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If London was a person, what would she be like?

I love this question.

To me, London is exciting, London wears what she wants, when she wants it. She accepts everyone regardless of who they are or what they look like, and she’s safe in the most adventurous of ways, and adventurous in the safest of ways. She makes you feel like you could do anything, without it being scary or overwhelming, and she doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone, but she makes you want to get out of it on your own. She’s the kind of person that stories are written about, who endless people get inspired by, and not in a cliche way - in her own, unique way. Everyone looks at her differently, if everyone wrote a story about her, every single one would be different but beautiful, and she means a great deal to a lot of people in a lot of different ways. 

London is adventure, and she’s comfort, and she’s knowing that no matter what, there will be something good on the horizon always. She’s light in the darkness, hope when you feel lost. She’s drinks at nights in your favourite place. London is the kind of person everyone would want to be friends with, but no one resents. 

She’d be lovely.

Gryffindor and Slytherin:
  • Gryffindor: *puts sauce all over fries*
  • Slytherin: *glares* I can't believe you'd ever do that
  • Gryffindor: What?
  • Slytherin: Put your sauce all over your fries like that, it's so wrong
  • Gryffindor: But that's the way I do it, so is it truly wrong?
  • Slytherin: Yes, because it's not economical! That fry is gonna have so much more sauce than that one and you're gonna have to ruin your fries all over again because you'll just end up needing more sauce. See, look at Hufflepuff over there, she's got the right idea
  • Gryffindor: That literally makes so sense
  • Slytherin: You know what doesn't make sense? You putting sauce all over-
  • Hufflepuff: Can you guys shut up? You're getting on my nerves and I'm trying to eat
Josh: Carpe Diem - Seize the day
Jide: Carpe Noctem - Seize the night
Harry: Carpe Natem - Seize the ass
Tobi: Seriously, if you guys don’t stop saying this, I am going to carpe someone’s neck and break it.
Simon: Carpe Collum - Seize the neck

A little thing about my homeroom:

Behind me sits this one guy, right? Homophobic, racist, mysogenistic, staunch Trump supporter, the whole nine yards. Basically, every word that comes out of his mouth, and I wanna punch him.

I have supernatural pins on my bag. Devil’s trap, and an anti-possesion symbol. If you know spn, you know their merchandise looks rather devil-worshipping.

He just noticed these pins today, and in the most condescending, self-righteous, holier-than-thou voice I think I have EVER heard, he sneers at me “What are you, a Satanist?”

And without missing a beat, I turned around and looked him dead in the eye, saying “Yes. I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out if wedlock with my black Jewish girlfriend, who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan. And I sincerely hope your day is as shitty as your personality.”

Cue smile, cue mic drop, walked out of the room, and he stood there with a mixture of pure horror and fear on his face. I have never been happier.

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Can you see Harry dropping a song every two days up to his album release kinda what 1D did with MITAM? Cause on iTunes you can now see that 'Sweet Creature' is 3:44 minutes long and it's the only song we can see the duration haha but on the other hand he hasn't even released the SOTT music video so I doubt he'll release a new song before that, also considering they still haven't made ESNY available (why oh why?) x

Oh I see what you’re talking about anon! Interesting…I also wouldn’t expect him to release a song before the music video and it’s true they’ve not made ESNY available so curious what’s up with that.

1D Hiatus: Day 500

* Harry arrives in Paris, meets fans while getting papped

* Harry is interviewed by NRJ on his album and ‘Sign of the Times’

* Harry performs ‘Sign of the Times’ and gives an interview on Quotidien, a French TV programme

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall gets papped outside Capitol Radio studios in London, meets a few fans

* Niall posts a picture on Instagram of himself ‘filming a little something’ for us

It’s Apr 26th, 2017.

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i feel like i’m repeating myself but i’m genuinely flabbergasted every time i see harry these days he is literally the most fucking beautiful man lik e what the fuck…..



I don’t usually write a part 2 so please do excuse the extreme shittiness of this(it’s even more of a mess than the first part).Thank you.

Part One:

Usually I hold the power with both my hands tied behind my back.

Things had changed from the moment they broke up.Harry knew they had yet he still acted like everything was fine and that he didn’t spend his nights at the local bar.

He acted like everything was fine because he wanted it to be.He didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that she was no longer his.It’d pain him if he did come face to face with reality.

He liked life the way he was currently living it…Drowning in alcohol and music.He had a routine in which he’d go to the studio after waking up from his hangover and jot a few lyrics down before returning to the bar.

Harry went to the pub every single day with different friends.He didn’t like the feeling of being alone.It was fine at first after the break-up but then the loneliness crept in and began to suffocate him.The guilt mixed with sadness was enough suffocation as it was; he didn’t need loneliness on top of that

Drinking alone was far different to drinking with his friends.When he was alone, all he could think of was about the love of his life and their time together,especially the break up..When Harry was with his friends, he laughed quite a lot which was good because he forgot how to really laugh for a few weeks.Fake laughter would escape his lips.But that changed now.

Or did it?

Harry’s friends saw the change in him; how could they not?He was gradually changing into the person he used to be.


Look at how things change, ‘cause now you’re the train, and I’m tied to the track.

The memory of saying goodbye to the love of his life never left him (as well as the moments they shared); no matter how hard he tried.And maybe he shouldn’t have tried because memories go away faster when you distract yourself.But he didn’t know that or maybe he did.

Maybe he tried so hard to get rid of the moments they had together because it was ruining him from the inside, like a harmful chemical damaging a humans’ skin.Maybe he tried so hard to forget her because even if he no longer was hers, he felt as if he was.

She was everything to him - it would take quite a while to forget her.

Harry did sometimes wonder why it was taking so long.He should have realised that with the type of love they had, it doesn’t just go; it stays.But if it doesn’t stay, it fades very slowly.


Gave you all of me, and now honestly I’ve got nothing left

It was a Tuesday and he was at the bar at the usual time with his mates. They were sat in a booth,sipping some beer and trying their best to talk over the music that was on full blast.All sorts of songs were being played at such a high level, so it was a surprise that Harry heard his friend call out his name.Harry’s eyebrows became furrowed as his mate stumbled towards the booth,drunkily. He smiled at Harry with a goofy grin before yelling that there was ‘a really hot girl at the bar.’

He knew what was going to happen.

How could Harry say that he didn’t ‘want to do whatever his friend was insinuating’ when he was supposed to be over his girlfriend and not still in love with her?

Maybe this would help him get over her.

So he stood up,eyes following the direction of his friends arm, as they settled on a barstool in which a girl sat.Harry was shoved forward and when he glanced back, his mate was giving him a thumbs up.He really had no choice now.

Why was he so nervous?He used to do it all the time…..Okay, maybe he did it once or twice.

He moved towards her like he was passing an obstacle course,slowly and hesitatingly.

Upon reaching her,Harry smiled slightly.He could do this, he could finally move on.

The girl looked up at him as she felt the presence of someone near her.

Harry’s eyes widened…He never actually saw her features from afar.She was gorgeous.

He opened his mouth,wanting to say something but nothing came out.He looked at her closely,eyes narrowing when he searched her face for any emotion.There was none.And that itself transported him back to the day when he opened the front door of his house to see his girlfriend standing outside with a somber expression on her face.

Harry’s throat suddenly clogged up.

He didn’t want to talk to this girl.Not at all. How could he talk to her when the only person he actually wanted to talk to was probably trying to forget him?

He moved his fingers through his hair and uttered out an apology as best as he could.Turning back around, he made his way back to the booth and grabbed his coat.


Baby, I loved you dangerously.

Harry was now back in the comfort of his bed on his phone.He was aimlessly scrolling down the images in his gallery before a question hit him.

How on Earth does one human being have the ability to take over a persons mind?

And the answer is;

‘A person has the ability to take over another humans mind because they’re allowed.We give them access through our vulnerability.Vulnerability is something we all have,even those with built walls. Vulnerability in some of us is love.We all want to be loved and when we do receive that love, we depend on it like a leech with blood.And when the love you have for a person is deep enough, you can’t live without them.You can’t even imagine a life without them because their love has consumed every bit of you.Your mind,your body;everything.’

But sometimes that type of love ends,whether we want it or not.It’s the way life is,isn’t it?

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You said "Probably half of them are already given to stalkers" but i thought only ONE 'lucky listener will win a trip for two to London to see Harry perform'? 🙈

i base my opinion on how has always worked with these special ‘fan’ events. graham norton was full of stalkers who were given tickets (as they said the day harry was announced on graham norton, so they already had them apparently) so i am not surprised if it happens again for this private concert. if not, then good! i hope REAL lucky fans could win and enjoy the show because they deserve it, stalkers don’t. 

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To follow up the proposal question, I feel like the only way Harry would be able to calm himself down in the days leading up to him proposing would be to ignore you sometimes or not be there when you wake up just so he can regain himself and do it the way he had planned to do it, not in the heat of the moment

Of COURSE. He’d be texting your best friend like “I don’t know if I can do this. I’m so fucking nervous. Are you sure she’ll say yes? What if she doesn’t?”

And his mom. “This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

And your dad. “Thank you so much again for giving me your blessing. It means so much to me and I promise you I will love your daughter with everything in me for the rest of our lives.”