it was a cheeto

Elena Alvarez and her Cheetos

I would like to bring attention to the fact that the Cheetos bag in episode 7 is half full with 10:32 left in the episode…

…and then she’s finishing the bag with 9:02 left.

So while you could say that it’s a little nit-picky detail error, I would like to believe that Elena Alvarez can crush half a bag of Cheetos in a minute and a half 

i understand and support these “you can unfollow me for this but I don’t support trump” posts but honestly, this is tumblr??? who is going to unfollow? we all hate that racist cheeto 


I went to elementary school with the one in the hoodie, and I always knew he would do great things.

me: i’m gunna change my whole life! gunna be so productive and positive and not post a lot online but what i do post and say irl will be really worthwhile and meaningful and i’m gunna exercise and take multivitamins every day and floss!

me [2 hours later, spam posting about theories about a kid’s book i randomly remembered exists while procrastinating on work and stuffing my face with the puffy kinda cheetos as my entire day’s food]: i feel like i’m forgetting something but i can’t remember what.

me [rinsing my mouth with coffee to dislodge the compacted cheetos from my teeth]: ah well! must not’ve been important.

thedukeofdoctors  asked:

My breakfast has consisted of a bag of cheddar jalapeño Cheetos, a redbull, and 4 Altoids in that order. Am I a college student yet?

I remember in freshman year I had to get up at 7 for an 8 am class across campus and I just had one of those green coffee Starbucks energy drinks and I thought my eye was gonna fall out of my head in philosophy class

Propaganda style poster for everyone’s favorite huge alien woman who definitely wants to beat them up. As commissioned by the fantastic & patient Sarah who didn’t give me her tumblr name…

★ Available on RedBubble as a poster, tshirt, mug, etc.

honestly I think my favorite thing about Jasper is that she’s such a fucking drama hoe

So far she has:

-gotten a cape specially made for the sole purpose of wanting to look dramatic and fabulous in front of her enemies.

- put on eyeliner for a fight.

-literally paused what she was doing just so “Rose” could take a menacing picture of her, before disappearing into the unknown.

- made an exit walking backwards into the ocean, and paused to say a one liner before sinking down completely when it was so totally unnecessary of her to do so.

If/ when Jasper gets redeemed all I’m saying is peridot is gonna have good run for her money in terms of the biggest dork in the group