it was a lot harder than i expected

librarian-repellent  asked:

Top 5 crazy ex-girlfriend songs or episodes, or just talk about it however you want lol. I started watching bc I saw it on my dash a lot, including from you so thanks for that!

I’ll do songs!! I feel like I’ve been asked about episodes more but I have stronger opinions about favorite songs.

  1. You Stupid Bitch
  2. (Tell Me I’m Okay) Patrick
  3. Settle For Me
  4. JAP Battle Rap
  5. Ping Pong Girl

This was way harder than I expected?? Like shout out to It Was A Shit Show, Friendtopia, Remember That We Suffered, The Villain in My Own Story… damn

I just really love this show because it hits on a lot of things I always envisioned myself wanting to write when I was in college. I always wanted a genuine, honest comedy about a woman dealing with anxiety and depression. And like, CEG is crazy and silly and so much fun, but at it’s core, it’s about this deeply flawed woman who can’t figure herself out. And I’m so happy there’s finally a show with a female anti-hero who constantly fucks up and makes bad decisions and the show’s reaction to her is honest. No sugar coating but no excessive finger pointing. I just admire that so much.

You Fall Asleep While Studying - Seventeen reaction

@mariaseemsgood: I need to satisfy my thrist for Seventeen reactions… so how about they come back home to see you sleeping in one of his jumpers while drooling in your text book? (sorry for the cliché, but I love this scenario)

Absolutely loved this scenario, thank you so much for requesting <3 but now my feels hurt Hope you like it! x

S. Coups:

He’d be kind of conflicted: should he wake you up and get you to lay down somewhere more comfortable? or should he just leave you there to sleep? You looked so peaceful - no, adorable - with your face literally buried in your textbook, drool pooling between the pages and your cheek, and body swimming in his shirt. Instead, he’d gently pick you up and bring you over to the couch, gently kissing your cheek as you woke up, before gathering some blankets and cuddling you to sleep.

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His first thought would be “oh no”; the way you were slumped in your chair, arms crossed so that your head rested on them couldn’t have been comfortable. He’d wake you up and guide you somewhere more comfortable like the couch or a bed, gently wiping the corner of your damp mouth and lightly scolding you for not giving yourself a break, though he found the way you waddled in his oversized sweatshirt and leggings absolutely adorable.

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He’d start giggling right away; the way your face was smooshed against your notebook, little snores coming from your mouth, and the sweater he had left out on the bed keeping your body from the cold, it was all too much. He’d walk right over to you and place a gently kiss on your cheek. You’d wake up at the light touch and give him a small smile, to which he’d respond with a hug. “I thought you told me you wouldn’t be studying today,” he’d lightly scold you.

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He wouldn’t be all that surprised to see you asleep surrounded by your numerous text and note books, but just because he half expected it didn’t mean he was anymore pleased. Yes, he did find you absolutely adorable with your hair looking a bit like a bird’s nest, the corner of your mouth wet, and his grey turtleneck practically swallowing your body. Still, he told you to take a break for the day and you instead overworked yourself again. He’d take the time to hide all your books before waking you up, forcing you to relax fora bit.

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A Life Less Ordinary by Jebiwonkenobi

It takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something; Derek Hale is an asshole, and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him.

Burn by night by thebrotherswinchester

Sheriff Stilinski has been kidnapped by Alpha werewolves. As bait. For his own son.

Cupboard Love by mklutz

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

Daddy’s Do’s by apocryphal

“Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.”

[Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]

Everything’s Better Under the Sea by tryslora

Everything changes when Derek goes under while surfing, hits his head on a board, and sees a man with a tail swimming away. He wants to know who that was, and what it has to do with Beacon Hills, the one place he never meant to come back to.

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The Secret (8)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve;

You were a nervous wreck, sat across from Baekhyun in a quiet corner of a random café, nursing your third cup of green tea to help with the butterflies in your stomach. The air between you both was silent, neither of you saying anything. Instead the awkwardness was just prolonged, like an itch that wouldn’t stop no matter how hard you scratched.

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So being the Food Network addict that I am, I occasionally find myself watching Trisha Yearwood. And right now, the episode I’m watching features her going and getting a skating lesson from the Hockey Team.

So obviously, my brain goes “ZIMBITS AU”, which is only further resolved after Trisha says the following things:

- As you can imagine, growing up in Georgia, I didn’t skate a lot

- (to her friend who’s doing this misadventure with her) I think, as long as we look cute, it doesn’t really matter how good we are

So Bitty has a Food Network show with a vague “southern cooking in new england” theme, and the producers really like to play up the Georgian Fish out of Water angle with the not-actually-cooking segments of the show. So Bitty’s scheduled to do a private skating lesson with Marty and Tater, because the combo of warm and friendly but understated mentor Marty and loud gregarious and enthusiastic rookie (to the NHL - he has a few years in the Russian pros under his belt) Tater will make great television.

So Bitty is making both of them their own thank-you food. Bitty has fun experimenting with Russian pastries for Tater, and of course finds a way to incorporate maple into his apple pie for Marty.

The producers are expecting a lot of hilarious and endeering wobbling on the ice. And they get a lot of great footage of Bitty reacting to wearing hockey gear for the first time “I look like a big blue marshmallow, y'all”, but nobody remembers until Bitty’s on the ice that he was a Junior Regionals Figure Skating Champion.

He glides effortlessly onto the ice, has some fun learning how to handle a hockey stick (cue some ridiculous and just the right amount of off color for basic cable jokes about stick handling)

And of course, Jack Zimmermann, who works harder than god but kind of sucks at acting like a human being in front of cameras, is at the rink to get in some extra practice, and Tater is like “Zimboni! You come and race the tiny baker man!”

And Marty winks at Bitty, who gets the message and starts wobbling and skating like he’s never seen ice in his LIFE, and Jack looks warily at the cameras, but George has been on him to do more public relations stuff and he may as well make a “race” against this tv person part of his warmup.

And Bitty’s all “now, I ain’t no professional skater, Mr. Zimmermann, so you’d better go easy on me!” And then proceeds to SMOKE Jack the second Marty calls GO.

Marty and Tater are doubled over laughing, and the camera guy is circling Jack to get all angles of his utterly dumbfounded expression.

Bitty’s smirking, with his hands on his hips, then says, “do y'all think I could pull off a salchow in all this gear?” And proceeds to pull off a jump in hockey skates and all the gear. Tater, of course insists that Bitty teach him and the footage they get from it is pure gold.

So anyway. After they get off the ice, Bitty cuts up his maple apple pie and Jack decides he might actually be in love.

fullmetallizard’s fma fic list

I’m not sure how to format this so I’m just wingin’ it. And don’t worry, I’ll tag it “long post”! I’m gonna go newest to oldest! I can be found on Ao3 here.

you knock me out I fall apartEDWIN (T (for Ed’s potty mouth)) oneshot. complete. 

the birth of Ed and Winry’s second child doesn’t go as smoothly as their first leaving Ed fearful and questioning of equivalent exchange. 

i need you so much closer: ALMEI (M) multichaptered, incomplete. tw for miscarriage here. 

Al and Me’s journey into parenthood is much harder (and more painful) than the expected. 

you’re my best friend, and I need you, do you know that?: RIZBECCA (E) oneshot. complete. 

While in the academy, the likelihood of Riza being sent to front lines gets higher everyday. Rebecca is scared to lose her friend. They give each other the closeness they need.

we’ll make the world safe and sound for you: ROYAI, ALMEI, EDWIN. (G) oneshot. complete. 

This was FMA secret santa gift to @lucinasparallelfalchion! Lots of christmasy-little kids being happy feels. 

absorbing everything, the spectrums A to Z: ROYAI (T) 

alphabet series! A-Q are posted. It’s royai and it jumps around from pre-canon, canon, and post-canon

i waited all my life for you, sweet girl: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

Based on the tumblr prompt request “In didn’t know you could sing.”

you outshine the morning sun…my son: EDWIN (T(for Ed’s mouth)) oneshot. complete.

Ed and Winry welcome their first child into the world as Ed tries not to faint. 

and i’ll shiver like i used to: ROYAI MODERN AU (G) multichaptered. incomplete. (and i’m looking for someone to collab w me on this one)

Roy and Riza dated through high school and college but broke up when he left for grad school. He shows up back in town and heartbreak, chaos, and healing commences. 

just leave me your stardust to remember you by: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete.

WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH. Riza has to do some healing is the most nonspoilery thing I can say.

please don’t take my sunshine away: ALMEI (G) oneshot. complete. 

“He’d been with her for one assassination attempt when he was eighteen and she was fifteen. They’d fought together and, while it was scary, it was nothing compared to this. Someone had actually gotten to her. Someone hurt her.”

the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling: ALMEI, EDWIN. (G) oneshot. complete. 

WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH. Al get’s Trisha’s disease. 

please don’t wake me, no, don’t shake me: EDWIN (G) oneshot. complete.

teeny tiny fluff piece.  

your laugh echoes down the hallway: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

WARNING: CHILD DEATH. Roy and Riza’s daughter comes down with the same sickness as Riza’s father. 

we live through scars this time: EDWIN (T(for Ed’s mouth again, what am I gonna do with him?)) oneshot. complete. 

based on a sketch by @fennethianell! Ed tells Winry about his scars from Baschool

sleep pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby: ROYAI (G) multichaptered. incomplete. 

WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH. Person B secretly listening to Person A sing a sweet lullaby to their child every night. After Person A unexpectedly passes away, Person B attempts to sing the same lullaby so their son/daughter, but ends up bursting into tears, much to the child’s confusion.(This was originally a oneshot but then it got out of hand)

never a tear, baby of mine: ALMEI (G) tw for miscarriage. oneshot. complete.

Al and May suffer a loss no one should ever have to.  

your eyes look like coming home: HAVOCAI (i love my tiny canoe) (T bordering on M) multichaptered. complete. 

Jean Havoc’s loyalty is unwavering. That includes his loyalty to his fellow Lieutenant and the changes they experience.

what else should i be? all apologies?: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

Riza has been missing from Roy’s life for years. When she stumbles back into it, she brings a large secret along with her.

whatever could it be that has brought me to this loss?: EDWIN (G) multichaptered. complete. 

“He took her hand in the dark. “I know,” he said. And he did. He was the only other person who understood the loss of Sara Elric in this magnitude. He was her parent too.”

wishing only wounds the heart: ROYAI (G) oneshot. complete. 

I was sick of drunk!Roy fics so I made a drunk!Riza lmao. Roy takes care of Riza in this. 

a fire baptism engulfs my shame: ROYAI (T) oneshot. complete. 

Roy destroys the secrets of flame alchemy off of Riza’s back.

(I know everyone and their mother has written this same thing but pls give it a glance (: ily )

Man, there is no sign that frustrates me more than Pisces. But at the same time I have a whole lot of empathy and sympathy for them because they do have it harder than any other sign. They are the last sign of the zodiac, they are all of the signs combined into one, they have experienced it all. The things that Pisces deals with is more than we can comprehend. They have a piercing sensitivity and are receptive to every undercurrent in their surroundings. The sign frustrates me because they do not confront reality, they don’t want to, it is far too cumbersome and it does not match up to their expectations of a better humanity. And that is a cool thing, to revert to your inner fantasy land and to dream of what the world could be or what it should be, but it is also not good if it is a 24/7 thing. Pisces needs to learn how to do things in moderation. I feel like they go too far and lose track of the “real world.” But then I ask myself… What is the real world? What if Pisces are justified? Who decides what matters and what doesn’t? After all I do not think we should live according to what is expected of us in society, in a structured society. Nope. But this is conflicting. Because it is virtually impossible to make a living for yourself if you do not contribute to society. And Pisces is a sign that has a tendency to be lazy. 

But, in the end, I think Pisces thrives the most when they follow their artistic dreams and when they have a friend, a stable friend who they can confide in and can guide them along the way. Pisces can become lost quite easily. They need to know that they can face reality, and that their imaginative nature does not need to disintegrate along with that. Both can exist at the same time. They just need to make sure their illusions don’t become the only things that they know to be true.

A Place to Call Home pt 8


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 5,007

Warnings: language

A/N: The part you’ve all been waiting for is here!! I have to apologize though, it’s not edited because I just finished it and wanted to get it up for you guys tonight. I have to thank @writing-obrien for helping me brainstorm and @thelittlestkitsune for reassuring me that it wasn’t crap. I will get it edited and update it once I do, but for now, here is part 8 of APTCH, I hope you like it!

UPDATE: This has now been edited thanks to the wonderful Lau ( @thelittlestkitsune) and I decided to change the gif to one more fitting even though it may kinda be a spoiler lol. 

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Wrapped Around

Jimin x Reader // college!AU // 9694 words

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Originally posted by bwipsul

Genre: Fluff, warning: groping(?)

TA refers to teaching assistant

Part 2 | Part 2.5 | Part 3 | Part 3.5 | Part 4

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for a while now sigh and I feel bad for not putting out anything this winter break! This is a somewhat exaggerated version of what is a combination of my friends’ freshman year haha. Man I love college.

College had been a lot harder than you expected and you struggled, barely able to crawl past the finish line that was the end of freshman year. As sophomore year came around, new year, new me, you had declared. You were on a mission to bring your GPA back up. No more spending your nights at some random house, celebrating a birthday of a person whom you did not know but rather more nights spent hunched over your computer in some well-lit corner in the library.

Even though you felt invigorated to start the new semester, all that disappeared by the time Wednesday came around. You’re not sure why they call the first week, syllabus week when you had homework and quizzes assigned to you already. By the time it was Thursday, you could only thank god that you were so close to the weekend.

Sat in your final class for the day, your physics discussion section, you could only dream of the long shower you were going to take once you got back to your dorm. The bell rings, and the TA gets up to begin writing on the board but the distant noises of a person running down the hallway makes it difficult for you to concentrate. Within seconds, a rather sweaty boy reaches the doorway, panting as he bows apologetically at the TA before taking a seat right next to you. The TA waves at him dismissively as he continues to drone on about the material you learnt in class this week.

“Alright, now you can work in pairs or groups to solve the worksheet. In 15 minutes, we’ll come back to solve questions 1-3,” your TA declares.

You turn to your right to see that the person next to you had already formed a group with a few other students and you were too shy to ask if you could join. You turn to your left to find the sweaty boy silently working on the problem set. Letting out a light sigh, you begin attempting to solve the worksheet on your own.

There’s a long overdue silence before the boy seated next to you turns eagerly towards you and introduces himself. “Hi, I’m Jimin and you are?”

“Y/N,” You smile politely before turning to your worksheet.

He glances over at your worksheet and scoffs. “That’s wrong,”


“That’s wrong,” He points. “You have to use the first equation that’s written down on the board.”

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Title: Wisdom Teeth Removal (Stark! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader has to get their wisdom teeth removed and Pietro is the lucky one who gets to babysit them for the day.

Word Count: 1538

A/N: I love Pietro *heart eyes emoji*! I’m hoping to get a couple of imagines up this week/weekend so let’s all pray LOL. This week has gone by SO SLOWLY; but writing/reading always helps, right? I hope you enjoy!

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Till You Come Back Home

I’m supposed to be taking a break from the Internet for my mental health, but I wrote this and it’s been burning inside me and I just need to put it out there. It’s set after last week’s Livewire episode, right after Mon El walks out of Kara’s apartment. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon. Here on A03.


The silence rang loudly in Kara’s ears, stinging like a thousand decibels as she sat still, staring blankly at the door.

All she could do was breath, remind her eyes to blink when required, and refuse to fall apart. He didn’t deserve it. She didn’t deserve it, but she also didn’t know why it hurt this much.

Hurt. Was that even the right word? This wasn’t the first time she’d been left alone with this kind of mess, the aftermath of someone else’s desires and regrets poured out on the table in front of her like she was supposed to know what to do with them, how to arrange the pieces and hand it all back. With Winn, at least she was able to voice something, anything, even if it had crushed him temporarily. With James, it was harder. It took longer to figure out why she didn’t feel the same way, but the rejection part was easier, or so she thought. Now, it turned out she’d lost them both, her two closest friends lying, choosing to walk away, to put themselves in danger, not caring about anything but their own egos and the selfish need to prove themselves at the highest cost. She couldn’t watch it unfold if they weren’t willing to listen, to at least learn alongside her instead of charging out on their own. Then again, she hadn’t even given them that option.

Kara buried her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes, clutching her cheekbones as she rested her elbows on the table, resisting the urge to scream. Everything was changing so fast, even the good change felt like whiplash. She was so happy for Alex. She already loved Maggie like another sister, but it was still change. There was less time together as a family, more time left in solitude. And there, in that lonely space, was Mon El.

Every moment they spent together sent up a million red flags, and yet, it felt familiar, comforting in a way she couldn’t explain without sounding weak or needy or damaged. There was nothing about him that made her feel good or supported or better than she was before he came into her life, but there he was. He was there when other people weren’t, when everyone else had their own lives and callings and demons to conquer. He wanted to help her, even if he didn’t know how, and more importantly, he wanted her. And the truth was, she wanted to be wanted. Just not by him.

That’s why this sick, sinking feeling came when he told her. That’s why she felt the impulse to run, even if she had coaxed it out of him, demanded he tell her the real reason he wanted to be partners. Because the truth, while flattering and warming and reassuring on some level, was still not enough, but he hadn’t even given her the chance to make that decision, to come to her own conclusions. Instead, he chose to spill his guts, tell her to forget it all, pretend it never happened, leaving her once again, more alone than she’d ever felt.

She sighed deeply, pushing away from the table, slowly making her way towards the bedroom, shrugging off her jacket as she flopped onto the bed. She knew she should sleep. That always made her feel better, even if she woke up still not having the answers to fix everything that was broken. But instead, she found herself scanning her phone, sifting through text messages, facing the urge to make one more call, one more attempt at the connection she craved before calling it a night.

The phone rang, and rang some more. Panic began to sink in again, until finally, she heard the line pick up.

“Yes, I’m still alive,” Cat teased. “No thanks to Supergirl.”

“I know you would have done the same thing,” Kara argued, undoing her ponytail, letting her hair fan out across the bed. “And Supergirl wouldn’t have let her go if she didn’t know with absolute certainty you’d be safe.”

“How can she be so sure of that?”

“Oh, she has her ways,” Kara insisted.

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Spirit Bindings Q & A

I wanted to make a quick post about this because there has frankly been a lot of  people having questions about their companion’s bindings, and I wanted to clear the air a bit on this. For those that have companions, if you got united with them through a conjurer, please go back to that original conjurer if you are having ANY issue with the spirit. Especially if someone else says there is an issue. I’ll go into this a bit.

Why do I need to go back to the original conjurer? Someone told me that my white arts spirit is really a demon! While this can happen in very rare cases, its VERY RARE, and typically only happens when a conjurer is new and hasn’t properly vetted the spirit. Also if you are listening to someone else about your spirit, you need to be super careful. Someone telling you that your spirit is something it isn’t and offering a service to ‘fix’ it is a huge red flag. Conjurer’s protect their bindings, so that nobody outside of themselves, the spirit and the companion can mess with them. Spirits can also “disguise” themselves to outside influences or anything they deem a threat to try to ward off the intruder. There is a whole list of things that could be happening, but avoid people that try to tell you that your spirit is something that it isn’t. Go back to the conjurer, check in with them. I will use myself as an example: I would never ever try to read another person’s spirit and tell them what it is. I think its a shady practice at best.

What if I don’t feel safe going to the original conjurer? Then go to another one, preferably one that has been in business for many years. I have been many beginner shops try to make a name for themselves by trying to degrade well built shops, but that is not the way to start a business. Any conjurer who has had their shop open for any considerable amount of time knows what they are doing. If they were selling fake bindings or dangerous spirits, they wouldn’t be in business any longer.

What if I just want to undo the binding? All conjurers are 100% willing to do this for you or tell you how to do it, so go back to your original conjurer and ask for instructions on how to move/transfer or undo the binding if you want to. This goes back to the protections that the conjurers do on their bindings.

Are spirit bindings restrictive? Not if you get them from a reputable shop. If you want a list of reputable shops, then check out this list. I have worked with all of the shops on this list and none of them restrict their bindings in any way. 

But if bindings aren’t restrictive, why cant I connect with the spirit/entity? Spirit communication takes time. It takes awhile to adjust to their energies. Also if you are a new spirit companion (and by new I mean if you have been doing this less than a year), its going to take some time. People see the communications I have with my spirits, and the connections I have with them, and expect the same. I want to get this straight: I have been doing this a long time. I have put in a lot of work - 19 years to be exact -  to get to this point. Its going to take some time. Everyone develops differently. It will come naturally to some and harder to others. But everyone has to understand that spirit communication takes work. Don’t expect the vessel or companion to show up and you are instantly seeing spirits and hearing them perfectly. Its not going to happen. Start small. You need to put in the work and effort and its going to be a long road but its going to be worth it. Spirit companionship is the little things throughout the day. Read all the interactions that everyone else has with their spirits, then put it aside and step out of the box of expectations. Open yourself to any sort of communication that may happen, because you may communicate in a completely unique way then others. Try different things, but you have to put in the work to get there, chances are it isn’t going to happen overnight.

How are spirit bindings done? The process on this is completely unique to the conjurer, and while they wont tell you everything about their binding process, they may share a bit with you if you ask nicely and are curious for the sake of your future companion. 

How do I know that my new companion isn’t going to hurt my current companions? If you got your companion from a respected conjurer, this is part of the thing that they vet for. While some entities may not get along super well, they don’t have to interact if they don’t want to. But no spirit from a conjurer that is trusted is going to go around hurting other entities. Again, if someone tells you this is happening, this should throw up red flags about that outside source. 

Use common sense and trust your gut, and know that your relationship with your spirit companion should be between you and your companion, and if you need help with your companion or are having an issue, go back to the original conjurer! Don’t trust outside parties, and vet your conjurers to avoid any issues. I may make a post of questions to ask a conjurer before working with them to help you all out.

Self- Defense- Tom Wilson

Originally posted by mttymrts

Ok so this one is kind of short but I think it’s cute and fluffy and that’s the important thing right? Anyway… enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Can you please do a Tom Wilson one where he teaches her how to fight when they go to the gym together? Fluffy?


              “Why did I think this was a good idea?” you asked your boyfriend as you looked around the gym.

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as I wait for the sky to fall

klance. 5.7k. pre-series to possible s3. angsty. ao3

The first time they met was a cold and rainy Tuesday, and Lance hadn’t had time to brush his teeth. He’d overslept. He ran into his very first class with half his jacket on and his boots unlaced, and the boy at the desk nearest to the door, a boy with dark hair and clear, focused eyes, muttered that he shouldn’t have come at all if he wasn’t going to take it seriously.

Lance was fourteen, and the scratchy cotton of his jacket was rubbing uncomfortably against his burning neck. The rain pounded mercilessly against the window as he took his seat at the only available desk in the back of the classroom.

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they make it look easy - DSQ friendship fic

Here’s some fluff where Emma gets emotional over the newborn Dragon Queen baby, because Emma is wonderful and she’d be such a cute un-fairy godmother. 

Thanks to @thejollyduckling, @natascha-remi-ronin, and @ouat-upon-a-coconutfor inspiring my Emma and Dragon Queen love, and @holdouttrout for being the best damn cheerleading fish one could ever want. 

Emma talks to the very very new Dragon Queen baby on her birthday (and she’s the worst knitter, seriously, why are godmothers expected to do these things?)

“I’m sorry about your lumpy hat. Knitting is…a lot harder than they make it look on the internet and I’m sure you’ll have a bunch of better hats. Like, Granny will make you one and my mom will and hell, Henry probably knits better than I do." 

Poor little baby is barely more than an hour old and her precious head is wrapped up in Emma’s incredibly pathetic fifth attempt at knitting her a hat. Maybe she should have kept the fourth one, the edges were better but she thought she could do better, but then baby arrived and there wasn’t time for another try.

She opens and closes her little red lips and Emma sighs. No person should be this small, this warm and snuggly. She held Neal to day he was born, but that was a rescue, all terror and portals and heroics, this is quiet. The sky’s just barely grey by the window and Emma rocks slowly because she should rock, because babies like that.

Her brother does, and this little one is so much smaller. Still basically damp and fuck, what is she doing with her?

She moves her impossibly tiny fingers and Emma can barely breathe looking at her face. Regina’s there, in her ears and her nose, and her hair’s dark. Maleficent’s in her cheeks, in the shape of her shin and of course, she’ll be beautiful. She is beautiful, even slightly squashed and only half-awake.

Emma was not going to cry.

She really wasn’t.

But fuck. Here she is, little dragon baby, all wrapped up and warm and the squirmy example of a second chance, third chance, as many chances as it takes.

And she’ll grow up with her moms, safe and loved and so very spoiled. Even if her first hat is ugly.

Emma shifts her hand and wipes her eyes. "Dammit.” Her chest aches for Henry in a very old way, but he’s here in the kitchen with Zelena, making tea and some kind of very early breakfast. He’s nearly grown up and not a tiny baby in a lumpy purple hat. “Don’t feel like you have to keep this hat or anything. I should have brought you a little stuffed dragon like everyone else, but I like hats. They’re warm and they keep your hair out of your eyes, not that you have that much yet.”

Scrunching her face, baby sighs and sleepily and even that’s cute. Way too cute. Maybe she does want one. Staring at little fingers wrapped around her own, Emma rocks in the quiet while the sun creeps closer to the horizon and everyone else does something and she’s just there, with the baby.

They handed her the baby. Trusted her to keep her safe. Mal has to shower and Regina won’t leave her. This little baby is their miracle, but she’s in Emma’s arms while her mothers get cleaned up. She’s been fed and kissed, toes marvelled at and fingers adored. She’s had almost as hard a day as her mom, but she’s awake, staring up at Emma with unfocused eyes.

“Hi.” She takes a breath, her heartbeat thudding in her ears. “I’m Emma, and for some reason your moms made me your godmother. Not that I’m any good at the god stuff, or because I can teach you magic. Your moms are better at magic, even my mom’s better at cooking. You have the best big brother in any universe, any story, and I- well- I guess I- I’m here to help, okay? If you need extra cookies or skin your knee on the sidewalk outside Granny’s and tear your dress–”

Touching baby’s little cheek, Emma chuckled, picturing her older in the most adorable outfits. “You’re going to have the cutest little dresses, aren’t you? Your brother had had this pantsuit…” She didn’t really remember it, she’d seen pictures, but her lingering memories respond with thoughts of Henry, running and laughing.

“He’s really great, did I tell you? He’s so intelligent, and funny. He has such a big heart, literally the truest heart, it glows, like, he’s wonderful in every way. As you’ll be, as you are, I’m sure.”

Baby yawns and the effort it takes her tiny body makes Emma laugh. All of her arches and her little arms flail before she settles. Her eyes close, and she starts to fall asleep against Emma’s chest. “You’ve had such a big day.”

She’s warm and her chest is too heavy and too light all at the same time. How can a person start out so small? How is holding someone for the first time so poignant? This little one is a stranger. Emma’s only felt her kick through Mal’s body, and she loves her. She wants to keep her safe, make her laugh, watch her grow and see who she is.

“You’re safe,” Emma whispers. “You’re surrounded by so many people who love you in such a big, weird, crazy family, and we’re all here, your brother, your sister, your flying monkey loving aunt. We’ve got you. Whatever you want to do, whoever you find yourself turning out to be. We’re here and we love you, kid.”

She kisses that ugly little hat, leaving tears behind. “I’m going to make you another hat though, this one is hideous. I can’t believe your moms like it. They have taste, you know.” 

I love the new Anduin scene, but...

Could Horde get some decent character development too? Like ffs. Feel like the only time Horde’s getting some cinematic love is when you’re either going bonkers evil, getting killed off because they can’t figure out a decent plot for you, or getting owned by the Alliance.

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