it was a flesh wound lmao i love u so much

Foreshadowing to Serena’s sexuality from day one

[Coercion] - Dressing like a stereotypical lesbian from the offset, and her shameless flirting has never been gender specific. She was supposed to be called Frankie there a more stereotypically gay name?

[A Woman’s Work] - Flirting with Jac Naylor and complimenting her cheekbones

[Long Way Down] - That smug look when she hears Dan telling his father that he’s gay.

[Only You] - Playing cupid with Simon and Dan.

[From Here To Maternity] - Acting maternally towards Chantelle and just being extra ‘women-raising-up-women’. Using her womanly wiles to get Eddi on side and flirting even without meaning to.

[You And Me] - The scenes with Chrissie where they were disagreeing were so tense, it was ridiculous.

[Taxi For Spence] - “Has your first choice arrived yet?…Is it a man or a woman?” & the hug with the liver recipient where she keeps her arm on her back even after the hug’s ended.

[I’m Sticking With You] - The Chrissie arm touch.

[Hold On Me] - Ric is saying he supports her and she’s like ‘Why are you being nice, wtf? We have a good little rivalry going on.’ then when Ric says they don’t have to be enemies, she’s like ‘only if I work on your terms though, and I’m an independent woman who isn’t interested in your allegiance, so..’

[The Third Way] - The way she looks Sinead Bainbridge up and down when she walks in. To Jac - ‘and batting for the other side’

[Follow My Leader] - The way she completely lathes herself in Lila’s hero worship. Also, hinting that Lila should be her mentee just to spite Michael because she’ll have all the attentions of the pretty new girl.

[If Not For You] - “She’s a lot of fun.”

[To Absent Friends] - Being a power hungry woman and fighting for the CEO position.

[How Lo Can You Go] - Rolling her eyes at Michael’s flirting with women. “Can’t resist a nice set of jugs.”

[And We Banish Shade] - Inviting Imelda for a drink. Winking at Jac Naylor.

[Unravelled] - Being genuinely upset that it was Chantelle at fault because she wanted it to be someone she didn’t like so that she could be angry with them.

[Not Aaron] - The way she looks at Jac and she can almost tell that it’s not a random patient.

[The End Of The Beginning] - The look in her eyes when Chantelle apologises and she realises how horrible she’s been.

[Great Expectations] - Making gay inferences about Malec. The way she says ’Since when have you been in the closet?’ makes it sound like she’s saying she is.

[The More Deceived] - When she makes a love bite joke to Gemma and then proceeds to tell her to ‘get it checked out, please, just for me?’

[Break] - She went out of her way to get Gemma a night shift just because she asked her for one.

[Mens Sana In Corpore Sano] - Made Gemma think she was going to fail F1 just to get her riled up so she could see her angry.

[Digby Dog] - Suggesting meetings in Pulses because meeting rooms are too formal. Harry literally thought she was a lesbian.

[Old Wounds] - Literally asks Ric to go to the dinner as a favour so she doesn’t have to go stag, it’s SO last resort and they specify that it’s not a date.

[All At Sea] - making sure Adrienne knew it was NOT a date between her and Ric.

[The Cost of Loving] - the look on her face when the patient says Chantelle is much classier than Serena.

[Last Dance] - Remaining completely uninterested in the hetero drama of Digby/Chantelle.

[Arthur’s Theme] - The way she’s looking over her wine glass in Albies when Mary Claire’s singing.

[Merry-Go-Round] - Giving Chrissie the old IDs rather than throwing them away because she knows it matters to her. Using flattery to persuade Chrissie to join the dream team.

[Sink Or Swim] - How pissed off she gets at Guy for trying to undermine her.

[Fait Accompli] - When she threatened to break Edward’s arm if he didn’t remove it from her shoulder. Eyes @ Colette. Getting defensive about the fact she’s a Ms not a Mrs.

[All I Want For Christmas Is You] - Not taking any of Edward’s bollocks. The look between her and Mary Claire at the end of the ep.

[Self Control] - No one has ever been less interested in a man’s advances than Serena through this episode. “touching’s extra” playing wingman for Ric. The way her and Kathy gang up against Ric. She’s more tactile with Kathy, who she’s just met, than she ever was with Edward.

[Eat Your Heart Out] - Getting defensive of Dom when a patient is homophobic. Winking at Zosia.

[Instinct]  - The way she looks at Colette.

[Exit Strategy pt2] - The smug look on her face watching Zosia throw Guy under the bus. “Just because someone gropes me, doesn’t make them a psych case.” How smug she was about her painting in the chapel.

[The Cruellest Month] “Now that Connie Beauchamp’s swooped into the ED…” “Yes, I do know what action is.

[My Name Is Joe] - Drinking Yellowtail with Dom in her office.

[Keeping Mum] - Her relationship with Colette through the episode, but especially in trusting only her with Adrienne.

[All Before Them] - ‘Women - stronger constitution!

[The Spirit…] - Literally watching Colette walk away from her. “It’s Colette, it’s Serena’s friend” THIS WAS SO GAY

[Affair of the Mind] - That hair stroke.

[Going, Going…] - More Colette/Serena. At the Gala, never has anyone looked less interested in a man’s advances.

[Not Waving But Drowning] - “I love you Ms Campbell.”

[The Science Of Imaginary Solutions] - Colette arm touch.

[We Must Remember This] - Serena/Fleur**CANON LESBIAN** was insane - ‘Just the woman I’ve been looking for.’’I might have a proposition for you.’

[Flesh and Blood] - Criticising Mary-Claire’s flirting like ‘why you flirting with patients and not me?’ Mary-Claire shoulder touch. “Now that she’s dead, I feel like i can be myself” (**she didn’t mean her sexuality at the time, but i think a lot of the reason she didn’t have her sexual awakenings earlier stem from her desire to please Adrienne**)

[I Am What I Am Not] - She literally cannot stand Angus and everything he stands for, and people think who think she wasn’t playing him for the entire course of their relationship are kidding themselves.

[Brand New You] - Physically fleeing from the prospect of no booze.

[Blindside] - Mary-Claire arm touch.

[Go The Distance] - Two Mary-Claire hugs, and the shoulder touch and eye contact in Albies.

[Lifelines] - Literally only wanted Angus for sex.

[Tug of Love] - No one has ever looked less upset about being dumped.

[Children Of Lovers] - First conversation with Cara is literally about boobs.

[Losing Control of the Wheel] - Morven arm touch.

[U Turn] - Her conversation with Essie.

[Return to Innocence] - Her entire relationship with Sian is the most flirtatious thing in the world - especially when they’re holding hands on the bed.

[Speak True] - Her ‘women raising up women’ attitude and complaining about the Old Boys’ Network.

[An Eye For An Eye] - Swipes Robbie away when he tries to touch her.

[Bad Blood, Fake Snow] - Inviting the boys over for a family Christmas,, not even gay just pointing it out because it was beautiful.

[Beginnings] - Explicitly telling Raf she isn’t interested in Robbie. Yelling at Robbie and telling him to get out lmao. No one has ever looked more awkward than Serena when Robbie starts singing.

[The Hope That Kills] - When she’s going on about how office romances are the main cause of gossip to Arthur and in retrospect it’s just SO ironic.

[Kiss and Tell] - Her continued tactility with Cara.

From Serenity onwards, it’s just pure Berena so I’m not recording every single look between them because effort.