adam: Yes, everyone’s together.

Host: What will you miss the most?

Simo: The chemistry behind the camera. Everybody is like a little family, to put it that way.

Adam: I’m also gonna miss meeting everybody. Now we’ve met them regularly. Halla gutta (at the other boys).

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"Without any concern about retirement right now, I’m having fun skating.”

Yuzuru’s interviews from the magazine Quadruple 2017 Extra, one from the day after World Championships and one from the day after World Team Trophy. Magazine scan credits to @niaori.  Please do not use my translations without my permission.

From the day after World Championships

Q: Were you relieved when you won?

Y: Rather than feeling relieved, after one night I feel that I have to practice the short program more, just like I said yesterday.

Q: Looking back on the free program, how do you feel about it?

Y: In the midst of the great tension from a competition, or in a sense because of that tension, I was able to receive a lot of power. I think it was a competition where I was able to feel that power. Competitions are different from practices in that I receive various support, including from fans as always. That’s also true for meals, taping, care, and special ways of concentrating. I think it was a free program where I was able to change all those things into strength.

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“I will never be able to reach my ideal self.”

(Shoma’s interview in the Quadruple 2017 Extra magazine. Magazine scan credits to @niaori​ - Please do not repost these photos.)

As an explorer of figure skating…

Shoma Uno, who decided to devote his life to figure skating when he was little, and who has been chasing after his ideal self since then. Even after winning the silver medal at the World Championships, as he evolves himself, he continues to push his skating life forward while maintaining and improving his skills, mental strength, and physical condition.

Congratulations on your silver medal at Worlds and your gold medal as a team at the World Team Trophy. Is there a different type of happiness in winning as a team compared to winning alone?

S: Yes. Since this is the outcome which resulted from everyone’s best fights, there is a different type of happiness to it.

During WTT, were you thinking about the Team Event at the Olympics?

S: That, I didn’t really think about. I did have the goal to “win as a team”, but I was mainly thinking “I hope each and every one of the team members get to skate their best performance” and “I hope I don’t pull the team down”.

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My TOP13 College/University based dramas

1. Age Of Youth, Korean drama. *Second season coming soon hell yeah; seriously just watch; has romance but the main thing is friendship; hella cool girls living together.* 

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Korean drama. *Yet again just watch; so much fluff that I started wanting to be in a relationship; such cool friendship; absolutely love both leads; very good chemistry.* 

3. Love O2O, Chinese drama. *Has no drama only fuzzy warm feeling; I won’t even start talking about lead guy; lead girl has passion for video games and her major is Computer Sciene; even though I hate cgi but I was feeling it in this drama.* 

4. Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match, Thai drama. *Just saying but HOT male lead; super fun to binge watch; fluffy romance; interesting plot.*

5. Devil Beside You, Taiwanese drama. *Very good if you like bad boys; pretty old but gold; amusing fashion choices; story line is strongly based on romance.*

6. Itazura Na Kiss 2: Love In Tokyo, Japanese drama. *Second season of Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo; watch it if you like cold guys who are actually kind of soft inside; determined girl; based on manga; has a lot of versions.*

7. Twenty Years Old or 20′s, Korean drama. *Super short and too short; doesn’t show university that much; but cute couple and story line; super easy to binge watch.*

8. My Love From The Star, Korean drama.*Less university life more celebrity life but still related to university; kind of became a classic already; good if you like fantasy and a little bit of healthy cliche plot; leads are beautiful, you can’t deny it.*

9. U-Prince Series: The Single Lawyer, Thai drama. *Straightfoward leads; attractive male and a little bit bitchy female; still cute.* 

10. Sotus: The Series, Thai drama. *For all you BL lovers, I got you;a guy who knows his feelings very well and a guy who doesn’t admit his feelings to himself; lots of friendship.* 

11.   U-Prince Series: The Lovely Geologist, Thai drama. *Very cute; lead male is very cute, who loves dinosours, his smile makes my day; very short.* 

12. Queen Of The Ring, Korean drama. *Has fantasy; interesting plot; funny*

13. Second Time Twenty Years Old, Korean drama. *Cool female lead, who started to live her life the way she wanted, when she was 38; must watch if you like story lines with a little bit older leads; kind of inspirational.*

anime recommendations

I copy-pasted this list from one I made in a Discord server I’m in because I figured I ought to share the love for some shows and movies I enjoyed over the past several weeks. This is only a small part of my growing list, but it’s a good place to start for some older shows and ongoing anime this season. Enjoy!

//I’m only picking out a few this season… There’s so much to catch up on plus my huge backlog of good ones from a while back that I gotta settle for a short list. But if you guys want some recommendations, here’s the ongoing ones I’m totally hyped up for, plus some extra guff that I’m actually surprised that I like: 

~Kakegurui - sexy, dark, risque, insane anime about gambling in a very privileged high school.

~Made in Abyss - awesome, beautiful adventure story with a unique world and art style.

~Welcome to the Ballroom - dance sport! bright, gorgeous, well-animated, and has a very optimistic vibe.

~Aho Girl - 12min per episode about the shenanigans of a dumb girl and her childhood friend that has to deal with her shit. very light, absolutely hilarious.

~Hajimete no Gal - fan service up the wazoo but honestly got me intrigued as to what the hell they plan to do with a first episode that silly and stupid… i can’t believe i’m more interested in this than Fate/Apocrypha, and i’m not even a huge fan of… well, fan service. honest.

~New Game!! - second season of New Game!, where they make… well, a new game. for those who don’t know, it follows Suzukaze Aoba, a young character designer fresh out of highschool, who’s working in a game dev studio. first season was pretty fun. also Hifumi is best girl.

for some of the older ones I’ve finished and loved:

-Kyoukai no Kanata - supernatural story set in the modern day. beautifully animated, as is Kyoto Animation’s standard, and has a few interesting twists. be sure to watch the movie AFTER the anime: I’ll Be Here - Mirai-hen

-Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) - surprisingly deep, incredibly well-paced alternate World War I anime that stars a young “Imperial” (alternate world German) girl who rises through the ranks in the Imperial Army… also, there’s magic. It’s got some philosophy in there that’s very interesting, and it doesn’t get bogged down by politics between the universe-next-door fictional factions because that’s in no way the focus of the story OR the world-building. love it, would recommend it to death. great anime for any patriot.

-Tsuki ga Kirei - light, wonderful romance story that takes every imaginable trope in romance and does it beautifully and poignantly. best anime of the previous season. it even beat out AoT and My Hero Academia in some circles. i’ve never felt so fuzzy and warm watching an anime in my life.

Plus, of course, movies like Koe no Katachi and In This Corner of the World. Prepare a lot of tissues and something cute next to you if you’re gonna watch those. //

Five Fav Fics

The absolutely wonderful @watsonshoneybee tagged me to promo my top five favorite fics that I’ve written.  It feels a bit odd because I’ve only got ten things actually published on Ao3, and most of these are pretty short, but here you go anyway!  Hope you enjoy!

Permanent Fixture (18,836 words, explicit):  If you had told me a year ago I’d write such a lengthy parentlock fic I would’ve laughed in your face, but here we are.  I was feeling very depressed about the awfulness of season four, and writing this fic really helped me get past it.  It started as a sort of prompt fill because of a text post of @watsonsanatomy​‘s, and then it kind of got away from me.  It’s canon-compliant, post-s4, good old fashioned “how they finally get together” fluff with just a hint of angst and then a big ol’ dollop of smut.

Their Last Vows (1,768 words, mature):  I wrote this one ages ago on tumblr, but it’s always remained one of my favorites, so I eventually put it up on Ao3 as well.  It takes place very early on the morning of John and Sherlock’s wedding. Sherlock has been thinking too much, as per usual, and John loves him so much it’s painful.  Basically pure fluff.

Cuddles Are Never Tedious (876 words, mature):  This was a prompt fill that I wrote on tumblr not too long ago.  It’s very short, but I’m really quite fond of it. It’s early days in the John and Sherlock relationship, and Sherlock doesn’t quite know how to ask for what he wants yet.  Luckily John is an excellent mind reader.  Fluff fluff fluff.  It’s only barely in need of the mature rating; just some fleeting words that I thought warranted it.

14 Lavender Roses (1,002 words, teen):  I wrote this on Valentine’s Day because the spirit of the holiday moved me.  Or maybe because I had nothing better to do (shhh).  John keeps finding roses all over the flat in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Honestly, this is just more fluff fluff fluff because I can.

A Suitable Stain (7,647 words, explicit):  I wrote this a while back, when sugar daddy John was still a pretty big kink in the fandom.  Admittedly, it’s still a pretty big kink of mine aldsfjadsf.  This is just pure smut.  Literal porn without plot.  I cannot be any clearer about this; there is absolutely no plot.  It’s just a younger barista Sherlock (I think I mention that in this one?) and an older well-established doctor John.  I should point out that the word “daddy” is not used once in case that squicks you out.

So that’s that!  I dunno who to tag.  Ummm @hushwatson @highfunctioninggaybaby @silentauroriamthereal and idk who else.  If you’ve already been tagged or you don’t want to do this just ignore me alsdfjasdf.  :D

Alright, I’ve been working on a theory for a few months now and with season 3 rapidly approaching, the pieces seem to be falling into place.

The Mullet Theory: The closer a character is to having a mullet, the more background we receive for that character.

Yes, it sounds ridiculously stupid, but there’s finite proof behind this.

Analysis under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I really like your blog (even though I only followed for a short amount of time)? Could you possibly rec some podcasts for me? I like the following ones: Basically anything from Night Vale Presents The Bright Sessions Kakos Industries Wolf 359 The Black Tapes The Strange Case of Starship Iris Thank you, and have a lovely day! ❤️

Hello there, anon!

We’re very glad you like our blog, thank you!

Now then, I think you will like most of the amazing podcasts that I’ve recommended just recently here! (It’s a very good list ^__^) Also, you might want to check out the Spooky Scary Podcasts list we made for halloween.

But of course I’ll also try making a few recommendations based on the podcasts you’re listening to - a little spooky, a little funny, a little sci fi, a little mystery. All things that make podcast amazing ;) I hope you’ll find something you like:

The Bridge:

Watchtower 10 sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, keeping lonely watch over the Transcontinental Bridge. A Bridge connecting Europe and America. A Bridge where strange things happen …

The Penumbra Podcast:

Part amazing and diverse short story anthology, part serialized audio drama about PI Juno Steel. It’s Film Noir, just a podcast. And with more LGBT representation. And more Aliens. And Sci Fi. And with Peter Nureyev. And Rita. God I love these two.

(I consider The Penumbra to be one of the best podcasts to come out in 2016. By far! If you only listen to one of the podcasts here - which you shouldn’t cause they are all very good - listen to this one!!)

EOS 10:

Adventures on a space station! Also, rumour has it there is going to be a 3rd season eventually, fingers crossed!

Beef And Dairy Network:

This podcast is surprisingly difficult to describe … Think … Welcome To Night Vale but everything is about beef animals and dairy herds. But less spooky lovecraftian, and more British? Does that make any sense? Not really, but neither does this podcast, so it kinda works… It’s strange and fun is what I’m saying.

The Bunker:

A breakfast radio show, about a hundred years after some sort of apocalyptic event. The three hosts broadcast from their underground bunker, with guests, interviews, original music, and short stories. Also, crazy people, mysteries, and monsters!

Mars Corp:

On the same channel as The Bunker, and by the same people: A Sci Fi dramedy on mars, with all sorts of weird characters, and lots of adventures and action to come! Only episode 1 is out so far, but it sounds promising!

Help Me:

Very well made college project about a girl researching her best friend’s mysterious suicide

Rover Red:

An apocalyptic Chose Your Own Adventure type audio drama with a female lead looking for her kidnapped brother. Amazing! Find our full review here.

The Bright Sessions:

A therapist trying to help her young patients with their supernatural abilities … Their latest episode was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. The end of the hiatus can’t come soon enough!


A journalist investigating the sudden disappearance of the inhabitants of Limetown… (Since you like The Black Tapes, you might enjoy more of the Investigative Journalism genre)

The Message: 

More Investigative Journalism! The Podcast follows a group of specialists trying to decipher an old transmission that might - or might not - be alien… Find our review here! (Also, they have another podcast on the same stream, called “LifeAfter”, which I haven’t listen to yet, so I can’t say what it’s about. But I’m pretty sure it’s good!)

Huh, I wanted to keep this list rather short, but once I started so many podcasts popped into my head. Oh well, hope you enjoy these podcasts, anon. I’d love to hear back from you if you liked them :)


We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 15

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 /  Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

Tags: @kwien-cee @saoirsewhittle @standalls @anonimereader06 @shantayok @thiscuriouslymiss @dashofsunshineblog @negative-love @sarasmismyonlydefence @sharenaloveyoux @hoedorshegort  @tomlinsonlovers @brianaisasongbird @xcastawayherosx @reganf @quit-it-stilinski @captainsherlockwinchester110283 @bunnyboo10154 @pass-me-jeez-it @maddie110201 @lovelustmendes @imaginationgotmegood @5sospoplikerock

In this chapter: When I thought everything wasn’t that bad, it only grew darker.

Word count: 3765

A/N: Okay. We all know Teen Wolf time line is a little… imprecise? So I have no idea how much time there is between episodes. And that’s also why there may be mistakes, please forgive me! This chapter is focused on the reader and is between two episodes. I think it’s important since the reader is living a normal life in the world of Teen Wolf and we don’t see every thing they do in one day on the show. (Tell me if the tags are working! The gifs aren’t mine but the drawings are!)

In the end, Stiles stayed with me all night in the hospital and by miracle or just some kind of coincidence, I managed to sleep. And since I hadn’t slept for so long without nightmares, I woke up the next day so much better. I opened my eyes as I yawned, seeing Stiles sleeping in an impossible and uncomfortable position on the chair near my bed. He had been watching over me all night?

Then I realized that only a few feet from me Stiles Stilinski was asleep. His peaceful sleeping face and his half-open mouth drooling on his arm. The scene was so funny, I couldn’t help laughing, which made him wake up suddenly.

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joeyandhispizza  asked:

"Luke and Lorelai doesn't have a healthy relationship. I don't get why people like them so much," a recent post from starshollowconfessions says. Agree or disagree?

I think it depends on if you’re talking about original series or AYITL. And this is going to get fairly long, but in short … in the original series, their relationship wasn’t very healthy the further you got into season 6, with a lot of the damage being done in season 5. But in A Year in the Life, their overall relationship is a lot stronger.

And because I am clearly Hermione (or Rory), here’s a really long essay about the differences between their OS relationship and their communication issues in AYITL.

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Thoughts On This Winter Anime Season 2017 So Far. . .

We are about halfway through this anime season, so I’ll share my thoughts on the different shows I am watching this season, and what I like/dropped so far.  Keep in mind, there are so many shows this season, and I am only watching a handful of them, and these are just my opinions.  So, let’s get started then! 

Koro- Sensei Quest!:  

Chibi versions of my favorite assassins was exactly what I needed this season.  This show is freaking adorable, and hilarious.  There’s so many cute moments between everyone and ugh, this show is just gold.  If you loved Assassination Classroom, then you’ll love these short ten minute episodes.  

Gabriel DropOut:

This show is freaking adorable.I needed a moe blob this season where I could laugh and turn off my brain, and this is exactly that.  The angels and demons are so unique to the show, and the art style is really good too.  


Dropped.  Fuck.  I hate this show.  What started out as super promising turned out to be utter crap by episode three.  Fuck, it was so dull.  I really hoped for more from a show with great visuals.  It also has very cringeworthy, forced drama.  I know, I know, the manga is supposedly much better, but after trying to watch that, I doubt I’ll ever be able to get into the manga.  Also, for fuck’s sake, Fuuka put some damn pants on.  The panty shots are insane.  

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

Dropped.  Will I pick it back up later?  Doubtful.  The animation is really great, but the overall story is really dull.  I mean, it’s incredibly predictable.  I gave it five episodes before I lost interest.  

Little Witch Academia:

My only regret with this show is that I didn’t start it sooner.  I recently picked it up after I watched the Movie/OVA and oh my god, I freaking love it.  The animation isn’t as vibrant as it was in the OVA, but it’s still great, and I’m so glad it got this adaptation.  

Kuzu no Honkai:

I have a ton to say about this show.  I absolutely love it.  I am addicted.  I love how terribly amazing the characters are, and each one of them is fucked up in a special way, BUT THEY ARE ALL WELL WRITTEN.  Akane-sensei is the best villain of the winter season.  She is such a terrible person, and I fucking love that about her.  It shows the dark, twisted side of love and using others to fill voids.  It’s brilliant and so fucking dark and I’m fucking hooked.  

Super Lovers 2:

It’s much better than the first season.  Rin is adorable, and it’s just a cute yaoi show that I definitely needed this season.  


Best. Fucking. Season. Ever.  Fuck.  It’s amazing.  It’s fantastic.  It deserves all the praise.  I’m hyped for every. single. fucking. episode. every. fucking. week.

So, yeah, these are my thoughts as we reach the halfway point of the season.  Let me know what you guys think of these shows this season, and any others I should watch.  So yeah, thoughts?  

Black Lion Theory (S2 spoilers)

So imma try and keep this short. (I failed)

So, Shiro’s gone. we need a black paladin. The main contenders for it are:
Shiro returns
some new character
and Lance.

Keith, while being named by Shiro as his successor on two separate occasions, would not be a good leader. He’s impulsive, reckless and doesn’t think things through. This is what makes him perfect as the Red Paladin, and what makes his character. Plus, he’s had too much bonding with Red this season for her to let him pilot Black.

Shiro returning would be very cheap. I know it’s a kid’s show, but having something this huge happen and it’s just swept under the rug, that’d be a huge let down, not that it’s out of the realm of possibility.

Allura is needed on the castle to use the Teludav and provide support for the Lions and Voltron. She is too important in her current role for her to become the paladin of any lion, especially Black. She already has the weight of the universe and the legacy of her entire race on her shoulders. It would destroy her to burden her further.

A new character is feasible if done well, but there’s not much I can see about it.

Now, Lance. Lance has displayed subtle leadership skills over the course of both seasons, notably in the very first episode on the academy, when he emerged from a coma for the good of his team, in ‘return to the Balmera’, when he acts as a leader in the small group of himself and Keith, coming up with plans, preventing Keith from doing stupid things, and generally taking command. Finally (though I may have missed a couple) in “Crystal Venom” he acts as the voice of reason to Keith and Coran, and brings everyone together to figure out what’s going on. As well as this, he is shown as the glue of Voltron, having brought everyone together in the first episode.
It’s also worth bringing up at this point that he is incredibly insecure in being the Blue Paladin, feeling as if “he doesnt have a thing”. It’s also stated on the website that the Blue Lion is the “friendliest and most accepting of new pilots”

So what does this mean? if Lance becomes the Black Paladin, not only will he need a wardrobe change, but we’ll need a new Blue Paladin. Well, here’s the thing. It’s been shown that (somehow) you only need one person to pilot the ship. Which established’s characters costume is already primarily blue? Who said their lifelong dream was to become a paladin? Who is incredibly friendly, funny, is quite like Lance really, and truly deserves more screentime?? WHO HAS AN INCREDIBLE MOUSTACHE AND IS ALREADY AN INCREDIBLE PILOT???


Cisco Ramon’s character development is on a very short list of What Was Good About Season 3 along with WestAllen, Wally becoming Kid Flash, and the introduction of Cindy, so jot that down, memorize it, and refer to it every time you think about making another thinkpiece on how he was an asshole this season you ugly jerks. 


My very own usual Suspects (= favourite actors)

In examples of their many, various movies/series and in no particular order.


  • Geoffrey Rush as the Marquis de Sade in ‘Quills’ (2000)
  • Matthew Goode as Hugh Alexander in ‘The Imitation Game’ (2004)
  • Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant in ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993)
  • Jonathan Brandis as Bill Denbrough in ‘Stephen King’s: It’ (1990)
  • Enzo Cilenti as Yezzan zo Qaggaz in ‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 & 6 (2015/16)
  • Mark Gatiss as Billy Matlock in ‘Our Kind of Traitor’ (2016)
  • Alan Rickman in ‘Dust’ (short movie, 2013)
  • Jason Isaacs as Col. William Tavington in “The Patriot” (2000)
  • Aneurin Barnard as Tommy in ‘Citadel’ (2012)
  • Martin Semmelrogge as Jockel Pietsch in ‘Die Straße von Berlin’ (german tv series 1995-2000)
Hunter Gathers Rating

i got screenshots from every episode Hunter appears in

Assassinanny 911: Her first appearance!!! Look at her!! She looks confused [this is is her first time meeting Brock!!] Look how cute!! 10/10

The Invisible Hand of Fate: Her disguise is so cute!! She went by Agent Kelly Clarkson that’s so cute!!! Her smile is good and pure 10/10

¡Viva Los Muertos!: She’s just a dream Brock has but she’s still good!! She looks so nice with the pink background!! I want to hug her!! 10/10

ORB: She looks soooo cute!!! I love her new outfit!! Look how fit she is!! Isn’t she amazing?? 10/10

The Family That Slays Together Slays Together Part 1: I LOVE her expression here!!!!! She looks so good and dynamic!!!! I can’t get over how much I love her face!! She’s so pretty!!! 10/10

The Family That Slays Together Slays Together Part 2: Another new outfit!!! She looks so good in the Black Hearts outfit!!! Look at her relaxing!!! I’m happy she can find time to relax!! Look at that smile!!! 10/10

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel: A better look of her Black Hearts outfit!! She looks grumpy but that’s okay!! It’s ok to feel bad sometimes!! Her makeup is so nice!!! She wears that outfit well!! 10/10

Pinstripes and Poltergeist: Another new outfit!!! This time SPHINX!!! She looks surprised!!! All her facial expressions are good but she looks extra cute!! 10/10

Pomp and Circuitry: Look at that grin!!! Do I need to say more???? 10/10

Every Which Way But Zeus: Look how tiny she is!! Again!! What a great smile!! She looks so approachable and good!! I hope it’s a warm day so she’s not chilly!!! 10/10

The Silent Partners: I would die for that smile!!! I’m glad she’s getting good news!!! Don’t you just want to stare at that smile all day??? 10/10

Operation P.R.O.M.: Tiny and good!!! I love how she sits!!! She looks so tense though but that’s ok!! I love her outfit so much I’m glad you can see the full thing in this shot!! 10/10

What Color Is Your Cleansuit?: Another new outfit!! I think this is my favorite so far!! It’s so nice and she looks so cute in it!! 10/10

SPHINX Rising: She’s in the spotlight like she deserves!!!! Look at her!! Another great show of her full outfit!!! I love how she talks with her hands!! 10/10

O.S.I. Love You: The title says it all folks!!!! Look how cute she is!! I love her jacket!!! I love her!!! 10/10

Bot Seeks Bot: She’s in my favorite episode!!! She looks intimidating!! I hope everyone respects her as General!! I sure would!! 10/10

All This and Gargantua-2: I’m in LOVE with her expression here!!! She looks so pretty and cute!!! This is a very good angle of her!! 10/10

Hostile Makeover: Why does she sit like that?? That must be a very high chair because she is short!!! It’s ok though as long as she’s comfortable!!! This makes me so happy!! I don’t know why but I love this picture!! 10/10

Red Means Stop: One last outfit for the finale of season 6!! That outfit is so tacky but she looks so cute in it!!! I love every aspect of this picture; The floral shirt, the striped jacket, the blue shorts, the visor, her feeding birds!!! What a good way to show Hunter off on the season finale!! 10/10

19 wonderful episodes have Hunter in it!! I’m so excited to see more of her!!

S7 Ep 1

Now that I had a chance to watch it this morning. Quite disappointed, I must say.

There’s really nothing that couldn’t have been shown in last season. S7 is very short and the entire first episode was nothing but filler.

The only exception (and a good scene) was Arya as Frey.

The rest seriously could have been thrown into the end of S6. Nothing new, nothing really interesting…

Did we really need to have a scene for Ed Sheeran? A scene that was pretty much pointless this late in the series and a waste of screen time?

And don’t get me started on the WASTE of time spent on Sam literally scrubbing shit. Jesus…. it just kept going and going and going… visual diarrhea just to get to what we already knew… Dragonstone has lots of …wait for it… DRAGONGLASS! Hurr durrrrrrrrrrr.  

I’m convinced Cersei and Sansa’s characters were eaten by their horrible wigs.

Sansa seemed so OOC. Her interaction with Jon and even Baelish was all over the place. If it’s so important to keep LIttlefinger around to keep the Vale army, she might not want to be a constant asshole to him. He is there only for her. Yeah, he royally fucked up with Ramsay but also saved their asses big time. I think he’s actually sincere that he didn’t know about Ramsay (a stupid trait the show has given him which irks me) and apologized. Yes, he wants the throne and her too. Laid his cards out for her but her rejection wasn’t super cold and rude like in this episode. She’s making poor decisions …just like Cersei. I hope that’s not the route the show is going with her.

I mean if she can’t stand him, why doesn’t she just tell Royce the truth about Lysa? She’ll keep the Vale (maybe promise to marry Robin or whatever.. Royce has no love for Baelish) and not have to ‘deal’ with Littlefinger anymore. That would be the easy way out. But she’s keeping him around…. knowing what he wants….IDK.

Hell, even Littlefinger was OOC. Either he’s trying too hard to appear weak or D&D have succeeded in trampling his character into the ground.

Dany walking around. Really? This should have been the ending scene last season of her returning to Dragonstone and start S7 with everything about to hit the fan.

Completely underwhelmed so far. I hope the writing gets better and it’s a slow start. But with only 6 episodes left? Things are going to have to really get moving, plot wise.