it was a good nap

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I have a feeling a lot of ishida's downhill writing is due to editorial intervention. It's a trend I noticed as a long time jump reader that whenever a series becomes super popular the story and characters tend to shift to a more mainstream appeal and the narrative tends to be drawn out so the series can last longer and make more money. Sorry if this is phrased sloppily it's 4am where I am and I'm kinda hazy



Yeah I agree that this is why and that’s why I just kinda stare at how TG used to be forlornly

(That and I’m hoping Ishida will ditch mainstream ideas again towards the end of the series when he holds no more social obligations)

Also go to sleep anon jfc

Recipe: Josh’s “Feel Good” Tea

We’ve all had those days when we’re so sick we don’t want to do much. Between fits of rather painful coughing, sniffling, achiness, and difficulty breathing, I knew that I needed a good strong tea to help kick this flu in the rear. And that’s how I came to create my “Feel Good” blend - a nice, strong tea that makes you feel calm and relaxed before promptly knocking you out for a good nap.

-1 tbsp peppermint tea
-1 tsp chamomile
-1.5 tsp rosemary
-1 tsp lavender
-Honey (raw recommended)
-pinch ground cinnamon
-Boiling Water

Combine all of your herbs in a sachet and steep in the water for anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes for a strong tea. Add honey to taste and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Enjoy!

Witchy Notes: Peppermint is great for pain relief from coughing due to the menthol, chamomile helps to relax and encourages sleep. Rosemary is a great cough suppressant and also helps to ease aches and pain. Lavender helps to induce calm, allowing you to breathe easier. Honey and cinnamon both have antibacterial properties and are excellent health ingredients. Enchant your ingredients ahead of time as you see fit, so that your tea will have a bit of magic all to its own!

Hi. I had a nap earlier, it lasted 2 hours. Oops.

Good thing it’s Friday and I have nothing to do. Oh wait, I havent had anything to do for a year. :p

Watching S5 Bones, got that notification that it won’t be available on Netflix, again. So I’ve got to “bone up” my Bones collection to finish watching when I get back home.

Hoping the rain will pass tonight and tomorrow I can go ride, bike or shoot photos. I need to do something outside, going nuts.

Also expecting a loaner camera to do some write up stuff Monday, I have 2 days to do all I need then return it before Wednesday.

And have a lens to test and write up.

Lots to do, and yet all I can think of is… Wednesday. S-Day.

Happy Holidays.

ive been feeling a bit down lately so to cheer me up a bit heres three good things:

1. i went pasifika today and it was really good. i teared up a bit at the samoan village because idk i just realised how much i loved being samoan

2. i looked cute. like really cute.

3. i had a really good nap


just under $900k raised in 24 hours. thank you jack and caiti. thank you everyone who entertained on the stream. thank you broadcast team. and thank you rt community. #FORTHEKIDS

I want to...
  • I want to wake up next to you,
  • eat breakfast with you,
  • play computer games with you,
  • watching movies with you in bed,
  • hold your hand and watch tv,
  • send you cute texts,
  • buy you gifts,
  • nap together,
  • look into your eyes,
  • be with you at the sunrise and sunset,
  • cook for you,
  • walk in the rain with you,
  • fall asleep whilst on the phone to you,
  • snuggle in bed,
  • mess up your hair,
  • kiss you good night and morning.

Growing up as a Hindu I’ve always admired Vishnu for his kindness, charisma, beauty, mysteriousness, and fluidity of gender and expression. I’ve never properly sat down and drawn him, so here he is today, with somewhat of a modern aesthetic twist I suppose. 

This is how Dia and Riko’s study session would typically go in the LLSHP AU

[Noise Level: 25] Frequent interruptions by love-stricken Lucifer, territorial Sandy, and a panicking owner (?)

[Noise Level: 65] Mikan Priest Chika attempting once again to baptize the fallen angel. Oh here’s Shiny Onee-san…

[Noise Level : 100] Poor fallen angel got washi washi’d, and Chika tries to share those mikans…