it was a tiny thing actually the fainting was out of nervousness ;u;

Badminton Player Mark

Request: I was hoping you can write a badmintonplayer! mark or something where you and him are friends and have p.e together and play badminton but you suck so he teaches you? fluff + maybe a confession ?

A/N: i can relate to this because i can’t play badminton at all and mark loves badminton so-

  • i hope you don’t mind me writing it in this format!!
  • but if you want a scenario regarding this au , then do request again!
  • it’s been long since i actually wrote about mark omg
  • okay let’s go hehe

  • so he was that one really active kid in class who seems to do well in every sport like??

  • and no surprise, he was in the school badminton team
  • how is this even possible
  • it was none other than mark
  • y'all were friends and had talked a few times before, but because of his shining popularity in school and class, you refrained from being too close to him
  • that didn’t stop you from developing a small tiny crush on him though, you couldn’t stop yourself
  • so one day during pe (physical education) lesson, the teacher had suggested playing badminton
  • and everyone in the class had to find a partner
  • your friend wasn’t in school that day and coincidentally, haechan didn’t come too
  • which meant that you and mark had no other choice but to partner up
  • which made you blush like mad
  • but you somehow felt bad because he was the ace in the badminton team while the last time you actually played a badminton game was a few months (or even years) back
  • kind mark helped you get the badminton racket and shuttlecock, offering them to you with a sweet smile
  • which made your heart melt
  • his shirt was tucked out and he was wearing a pair of black shorts, his blonde hair combed messily to the sides
  • this look made your heart melt even more, but you tried to ignore it and concentrate on the game
  • “you serve first!”
  • “o-oh okay sure”
  • but your nervous arms and hands missed the shuttlecock and it just fell infront of you
  • cause mark to laugh and run over to you, patting your head
  • “it’s okay, i was like that too!”
  • and you’re just there with your cheeks flushed like,,, he just touched my head omg??
  • the next thing you know, his arms are around yours, as he shows you to perfect posture to serve and hit the shuttlecock
  • and he also shares some tips and techniques he uses
  • as you just stand there, letting his arms guide you, trying your best not to faint from the closeness between you two
  • and being the clumsy person you are, you accidentally tripped over his leg, which caused the both of you to fall flat onto the ground
  • you’re on top of him with your eyes closed
  • “uhh… Y/N, you can get up now”
  • “oh my god, i’m so so sorry! i didn’t mean to do that i’m-”
  • “it’s okay haha! im glad you’re fine!”
  • and all the other girls saw that happening and gave you a death glare
  • you thought nothing of it and just let the matter pass
  • except that your heart was still beating like crazy
  • and pe lessom finally came to an end
  • and like always, mark had volunteered to help keep all the equipment
  • and while he was gone, you were just meddling with your phone, minding your own business
  • until one of the girls came out to you and became all whiny/unreasonable
  • “what are you trying to do to mark”
  • “nothing?? i just tripped and fell?”
  • “yeah of course, you were this close to kissing him, are you sure you have no other intentions?”
  • “woah- what… i think you misunderstood me-”
  • “y/n let’s go, i don’t think we should carry on this unnecessary arguement”
  • “mark i-”
  • and he pulls you away
  • then gives you the most apologetic and sincere smile ever
  • “i’m so sorry you had to went through that, i don’t know what is with her-”
  • “probably one of your admirers huh?”
  • “… haha i guess so, but you’re fine right?”
  • “of course. you’re literally a celebrity here, how do you even deal with them”
  • “i don’t really get too bothered by them honestly, they probably only like me for my looks and good results sigh”
  • “not me though”
  • “what…?”
  • “oh- i mean, i like and admire you as a person and i know you’re more than all that… this probably sounds weird haha”
  • “oh… no, thank you”
  • “and, i have always been attracted to you and i just get so happy when i talk to you, like now haha”
  • and you see his cheeks turn bright red as he rubs the back of his neck nervously
  • and your heart just softens again
  • “really? okay being honest here since we’re on this topic, but i kind of have a small crush on you?”
  • mark blushes even more and is too shy to even look at you
  • then he laughs awkwardly
  • “not gonna lie, i like you too”
  • and the both of you are just blushing in madness outside the gym room
  • until you spot a teacher approaching y'all
  • “we got too caught up in the conversation we’re 15 minutes late for math class oh my god”
  • “oh shit, i think we better run now”
  • and he grabs your hand and sprints off to the classroom together with you
  • okay sorry this is such a cliche scenario sjsmd,, i tried omg

anonymous asked:

I have a weird request: What do you think the male paladins (and Coran) do when their s/o is in labor? Who faints? Who cries? Etc.

mod Flux: I don’t think this was weird at all, I had fun answering it lmao thank u for this experience


  • He reads all the possible material about expecting/raising a baby before the due date, dude even has a baby bag ready and everything so when it’s time to get to the hospital he’s got a plan and will be as patient and reassuring as his s/o needs
  • Is actually pretty nervous he’s about to become a dad, but keeps his composure like a champ and focuses entirely on making sure his s/o is comfortable and doing alright – he’ll hold their hand the whole time and coach them through pushing and breathing and offer encouragement when possible
  • When everything is said and done and he gets to see and hold his child for the first time he’s overwhelmed with happiness. All the nervousness from before melts away and he won’t be able to stop smiling, he’s so thankful for his precious family


  • The entire experience would be incredibly surreal for him, no matter how much he tries to prepare for it. Has no idea what to expect, really isn’t 100% sure he’ll even be a good dad. It’s been a stressful 9 months for Keith.
  • He feels really useless and basically does whatever his s/o asks or tells him to try and make up for it. The good thing about it is that at least he’ll be pretty calm and probably good at keeping them calm too because of it. His s/o could actually crush his hand during the delivery and he would be chill about it because it was something they needed him for.
  • Once the baby is born he gets really quiet and just wants to sit and look at/watch his child do things like sleep. He’s a bit hesitant to hold something so small and delicate but when the nurse places the little bundle in his arms he knows he wants to do his best as a parent for them.


  • He’s had experience helping care for kids of all ages due to his large family so he’s confident and excited to be starting a family of their own with his s/o. Even though he does get nervous once they go into labor he’ll reassure them a lot so they don’t get stressed or scared.
  • The doctor asks if he wants to see the baby crowning and he gets a whole two second look at it before he’s hollering about regret, oh god the horror. His s/o will worry that means something is wrong with the baby and the medical staff threaten to remove him from the room if he doesn’t chill.
  • Cries like a baby when he sees his child for the first time and doesn’t really stop after that, everything about his kid is perfect and so amazing! I mean have you seen those tiny hands? Unbelievable.


  • The guy that constantly asks if his s/o is comfortable. Do they need anything? A pillow for their back? More ice chips?? Yes you have 2 cups of them already but he can totally go get more it’s no problem. He just wants to feel useful because sitting around waiting makes him even more anxious
  • Would also ask every 5 minutes if his s/o is dilated enough for the epidural because he hates seeing them in pain during contractions and knows it’ll only get worse. Reading up on this stuff was supposed to help him feel more prepared for when it happened, instead he has 1000+ scenarios where everything could go wrong.
  • Might be a little too stressed out to stay in the delivery room, but a warning or some advice from the nurses or doctor would help him calm down. As soon as he hears the baby’s first cries he’s also crying. Periodically bursts into tears the rest of the day


  • Who knows if Altean babies are born the same way as humans, regardless though Coran does everything he can to be prepared and is extremely excited to become a parent alongside his s/o!! Might even have some Altean remedies for things like morning sickness.
  • He tries to be helpful and remind his s/o about things they read or learned about but they really don’t want to hear it in this situation and Coran gets yelled at. He knows better than to take it seriously given circumstances, it’s ok he’ll just try to be helpful quietly.
  • He’s extremely moved to be a father, he can’t really muster up anything to say except for how thankful he is. Just wants to hug his s/o and child and keep this happiness safe forever. Is already making plans to teach his child about their Altean heritage and customs as well.

So this was based on THIS TEXT POST HERE. Have 3 pages of ishihime fluff 

Title: Phones Connect Me To You

Fandom: Bleach

Pairings: Ishihime, peripheral Ichiruki

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Summary: Uryuu receives a rather peculiar phone call on a Saturday morning.

His phone doesn’t ring often, and when it does, it’s more often than not bad news, so when the sound of the phone ringing shatters the tranquil silence of his Saturday morning, Ishida Uryuu is reluctant to pick it up.

“Hello?” he asks cautiously, fully prepared to slam the receiver down if he so much as hears a single chirp of his father’s upbeat secretary or, heaven forbid, his father’s unimpressed drawl, but what actually comes through the receiver takes him so aback that he accidentally drops it instead.

“Hello? Hello, Ishida-kun! Is this the right number? I’m so glad! Ishida-kun? Ishida-kun!”

“I—Inoue-san?! What—How are you calling me?!”

There’s a short pause at the other end of the line, during which Uryuu can actually see Orihime cocking her head in that way of hers—cheeks puffed out in confusion and a finger held to her chin—trying to work this conundrum out. “Um, I picked up the phone and dialled your number?”

“No, that’s not what I— never mind,” he says, deciding not to mention the fact that only his father’s secretary and his father knew that he had a landline, let alone had his number. He changed it every few months to deter them, but somehow, they always found it out. “I just—it’s Saturday morning, Inoue-san. Is something wrong?”

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An Undertale Fanfiction

Chapters: [ ONE ] [TWO ] [ THREE ] [ FOUR ] [ FIVE ] [U R HERE] [ AO3 LINK ]
Characters: Sans, Grillby, Papyrus, Royal Doggies
Setting: Baby Blaster AU
Contains: SAD CHILDREN. Mentions of child abuse.
Synopsis: The dogs interview the kids and more of their dark past and a hero is revealed. The children seem to be doing alright for a change. Bubble Baths are had. Thanks to @qcatter​ for letting me use their oc!


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