it was a robot head!!

Harrie Things Challenge

I was tagged by the lovely @cheshirepuddin and @harryfeatgaga !! Thank you so much, guys. I’m so excited to do this! 

I’m going to tag, @pocharryfics, @hestylesno, @roseonhissleeve, @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly,  @stylesunchained, @permanentcross@yetanotherharry, @hughaz, @kasiwrites, @aboutalighthouse, @imagine-that-one-thing, @wdmsusie, and @chrissy22787! (Only if y’all want to, though. x) 

Favorite Look: It was hard to chose just one, so I did one casual and one fancy!

Favorite Tweet: He’s a cheeky, iconic man.

Favorite Interview: I haven’t seen them all yet, but off the top of my head I would say the sugarscape interview ft robot sunshine Harry, or the London Session one. Also- what he had to say in This Is Us lol. 

Favorite Stage Moment: Anytime he’s obscene with his water spitting and his not so subtle adjusting, and anytime he’s dancing and being the goofy goober he truly is. 

Favorite Hair Style: I am complete and utter trash for anything 2013 Harry. Although he is the only man I will ever accept long hair for, I have to go with: 

Bonus: the mini bun era

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Concerned!Dad Optimus strikes again! You boyfriend is too punk, Prowl!

How about

- Steve who falls for Tony before Tony can get his head out of gadgets and robots he’s working on for long enough to even notice Steve’s there, existing.

- Steve who feels his breath catch every time he sees Tony, because he’s just so BRILLIANT AND GOOD AND AHHH!!!

- Steve who’s fallen so deep he constantly thinks up excuses to touch Tony so he can once more prove to himself that the man IS real!

- Steve daydreaming about Tony all the time (enough to get hurt while they’re avenging and almost give Tony a heart attack)?

- Steve who’s insecure to that extent he’s convinced Tony could never love him (b/c he’s not smart enough or modern enough or shiny enough lol), so he broods and draws sad lonely eagles.

- Steve who’s a bit jealous of Tony’s armors and can be seen giving them dirty looks sometimes, to some Avengers’ amusement (ok all the Avengers’ amusement, they all notice).

- Steve who’s head over heels in love with Tony and ridiculous about it, that’s all.

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;


I had a private friend stream with Nimble and she recently got me to watch the first few episodes of Voltron! These are the amazing results.

*weeps gently bc zenyatta is the most wholesome robot i have ever seen

what a good

genji made the flower crown

What I wish had happened in Fallout 4

Sarah Lyons shows up at Sanctuary Hills. She is older than we remember her, of course. She is bloody and battered, her power armor looks like it lost a fight with a trash compactor, and she walks with a limp. There’s murder in her eyes that says you’d best not mention that last one, though.

She throws a holotape at the Sole Survivor. “Want to know what really happened on the day I ‘died’? It’s all here. Maxson and those other reprobates we called the Outcasts set me up, murdered my squad, and stole both the Prydwin and Liberty Prime. I’m here to get my ship and my giant robot back, and stick Maxson’s head on a fucking spike as a trophy. Are you gonna help me, stand aside, or try to kill me? Think very carefully before you answer.”

Sheriff Sam has only been in like three episodes or something, and they’re still one of the most prevalent non-binary characters in any form of media I’ve consumed.

More non-binary characters for my grubby little hands, please.