it was a good nap


shameful study break selfies ft. sneeze from this cold I copped

Where I am in my life

I woke up from my nap and I felt good. Even though I am graduating from Undergrad in a couple of weeks, I’m excited to see what is next in my life. I am confident in myself to support myself and to find a job/community for me on my next chapter in my life. I watched some old videos from high school, revisited some old events in my college life, looked at past people I used to be connected with, and I just ended up smiling. All my memories I had with each person was precious and truly amazing. Even though I may not talk to some people anymore, it’s incredible to check up on them sometimes on media network and see how happy they are doing. I love, love, absolutely love what they accomplish in their personal life and professional life. 

Because everyone deserves happiness and deserves to find their calling in life. I wanted to give a very special shout out to one of my very special friends, Cuong and wanted to say I’m so happy for you. You’re an amazing guy and I love seeing you happy. Even though we don’t talk anymore, I wish you the best in life because you truly deserve it. I really can’t wait till our time cross path one more time and see each others accomplishments. :D 

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I associate you with good hugs, naps, soft doggies, when you rumple someones hair, and having a dance party in ur room with ur buddies and not caring if u suck

hell yeah!

the signs on a lazy day
  • aries:catches up on their favorite television show
  • taurus:naps, naps, and naps again
  • gemini:sits by a window with a good book
  • cancer:listens to some good music while thinking about life
  • leo:tries on different outfits and tests out perfumes
  • virgo:lights a scented candle and straightens their room a bit
  • libra:takes a long bath with lots of bubbles
  • scorpio:catches up on their social media and talks to some friends
  • sagittarius:works ahead on homework to relieve some stress
  • capricorn:doodles/paints while they're inspired
  • aquarius:searches for a good recipe and dabbles in the kitchen a bit
  • pisces:fixes a nice drink and sits outside to enjoy nature, rain or shine

object of unknown origin. kinda like you.

10 Ways To Feel Better:

1. Light a candle, or get new oils for your plug ins, new wax for your melters, ect. Scent plays a big role in relaxation.

2. Put your hair up (or take it down if it’s been up all day and give your scalp a really good rub. Shake out that hair!).

3. Buy a new pillow. Some of us don’t change out our pillows as often as we should, and this can result in neck pain and trouble sleeping. Today I found a pack of two Serta Gel Memory Foam pillows for $18 at Big Lots! They’re so nice. A bit of a splurge for me, but worth it. 

4. Brew a fresh pot of coffee, or your favorite cup of tea and drink it very slowly. Really take your time to taste it, smell it, and enjoy it.

5. Listen to your body. If you feel you should take a nap, and you are able to, then take a small nap. If you feel thirsty, get some water. Don’t deny yourself.

6. Pet your cat/dog/hamster/bird/whatever pet you have. If you don’t have a pet, stroke something soft and cozy. Petting your pet is a stress reliever, and it feels good to hear them purr or look at you with gratitude (that blinky look that dogs get.. so cute).

7. Wash your face, use a toner, and then some moisturizer. Get all that makeup off and let your skin breathe! Or if you’ve been bare faced for a while, glam yourself up, just because! Admire your fine self. Yas.

8. Get a blanket with some weight to it (like a quilt, or a big, poofy, downy blanket if you’re lucky enough to own one) and wrap yourself up burrito-style. Curl up on the couch, close your eyes, clear your head and focus on your breathing. Inhale… exhale…. 

9. Watch some cartoons. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Spongebob, Steven Universe, Chowder- whatever does it for you. Distract yourself, laugh a little, let go a bit. Bonus points for watching while eating cereal.

10. Take your bra off. Just take it off. Take all of your real world clothes off and slip into some cool pjs.