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(( Collaboration with TheNamelessDoll

Nameless and I decided a while ago that we’d like to create a concept for a new Disney film. 

We wanted to go for a story based on Japanese culture and legends, and both of us really loved the concept of Yuki-Onna. She’s a character that is prevalent throughout Japanese lore, but she doesn’t seem to have a specific origin story. Yuki-Onna is portrayed in many tales as being evil and violent, yet in others she is seen as good and serene, so we decided to take some creative license and make Yuki-Onna into two separate characters. We then went on to create our own origin legend surrounding her.

The story is set in the Muromachi period of Japan. Some of the names may be familiar, since they are based off of the noble class of the time. Our intent was not to be historically accurate, but simply to draw from names and stories based on the time period and the culture.

Hope you guys enjoy it! :D ))

Disclaimer: We do not own the movies which were used to created these images. We only take credit for editing and the story. Movies used: Brother Bear II, Fantasia 2000, Grave of the Fireflies, Lilo & Stitch, Millennium Actress, Mulan I-II, Peter Pan II, Pocahontas I-II, Princess Mononoke, Wolf Children

WINTERTIDE: The tale of Yuki Onna 

(developed by TheNamlessDoll and Lettherebedoodles, written by Lettherebedoodles.)

Every Winter when the snow starts to fall, the people of Japan huddle inside their homes with their families, away from the frigid white wasteland beyond the door.

Every Winter she watches them through the frosted glass, her pale skin barely distinguished from the snow around her, her eyes glinting from behind waves of long ebony hair. It is her job to see that the snow falls, that the winter comes and resets the world, preparing for the new beginning… However, human’s don’t seem to like the cold. They dread her return, and shun her when she arrives. They fear her… she is alone.

Yuki-Onna, the snow woman.


Yuki-Onna was an ancient spirit. When she first came to be, she was the sole keeper of winter, controlling both the calm and the violence of the season. She would gently lay down snowflakes to create a beautiful frozen wonderland, then set it off in a blizzard, watching her work fly into a million pieces. She loved both the serenity and chaos of winter.

However, she began to realize that the human’s feared her. They would often get caught up in her frenzies, a dangerous situation for mortals. Yuki became increasingly lonely as the human’s drew further and further away from her frigid nature.

In a moment of anger, Yuki lashed out at the human’s who rejected her, sending an avalanche crashing down on their village. After the rage passed, the spirit was horrified by the devastation left in her wake.

Her anguish caused her to tear her soul in two, casting her dark and violent half to the earth.

Where it landed, a woman formed from the snow, coming to life to take Yuki’s place as the tumultuous nature of winter. Tsurara-Onna, the ice woman.

Yuki’s sinister half, angered by Yuki’s rejection, carried on the tasks that Yuki could not bring herself to take part in. Tsurara relished the cries of fear, she basked in the chaos. She was everything Yuki was not.

Yuki had created a monster, and she was now too timid and gentle, to combat her violent counterpart.

On stormy nights when the wind whistled through the trees, the village could hear Tsurara singing to the timid Yuki, taunting, “You are weak, but you are mine. I cannot be rid of you, so I shall keep you to myself.”  

For years, Yuki and Tsurara continued their tasks, and Tsurara made sure to destroy any glimmer of hope Yuki found. Each time a human stumbled into the forest, Tsurara was there. It took all of Yuki’s remaining strength to protect the mortals, and fend off the crazed ice spirit.

Yet, no matter how Yuki tried, the humans still feared her. They saw the two women, with their pale skin and ink black hair, as one frightening being. Thus, many isolated winters passed, until one fateful day a young girl stumbled into the forest.

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Vices Pt V

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV]

Group: BTS

Pairing: Reader x Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre: Angst/Smut/Dark

Song Recommendations: I Run to You - Missio, Nothing Hurts Like This - Slo

[Written and Edited by: Admin E]

**Contains Sexual Content, Drug Usage, Disturbing Images**

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Summary: Dan really likes scary movies and when he first visits Phil they decide to watch one.  From there, throughout their relationship, they love getting scared together.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Nothing that I can think of, there’s no scary descriptions or anything like that

A/N: In honor of spooky week starting soon I wrote this little drabble that somehow turned out much more cute than expected.  I hope you enjoy it <3

Dan had always liked being scared.  Not from things in the real world obviously, but from anything fictional and terrifying.  Once he had seen his first horror movie, watched in secret with his brother before they were anywhere close to being old enough, he couldn’t get enough.  Many nights were spent in the dark, hugging pillows, jumping out of his seat and giggling nervously.

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