it was a long time coming tbh

Lysander Headcanons

…Should I just become a headcanon blog or-//shot

  • Probably tried to dye his hair black for Rosalya but failed. He liked the end result though-
  • Likes playing with Candy’s hair
  • Likes to doodle some pictures of Candy in his notepad
  • Sleep with multiple pillows and just the fluffiest blanket
  • CAN’T STAND gossip, he just CAN'T 
  • Washes his hands often, he just likes keeping them clean
  • Doesn’t understand memes? but he makes an effort to
  • Is very good at making come backs at the right moment.
  • Is very honest, he will straight up admit he’s jealous.
  • Just wants peace
  • Doesn’t like the concept of fighting? He thinks it’s violent and doesn’t want any part of it
  • Takes a long time getting dressed for school tbh
  • Got one. Single. Stain. On his coat and he was very close to making an actual angry face
  • Doesn’t like the nickname ‘Lys-baby’ doesn’t like ‘babe’ either.
  • Doesn’t like texting, he’d rather hear Candy’s voice
  • Has probably space out multiple times thinking about Candy
  • Is very good with animals
  • Hates animal abuse (or any kind, but especially) and NEVER talks about it
  • Loves fluffy animals.
  • Likes holding Candy in his arms
  • Likes cherry suckers
  • Smells heavenly
  • Can’t utter a single word of a dirty joke, he jusT CAN’T
  • He can’t choose one favorite thing about Candy, but if he had to - her smile.

Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Nygmobblepot is Alive

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I wanted to make a list of reasons Nygmobblepot is still surviving and thriving. Some good chicken soup (I prefer Tomato) for the soul!

  • Oswald Cobblepot is still love with Edward Nygma, even more so now than he knew (even if he is going to be pissed upon his return)
  • That mysteriously titled Gotham episode 3x18 “Meant to Be”
  • That “Love” commercial FOX  released that showed Nygmobblepot over an actual canon (and popular) couple Lucifer and Chloe from FOX
  • The show creators haven’t confirmed Nygmobblepot isn’t going to be canon, and the executive producer even referenced them as always being able to find each other and soul mates.
  • Edward Nygma hallucinating Oswald, because let’s be real he Hallucinates people he loves. Kristen, Oswald, and himself.
  • Still, the writers on twitter saying “the season has many episodes left” in reference to Nygmobblepot. 
  • There are still 7 WHOLE EPISODES to come from this season!
  • Cory deleting that tweet saying Edward wasn’t queer around the same time “Meant to Be” was/is being filmed. (I understand this could be for a multitude of other reasons, but the timing is oddly random and out of no where.)
  • Oswald has always fallen and come back 10x stronger to get what he wants and what he wants is Edward’s ass, in more ways than one.

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taemin in college
  • double major in criminology and japanese, minor in latin 
  • whenever he tells anyone his minor they’ll always ask him to say something and he’s just like spouting random stuff like “water, vengeance, rock duck, veni vedi vici, amen” (”did you just say amen?? was that a prayer??” / taemin: *sweating* “yeah”) 
  • tbh saying amen is just a reflex from when he was an altar boy 
  • rides a longboard around campus
  • occasionally his cap will fly off while he’s cruising and he’ll have to backtrack and awkwardly trudge after it (”omg pls don’t roll away hat i’m coming back for you”) 
  • he spent a really long time practicing ollies in the quad and now he randomly kicks up his board on his way to class like nbd he’s just super cool
  • his backback is HUGE 
  • he just keeps EVERYTHING in there so he’ll never forget anything (jonghyun: omg just get yourself a planner or something and keep notes / taemin: no. never. it’s better this way) 
  • honestly getting things in that bag is like playing tetris and you never know what he’ll pull out of there??? onew’s homework (”omfg i was looking for that everywhere”), a bag of chocolate chips (onew: this is my compensation), multiple chargers, rolls of tape, ah there’s his syllabus, oh his rosary!!! 6v6
  • he’s that kid who ALWAYS loses his student id and people post in his class facebook page like “taemin i found your card again” 
  • works at the bookstore and when he sees minho coming in, immediately turns around and walks in the opposite direction bc he loves him and all but minho buys in like bulk and he does not get paid enough for this no siree 
  • does not own a single uni sweater/shirt himself despite the 15% discount his friends abuse 
  • until jong gave him a giant uni sweatshirt for christmas that he… rang up for him?? but it’s actually pretty comfy and he wears it on exam days bc the long sleeves are comforting and could absorb tears if it comes down to that 
  • whenever key walks into his dorm he’s always watching some anime (it’s usually one punch man lately) and he always insists it’s ~studying~
  • also his room always so messy omg like boy do you unpack by opening your suitcase and just chucking your clothes all around like a tornado??? 
  • hurricane taemin 
  • but seriously there’s no floor showing 
  • minho: where do you study in your room?? / taemin: i just kinda *motions at the mess in a vague manner* / minho: that gives me literally zero answers
  • he studies a lot with key at the cafe jonghyun works at (for the free coffee / jong: literally you guys only come here for my coffee and not for me / taekey: … well yeah / jong: you’re both banned forever bye) bc he likes the buzz of other people talking 
  • can’t really focus when it’s too quiet  
  • does really well in classes despite sometimes missing a few bc he just straight up forgot that it was during a certain timeslot (key: how / taemin: things just happen!!! it’s totally plausible that you’d forget sometime!!! / onew: we have 5 weeks of school left) 
  • people sometimes forget that he’s also a crim major also but he’s genuinely interested in forensic science and piecing together what happened and how 
  • almost always knows the answer when the prof ask a question but doesn’t really participate unless called on and he could talk for a WHILE once he gets past the initial stuttering start 
  • honestly every time he has to present in class considers taking a shot to loosen his nerves because dear god he hATES public speaking 
  • he can’t bc asian glow is so real 6///6

The Flash describing Draco Malfoy

“I come from a pretty wealth family, back at England. A long line of generations of old money, tradition, nonsense really and I was the heir. I was their first born son.“

If I were to compare Jimin to fire, then Jungkook is like ice.

I see Jimin as the most temperamental person in the group (nobody else comes close tbh). And although he is mindful of how other people perceive and judge him, he can’t quite hide his anger when he feels like he’s been wronged. He’s easily roused, volcanic in nature, and holds grudges for a long time. He’s just highly emotional and defensive all around.

Jungkook on the other hand is much more cool and collected. He’s the type to sharpen his anger quietly. He shuts down and withdraws himself emotionally from the source of conflict. And although you can clearly see something is bothering him, he’s not the type to admit anything if he can get away with it. He lets most things pass (unlike Jimin who is much more confrontational and needs to settle things verbally); Jungkook picks his battles. But if he does gets pushed to his breaking point, I think he’d be the type whose anger can chill you, the kind that makes you break out in a cold sweat because it’s so unexpected and just.. harsh.

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Musicals as Restaurants

Please take these with a grain of salt!

Hamilton - Chipotle 

Everyone has heard of it, even when there’s controversy around it people still go, and it’s undeniably ethnic but white girls love it.

Phantom of the Opera - McDonald’s

It’s the first example that comes to mind, has been running for a long, long time, and is of questionable quality.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 - That One Weird Place 

Your friend swears that it’ll take off, but then it actually does?? And you thought no one liked it two months ago!

Dear Evan Hansen - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Stores

Whoa this is sooooooo edgy!!! Definitely not done before!!!! Who’s heard of musicals about teen angst?? (But tbh you love it anyway)

Wicked - Burger King

Like McDonald’s, but not as old, good, or popular.

Feel free to add more!

NCT 127 reaction to you nursing them back to health


Anon: How would NCT Dream and NCT 127 react to their partner nursing them back to health?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! Tbh I though that it was kinda shitty but oh well I’ll edit this late reply if need be :-)


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeil wouldn’t want to bother you at all about being sick and would probably leave it for a very long time. He’d basically be smiling through the pain, and you would be oblivious to the pain he was in. You finding out would come as a complete shock and surprise - to the pair of you. You’d accidentally walk in on him collapsed on his bed, soaked in sweat and groaning in pain. Rushing to his side, you’d grab his hand asking him what happened and, although he didn’t want to tell you because he’s stubborn like that, he’d just tell you. He’d want you to help him, since he’d be in a lot of pain and would just want to get better. And he’d promise you that he’d tell you sooner next time, but then, he probably wouldn’t.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I don’t think Johnny would mind you looking after him if he was sick, but he’d make sure you were keeping clean and healthy yourself. He wouldn’t want you to get sick because of him and would feel incredibly guilty if it were you who was bundled up in bed the next week, because of it. He’d offer you tissues and give you hand gel whenever you came to check if he was alright. It sounds extreme and unnecessary but Johnny wouldn’t want to see you ill and would be concerned for you, more than you were for him. He’d refuse any cuddles and kisses, and would sleep alone in his bed with the cold sheets and without the warmth of your body next to his. By the time he’s better though, he’d be very clingy and affectionate, claiming that any long hugs or sudden kisses was just making up for lost time.


Originally posted by bhaek

At first Taeyong would try and refuse any help you tried to give him. What with being the leader of NCT, he probably feels like he has a responsibility to do things independently and look after others. But soon, he’d let you - enjoying having you fuss over him and look after him. Unlike some of the other members, he wouldn’t take advantage of you looking after him, just being extremely grateful and affectionate for your help. He’d cling onto you and attempt to coax you into coming and giving him a cuddle, a demand you refused first but soon let him have it.


Originally posted by taetohan

Yuta would be dramatic as hell whenever he was ill. Sighing loudly, having coughing fits, throwing his head back and complaining about having a headache. Of course, they would only get you slowly more and more agitated and annoyed at him - but your inner maternal instincts would stop you from giving up and not helping. He’d just love having you fuss over him and would make the most of it, asking you to get the most obscure things from the store or really specific meals. At night though, he’d be very cuddly and quieter, wrapping you tightly in his arms at night, and pressing light kisses over your neck. He’d make sure you knew he was sorry for making you do so much for him during the day too.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Unlike  his usual self, he’d be very quiet and calm whenever he was ill - thinking he was upset rather than ill. You’d be worried sick for him, and would try to show him some affection, thinking he was upset rather than ill. He’d always push you away, making you furrow your eyebrows at his actions and whine a bit. Very quickly, you’d get offended and storm off, making him sigh a bit. His heart would want to comfort you but his mind would tell him that it was better you being sad for a bit rather than ill for a period of time. He’d tell you eventually, and would apologise. This would make you feel guilty for acting the way you did and you’d spend the next week cooking and cleaning for him, trying to help him get better. Despite his protests, he’d secretly be grateful for you and your help and would try to make it up to you next time you were ill.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

I see Jaehyun being very emotional, in a good way though, and his hormones would basically be running wild lmao it sounds like he’s on his period or something He’d watch you in awe as you ran about the dorms tidying his mess up for him and bringing him hot soup. Wondering about what he ever did to deserve you, he’d reach out and grab your hand every once in a while stopping you in your tracks. You’d look down confused to see him staring up at you, smiling softly and his eyes wide in admiration. It would definitely melt your heart to see him like this, and you couldn’t help but giggle; even when he was sick, he had some kind of hold of you.


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d find it very awkward to see you looking after him, and would just lie in his bed watching you quietly. He’ll try to insist on helping you tidy up, but you’d immediately scold him and tell him that rest is more important. It would be in times like this that he’d be very grateful for you and appreciate you even more. He’d love feeling protected and loved and although he wouldn’t express this to you physically, for him, the appreciation would always be there. Like Jaehyun he’d watch you quietly in awe and wouldn’t be able to help but let his mind wander and gush about how amazing you’d be as a wife/husband and mother/father to your future kids and spouse.


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d like you helping him get better - but only to an extent. At first, he’d be very happy and grateful to have you, asking for small favours and not asking you to do much for him. But soon he’d feel guilty and like he was exploiting you or something, and would cut you off a bit. He’d wouldn’t respond to your texts or calls and would claim that he had just missed them by mistake. You’d worry a bit and try to go back to helping him but again he’d be very curt and try to stop you from doing so. You would have to take control though and basically force your help onto him - and he’d let you. He’d never tell you about his feelings in the end, but you’d figure it out pretty soon and talk to him about it.


Originally posted by donghyukslee

He’s very likely to turn into a literal child which he already is tbh lmao anyway and, like Yuta, would moan and complain and basically annoy the shit out of you. As soon as he was starting to feel ill, he’d call you up begging for you to bring his snacks and blankets. Of course, being the worried and loved up girlfriend you are, you’d immediately agree, and rush around the grocery store before practically running to his dorms. Expect to find him huddled in between his sheets, head poking out, and a mischievous grin on his face; and obviously, being tired as hell the next day by how much you’ve had to look after him.


Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul requested by @ah-luna​​

anonymous asked:

one reason you use to defend touka was that she grew up surrounded by violence so that explains her violence towards kaneki even though she cares for him. but ayato also grew up in the same way, in fact even more violence, and he's not violent to hinami at all. ayahina is a very sweet relationship but i still think that touken is abusive to kaneki.

the thing about ayahina is that their relationship is much less complicated that touken. they’re really sweet to each other, they’re protective of each other and basically, they’re happy when the other person is happy. at least, that’s how i see it since we don’t see much of their relationship. 

but touken is so much more complicated and deeper than that and they are both facing issues that ayato and hinami aren’t. kaneki thinks that he’s protecting touka by always leaving her behind. he means well, but frankly speaking, touka doesn’t need to be protected at all. and touka hits kaneki because she believes that it’ll knock him into his senses and stop his self-destructive behavior because, yes, violence is what touka has known for a significant part of her life. and you’re right that ayato’s similar in that sense but why would he even hit hinami? hinami has done nothing to hurt or piss him off. if you wanna use something as a comparison, then you should be talking about the aogiri arc. ayato beat touka up back then much worse than any beating kaneki has even gotten from touka.

i don’t know enough about abuse to make a definitive statement on touken’s relationship. but going by anti-touka arguments i usually see, if we consider kaneki’s past as the reason why touka’s abusive towards him, when kaneki continues to push her away and worsen her abandonment issues, isn’t it abusive to touka as well? like i said, i don’t know enough about this issue. but personally, the way i see it is that touken has a lot of issues but they have the potential to improve and with the upcoming touken talk, i’m sure they are going to improve. 

anon, you simply can’t compare ayahina to touken because in the end, they’re different. ayato and touka maybe be similar and all but they’re two different characters with very different issues as well. and ayahina might be a cute relationship and all but at the same time, it isn’t the best out there. if cochlea arc has told me anything about ayato, it’s that he can get extremely reckless (to an unnecessary degree tbh) when it comes to hinami. and to a certain extent, i feel hinami’s the same way as well. 

long story short: 

this is tokyo ghoul there is no pure and healthy relationship

tbh I’d be down for the discovery of magic in The 100 if that meant that an old grounder with a long white beard actually brought wells back to life in S1 and has been training wells as his apprentice for all this time and at the end of this season he comes back and reveals a magical spell to stop the radiation so everyone can live happily ever after meaning that blarke won’t be separated and they can finally admit their feelings without sharting themselves

anonymous asked:

Confession: i am only doing uni because, well, i don't want to not do uni. does that make sense? So i spend my days just going through the motions of doing uni work, handing in assignments, all the while living in an alternative reality in my head where i'm doing fun things. And three years have passed in that way. Ever feel like you're just passing time, in your head, and not even being fully present in your life? And that time is just pushing everyone forward and you are just standing still?

That makes sense bc I have felt the same! After high school it’s like what am i supposed to do with life - so it’s either work or go to Uni obviously (unless you have the fortune to do something else that drives you, or if unfortunately, you can’t do any of that). Do you only imagine having fun in your alternate world or do you have activities/hobbies to take a break from reality? Recently I’ve found fun in writing fanfictions, and believe it or not (because I do everything in my power to not study) first I like to research certain things, and think hard about making complex paragraphs and fun dialogues, it fills up my time and I get to produce something and share it. I like drawing too though I don’t do it much, and recently we tried embroidery at Uni and to my surprise I liked it and thought of picking it up sometime in the future (as a kid I hated it). Recently I was so into a game (mystic messenger), and before that an anime (yuri on ice) (- I still love both of them), and judging by my blog I’m trapped in drama-world. What I want to say is during your time that has passed can you come up with something you enjoy even if it’s very little? 

I don’t want to be noisy because you probably already have your own ‘‘concept of life’’ figured out. We all, probably many times in life feel like time is not real and it’s just the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel it often because writing ff or having a tumblr isn’t that special but it’s still something. If I were to give you advice then it is to start something new or find something you’re curious about or it can even be to read more about something you’re not so curious about. There’s nothing that is bad per se so go and explore. It can be off- or online, you may hate it or like it, won’t know until you try, right? Giving an ex. of mine then just two days ago while searching about a fave OTP I found something called ‘doujinshi’. I often stay off explicit stuff so basically I was fascinated and curious so I read thru some lmao and I love art so a plus for me woho. I won’t be making it my daily habit bc it’s not something I enjoy but I’m kind of ‘glad’ to have found something new. And then sometimes I just chill and waste time and go on with life because that’s one kind of activity too imo. Time is just something that’s supposed to pass and sooner or later we will— um, I feel like I’m going off topic….

Either way, I hope you soon start to feel your time is meaningful because life is short and I think people often get stuck in ‘I must do something meaningful’ when sometimes just eating food, helping a kid, smiling at some stranger (lol?) or waking up in the morning to start a new day can be something meaningful. Handing in assignments is an accomplishment too and in the future when you’re entering a new chapter it may all lead to a somewhat satisfying life.

okay but hear me out for a sec

“that was my family! i dont care what they were!”
“i dunno, Morty, some people would pay top dollar for that kinda breakthrough”

“you know what, Rick, thats it! im done with these insane adventures! that was really traumatising! i quit! im out!”
“whoa, whoa, whoa, come on, Morty, do-do-don’t be like that! the universe is a crazy and chaotic place!”
“youre the one thats crazy and chaotic!”

do you think that Rick understood what Morty meant back then when he watched the fake Beth and Diane explode? the two instances are eerily similar and i feel like Rick was actually really traumatised by that fake memory he conjured up… just think about it for a bit.

Regarding Hang Out Crisis

Hey Guys!

I woke up this morning to a tumblr inbox full of messages telling me that someone released several chapters of Hang out crisis on mangago.
First of all, thank you so much to everyone who messaged us! Your messages,and also the comments that have been posted on mangago, made everyone in the group tear up. It’s so overwhelming to see and feel your loyalty and your love. We can’t thank you enough!!!

Some of you are afraid that we will drop this project. 

Well let me tell you something:  THERE’S NO WAY WE ARE GONNA DROP THIS PROJECT!!!!

Let me explain the Hang out crisis situation to you.

The translation situation:
The chapters have been translated by a translator who hasn’t worked on yaoi before. The translations are also literal translations, so my proofy, NQS, has to put all her writing skills into the proofreading to make it sound good in english. Proofies do that all the time, but the extent needed in HOC is a bit more extreme. Also, Owaru likes to use phrases and metaphors that make perfect sense in Japanese but not so much in english. So, since we always want to release the best possible translation that we are capable of, it’s taking some time.

The cleaning situation:
Owaru is hard to clean. She uses many, and and often large, sfx and is a big fan of transparent bubbles. The problem with that is everything “underneath” the text has to be redrawn by hand. As you may have noticed, I clean too. I would clean it, but cleaning puts a lot of strain on my rheumatic hands, so I prefer not to ^^ That’s why I was looking for a cleaner for this project. Recently, a really sweet girl messaged me and offered her help. Shes never done this before and is basically learning as she goes, but she’s doing an awesome job. She works full-time, so she can’t just clean 24/7. And I don’t want to rush anyone because…. no. When it comes down to it, this is still a hobby and no ones job. If you want this project to be updated faster, and you can clean or know someone who can, please message us. We badly need and greatly appreciate any helping hand we can get.


I was expecting this to happen tbh, since we DO take so much time, for which I have repeatedly apologized. We know you are waiting. Dammit, we want to know how it continues ourselves xD

Things like this happen. People get impatient, so other people mean well and release stuff. It can’t be helped.
We’re just really grateful for everyone who’s waiting patently for our releases, and accepting that sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we wish they would. Thank you so much!
We will continue working on Hang Out Crisis. Our peen fairy kaNd is ready to uncensor those dicks, and again, I apologize for taking so long. Thank you for your support and love and patience. 

Please hang in there just a little longer <3 

Originally posted by yavileto

Reasons I’d watch a Cisco and Cynthia spin off (ideally some sort of mini-series of 3-12 episodes maybe over the summer or something that would be rad)

1. Travel the multiverse. 

2. Doppelgangers get just about every arrowverse actor to show up without actually having to worry about messing with their character arcs in their home shows. Actors get to stretch their acting chops and we all get to enjoy the heck out of it. 

3. Potential musical universe. I won’t even pretend I don’t want this. 

4. Cisco and Cynthia both have really strong personalities. We’ve only gotten 3 episodes of them, but Cynthia’s kinda aggressive standpoint of “this is Right and this is Wrong” balanced against Cisco’s empathetic ability to understand other people’s perspectives could–

5. –make for some wicked character arcs where Cynthia learns over the course of the show to balance what’s Right or Wrong as she sees it against what’s actually reasonable to all these different cultures they come across; and Cisco has to face a decision in the climax where the Right way feels wrong and the Wrong way feels right (preferably not kill or be killed cause thats old and doesn’t really fit Cisco) and there’s no apparent third way out and it could all end where either Cisco has to make a choice and carry that back into the main arrowverse after the miniseries is over or Cynthia and her own character development works with him and they find that third way and they macgyver themselves a happy ending

6. screen time and development for two of DC comic’s biggest nobodies (because I love them but try bringing either of them up to a non-DC fan. or even a DC fan.)

7. I’m cynco af

anonymous asked:

Mc trying to seduce rfa + v &Saeran using the virgin killing sweater 😂😂🍑🍑👀👀

Oh my goddd. I had never heard of the virgin killing sweater before (if you haven’t either, I highly suggest looking it up - my first introduction into it was this article) and everything I’ve seen on it is just the girl wearing the sweater and nothing else so that’s kind of what I had in mind when I wrote these lolol. I swear this is totally something I would illustrate if I actually could art. Thank you, anon, this was genuinely a joy to write! I hope I did it justice!

I mean…MC really does love her sweaters.

Requests are open.~


  • he’s been practicing for rehearsal all day
  • at this point he has everything down but he’s still going
    • “Zenny…you’ve been at it all day…come take a break with me.~”
    • “I just need to practice a little more, I have to do a good job.”
  • well…drastic times call for drastic measures
  • you had heard the craze and bought one…just in case
  • the virgin killing sweater now time to see if it works
  • you come out of the room wearing it
    • “Are you sure you can’t take just a little break, Zenny?”  
  • something in your tone of voice makes him turn around
  • and he FREEZES
  • you have unleashed The BEAST™
  • has you pinned to the wall so fast omg what rehearsal?
  • doesn’t even make it to the bedroom tbh
    • “You’re going to be the death of me someday, MC” said after the sweater is long forgotten on the floor, of course
  • makes sure the sweater is folded on the top of other clothes in the drawer hoping you decide to use it again soon


  • between studying to be a veterinarian, after school clubs, and you, this boy has been busy
  • so it’s really understandable that when he has a day to relax, he wants to play LOLOL
  • but he has been playing for five hours it really had been a long time since he played
  • so you decide to play a little dirty literally?
  • you come up behind him wearing the virgin killing sweater and wrap your arms around him
    • “Oh, MC, just one more round–”
    • “Are you sure that’s what you want, Yoosung?”
  • then you spin his chair around to face you he’s eye level with “the girls” omg omg what happened to his brain
  • Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  • his face is so red
  • his friends are yelling into his headset, they are under attack
  • then he recovers a little
    • “If you were looking at what I’m looking at, you’d ditch LOLOL in a heartbeat too” and then he logs out with no other explanation
  • he’s still blushing like mad but he pulls you into his lap omg you’re not even wearing pants, he’s the luckiest guy ever???
  • he ends up carrying you to the bedroom bridal style after making out on the chair for a while


  • owning a bakery is exhausting
  • she’s much happier than when she was working for Jumin but seems no less tired?
  • so it had been a little while since you two had been intimate
  • …and tbh you were thirsty
  • so you bought the sweater and put it on the second it came in
  • when she gets home, you are going about your usual business
  • not even acknowledging the virgin killing sweater
  • she’s standing in the doorway, blushing and open-mouthed
  • when you bend down in an over-exaggerated way, bend & snap anyone? she drops her purse
  • suddenly she’s grabbing your hand to lead you to the bedroom
    • “You’re not too tired?” what’s with that innocent tone of voice
    • “On the contrary, I am feeling quite energized, thanks to you.”
  • tbh she’d heard of the sweater and thought it was ridiculous but consider her mind changed now


  • he had been working late all week
  • you decided to order the virgin killing sweater without telling him
  • you had showed him in amusement when you first discovered it and he had been unimpressed
    • “That woman must be freezing. The sweater has no arms…or a back…or even sides. It is barely even clothing.” sweetheart that’s the point
  • it’s around noon when it comes in and you decide to text Jumin
    • “Can’t you come home early today? You’ve been there late all week and my new sweater came in. I want your opinion.”
    • “I wish I could, you know that, my love. Is a new sweater really a reason to cut work short?”
    • “Hmm…you tell me, Mr. Han.~” [sent with a selfie you took while wearing it]
    • “…I’ll be right there.”
  • Jaehee had to cancel the rest of his day you promise her you’ll make it up to her later
  • Driver Kim knows that look; he is speeding on the way home
  • you are waiting at the door when he arrives
  • he immediately kisses you
    • “I was wrong about the sweater. It is…very effective. I hope you don’t have plans for the next two days…”
  • carries you to the bedroom, closing the door behind you
    • “I love the sweater, but you look best wearing nothing at all…”


  • tbh you bought it bc you thought it would be hilarious
  • then you put it on and hey you don’t look half bad
  • and you decide you are definitely going to use it today
  • when Saeyoung gets home, you’re in the bedroom waiting for him
  • on the bed, with this absolutely ridiculous pose
  • so he’s laughing at first
  • but then you turn just so and omg you went from funny to ridiculously hot in .5 seconds flat
  • no more laughter
  • he jumps on the bed and starts kissing you
  • did you really just seduce him with a meme you two are perfect together
  • he really enjoys running his hands underneath the sweater tbh so it takes a while for it to actually come off
  • later on, he’s picking it up from the floor and putting it on
    • “Hey, this looks pretty good on me! We should get one in every color!”


  • he can’t…really see what you’re wearing too well
  • but you actually kind of prefer that?
  • you have a plan
  • he comes home and you’re wearing the sweater and ofc he makes no comment
  • so you sit in his lap and rest your head on his shoulder nothing out of the ordinary, you two do this all the time
  • it isn’t until his hand rests on your leg that he realizes something is different
    • “MC…you aren’t wearing pants?”
  • suddenly he’s exploring a little more closely just what you wanted
  • he runs his hands down your sides and back and feels loose-fitting fabric and lots of skin
  • he’s breathing quite a bit heavier now
  • continues running his hands all over you until you can’t take it anymore
  • you grab his face and kiss him which makes him chuckle
    • “Taking too long for your tastes, love?”
    • “You are such a tease.”
    • “Only returning the favor. Shall we move to the bedroom?”


  • he is not prepared
  • you’d had a little spat that hasn’t quite been resolved yet
  • and then you come home with a shopping bag and a smirk on your face
  • and you change immediately
  • and now you’re standing in front of him…wearing that
  • he never really understood the point of dressing a certain way to seduce someone
  • and yet…he can’t deny the effectiveness of it
  • like…wow
  • tbh part of him wants to leave out of protest this isn’t fair
  • legit stands there warring with himself for several good minutes
  • while you just stand there waiting for the virgin killing sweater to work its magic
    • “…fuck it.”
  • then he pushes you against the wall and starts kissing you
    • “Does this mean we aren’t fighting anymore?”
    • “Ask me later.”

memorieswarm  asked:

Okay, your talking of the neck stroking got me wondering: being realistic and keeping in mind the 7pm time slot what sexy-ish/flirty stuff would you like to see between Aaron and Robert in future?


I still want Aaron straddling Robert but it’s never gonna happen 😢

(but like.. @ed writers… if u wanted to…)

Uh, my main wants (and in fairness, I’m not the best person to ask, because I got excited when Aaron’s hand hovered over Roberts back for 2 seconds, I’ll clearly quite literally take anything)

But tbh any more wall slamming they wanted to give us, gentle or not idc, would be greatly appreciated.

The standards: hugs from behind, neck kisses, all excellent

any casual touching tbh i just love it. Waist??? Neck??? Thighs???? Who cares I’ll take it all, touch each other everywhere and film it, that’s fine nbd







not mentioning rob putting his hands in aaron’s hair, that’s right, i have restraint







that’s all

anonymous asked:

What headcanons do you have for an au where Alina doesn't kill darkles sparkles, the plague malaria stays dead, and alarkling rules ravka together

- they have an on going joke about malicious people
- alina develops a new technique of reeling darkles back in and it usually involves depriving him of sweets (this should have been a real thing tbh… his fold for a piece of cake)
- darkles apologizes to everyone - his ex-circle of friends and close ~subjects~/confidantes, ravka, the entire nation… and it takes a long time but eventually they stop calling him a monster and start calling him moi soverenyi again
- nikolai is free to sail again but he always comes back - home - after a few months just bc ravka’s such a large part of his past and who he is
- darkles shows alina a lot of things in the dark… and she’s like?????? the frickity frack was i thinking before??? humping a malnutrition and thinking it was an okay experience?? bc it has NOTHING in common and y’all know darkles is good
alina comes out to him as bi but it’s super casual and undramatic like she literally just lets it slip one night after having a bit too much kvas to drink? and then she realizes what she’s just said and she goes SHIT for a sec (not bc she‘s anxious about his reaction or anything but just bc it wasn’t SUPPOSED to come out like this like one minute they were drinking and the next one alina’s like by the way i’d totally let zoya row me) and he’s like,,,,, shit you TOO?? wifey same
- alina learns he could be gentle and kind and even soft but it’s always in private so it’s a side of him ONLY she’s privy to
- have you seen that hades/persephone fanart where hades’s literally holding persephone’s flower and he’s like KICK HIS ASS BABY, I GOT YO FLOWER while she’s storming off to make some loser’s life miserable? that’d be them in a nutshell
- like. darkles could quite literally cut a man in two but it’s ALINA they fear bc she’s so kind and sweet to children and mistreated people but the moment some misogynistic trashbag opens his mouth? hell on earth
- needless to say darkles has the BIGGEST heart eyes in those moments
- like shit shit that’s my WIFE my sunshine my light hOoOOOOOly SHIT no seriously that’s some HoLY SHIT right there some GOOD SHIT right there mMmMMm good shit good sHIT
- everyone thinks he’s gonna be a tyrant but he’s actually a very just ruler? like sure he never goes easy on criminals and people who have wronged him or his country but he’s not bloodthirsty or cruel or ExtraTM (contrary to canon popular belief)
- he never discloses his real name - that’s something private and special and alina’s the only one he wants to share it with anyway; he comes up with various fake names over the years so he deliberately adds more fuel to the mystery which let’s be real only makes him more interesting in the eyes of his people
- alina still teaches orphans bc that’s just who he is? her being married to darkles doesn’t change her at all - if anything, i helps HIM become a better person
- again, contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t want or try to change a THING about her. after all, she’s always owned his heart from day 1 so like what COULD he change anyway (even if he wanted to which he doesn’t bc alina’s alina and he chose her BC of who she was? it would make zero sense to try and change her in any way shape or form)
- they still have the triumvirate (genya has the highest rank just bc darkles couldn’t even BEGIN to compensate her for what he did so making her ravka’s most important person (after him and alina) is the least he could do - and genya proves to be the amazing glorious goddess she’s always been) except zoya talks A LOT of shit about her king and she’s always dragging him
- and every time he opens his mouth to fire smth back alina puts a small but firm hand on his shoulder and reminds him of The TIme He Was Real Fucking ExtraTM and that’s enough to shut him up
- alina’s the one who goes from 0 to 100 while he plots and schemes and goes out of his way to deliver the perfect revenge
- every once in a while, someone will see him reach out to hold her hand or kiss her forehead and they all swear the queen’s presence transforms his entire demeanour (it does)
- alina never takes his name, and that’s okay, he understands. he gets to call her solnishka, my sunshine, and see her smile back at him and that’s more than enough.