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ML Fluffmas: Marichat #30 Snowed In

Fluffmas Writing Prompts – Accepting until the end of December

Requested by: @miraculouslb97

Sorry for the late answers been busy with school and christmas travels!

When the snow started it came down softly barely sticking to any spot it landed to but it soon became heavy and shortly it was near blizzard conditions. Chat Noir had picked the wrong day to venture out on his own at night and was now paying the price quite dearly. He wasn’t too far from home but with the way the wind was blowing the thick snow around him he wasn’t sure he would be able to last much longer. The snow was so thick he had trouble seeing the next building he was jumping too. Finally Chat decided it was too risky to make the trek home. That being said it was much too cold for him to wait out the storm on a random rooftop and his suit wasn’t exactly meant for these conditions. Chat’s teeth were chattering uncontrollably and his body shook violently. He needed to find shelter and a warm fire place as soon as possible. He searched the area around him not sure where to go to hide and having trouble seeing too far in front of him finally he spotted one glowing building close enough to make the next jump and as luck would have it the glowing building happened to be the home of a friend of his, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chat landed on her balcony with a thud, his legs having given out from beneath him. He rapped desperately at her trap door praying that she was home. To his relief the trap door opened up a gust of warm air coming up to greet him. Chat didn’t wait to be invited in he simply slunk in through the trap door and collapsed onto her bed shivering. Marinette quickly shut the trap door and stared at him in shock.

“E-evening P-P-Purrincess. M-m-mind if I w-wait out the s-s-storm here?” Chat chattered.

“Chat Noir! What were you doing out in that storm?” Marinette fretted as she bound over to a corner of her room gathering blankets up in her arms.

“W-w-w-wasn’t th-that b-b-bad earlier,” Chat stuttered. Marinette rushed over to him wrapping him in blanket after blanket. Chat’s body felt numb but her warm hands brushing against him practically burned with warmth. It took what little willpower Chat had left not to pull her to him. Marinette gently touched his face her eyes full of concern.

“Chat you’re freezing! How long were you out there?” Marinette worried.

“A f-f-few hours I-I th-think. I-I-It’s hard t-to rem-me-member,” Chat’s speech was slurred and broken up. Marinette wasn’t sure if the suits could come off without detransforming but she tried unclipping his glove and to her surprise it came off easily in her hands. Chat’s hands were like ice and were an unhealthy shade of white. Chat’s teeth continued to chatter through blue tinted lips. Marinette worried about how cold he was. Chat’s eyes drooped. His breathing was shallow. Marinette knew the signs of hypothermia and although Chat’s condition wasn’t mild if he didn’t warm up fast he would be in trouble.

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Something Fluffy for exam season

Imagine falling asleep at Dr. Wells’s desk.

I’m just going to go with the same premise of the reader being a metahuman and partner to the Flash. 

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When Klaus wanted something, he most usually always got it. In this case, he took a particular interest in you. For what reason? You hadn’t figured it out yet. But Klaus slowly but surely started to grow on you. However what was completely unexpected was having two Mikaelson brothers fighting for your affection.

Never did you imagine that Kol Mikaelson would so boldly announce, without fear or hesitation that he too fancied you. That’s what you found out one late night at the compound when Klaus assisted you stay over.

Walking through the complex, it was about 11pm. You couldn’t sleep and wanted to venture around the house to see what else it had to offer. Tightening the robe, which was left by Klaus around your frame, you continued down a flight of stairs just in time to run into Kol.

Kol caught you before there was any chance of a fall, steadying your blance in the process. “I’m so sorry Kol, I didn’t mean to literally run into you”. Going slightly red in the cheeks.

All he did was smirk, “You can ran into me anytime you want darling. Although I am surprised to see you roaming around the compound, instead of being safety nested in Niklaus arms”.

A second wave of turning red occurred, shifting from left foot to right. You weren’t so used to people being so directed. And Kol certainly didn’t shy away from being forward, after all it was in his nature.

“I couldn’t sleep, plus I wanted to see what else the Mikaeslon compound had to offer“. You told the tall brunette vampire, who’s stare was glued to you.

Kol rested his left hand on the stair railing, effectively blocking you in. “My room is always open for inspection, don’t hesitate to come and visit love. I’ll be more than happy to show you a night you wouldn’t forget”.

“I’m not too sure Klaus would approve of that”, muttering to him while stepping around him. He quickly stood in front of you once more.

His eyes turned a darker shade, you couldn’t tell which emotions were swirling but there was definitely a mixture of lust and a small hint of angry. “Ah yes, Niklaus and his rules. According to my brother, you’re off limits. Please don’t test me”.

Frowning at his last statement, “Are you threatening me?”. You asked quite stunned.

He stepped forward, the feeling of his breath hitting your skin causing goosebumps. “No, darling. I’m actually quite offended you jumped straight to that accusation. Niklaus might have warned us that you’re only his, but I don’t give a damn what my brother says…not when it comes to you anyway”.

Still confused, Kol was being very vague. He sensed the confusion and smiled, pushing a piece of hair away from your face. “I’m saying I fancy you Y/N, quite intrigued by you actually. And I do plan to fight for your heart”. His finger traced over your lips, causing your heart to skip one massive beat. Kol leaned in so close, lips merely inches apart. “May the best brother win”, he gently whispered before leaving you in the empty hallway.

Bringing a finger to your lips, the tingling sensation was still there….lingering. Oh, what a dangerous situation this was going to turn out to be. Brother against brother fighting for one women, that story never ended well.



If you had asked me 8 months ago if I’d be going to ClexaCon, I would have snorted and shook my head no. For me, fandom was a personal experience, one I enjoyed from behind the privacy of my computer screen, away from my real life. If it weren’t for a few Clexa fans, two who literally live down the street from me, I would have never ventured out of my closeted fandom world. And it was like living in the closet. I was always too embarrassed to share my love of femslash, to show off my vids and artwork, to my closest friends, all of whom I love dearly. There was shame and the fear of someone coming across my tumblr, or my YouTube page. So finding these women, united by a common love of Clexa, has been a sanctuary for me. 8 months of getting to know each other through crazy late night twitter chats, to having everyone over at my house for booze and Clexa vids, to our crazy trip to Clexacon, it all has been a blessing. I never had irl fandom friends, in fact, I never even had irl lesbian friends, despite being out since I was 20. They mean the world to me, more than I think they realize, and they came along right when I needed it. The joy and camaraderie you see in the video is real. We fangirl and we fangirl hard.

Stay Quiet

“Hey, Dean.” Castiel looked up from his paper and cup of coffee when Dean stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from another late night working. “Can I get you some breakfast?”

Dean shook his head and went straight to the coffee pot. He poured himself a cup and doctored it to his liking before taking a seat next to Cas. He held the hot mug tightly in both hands, venturing a small sip before committing to a bigger one.

“You came in late.” Cas said. Dean didn’t acknowledge him at all, and Cas had to suppress a laugh. Fuckin’ ray of sunshine in the morning.

“Did you have a good time with Sam?”

Dean shrugged and drank more coffee.

“I’m going in for a meeting this morning, but I might be home early. Everyone’s coming for movie night tonight.”

That caught a smile at least. Castiel got up and put his dishes in the sink and then grabbed his bag by the door. Dean watched him the whole way and Cas came back to kiss him. “I love you. Text if you need anything?”

Dean nodded and laid his head on the table. Cas rubbed his back and leaned down to kiss him again, just behind the ear. “Maybe a nap?” he whispered and kissed him again before he had to go.


“I don’t know why we even wasted the time on this case.” Castiel complained to Charlie as he tossed folders onto the looming stack on his desk. .

“At least they paid us for it?”

“But they essentially voted to continue alienating their customers. I don’t understand-” Castiel cut himself off and took a deep breath. “I want a better screening process. I don’t like putting my time into people who don’t actually care about their customers.”

“I know. I’ll look at the interview process and see what we can change.” Charlie said. She started out of Castiel’s office, but he spoke just as she started to close the door.

“You’re still coming tonight, right?”

Charlie popped her head back in. “Would I miss a Friday night movie?”

“Good. Dean is always happy to see you.”

Charlie nodded and cleared her throat. “So…. any progress? With Dean?”

Castiel turned his eyes back to his computer screen. This question. It was the one he hated the most and the one most frequently asked by everyone but Sam and Jess.

“He’s doing really well. He’s working with a gallery again, so he’s really happy about that.”

Charlie nodded, but didn’t push further. Cas knew she would evaluate for herself when she saw Dean that evening.

“Okay. He seems like he’s in a good place the last few times I’ve been over.”

Castiel nodded. “He is. You look at the interview stuff and I’ll close out this case, okay?”

“Sure thing.” She said, and closed the door behind her.

If someone had told Cas right after the incident that their lives would change and be better for it, he would have punched them right in the face. No shit, it changed. There was the surgery to remove the ruptured spleen and then another to put his arm back together and then physical therapy that kept him in the hospital for a few weeks. They were managing it all well, but when the doctors concluded that the loss of Dean’s speech was due to the psychological trauma and not physical injury, Cas hadn’t known what to do with that information. He knew vaguely that this had happened to Dean before, but not the details. In the meeting with the doctor and the therapist Sam and Bobby tried to reconstruct what they knew- Dean had gone three months without speaking after witnessing his mother’s death in a house fire, and almost six months after his father died in an accident that almost killed a teenage Dean and Sam as well. A nearly fatal mugging certainly fit the pattern of trauma induced selective mutism that Dean had adopted.

But now, five months in and all of his physical injuries healed, Dean and Cas had adopted a second language that only they spoke. When they were both home it was quiet. Dean no longer filled empty space with conversation, and Cas had never felt the need to in the first place. Instead they sat close and conversed through touch and an elaborate use of eye expressions. Before the incident Sam has called it eye fucking, but now it was conversation.

It was amazing how much they could say to each other now with just a look. Castiel already had three years of practice in reading Dean’s expressions, but now he was an expert. For the first few months he found himself always trying to find any hint of discomfort or stress in Dean’s face, but now he could read most everything if Dean didn’t close himself off during his depressive days.

Castiel opened files and sorted papers, consulting his computer a few times, but ultimately after several minutes had to admit to himself that he was just moving things around without actually accomplishing anything. It was okay to take a break, right? He stood and stretched, and almost on cue his phone buzzed with a text from Dean.

Going out tonight instead of movie

Everyone is already planning to come to our place.

They are coming with us. Dinner



Do I need to make a reservation?

Sam did

Okay. I will be home soon. Did you catch a nap?

I’m working

Cas sat back down in his chair. He needed to work too, but he just couldn’t think. After looking around at the stacks he’d made earlier, he made a deal with himself to leave as soon as he closed out the case.

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I think when we talk about the old legends people often forget super junior && that’s very sad.. like Big Bang, tvxq, shinwha, SS501 all get there fair share of recognition . Not only do I see people ignoring super juniors success but even actively trying to erase it like what the hell?!?! Super Junior literally solidified their king status after bonamana era … like this sad, they were one of the very first groups to play with the sub group concept and venture into China. And to this day I believe groups like EXO M could not have been successful with Super Junior M and I really wish SM pushed that sub unit !! Like wtf happened to Super Junior M?? Not to mention the fucking lack of promotion SM gives them anymore like I honestly think the way SM treated Super Junior M is one of the greatest injustices in kpop! Super junior has been done dirty by pretty much everyone from the general public to their own company! No wonder elf are so damn protective of them, who else is gonna look out for them?

Someday (Luke Fluff)

I had one request for cute Luke and one for a bath with Luke, so I jammed them together.


Wednesday nights weren’t usually like this. 

Typically you would come home from work, Luke would come home from the studio, and you would start dinner together. You were getting better at cooking, and lately, you and Luke had been trying out new recipes. After dinner, you would clean up together, then usually settle in for the night on the couch, cozy under a blanket while watching TV or snuggled together messing around on social media. You’d have some dessert, then venture off to get ready for bed, talking to each other about silly little things until you both finally cuddled up under the covers and shut the lights, falling asleep. Maybe it was a little simple, but it was a weeknight, and you both had busy schedules.

Anyway, that was what usually happened.

However, something had been different about this Wednesday night. Dinner went normal, and even most of dish washing was fine, but at some point you had ended up sitting on the counter while Luke’s hips rammed into yours at full speed. After round one, you actually took it to the bedroom, making love until close to one a.m., mostly lingering lips and slow thrusts.

“Mm, so tired,” Luke mumbled against your lips, grinding out the last of his orgasm and flopping down beside you. He smoothed down your sweaty hair, kissing your temple.

“You’re tired?” You joked, breathing heavily and turning so you were laying more on his chest than on the bed. “Do you know how hard it was cooking that stir-fry?“

“Hey!” He whined playfully, nuzzling your nose. “It’s not my fault I wasn’t stirring it enough and you had to take over. You know pasta is my specialty.”

“Right, how could I forget?” You pressed your mouth against his, swiping your tongue teasingly across his full lips. “Speaking of, can you make it for dinner tomorrow? I miss your signature sauce.“

“It’s jizz.”

You met his mischievous eyes with your driest look. “You’re disgusting.“

“I’m kidding, duh,” he giggled, being his normal silly self like he usually was after good sex. “I just put a fuck ton of basil in the store-bought tomato source.”

“There it is,” you murmured. “I have an idea.“


“You want to take a bath?“

He paused, like the thought hadn’t really crossed his mind. “A bath? Now?” You nodded. He thought about it for a moment, finally sitting up and shrugging. “Yeah, why not?”

You grinned, wrapping the sheet around yourself and standing up, stretching your limbs as Luke stood, his soft naked body in all its glory as he leaned heavily against you. “Can you carry me?“

You laughed. “The bathroom is, like, ten feet away?”

He whined, the sound getting louder until you conceded. Obviously, you couldn’t really carry his massive frame that well, but you loved him enough that you were pretty sure you could make the small trek. You let him cling to you koala-bear style, it only be a little awkward that he was butt-naked. You shuffled into the bathroom slowly and carefully, trying not to trip and setting Luke clumsily onto the marble countertop beside the sink.

“Holy fuck that’s cold,” Luke jumped, a shiver running through his body. “Fuck baby, hurry and start the bath.“

“Yes you’re majesty,” you rolled your eyes, turning the water on and testing it until you had the right temperature, putting the stopper in so it would fill up. When you turned back to Luke, he was chessin’ hard, his dimples popping. 

“Thanks babe, you’re the best.”

You wanted to roll your eyes, but he was just so darn cute you couldn’t. Instead, you got in, letting him slip in behind you. He sighed in the hot water, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck.

“This is nice,” he said softly, the sound seemingly getting lost in the whisps of steam encasing you. You nodded, comfortably leaning back on your boyfriend’s broad chest, getting sleepy.

“Do you ever think about having kids with me?“

Your eyes shot wide open at that. For a moment, you stayed silent, but finally you turned just a little bit, cuddling further into him.

“Yes,” you admitted quietly. “They’d have your eyes and maybe my hair? Your nose. I think about it. You know, once in awhile.”

Your cheeks burned, but his bubbling giggle put you at ease. “Phew,” he laughed. “I thought maybe I was being weird. I’ve never thought about having kids with anyone else before. Like, I know I want to be a dad, someday, but I don’t know, lately I’ve been really happy at the thought.“

“You, like, want to get married first, though, right?” You asked in a small voice. You wanted more than anything to be able to call Luke your husband. 

He sighed dramatically. “I was hoping for a better proposal than that, but sure, I’ll marry you.” You swatted his chest lightly, turning around and staring at him seriously. He smiled, face relaxing. “Yes, I’d like to get married first. I don’t mean have kids now, but, you know, sometime in the near future. Just wanted to see if you wanted them too.”

“I do, I guess.” You used to hate the idea of having kids. Couldn’t stand it. But something about Luke made your heart thump at the thought of having a couple little ones with him.

“I think I just want them with you,” Luke said quietly, sinking further into the bath water. You didn’t say anything else, but both of you knew. Not today, not tomorrow, but definitely someday, you would get your little family.


Thinking of maybe making a mini series or something of soon-to-be-daddy!Luke. Should I?

Caring Doesn’t Make You Weak (Jerome Valeska x reader)

request: based on prompts 9 & 42 from this list

words: 919

warnings: swearing, mentions of assault

haha again i had no idea how to end this. closing out stories is my wEAKNESS


It was normal for Jerome to return home late at night. It was routine at this point. He would enter the apartment sometime between midnight and 2am, dispose of his jacket and whatnot on the table, and venture to the bedroom. If you were waiting up for him, he’d walk with you to bed, if not, he’d plant a kiss somewhere on your face, before crawling in next to you.

It was not a normal night.

It was nearing 3 a.m., and you were getting ready to go to bed, knowing Jerome would be returning soon. No matter how late he was, he assured he’d never be later than 3. There was no reason as to why he chose that time, but 3 was where he drew the line.

You proceeded to brush your teeth and wash your face, before venturing into the bedroom. You settled under the blankets and tried to entertain yourself with a book, and struggled to stay awake. Your tired eyes traveled to the clock, and you saw it was past 3, quarter past to be exact. This wasn’t like Jerome; he may have been conniving and manipulative, but he never broke his promises to you anymore.

Time passed painfully slow, and it neared 3:30. You couldn’t stay awake much longer, and you also couldn’t repress your worry. You did something you usually never did when he was supposed to be working-you called him. His phone rang with no answer, and you could feel dread bubbling in the pit of your stomach.

“Hey, where the fuck are you?” You tried to mask your concern with a humorous undertone, as you recorded a voicemail. “Come home, asshole.”

You set your phone down and figured worrying was doing you no good, so you pulled the blankets up and tried to get some sleep. It was nearly impossible, and you ended up laying down and staring at the wall across from you for what felt like hours. 4 a.m. rolled around and you almost felt sick. Something was wrong.

Just as you were preparing to get up and go find him yourself, the front door opened, and you could hear someone stumble in. You jolted up in bed and listened as the staggered footsteps neared the bedroom. The bedroom door opened and a figure appeared in the doorway, leaning against the frame heavily.

“Oh god Jerome…” You breathed out, relieved.

He nodded and ventured in, you flicking on the light beside the bed and watching him with wide eyes.

“Are you alright?” You asked, as he seemed unsteady on his feet.

“M'fine. Just tired.”

“Where the hell were you?” You finally demanded an answer, trying to steady your voice.

“Got held up.” He mumbled back, pulling his shirt over his head.

You gasped, seeing his torso covered in dark bruises, stark against his pale skin. He turned around quickly, eyes as wide as yours. You covered your mouth, seeing the blood that was dried beneath his nose and across his upper lip. He opened his mouth to speak, but you beat him to it.

“What the fuck happened?” You got to your feet quickly and rushed to his side. “Are you okay? Oh my god.” You tried to examine him closely, but he pushed himself away from you and went back to changing.

“I’m fine. The blood’s just from a nosebleed, don’t worry about it.” He shook his head and switched out his jeans for sweatpants.

“And what about the bruises?”


Huh?” You raised your voice, prompting a response out of him.

“Listen Doll, nothin’ happened, ‘kay? I’m fine, everything’s fine. I just wanna go to bed.” He wiped his face with his hands and walked past you, dropping onto the bed.

You were stuck standing in that same spot, mouth opening and closing like a fish. He was lying to you, and it made you feel both angry and sad at the same time. He was supposed to trust you, you were supposed to be the one person he could tell anything.

“Jerome, please…”

Y/N I told you I-” He stopped mid sentence and his shoulders slumped, a sigh escaping. “Scratch that, I told ya nothing.”

You finally managed to move, and sat next to him, looking at him sadly. You knew it took a lot for him to admit he was wrong, and you knew he absolutely despised showing vulnerability. So you didn’t push him.

“I got jumped.” He finally admitted, sounding ashamed. “Can you believe it? I got fuckin’ jumped.” He shook his head with a chuckle. “They took my wallet and my phone-which is why I didn’t answer it. If you even called that is.”

“Oh J…” You took his hand in yours, despite him not particularly liking physical contact when he had his guard down. It just added to the vulnerability. “I don’t understand why you feel like you have to keep stuff from me”

He shrugged. “I dunno either, I just…feel like if I admit stuff-stuff I usually wouldn’t tell anyone-that it means I care, and it scares me.”

“Caring doesn’t make you weak…” You said quietly, trying to look at him.

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re right.” He mumbled in annoyance, his usual demeanor returning. “You’re always right.”

You giggled, leaning into his side gently, remaining cautious of his injuries. “I know.” You smiled smugly, forgetting how angry you were with him.

It didn’t matter that he was late, what mattered was that he had made it home, back to you.

The Best Birthday Gift

Rating: NSFW smut (mature), fluff
Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where for Chris’ birthday, you give him the best birthday gift of all. 
A/N: Lmao yes, I know it’s late for Chris’ birthday buuuuuut it’s set around about now, towards the end of July/start of August. You’ll see why. ;)

When you woke up on the morning of his birthday, you made him a tasty breakfast, gave him some gifts and showered him with affection which would eventually lead to what you had planned for the night.

He wanted to spend a few hours of his birthday by going out to explore parts of Massachusetts, be it the woodlands or the cities. After spending a few enjoyable hours venturing around with him, he insisted you invite his family over so he could spend some time with them, on the car ride home. 

You of course agreed because not only does the birthday boy get what he wants, but also because his family were the best. 

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one thing caleb loved doing most was making new friends and…just being kind. back home, every morning he’d be venturing wherever, greeting each person he walked by along with all the staff at each destination he made it to, like his favorite library. everyone knew him for how kind he was- well, everyone at least ten years and older than him. “morning!” caleb chirped when he made it to the local cafe he’d searched online the previous night. but instead of receiving what he expected, caleb got a scowl and small grumble from the person behind the desk. as they walked away, the young male turned to the person next to him and frowned deeply. “well that wasn’t very nice,”

Keeping her warm

This is made for @faith-in-dean because it is her birthday! I hope you have a great day sweetie!! 

Dean always tried to make this one day of the year as normal as possible for you. Waking you up to lazy slow kisses. Staying in bed late, bringing you breakfast. Not venturing out until evening to sit by the fire with you - teasing you about your love of marshmallows. Holding you close as he wrapped a blanket around you and whispered sweet promises of the night to come into your ear. 

Yes Dean always tried to make this day normal. If only he knew how special he really made it.

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It had been late in the evening when Billy arrived at the Haus and by the time he had unpacked and settled into his room, it was way past midnight. He definitely felt too wired and excited to turn in for the night already, so he ventured outside. He considered following the low sound of chatter and music that would undoubtedly lead him to the bar, to meet some of the attractive males that resided in the community and see if anyone was still looking for company to spend the night with. But since this was his first night, he instead decided that it may be best to familiarize himself with his new environment first and eventually ended up at the indoor pool. Tempted to take a dip before officially diving into work tomorrow but not feeling like changing into his swim trunks, he stripped down completely. The pool area seemed deserted at the moment and even if not, he couldn’t imagine that anyone on the premises would mind his skinny dipping. Jumping in head first, he began swimming his first lane, oblivious to anyone joining him in the pool area.

I Want to Hold Your Hand (Poe Dameron Imagine)

[ dedicated to @nothing-but-star-wars because this imagine was inspired by some lovely headcanons of hers. ] 

You heard the screaming late in the night. 

At first you thought it was apart of your dream, but then when you woke up weary eyed, you could hear it from down the hall. Half asleep but curious, you dragged yourself out of bed and put on a jacket before venturing out into the hall. You finally found the source of the wretched screaming- Poe Dameron’s room. You didn’t bother knocking, you just opened the door and peered in to see him sleeping. A mix of sleeping and screaming to be more exact. His face was contorted in pain, and sweat lined his body as he struggled against an invisible demon. You crept your way over, placing your hand on his shoulder. 

“Poe? Poe, wake up,” you coaxed, finally waking the pilot as he gasped for air. He looked confused for a moment before glancing up at you. 

“Is he okay?” he asked quietly, worry evident on his face. 

“Is who okay?”

“Finn, I dreamed he died, is he okay?” Poe muttered, barely audible. 

“Finn is fine Poe, are you sure you are alright?” you whispered to him, hand still on his shoulder as he tried to control his breathing. “Get some rest, I’ll be down the hall if you need me.”

“Can…can you stay, Y/N?” Poe whispered, grabbing your wrist just as you turned to leave. You turned to look at him, noticing how embarrassed yet scared he looked. You nodded, climbing onto his bed and sitting next to him with your knees drawn to your chest. 

“You care about Finn a lot, don’t you?” you said quietly, looking at your feet.


“You only just met.”

“He saved my life, things like that kind of permanently mold people together. He’s one of my closest friends.”

“It’s nice to have someone to care about.”

“I care about only two people in the whole world, Finn and someone else.”


“You,” he spoke, his voice ringing out across the room. You turned to look at him, noticing him returning the stare. Your breath caught in your throat, heart thrumming in your chest, trying to process what he just said. 

“Me,” you exclaimed in disbelief. 

“Yes, you. I love you, I always have,” he mumbled, cheeks heating up. As he looked down, he didn’t notice the smile that spread across your face as you realized Poe Dameron was in love with you. 

“I love you too,” you mumbled quietly, but Poe managed to hear. You turned to face him, eyes staring into his as he brushed his thumb over your lip. You felt the world stop as you froze, goosebumps covering your arms as he touched your lip, leaning in as he brushed his lips against yours. Neither of you went to deepen it, for you were to scared and Poe liked teasing you, until finally you did. 

Kissing Poe Dameron was like a watching all the stars at once, or drinking your favorite drink for the first time, or watching your dream come true, because whatever it was, was magical and brilliant. Poe’s hand moved to the back of your head, pulling you close as your arms wrapped around his neck. He pushed back against the bed, lips traveling to your neck, kissing every inch of skin he could reach as if you were the Holy Grail itself. You pulled him back to your lips though, for you couldn’t get enough of it. At some point, you pulled away, gasping for air and looking into Poe’s eyes. 

“I love you alot Dameron,” you smiled.

“I love you too Y/N,”

One late night during low tide, you decide to visit the cave by the shoreline to see what strange Pokemon may have taken up residence there. Inside, you find it lined wall to ceiling with Staryu, their cores gently pulsing with a soft red light. They make no move and don’t seem to acknowledge your presence, so you venture into the cave to marvel at the sight. There’s so many of them that when you look up, it looks like the night sky grew so much closer.

You lay down on the floor of the cave, staring up at the Staryu as they pulse, aware of nothing but the far-off sounds of the shoreline and the gentle rhythm of your own heart. Despite them being so strange, you feel at ease in their presence, allowing your mind to wander. You recall a bit of trivia about them, how their cores supposedly beat like a human heart at night… And as you watch them twinkle above you, listening carefully to the sounds in your own chest, you come to the odd realization that they’ve all begun pulsing in time with yours.

More than Meets the Eye

Can I have a Fred Weasley imagine where reader and Fred are best friends, and one late night they are talking about deep things, and he admits he likes her?

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the Potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

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After a week full of essays and written examinations you and your friends finally had time to relax. The group of you ventured down to Hogsmead earlier in the evening for butterbeer and fun. You all laughed and joked about your past assignments until the misery of late night study sessions was outweigh by the memories of this night. Soon some of your friends started to return back to the castle to rest or to meet with others who were celebrating. By the end of the night it was just you and Fred. You decided to be brave and ask him a question that was always on your mind.

“Fred, why haven’t you dated anyone yet? You have plenty of girls who fawn over you and dream about the day you’ll ask them out,” you asked allowing your curiosity to get the better of you.

“I just don’t think any of them are the girl for me. Sure they’re nice but they only see me as the boy who’ll do anything for a laugh and isn’t serious,” Fred sighed, swirling the contents of his glass. Normally you’d drop the topic but the warm firewhiskey encouraged you to pry further.

“I thought you wanted to be known as the prank king. I didn’t think you wanted to be liked for your other interests in mystery novels, musicals, and your skillful trumpet skills,” you commented.

“That’s the problem. Everyone assumes I’m just the funny guy. If I invited any of those girls you mentioned to a play they’d think it was just a joke or I was only doing it to impress them. However, there’s this one girl that doesn’t just see me as the funny guy,”Fred began, pausing to take a sip of his drink before turn to face you. Suddenly the temperature in the room was rising and it wasn’t because of the firewhiskey. “I like you Y/N. I like that when we met you didn’t know me for my pranks. You wanted to know my other hobbies and even invited me to watch a muggle musical that was absolutely incredible. You don’t know how much I appreciate you accompanying me with your piano. I treasure those tiny concerts more than any quidditch game. You’re the only girl who understands me, and I’ve wanted to date you for a long time. However, I never mustered up the courage.”

You could feel blush start to form on your face as the last few words of his response resonated in your ears. You were the only girl who understood him and the only one who wanted to get to know Fred as more than a source of laughs.

“Fred, is that really how you feel about me?” you asked, needing to hear the words again just to be sure.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything,” Fred answered, placing his hand on yours. “I want you to show me every side of you and I will continue to show you all of me starting with a play tomorrow in London.”

“I’d like that very much Fred, “ you beamed, happy to be one of the few people who knew Fred for who he really was.