it was a cute idea owo

jaegeronice  asked:

So what do you think Shinsou's hero name should be? I saw your hero costume for him and it's my favorite by far. He sorta looks like a really high tech ninja!! ☆

hmmm… There’s a lot of different ideas for his name, but I really liked Silent Voice ( Now that I think about it, aren’t you the one who proposed it? owo )

Anyway, I like Silent Voice because it doesn’t hint on his quirk, like some other names. ( And it sound really cute too :3 )

cryssalia  asked:

I have an image of the kittens sleeping together with their moms because they have a nightmare (even though Casey can Astral Project). Can we have that? :'3

That sounds like such a cute idea~!!! ♥♥♥
And even if Casey can Astrial project… she can still encounter some scary stuff!

Though, I believe if one (or both) of the girls have a nightmate than Bea may stay up a little bit later than Mae. Just because she wants to make sure that her fam is alright before she heads to bed herself. (owo)b

thecuteblogger  asked:

Senpai qwq I love you and your art so much >w< if you want,can you please draw for me Himawari!Sans? :3 Stay happy PanPan Senpai \qwq/

sure owo and thank you so much qwq

here u go Cute owo hope you like it!


design belong to: @thecuteblogger

the idea of the character: @rebruush and @carlyistoofab

name: is not on Tumblr or Ig qwq

I’m making a post about my idea for Pito’s new name.....

…… just like you asked me to ^w^

I think you should change Pito’s name to Chia (/owo)/

Why you ask because not only is it short and cute just like you asked for, but just look at some chia sprouts!

You can not tell me that is not what is growing out of your little cuties mane XD

It all fits!!! U( ÒㅅÓ)U


british-dumpling  asked:

i-i'm not that great at this but i suppose for a headcannon maybe there neighbours and alfred gets a crush and everything heh i dunno i find it cute owo

I LIKE THIS AU , YES. Ivan would be kinda like one of those super nice and friendly neighbors and I bet Alfred would find the situation kinda awkward at first . But IDK- Maybe  Alfred has a pretty monotone life and a lot of work that needs to be done ( he could be a writer , I like the idea , or a young teacher. You know , lot of papers , coffee and stress  ) , maybe he’d actually end up enjoining Ivan’s kindness . Especially because he’d bring him food very often .

AAAND YESS Alfred would slowly grow a crush for his overly friendly ( and kinda hot because yes )  Russian neghbour <3 

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Lets begin with someone obvious, raymond

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

*kicks the Shrine back under my bed completely inconspicuously*
I Have Absolutely No Idea What You’re Talking About???? owo;;;;;;

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i want to see the human form

*w* never gonna pass up a chance to show off human burgundy some of these are kinda old so expect some wonky anatomy >w>;

I actually coloured something! 

Drew heat (human flame jasper) way to big here……

I still kinda like these, they’re just kinda continued from the images above but I thought they were cute enough to include owo;;

I do have a few more but I have no idea where they are but I hope you like these

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Scotie, can I call you Scotie? I'm gonna have to ask you to stop it with the adorable, ADORABLE depictions and story ideas of Arin and Dan or Alex and Ryland. 'Cuz it's doing bad things to my blood pressure, you don't want to be responsible for my blood pressure do you?? (PS: I love your art style, so cute and awesome)

owo you’re only fueling my need to make shit cuter

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16, 25, 35~

16 - I’ll love you if…
25 - My idea of a perfect date
35 - What I find attractive in men


I’ll love you if you’re kind and you’ll be a good friend…and if you gimme a cookie OwO

My perfect idea of a date? Well, I don’t really do that whole thing, but I guess it would be hanging out at Howie’s or maybe going to the Spectrum or watching a movie. Of course I’d never let myself be alone with a guy, so I’d bring a friend or do a double-date type thing.

What I find attractive in men… well, I like it when they’re cute and/or adorable. I don’t do the whole ‘hot and sexy’ thing since those men tend to be full of themselves in one way or another. Of course, not all of them. But it feels like most of them. Anyways, I also like it when they’re smart, maybe have a bit of a stutter. When it comes to looks in detail (hair, eyes) I don’t really have a preference. I don’t like it when they curse every other sentence or act inappropriate, as well.

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Hello, my cute kids…Aaaaaaa!

It looks like Yuuya, Mitsuki, Kurosaki, Kai, Tohko, and Emi.  I’m not sure if this means they’ve written out Ohkawa, Katayama and Fukuroi from the plot or if they’re just not in this particular shot?  


*squints*  Mitsuki’s hair looks kinda straight, Tohko is missing her bow for zero reason, and assuming that the man near Tohko IS Kai I have no idea why his hair isn’t red.  The uniforms look great though…

And the most important part for me:

There she is~!  owo  ❤ ❤  My princess.  She’s so cute!  I wonder what her actresses’ name is…

Part 4. All done. I’m glad to have made this for you, and I’d be more than pleased if you would allow me to put my comic on DeviantArt with a link to your page as well. Asy is one of my absolute favorite Sans, and I appreciate the awesome content you provide.


Woooww okay now I’m curious of what happened owO but the idea itself is cute and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing me your idea :D


Noragami and You tag thingy

I was tagged by @eerna , @yukineyyy  and @yatorihell THANK YOUUUU!!! *3*

Take a cute pic of yourself and add as many pics that you want of your favorite characters/scenes from Noragami

As you can clearly see, I´m totally obsessed with Yato OwO … He is my dork! I´ll protect him with my life! 

I tag … everyone!! Tbh I have no idea who already did this so if you didn´t and want to go for it ! Its fun!!