it was a good nap


me and gen accidentally walked five miles, took a five hour nap, and then played some v good arcade games and ate my new favorite meal and got cheapo cocktails from a stand in the park

“ellen degeneres’s old webcomics tended to be anthologies but now theyre getting a lot more conceptual” is a really good quote from a dream i had while i was napping

**Submission** >^.^< Thank you! 

Almost on the other side of the earth but cats are good world wide! Here’s a Hawaiian stray cat taking a nap in the shade near some waterfalls. Don’t worry he and the other stray cats on this island get fed kitty food by the locals so he’s got some chub on him and lots of energy to steal chicken wings out of the trash cans. 😸❤️

Hour 24 of my first 24 hour shift.

Helped cath a baby. It didn’t help.
I was rewarded for very good notes with a nap around hour 20. At hour 22, I couldn’t sleep through the cold anymore. It was still a good nap.
The nurses gifted us their leftover donuts.
Gonna go home and sleep hard.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure guys. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to come but it’s always fun to see how that very first time ended up.
To all your future 24s and more. Good luck.

mamaarachne  asked:

AYYY!! Congrats on getting 1st for your degree! After seeing you talk about your school life for years, it's cool to see you doing amazing and I hope you have good naps 😄😄

thank you dear !!!!!! it’s crazy to think my academic life is over (well, i hope … but there’s still a chance i’ll end up back at university for some other degree down the line lol) 

good afternoon, lovelies. so, i’m in the mood to make icons. so, the first three to reply to this post will get a batch of 150-250 icons. just lemme know if you want them b&w, bordered, round, or 100x100 (or whichever px you want) and of course character name + character series. :’) if there’s also small little details you want, let me know and i’ll see what i can do. :’)

these are icons i’ve done for some lovelies on my other blog

that-one-phangirl  asked:

You're!!! So pretty!!! Like how can someone look that good after a nap? I look like life and death when I wake up and you're over here being an angel?!?

😭😭🙈🙈 awee ahah thank you so much!! I’m sure you look sleepy and adorable after naps even if you don’t think so! 💜💜


Proud dads

Honestly, whenever you don’t feel good, or stressed out, just go take a nap. Grades stressing you out? Take a nap. Bad social situation?? Take a nap. Bad vibes trying to punch you in the gut??? Swerve. Take a nap. Just ten minutes usually helps. If you still don’t feel super fantastic, you can sleep a while longer. Don’t procrastinate, but your mental health is more important than whatever is trying to get you down.

Divination Tips for Beginners

Divination can be hard and draining, it takes up a lot of energy. For those who are still new to it, it can really drain you and result in headaches and frustrations. Here are some tips to help all you beginners out with divination and how draining it can be.

  • Drink plenty of water, being dehydrated is not fun and especially not when you are using so much energy
  • Take a shower or bath before any divination work to help cleanse yourself 
  • Meditate before big divination work to help center and ground yourself
  • Crystals good for divination and psychic work: nuummite, amethyst, amazonite, fluorite, and aqua aura quartz
  • Clear Quartz is a good energy booster and can help you feel less drained after divination
  • Drink some black tea to help ground yourself and give yourself extra energy for divination work
  • If you are starting to feel tired during divination, that is okay, take a break or take a nap. Forcing yourself to keep going will only exhaust you further and make everything more difficult. You deserve breaks
  • It is okay to use notes during divination, don’t worry what others say. Its not ‘unprofessional’, even veterans in divination use notes. Keep a notebook with you full of different meanings of cards or stones or runes, take notes as you go, write down your thoughts and keep it near you every time you practice.
  • Yellow is the color of divination, keep yellow things around you to help. Yellow blanket(s), yellow pillows, yellow candles, yellow pieces of paper; anything you can find. Purple is also another color good to help with psychic abilities and awareness
  • Herbs good for divination and psychic work: cinnamon, lemon, cherry, lettuce, grapes, orange (orange peel), mint, pumpkin, celery, lemon balm, catnip, thyme, rose, seaweed, star anise, mullein, mugwort and rosemary can all help you. Bake with them, eat them, use them in teas or keep them near you in a sachet or jar
  • Stretch and take little walks. Sitting for a long time can be killer and make you sore. Stretch your legs and take little five or ten minute walks during long readings and psychic work. Muscle and joint stiffness is never fun
  • Rather than trying to tackle large readings every day, do small ones. Like a few questions to your pendulum, pull a single card, draw a crystal from a bag, etc. Small daily practices can help you in the long run without exhausting you. 
  • Open a window and let some fresh air in while you work, it will do wonders, especially since air is the element associated with divination work.
  • Keep a small bowl or cup of salt near you, it will absorb the negative energy about you especially if you are feeling frustrated
  • Moon water is great for divination: drink it, make tea with it, spray the room with it, anoint yourself with it, keep it near you, etc
  • Cleanse your space before divination work, again it will keep negativity away from you 
  • Cleanse and charge your divination tools regularly, it really helps in the long run. Put them in the moonlight at night (especially during full moons), keep salt near them, smoke cleanse them if you can, burn white candles, use crystals/gems, etc
  • Its okay if you get confused and don’t know how to interpret something. Take notes on it and with time it may become more clear to you. Don’t force yourself to try to understand
  • Mistakes happen, you won’t always be 100% right on things. No one is, divination is not a certain thing. Things change all the time, its okay. Don’t let it get you down.
  • If you are tired, sick, stressed, or anything else and don’t feel like doing divination work that is fine. Its okay, you don’t have to do it all the time. Especially not if you are feeling unwell and tired. Rest and take care of yourself, you can continue practice another time
  • If you use tools in your work like mirrors, tea cups/mugs, cards, crystals, etc try to bond with them. Creating a bond with your tools can improve your divination quite a bit
  • You don’t have to practice on other people, you can do it for yourself and your own questions. Its an old wive’s tale that you can’t use tarot or divination on yourself, you definitely can
  • Try to get a good nights sleep before and after divination
  • Once you finish, treat yourself. Get something to eat, watch a movie or show you like, curl up with a book, snuggle into a blanket, play with your pets, take a nap; do whatever makes you happy. You did a good job and deserve some time to rest and recharge afterwards
I want to...
  • I want to wake up next to you,
  • eat breakfast with you,
  • play computer games with you,
  • watching movies with you in bed,
  • hold your hand and watch tv,
  • send you cute texts,
  • buy you gifts,
  • nap together,
  • look into your eyes,
  • be with you at the sunrise and sunset,
  • cook for you,
  • walk in the rain with you,
  • fall asleep whilst on the phone to you,
  • snuggle in bed,
  • mess up your hair,
  • kiss you good night and morning.

Harry, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a cat nap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee.

Growing up as a Hindu I’ve always admired Vishnu for his kindness, charisma, beauty, mysteriousness, and fluidity of gender and expression. I’ve never properly sat down and drawn him, so here he is today, with somewhat of a modern aesthetic twist I suppose.