it was a loooot of fun!


Three color palettes (number is in the corner) requests with Roylan and one with Jafar too! 

Churning these out in between breaks of other things - I have plenty more on the way, too :>

And The Hobbit Matryoshka is finished!  This was my first nesting doll ever and I had a loooot of fun painting it! I’m also very satisfied with the outcome! Hope you guys like it! :D

I already ordered another matryoshka so I might do a few more in the future ;3

“Constellation” // Gravity Falls AU

Part: X | 2 | 3

AU where Dipper becomes a guidepost for those who are lost, because he is the representation of “The big Dipper.” And Mabel, is a shooting star who makes wishes come true everytime someone has the luck of see her traveling through the sky. But they’re not the only ones who are watching the mankind from up there! There are others constellations and asterisms.
Even another pair of twins, just like them!

Oh man, it’s been awhile since I wanted to work on this AU!
There’s a loooot of story behind this!
Yeah, it’s going to be fun to work with this!~


For the first half of this month I was away on a VERY fun trip to Washington to see the sights, and lots of friends! It was a fun & happy time for me and a great experience all around. Now I’m home, and I have been for a week or so, recovering from a nasty cold that I must have picked up at some point during the trip. I’m on the mend now and trying to get back to work on lots of stuff

THIS WEEKEND is going to be very busy for me as well since my dear darling wonderful big sister is getting married and we’ll have a loooot of family members staying here and preparations to make. It’s all very exciting and daunting and it’s gonna require a full effort from everyone

Beyond that however, in the weeks and months to come, I don’t think I’ll use tumblr much. I haven’t in the past few months because, during my serious bout with depression, I realized that just the prospect of logging on stressed me out. I’ve learned a lot from tumblr and made a lot of lifelong friends and in many ways become a better person in my time on here, but in many other ways, it’s a negative environment that affects me in ways that I’ve grown too much mentally and emotionally to just casually allow. This isn’t a “TUMBLR IS TOXIC I’M LEAVING” post, because I don’t want to place to blame on others when it’s super duper easy to just change how I use this webspace

So, in the coming weeks and months, I’m going to keep sticking to a principle that I’ve employed & enjoyed recently; don’t use tumblr unless I have something to post! It’s lots of fun to share my words and my work and that’s what I want to do, but only when I have something to share, not because I’m here for several hours a day and may as well. 

I also want to change what I see on my dash so that the time I do spend on here is positive and uplifting, not depressing with the occasional meme post followed by a nasty argument. I’m going to be extremely picky. Basically, I only want to follow art blogs, or visual/audio media blogs with content I’m specifically interested in, and SJ and news blogs run by activists I know and trust. I don’t really want to follow many personal blogs. It’s hard to say because personal blogs are how I’ve learned to keep up with my friends in recent years, but I think an “old-fashioned” approach of just… TALKING to my friends is best! Like, someone born before the internet, which is wild

I’m saying this because most of my mutuals are friends who run personal blogs, and I don’t want anyone to take it personally if I unfollow. It’s not out of a lack of interest or affection, it’s just part of a complete overhaul I wanna make for my own personal comfort and health. I care about YOU, but I don’t always care about the stuff you post, and I’d rather not tango with blacklists just to make this site enjoyable. We’ve all done enough of that

However! If we are mutuals and/or friends, please do reach out to me for other ways of contacting me. I’m very active on twitter, where I get most of my goofy shenanigans out of my system so I don’t have to use this space for ‘em. Skype is always an option although I haven’t used it much recently, and I’m probably going to make a new account soon. If I know you well enough I’ll also add you on FB or we can text or something! And I will routinely check the blogs of all my friends, I just want as much control over the content I see on my tumblr dash as I can have

As for my blog’s content, expect it to be similar to what you see now; hopefully, a lot more art and comic posts, and not much else. Not that this is strictly an Art Blog now, rather that’s the content I REALLY want to be posting. I also want to reach out more to young artists with advice on art and dealing with the emotional side of making art, which is something I’m really passionate about, as much as drawing. Basically, anything goes, as always, but I have to really feel like posting it.

SO! Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and I hope to have some great stuff to share soon!


It’s the end of the schoolyear for me, and I thought.. let’s cut out all the little doodles I made during this year and glue them to my sketchbook! I’ll probably do this again next year, it’s fun to see the difference in quality haha :’) There is a loooot of fan-art in here, so I’d say you go ahead and find them all :p I put most of them in the tags hehehe

Riza Hawkeye - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The single picture that I actually liked all day. The others were decent, but wow I love this one a loooot. Not a ton of people showed up to the photoshoot, but regardless is was super fun! (lots of people were passing around cameras so I’m not totally sure who took this one with mine!)

Hawkeye - sensei-mac

Quicksilver x Nightcrawler - First Time

Rating: Smut
Notes: Thank you to the TWO anons that requested this!!
Summary: Kurt and Peter get physically intimate for the first time

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A pictures of our Harry Potter RPG characters I drew for my team ^^ We’ve been playing a bunch of eleven years old born at the end of the war against Voldemort (ie Book 5, approx) and it’s been a loooot of fun. It’s making me nostalgic for my Harry Potter fandom days ! 

We’ve got two Gryffindor, a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff. (one of our friend played a Ravenclaw and made it a pretty balanced team, but he hasn’t been in the game for a while). Can you guess which character I’m playing ?