it was a scene from some anime

Yeah, if saw guy had been left out I think it would have been tighter.

I completely agree that there was already evidence of brainwashing going on, so I am totally okay with it being used, I just think the way DR3 did it was sloppy and detracted from the lore.

Maybe if it hadn’t been instantaneous and we got some scenes of the 77th Class trying to resist it or something I would’ve been more okay with it, but even in that post-anime interview, Kodaka’s attitude seemed to be “yeah, Junko just brainwashed ‘em and that’s that” which seems a little anticlimactic and not in an intentional, haha Modernism way.

I really like the idea of peddling a cure and duping people through their own desperate desires, because like I said, that happens ALL the time in real life and I think fiction teaching the audience how to recognize when they’re being played is a good thing.

With the Despair Novel in particular, I personally like the sort of King in Yellow-type vibe it gives off. The first chapter of DRT3 compares its creation with that of Victor Frankenstein–it’s an unexpected complication to an ambitious (and in Kibougamine’s case, well-meaning) plan where humanity reaches too far beyond its limits. I like the parallel that runs with the Kamukura Project and how it highlights that the school has lost sight of what the founding principles presumably were (and why I can’t see Naegi reopening the school in Kibou-hen as anything other than history repeating itself).

If you aren’t a fan of brainwashing in general I can see why it would bother you in either case, but for me there’s a huge difference between “mysterious, powerful object of nebulous origin revealed to be a product of man’s hubris” and “this one guy made this OP thing.”

So I guess it’s a matter of scale–I am fine with the Kamukura Project because it’s years of intensive work by many people at the top of their fields. The Shinsekai Program uses talents from at least 3 students. Monaka utilized the robo dev depatment of her family’s conglomerate. Junko steals and tweaks these huge, cooperative projects but isn’t making them by herself from scratch (even the original killing game might very well have been lifted from the Committee’s past Duel Noir system, and it required the help of at least two other people to pull off).

[YOI] Random staff twitter conversation

I was asked to translate an amusing Twitter conversation that happened earlier so here it is!

Tweet by Takashi Shiina (author of Zettai Karen Children etc, he likes YOI), actually this is from October 29th, not sure why the staff spotted it now.

“For some reason, I had the impression that I saw a certain image when I watched the anime for the first time, but even re-watching it I couldn’t find it, so I’m drawing a rough sketch of it. Please someone finish it for me.”

Reply by Noriko Itou (animation director for YOI):

“I tried drawing it, but no matter how many times I look at it there’s no scene like this…”

Mitsurou Kubo intervenes (not linking the tweet because it’s just text):
“Princess carry… It’s curious, because I have the feeling it already happened but indeed we’ve never drawn something like that… Why…?”

“We must have missed something… They should just go ahead and skate on the rink like that…”

Additional note:
On her Twitter, Kubo later commented that in figure skating there are actually level 4 (=high score) princess carry and other techniques involving lifts. (I interpret this comment as her way of saying that talking about princess carry on an ice rink is not necessarily off topic because there are indeed techniques like that in pair skating and ice dance, lol)

They’re just so amusing and so random, lol… But I agree with the person who wrote in the comments: “I’m sure you’re just saving it for season 2, aren’t you?”. 

A few hours ago in Japan there was a special transmission of Yuri!!! On Ice  with Kubo Mitsurou (our lord and savior the creator), Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri’s voice), Suwabe Junichi (Victor’s voice) and Uchiyama kouki (Yurio’s voice). From the official Twitter of the anime and Be-sama’s account they share some photos. And Suwabe Junichi cosplayed Victor Nikiforov.

They blessed us with this kind of things: 

And this: 

(this the reaction of Tosshi and Suwabe to the kiss scene in the episode 7)

Among that, Kubo-sensei herself confirms that the song “Stay Close To Me” is about Victor and Yuuri, and so many other things. 

You can watch the full video: here (the link doesn’t belong to me)

Thoughts on YOI winning the “Best Animation”Award

Animation is about creating an illusion of movement by quickly playing multiple successive pictures together, and in this way, bringing a story to life.

Clearly, the Yuri!!! on ICE artwork during some of the latter skate scenes was not the quality we’d expect from a “best animation”-nominated show, but the attention to detail and actual animation during most of the scenes was quite evident? The YOI staff hired multiple choreographers and ice skating professionals so that they could get even the smallest details like sound, color, and positioning right. 

Here’s an example of the attention to detail, as shown by not only the leg movement but also the ice movement:

Handpicking and comparing sub-par YOI screencaps to the best screencaps from another show is honestly quite unfair, as animation is not about a single picture. It is about playing multiple slightly-varied successive images quickly to create an appearance of movement. 

To better argue my point, just looking at the following picture is not equivalent to evaluating YOI’s animation.

Even looking at this screenshot, which is clearly nicer than the prior one, is not a sufficient method of evaluating YOI’s animation

The following gif, however, is an example of animation:

It follows the term’s literal and common definition.

Let’s be clear. I’m not saying that YOI should have won the “best animation” category, as plenty of other nominees could have arguably taken its spot. I’m simply asking people to look at the show’s animation as a whole, rather than at a few screenshots taken on their phones.

Yuri on Ice.

I still haven’t checked all of Tumblr’s recent posts so maybe someone has translated it already, but this tweet by Mitsurou Kubo is just so beautiful I need to have it in my blog too.

“No matter what real people think about this anime, within its world no one is ever going to be discriminated against because of what they like. And that is something I will always protect.”

Further insight: 
Before she tweeted this she made another tweet where she said that they (the production staff) are not going to say whether the scene at the end of episode 7 is a kiss or not, and they leave it completely to the fans’ imagination. Out of curiosity I checked the comments to that tweet and she actually got backlash from some people accusing her to be vague on purpose “to keep the fanservice on the level of queerbaiting without confirming anything serious”. I think the comment above is partly her answer to the complaints too. Just because it’s not stated out loud, it does not mean that the show is just winking at fujoshi and being superficial. They are much more serious about discrimination issues than many seem to think.

I will just finally say that seriously, they can have all my money. I was so moved reading that tweet and I’m so thankful to all of the staff involved for creating such a wonderful anime. I never expected it to be so deep and so revolutionary compared to anything else in Japan. I hope they can get back the production costs and maybe we can even have a sequel too somewhere in the future.

(By the way, please buy the BDs/DVDs if you can afford and are even remotely interested in them, because that’s where the production team is getting most of their profit from)

Hanamaru ED 9


Iwatooshi belonged to a warrior monk named Musashibou Benkei. At some point, Benkei was driven out from the temple he was studying at due to his overly violent behavior, and so he went around japan training his strength. He traveled around different places, and then went to Kyoto. He stood on a bridge from Kyoto called Gojou Bridge, where he would challenge passing samurai to duels. After defeating them, Benkei would take their swords. By doing this he managed to collect 999 swords. This scene here is Benkei’s famous sword 999 swords.
By the way the 1000th person Benkei challenged was Imanotsurugi’s owner, Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Benkei couldn’t defeat Yoshitsune and became his retainer afterwards because of how impressed he was.

The Kurama temple had taken custody of Yoshitsune at an early age after most of his family was killed in the result of a civil war involving the Taira clan. In this temple Yoshitsune was supposedly thought swordsmanship by the Tengu that inhabited the area. However he later on left the temple as he did not want to pursue a life as a monk.
I’m not too sure about the shrine and temple’s locations, but from what I understand both the Kifune shrine and Kurama temple have staircases with these lanterns leading to them. The Kifune shrine can be reached from Kurama temple and it’s supposedly where Yoshitsune went to pray at.

On the staircases you can see some Japanese Fatsia leaves, which are used by Tengu as fans. The fall plants are probably there because of the mountain the shrine and temple are at. Tengu also live in mountains.
There’s also the plants from Minamoto clan crest, also visible in Iwatooshi’s shot.

Also this was in the 3rd ED too but the maple leaf Imanotsurugi is holding can mean “precious memories”. 

Now these blank scrolls here are from a popular Kabuki play called Kanjincho. Fleeing his brother who wanted him dead, Yoshitsune traveled with Benkei and eventually reached the Ataka frontier. Yoshitsune, Benkei, and the rest of their followers tried to pass through by pretending to be traveling priests seeking donations for a temple. They’re asked for a Kanjinchou to prove they’re really priests. Unfortunately they didn’t have one, so instead Benkei pulled out a blank scroll and began reading from it as if it were a real Kanjinchou. So here’s the blank scroll from the story. 

In the end Yoshitsune couldn’t escape and went on to commit seppuku. Meanwhile Benkei stalled the enemy forces by standing between them and Yoshitsune. They were afraid to challenge Benkei head on, so instead they fired arrows at him until he died. During the rain of arrows Benkei firmly stood there and even died while standing. 

This is the bridge where Yoshitsune and Benkei first met. There’s also purple clouds here. Yoshitsune’s death poem right before he separated from Benkei mentions them: “Join me in the next world, and the next, until we mount to paradise, on a purple cloud.”

Also I am not too familiar with this but apparently Buddha welcomes the spirits of the dead by greeting them on a purple cloud. Before this scene there’s a sacred lotus flower too which relates to Buddhism as well.

And the flowers here are Spiderworts corresponding to the date 6/15, the day Yoshitsune and Benkei died. In flower language it can mean strong respect, like what Benkei and Yoshitsune had for each other. 

The flowers in the previous shot next to the bridge are Kousa Dogwood, which also correspond to the date 6/15. But in flower language they mean friendship, so maybe it’s symbolizing how their friendship began at the bridge and also the day it came to an end. 

The swallows that you see flying around come from a children’s song about Benkei and Yoshitsune’s encounter at the bridge. It compares Yoshitsune’s swift movements to a swallow. (also probably added this since Imanotsurugi has a very childlike attitude in general ; ;)

The big wheels in the back also an emblem of the Minamoto clan. If you look carefully there’s also some fans. Both of those things are visible on Higekiri and Hizamaru, who also belonged to the Minamoto clan.

You know whats one thing that is absolutely fucking horrible about mp100? The fact that its given me such fucking high standards for other animated shows.

Like, i cant even sit down and watch some other cartoon/anime without picking apart every little aspect of the animation quality. I cant help but feel disappointed when i realize that no, this show isnt going to have amazing multi media that doesnt feel out of place or forced. No, this show isnt going to have great camera angles that capture every aspect of the scene perfectly. No, this isnt going to be animated so fluidly and near faultlessly.

Seriously, am i just watching all the shows with bad animation? Or is mp100 as out of the ball park as i feel that it is? Because from now on i know for a fact that, no matter what im watching, i’ll ask myself ‘is this animation as beautiful as mob psycho 100?’

The day i can, in all complete honesty, answer that question with 'yes’, will be the day that my soul ascends to the heavenly plains.

Idk I just kinda wanna congratulate WIT for crafting a piece of artwork where Levi actually looks…like his age, for once! Like, I know I’m not the only one who still has trouble believing the dude’s in his thirties, and literally every scene from the manga or anime always made me doubt that number but here

like idk its probably the wrinkles around his eyes but he looks so…mature? And serious? But not constipated or anything. Like…idk but for some reason this artwork makes me buy into his character alot more than…all the previous stuff. Is that weird? Probably lol. Until now I could never really relate to the fandom’s obsessions with Levi’s looks, but now I see xD. 

@ all people, who think soukoku didn’t get enough time and think it’s unfair or @ those who think the anime should have included “Chuuya’s exhale” before using corruption…

the Kunikida and Tanizaki fight against Lovecraft and Steinbeck got reduced to maybe 4 minutes. I want to say this was a defining character scene for Tanizaki, that got rushed over.

the anime took away some of Lucy’s importance to the plot. Not only did she save Atsushi from Moby Dick but also did she gave him the idea of cooperating with the mafia. We don’t know what might happen if she hadn’t said that

The anime left out all sympathy Steinbeck had for Q. They took away his redeeming personality traits. The moment he told Q, that God doesn’t love him, he said that to himself as well as it can be seen in later chapter. Anime watcher probably think of him as a huge asshole

They cut out everything about this. This is such an important moment. It shows how truly affected Kunikida still is by this event. And that Sasaki’s and Rokuzo’s death are motivating and pushing him to save people. But also did the anime create a plothole since Kunikida wasn’t cursed even tho he should have been since he attacked Steinbeck’s grapes

but ok, if Chuuya’s breathing is that one thing you would like to change, then go on

The anime didn’t give the characters, that arent Atsushi or Dazai, enough depth and shine imo… The pacing in the 2nds season is awkward and it’s keeping the anime from being an amazing show :/


minor season 2 spoilers! i used a few scenes from the trailer so, if you’re avoiding any spoilers at all costs, maybe don’t watch lmao

so ive been working on this since this song came out back in like??? october??? and i got quite a bit done when i first started working on it, but then i rly liked what i had so i stopped lol but then!! i realized that i could make this @dadliestwarrior‘s birthday gift so :D i finished it just for you, tori!! happy birthday!! :D i hope you get everything that you want and that you have a great day :D ilysm im so glad voltron brought us together!! ;w; lance bless (’: i hope you enjoy your video!! ♥


お久しぶり!Its been a while! Sorry for the delay, I got back from Japan about a week ago, but then I came down with a terrible flu. I missed my first week of classes! Glad its over. Now the blog is getting back in gear for 2017!

I watched Kimi no Na Wa twice in theaters in Japan. I couldn’t help but visiting some of the actual locations in the scenes of the movie to take pictures. As you can see above, the artwork is shockingly spot on. I hope you enjoy!

Please support the movie when it premieres in America the first week of April. I guarantee that you won’t regret it! I cried both times!


anonymous asked:

What do each of you think about the anime (what was right or wrong, etc.)? I really love the fact that Bones gave all the female characters mature and actually realistic voices, even Kyouka sounds realistic for a girl of her stature and age imo.

We know you said ‘each’ of us, but we doubt you want to wait Approximately Forever for your answer, so we’re going to answer, collectively, sorry. XD Since some of us can write Approximately Forever about the anime vs. the manga, we’ve divided things into two basic categories:

Things We Liked:
-The ability “rings” and title screens
-The scene of Fitzgerald’s money rapidly decreasing
-Details from the manga they did include, such as: small baby Moby Dick, the technology/computer screens, Tom and Huck (the last one is plot-related, but they were very cute)
-Season 1 Episode 1
-Dark Era, Odasaku
-Fukuzawa’s guitar riff aka one of the best things tbh
-Opening and ending animation/songs (except for naked Aku in S2 sorry Aku)

Things We Didn’t Like:
-First light novel timeline (Why Was Atsushi There)
-The weird fish eye lens animations and other weird animations in general
-The number of butt shot / orphanage flashbacks / “I killed 35 people”
-Yosano’s stripping
-Why no OST from PV1
-Minor character things: Chuuya’s missing hat chain, Agatha Christie cameo (and Fyodor’s first cameo in that same scene), Lovecraft trying to eat a wall
-Cut/changed details: Akutagawa’s cough, shin soukoku’s combined ability, costume changes, Dazai not laughing at Chuuya’s “turn-in feet,” Atsushi sassing asking Akutagawa during their battle with Fitzgerald if he wanted some tea, Dazai not eating dog treats, Tanizaki and Atsushi’s “east” and “west” idiot scene in the helicopter, Poe sweating at the ADA party while he tries to acquire a drink, Kunikida not showing up to Dazai on the roof with Q’s curse, Dazai’s face when avoiding Mori like the plague as Mori told him to not hang up on him, and last but not least… they cut out our symbol…Dazai’s shifty eye face


“If memory served, it happened in the beginning of the 13th century…”

So I guess it’s kinda self explanatory;
My fake anime scenes of Crowleys story from the Michaela novels.

I think this is a good example of what happens when you get a little too excited, have no self control and are a perfectionist artist.
This took me about three weeks to finish, since I wanted to post them all together. The characters are of course references from the original OnS anime to make it look more believable as actual screenshots. I did take some artistic freedom with some of the designs e.g. Jose and Victor, and of course Crowleys hair and Ferid’s appearance in general. But I think I did ok.
Drew, colored and shaded everything myself.
And yes, I did draw seven different backgrounds all by myself. A task I’ve never taken before and this was actually a really good challenge for me, never before had I realized how much background actually matters in a picture. And to be honest I’m really happy with the results.
(Also reduced jpg quality on purpose.)
“Subtitles” are from the fan-translated english version of the story by @chilly-territory

This was probably one of the biggest projects I’ve ever taken and it was a lot of blood, hype and tears all the way.
I really hope you like it~

Inside the File Storage

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Television Show/ Movie/ Anime: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

Word count: 935

Genre: Slightly Smut

A/n: I’ve been dying to get this out of my mind, I just saw one little casual scene of Criminal Minds an BOOM, can’t get the prompt out of my head!

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Team 7 summoning photos! Shooting this was really fun as some of you saw in our behind-the-scenes vlog haha. Still more from this shoot to come! Thank you for all of your continued support and we apologize for the late responses! <3

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Dialog taken and inspired from a scene of the anime Hibike Ebphorium, which you can find here  I kept picturing Barriss and Ahsoka when I first saw that scene for some reason, which makes sense I’ll say, since those characters have some similarities to these two from what little I had seen.