it was a good twist with the wrong people

What the fuck did i get into

i started watching Noragami last week, it was really good so i thought id read the manga. except NOBODY FUCKING TOLD ME THIS WAS SOME TWISTED KAWAII VERSION OF GAME OF THRONES. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK. i was just happy to find a cool action series that was hilarious while having dark undertones and strong, complex characters but no seriously what the fuck happened in chapter 71 i did not sign up for this apparently it takes a month for a new chapter what the fuck is wrong with you people how am i supposed to function why cant yato be happy yukine is terrified of the dark daiko better not die like tsuyu isnt even a shinki she shouldnt have gone in the first place damnit when did this turn into a horror show why cant i have nice things also fuck you yatos old man hiyoris first kiss wasnt supposed to be her soulmates dad also its canon theyre soulmates literally the only thing keeping me going along with ebisu

ok so if I’m not wrong there’s some kind of twist that’s happening soon right?? and it’s gonna be a positive twist??? well I’m really trying to stay positive and hopeful about all of this and idk if it’s just me but I feel like there’s something missing with this sl. it’s not all making sense and I feel like there is something that is not being said. so I’m really hoping that this ‘twist’ is going to make this one huge mess make sense, and everything will start to become ok again!! idk I’m just trying to stay positive right now :/


Ok so I posted a picture of the model Lily Cole on my fashion side blog and the original post got derailed by these nasty ass bitches!!!!! I’m gonna state the obvious by saying this kink is harmful af since it supports the sexualization of little girls, the infantilization of young women in a worldwide patriarchal society, and underlying pedophilia/ephebophilia. But like these people are acting like they’re so oppressed because others think that this kink is wrong??? Like bitch you made that choice to become a nasty ass pleb! Those who are oppressed are born the way they were whether it’s race, gender (assigned at birth), sexual orientation etc. Like of course others are gonna think your “community” is a cesspool if you keep leaving replies like that! AND the fact that this simple bitch thought it would be a good idea to hijack the black lives matter tag into their own twisted world, man that shit is so fucked up. It’s so insulting and offensive to the BLM movement that actually is vocal about REAL struggles. Alright, I’m just gonna go purify myself now.

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lawyerlarrie tumblr com/post/158741787951/challenge-find-me-one-precedential-case-involving did someone answered this yet?i feel like this is a good opportunity to prove larries wrong bout them saying that it isnt illegal to closet someone against their will

AMAZING. Absolutely fucking amazing. The unmitigated, demented gall of a Larrie asked for PRECEDENT related to celebrity closeting. The sick, twisted gall of these people who are now proposing that Louis may have signed a personal, private contract with Simon Cowell that forces him and his entire family to play along with A FAKE BABY for a fucking year and a half, to say “show me a precedent.” When the only examples she has ever been able to find are completely unrelated to the point she’s trying to make.

You know why there isn’t a goddamn precedent? Because no one has ever been contractually forced by their management or record label to stay in the closet and sign an illegal false birth certificate for a baby who doesn’t exist.

I don’t know how the UK Equality Act substantively differs from other non-discrimination acts. There could be laws in plenty of jurisdictions that would make the sort of thing Larries suggest even more easily fought in the courts than it would be without relying on anti-discrimination legislation.

In fact, I personally don’t think the UK Equality Act is the most compelling reason why the contracts Larries have created, shaped around a need to deny Louis agency for every single choice that Larries don’t like, do not exist. Ahead of the potential discrimination claim, I would put these:

  1. These contracts would be stupid, impractical, and impossible. No contracts include that type of control over someone’s personal life. No record label would use that control to do what Larries say has happened. It’s dumb. As i said, Larries have decided on what the contract would contain based on what they need to pretend Louis did not choose to do. They have NO examples, NO PRECEDENT, of any contract that does anything like that. The closest they can come is to say that contracts that dictate how someone is edited on a reality show would apply to how they behave every day in their personal life, or that contracts to make reasonable PR appearances would be used to force someone to lead an entire fake PR life.
  2. The contract would be legally unenforceable anyway because Louis would have to commit a felony in signing the birth certificate. 
  3. Harry and Louis wouldn’t have to take anyone to court over this. They would just come out or refuse to play along and dare Them to sue. Larries think it’s totally reasonable to expect Simon Cowell to take Louis to court for breaking an NDA because of the fucking bears. First off, 1D are too popular for it to be worth it to meaningfully punish them, second off the optics would be FUCKING TERRIBLE.
  4. If it did somehow end up in court, I think unconscionability is a more likely legal argument, largely because the contract terms Larries suggest are SO EXTREME. 

But that’s always been the problem with arguing against them. I’ve said this before. No one fucking BOTHERS to actually say “don’t worry, no record label will be able to force you to fake a baby.” No one explains how to get out of a 7 year and counting contract that forces you to have your fake girlfriend in your mother’s wedding. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FUCKING HAPPEN. So no, shockingly there are no examples of closeted celebrities using the UK Equality Act as far as I know.

So I don’t actually think the UK Equality Act is particularly relevant, although I know there’s been a couple posts from antis about it. I do think it gives a sense of how public opinion might go, I think it’s a possible avenue that could be used. Looking into it a bit, I think there’s definitely some questions about what is considered the workplace or a position of employment. But the indirect discrimination portion would absolutely apply to what Larries say is happening, and probably direct discrimination as well.

Lawyerlarrie has already admitted that she knows jackshit about this type of contract but, as with the nuances of family law in California, she doesn’t let that stop her from speaking authoritatively and even making up quotes that she implies are actual potential contract terms.

Larries try to make it seem like they have precedents by lying about what their own theories entail or creating strawmen to counter. The examples they give are never relevant to the actual problems with the shit they make up. They also lie about and minimize the history of conflict between artists and labels, to make it seem like they have no real examples because artists are simply suffering in silence. When in facts, artists have been extremely vocal in speaking about their record labels and fighting injustice, and often make gains in cases that are decided out of court. When artists speak about being closeted against their will, they talk about pressure, the threat of having opportunities withdrawn, or simply not telling anyone. Never about fucking contracts.

And while they’re making up contracts that can force Louis and his entire family to play along with schemes to ruin his life, they’re out here trying to claim it’s meaningful that there’s no relevant case history of anyone using the UK Equality Act to get out of the utterly stupid and impossible contracts they fucking made up. Stuff like this, using this completely pointless challenge to trick their followers into thinking they’re the ones with precedent on their side, is why they’re manipulative assholes.

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The Arrow writers are clearly doing something wrong when people hate a character they claim is a good person (and insist on having Oliver claim she is a good person---ewwww) and love the villain and are rooting for the villain (when he captures said "good person")

They’ve made it so much easier to like Adrian. We know more about him, he’s charming, and god is he a good villain. Twisted, maniacal, intimidating, and he does have his scary moments. He’s everything you want in a good villain. And I’m happy to say that I haven’t even seen anyone excusing his behaviors and trying to make him this sweet misunderstood snowflake. Nope, everyone literally loves him for the asshole that he is. 

Susan on the other hand. We don’t know anything about her. All we’ve seen from her is lying, putting herself ahead of everything else, sleeping with Oliver only to confirm the Bratva tattoo, telling him about how she’s going to write a story on him that would only further destroy his reputation, and blaming him for something he had no control over. She only comes back to him and changes were mind about blowing his cover when she gets her job back. It would have made more sense if she was a villain because she’s about as likable as Malcolm Merlyn. 

The writers have been trying to spin this story, (i can only assume PR has stephen defending her bc wtf he’s always been so good at talking about the show and the things HE likes), and honestly at this point it feels like a huge misdirect. I don’t know what they’re trying to get us to see or not see, but it’s very annoying. 

also, I am glad Chas set Rebecca straight and call her on her own shit. She’s playing victim and acting like she’s Aaron’s friend and Chas even called her on pretending to be Robert’s friend too, the first opportunity she got she took it even though she saw Robert was drunk and in an emotional state. I’m not saying he isn’t wrong because he is good at playing people but she knows this. But because her feelings hurt and feels victimize, she wants to burn Robert by telling Aaron - the actual victim in this situation. She decided to sleep with a married man. No one twist her arm. 

To the antis that shame abusive ships saying we’re ‘’romantizing abuse’’

I’m sick of they assuming we do. For me, I don’t ship many, but in the ones I do, I don’t ‘’romantize’’, ‘’ignore canon’’, ‘’condone them in real life’’, ect.

People ship differently.

For me, in my ‘’abusive’’ ships, I don’t gloss over the canon to make it healthy. I like to explore the twisted and wrong side, to reflect how much a relationship like this destroys you, the psicological results of it. How you feel that you needed it, but was wrong for you and screwed up everything in your world.

Abuse survivors may produce some fluff to cope. As a non-coper, I sometimes cringe at the OOC. I don’t personally believe that coping is good for survivors, and if I was one I’ll get away from these kind of ships, but I’m no-one to tell people what to ship and what not. I prefer mostly realistic angst, because these ships aren’t meant to be ‘’happy’’. Except if it’s a ‘’non-abusive’’ AU, like ‘’both are sickos and consent their mutual sadism’’ or ‘’Person A is truly sorry and makes up for it, but Person B does not trust them’’, which can be very good and creative.

And then there’s the most important argument: they’re not real. If I was trying to justify real abuse, that would be even creepier than shipping real people, which is creepy enough.

People like me who don’t forget canon are very annoyed at all the ‘’canon evidence you shouldn’t forget’’ because I already know it (I hate people lecturing me in things I already know). If someone denies it’s abusive, it’s the one you should be targeting, not all the shippers.

 This is like lecturing furries that they’re supporting zoophilia when most of them would never fuck something without basic human-like intelligence. So please let me enjoy my angsty and twisted ship.

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What in tarnations? Gage is a raider and Preston is the most sweetest caring man! My brain can not comprehend the hatred for Preston because of Gage the raider

I mean I have no opinion on Gage because I don’t have the FO4 DLCs hence I never met him, hence I can’t say whether I like him or hate him. 

But the point is that while Preston and Gage are each other’s antagonists, that doesn’t make Preston a bad guy. Even if Preston is Gage’s antagonist, he will still be a good guy because Preston is good, he doesn’t like Gage not because of Gage as a person but because Gage is a raider which is generally associated with raiding settlements and killing people - things that are Not Good. 

So to twist shit as if Preston is the bad guy for being against Gage is very wrong and has certain racist undertones to it. Even if you choose to play as a raider in Nuka World, you are still the bad guy, if there was a Karma system you would get bad Karma from it. 

So to parallel Preston with Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is extremely out of character, very bad, with certain racist undertones to it, and also absolutely unnecessary because you can still write your “forbidden love” story without demonizing a black man. And that was the whole situation. 

Airlia the shadow seerer, is a funny ole spiral. Tainted by the shade she doent really listen to it but is definitely not the voice for all things happy and light. Her foresight is all doom and gloom, destruction and bad times. It would be wrong to say she doesnt revel in it, but really she finds pleasure in rmenting people with what she might predict. Shes playful but in a twisted nature.

Not all her sight is bad, sometiems she will see the sun after the rain but it is a rare occasion. A lot of the time she doesnt even use her git and just lies too people, the more she uses the more corrupt her body gets and her markings grow. SHes not esspecially fond of her markings, The gold eyes however are her own work, tattooed on her body to represent the many eyes of the sight. 

She is the least decorated of the seers, keeping her jewelry to  minimum and mostly garbed in a cloak. 

Airlia can mostly be found floating around the shade clan though her alligience isnt truly th them, she will often visit the cother clans much to their seerers dismay, they dont dislike her but like would be too far for some of them. 

Shes a total brat basically hah 

And no, you shouldn’t trust me. I have said it before. I’m nothing good and I say the wrong words. Yeah, the poetry is forever, but the poet is temporary. Yeah, the love is real even if we admit it or not, but humans, darling, we’re temporary. Yeah, I’m the twisted end of the branch and you’re planning to break me limb from limb. I’ve done the same to you. No, you should never place your trust inside of my palms. I’m the forgotten diary left inside of a coffee shop. I guess people never stopped reading a stranger’s confessions. I’m not perfect, of course, we’re all flawed. It’s the kind of I’m sorry that keeps our eye lids confused about what we should say and how we should do this. It’s the kind of forgive me that lives inside of our smile while we figure out how to work this out, we’re the end of all things, all things beautiful and all things broken. If the world was perfect and everyone didn’t have to worry about the next time they’d cry, I’m sure I’d still find a way to be me. I’d still find a way to mess things up. I’d still find a way to fuck everything up. Of course you shouldn’t trust a poet, I can barely trust myself with waking up to see if today was going to be better. I’m sorry.
—  trust

Could you please write 00q where Bond is insanely jealous when unknown male specimen (he’s Q’s twin brother whom Bond doesn’t know) kiss Q on the cheek? ~Inspired by those lovely photos of Ben with his twin brother <3~ - anon

Teeheeeeee yes. Jen.

Bond went a strange, pasty shade of white.

Q looked up just at the wrong moment. “James!” he called, waving, while the man next to him twisted around. “Hi, sorry, just bumped into…”

“… I saw,” Bond replied, with a somewhat tight smile. “Hello. I’m James. Q’s partner.”

From the corner of his eye, Bond saw Q’s eyebrow raise with vague surprise; Bond was dreadful at telling people they were in a relationship. Lingering sexuality insecurity paired with general commitment phobia.

“Hi, I’m Ben,” the other replied, extending a hand. “It’s so good to meet you, Q’s told me so much about you…”

“Has he now?”

Q was beginning, very slowly, to get the idea that there was something wrong. “… everything okay?”

“Yes,” Bond replied, still through slightly gritted teeth, reaching out to a now utterly bemused Q. “All fine. So Ben, you’re…”

Abruptly, Q understood.

“… my brother,” Q completed smoothly, squeezing Bond’s hand. “My twin brother.”

In the same smooth motion, Bond managed to find a smile that looked halfway genuine. “Your brother? You’re…”

“Ben, yes, my brother,” Q completed, looking vaguely amused. “Sorry, he was just in the area, thought I’d say as this git is always working and I haven’t seen him in months…”

“… weeks, Q, be nice…”

“… no Ben, longer than that…”

“… and it’s great to actually meet you,” Ben completed; Bond was growing to like him more with every passing second, partly because he had never imagined there was somebody in the world more awkward than Q.

Ben was. In fact, Ben didn’t seem to know how to smile without palpable nervousness. Bond realised it might have been because of the reasonably frightening way he’d introduced himself, and the accompanying flat stare that Bond tended to use on those he would be killing later in the evening.

Or possibly, the man was just shy.

Didn’t matter either way, Bond mused, as he detached himself from Q and returned to being a human being. “… so Ben’s currently running in and out the country, which doesn’t help when I’m actually there to see him or not, as you can imagine…”

“Yes, I travel a lot too,” Bond interjected – Ben couldn’t get a word in edgeways – and smiled encouragingly.

If anything, Ben looked even more freaked than he had before.

Bond gave up.

Theo does care about his pack. He’s just so damaged and twisted, he honestly believes that he is being a good Alpha. He’s protecting them, making sure they stay alive, he brought them back in the first place. He’s training them and letting them come into their powers and themselves. To him, he’s doing the right thing. It’s the wrong thing to most people, but it’s right to him. He honestly does care about his pack, as much as he can in the only way he can. Now excuse me while I drown in Theo and Chimera Pack feels.

Broken Wings

[[A commission for laapidoot ! Thank you so much!]]

Series: Life Is Strange

Characters: Max Caulfield / Kate Marsh

Words: 2,229

A/N: This is my first time writing LiS and my first time using the first-person perspective. Beware it contains major spoilers for the events of the ending of episode 2. Feedback is more than welcome!

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Only a world as cruel and twisted as this one could do the things it does to people.

And of all the people in this world who arguably might’ve deserved cruel and twisted things to happen to them, Kate Marsh was as far away from that list as possible.

To have driven such a pure, untainted girl to the edge of a two-hundred-foot drop was a crime in and of itself, and every student on Blackwell’s campus who’d spread rumors and lies was as good as an accomplice.

Kate Marsh did nothing wrong.

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‘For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honour, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God’ -  1 Thessalonians 4:3-5

This is really on my heart.

We have turned the purest and holiest of things between a man and a woman into the most unholy disgusting actions. Sexual relationships have been reduced to ‘sexual desire’ which came from man’s fallen selfishness, whereas it is the most beautiful connection between a married couple, the devil has twisted and changed it in the world so much because he knows that there’s great power and intimacy within the pure nature of a covenant between two people married before God. 

Even in the Christian ‘lifestyle’ sexual desire has simply had christian language wrapped around it. Satan is cunning, he will manage to persuade us that sin makes sense, that it isn’t wrong and it will feel good; but sin promises something that it can never fulfil. We’re constantly surrounded by sexual immorality in this world, but as godly men and women we are called to flea from sexual immorality and everything associated with it - I think a lot of the time Christians can get their ideas about sexual immorality warped by world influences and think they’re okay just because they are not having sex - but that’s a lie, sexual immorality doesn’t just mean sex outside of marriage, it also means other sexual acts, kissing, masturbating, watching sexual films etc. You start to look like what you expose yourself to, so we must abstain from sexually immoral things or we open ourselves up to it. We must die to self and let go of these things and allow God to change us. This is a heavy subject but don’t feel disheartened by it or worried if you’ve done something wrong, God dealt with that when he died on the cross but our fight is the good fight of faith to continue to walk in what he accomplished. 

Ladies you don’t need a man to make you feel worthy. Men you don’t need a woman to make you feel worthy. You need to know Jesus paid the price with his life and it makes you worthy, you are worth the blood of Jesus.