it was a pick up line

I’m working on a pen drawing of @adamlambert 😥✒ the pen is not picking up on the paper in some parts making me repeat the lines and then it gets too thick or out of direction 😭😥 fml. I’m planning the finished artwork to be mixed media. + watercolors and acrylics ^-^ it’s still going way better than I imagined… Traditional art techniques are hard 😓🎨 #wip

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I really love tsukki x akaashi? I don't know if it's a rare pair but?? I read a fic about them being in a poly relationship with bokuto and kuroo and since then I ship it way too hard

aAA i do too, anon

and I definitely consider it a rarepair!

I found some fics for them here:

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Most to Lest likely use pick lines?


1. Laito. It’s his thing. How else would he get people to fall for him? Other than his looks, charisma, charm, humor, sense of style–

2. Ayato. I mean he tries. It’s much different from being good at it though. He thinks he’s good at it but he’s really not. He ends up mixing two together and it sounds awful honestly.

3. Kou. It’s part of his idol charm. He learned most of them from the internet, so they’re not really his own. But they are pretty original and haven’t been heard by most people, which is nice.

4. Azusa. Don’t blame him it was Kou who taught him blame Kou.

5. Shu. He’s pretty smooth and it definitely shows when he’s using a pick-up line. He says it so casually too it’s confusing. How are you so calm about this?????

6. Shin. Also pretty smooth somehow. He’ll mess up occasionally, but he still manages to seem cool.


7. Subaru. Ayato dared him once but it’s definitely not a thing he does often, or would want to do often. He barely managed to say the first part of the line without wanting to leave right then and there.

8. Yuma. He’s not going to stoop to that level. If he wants someone to like him, he wouldn’t resort to using cheesy pick-up lines. What is he, twelve? internally, yes

9. Ruki. He’d be so good at it and his brothers insist, but he just won’t. It’s probably because he has a lot of pride, but still.

10. Kanato. He’d rather punch himself in the face. It would be less painful and more enjoyable than using a pick-up line.

11. Carla. It would be a little scary, honestly. He’s just not the pick-up lines kinda guy.

12. Reiji. NO.

get closer

It’s not that he suddenly starts liking Keith, or that one day Lance wakes up and sees him and thinks, hey, not bad. He’s liked girls since before he can actually remember liking girls, and Keith Kogane does nothing to change that.

It’s more like this: he picks a fight over something dumb, except they’ve been doing this for nearly a year now, and the line of Keith’s spine doesn’t tense at the sound of Lance’s voice anymore. It’s that when Keith turns around to look at him, he rolls his eyes and his lips curve into something that’s nearly a smile, and Lance’s heart does a flutter and his stomach does a flip as everything shifts just a little bit sideways.

He still doesn’t like Keith. There’s too much pent up there – too many things and faults of his own that he’s got pinned on the square shoulder’s of the garrison’s number one dropout. 

It’s that Lance is only nineteen and the middle child out of a total of eight. He can count on one hand the number of times he’s been alone.

Space is vast and empty. 

He spends hours scrolling through the map of the universe, trying to count how many spins of his hands it takes to get back to Earth. 

He only makes himself sick.

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Not a number prompt but could you do one with Holtz with her using as many terrible pick up lines as possible on the reader, just relentless flirting. Please and thank you!

A/n: Hope this satisfied your request!

It had been ridiculously slow around the Ghostbusters office, no clients for weeks, the phones had been dead silent and there wasn’t much for you all to do.

Jillian in particular seemed the most agitated with the lack of excitement. She fixed and tinkered with anything she could get her hands on, and when she had gone through just about everything, she moved on to talking to the other girls nonstop.

It had gotten to the point where none of them could get any work done because Jillian kept popping up and going on about the most random

You worked in the second floor, keeping up tabs on any new sightings and making sure the girls got where they needed to be.

So it was to your surprise whenever Jillian was suddenly pushed into your office by an apologetic looking Abby.

You blinked, staring at the blonde engineer while setting down your pen. “Dr. Holtzmann, How can I help you?”

Jillian looked at you and smiled, sitting down in a chair by the window. “I think the girls had enough my talking and sent me up here to bug you for awhile, not that I’m complaining.” She said winking.

You smiled, closing some of your journals and putting away in the desk drawers. “Really? So what do you plan to talk to me about?” You asked her, leaning your elbows on the desk and looking at her.

Jillian blinked, processing that someone was actually paying attention to her and she immediately sat up. “Could I test some of my pick-up lines on you?” She asked.

You laughed, shrugging your shoulders. “I don’t see why not, give me your worst.” You challenged.

Jillian smiled and thought for a moment. “I won’t stop bugging you until I get the address of your home page.” She said, starting off with the weaker ones.

You smiled none the less. “I think you can do better than that.” You encouraged.

She thought for a moment, thinking of the ones she liked. “Let’s measure the coefficient of static friction between me and you?”

You laughed a little bit at that one. “Creative, go on.”

And so she did, calling out pick-up lines whenever she thought of them. As she went on, she started moving closer to you until she was sitting on your desk with her legs folded.

“Listen, I’m really attracted to you and according to Newton’s laws of gravitation, you are too.”

“Well I guess I can’t argue with the law.” You said, leaning back in your chair to smile at her.

Jillian laughed, looking down at her hands before her eyes met yours and she smiled. “Have dinner with me?”

You thought she was still playing the game and you tilted your head. “Well that’s a pretty basic one.”

She laughed again, shaking her head. “No, I meant like actually have dinner with me, I mean if you want.” She said, picking up on of your pens and giving it her full attention.

You blinked, your gaze shifting to the window for a split second before you nodded. “Yeah, why not.”

Lab Partners (Edmund x Reader)

Anon said: AHHH your imagines are adorable. Can I have one where you and Edmund are classmates in college, and kept getting paired up for group projects. And you two are at the library working on it last minute, and it’s late and the library is empty, and he keeps sending pick up lines cuz he’s so sleep deprived, and you find it funny and some point you kiss him and he’s shocked. And you thought you ruined everything but he admits that he liked you since the first day? Sorry for being so detailed

I was sitting at one of the long tables in the library waiting for Edmund to arrive before continuing the work on our Political Science project. We were nearly done; all that was left was to organize our survey results into a powerpoint. The class itself was fascinating, but I had a feeling that our professor paired us together on purpose. Edmund and I have been partners on every project this semester. Not that I’m complaining, though, he works hard and he is just as much of a perfectionist as I am.

“Sorry I’m a little late, (Y/N). You wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to get these.” Edmund plopped into the chair next to me and handed me a cup of coffee. “A house blend coffee with an ungodly amount of sugar is hard to come across at ten thirty at night.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little sad that you have my coffee order memorized?” I asked him even though I knew he liked his coffee with one sugar and two creams.

“We’re together so much I don’t know how I wouldn’t.” He sighed, cracked his knuckles, and handed me some sheets to input in our spreadsheet.

If Edmund drinks too much coffee it’s noticeable. He was on his third cup when I saw his foot jumping up and down.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he leaned back in his car so far I was afraid he would fall.

“Yeah Ed?” I responded without looking over.

“If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.” I couldn’t help but to laugh at what I thought was the worst pick up line in history.

“Get back to work, we’re almost done.”

Not a lot of progress had been made when Edmund took another break. It was clear he was getting worn down even after all the caffeine.

“I’m not sure which quidditch team you play for, but I bet you’re a keeper.” He was grinning when I looked over at him.

“Just work, Pevensie,” I shook my head and fought back a smile. Turning back to my computer, I heard him laugh.

“Hey girl, are you my appendix? ‘Cause I want to take you out-” I cut him off by kissing him quickly. Having a huge crush on my project partner made it difficult to work, but he had brought that on himself. The goal was simply to get him to be quiet, and had I thought about it longer I might not have done it.

“Let’s get this project done,” I said when I pulled back. Edmund looked completely stunned and sat frozen in his chair. Slowly, he came back into reality.

“I knew you liked me,” he stated smugly. Suddenly I had no witty comebacks or jokes, and I was left stuttering. “Did you know you’re the only reason I didn’t drop the class?” he asked.


“Yeah, seriously. I was gonna drop it the first day, but you sat down next to me. Girls from my hometown aren’t nearly as beautiful or as nice as you are (Y/N). I wanted to get to know you.” Edmund smiled from ear to ear. I shook my head and laughed.

“We should get coffee sometime when we don’t have a huge deadline hanging over our heads.”

In the end we got an A on the project and our professor told us that he was impressed at how well we worked together. We set a date to get coffee on a weekend we were both in town, and I saw my name in his phone was changed to “appendix.” Edmund Pevensie is unbelievable.

A/N I’m very sorry this took me as long as it did! I have one or two more imagines I want to finish from a long time ago before I work on newer things :)

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aaaaaa you ship speckles and snowball too aaaaa! they are so cute together! since speckles is lonely and probably shy too and mellow snowball is kind and friendly without being overwhelming or hyper, the two of them work so well!

yeah i love this pair very much!! in my headcanon they’re both originally stray cats(orphans). in the character book speckles is said to be “adopted by a (buddism) temple”, which may imply that they’re originally a stray cat and was found and took care by monks or sth. in another official book of neko atsume, there’s a line written in first person perspective of a cat which mention they’re a stray cat and don’t remember who their mom is. and that page gets a illustration of snowball. but since it’s not the chara book they may probably just pick up a random illustrantion for that page, whether snowball was actually a stray cat isn’t officially confirmed. but i headcanon that way anyway. and obviously from what you can see on character book, snowball is currently not a stray cat. they’re kept by somebody.

so this is how i started consider this ship. assumed that they’re both stray cat at first. it’s interesting that they develop their personalities in quite different ways. i think that speckles’s personality is lonely is driven directly from the fact they were a stray cat. they might lack of love and proper care when they were a kitten. they may also feel themself inferior due to that and have self-doubt problem. and then they met snowball, a nice, calm and friendly cat. later on also learnt that they’re  primarily also a stray cat. despite that snowball doesn’t worry about the past that much. instead they’re able to appreciate and enjoy what they have now. being with snowball and learning things from them speckles may gradually be able to rethink about themself and maybe regain self confidence one day too. this is how i view them as a pair. not only snowball give speckles love and care they will also help speckles to grow and get stronger in heart and get over the insecure feeling.

Why It’s Important To Read Like A Writer

Like we discussed last week, as a writer you need to be reading. Every book you pick up is an example of what readers are reading today, the kind of characters they relate to, the kind of plot lines that have them clamoring to read the next book.

Every $10.99 book you buy isn’t just an adventure – it’s a binder full of writing lessons just waiting to be learned. But to learn them you need a concrete system that teaches you why you respond (or don’t respond) to certain things in the book.

Read the full article at Tomi Adeyemi

I’m in a mood fer Westallen, but I don’t want to commit to writing a rly long fic.

So, I picked up this awesome list of “99 Most Romantic/Passionate/Sweet Things To Do For Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend” and I’m just gonna do them ALL (over a long period of time, of course) as sweet shorts… like real shorts, maybe like a few lines ish.

I think since there’s 99 of them I’m gonna do like… 5 or so of them at a time. So uhm, expect to see me randomly posting these.

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i thought of something (that doesnt apply to you) that is the perfect mix of terrible pick up line and hate Are you cheese? Because you smell like shit but i still want to eat you

w t f

i trusted u

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What's your favorite episode of season three so far? Did you like ski lodge ?

okay like tbh the quality of the episodes has massively gotten better so far with season 3, like everything in terms of writing/acting/staging the whole shebang. But so far I haven’t really had a “favorite”, like, at all. The only one I particularly dislike is Permanent Record, but the others don’t fall in line in a way that lets me pick a favorite. Like, I’m liking the season overall, but all my favorite episodes at this point in time are still from seasons 1 and 2.

I did like Ski Lodge 1&2, but I feel they got hyped up way too much tbh


Dragon Ball Z Shodo - Vol.1

I picked these up when I first moved to Kyoto. This ensemble means a whole bunch to me for it. But even on their own merits, these are some amazing figures for their size and price point. It’s the Assault Kingdom of the DBZ line…before NEO Shodo came along of course!

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