it was a bit too big

PSA for fat folk with wonky knees-

I wear a US 22/24 women’s sizes, and Futuro brand knee braces in size Large fit me really well. Supportive without being too constricting. They run pretty true to the size chart (measure around your knee) but if you have big thighs and are between sizes (my knee size puts me right between medium and large) go up rather than down.

Here I’m modeling two styles, the beige one is sort of an everyday I have RA deal, the black one is because I managed to twist or somehow bother my left knee while walking yesterday, so it needs a bit more love.

You can get them at any drug store, and they are definitely plus sized!

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Feel better about what?? 🙄 Don't act so immature, I wasn't even rude, I tried to make you see that you were acting out a bit too much.. I honestly didn't know you guys were like this, I'm a bit disappointed but what ever. You obviously don't care so I won't waste your or my time. It just makes me sad to see a big blog like yours drag someone like that AFTER THEY APOLOGIZED. Telling them all those nasty things and literally just dragging them through the dirt. Not the type of people I support.


Got7: How They Kiss


I know people say Mark’s all quiet and shy, but honestly, still waters run deep, so I think he can get passionate when kissing his s/o. He’s all in for sweet morning kisses, when you’re making breakfast and he sneaks up on you, hugging you and pressing a feathery smooch onto the back of your neck or shoulder. Mark really isn’t all that shy when he’s kissing, and his favourite place is definitely the neck. He’s a big kisser too, so movie night means you’re getting smothered. It’s a way to let you know how much he loves you, without having to say it over and over again.


Hmmm…I think Jaebum’s a shy one. An adorably shy one. He seems like a really badass kind of guy, but he’s a cheesy sweetheart, honestly. He doesn’t kiss your neck unless he’s feeling particularly…frisky, but cheek and forehead kisses are a bit of a must with him. I think he’s not nearly as daring as Mark is, so maybe you’d have to persuade him with some aegyo to get a little kiss once in a while. Jaebum probably prefers subtle gestures like holding hands, and I think that channels into his kissing as well.


This lil’ puppy probably kisses exactly like you think he would. A bit sloppy at times, but overall really, really passionate kisses. Jackson likes to show how manly he is during make-out sessions, so be prepared for…whatever happens. Also, when he comes back from a tour, expect those cheesy airport kisses where he twirls you around, because this boy is not afraid to show off! He’s generally a cheek/lips kind of guy, but he likes to give you forehead kisses during movies too. That is, if he’s not screaming at the TV.


Jinyoung’s probably one of the more awkward kissers, well, not awkward in general, but I feel like he’s the kind of person who wouldn’t be able to be serious during a ‘moment’, because he’s nervous about kissing you or something. He’s generally a straightforward type of guy, so if he wants a kiss, he gets a kiss, no matter where you are. He’s a pretty big fan of cheek kisses, but if you’re getting particularly hot ‘n heavy, he’ll go for the collarbone. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Can we all agree that Youngjae is a cute kisser? I mean, it’s already a widely known fact that Youngjae is a happy virus. In my opinion, he’d be that guy who’d giggle and then peck you on the lips, or smile while kissing you. He loves the forehead and the cheeks, and passionate make-out sessions are pretty rare. You’re both just happy with cute, innocent, smiley kisses. Also, did I mention that this boy will pepper your face with kisses if you’re feeling down?


Bambam’s…interesting. Needless to say, he’s probably the one with the dirtiest mind in GOT7, so I think his kisses would be a bit hungry and sexual. Bambam’s quite young though, so he’s probably not very experienced, but he learns quickly. Very, very quickly. He’s a big fan of casual make-out sessions on the couch, and he loves to randomly surprise you with a kiss, not like you’re complaining (I mean, have you seen those lips?). Him being a bit sloppy and hormonal doesn’t mean he can’t be sweet, so occasional cute pecks are definitely a thing!


I feel like Yugyeom, being the youngest and all, is pretty shy. His usual demeanour is quite childish, so I think he’s not too keen on very deep kisses. Yugyeom probably prefers the kind of innocent, cute, high school drama kiss. He might get jealous pretty quickly, because he’s so young and inexperienced and all, so he thinks you’ll leave him for someone better (really though, who would?); jealousy kisses in front of guys who are hitting on you are bound to happen. I think Yugyeom’s the kind of guy to try to kiss you because he’s bored or whiny, which honestly just makes him all the cuter.

Good evening!

So I’ve been pretty obsessed with GOT7 lately, as you can see. I do feel like this one might make you cringe, I don’t know. Maybe you’ll end up liking it, I hope you do. I had a lot of fun writing this scenario, and on a different note, congratulations to BTS and all our fellow ARMYs who helped BTS fly right up to the stars! We broke a record and I’m so proud of the boys and the entire ARMY fandom! Love you!


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Confession: I have been carefully planning a Bioshock cosplay involving myself as Dr. Tenenbaum, a college buddy of mine as Jack, and my 10-year-old niece as a Little Girl. She's too young to actually play, but I allowed her to watch the less... brutal parts of my own gameplays and shown her plenty of fanart. She loves it, but I may have sugarcoated the plot a bit when explaining it to her parents.

As far as she is concerned, Big Daddies never turn into brutal killing machines. 

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I've been scrolling down ypur blog, and oh my gosh, you're amazing! Plus I kind of feel like LucasNana is one of the most underrated ships, and you draw it a lot! That's so nice! I love every single MOTHER 3 child NPC, and you draw them all so well~ Plus you like Lloyd and somebody who likes it has to be pretty good at least XD I think I love tumblr a bit more for recomending me your blog :D (also sorry for the long message)

I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!  This has got to be the nicest thing for me to return to after my trip and I couldn’t stop smiling,, you’re too kind! <333 What I love most is to be able to make people happy in ways like through my art, so hearing that you love my drawings of these characters makes me very happy! especially of the ones that don’t get as much love, I have a really big passion for them x) and I’m glad your tumblr experience has gotten better for it recommending my blog to you!! please have this doodle of the kiddos as an extra thanks! <3

break my arm to distract me?

My teeth still hurt.

The pain might be slightly less intense, it’s hard to tell, but ibuprofen and the one shot of soothing gel they gave me aren’t making a dent. It’s not excruciating, but it’s persistent. There’s no relief. I’ve scoured the internet looking for a sign for how long this might last and have read anywhere from several hours to several days. Not particularly helpful.

It’s temporary and I’ve been in worse pain, but it’s enough so that I can’t sleep. (If I do manage it eventually, I bet the dreams will be noteworthy, so that’s something.)

No sleep is a bit of a problem. I need to work tomorrow and I need to be awake to finish packing tomorrow night. Propping my eyelids for work wouldn’t be too big of a concern except that I can only eat or drink white/clear items for the next 48 hours …

which means no coffee.

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I'd never been brave enough to try weed before I read your blog and I've literally just done it for the first time and I'm so glad I did? I feel more relaxed than I have in months and the guy that shared 2 blunts with me was so nice and we had a really good talk, it was the least terrifying socialising has felt EVER. So I guess I just wanna say thank you. I know it probably isn't your main motive to give advice about weed but thanks for being so open about a pretty great thing <3

aw! i’m so glad that it was a good experience for you. smoking definitely helps me feel less anxious and more relaxed in social situations too!! and just in general of course. it also really really helps with depression and stress and is pretty much the only thing that eases my insomnia up a bit.

i think there’s obviously a big stigma against weed (and it still hasn’t been legalized in most places), at least where i grew up, which is what kept me from really exploring it until i moved to LA. here it’s medically legal and so commonplace and people aren’t weird about it, which made me feel more okay with the idea of it. if you’re open-minded and in a situation where you feel safe and comfortable, it can be rly great, and nothing negative is going to come out of it as long as you don’t get carried away and let it get in the way of other things in your life haha

I have decided (apparently, based on my actions) that I’m going to take a shot at running this blog again.  I imagine it will be somewhat different from before, but I’m not sure precisely how yet; I’m just playing it by ear for now.  We’ll see how long I stick around.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to try to answer all the asks and messages that stacked up while I was mostly ignoring tumblr.  There are some good ones in there, but it’s a big pile of asks and messages, and it has definitely been Too Long for some of them.  My apologies, if you sent a message and I never responded; it wasn’t the least bit personal.

Hello to everyone new, by the way.  To everyone who is still here, it’s good to see you again (unless it isn’t).

Feeder For A Week

Nervously I knock at your door. We’ve been planning this for ages - me coming to be your live-in feeder for a week. We’ve both booked the time off work and I’m ready to help you achieve your goal. I’m already weighed down by several bags of delicious and fattening foods, all of which will go straight to you.

You open the door, wearing a T-shirt that doesn’t quite cover your huge belly and jeans that seem a bit too snug. We hug and I come in, setting the bags on the floor, trying to bring my aching fingers back to life.

“Savoury or sweet?” I say, getting straight to business. You grin.

“Does it matter?” I shake my head but open the doughnuts anyway. You sit on your couch, gleefully devouring all the doughnuts I’d brought with me. Then we move on to the chips, which you gulp down whilst the pizzas, fries and burgers being prepared. As you stuff yourself silly, your T-shirt rides up more and more, revealing your swollen belly. The food is making you a bit fuzzy, so we start on the drinks: soda, beer and thick milk shakes. I rub your tummy to soothe its dull ache whenever you ask. You are a marvel: eating and drinking everything put in front of you.

The days fade into hazy nights, with you still eating all the food I’ve brought and bought in the next few days. “God bless 24-hour stores,” I think, watching you eat another tub of ice cream, amazed at how you do it. Even then we have to get takeout a couple of times. When the food coma gets too much, I take over and gently feed you whatever you want. For a few hours it’s as much as you can do to point at the next delicious snack to indicate what you need.

All through the week our motto is “Pounds and inches, pounds and inches”. As the days lazily lollop by, I swear I can see the difference bulging onto your gorgeous body. New stretchmarks appear, livid and red, framing your sweet belly button. I smile to myself, knowing that I’m sending you to gainer heaven every day.

All too soon, the week is over. All your measurements - at least, the ones we care about - have gone up, a fact which is all too easy to see. You put on that T-shirt from day one, and it hardly covers the celestial orb that is your massive, overgrown, gigantic whopper of a gut. My jaw drops at the sight: at the joy we’ve shared. I’ve lost weight, because I wanted to make sure you got as much food as possible.

As I say goodbye, you pat your bloated belly. “When can we do this again?”

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post/160961361935/im-going-to-a-rock-festival-in-a-few-weeks-and-im anon again. Like iVe run a bit ith the binder before and wore it more than 8 hours (it was like 12H) and it didnt restrict me (bc its a bit too big. its a gc2b L but M would also fit fine for me) and i feel like it might work fine? and the toilets are genderneutral anyways bc they are these plastic thingies but they are just disgusting bc smell n stuff, but i just asked my other friends who im going with and i could change there

Kai says:

ok well just be careful and pay attention to your body. and I still recommend not wearing it for more than 8 hours. take care and I hope you have fun!

Teaching Myself to Draw: May 22, 2017

Eye shapes are done. I will need to work on the shading still, especially on the shadow side of the face. And obviously she is missing irises, but the bulk of the work is done. They look big, but I still need to add in eye lashes, which always shrinks them up a bit, so hopefully they’ll look right after that. If not, well then it’s time to get out my friend the liquefy tool. ;)

I also worked a bit on the blending on the shadowy side of the face. It’s really tricky. There needs to be subtle light and shadow shifts, otherwise it looks too flat, but it’s really tough getting the colors right. A teeny tiny bit too dark or light (like under her eye) and it throws the whole thing off. The stark differences of the lighting between the two sides of the face also make getting proportions right. I thought I had them right in the sketch, but the nostril an lip on the shadow side of the face look squished compared to the light side. I think it’s an optical illusion, but I’m not positive. I’ll probably pull out some guides in my next session to measure those features and see if it is truly an optical illusion or if I just messed them up.

This piece has definitely been a big challenge, but I’m glad I’m doing it. I don’t think it will turn out to be my best piece, but it’s teaching me a lot.


“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”

Did a lot of human Toriel sketches today, this was the only one I felt like cleaning up a bit.

Feel like Toriel hasn’t changed her style really in the last thousand years, so it’s, you know. Slightly vintage. Veils are still fresh right?

When she was queen she would’ve had a gold crown around her head, too, but she took it off when she fled to the Ruins. The rest of the outfit is more or less the same.

hey, @why-animals-do-the-thing; I know this was a recent topic of discussion about indoor and outdoor cats and safe ways to use the outdoors as enrichment, and just wanted to share this video of one of my two cats who is leash trained, Gizmo!

for those who say my cat must be an exception to the rule of leash training a cat; while he is very friendly and smart (he knows sit and wave and can jump through a hoop so far) my vet actually diagnosed him when I first got him with feline idiopathic cystitis. which basically means he has a hormone imbalance in his brain that makes him more sensitive/prone to more cat spazz runs than your average cat. Most of the time it’s marginal and he acts like a normal kitty, but if he gets too worked up he can make himself physically ill with UTIs.

Our first forays into leash training were…..a bit crazy; he was always fine with the harness but going into such a big open space was overwhelming for him at first. But with a lot of repetition and letting him decide how he wanted to interact with the outdoors he soon came to be the cat you see in the video! The rolling and casually exposing his tummy, non-dilated pupils, high carriage of his tail with the slow and lazy wags are all signs of an incredibly happy kitty! He will actually purr as I’m putting his harness on now (which is not typical for him; he’s not a big purr-er) because he’s learned harness=outside now! I always see videos of people dragging their poor cats along the ground in their harnesses and it drives me nuts! Cats are not dogs; expecting them to walk with you at your pace is unrealistic. A lot of people would have so much more success if they let the cats dictate their time outside and you just follow. Your main job walking a cat is to just make sure they stay safe and don’t get away! Also please get a wide mesh harness if you do this with your cat. They are much more comfortable for them and cats seem more relaxed in them comparable to a strap harness.

So, please, extend your cats lifespan by keeping them inside, but also expand their world in a safe and controlled manner through something like leash walking!

Why People Fall In Love

Muses: Jeon Jungkook.
Words: 4.7k words of cringe worthy fluff.
Type: fwb!au + fake dating!au
Note: This is another my ‘to be posted’ scenarios, posted.  Yay. :D

+ An agreement to become Jungkook’s fake girlfriend and a trip back to his hometown lets you see more of the Jeon Jungkook who you think is only made of Friday hookups and boyish charms.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“So let me get this straight, your brother’s bringing his girlfriend home for dinner this weekend and you ‘sorta’ blurted out that you have a girlfriend too just because you want to prove that he’s wrong about you not being able to keep a girl?”

Sheepishly, Jungkook smiles and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, sorta.”

At his nonchalance, you lightly smack his chest; it’s not like he’s going to feel anything if you straight out punch him anyway. “He’s totally right!”

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NHL!Bitty, Part VI -  ‘The Code’

Origin: From Samwell to Seattle | Pens!AU | Part I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping |  Part III - Post-Season | Part IV - RPF | Part V - Dating | 

Eric’s teammates are protective of their highly-publicized rookie. Maybe a little too protective. So, when a closeted!Jack gets flirty and starts flustering Eric on the ice, his Schooner teammates conclude that Zimmermann must be harassing Eric and decide to act accordingly. Leaping to Eric’s defense: starting goalie Markus Bay and defenseman Carter Morin. 

(TW: hockey violence, little bit of blood, big ol’ misunderstandings)

“You seeing this?”

Morin slaps Markus on the shoulder and jerks a thumb toward Zimmermann, who is skating determined circles around Bittle. He stops stretching and watches the Falconers forward come close, say something to Eric, and skate away quickly. This happens twice, each time, Bittle flushes and looks upset, but seems to brush it off and go back to his warm-up drills.

“Do you know what he’s saying?” Markus asks, hoping for some kind of reasonable explaination.

“No, but, just watch, man.”

Zimmermann comes in close again, this time with Mashkov in tow, and Eric doesn’t flinch, but he does something, skating away quickly as the two Falconers laugh. Again, Bittle looks uncomfortable.

“Didn’t they play together?” Markus asks. “Why’s Zimmermann being a dick now?”

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