it was a cute idea owo

cryssalia  asked:

I have an image of the kittens sleeping together with their moms because they have a nightmare (even though Casey can Astral Project). Can we have that? :'3

That sounds like such a cute idea~!!! ♥♥♥
And even if Casey can Astrial project… she can still encounter some scary stuff!

Though, I believe if one (or both) of the girls have a nightmate than Bea may stay up a little bit later than Mae. Just because she wants to make sure that her fam is alright before she heads to bed herself. (owo)b

smalliemichelle99  asked:

Hi admin fye! Can I request for a fluff werewolf youngjae scenario where the girls in your class decided to do a kisisng Booth to earn money for charity and youngjae hates the thought of guys kissing so like he paid a lot of money so that no other guy can kiss you expect him (and the members making fun of him for being so damn protective)

DAWWWW I like this lolol so cutee I would definitely do this! OwO I can imagine Youngjae being all sulky and moody when you expressed the idea to him lololol xDD

british-dumpling  asked:

i-i'm not that great at this but i suppose for a headcannon maybe there neighbours and alfred gets a crush and everything heh i dunno i find it cute owo

I LIKE THIS AU , YES. Ivan would be kinda like one of those super nice and friendly neighbors and I bet Alfred would find the situation kinda awkward at first . But IDK- Maybe  Alfred has a pretty monotone life and a lot of work that needs to be done ( he could be a writer , I like the idea , or a young teacher. You know , lot of papers , coffee and stress  ) , maybe he’d actually end up enjoining Ivan’s kindness . Especially because he’d bring him food very often .

AAAND YESS Alfred would slowly grow a crush for his overly friendly ( and kinda hot because yes )  Russian neghbour <3 

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I love Smitten. I know my zebra would too. owo

Oh I bet she would. Smitty is a total social butterfly. She is a very big extrovert unless she gets into writing phases. Then she tends to ignore everything else for getting her ideas down on paper first.

You’d catch Smitty very often on public dates with cute stallions. She never turns down a free meal! She especially loves concerts and dancing. Hanging out and partying is a little boring for her, but if there is an activity going on she has a blast!

You’ll def have to have your Zebra stop in Cloverly. ;3

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Hello, my cute kids…Aaaaaaa!

It looks like Yuuya, Mitsuki, Kurosaki, Kai, Tohko, and Emi.  I’m not sure if this means they’ve written out Ohkawa, Katayama and Fukuroi from the plot or if they’re just not in this particular shot?  


*squints*  Mitsuki’s hair looks kinda straight, Tohko is missing her bow for zero reason, and assuming that the man near Tohko IS Kai I have no idea why his hair isn’t red.  The uniforms look great though…

And the most important part for me:

There she is~!  owo  ❤ ❤  My princess.  She’s so cute!  I wonder what her actresses’ name is…


Noragami and You tag thingy

I was tagged by @eerna , @yukineyyy  and @yatorihell THANK YOUUUU!!! *3*

Take a cute pic of yourself and add as many pics that you want of your favorite characters/scenes from Noragami

As you can clearly see, I´m totally obsessed with Yato OwO … He is my dork! I´ll protect him with my life! 

I tag … everyone!! Tbh I have no idea who already did this so if you didn´t and want to go for it ! Its fun!!  

Part 4. All done. I’m glad to have made this for you, and I’d be more than pleased if you would allow me to put my comic on DeviantArt with a link to your page as well. Asy is one of my absolute favorite Sans, and I appreciate the awesome content you provide.


Woooww okay now I’m curious of what happened owO but the idea itself is cute and interesting. Thank you so much for sharing me your idea :D