it was a boring lab


Rhys met Thalia by the front of the school. 

“Hey princess…”

“Hey.. what are you doing here? i seem to remember you graduated highschool.”

Rhys shrugged. “ I wanted to see you. Fancy skipping last period?” 

“Thalia smiled “If i skip class what do i get out of it?” 

“You get to spend all afternoon with me instead of in a boring old lab class..” 

“Tempting…buuut” she said pretending to think. 

On the care and keeping of your scientist
  • Congratulations on adopting a scientist! Regardless of their field they will require much coffee, free food, and love. Here are some field specific tips for keeping your scientist happy and healthy!
  • Biology: make sure they don't get overly invested in their model organism by reminding them about the flaws inherent in their system on a regular basis, but also make sure to join in when they criticize other models in favor of their own
  • Chemistry: don't let them do that 'just one more reaction' at 10 pm. make sure they get out of the lab and see the sun on a regular basis. try to keep them from partying too hard when they do leave the lab
  • Geology: humor their rock puns but don't let the lick the rocks (they will tell you they need to lick the rocks to identify them, but don't fall for it)
  • Astronomy: try not to let them become completely nocturnal. point out nice stars to them and look suitably impressed by their "pictures" of planets that don't look like anything to you
  • Physics: take them to the park on a regular basis to remind them that things larger than subatomic particles exist. bring a frisbee or a ball to play catch with and be impressed by their ability to calculate trajectories
  • Math: always make sure to have free batteries for their calculators and a mathmatica user guide on hand. Humor them when they tell you why space without angles is important
  • Ecology: make sure they remember to wear sunscreen and keep an eye on them in the field. Remind them to come inside and analyze their data occasionally
  • Psychology: don't mention Freud or ever call them a soft or social science, but make sure you gently remind them that social factors can impact reproducibility and try to keep them from drawing sweeping conclusions about the inherent nature of humanity
  • Neuroscience: be suitably impressed by their newest experiment and then remind them that people are not mice as often as possible
  • Computer Science: make sure they take breaks while debugging by limiting their supply of coffee. Nod and smile when they go off on indexing and arrays. Make sure they always have a rubber duck.
  • Make sure to keep your scientist away from engineers unless they have been properly socialized to interact in a translational household. The most important thing is to remember to hug your scientist on a regular basis and remind them that there is life outside the lab
physics doesn’t have to suck: how to enjoy and do well in your required physics classes

As someone who doesn’t intend to take a physics class ever again, I was relieved when I walked out of my second semester physics final. That said, physics doesn’t have to suck or drag your average down. 

(1) How to enjoy physics: Adjust your attitude. Physics is so cool if you actually think about it. Your attitude will dictate your experience. (2) But physics is so hard: Change the way you study and don’t give up. I did better in university physics than in high school. The content was way more difficult but it was my studying methods that made the difference.

This post is split into 3 parts: Introductory physics (very basic physics, that unit of physics you had to do in a lower level science class), high school physics (physics from an algebra-based perspective), and university physics (calculus-based physics and labs). (Obviously these overlap a lot but I needed to organize this somehow)


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The Friendly Wager (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, complete and utter denial, social drinking, cheese - I needed something this fluffy ok? haha

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Rompin’ around, stompin’ the ground,

Jumpin away out of the fray

The Impossible(Peter Parker x Reader) Part 1 (Pun intended)

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“Okay class. Settle down now.” Your science teacher commanded.

“Today we will be doing a lab involving different chemicals and how they react to each other.“You rolled your eyes and let out a frustrated sigh. You had already done this lab a million times and it was Getting boring and repetitive. 

“For this lab you will be needing a partner. Whoever is sitting next to you will be working with you today”.

You thanked god that no one was sitting next to you and you could work alone. Usually you were paired with someone who you did all the work for and they did absolutely nothing.
The norm for you. The upsetting norm. They never let you protest and immediately put in their headphones to block you out.

As every table was getting their racks of test tubes and droppers the door to the classroom flew open and in ran Peter Parker. The tardy guy as you liked to call him. And the weird, staring, blushy guy too.

“Ah , Mr.Parker. Glad you could join us. Go and take a seat” peter nodded and made his way over to an empty seat.

 Your eyes went around the room at every table, scanning the room for any other empty seat other than the one right next to you. There wasn’t any other empty seat. . He was gonna be your lab Partner. 

 Even though peter is weird to you and you don’t really want anything to do with him other than friendship, there was always something in the way of you staying true to those words. He is undeniably sweet. And that makes it hard to not form a slight crush on him. You weren’t ever going to let anyone know that. But he still made you mad sometimes. 

He took a seat next to you and let out a shaky breath. “ Hey Y/N”

“Hey peter”You mumbled, barley looking at him. But when you did look at him , you gazed into his brown orbs. You recognized his stare. While you guys had almost every class together, he spent half the period staring at you before Ned had to tell him “dude stop staring. Shes gonna get scared.” He was wrong. You were already scared.

“Sorry that i’m late again. You would’ve been partnerless and working alone.” There’s his sweetness that I was talking about.

”I’m not going to make you do everything Y/N, don’t worry. I promise.”He smiled. You had to try and fight back a smile of your own. That was the sweetest thing ever. 

He picked up two out of the four test tubes and placed them on your side of the rack. Then he took one dropper full of the purple-ish chemical and put it in the beaker.

“Peter what are you doing? She didn’t give instructions yet.” you barked.

 “ssshhhhhh Y/N , I know what I’m doing.” He argued. Then he mixed in something under the table and a whole bunch of white substance splashed all over you and peter. 

You let out a shriek of disgust as the mystery concoction dripped down your face to the floor. You got up to go over to the cleaning station and slipped on the substance on the floor, landing on your back forcefully. 

“Y/N!!!!!!” Peter gasped as he got up to try and help you up but failed miserably. He was now on top of you on the floor. Your head was spinning not only because you hit it when you fell but the classes loud laughter. Then you heard a click.

 You shoved peter off of you and got up off the floor to come face to face with Ned and his phone out. You gave them both a look of disgust while grabbing your bag and bolting out of the room. Sweetness ruined.

“Ms. Y/L/N!!!!!” Your science teacher hissed.  But you ignored her and made your way to the bathroom. Ned couldn’t of made it more obvious that peter likes you with what just happened, and everything peter has been doing.

This day has to be the worst you’ve ever had. You couldn’t wait to go home. Aside from what happened 3rd period, you failed your Spanish test with a 60, you got your lunch knocked out of your hands and you got humiliated in gym by flash. And nobody even cared. Not Ned, Michelle or even peter. That brought you down, more than it should’ve, but it happens. 

You sighed in relief as you finally exited Midtown High. 8 long hours of boredom and humiliation. Today felt longer than any other day. You hated it, but it was over. 

“Y/N!! Wait!!” you heard a female voice call from behind you. You whipped your head around to hear who was calling you. It was Michelle. You turned your head back around and rolled your eyes, you did not want to talk to her right now. 

“Y/N please!!” she pleaded as she turned you around. “What Michelle?” 

“I’m so sorry about what happened in gym today. I freaked out” You turned your head to the side to hide the tears that wanted to cascade down your face. You took in a deep breath. “So you just freaked Out? That’s your excuse? Really? Come back to me when you actually mean it Michelle.” With that you turned back around and headed to the train station. 

The ride home was boring. Peter used to always take the train with you but it stopped a while ago. Today was the day that you were glad he wasn’t taking it with you anymore, mean, but he really embarrassed you. 

-At Home-

  “I’m serious mom, Its like they all had a plan to ruin my day or something. Like they were all in on it.” you sighed. Your mom looked at with her usual soft gaze and put her hands on your face.

“Mija, it was just a bad day. Don’t think about it, okay? I promise you everything is gonna be fine by tomorrow.” You smiled at your mom. She could be right. Maybe you were overthinking things way too much. It was just a bad day.

You closed the door to your room and shrugged your book-bag off of your shoulder a clicked the TV on. “Today at approximatley 7:30 A.M the crime fighting spider Stopped a well planned heist from reaching its turning point.”You perked your ears up at this sudden blast of new information. “the vigilante ridded the men of all of their weapons and freed 4 hostages under their control. This spider guy was amazing. He saved those people and many more by stopping those guys. Who knows what would’ve happened if he didn’t swing in.

Lately the news was always about him, and every new piece of news added to your amazement. Spider guy was amazing.

- A few weeks Later-

“No no no, please no” Peter pleaded. The vulture has figured out who he is and just threatened to kill everyone he loves. When it came to those people, peter was the most vulnerable. They were his soft spots in his heart and couldn’t bear to see them hurt.

Peter was swinging from building to building , trying to get home as fast as he could to Aunt May. If the Vulture was going to target the ones he loved, the first person that he would go to is his aunt. After Uncle Ben’s death Aunt may and peter’s bond was so very unbreakable. Even though she now knows what peter does when he sneaks out, she still loves him. As does he. 

Peter mounted onto the side of his bedroom window and flew it open. Hopping inside peter called out for his aunt many times, tears flowing out of his eyes. “Aunt May!”peter chirped , seeing her small figure leaning against the kitchen counter. She had a suprised look on her face at the sudden burst of peter’s distraught voice and look.

“Has anyone been here”Peter asked engulfing her in a hug.”yeah, the yearbook comitee. They said they needed pictures and I let them look in your room.” She beamed. She wasn’t catching on to what was going on.”Nooooooo aunt may. Why would you let two older guys convince you that they were yearbook comitee?” peter sighed walking back to his bedroom, Aunt may on his tail. “You really have to stop being so nice to everyone. I love it about you , but not everyone is nice”

“They weren’t two older guys Peter. There were at least 4 high school students that came to the door. One of them was even Y/N” Peters eyes went wide at his thrown around room. “Wait Y/N? Y/N Y/L/N?”peter questioned. “Yes peter, Y/N. You didn’t know she was in the yearbook comitee?”. “No. Shes not in it Aunt may.That was not a real club.” Peter sighed. 

Aunt may had a look of confusion on her face.”Then what were they peter?” She challenged. Peters eyes went to his desk and he arched his brow.”Somethings missing” he said. “What?”

“The picture of me and Y/N” Tears pricked in his eyes.


Black Hat x Fem! Reader

A/N: You know…I thought this was pretty cute and funny. And honestly super real! Writing stuff like this for BH is hard though, cuz I just think of him as such a grump. I don’t know, I feel like I bent the character a bit, but it’s cute so I stand by it!!!!
Still, hope you don’t mind that I changed the smelling thing a bit. Don’t explicitly state it, but I’m not saying that’s what he does. Also to the Anon who jumped through my window, I do hope you’re okay x)&, maybe next time take the evil stairs or something. Here we go!! If the concept of a period makes you uncomfortable (the actual experience makes me uncomfortable, I’ll tell you what!) then maybe skip this one!

Oh what a lovely morning!

Or at least it would be if your cramping abdomen would quit reminding you that you were currently visiting with your “Aunt Flow”. You rummaged through drawers in one of the many hallways, trying to find that elusive heating pad. If Flug cannibalized another one for one of those inventions then so help you…

Unfortunately for him Black Hat wandered into your presence. He tipped his hat at you, a sign to all the world that you held his respect…and if he were to be honest with himself, you held much more than that.

He watched you for a moment, turning his head quizzically as he attempted to figure something out.

“Are you okay?” He asked, apparently able to tell that you were bleeding either from his inhuman ability to sense blood or from the fact that you had one hand over your cramping abdomen and a bit of a pained expression on your face.

“Yeah,” you sighed, “Just my monthly subscription to Satan’s waterfall….”

“I don’t think I have that one…” Black Hat said, looking up to the ceiling, as if trying to recall actually subscribing to such a thing. You looked up at him and squinted a bit with impatience.

“I mean that I’m on my period.” You replied bluntly, “And it sucks.”

Black Hat did not know what a period was. He’d heard of women getting them, but he never actually cared about one until now.

“Well they are a special kind of torture.” You sighed, looking back to him. His eyebrows raised with interest at the mention of torture.

“Pray tell.” He grinned evilly as he said it, and you blushed a bit.

“I-I’m just going to be in pain and bleeding for a few days.” You stuttered, suddenly focused on the drawer, “Don’t worry about it.”

Bleeding? That explained a bit…

“Why are you bleeding?!” Black Hat asked, seeing no signs of harm done to you, yet he could sense something was off. A rare bit of concern lined his words.

You looked up at him again. He really didn’t know what you were talking about, “Go ask Flug, was your response, "I have Advil to take and a heating pad to find!”

Black Hat sighed and left you alone in the hallway, impatiently stalking to Flug’s lab where he could get some real answers.

You sighed in relief, glad that the not-exactly-but-still-a-man you secretly adored was no longer there to trick you into saying something stupid. Not that you needed help. You always seemed to say something stupid in front of that hat wearing boss of yours.

Black Hat walked down the hallway a bit faster than normal. Y/n was in pain, and this troubled him. He suddenly understood why caring about someone was something he hadn’t done before. It was so much work.

Still, he couldn’t help himself around y/n. Something in her eyes, her sarcasm, her enthusiasm for evil made him like her more each day, and for some reason knowing she was in pain bothered him.

“Dr. Flug!!” He yelled into the lab, watching with a bored expression as the bagged scientist dropped something in surprise.

“Y-yes, B-b-black Hat?” Flug asked as Black Hat approached him.

“I need you to explain something to me.” Black Hat said, pushing aside the torn apart heating pad so that Flug could only focus on answering his questions.

Flug’s response did nothing to him down. Black Hat became apprehensive simply knowing that y/n was bleeding, let alone learning that accompanying that was cramping, then knowing that she was being chemically assaulted by her own body. At one point Demencia bounced in, happily adding detail to how severe or light symptoms could be. She more heavily expressed the severe.

How was y/n even still walking around? What was wrong with her?!?


20 minutes or so passed and still no sign of a heating pad. You let out a large, exasperated sigh. Where did it go? Why was it gone? You’d left it with your other feminine products, so why wa-

The sudden sensation of being picked up broke up your thoughts, and you looked up to see Black Hat…carrying you bridal style.

“What are you doing?” You asked, frustrated and concerned. He’d been unusually nice lately….

“What are you doing?!” He replied, sitting down on the couch with you in his lap, “Do you even comprehend what is happening to you at this moment?”

“Yes, and that’s why I-”

“Wanted a heating pad?” He finished, mentally noting to punish Flug for taking it later. You nodded, and squirmed a bit as he held you in his lap, “Well,” Black Hat smiled, “I don’t have a heating pad, but I can do this.”

He stuck his hands over the candles on the side table for a second, absorbing the warmth from the fire before placing one hand over your stomach and one on the small of your back. You let out a relieved sigh as the heat relaxed your muscles. This was nice.

But Black Hat was never nice to anyone.

“Are you okay?” You asked him, this person treated you too well to actually be your boss.

“I’m fine.” He said with a blank face towards the TV. You nodded, but then leaned into him, not seeing the sudden blush on his cheeks. He was warm, and you smiled.

Caring about someone was a lot of work, but as long as caring about you made him feel like this, Black Hat decided, he would make an exception.

Third First Kiss [Plance, VLD oneshot]

@sparklingpidge i try 

Also I didn’t realize there was a @planceday blog but here’s a belated Plance Day thing! Unedited, because I am always tired. 

Lance has always liked threes. Three sides to his favorite comfort food (pizza); three younger siblings (Rosalyn, Alonzo, Isabel); three syllables in his mother’s name (Elisa); three words in a phrase he kept out of sight but in reach (you know, just in case).

So, he guesses, when it comes to his first kiss with Pidge, he’s not all that surprised it happens three times.

 The first time is by accident.

 He’s down in the labs, gracing Pidge with his ever-helpful presence (he’d been bored, and he liked the quiet stimulation of the lab - the soft whirs and blinking light and Pidge’s constant ramblings; Pidge had told him she liked having a second pair of eyes when she worked on the ship’s hardware, and that Hunk was “too linear”, whatever that meant). She waves Lance over to peer into the narrow opening of some kind of electrical panel and see if he could spot a specific wire. It’s a task he’d managed for her countless times before, and the press of the crown of her head against his as she, too, tries to get a better look, is perfectly familiar.

 He spots it, like he always does, and she socks him in the arm in appreciation, like she always does, and they lift their heads in unison.

 His nose brushes hers. Her bangs fall over her eyes and tickle his skin. Their lips meet like tangent and curve; the barest of intersections, a beat before peeling away.

They jump back from the panel and each other. They don’t make it awkward. It’s awkward but they don’t make it that way. No one laughs it off or tries to explain it away; Pidge just picks back up with whatever she’d been talking about before (he suddenly can’t remember the topic, and struggles to follow her high, tight words over the pounding of his heart), and he nods along and eventually cracks a joke about something. Lance saunters out of the lab a few doboshes later, claiming a need to get into the bathroom and wash his face before Hunk used up all the hot water. Pidge nods and doesn’t comment on the fact that there were multiple bathrooms, and the castle never ran out of hot water.

It burns at him. All night, thoughts lick at the edge of a mind desperate for sleep, replaying that single moment over, and over, and over again until it consumes him. He burns with the memory of how quickly that accidental kiss was over; he smolders with the realization that he wants it to happen again.

 The second time is out of desperation.

They’re infiltrating another Galra base in what feels like an endless stream of Galra bases. Seriously, they knocked out one, like, twice a week. Shiro’s got Pidge and Lance on control station duty. Pidge hacks into the system, Lance sharpshooters the hell out of some sentries. Easy peasy.

 Things are going great right up until the point where they’re not: Lance takes out a sentry way on the far end of the hall, and is indulging in his customary gloating to Pidge, when a Galra soldier drops down from a cliché and totally unseen air vent, whips around, and rams some sort of pulsing, electric baton into Lance’s chest. It goes bright, and then it goes dark.

 Lance wakes up with a sputter and a gasp, like he’s broken the surface of the ocean long after he should have come up for air. A weight springs off of his chest, but whatever had been pounding away at his ribs has left everything soar. His lips are warm.

 Eyes sliding open, he’s met with a tangle of brown hair that hovers a few millimeters above his face. Lance goes cross-eyed as he stares down and sees a hand pinching his nose shut. He sees a reddened cheek and a furrowed brow, and then he sees a mouth bracketing his. Each part seems incomplete, the observation of each individual tree and a an utter missing of the forest.

 Then the lips leave his, and cool air hits his face. The picture comes together, and the picture is Pidge, leaning over him, face mottled with worry, fingers still holding his nose.

“You’re okay,” she breathes. The hard lines on her face start to soften. “You’re an idiot,” she continues, “but you’re okay.”

 *It’s not my fault that guy came from the ceiling,* he tries to say, but it comes out as a painful wheeze instead. Pidge realizes where her other hand is and unplugs his nose.

 “Pidge, is Lance okay?” Shiro’s voice echoes from some distant place. “Hunk is bringing the Yellow Lion in closer, but we’ve got to move fast.”

Pidge calls back in the affirmative, and Lance even manages to raise a shaky thumbs up.

“Here we go,” she says, voice so low that only Lance could possibly hear it. “I’ve got to carry your ass around again.”

But there’s zero actual malice in her words, and she darts back down and presses her lips to his so fast that he almost thinks he’s imagining it. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen, or the fact that his heart literally stopped, but he’s pretty sure Pidge’s cheeks run pink as she slips an arm under his shoulder and helps Shiro hoist him up, just like Lance is pretty sure that last lip contact was *not* a traditional step in performing CPR.

Lance thinks of her as the healing pod lulls him into a medically-induced sleep. She’s the first thing on his mind when he wakes up.

The third time is intentional. Or, at least, he hopes it will be. Lance hasn’t actually worked up the nerve, even though he wants nothing more than to wrap his arms around her and pull her to him. Pidge is so, so close, which doesn’t make anything easier.

It’s video game night. They have one every Friday, or, well, what they’ve designated at Friday, since is impossible to really tell on the ship. Normally the whole team pile into the lounge for a raucous, tournament-style Earth game throwdown, but tonight, it’s just him and Pidge. Keith and Hunk had a meeting with the Blade of Marmora that just couldn’t be rescheduled, and Allura, Shiro, and Coran were working late to draft a treatise for a recently liberated system. Allura had offered a seat at the table if Lance and Pidge wanted to join in the ‘vital act of diplomacy’. They’d offered a hard pass in return.

There’s nothing unusual about the banter that flies between them, or even the way Pidge careens half into his lap as she leans hard with her controller, insisting that it really did make the car on the screen turn better. The tension though, that was different. No matter how casually he tried to act, every word sounds a little stilted, a bit off, and maybe it’s just him but it seems like Pidge feels it too. It gets thicker the longer the game goes on.

Lance has been thinking about this for quintants. He’s been losing precious, irreplaceable beauty sleep over it. With a long exhale and a nod, Lance jabs the pause button on the controller.

“Lance, what the quiz-”

“I want to kiss you.”

It takes every ounce of will in his body not to groan. That’s not what he’d practiced saying. He was supposed to be suave, and charming, and not sounding like he was about to choke on his own tongue. Lance hazards a glance at Pidge. Her eyebrows do an impressive climb towards her hairline and her lips part.

He’s got about a zillion things he could say to try and make this better, clean it up or make it a joke. Instead, he just turns to stare at her and hopes whatever answer she comes up with won’t be washed out by the sound of his heartbeat in his ears.

“But you've… already kissed me? We’ve done that?” she says slowly.

Okay. Not the worst answer, though not as 'head over heels in love’ as he was hoping for. But encouraging enough for the next thing that comes out of his mouth:

“I want to kiss you again.”

Pidge straightens next to him on the couch, and tucks her hands in her lap. “Really.”

Lance puts a hand on her shoulder and turns her gently to face him. Nothing but his pride to lose. And, well, maybe her, but he doesn’t let himself dwell on that any more than he already has.

“Reallly really. Pidge, I want to kiss you again,” he declares. “I want to get our third first kiss out of the way, so that we can start on our second kiss and cross that off the list too, and so on, and so forth.”

Pidge raises an eyebrow, but she hasn’t tried to pull away. That’s a good sign, right?

“Our third first-?” she cuts herself off, lets out a short huff, and leans in. Reaching up, she cups his face in her hands and plants her lips on his.

It might be their third first kiss, but it feels like something altogether new: with a kiss this slow and deliberate, Lance can drink in every detail. Pidge’s lips are chapped but warm, and grow pliant as his mouth moves against hers. Her hands sink from his face down to his chest. Her eyes flutter shut, and so do his.

The kiss is chaste but deep, the kind that leaves him needing more of her, and closer. They break for air, and instead of some smart comment, Lance just rests his hands on her hips and pulls her into his lap. She comes with no protest, wrapping her arms around her neck and diving back in for another kiss - their second, if he’s counting right.

 Lance has always liked threes, but past the second kiss he loses track. The numbers blend, and suddenly, it seems so much less important how many times he’s kissed Pidge, as the fact that he’s even kissing Pidge in the first place. All that matters, he decides, is that he can keep kissing her for a long, long, long time after.


Request: Hey, can I request a Damon oneshot where you’re Damon’s (human) best friend and live at the Salvatore house and accidentally walk in on him masturbating and it goes from there? Thx and I love your blog!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut 

Word Count: 2173

I had to rethink life.

Caught (Part 2), Caught (Part Three)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You hated being a part of the freaking council. Yeah, you get to not hide the fact that vampires, werewolves, and witches do exist, but did need to hide the fact that you were surrounded by a lot, which is frustrating. Heck, your best friends are vampires. “Just as accept the fact that your family is a part of the founding families.” Stefan said as he sat beside you on the couch. “And that you and Damon are part the first ones? And that my family used to kill your species?” You sarcastically replied and he rolled his eyes.

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What Changed? (LokixReader)


Steve’s voice boomed over the intercom, making you jump. Sighing, you closed your book and hopped off your bed, making your way to the lab.

You absolutely hated it when your reading was interrupted, but Steve sounded urgent. Besides, if it’s just a boring meeting, you can just bail.

When you walked into the lab, Steve, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Rhodey, Sam, Scott, Wanda, Pietro, and Peter were all surrounding two people.

“Guys,” you started. “What’s going on?”

The crowd, all with angry expressions, broke apart to reveal Thor and Loki in the center.

“Loki!”, you screamed, running up and engulfing him in a hug.

“Hello, Y/N,” he replied. “How has my favorite Avenger been?”

“You literally hate all of us,” Tony mumbled.

“Not her, I don’t. She’s actually tolerable.”

After the Battle of New York, Thor eventually started to bring Loki to live with the Avengers to try and make amends. And to change his ways. While everyone else thought he was a hopeless case, you took it upon yourself to try and help him. Soon, the two of you became best friends.

You rolled your eyes. “I’ve been fine, Loki. Way too much training, though. What are you doing here? I thought you were moving back to Asgard?”

“Loki has requested to stay here,” Thor explains. “He seems to be doing well, but the reason why is unknown.”

“Well, Loki,” Clint says. “What’s changed?”

He looks down for a moment. “Nothing of your concern. Now, can I please retreat to my room?”

Steve nods and Loki walks out of the lab, his head still down. “I’ll go with him,” you say, following him out. You quickly catch up to him and grab his hand, walking along.

“Lok, you okay?”

“I’m fine, Y/N. Why do you ask?”

“Well, when they asked what changed, you seemed like you didn’t wanna tell them. What has changed?”

He stops and turns to face you. After hesitating for a moment, he grabs your face and crashes your lips to his. The kiss only lasts a few seconds before he pulls away.

“I apologize, it was an impulsive decision and I don’t know what I was thinking and-”

You grab him by his collar and connect your lips to his. You wrap your arms around his neck and he responds by wrapping his around your waist.

You break apart slowly and rest your foreheads against each other.

“So that’s what changed,” you breathe out.

“Yes, darling. I seemed to have fallen for you, if you don’t mind.”

You giggle. “Believe me, I don’t mind. I seemed to have fallen for you as well, Loki.”


You jerk away from each other once you hear Peter’s voice.

“I told you, Mr. Stark! He loves her!”

“PETER,” you shout, trying to contain your laughter as everyone else gathers around him to witness you and Loki.

“Well, brother,” Thor says. “I guess you have no reason to leave Midgard now. Maybe you could consider becoming an Avenger?”

“Now, hold on,” Steve interrupts. “How do we know we can trust you?”

Loki grabs your hand and kisses it, never breaking eye contact with you.

“Because I love Y/N. Possibly more than anything else. And if becoming an Avenger pleases her, then I will do just that.”

“Please, Stevie?”, you beg. “I’ve always seen the good in him. It’s time you all see it, too.“

Steve thinks for a moment, then sighs. "We’ll work our way up to it,
train him every day. For now,
he can stay here for good.”

You squeal and throw your arms around Loki, planting a quick kiss on his lips.

“But no funny business, reindeer games,” Tony says pointedly. “Or else you get the boot.”

You both hold up your right hand. “We solemnly swear.”

Tony nods and everyone goes back to their rooms, leaving you two alone. You both hold up your left hand, revealing your fingers to be crossed.

“That we are up to no good,” you both finish, smirks on your face.

Preference: Marvel (X-Men)

Finding Out You Love Them

Characters: Alex Summers, Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr, Hank McCoy & Raven Darkholme

Warnings: mentions of death

Request: “Hey could I please have an xmen first class preference where the characters find out you love them? For charles, erik, hank, alex and mystique please x” - anonymous

A/N: hope you like it !!

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Snapchat (S Bros)

(I’ll be answering most asks by tomorrow because I’m settling in from getting back home from holidays. I was going to answer them now but this came to mind. Please be patient haha, but feel free to send them in!)

You held your phone close to you boyfriend’s face, who was sleeping soundly. You focused on his face with the camera and chose the filter that scrunches his face up in a funny way. You took the picture just before he sat up and pulled you onto his lap. You squealed and giggled and tried to get away but he held you down, curious. “What are you doing?” he asked, staring down at the picture of him on your phone. You saved it and looked up at him sideways. “It’s an app called Snapchat. It has filters, see?” You scrolled through the filters. “Wanna try?” He carefully took your phone and looked at different filters. He chose the one with the hot pink flowers on both sides of the head, the screen slightly pink. “It says to try with a friend. Wanna do it with me?” You nodded and giggled slightly as he held out the phone so it could focus on your faces. You kissed Shu’s cheek as he took the picture. You pressed save and chose the filter again. “Now a funny one.” You stuck your tongue out and raised one eyebrow and he rolled his eyes back into his head and stuck his tongue out slightly. He looked at the picture. “We look like idiots,” he said while saving the picture and going to your camera roll and finding the first one you took together. He set it as your lock screen. “There. Wanna lay with me?” You nodded and laid down next to him, looking up at your lock screen, smiling brightly.

Reiji was working in his lab while you sat bored, playing on your phone. You kept choosing funny filters and taking pictures of yourself. Reiji noticed this and raised his brow in question. “What on earth are you doing on that device?” he asked, walking up behind you. You craned your neck to look up at him as he squinted at your phone. “Show me how it works.” You demonstrated and explained and gave him your phone. He held it carefully, looking for a filter. “This is a nice one,” he said, holding out the phone in front of yours and his face. It was the flower crown filter. You giggled and made a funny face just as he took it. He looked at the picture then back at you, then back at the picture and laughed, a rare sound coming from the vampire. You blinked in surprise and laughed with him. “Oh my, that is funny. Sometimes these things are just tolerable. If I get a phone, will you forward this to me?” You nodded and got up from your seat, wrapping your arms around him and kissed his cheek lovingly. “Let’s do more weird things together.”

Since you were on vacation, you decided to send him a picture of yourself and what you were doing everyday on Snapchat. He loved that. You could even call on it! That was really cool and fascinating to him. You chose the dog filter and stuck your tongue out, taking a picture. You captioned the picture “miss you” with love hearts. A few seconds later, he sent you a picture of your hotel, saying “finally get to kiss you in person”. You covered your mouth and ran to the window where you could see a medium red dot. You waited for him patiently until he knocked on the door. You ran to the door and unlocked it, practically jumping on top of him. “Snapchat for this special moment?” you asked. He nodded and took your phone, going onto face swap. You both looked really odd. You laughed and put up two peace signs as he snapped the picture. You put it on your story, captioned “he’s my Chichinashi” and turned your phone off to finally kiss the redhead.


Kanato walked into your room without you noticing. You were taking pictures on your phone with these weird things on your face. He walked up behind you. “What are you doing?” he asked in a bored tone. You looked back at him. “Oh, it’s this app and you can take pictures with these things called filters,” you explained, showing him. “I would like to try,” he said, snatching your phone and choosing the flower crown picture. “Try with a friend. Hmm. Do this with me,” he said, pulling you close to him. You smiled and put up two fingers. He took it and stared down at your phone. “Not good enough.” He made you both take it about fifty times, you always reminding him that he looked great. He also did face swaps with Teddy, completely forgetting about you or why he had even come into your room. Afterwards he came back with your phone and asked for you to take another picture with each other. Another thirty pictures later, he had the perfect picture of you and him smiling, heads close together. You saved it then had a nice tea party with Kanato.


Laito walked down the hall to your room, standing at the door, his ear pressed to the door. He heard faint giggling. What is Bitch-chan doing? He opened the door to see you on your bed, taking pictures on Snapchat. He used it to talk to you often but mainly just for talking to other girls. You two weren’t officially a thing yet but you both had a positive feeling about one another. “Bitch-chan, I wanna take pictures with you too,” he whined, plopping down next to you. You sighed and gave him the phone, letting him choose a filter. He smirked and held the phone up to choose one without you seeing. You rolled your eyes and waited until he was done. He chose the most popular of them all, the dog filter. You laughed as he held the phone out and you cuddled up next to him, poking your tongue out. He did the same. You took a couple more photos but in all of them he was staring at you. In the middle of a picture, you looked up at him and stared into his eyes for a second. You both did this for a moment until he leaned in and slowly but passionately kissed your lips. He kept taking pictures until you blocked the camera with your hand. You pulled away and laughed. “Wow,” you said. “Wow,” he replied. 


 You were bombing your white haired boyfriend with pics and posting them on Snapchat. He covered his face with his hands and angrily told you to stop, his big black sweater sleeves covering half his hands. You giggled and pulled one of his hands away. “Come on, Ru, for me?” you said, batting your eyelashes. He sighed and took his other hand away from his face. “Fine, but I want it with you. Make it quick,” he said, crossing his arms. You put an arm around his shoulders and chose the cat filter. He was still facing the other way. He looked at the camera quickly and blushed when he saw what filter you were using. “No, no. N-not that one- aw, (Y/n),” he stuttered, making a strange face. You snapped the picture, the blushing vampire making a strange but cute face as you did so. “(Y/n), d-delete it,” he whined, holding your arm. You giggled, saved it and quickly put it on your story. “Oops, my finger slipped,” you said in a teasing tone. “You look cute though.” You got close to his face and tapped his nose with your finger gently once. He blushed a little more and laughed slightly. “Can-can we take another proper one?” he asked, taking your phone in his hands. You nodded and he held up the phone snapping a few more photos. He started liking it and surprisingly wasn’t mad. “When and if I get a phone, can you send me these?” You smiled sweetly at him and nodded slightly. “Of course.”


We went for a walk w a friend and this is her dog after chasing two deers out of the woods

Steel Magnolias - Actress!Reader, Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Genre: Fluff, attempted humour near the end

Word Count: 1316

Warning/s: Mentions of pregnancy (Is that even a warning?)

A/N: I’m a drama student and I was rehearsing this scene from Steel Magnolias for an assessment and came up with an idea to combine it with the Avengers. Enjoy 😉

“No, you’re getting rest. I think that rehearsal can wait, Y/N.” Bruce insisted.

“But the show’s next week! I need to get through the blocking and the lighting preferences and-“ You argued, trying to sit up. Bruce put a warning hand on your shoulder, giving you a stern look as he pushed you back down. 

“Too late! I’ve already approved your absence.” Tony waltzed into the lab, waving his phone screen at you. 

You weren’t giving up. “Tony, they need me! I’m one of the main characters of the whole thing!” 

“They’ll have to deal with it themselves.” He shrugged. “Besides, you’re hurt and sick, therefore unfit to attend. You’re not going and that is final. Who even rehearses at school on the weekend?” 

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Worth The Risk {Part 04}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risks?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 1345
Warnings: swearing, mild violence, angst (?), probably gonna be sad

(gif originally by @xllxni aka me which is why it’s so shitty lmao)

A few weeks in to Bucky’s treatment and you had made yourself comfortable at T’challa’s hide out. Maria Hill had sent out some work for you to get through during your stay and you’d also managed to find space in one of the labs to help around in order to keep yourself busy. You’d finished all the books you’d brought along long ago.

Bucky and Steve spent almost all of their days working through Bucky’s treatment plan and while it meant that they were progressing quickly, you found yourself alone and bored out of your mind.

It was Saturday and most of the lab technicians you worked with were spending the weekend with their families so instead you sat curled up at the small table by the living room window. You were almost finished one of the files Maria had sent your way when the front door opened, pulling your thoughts away from the work in front of you. You craned your neck around to face the two men who greeted you as they entered.

“You’re home early.” You remarked, watching as Bucky took a seat on the couch behind you and Steve made his way over to stand by your side.

Steve grinned, placing a hand on your shoulder and peering down at the papers in front of you curiously before speaking.

“They think we’ve finished all the procedures.” He explained, your eyebrows shooting upwards in surprise as you looked over to Bucky.

Bucky threw you an exhausted smile and shrugged. “They’re giving us the evening off before they start running the tests tomorrow.”

“That’s great!” you exclaimed, sitting up straighter in your chair and turning your entire body around to face your friends. “How do you feel?”

You asked him the same question nearly every evening but the answer he gave you that afternoon was the best yet.

“The best I’ve felt in years.”

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