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hc: when dick's really stressed he will literally last on an hour or two of sleep a night and neglect to eat like, real meals. i know ur as much of a sucker for dick grayson fluff as i am, i just love the idea of his sibs being like "youre so stupid how are you still alive, even tim eats power bars before patrol and catches catnaps when he's not working on something, why are you like this"

Anonymous asked:  “It’s okay. I’m used to it.” with Dick please?

So, sorry I took a few days to get to this headcanon. I kind of ended up turning into a 3k+ story. Hope that’s okay. Also, this is more hurt/comfort than angst, I think. There’s some fluff right there in the middle, too.

Thanks to @timdrakeothy, because without you, I don’t know if I would have had the inspiration to continue this story. I was very stuck, and you helped out without even knowing it. So thanks!

Also, thank for 500 followers (it’s almost 600 now, but I meant to get a milestone fic out ages ago when I hit 500)!

Tim freezes, because he’d thought he’d just heard—that’s Dick’s voice coming from down the hallway. Which means that Dick is still awake. At four in the morning. After rough patrol that had lasted hours longer than usual.

Well, that doesn’t spell anything good, Tim thinks, and he creeps down the hallway to peek into Dick’s bedroom through the small crack letting soft light spill into the hallway. Tim spots Dick immediately, and he’s lying on the floor, one hand covering his eyes and the other holding his phone to his ear.

“No,” Dick says vehemently, but he’s really still and tense. He sounds exhausted, though, and his next words come out much softer than that first one. “No. I’m fine. Don’t—No, Wally. It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

Dick goes silent, and Tim imagines that Wally’s talking up a storm, even at four am. But then—

“Just—chill, Wally,” Dick says into the phone. “If you don’t stop yelling at me, I’m going to hang up. And then if you still want to yell at me you’ll have to find a way into the manor without Bruce finding out. So just—No. No.”

There’s a pause, and Tim thinks that he should probably start moving. This doesn’t sound like a conversation he wants to be in the middle of. He’s just about to creep down the hallway again towards his original destination—the kitchen, where he’d accidentally left his laptop—when another bedroom door opens from behind him. Tim turns around just as Damian storms out, stomping down the hall towards Tim.

“What is going on?” Damian hisses, doing that thing where he thinks he’s the boss of everything and Tim is obligated to answer him. But he looks—well. He looks kind of concerned, actually, and this is Dick.

“He and Wally are arguing about something,” Tim says, nodding towards Dick’s bedroom, where Dick’s conversation had turned up a couple of notches. “I don’t think he’s tried to sleep tonight, yet, either.”

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For the prompt thing: malec+ jace realizing he's living with an actual couple sometime after 2x07. basically domesticity & casual intimacy are my kink I love your writing :D

Oh goodness, thank you so much! This is definitely the type of thing I love writing!

He notices the sweatpants first. He’s seen Magnus wear sweatpants before, but this is different. Because there’s a bleach stain on the left leg that Jace has never consciously noticed before, but once he sees it on Magnus, he remembers it with a sharp, sudden clarity. They’re Alec’s sweatpants. And Magnus wears them. Sometimes when Alec is around, sometimes when he isn’t. It’s the sweatpants, and then some robes that start on Magnus at night end up on Alec in the morning, and then the wardrobes get so blurred that Jace genuinely can’t tell which shirt originally belonged to which person. It really sinks in when Alec does a load of laundry on a Saturday afternoon. They’re all his clothes, and he’s taken them from out of Magnus’s bedroom, out from nooks and crannies around Magnus’s apartment. And he’s washed them in Magnus’s laundry room. And put them back in Magnus’s closet.

It’s the language, next. The series of little speech patterns and shared idioms and inside jokes that leave Jace hearing entire conversations and not understanding a word of them. It’s not even that they finish each other’s sentences, it’s that they don’t have to finish their sentences at all. It’s afternoons in the kitchen full of “Hey, did you see-” “Mm-hm.” “‘Cause it was just like-” “Right, the one where-” “Exactly.” It’s the beginning of jokes where the punchline never gets spoken, because they’re both already laughing. It’s a shorthand that never gets established or agreed upon. It’s just a culmination of too many conversations, too many shared experiences. It’s incomprehensible.

In the end, it’s not the lack of awareness, or of boundaries. It’s not that Magnus starts forgetting to put up a soundproofing spell around their room at night. It’s not that they stop trying to hide that they shower together in the morning. It’s not that Alec’s usual outfit for breakfast shrinks and shrinks until it’s just a pair of boxer-briefs. It’s that they’ve stopped noticing him. Stopped caring. It’s that he’ll walk into the livingroom and find Alec sleeping with his head in Magnus’s lap. It’s that he’ll see them cleaning the master bathroom together, and hear snippets of a deep, low conversation that has no business being had over a soapy toilet bowl. It’s that he and Alec will come back from the Institute, and Magnus will be so quietly happy to see Alec that he forgets to be loudly upset to see Jace. That’s what gets him, what makes him feel like an intruder. When they’ve moved on from him entirely, Jace knows he needs to leave. Knows that this is their home, not his.

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OMG I'm so curious about a B-31! Can you do that, please?

Bechloe - ‘Sunrise’

I’ve been threatening a PP3 potential-scene from these prompts for a while now so…

Beca Mitchell sat at the base of a large oak tree that stood beyond the army base that she and The Bellas had been staying and performing at during the final week of their USO tour. It had been a long six weeks, but they were finally at the end. And Beca now sat patiently, sadly, waiting for the sun to rise on a brand new day. The day that would mark the next stage of her life. Because the moment they left this base. The moment they left Europe. The moment Beca stepped off that plane at JFK, that would be it. She’d start a’fresh. She’d rid herself of all those stupid feelings she had for Chloe.

Chloe. The woman who had been one of her best friends in college. Her co-captain. The only one beyond her boyfriend at the time, Jesse, who she had ever allowed to get close. The one who’d got away…

Beca hadn’t realised she felt something for the redhead until the end of their senior year. By then they were packing up ready to move out of Barden and back to their respective homes. Then suddenly Chloe was gone! And Beca had had to spend the next three years mulling over their final moments together. Wondering what could’ve been had she bit the bullet and revealed to Chloe how she really felt about her. Fat Amy hadn’t helped. The woman had accused her of pining then added that it was a shame she hadn’t pined a year earlier when they’d been at Barden because Chloe had so obviously had a toner for her for years. And hearing that had been like a bullet to the heart for Beca. To have known she’d been so close to actually being with Chloe but never making it.

Then as fate would have it (and that was when Beca knew she really had fallen for Chloe - because ‘sane Beca’ didn’t believe in fate) Emily Junk sent a group message out to all of The Barden Bellas who had been in Beca’s group back in their Barden days, inviting them out to Georgia for an acapella convention at Georgia Aquarium. And all of the Bellas - Chloe included - had said yes. So Beca had travelled down to Georgia, her heart hammering against her chest as her eyes caught sight of Chloe, in the flesh, for the first time since they’d graduated. In an instant all of her deepest, yearning feelings for the redhead had come rushing back. Sadly, however, in the time that Chloe had been apart from Beca it was obvious that the woman who had once been best friend’s with the petite brunette no longer had a ‘toner’ for her. And it had shocked Beca, who on one too many occasions over the years had imagined what it would be like to tell Chloe how she felt. Chloe showed no obvious signs of having any feelings for Beca beyond friendship. And Beca had felt confused. Disappointed. Heartbroken?

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Imagine Your OTP

Person A has been having a hard and long week, so Person B has been setting up a surprise fancy dinner to cheer them up and surprise them.

Person A: (Enters the dinning room with amazement) “Person B?”

Person B: “Yes my darling, love~”

Person A: “W-what is all this for?

Person B: “Well I know you’ve been having a rather difficult week, so I wanted to surprise you with this-”

Person A then hugs them and says “Thank you so much I love it!”. Then kisses Person B’s cheek to which they say “Your welcome Person A~”. They after go and enjoy the wonderful dinner, then watch a movie together in each others arms. 

Person A: “Person B?”

Person B: (Then directs their attention to them) “Mhm!”

Person A: “I don’t know how I could be so luck to have you, the most wonderful and amazingly brilliant person ever to be with~”

Person B: “Oh Person A, thats easy! Just being yourself is how!”

Person A: “I love you Person B~”

Person B: (chuckle softly “I love you too~”

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ooh #30 for the "i love you" number ask! :)

30. Too quick, mumbled into your scarf

They’re standing in the doorway, and Rafael hasn’t let them move from this position since Sonny walked in from his undercover assignment.

Sonny can’t complain. He missed Rafael more than he can say.

Eventually, Rafael’s vice grip around him relaxes slightly and they both breathe. Rafael’s face, still buried against the scarf around Sonny’s neck, is obscured. Sonny gently rakes his fingers through Rafael’s ungelled hair. Rafael melts further into Sonny.


“What was that, Rafi?”

“Nothing. I said nothing. I think I just sighed.”

Sonny raises his eyebrows.


“Pretty sure.”

“So you didn’t just tell me you love me?”

Rafael stares at Sonny innocently, cheeks reddening.

“Damn. That’s a real shame,” Sonny declares, voice filled with faux-regret.

“Why? I mean, what is?”

“I guess I can’t tell you I love you too, now,” Sonny continues, lightly teasing.

Rafael’s face lights up for a glorious moment before it’s arranged into a more serious expression.

“You still could…”

“It would sound odd, saying that in response to a sigh.”

Rafael pouts, and kicks Sonny lightly in the foot.

Sonny laughs and catches Rafael in his arms again, kissing away that pout. Rafael blinks his eyes shut and can practically feel the stubbornness being erased from his being.

When he opens them again, Sonny is standing there before him, with his arms still around Rafael, smiling in his stupid red scarf.



Rafael gulps.

“I love you.”

Something in Sonny’s face blooms. It’s then ruined far too quickly by a smirk.

“Did you just sigh? I’m not sure I heard correctly.”

“Do you want me to take it back?”

Sonny rolls his eyes, pinching Rafael’s sides playfully.

“I love you too, Rafi. Of course I do.”

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prompt: malec from an outsider's pov

Oh, this is such a lovely concept, thank you so much!

Maryse doesn’t mean to… well, to spy on them like this. She didn’t even mean to see them. The downworlder cabinet meeting is supposed to be done by now, and she wanted to check in with Alec. To see how it went. Everyone else has left, but there’s still a feeling in the hallway, a sense of settling, like everything has just cleared out. There’s still the feeling of coming and going.

And Alec and Magnus are a part of that. They’re lingering in the doorway, still talking, still intent, still clearly wrapped up in some last piece of business. They don’t notice her. It looks like they hardly notice that there’s anything else in their narrow perception except this conversation. She can see Magnus’s back, and most of Alec’s face. Magnus is gesturing. Alec is nodding, adding a word here and there. He’s holding his phone, frowning down at it in total concentration, but clearly invested in what Magnus is saying. He must be typing something out, making a note of something, maybe referencing something else. It’s business. They’re both serious, focused. Discussing something important.

Maryse can see the moment when it changes. It’s startlingly clear. Magnus tilts his head, makes a gesture that’s somehow… lighter than the rest have been. And everything - every single detail of Alec’s person - changes, entirely. Instantly. His eyes brighten. His face softens. His shoulders fall. His weight shifts to one foot. And he smiles. Wide, and lopsided, and horrifically sincere. He says something, and Maryse can hear Magnus laugh quietly. And Alec laughs with him. He laughs, he shuffles a little closer, he puts his hand on the side of Magnus’s neck. And he kisses Magnus’s cheek.

Maryse turns away, takes a step back around the corner. Because it was soft, and appropriate, and so devastatingly happy that the entire hallway felt lighter for it. But she wasn’t supposed to see it. She could tell, in the pit of her stomach, that it wasn’t for her. None of it was, but especially not that. She waits a few moments. Counts to five - because somehow that feels like the right thing to do. And she rounds the corner again, taking purposeful, noisy steps, so they’ll know she’s here.

But it looks like their goodbyes are already done, because Alec is still in the doorway down the hall, and Magnus is walking away from him. Walking toward her. Just a few steps away. To his credit, it looks like he makes a genuine attempt to keep his face from falling when he sees her. And he slows down, in that calculated way that makes it clear that he isn’t planning on coming to a full stop. “Maryse,” he says, a passably polite acknowledgement.

Maryse stops. She looks at him. Glances behind him, at Alec, still waiting down the hall. And she looks at Magnus again. Takes a deep breath. And smiles. “Hello, Magnus. It’s good to see you.”

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Runaway Prince AU

So, @seeing-it-my-way sent me this prompt, and with their permission, I’m posting it for everyone’s reading enjoyment! I did take some liberties with the prompt, but they’re all well and good.

Happy 100 Writings! (which is to say, this is the 100th thing I’ll be adding to my masterlist, which is cause for celebration)

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After not succeeding in being able to control the crystal magic for some reason, Noctis’ people and his father get frustrated. They say things behind his back, and he hears and it hurts him a lot. They say things like “maybe he’s not the king’s real son” and such. After it gets too much, he runs from the palace in the dead of night. (Maybe he believes what being said after hearing it so much) No one can find him. Not Ignis or any of the chocobros. 

A few years later (or how ever long you think works) One of the chocobros is in the slums of the city and find Noctis. He’s not doing good at all. 

Just the reactions from all of that. Maybe what job he’s doing to stay alive.  After all, it’s clear that when he’s in the palace he can’t cook or be really that independent.

I remember in the game there was missable dialogue in the World of Ruin while the bros were making their way to the Citadel, and that was that Noctis had a part-time job at some small restaurant, so I’m thinking along those lines for what job he has. It just barely meets minimum wage (which isn’t a livable wage, in any case) so Noctis barely has any money. 

He’s probably living in one room with someone else very charitable or he has a super ratty studio apartment where he’s barely getting the bills paid.  (I’m leaning towards that studio tho). His diet has been atrocious because he can’t afford anything good, so he’s been surviving on pretty much sub par food since he ran out of money post-running away. 

One smaller reason that no one’s been able to find him is because his state of living has prevented him from keeping up the cleanliness he had back at the Citadel and because he’s always so tired (maybe he works more than one job, which would make more sense. Maybe he works three.) he looks much older than he should look already. He’s somewhat unrecognizable. Besides, the slums part of town is the very last place anyone would look to find royalty, so those, along with other factors, are what kept him undercover for so long. 

I’m assuming he ran away before he finished high school (which complicates the job situation a bit, but hear me out) so he wouldn’t have met Prompto traditionally. Perhaps Prompto also has a job at one of the places that Noctis does, or maybe Prom frequents one of said places, and he always comes whenever Noct is on shift, so they know each other. Note, Prompto doesn’t know who Noctis is. 

I’m assuming the way that Noctis gets found out is that someone more strapped for cash than he is, or someone rather selfish, or someone extremely patriotic and hopeful (or any combination of the three) tipped him off to some Citadel staff and he was collected from his place post-haste. I did say he was only somewhat unrecognizable, not totally.

So, the bros’ reactions. 

Ignis is relieved at first that they’ve finally found the missing prince. This relief is followed shortly by a deep sense of failure (it’s always been there since Noct’s disappearance, just less extreme) because they couldn’t find the prince when he was right under their noses. He couldn’t find the one he was born to stand beside. This feeling never really goes away, Ignis just bottles it up to dispel later (which he never gets around to doing) so he can focus on his new set of duties, which has transitioned from finding the Prince to getting him settled and arranging all the press meetings and all that stuff.

Gladiolus is, like Ignis, at first relieved. Then he’s angry as hell. He’s been angry since the disappearance but hasn’t had anywhere to vent that anger. Once he sees Noct, it all comes pouring out. Why the hell did he abandon his duty, his people, like that? Like they’re all just disposable? Does he know how much shit he stirred up in the Citadel? Does he know that his father’s health is so terrible because he’s spent so long worrying about his son with no answers and no reprieve? He can’t just chicken out when things get tough! He can’t just abandon everything he was born for! …that all being said, after his little outburst, he calms way down and makes Noct swear he won’t pull some shit like that ever again. 

(Both Ignis and Gladio are generally much more supportive of the Prince after he returns and much more attentive to his state of mind, as they don’t want to risk another event like that and because well, damn, they genuinely care for him even though he’s caused them so much hell. They always did and always will.) 

Prompto. Poor Prompto. He’s so shocked when he sees on the news that the Prince was found, and lo and behold, it’s his Noct! He’s not really sure what to do with himself. Whenever Noct calls he stares at the phone with this emotion he can’t describe. Anyways. So Prompto feels a little betrayed, though he empathizes with why Noct never told him anything… he kinda felt like they were close enough that he could have, you know? So Prom struggles with that for a while, on whether or not he should request forgiveness or if he’s overreacting. Eventually, he’s forced to face it when Noct practically breaks into his home (of course, trailed by some folks from the Citadel to ensure he doesn’t slip off again). They have a talk about it and eventually, they’re back on good terms again. Noct may be royalty, but to Prompto he’s still just Noct. 

How does Noctis feel about all of this? He’s… he’s a mixture, we’ll say that. He’s a bit off-put by all the luxury the Citadel has to offer and the amount of things that are just done for him. He’s been in this “living paycheck to paycheck” and “out on his own” kinda style and he’s really, really not used to things like, say, the luxury of the foods placed in front of him or the availability of the hour-long hot shower. He’s almost uncomfortable, after living so long on his own. It’s a serious transition for him. Then there’s all the press that’s constantly up his ass (Ignis and others are doing their best to keep that down) and the anxiety of trying to see if he can reconnect (or, connect) with the Crystal. He fears disappointing everyone more than anything, especially after all that they went through to find him. It’d all be in vain if he couldn’t use the magic that was his birthright, and that’s the thought that keeps him up at night. He’s trying his hardest to feel the magic (and sometimes, he does, in brief flashes) but it never feels like it’s enough. Then there’s the addition of the suffocating security efforts taken to ensure he wouldn’t run off again. Guards everywhere, constant monitoring of his position and actions, just someone is constantly there. He feels like he’s in a gilded cage, but he has no thoughts of running away again because he doesn’t want to cause any more trouble than he already has. In short, Noctis feels very stressed and anxious in this familiar, but still new environment, but does not consider leaving again.

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35 for the gorgeous old men, if you want :D

Omg thank you so much for the prompt!!! *fangirl squealing* I really hope this is what you wanted. I really adored your choice and I might have gone overboard with the mush factor 😂
I can’t control myself with my favorite old men…

35. “I’m not clingy, I just like being near you all the time.”

Levi pads softly into the living room, pausing to set his tea on the coffee table and then settles down onto the couch with his book. He had started it when Erwin had left on his business trip and by the time his husband had returned, he had made it to the final chapter. He would have finished it days ago but Erwin had made it a seemingly impossible task.

Ever since Erwin had arrived home, Levi found that his daily routines were taking longer than usual due to constant interruptions. Levi knows Erwin was only trying to be helpful so he didn’t complain when he had to refold the laundry and relocate certain items that Erwin had misplaced.

Some interruptions weren’t minded though. A blush creeps across Levi’s cheeks as he remembers how dinner was nearly burned last night. Erwin’s offer to set the table had somehow resulted in Levi being bent over said table while being pounded from behind by his ridiculously sexy husband. For the first time ever, Levi didn’t care that the steak was over cooked and that the potatoes were mostly blackened.

Levi’s reminiscing was soon interrupted by the sinking of the cushion next to him. Grey eyes flicked up in mock irritation catching bright blue. “What do you want now, Erwin?” Levi asked trying hard not to smile.

“Oh, I thought you had finished that book already.” He responded with visible disappointment, pouting slightly. “I wanted to watch a movie with you.”

Levi looks up at his pleading husband with a smirk. “I would have been finished if you hadn’t been so damn clingy this week.”

Erwin blushed slightly and leaned over to kiss Levi’s nose. “I’m not clingy, I just like being near you all the time, I missed you.” He says softly, pulling away.

Levi closes his book. “Ok, we’ll watch a
movie, you old sap.”

“I think you missed me too, Levi.” Erwin says flashing his grumpy husband a grin.
“Go change into your pajamas and I’ll get the movie and popcorn ready, ok?”

“Don’t forget the wine.” Levi states as he headed towards the bedroom to change.

“Of course not, sweetheart.” Erwin replies, chuckling at the scowl he receives in return.


Everything is ready and waiting when Levi finally returns to the living room. “That’s my hoodie.” Erwin remarks noticing the familiar item Levi has paired with his usual bottoms.

“Not anymore.” Levi replied, voice slightly muffled by the large hood covering half of his face. He waits expectantly for Erwin to lie down on the sofa so he can then snuggle next to him.

About half an hour into the movie, Erwin noticed that his husband had fallen asleep, his tiny head nestled into the crook of Erwin’s neck. Just as he tries to shift slightly so he can raise them both up, Levi opens one sleepy eye and mutters “Stay.”

Erwin laughs.“Who’s being clingy now?”

A flash of pink dusts the smaller man’s cheeks and he pulls his hood down to cover his face. “Shut up.” He mumbles and burrows himself back into Erwin’s arms.

mood/feelings song asks

🌧 - song for a rainy day
🌚 - song for when i’m feeling nervous
🔥 - song that pumps me up
🍂 - song that helps me calm down
🌊 - song for a day at the beach
⭐️ - song i’ll listen to on repeat
🌠 - song that’s special to me
☂ - song for when i’m feeling sad
🙂 - song that makes me smile
💔 - song for a heartbreak
🎉 - song to party to
🚶 - song for when i feel alone
👯 - song that reminds me of someone
💪🏽 - song that helps me be strong
🏋 - song to work out to
☄ - song for when i feel lighter than air ☀️ - song for a sunny day
🌲 - song that reminds me of nature
💤 - song i fall asleep to
✌🏼️ - song for when i feel fabulous
🌪 - song for when i’m angry
🎤 - song i’ll sing out loud
✈️ - song for when i’m feeling nostalgic
⚓️ - song that keeps me grounded
🌇 - song that inspires me
⏰ - song for when i’m feeling stressed

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Hi, so I don't know if you're gonna wanna draw this or not but I've had this idea in my head for so long now of Hanzo knowing how to play the violin and every one is just shocked when they learn, and he's like really good???? Like he's been playing since he was rlly little so he's just great at it and everyone's like >:OOOOOOO k imma go byeeee

Sorry, this took so long ‘cause I was on vacation for almost a month!

But I adore this kind of headcanons!

I was talking with my friends about it, and we thought it would be really nice if the moments Hanzo plays his favourite instruments are the ones he’s the happiest!

Relaxed and peaceful Hanzo is what I live for. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

(Oh, in case if you’re wondering what he’s playing. ;^) )

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The "I love you" ask! Six, please. <3

6. On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair

It’s a sunny Tuesday afternoon, truly a beautiful day. Liv had sent him over to Barba’s office to pick up a warrant, and Sonny had been grateful to get out into the open air and enjoy a bit of sunshine.

It was almost with a slight tinge of regret that Sonny entered the interior of 1 Hogan Place. The interior was beautiful, but the warmth of the sun could not penetrate these walls.

That trail of thought is quickly forgotten when he enters Rafael’s office to find him standing by the window, afternoon sunlight dappling his hair.

It’s a magical painting, one he wishes he could capture.

Rafael turns away from the window, smiling effortlessly as he sees him.


“Hey, Rafi,” Sonny says, stepping closer.


“Yeah. Thank you.”

Rafael picks up the file from his desk and hands it to Sonny, crowding him close.

Sonny stands in front of him, watching how the sunlight dances along the crisp white of Rafael’s shirt, a makeshift projector screen.

He looks up at Rafael, who seems to be in no hurry. He notices every freckle dusted along his nose and cheeks, highlighted by the rapidly changing yellow-orange light.

He doesn’t know how long he stands there, trying to count them, until Rafael puts a hand on his waist and spurs Sonny into breaking the silence.

“You look so beautiful.” It comes out with tranquil awe.

“Who, me?” Rafael looks around, as if expecting someone else to have magically appeared in his office.

“You, Rafi.” He presses a reverent kiss off the side of Rafael’s nose, right where a clutter of freckles sit. “I love you.”

Rafael looks at him with gentle affection.

“I love you too, Sonny,” he murmurs, pulling Sonny close to him and nestling his face into Sonny’s neck.


Here comes a gift for @athousandblueshells​ !! (☞゚∀゚)☞ For the @iwaoiexchange​ 

Since you didn’t get a gift I jumped in to make you one! I decided to follow the matchmaker au prompt! My idea was kinda that Makki wanted to take Mattsun out on ~the perfect date~ to confess his feelings and asked iwaoi for help! So they’re not rly secret matchmakers but they fall in love with each other in the progress!! I hope think it’s ok! c:

Fighting Drautos later was easier tbh

“Arguing” (Luna doesn’t argue, let’s be real here)
for @ffxvrarepairsweek (╭☞■ ͜ʖ■)╭☞ 

  • "I'm the monster that is attacking your group and they've elected you to be the sacrifice to me. 1 ) Your friends are dicks and 2 ) wow you're cute. I don't want to hurt you now pls calm down."
  • "I've been kidnapped and held in a really dark room. I don't now how long I've been here're coming for me right? Please?"
  • "You're part of some mysterious government branch that's pulled me out of prison try and hack - what us this Russia? China? Anyway. You say it's impossible, so f u Imma do it out of spite. Now we're on the run from scary spies. Can I go back to prison now this is way more than I asked for."