it was a snowy day

clementi-red  asked:

How would the 104th squad and the vets react to snow?

Mikasa: So romantic
Reiner: Snow ball fight!
Bertholdt: :/
Annie: Worried about the animals
Jean: Oh my god leave me alone seasonal depression just hit me
Marco: It’s so beautiful!
Sasha: *___*
Connie: It’s cold and I don’t like it
Historia: Puts three tiny snowballs on top of each other “Levi”
Armin: Is amazed and loves it
Ymir: Whatever, I prefer sitting at the fireplace and NOT having my hands freeze off
Levi: IS2G if you come in with your dirty shoes I will skin you
Hanji: makes 20 snow angles
Erwin: Watches the kids play and likes the atmosphere of snowy landscapes
Nanaba: Likes it for one day and is annoyed after that
Mike: Accidentally kills everyone with a huge ass snowball
Moblit: Why is any of this happening