it was a good nap

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So today I went over to my boyfriends house. He was alone, we were having a normal conversation in the living room &we started to kiss😩We ended up fucking on the couch☺️ he bent me over& went in so deep, pulled my hair, whispered dirty things😈We came at the same time😩 we had a second round in his room. I took control☺️😈 I rode him so good 😩when we came back downstairs his dad was taking a nap on the couch right where we fucked 😩😂 our sex is always so passionate &dirty😈♥️ I fkn love it😩

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(1/2) please imagine Jason unable to completely get rid of Tim's coffee stashes so instead of chucking them, he replaces them with decaf coffee grounds and Tim doesn't notice?? I mean he loads his coffee up with so much sugar and cream

that it’s not like he could taste a difference anyway. but he DOES notice that he doesn’t feel as energized lately and he thinks the lack of sleep is finally catching up to him so he takes a good long fucking nap and Jason’s mission is Complete


LOL ohh my gosh that’s so sneaky, I love it. 

After his nap, Tim gets suspicious and starts researching caffeine tolerance. 

He tests the coffee.  

Jason goes into hiding for two weeks. 

But Tim does have to admit that sleep is good, and he’s slightly more willing to actually do it once in a while. So Jason still counts it as a win. 

From Mexico. 

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I was on the phone w my mom when I read that post so I asked her if our dogs had a good day and she said they played outside until sunset and then came it, are dinner, and took a nap together so yes they had a really good day

this is so good to hear i love your dogs

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the picture of harry where his hair's down and his eyes are closed... and he's shirtless... i want to kiss him so bad. everywhere. like the top of his head, his eyebrows, his eyelids, his nose, his lips, his cheeks, his chin, his jaw and neck, his collarbones, his stomach....

He deserves kisses and love and happiness and good things and smiles and cuddles and naps and nice hot meals and the coldest ice cream and freshly mown grass and babbling brooks and city lights and Christmas trees and sandy beaches that are soft with no rocks to hurt his feet and big laughs and happy tears and long hugs and gentle stories and nice tea that’s the right temperature and flavor and dancing in the living room to an old record that doesn’t skip not even once and… So much.


Tuesday - Update #1.

Journal, I have a feeling today is going to be a slow and boring one. Mollie has work and I think I’m getting sick. Lots of naps and good, hearty foods are on the cards for me.

I know you’re not supposed to worry if you’re getting sick but I’ve just checked and the amount of money I have is decreasing at a fast rate on house repairs, food and just general things that I definitely do not need. Finding a job around here is hard though. In the meantime I’ll just have to cut down on the amount of useless rubbish I buy, start repairing things myself and find another way to make money.

M. x

Growing up as a Hindu I’ve always admired Vishnu for his kindness, charisma, beauty, mysteriousness, and fluidity of gender and expression. I’ve never properly sat down and drawn him, so here he is today, with somewhat of a modern aesthetic twist I suppose.