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Going Back

Solo triplets x fem. reader

Warnings: Cursing and mentions of a suicide attempt.

Summary: The reader visits her old childhood friends, Matt, Kylo, and Ben, after not seeing them for several years for their birthday.

Word count: Almost 11k (10,949 words)

A/n: Lots of fluff and some drama. Instead of breaking it up into parts I tried to write it as one. (lol been working on this for a while now(sorry I’ve been so busy btw, teaching it so tough!!! :( )) I was inspired to write this after listening to ‘Lovesong’ by The Cure. Special thanks to @skellingtonbatz for the help!!


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reneefantasy26  asked:

68. With Todoroki Shouto Yay 1000 followers 🎉🎉🎉

Todoroki Shouto

Being pregnant sucked

“Can you help me up? Your child is pretty heavy.”

Todoroki glances over at you with the slightest glint of amusement in his eyes and you’re ready to throw something at him before he comes over to help you off the couch. He’s gentle with you as he always is, one of his hands grabbing yours and the other on your back to help you stand up. 

“You know, if this was you I wouldn’t laugh when you needed help.”

“I… didn’t laugh?” But now he has a smile on his face. 

“I saw it in your eyes.” 

‘Hormones?’ He wonders quietly to himself, but is smart enough not to say anything. He rubs your back and walks with you into the kitchen, where you plop down on a chair (formerly regular wooden ones, now decked out to be completely comfortable with fluffy cushions; a renovation made specifically for your pregnancy). 

He’s used to have to do things for you now, especially since you were nearing the due date; it was harder for you to stand for long periods because your ankles would swell up, or you’d get fatigued because carrying around triplets in your stomach was certainly exhausting. He never complained about having to do these things for you. 

He had even taken time off work to be with you in the last few weeks. 

“You know, I think even after the babies are born, you should keep cooking. You’re good at it, you know.” 

“You’re just saying that…” He puts the pan on the stove. “But if it’s what you want, I can’t deny it.” 

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Got one for noct mostly but the bros (and iris due to nature of ask) can react too in a meeting them sense Noct survives the events of the game and S/O have twins with him. A boy and a girl. s/o wants to name them regis and lunafreya after the two people who are not here now who helped him most.

I really, really looked forward to this! Like I’m gonna try to fluff the hell out of this!

Please be aware that all of my knowledge of childbirth comes from me reading the internet at 3 in the morning, going “well that seems painful” and than going on ebay for 20 min.


You waddled out to the garden, waddle being the key word, one hand to your back, the other rubbing protectively across your stomach. Your enlarged stomach that housed your precious baby, and the future heir to the newly rebuilt Kingdom.

Nearly 5 years had gone by, prior to the the defeat of Ardyn and the ‘Death’ of Noctis, you two were wed. Yet with quick thinking on your part, you managed to get most of the gods on your side which assisted with returning your husband back to you from the afterlife. The first few months were rebuilding the city, and the next few years flourished underneath the new King and his Queen. Now everyone was waiting for the next generation.

Once news had broken that the King and Queen were expecting, it was a rather joyous day! Now all you had was just about 4 more weeks and you would be able to hold the new Princess or Prince of the Kingdom. No one knew what to expect as the little one never wanted to get X-Rays right, sometimes it appeared to be a boy, sometimes a girl, yet most of the time with their back to the camera.

You stopped suddenly clutching your stomach, as you received a rather rough contraction. Turning as you heard a whine, “No, no Umbra it’s just a Braxton Hicks. I’m fine.” You smiled to your now constant companion, ever at your side if your husband was not.

Yet unfortunately your husband was currently locked away in a meeting with Ignis, and a few others from neighboring countries in Eos. Since the Starscourge was vanished, all of Eos was in a unity. Rather sad that it took the death of so many.

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If they had kept the lizard babies around, how would you have wanted them to deal with it/what should have come out of it? Sorry this is a weirdly phrased question but I find that idea kinda fascinating.

OMIGOSH AND GOLLY I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to answer this question.

First of all, there’s no reason the ship and crew could not accommodate the lizard babies the way they do Naomi Wildman and the Borglings. It would likely have more of an impact because their parents are part of the bridge crew, the captain herself, but there’s precedent.

The babies are fully human so it makes sense The Doctor could de-lizardify them the way he did their parents. It would be cute if they had vague leftover lizardna like Seven has leftover borg implants. Maybe they don’t have hair or have heightened senses or a cooler default temperature or two hearts. Something. But they look mostly human and are raised human. It would make perfect Trek sense for them to age more rapidly than humans do, the way Naomi does, because they were born from a superwarp experiment in time space.

SO. Previously-lizard triplets who age up a little. Neelix is their primary caregiver but they live with their parents in adjoining quarters. Tom and Kathryn are INCREDIBLY AWKWARD for months. At first it is mainly centered around their being surprise parents. The babies probably spend at least a week in sickbay before they move in with mom and dad. Janeway has to be talked into the adjoining quarters but eventually acquiesces for the good of the family. There are many, many rules about maintaining personal space and boundaries. Tom has like four, Kathryn has about 400,000. And the number one remains the same: no fraternization.

 But it’s so awkward! They are co-parenting triplets! Tom has to deal with feeling personally responsible for the whole situation, and with all the scary reasons he chose her, of everyone on the ship!, and all his amazing mixed up feelings about it. But he also falls instantly in love with his kids and with fatherhood, he tells himself he is 1000% going to be a better dad than his dad, and on top of that he’s also going to be a Good Dad. He throws himself into it to prove something – to his absent father, to Kathryn, to himself – but he ends up just really actually ultimately loving being a dad. 

Kathryn, who has this Career, and had chosen against mommyhood even before Voyager got stuck 75 years from her fiance, and definitely after, feels like a fish out of water with the whole thing. She’s good with kids but not with her own! That’s just not her! Plus Tom is not only under her command, but ten years younger, and her mentor’s son. It’s so weird. Not bad, but for sure weird.

So they are super awkward for months. Sexual tension. Sharing quarters but not really. Worrying about their babies and their responsibilities and wtfever the rest of the ship thinks of all this. Feeling disturbingly inadequate about their parenting skills. Super duper stressed out all the time. And then – they realize they can talk to each other. About all of it. And they can laugh because omigod it’s so funny?! And also cry because it’s so damn hard. And it’s like a switch goes off and they end up in this amazingly close relationship that tbh I always want Janeway and Paris to have but keeping the kids makes it necessary and explicit. They don’t hook up, they don’t fall in love, but they are tied together, they love each other, they are a beautiful happy healthy family unit.

Neelix loves the kids, loves being nanny, takes incredible pride in watching after the Captain’s children. Chakotay hates everything but then he gets close to one of the triplets, a girl, and she’s the daughter he always wanted, and she’s Kathryn’s, and Kathryn and Tom aren’t together together, and once he sets aside his ego he’s a great tutor. Tuvok would never admit it, but he is so sad to be missing his children growing up, and having his best friend’s kids around make that a tiny bit more bearable. Harry and B’Elanna are like Legit, this is the strangest thing to ever happen but hey. Tom’s happy and the kids are cute. Harry teaches one to play the clarinet.

They become the whole ship’s babies. Even more so than Naomi, who is herself, far less lonely with some peers. The ship becomes a hometown that much quicker. If the captain can have kids and still be captain, anyone can. The crew start to live their lives more fully, with less fear. 

Gah. I get really upset thinking about the abandoned lizard babies. They deserve so much better!!!

Title: The First Ultrasound

@magikat409​ requested: Been having a stressful week, and could use some Patrick fluff to ease my pain :D Patrick and his wife go in for an ultrasound to see their child for the first time, only to find out a special surprise is in store for them? Like twins or triplets? It’s your call! TYVM hun <3

Character(s): Patrick Sullivan and Reader
Summary: You and Patrick find out some surprising news at your first ultrasound.
Word Count: 1,881
Author’s Note: This one is for @magikat409! I hope you have a much better week and I sure hope this was okay! Also, everyone go follow her! She’s written a few stories and believe me, you will not be disappointed! They’re all so good! Plus, I had to watch a certain scene from The Accidental Husband and ended up watching the entire movie, lol. JDM is just so charming. Anyway, I love this idea and I hope I did it justice! Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms

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Imagine you are the only child of the king

Imagine you are the only child of the king. Your family has been pressuring you for a long time to start having children. Your father declares he doesn’t even care if they’re bastards. He just needs you to have babies to secure the succession once he’s gone. You, however, have made it clear that you have no interest in having children and flatly refuse to do it.

In desperation, the king tells one of his best spy-assassins to start putting a mild sleeping potion in your drink, just enough that you’ll sleep through it when he sneaks into your chambers and pours a little of the fertility potion down your throat. This potion is the most potent there is, and is known to frequently cause someone to have multiples. After the spy-assassin has done this, he is to try to impregnate you. More than once in a night if he can. He does so very gently so you don’t even know the next morning that you’ve been violated.

After only the third night of him doing this to you, you decide to take an evening ride just to clear your mind of all the fighting you’ve been doing with your family. Unfortunately, as darkness falls you cross paths with an goblin raiding party. They recognize your livery and grab you. They drag you back to their camp and several of them proceed to rape you for several days. Sore, hurting, and desperately afraid, you finally find a way to escape when all the goblins are asleep. You don’t stop running until you find one of the soldiers your father has sent to find you.

You’re too ashamed to admit what was done to you, and you decide you will never tell anyone. Then the symptoms begin. The nausea all through the day, the cravings for strange foods at strange times, the fatigue and aching, the constant need to relieve yourself. Every day you grow more afraid, hoping you’re really just sick. You don’t get to hold onto that hope for long. Your belly starts to round outwards, growing faster than it ought to. You hide it under your robes, you tell no one.

You do such a good job of hiding it that your father instructs the spy-assassin to re-start his efforts. As usual, he gets you to sleep, then gives you the fertility potion. But when he opens your robes and sees your naked body and the roundness of your tummy. He chuckles in satisfaction and even though he’s done his job, he has one last slow fuck, enjoying the feel of your pregnant belly under his hand.

He tells your parents that you’re most definitely pregnant. They’re absolutely thrilled and pay him handsomely for his services, and to keep him quiet. They summon you to their chambers the next morning and your father says he can tell that you’re with child.

That’s when you burst into tears and confess what happened with the goblins. It’s also when they have to confess what they’ve been doing to you.

Which leaves you and them with a terrible dilemma. There’s no way to know who’s child or children you’re carrying. The two events happened so close together that it could be anyone’s.

You are left wondering what to do with your belly that keeps growing all too fast, seeming to expand another month’s worth by the week. The quick growth could be due to carrying twins or even triplets, the much wanted heirs.

Or you could be carrying a goblin baby. They are much larger than human babies and grow quite quickly. Which makes it very painful, difficult and dangerous for a human to deliver one. A good portion of those birthing such babies don’t make it, and many who do are too damaged from the ordeal to ever conceive again. Your slight build and small hips mean that even a normal human birth would be a risk for you, but a goblin baby would mean you almost certainly wouldn’t emerge alive and still fertile. And the royal line would die with you.

Your parents keep you confined to the palace. You don’t trust anyone. You don’t drink anything you haven’t kept in your hand the entire time, not anymore. You don’t sleep much, either. You just lay there and feel helpless and violated, angry and utterly alone. You feel vindictive and in a way you don’t give a damn what you’re carrying, because you hate it so much. You hate everything, including yourself and how you look now, your once beautiful, slender body ruined by pregnancy that’s turned you puffy and swollen, with a huge belly jutting out in front of you as a constant reminder of how you’ve been betrayed. You can do nothing but wait to see what your parents will do, wondering if they’re going to send you to your death. All you know is that they better decide soon because your belly is only getting bigger and bigger.


What you want to be when you grow up? 

metisi  asked:

kaito/maki,shuichi/kaede, and rantarou being good parents, pleas i need this in my l if eeeeee,e,,,

#Thank you for the ask! <3


  • During labor, Maki almost - almost takes Kaito’s head off.
  • “Kaito,” she hisses, “if you ever knock me up again, you will die.”
  • Despite the threat and deadly look she’s casting him when her eyes are not shut tight with pain, Kaito grins, knowing that she’d never follow through on that threat.
  • Kaito, himself, is actually very attentive to her while she’s in labor.
  • After 10 long hours, they welcome their twins into the world.
  • One boy - and one little girl.
  • Kaito cries at the sight of them, and Maki’s too tired to tease him for it.
  • Admittedly, her eyes do get a little watery as she holds her little girl in her arms - and she’s filled with this sort of loving and protective feeling that only mothers can describe.
  • Now, as for Kaito - he’s a big baby, but he also feels protective, almost going as far as not letting the doctors take them.
  • Maki sends him a look, and he shuts up.
  • As their children grow up, Kaito ensures that he keeps a picture book full of pictures of them.
  • They do have more children, of course. Another boy and another girl.
  • Maki, as a mother, is very authoritative and sometimes strict with grades, but Kaito has more of a loose, “take a backseat and let’s go for the ride” parenting style.
  • He’s the one who usually makes them lunches and all that - and they adore him. Maki loves them just as much - although they appreciate her more and more as they grow up.
  • They have a good dynamic, as parents, and their children often laugh at their antics.
  • Yes, she’s still tsundere.
  • But, the children are raised right, and that’s what matters to them most.


  • They’re actually pretty tame as parents.
  • They keep each other balanced.
  • Both Shuichi and Kaede plan for the baby accordingly - making sure they even have the funds and such.
  • They even go as far as getting a dog to grow up with the baby.
  • After a 6 hour delivery, they welcome their first little one into the world - a baby girl.
  • Kaede doesn’t want to let her go, but after persuasion from the doctors and Shuichi, she hands the little one over to Shuichi, even through the feeling of protectiveness.
  • He’s afraid that he’ll hurt the child, so he’s very gentle.
  • He cries at the sight of his child, too, but they’re happy tears.
  • Kaede gushes over it.
  • Shuichi takes care of her for the first little bit, calling off work and everything.
  • Once they’re out of the hospital, though - Shuichi goes back to work, while Kaede continues working from home until she’s comfortable enough leaving the baby in the care of a friend to actually go back to work.
  • They have more children, too.
  • 4 more, 2 more girls and 2 boys.
  • Kaede’s a good mom, and she’s always optimistic, even when the kids aren’t.
  • Some of the kids have depression, and a little anxiety.
  • Kaede tries to help, but she can’t understand the feeling much.
  • Shuichi, on the other hand, can.
  • He keeps it real with them.
  • They’re both sticklers about grades, and they encourage their children to go for whatever they want.
  • Do whatever they want to do.
  • Even if it’s….sports.
  • Kaede packs lunches and cooks, but Shuichi does it messily sometimes.
  • They can always tell who does what.
  • The both of them are very loving and gentle with each other and their kids.
  • They’re very close with their children.
  • But, the two of them raise their children right so that’s what matters.


  • When he and S/O receive the news that they’re going to have kids, he’s shocked.
  • Sure, they’d been trying for a bit now, but so soon?
  • Well, he’s thrilled nonetheless.
  • It gets even more thrilling when he hears that they’re going to have triplets.
  • He and S/O had agreed to wait until they had both settled down and had steady income to have children, so it was no problem for him, and he had a stay at home job.
  • The triplets are a week overdue.
  • It takes a total of 15 hours to get them out - but it happens.
  • He stays by S/O’s side during the whole thing, telling her that she’s doing good and that he’ll be with her.
  • She gets whatever she needs, even though she screams curses at him.
  • He laughs sheepishly when she curses at him.
  • All three of the triplets are girls, which doesn’t matter much to Rantaro.
  • They’re released from the hospital late, and S/O doesn’t go back to work until she’s absolutely certain that Rantaro knows what he’s doing.
  • Even then, she’s a worried mother hen and constantly asks him if they’re doing alright.
  • He finds it endearing.
  • Rantaro’s a really good dad.
  • He paints their nails, goes shopping with them (unless it’s undergarments - he’s not touching that with a 10 foot pole.), does their hair, all of it.
  • It thrills S/O.
  • The three girls are as close as can be, even if they do argue sometimes (read: a lot)
  • He packs lunches, and is generally very chill.
  • Avacado dad cares a lot about grades - so that’s the only thing he’s really strict on at all.
  • If his girls participate in after school stuff, or if they make a team, join the school’s band, whatever, he’s there, even if their mom can’t make it that night.
  • Most nights, she does, and it’s very rare when she doesn’t, but he’s still there nonetheless.
  • Very proud dad.
  • Their mom makes sure that the girls are very down to earth.
  • Rantaro and his S/O have a very teasing, yet friendly, relationship with each other. Even though  the girls groan about how they should “save it for later,” they secretly love it.
  • He thinks they’re raised right, and that’s what matters to him most.

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How was Mark and Anna's opinion over the twins as they grew older? I would still think that they would much rather believe that Dipper is dead rather than a demon. The biggest thing that I wonder is Mabel and the triplets, we don't see much interaction between the three and their grandparents...

Dipper is far, far too real for them to ever pretend that he was dead. And, to be honest, they could never do that. They love him too much for that. Mark and Anna have a very difficult and strained relationship with Dipper, absolutely, but they can never fool themselves in thinking he’s dead. 

(also for the sheer amount of pictures with triplets being held in empty air and occasional ones where dipper shows up that Mabel sends them like- no denying Dipper is around.)

As for the triplets- things are definitely very awkward with Mark and Anna (especially after California). 


But Mark and Anna love Mabel and Dipper, and of course love the triplets. There is no denying that. The triplets are their only grandchildren, and ofc the kids aren’t going to see Arnold and Rita. 

Once or twice a year, Mabel and Henry send the triplets to visit Mark and Anna for a week. It keeps Mark and Anna from having to come up to Gravity Falls too often and deal with…. awkwardness, and it lets the kids get to know their grandparents. And to be fair, all parties involved usually have a good time. Acacia loves going to Grandma and Zaydee’s house because there’s a sweet tree in the backyard she can hang out in (Mabel is very salty that Anna lets Acacia climb that tree when she never could but #grandparents). Hank by age 4 had befriended the entire neighborhood and loves seeing his California friends. Willow…. Willow can see the lingering colors in the house, in her grandparents’ auras… so it’s harder for her. But she does love cooking with Grandma.

There’s a distance, between Mark and Anna, and their grandchildren, and their children. It’s a distance that is only partially bridged. At the end of the day, if you pushed the triplets, their true grandparent would be Stan. 

It’s not perfect. 

But its better than nothing.

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okay so i’m…not actually sure what the context of this ask is or if it was even meant for me! but in the absence of any other information i am choosing to take it as a fic prompt


Yuuri gets back from Madam Baranovskaya’s studio at five. He’s shifting the gym bag on his shoulder as he opens the door, which is why it takes him a minute to notice Victor.

Victor, who is sitting on the floor with a hamper overflowing with packages and a baby in his arms.

“Yuuri!” Victor says, managing to sound only faintly frazzled.

“Hi,” Yuuri says, dropping his bag and stepping out of his shoes. “Victor. Who is that?”

“This is Anna,” Victor says. “Oh, no.”

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The Quagmire Triplets are on the case!

ASOUE Week: Favorite Minor Character(s)

Oh my goodness I spent all day trying to decide which Quagmire to pick for today’s theme but I just couldn’t pick… So I decided to do all three! Isadora, Duncan and Quigley Quagmire are my favorite minor characters!

In the constant torrent of terror in the Baudelaire’s lives, all three of the Quagmires are game changing. Their first real dear friends, closest allies, and biggest clues in unraveling the mystery of VFD! My only wish is that we got to see more of them! That they could spend more time with the Baudelaires, and that Olaf never comes within 200 ft of these amazing kids! 

Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Flavor Legacy Challenge


  1. Your sim and pet must represent their generation. (hair/fur color, clothing,etc.)
  2. You may play on whatever lifespan.
  3. You may cheat to get the lot on gen 1 but you must reduce your money to 2,500
  4. Tag your legacy posts as #c&dflavorlegacy
  5. No cheating, unless if you are trying to get Triplets for Gen 8
  6. You’re allowed to change the colors of your pet and paint them to make them match the generation but not their physical features.
  7. You can choose whether to focus on the dog or the cat and play through that species’ offspring for the heirs of each next generation.
  8. We suggest doing the Cat version for a more laid back play through, and the Dog version for a more challenging version. 
  9. Note that some generations will have more than one sim heir, and some generations require that you have both a dog and a cat but you must continue with the same species you were working with before.


Hi! I’m here with my first legacy challenge and I was thinking of making a simblr. I look forward for being around here  on tumblr. I was happy to work on this project with @subtle-moodlet​ and our discord friend Mini. <3 Now if only i knew how to make a simblr… 

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Episode Review: “Whatever we face, we face together” [S03E01]

There it is! The season three premiere it felt like we had to wait 84 years to see. Was it worth the seemingly endless wait?

Y: Wow! I’m just… floored. Completely speechless. That was absolutely worth the wait. And it has to be said that this show knows how to do season openers! They know how to do a lot of things, don’t get me wrong, but Blindspot does season premieres like no other. I thought the Pilot was flawless and I thought the season two premiere was flawless, but dare I say it? I think the season three premiere just blew it out of the water. The opening three minutes were a gift from the heavens, and the closing three minutes left everyone gasping and shaking, and then there was everything in between that was closer to an action blockbuster with incredible characterization than it was to an episode of network television.

L: OMG. It was all that and more! There were so many things, big and small, that I loved about it, from that straight-out-of-fanfiction cold open to the smorgasbord of secrets at the end. And kudos to the entire cast, all of whom were amazing. This episode was such an exciting start to the new season, and I am looking forward to next week even more than I looked forward to the premiere!

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They started working on a family during their honeymoon. They both wanted a big family and were both turned on by pregnancy.

She conceived that week and was overjoyed! She had always watched her figure and was a conservative dresser, but all that changed once she knew she was knocked up.

10 weeks after that productive honeymoon with triplets in her belly, she could always be found with something sweet in her hand. It was her job to grow big healthy babies for her husband, and a huge round belly was proof to the world that she was doing her job as a good wife

As her belly developed a pooch she stopped dressing as conservative and started wearing just a tshirt and panties around the house. She started greeting her husband at the door in lengerie that showed off her swelling belly. “It’s just more comfortable for this big belly you gave me” she would tease.

Her husband worked hard all day for their growing family, why shouldn’t she reward him for everything he did to let her grow their brood? As long as she kept him happy, she knew he would keep her big and full for years to come.

EXO finding out you are pregnant with triplets

derpsquadteam said: Heyyy, could you please made an exo reaction when you tell them that you are having triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl. (They are the fathers)


Suho: *proud as hell*

Baekhyun: I knew we could do it jagi!

Chanyeol: I must have done a hell of a good job

Chen: I think you’re lying

D.O: I’m ready to raise my minions

Kai: Yay! We’re gunna have an army of little children!!!


Lay: Oh sh*t. I was only expecting one. How the hell am I going to take care of three kids?

Luhan: Really?! Wow that’s amazing!

Xiumin: *so freaking happy he has no words*

Tao: Oh my god, but last week you said there would only be one

Sehun: Hold up, what did you just say?

Good Cop Father (K.H)




“Taylor!” Kenny shouts up the stairs, calling down the last triplet who was holding us all up from leaving. “Adam and Mackenzie were ready before you! We’re gunna be late to London’s dinner!” It’s Kenny’s sister, London’s birthday today and the whole Holland family clan are making their way over to the family’s house.

Taylor, our 5 year old daughter, is normally the ‘good’ child out of our triplets. She’s normally the first ready, the first to wash her hands before a meal and the first to brush her teeth before bed, but today, something’s off. Adam and Mackenzie were ready way before Taylor was. She’s not sick, she’s not hurt, and she’s just… off. She’s not our normal Taylor Reagan Holland.

“Yeah, Taylor!” Mackenzie shouts in a mock, sticking her tongue out at thin air. “We were ready before you! Now, hurry up! I want cake!”

“Shut up, Mackenzie, you stupid idiot!” Taylor shouts back, causing both of her siblings to take a step back in surprise, their eyes wide and their mouths shut. I look over at Kenny, who looks just as surprised as I do. She’s never spoken like that before. Ever.

It’s that damn day care centre. I knew it was a bad idea to send our kids there. There’s one family there, the Klingemann’s, who’re the rudest, most arrogant, pieces of shit people I have ever met. The first day there, the mother, whos name is Helene, gave me the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen, and the oldest one there, who’s 6 and named Piana (really, who names their kid Piana?), thought it would be funny to rip up Taylors drawings she made for her two grandmas.

Mackenzie, being the little 5 year old thug she is, took it upon herself to make Piana sorry for harassing her sister. She ‘accidentally’ spilt black paint all over the brat’s drawings and writings. I’ve always wondered how she’s been like this, she’s only 5 and she’s already mentally attacking kids her age.

It’s nice that she stands up for her siblings, but if she ever gets arrested for doing it, it won’t be so nice anymore.

But yes, the damn Klingemann family have no filter whatsoever. They don’t care what they say, they don’t bother to look around a room before they say something, they should probably start doing that because the day care might ban their kids if they continue teaching the other kids bad words.

I’ll personally ban their kids.

Kenny purses his lips and drops the car keys back into the key bowl, he looks at me once, then starts walking up the stairs to go and find out what’s wrong with our daughter.

Adam lightly pats my leg, slightly tugging on my jean pocket. I look down at him, one of my hands instantly moving to the top of his head, running my fingers through his increasingly long brown hair, much like his fathers. “Mommy, what’s wrong with Taylor?”

“I don’t know, baby, I don’t know…” I sigh, “Why don’t you and Kenzie go and watch a cartoon on my phone for a minute?” I hand him my phone, which he happily takes, and he walks down the hallway into the living room with Mackenzie following quickly behind.

I make sure that they’re inside the other room before I head up the stairs. The kids’ bedroom door is open and I can see Kenny’s brown boots sticking out from where he’s knelt in front of the bed. I hear light sniffles and my boyfriend’s soothing voice, I decide to lean up against the wall and let Kenny deal with this one. I just listen in.

“Auntie London wants you to go, babe, she’s looking forward to seeing you.” Kenny says softly, “Why don’t you want to go?”

“B-because cousin Connie will be there, won’t she?”

“Of course she will, she’s your cousin and also auntie London’s cousin, she wants to be there for her birthday. Why don’t you want to see Connie, Tay?”

“When she came to play last week, she said I was a goody two shoes because I wanted to do my school reading with mommy.” Taylor sniffs, slightly choking on her words. “She said only losers read with their mommies.”

So, that’s why Taylor was so quiet when Connie was here the other day. Normally, they play together so well and they never stop talking and giggling. What changed for Connie that made her become a bitch? She’s only 7.

“Why didn’t you tell me or mommy that she was being mean to you?”

“Because she said that you won’t believe me! She said that you and mommy like her and all my other cousins and Adam and Mackenzie more than you all like me!” My baby is so innocent.

Kenny sighs and Taylor hiccups over her quiet cries, “Tay, me and mommy don’t like Connie or any of your other cousins over you! Mommy and I love you so, so, so much, baby. You shouldn’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, because then they’re just a liar!”

“Lying is naughty, daddy.”

“It is naughty, you’re right.”

I hear Taylor take a big breath in, “I would never lie to someone.” My children are amazing.

Each one of the triplets are completely different and it’s amazing. They’re going to be amazing people when they grow up.

“That’s very good of you, it’s very good to be honest. Do you know what Connie was doing?”


“That’s right. She was lying so she could make you upset. You shouldn’t let her get to you, Taylor. Liars do not deserve any attention.”

“Am I a loser because I wanted to read with mommy?” She asks quietly, making my heart clench. Kids can be so fucking horrible for no reason.

I’ll definitely be having a word with Connie’s mother.

Nobody calls my kid a loser.

“Of course you’re not a loser! Reading is cool! If you read with mommy, or even me if you want, then you can learn new words and then, you’ll be really, really smart and you’ll be at the top of your class.”

A small gasp comes from Taylor, “I want to be smart!”

“You already are, sweetie! So, if you keep reading with mommy, you’ll get even smarter.” I can only imagine the look on Taylors face right now, I just know that she’s definitely perked up a lot. A short chat with your dad can do that sometimes. “So, what are you going to do today?”

“Go to auntie London’s party and ignore Connie because she’s mean and a liar and liars don’t deserve my attention.”

“That’s my girl.”

“And if she tries to be mean again, I’ll tell Mackenzie and she’ll pull Connie’s hair.”

Oh God.

We’ll have to watch Connie, Taylor and Mackenzie very closely today. Very, very closely. I’m not getting in trouble for my kid standing up for my other kid.

“Okay, I think that’s enough now, don’t let Mackenzie pull anyone’s hair.”

“Okay…” She sighs. She knows it’s wrong but she loves having a sister that’ll stand up for her whenever she needs. “Can we go now?” Yep, our normal Taylor’s back now.

“Go and get your shoes on, babe.”

Seconds later, Taylor’s running out of her room and walking down the stairs with a little giggle. I’m glad she’s happy again, I don’t know what I’m going to do when she becomes a moody teenager and starts to hate me for no reason. She’s always been the happiest one.

I take a step into the bedroom just as Kenny’s standing up and brushing off his knees. “How did I do?” He asks, quickly wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in close to him. “I feel like I did well.” He rests his chin on the top of my head.

With a kiss to his jaw, I respond. “You did so well, I’m proud of you.” Ever since the kids could talk and understand what we’re saying, he’s struggled with telling them off or helping them with their little problems. He grew up with 5 younger sisters and he always did so well with them, but now that he has his own kids, he doesn’t like scolding them. He finds it hard because it always hurts his feelings when they start crying due to him. “Now, if Mack does pull Connie’s hair, I’ll leave you to tell her off.”

“But babe,” He whines. I lightly slap his arm and start walking towards the stairs, pulling him behind me. “I already did something today, it’s your turn she does do it.”

“Hey, I can’t be bad cop all the time.”

“I like it when you’re the bad cop.” The heat instantly spreads across my face.

“Last time you said that, we ended up with triplets.”

“Well, maybe this time we’ll end up with twins.”


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Just letting you guys know that the triplets might not feed that much during the first (or two) week. The triplets are just getting used to not getting nutrients from their umbilical cords. Plus I think it's a good idea that you're bottle feeding the triplets. It'll hopefully help Ludwig become an equal as a primary care taker. Are you going to switch them off from each feeding? You guys are going to be amazing parents. I hope you get enough sleep during the first months. May I... hold one?

Ludwig: “The plan will be to bottle breastmilk once Clarisse’s milk really comes in so there won’t be anything to worry about. She’s avid about breastfeeding over formula and I doubt anyone will be able to get her to falter on that, but we’ll need to bottle no matter what to make sure all three get fed around the same time. And I personally like the notion that the two of us feeding the girls together will make us a stronger parenting team.

And of course you may hold one, but be very gentle.”

When you’re stanning Natalie but you have no idea how to feel about her winning HOH because you were really down for a Paul/James/Victor/Nat final 4 but then you realized if Nat is sitting next to Paul or Vic at Final 2 she wont win but then you know if she takes a shot at them they are good at comps and could put her up the following weeks but then you hate the mayo couple Nicorey and want them out of your sight but then you know that Natalie has a much better chance of winning against either of them but then you know that there is still a great chance Porcelain Croutons could win the jury buyback and the disgusting mayo triplets could win back the power in the house AND YOU JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK AND THE POSSIBILITIES ARE OVERWHELMING.

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Triple Trouble, Triple Timeouts, Triple Love ♥

These little munsters are the reason that I blame me being so active during my pregnancy. I feel so lazy at times to the point to where I don’t even want to think about doing a single task until.. I hear whining followed by:

 “It’s mines!! ..”  

“No, no no.. it’s MINES..”

“Ouchie!! that hurted mees Apple..”


 “You not boss of mees”

 (pause because you hear him spit a raspberry at someone, and then the hitting begins) and I’m off of my feet turning into a WWE referee. I snapped this picture last week before bathtime, I tried. This is the best you’re going to get from 3 children who don’t have the DNA to be still, even in their sleep, ha.

It’s so hard with all of my older babies in school and being stuck at home without help or assistance all day with 3 little jumping beans who are extremely spontaneous, love to twirl, dance, jump, run and play. Not to mention eating..ohh they love to eat. One of the only things that we can agree to do on a day to day basis. Bored? What’s that? I’ve never heard of that in this household. Silence is dangerous in my home. Let me tell you how these past few weeks have been like..

 One morning, I left the three of them in the dining room to munch on some yummy breakfast..or so I thought. I went to go shower and dress quickly, they should be good right? WRONG.

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