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Name: Christian. 

Favorite drink: Anything with high alcohol and coffee ~ donno anything is fine I guess ~

Favorite Snack: Some dry pretzels ? donno I don’t have one ~

Favorite meal: None. 

Favorite memory: *frowns* I suddenly have amnesia. (maybe my piano concert or when I was praised for my paintings and artistic performance or maybe the rare times when I had a happy family )

Favorite tv show: Sherlock . SPN.  Hannibal. In the flesh .and anything that I come across tbh…everything seem so boring at tv this days.

Favorite tumblr blog: The list is long and I don’t want to miss anyone ~

One random fact about you:  I look always mad and people fear to talk to me. I am actually just tired.

One random fact about your day: I run away from courses today to sleep.

One random fact about your job/school: I am still battling with pneumonia and just went to consult a kid that has pneumonia too. Awesome….*pulls a face* It other words…it’s damn tiring .

One random fact about your favorite tv show: I write ff and draw for it ~

What is one thing you would sell your soul for: Power ~ *grins*

If you could only have one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be: I nice suit. I love white shirts and vest ~ and my trench coat that I adore ~

What was the last song that got stuck in your head: Kaleo- Way down we go ~ *sighs*

Zombie Apocalypse. What is your weapon of choice: Empathy.

Did you have a baby blanket? Do you still have it: Huh? What is that *tilts head* . No and no ~

What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn: I know one time I just made my hair black and had a haircut just like Kageyama XD but also I was a forest nymph ~

Beach or Water Park: Beach ~ <3 I  miss the sea ~

Name a song that you dislike: HAHAHAHAHAAHA too many but I am forced to listen to them sooooo *shrug* 

What do you think is your spirit animal: Kuroo Tetsurou. Oda Sakunosuke . Dazai Osamu. Donno if I mix them all is a damn soup of assholes ~ 

What is the most played song on your MP3/MP4: *looks at the mp3* LP- no witness ( the most recent and most played rn ) and Imagine dragons- Believer .

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well since PWR BTTM is cancelled. time to break out the good ol’ list of “”LGBT bands and artists you might have heard of but if you haven’t, definitely need to be listening to them””**  my favs are gonna be bolded

The Cliks - if you haven’t heard Lucas cover ‘take me to church’ then go the fuck home. also, dirty king is a jam

LEIF - AMAZING gay rapper. 

Angel Haze - they’re perfect

Ladyhawke - funky autistic lesbian synthpop 

Eli Lieb - i honestly only listen to his lana covers BUT he does have some good original music lol

SÄLEN  - gay as fuck synthpop 

Spoonboy - Linus and Me is good. anything that’s punk w/ trumpets is A+ to me

Beth O’Reiley - gay as fuck and acoustic. does a lot of covers but her original songs are pretty great. 

Radical Face - gay man, makes rly chill music. gives me death cab vibes. but gay

Dodie Clark - bi and a beautiful voice. her ‘teenage dream’ cover with tessa violet is v gay

Years And Years - funky gay beats and rly good vocals

Wasi - Gay synthpop and its fucking amazing

Mykki Blanco - Hip Hop/R&B and rly fucking good

MIKA - theatrical shit. a little too campy for me. but some ppl rly like him

Neon Trees - “songs i can’t listen to” is my favorite by them

Passion Pit - didn’t know the lead singer was gay until recently bc im lame. but i love their music

WoodKid - tbh idk how to describe woodkid. but he’s gay and makes good music

PVRIS - reminds me of troye sivan but lesbian and way more rock

Beatrice Eli - “girls” is the gayest song ive heard in a long time 

Ria Mae - “clothes off” comes as a close second to the gayest song ive heard in a long time

Adore Delano - was on americna idol, became a drag queen, katy perry meets ke$ha but also gay

Courtney Act - was on australian idol as a drag queen, is actually genderqueer and a pretty good singer

Shura - chill vibe, late night car rides, kinda sad, kinda not. very lesbian

Pansy Division - gay greenday 

Perfume Genius - my sad gay husband tbh

Tom Goss - a little bit country a little bit rock n’ roll. all gay

Mr. Twin Sister - ‘Blush’ makes me wanna kiss a boy in a smokey bar 

Rostam - used to be apart of vampire weekend and his music had a lot of the same sound. (also check out vampire weekend lol)

the XX - a gay man and a lesbian make some sad tunes my dudes. the song “angels” took on a whole new meaning when i found out they were gay

Superfruit - The two gays from pentatonix have some good disco-style jams

**honourable mentions bc you’ve probably already heard of them: Sia, Debbia Harry/Blondie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Mary Lambert, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, Todrick Hall, Willow Smith, Adam Lambert, The B-52s, 


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Nygmobblepot is Alive

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I wanted to make a list of reasons Nygmobblepot is still surviving and thriving. Some good chicken soup (I prefer Tomato) for the soul!

  • Oswald Cobblepot is still love with Edward Nygma, even more so now than he knew (even if he is going to be pissed upon his return)
  • That mysteriously titled Gotham episode 3x18 “Meant to Be”
  • That “Love” commercial FOX  released that showed Nygmobblepot over an actual canon (and popular) couple Lucifer and Chloe from FOX
  • The show creators haven’t confirmed Nygmobblepot isn’t going to be canon, and the executive producer even referenced them as always being able to find each other and soul mates.
  • Edward Nygma hallucinating Oswald, because let’s be real he Hallucinates people he loves. Kristen, Oswald, and himself.
  • Still, the writers on twitter saying “the season has many episodes left” in reference to Nygmobblepot. 
  • There are still 7 WHOLE EPISODES to come from this season!
  • Cory deleting that tweet saying Edward wasn’t queer around the same time “Meant to Be” was/is being filmed. (I understand this could be for a multitude of other reasons, but the timing is oddly random and out of no where.)
  • Oswald has always fallen and come back 10x stronger to get what he wants and what he wants is Edward’s ass, in more ways than one.

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please do more jercy headcanons!!

omg?? yes of course!!! anything for you juliana ♥

  • spring and summertime boyfriends tbh. it’s like coming out of hibernating after a long winter, they start jogging every morning, go out for lunch, jason brings home fresh flowers weekly
  • percy owns a puca shell necklace and jason literally despises it
  • every time percy gets sick, jason takes a trip to this bakery that specializes in just strictly cookies, and he gets percy a bunch of sea animal cookies; dolphins, crabs, fish, the works
  • book worm jason staying up until 3am to listen to audio books and percy waking up bc jason’s crying at the end, so he pulls jason real close and whispers a little, “neerrdd” before kissing him on the head
  • imagine this: percy and jason going to new york comic con dressed up as superman and batman in all their heroic physique glory, and then kissing every time someone yells “where’s wonder woman?”
  • the older they get the more powerful they become and it gets to the point that if a storm starts brewing over camp half-blood people just know they’re sparring. it doesn’t even have to be that serious, they just naturally cause a storm
  • every time percy sneaks into the zeus cabin to sleep, lightning will flash but jason just flips off the statue before turning back to fall asleep next to his bf
  • one time early in the morning in their apartment, just as the sun was rising, apollo appeared in front of their bed all “heLLO demigods, i have a TASK” and while jason does have a filter and got up to say hi, percy–still half asleep–mumbled under his breath “die”
  • percy likes to trace the lines of jason’s jaw, and his shoulder, and down his arm, and across his chest, he likes reassuring himself that jason’s there. he’s real and alive and warm and there
  • jason surprises percy with at least one picnic in the strawberry fields per summer. he never tells percy when but it becomes tradition and it’s something percy looks forward to every year
  • one year though, jason had knots in his stomach as they were walking to their picnic spot, because he had a ring hidden in the back pocket of his jeans
  • and last but not least: one morning percy wakes (after a huge night of partying) up to a text from annabeth that reads, “hope your ass doesn’t hurt to much from last night #neveragain”
  • and he turns to jason, who also has no idea what she’s talking about, and so he checks in the mirror to see if there’s anything wrong and there’s a lightning bolt on his ass
  • jason starts laughing basically screaming, and percy, who can’t believe his own two eyes, checks their snap stories to find out they were playing truth or dare. annabeth was right, #neveragain.

wow i haven’t done headcanons in awhile i hope this was okay?? love you!!!

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you used to hate ed?? lol what happened?

LMAO YES I love this story because it was so frustrating at the time but so funny in retrospect????

SO. OK. This was back in like 2007 or 8??? I was a youngin who just got a laptop so I spent many hours scouring the internet. Anyway, you know those little stickers people used to have on their profiles? Like on deviantart and even facebook had its own version called flair, and on forums and shit? Well, ok, like, this was around the time Twilight the movie had just come out so it was getting HUGE and because of that I think the fma fandom was like???? Retaliating??? Because suddenly I kept seeing stickers and posts like “Team Edward…..ELRIC” or “Alchemists are better than vampires because they don’t sparkle” like literally the epitome of 2008 internet. SO i was like WhO THE FUCK IS tHis EdwArd Guy whY IS he SUddEnly EVeryWHeRe so of course I searched his name, but like a weird middle schooler, I decided to search it on deviantart rather than google because logic  apparently didn’t exist in the 2000s. So yeah I was Shocked to say the least i was like OkaY WHat THE FUCk That Is AN ANimE CHArAcTER he’S NoT EvEn CUte ALL hiS FanGIRLS aRe DeLuSiOnAL. There were some weird drawings, I wish I remembered them all tbh. So yeah that was that, I detested Ed just because he kept coming up and it was getting super annoying and I thought anime was super lame and embarrassing so I was bothered I was being forced to see people lusting over this anime kid. Also puberty, probably. But yeah. I hated Ed for years because of all that.

And then I forgot about him for a few years.

And then. I decided to watch fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. And in like the first minute or so they say his name for the first time. 

And I just remember thinking…..oooooh no……ooooooh NOOOOOO and all those middle school memories and pent up hate came flooding back. I literally  had to put my laptop aside and pause for a moment of self-reflection and I asked myself are you really ready to face these demons nikki?

Anyway obviously I did. But it’s great to know 13 year old me would want to fight present me


The Flash describing Draco Malfoy

“I come from a pretty wealth family, back at England. A long line of generations of old money, tradition, nonsense really and I was the heir. I was their first born son.“

taemin in college
  • double major in criminology and japanese, minor in latin 
  • whenever he tells anyone his minor they’ll always ask him to say something and he’s just like spouting random stuff like “water, vengeance, rock duck, veni vedi vici, amen” (”did you just say amen?? was that a prayer??” / taemin: *sweating* “yeah”) 
  • tbh saying amen is just a reflex from when he was an altar boy 
  • rides a longboard around campus
  • occasionally his cap will fly off while he’s cruising and he’ll have to backtrack and awkwardly trudge after it (”omg pls don’t roll away hat i’m coming back for you”) 
  • he spent a really long time practicing ollies in the quad and now he randomly kicks up his board on his way to class like nbd he’s just super cool
  • his backback is HUGE 
  • he just keeps EVERYTHING in there so he’ll never forget anything (jonghyun: omg just get yourself a planner or something and keep notes / taemin: no. never. it’s better this way) 
  • honestly getting things in that bag is like playing tetris and you never know what he’ll pull out of there??? onew’s homework (”omfg i was looking for that everywhere”), a bag of chocolate chips (onew: this is my compensation), multiple chargers, rolls of tape, ah there’s his syllabus, oh his rosary!!! 6v6
  • he’s that kid who ALWAYS loses his student id and people post in his class facebook page like “taemin i found your card again” 
  • works at the bookstore and when he sees minho coming in, immediately turns around and walks in the opposite direction bc he loves him and all but minho buys in like bulk and he does not get paid enough for this no siree 
  • does not own a single uni sweater/shirt himself despite the 15% discount his friends abuse 
  • until jong gave him a giant uni sweatshirt for christmas that he… rang up for him?? but it’s actually pretty comfy and he wears it on exam days bc the long sleeves are comforting and could absorb tears if it comes down to that 
  • whenever key walks into his dorm he’s always watching some anime (it’s usually one punch man lately) and he always insists it’s ~studying~
  • also his room always so messy omg like boy do you unpack by opening your suitcase and just chucking your clothes all around like a tornado??? 
  • hurricane taemin 
  • but seriously there’s no floor showing 
  • minho: where do you study in your room?? / taemin: i just kinda *motions at the mess in a vague manner* / minho: that gives me literally zero answers
  • he studies a lot with key at the cafe jonghyun works at (for the free coffee / jong: literally you guys only come here for my coffee and not for me / taekey: … well yeah / jong: you’re both banned forever bye) bc he likes the buzz of other people talking 
  • can’t really focus when it’s too quiet  
  • does really well in classes despite sometimes missing a few bc he just straight up forgot that it was during a certain timeslot (key: how / taemin: things just happen!!! it’s totally plausible that you’d forget sometime!!! / onew: we have 5 weeks of school left) 
  • people sometimes forget that he’s also a crim major also but he’s genuinely interested in forensic science and piecing together what happened and how 
  • almost always knows the answer when the prof ask a question but doesn’t really participate unless called on and he could talk for a WHILE once he gets past the initial stuttering start 
  • honestly every time he has to present in class considers taking a shot to loosen his nerves because dear god he hATES public speaking 
  • he can’t bc asian glow is so real 6///6
Musicals as Restaurants

Please take these with a grain of salt!

Hamilton - Chipotle 

Everyone has heard of it, even when there’s controversy around it people still go, and it’s undeniably ethnic but white girls love it.

Phantom of the Opera - McDonald’s

It’s the first example that comes to mind, has been running for a long, long time, and is of questionable quality.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 - That One Weird Place 

Your friend swears that it’ll take off, but then it actually does?? And you thought no one liked it two months ago!

Dear Evan Hansen - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Stores

Whoa this is sooooooo edgy!!! Definitely not done before!!!! Who’s heard of musicals about teen angst?? (But tbh you love it anyway)

Wicked - Burger King

Like McDonald’s, but not as old, good, or popular.

Feel free to add more!

Alright, a recap is in order because a lot has been happening and I personally need to jot things down. Bold are things that are different & (possibly) indicative of some sort of (positive) change, italicize are things that stay the same


  • began/resumed solo activity within the last few weeks
  • has apparently ‘relocated’ to LA (not with gf)
  • still tied to gf
  • same stalkers
  • gucci
  • creative liberty


  • releasing music for the first time in 7ish months, **2 days after harry is releasing a new single**
  • still uses gabe turner/fulwell to direct the video
  • still tied to modest golf
  • good promo
  • same stalkers
  • creative liberty


  • still with ben winston/fulwell for music video
  • a lot of the same 1d team (may/may not be total personal choice)
  • het promo, but no gf in foreseeable future (”single”)
  • lots of hobama jokes 
  • bee tattoo
  • louis tweet
  • creative liberty
  • same stalkers
  • gucci


  • new music “soon,” (first since JHO) no release date
  • same stalkers 
  • tweeting with no immediate stunt follow-up
  • no bg stunting in months
  • ig posting + immediate stunt follow up (re: warnings are still a thing)
  • still with E
  • gucci 


  • consistent coordination in typical 1D fashion


  • have both been in London at the same time, instead of one being placed in a different city
  • consistent social media coordination 

I’m not saying all of this means something – it probably doesn’t – but looking at this (very rough) summary of events, if i were to make a guess, I’d say multiple gears are turning here. 

- You have OT, who is actively screwing things up for Louis (which, yes, technically L has his “own team” but they are still in the pockets of OT so there’s really no difference). OT still has their hands in Liam’s business (re: ch*am (at the very least), H and Niall are the most visibly “free” (but that’s a joke considering the hold up with Niall’s music, and the narratives surrounding Harry + his music)

- You have NT (most likely the A’s, since i haven’t seen anyone else as active/visible around 1D), coordinating solo!direction together, and coordinating Harry and Louis (to whatever degree they have power, because they don’t have total control right now)

- and then you have the boys individual teams, who have control over their clients, though the execution of what that looks like for each boy is still dictated by OT (ie, het promo, baby based promo, etc.)

As time goes on, i think we’ll see that some things just aren’t going to change. Stalkers aren’t going to go away (I hope they do, but I’m not hopeful), and Harry and Louis coordination will become more and more apparent, eventually leading up to SM interaction to start and… that’s all I got tbh. I think things are moving in levels, and with every level comes more power to NT. if we could get to the level where someone idc who ends b/abygate that would be great, but. *(I should note that consistent solo!direction coordination would NOT be happening if the band was dead, so keep that in mind next time someone wants to tell you/convince you 1D is over.)*

THESE ARE JUST THEORIES I COULD BE WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. i just wanted to have it all written down. for science, or something.

Lysander Headcanons

…Should I just become a headcanon blog or-//shot

  • Probably tried to dye his hair black for Rosalya but failed. He liked the end result though-
  • Likes playing with Candy’s hair
  • Likes to doodle some pictures of Candy in his notepad
  • Sleep with multiple pillows and just the fluffiest blanket
  • CAN’T STAND gossip, he just CAN'T 
  • Washes his hands often, he just likes keeping them clean
  • Doesn’t understand memes? but he makes an effort to
  • Is very good at making come backs at the right moment.
  • Is very honest, he will straight up admit he’s jealous.
  • Just wants peace
  • Doesn’t like the concept of fighting? He thinks it’s violent and doesn’t want any part of it
  • Takes a long time getting dressed for school tbh
  • Got one. Single. Stain. On his coat and he was very close to making an actual angry face
  • Doesn’t like the nickname ‘Lys-baby’ doesn’t like ‘babe’ either.
  • Doesn’t like texting, he’d rather hear Candy’s voice
  • Has probably space out multiple times thinking about Candy
  • Is very good with animals
  • Hates animal abuse (or any kind, but especially) and NEVER talks about it
  • Loves fluffy animals.
  • Likes holding Candy in his arms
  • Likes cherry suckers
  • Smells heavenly
  • Can’t utter a single word of a dirty joke, he jusT CAN’T
  • He can’t choose one favorite thing about Candy, but if he had to - her smile.

Psycho Pass or Tokyo Ghoul requested by @ah-luna​​

First Time With Them: GOT7 YOUNGJAE

/ BamBam // Jackson // JB // YuGyeom // YoungJae // JinYoung // Mark /

/ B.A.P // BTS // KActor // KHH // PENTAGON // SF9 // WINNER // BtoB /

  • Part time freak, tbh;
  •      It’s the quiet ones ;’) ;
  • Not that kinky, but has high stamina;
  •      His kinks are prominent tho;
  •           Even on your first night;
  • However, as is in his nature, he is also a very gentle persona;
  • With soft spoken words he would seduce you;
  •      Reassure you;
  •           Speak pure dirt into your ear;
  • With slow hip thrusts he would go in and out of you;
  • However, that all comes after long, long time of him preparing you;
  • He didn’t want you in pain;
  •      Ever;
  •           Even if one of your kinks would turn out to be biting or smth;
  • The idea o hurting you didn’t sit in well with him;
  • But that exact idea would bring you all the bliss of the world;
  • He’d rather go down on you than you giving him head;
  •      And he’d be amazing at it;
  •           So much so that you’d forget your name while screaming and moaning his;
  • When he’d enter you first and hear your little whimpers of discomfort and slight pain he would halt;
  •      Considering to back away;
  •           You’d have to reassure him to continue;
  • However after you’d fully take him in all that would stay in his eyes would be the never ending adoration;
  • So much love;
  • And when you’d look up at him, you’d see it;
  • It would be a very much passionate occurrence;
  • Filled with overflowing love and one too many kisses.

If I were to compare Jimin to fire, then Jungkook is like ice.

I see Jimin as the most temperamental person in the group (nobody else comes close tbh). And although he is mindful of how other people perceive and judge him, he can’t quite hide his anger when he feels like he’s been wronged. He’s easily roused, volcanic in nature, and holds grudges for a long time. He’s just highly emotional and defensive all around.

Jungkook on the other hand is much more cool and collected. He’s the type to sharpen his anger quietly. He shuts down and withdraws himself emotionally from the source of conflict. And although you can clearly see something is bothering him, he’s not the type to admit anything if he can get away with it. He lets most things pass (unlike Jimin who is much more confrontational and needs to settle things verbally); Jungkook picks his battles. But if he does gets pushed to his breaking point, I think he’d be the type whose anger can chill you, the kind that makes you break out in a cold sweat because it’s so unexpected and just.. harsh.

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I wanted to draw angst but not a super cool idea I got from a friendo, not yet so here, Ara a week or more after the bad thing happensss

I say a week or so bc earlier he is bed ridden man, and a bit later would spoil something pretty huuuge soo ye

NCT 127 reaction to you nursing them back to health


Anon: How would NCT Dream and NCT 127 react to their partner nursing them back to health?

Hi Anon! I hope you like this! Tbh I though that it was kinda shitty but oh well I’ll edit this late reply if need be :-)


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeil wouldn’t want to bother you at all about being sick and would probably leave it for a very long time. He’d basically be smiling through the pain, and you would be oblivious to the pain he was in. You finding out would come as a complete shock and surprise - to the pair of you. You’d accidentally walk in on him collapsed on his bed, soaked in sweat and groaning in pain. Rushing to his side, you’d grab his hand asking him what happened and, although he didn’t want to tell you because he’s stubborn like that, he’d just tell you. He’d want you to help him, since he’d be in a lot of pain and would just want to get better. And he’d promise you that he’d tell you sooner next time, but then, he probably wouldn’t.


Originally posted by nctinfo

I don’t think Johnny would mind you looking after him if he was sick, but he’d make sure you were keeping clean and healthy yourself. He wouldn’t want you to get sick because of him and would feel incredibly guilty if it were you who was bundled up in bed the next week, because of it. He’d offer you tissues and give you hand gel whenever you came to check if he was alright. It sounds extreme and unnecessary but Johnny wouldn’t want to see you ill and would be concerned for you, more than you were for him. He’d refuse any cuddles and kisses, and would sleep alone in his bed with the cold sheets and without the warmth of your body next to his. By the time he’s better though, he’d be very clingy and affectionate, claiming that any long hugs or sudden kisses was just making up for lost time.


Originally posted by bhaek

At first Taeyong would try and refuse any help you tried to give him. What with being the leader of NCT, he probably feels like he has a responsibility to do things independently and look after others. But soon, he’d let you - enjoying having you fuss over him and look after him. Unlike some of the other members, he wouldn’t take advantage of you looking after him, just being extremely grateful and affectionate for your help. He’d cling onto you and attempt to coax you into coming and giving him a cuddle, a demand you refused first but soon let him have it.


Originally posted by taetohan

Yuta would be dramatic as hell whenever he was ill. Sighing loudly, having coughing fits, throwing his head back and complaining about having a headache. Of course, they would only get you slowly more and more agitated and annoyed at him - but your inner maternal instincts would stop you from giving up and not helping. He’d just love having you fuss over him and would make the most of it, asking you to get the most obscure things from the store or really specific meals. At night though, he’d be very cuddly and quieter, wrapping you tightly in his arms at night, and pressing light kisses over your neck. He’d make sure you knew he was sorry for making you do so much for him during the day too.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Unlike  his usual self, he’d be very quiet and calm whenever he was ill - thinking he was upset rather than ill. You’d be worried sick for him, and would try to show him some affection, thinking he was upset rather than ill. He’d always push you away, making you furrow your eyebrows at his actions and whine a bit. Very quickly, you’d get offended and storm off, making him sigh a bit. His heart would want to comfort you but his mind would tell him that it was better you being sad for a bit rather than ill for a period of time. He’d tell you eventually, and would apologise. This would make you feel guilty for acting the way you did and you’d spend the next week cooking and cleaning for him, trying to help him get better. Despite his protests, he’d secretly be grateful for you and your help and would try to make it up to you next time you were ill.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

I see Jaehyun being very emotional, in a good way though, and his hormones would basically be running wild lmao it sounds like he’s on his period or something He’d watch you in awe as you ran about the dorms tidying his mess up for him and bringing him hot soup. Wondering about what he ever did to deserve you, he’d reach out and grab your hand every once in a while stopping you in your tracks. You’d look down confused to see him staring up at you, smiling softly and his eyes wide in admiration. It would definitely melt your heart to see him like this, and you couldn’t help but giggle; even when he was sick, he had some kind of hold of you.


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d find it very awkward to see you looking after him, and would just lie in his bed watching you quietly. He’ll try to insist on helping you tidy up, but you’d immediately scold him and tell him that rest is more important. It would be in times like this that he’d be very grateful for you and appreciate you even more. He’d love feeling protected and loved and although he wouldn’t express this to you physically, for him, the appreciation would always be there. Like Jaehyun he’d watch you quietly in awe and wouldn’t be able to help but let his mind wander and gush about how amazing you’d be as a wife/husband and mother/father to your future kids and spouse.


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He’d like you helping him get better - but only to an extent. At first, he’d be very happy and grateful to have you, asking for small favours and not asking you to do much for him. But soon he’d feel guilty and like he was exploiting you or something, and would cut you off a bit. He’d wouldn’t respond to your texts or calls and would claim that he had just missed them by mistake. You’d worry a bit and try to go back to helping him but again he’d be very curt and try to stop you from doing so. You would have to take control though and basically force your help onto him - and he’d let you. He’d never tell you about his feelings in the end, but you’d figure it out pretty soon and talk to him about it.


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He’s very likely to turn into a literal child which he already is tbh lmao anyway and, like Yuta, would moan and complain and basically annoy the shit out of you. As soon as he was starting to feel ill, he’d call you up begging for you to bring his snacks and blankets. Of course, being the worried and loved up girlfriend you are, you’d immediately agree, and rush around the grocery store before practically running to his dorms. Expect to find him huddled in between his sheets, head poking out, and a mischievous grin on his face; and obviously, being tired as hell the next day by how much you’ve had to look after him.

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one reason you use to defend touka was that she grew up surrounded by violence so that explains her violence towards kaneki even though she cares for him. but ayato also grew up in the same way, in fact even more violence, and he's not violent to hinami at all. ayahina is a very sweet relationship but i still think that touken is abusive to kaneki.

the thing about ayahina is that their relationship is much less complicated that touken. they’re really sweet to each other, they’re protective of each other and basically, they’re happy when the other person is happy. at least, that’s how i see it since we don’t see much of their relationship. 

but touken is so much more complicated and deeper than that and they are both facing issues that ayato and hinami aren’t. kaneki thinks that he’s protecting touka by always leaving her behind. he means well, but frankly speaking, touka doesn’t need to be protected at all. and touka hits kaneki because she believes that it’ll knock him into his senses and stop his self-destructive behavior because, yes, violence is what touka has known for a significant part of her life. and you’re right that ayato’s similar in that sense but why would he even hit hinami? hinami has done nothing to hurt or piss him off. if you wanna use something as a comparison, then you should be talking about the aogiri arc. ayato beat touka up back then much worse than any beating kaneki has even gotten from touka.

i don’t know enough about abuse to make a definitive statement on touken’s relationship. but going by anti-touka arguments i usually see, if we consider kaneki’s past as the reason why touka’s abusive towards him, when kaneki continues to push her away and worsen her abandonment issues, isn’t it abusive to touka as well? like i said, i don’t know enough about this issue. but personally, the way i see it is that touken has a lot of issues but they have the potential to improve and with the upcoming touken talk, i’m sure they are going to improve. 

anon, you simply can’t compare ayahina to touken because in the end, they’re different. ayato and touka maybe be similar and all but they’re two different characters with very different issues as well. and ayahina might be a cute relationship and all but at the same time, it isn’t the best out there. if cochlea arc has told me anything about ayato, it’s that he can get extremely reckless (to an unnecessary degree tbh) when it comes to hinami. and to a certain extent, i feel hinami’s the same way as well. 

long story short: 

this is tokyo ghoul there is no pure and healthy relationship

okay but hear me out for a sec

“that was my family! i dont care what they were!”
“i dunno, Morty, some people would pay top dollar for that kinda breakthrough”

“you know what, Rick, thats it! im done with these insane adventures! that was really traumatising! i quit! im out!”
“whoa, whoa, whoa, come on, Morty, do-do-don’t be like that! the universe is a crazy and chaotic place!”
“youre the one thats crazy and chaotic!”

do you think that Rick understood what Morty meant back then when he watched the fake Beth and Diane explode? the two instances are eerily similar and i feel like Rick was actually really traumatised by that fake memory he conjured up… just think about it for a bit.