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Here’s my photo with Jensen and Misha! DO NOT REPOST OR EDIT ME OUT WITHOUT PERMISSION

I bought this op when I got to the con honestly just so I could meet all three of them- I was already getting photos with Jared, and Misha in his Cas outfit, and I didn’t want to leave without meeting Jensen too- Dean is my favourite character after all. Misha said hello to me and asked me how I was doing then after that I asked them if we could do a sandwich hug and Jensen said “Yes we can!” and gave me a big hug. They were both really sweet, and I actually ended up getting two photos. I had started to walk away but in the first photo I had a bit of hair in my eye and Jensen grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back into him and said “One more time” and let me tell you that man is STRONG. Then I said thank you to them and Jensen gave me a warm smile and kept eye contact with me as I walked away which, as anyone who has met him knows, eye contact with him is an intense experience. He is also the most attractive person I’ve ever seen in my life- he’s somehow even better looking in person! In the first photo Misha had his hand on mine but he got in at the last second for this one. They were both really nice and I’m so glad I got to meet them and can’t wait to meet them again in the future!

Also, I won’t wear any highlight on my forehead for the next con lol

Get away!! (Pt. 1)

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A/N:- So this one is a Harry Styles smut.

I just got this thing in my mind when i like just came here in California at my lake house for a get away(it like my ME time, just me and no one else) from my work and all that busy buzzy life.

This is like one thing in my life whenever i kinda waana get rid of all Bullshit happening around me i just sneek out the fuzz and walk right here in this lake house of mine. I was like staring at the lake and this idea creeped into my mind.

So this is when you are on your get away where you meet harry and kinda fuck. Well its slow and has parts also i thought that Y/N don’t actully know harry and the story build amongst it.( Ok I’m disgusting in descriptions but it’s really worth a read). This is where harry is your neighbour.


It was a hell of a ride you thaught as you parked your rover in the garage and moved your suitcases out of your car. This was it you have finally reached here, it was like heven for you, your family lake house in California. It was deep into the woods no one who didn’t knew about the place and the routes correctly couldn’t actually come in this place, it was a secret hide out. It was so clam and soothing, whenever you came here you felt like forgetting the world and all your worries. Well that’s why you come here whenever you were pissed and needed some thinking.

This was the only place your family had left you with, you were 15 when you parents died, you lived with your parents in a rented flat so you have to leave it and move to a shared apartment so that you can afford the rent, seriously speaking life was hell after parents death you have to take on lots of scholarships to complet you education, work part time at Starbucks to get money to pay rent and for your expenses, your entire teenage was ruined,no movies no fun only work and studies, and now you were 22 and you were the most trusted employee in the most popular softer company called Microsoft with a salary of 25,000 $ per month, obviously with that much money paid to you, you have to work your ass out and add that with you messed upp relationships this is why you needed the get away.

You moved out of your garage taking the bags with you, you took it to the front door and opened the huge door, the house was clean and tidy seriously ‘the caretaker took really good care you should increase his salary’ you thought, just when you were about to step in you looked to the humongous house next to yours, this house was 3-4 times more bigger than yours and you absolutely loved it. Whenever you look at the house, you thaught no one owned it, it was empty no one lived there, but this time you actually saw someone in there who caught you stareing, you quickly grabbed your things and moved inside the house. It was a man but you didn’t really saw his face, wondering who he was you got to your room.


It was evening finally you were done with unpacking and organising and now were standing in your room, your room was the best room in the entire house cause it has two humongous windows one which gave you a good view of the lake in backyard and other which gave you a good view of the humongous house next to yours frankly speaking you could clearly see every detail inside the room of that house, you never actually saw anything before because there used to be curtains fallen, but today the curtains were open, you had no intention of peeping but the interiors of the room were beautiful you were scanning the room when you watched a man walk out of the bathroom he’s lower half was covered in the towel and the upper half was way too beautiful to take your eyes off. He has tattoos on both the arms a toned body with tattoo two birds on collar bone, a butterfly on tummy and and two ferns just above his hip bone, you were not able to take your eyes of his body you saw him wear a shear white t-shirt leaving the upper two button, he was going to remove his towel just when he turned and caught you stareing again, you ran out of you room out of embarrassment tripping over you own legs.

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One you were out you slapped yourself for what you did in there and then moved out towards the deck by the lake cursing yourself. Once you reach the deck, Cold breeze of air hit your face making you forget everything. The deck by the lake was very big it has a small dining table for 4 people at one corner and a small coffeetable with two chairs which you have set cause you loved spending time on the deck and the deck was joint to the deck of the neighbour house looking at the bridge which jointed the two deck you remembered you mom told you once that yor grandpa and the old man who originally owned the neighbour house were really great friends so the jointed the decks so both their families can spent time together, well he sold the house to someone after his wifes death. The beautiful lake was another reason for the decks to be joined the lake coverd both the houses and has a widespread and dissappeared in the woods as far as eyes can see, but actully you can only see a little of the lake because the lake was covered with fog throughout the year. But there was a beautiful place ahead of the fog which only you knew, you have discovered it when you were lost boating in the lake once, a place only you knew exists a place where only you went a place you have decorated, a place you didn’t took anyone it was you little secreat.

Your eyes were fixed on the lake, you were snapped out of your little world when you felt heavy footsteps on the deck comming towards you. You turned towards the footsteps and your heart skipped a beat when you saw the same handsome man comming towards you, your heart started racing all the thaughts of you satring at him raced through your mind causing your embarrassment.

“Hey ” he said his voice was deep and has a bit of husk in it and his accent seemed british. “Hello” you replied looking up at him. It’s now that you observed his face he was a hell of a handsome he has this beautiful short brown curls, a sharp jawline, beautiful pink plump lips, and the most beautiful was his mesmerising emerald green eyes, your eyes were glued to his face his lips were moving slowly he was asking you something but you could have cared less you were too distracted by his beauty “beautiful ” you blurred out. “Excuse me!!” He said and you averted your eyes towards ground.

“I’m sorry” you said

“I was asking if you live alone here?”

“Oh yes!, i mean i live here alone, umm.. Actually i don’t live here i just come here for a get away..” you said your voice dissolving at the end

“ may i?” He asked dragging the chair in front of you.


“So, get away? like a holiday, yeh”

“ Yeh i mean like you know like this place just gives me peace and with all the shit of work buzz in NewYork its just right place to run from all that. So is this place yours?,I didn’t see anyone in there whenever I’m here”

“Umm yes , its mine i like bought 5 years ago but never actually came here, but now that I’m on a break after the hiatus i thought this was the right hide out from all that people, this place is really inside its hard to find you know”

“ Break, hiatus?? What people?, why are they behind you?, what do you do? what are you talking about???” You asked confused, confusion dripping down your face.

“You don’t know me? ” he asked shocked

“No. You not Obama why should i know you” you said chuckling a little.

“Ohh well I’m harry. Harry styles”

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“Nice name, I’m Y/N nice to meet you ”

“Nice to meet you too .finally someone who don’t know me ” he muttered the last sentence.

“Sorry!! so do you live here alone too? ”

“ Yes! My mom and sister wanted to come too , but…. I just wanted some me time so…”

“Hmm… So were you saying about the hiatus? What do you do?” you asked.

“You really don’t know me?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“No!! I mean your name i think heard somewhere mightbe once No, no really no i don’t know you ” you replied tring to remember where have you heard his name

“You REALLY don’t know me?” He asked again pressing really

“NOOO!!!! I mean if you are someone really big i can google you, or you can tell me who you are” you said a bit fustrated .

“Oh no no no plzz don’t google i mean iI’ll tell you who I’m but not right now later but i promise I’ll tell you just don’t google it i want to tell you myself” he said tring to convince you. You found it odd but agreed.

“So how long are you here ” you asked him

“ I guess a month probably, what about you?”

“Same, it’s summer and this is the best place to spend it and i only have a month holiday”

He was about to say some thing when you heard the fire alarm of his house go off.

“FUCK!! I foget about the oven” he exclaimed getting up from his chair and started running and you ran behind him. He ran stright into the kitchen and you saw the oven was literally on fire and there was black smoke everywhere he removed the plug of the oven and you opened all the windows for the smoke to escape he tried extinguish the fire but the extinguisher wasn’t working so you tried to find flour or some water and opened almost all the cabinates also looked in the fridge but you saw nothing but beer so you went out and quickly grabbed the bucket which you saw in the yard while comming in and splashed all the water on the oven well the fire did extinguish but since harry was in the middle he took a bath too.

“You seriously have nothing in here ?” you asked pointing to all the cabinates you have opened “Umm no i like bought food for today..and thought I’ll buy something for tomorrow ” your jaw dropped on the way he said it “ you serious, i mean really your in deep wood you have to carry your food hear you’ll not find a take away every five minutes here the closest market here is like 6 miles from here and it opens 7 in the morning and closes 7 in the evening ” you said with surprising tone.

His eyes went wide on that “ you are not kidding me right, i mean what if someone not ablet to reach the market in time or forget something to bring or.. ” he asked looking at you “well there’s a man who like comes with his cart which is practically supermarket on wheels everyday between like 8-9 in the morning and 7-8 in the evening he has all the stuff from grocery to packed food so you can buy from him” trying to explain him everything “ but its already 8:30, I haven’t eaten anything "he said looking at his watch .

"Well if you want you can have dinner at mine tonight ” you said looking at him actually stareing cause you splashed water on him his white shear shirt was now sticked to his skin revealing his tattoos and defind abs underneath “like what you see” he asked catching you stare again he smirked and came closer to you, you didn’t said anything and he was now standing inches away from you leaning his face dangerously close to yours lips almost brushing against each other, when you quickly backed off and walked towards the backyard door “dry yourself and get on the deck I’ll bring the dinner ” you said and left.

You were cursing yourself for stareing at him again but you couldn’t help he was so fucking sexy and hell of hot and sent your hormones in over drive you felt this tention in the air whenever he was around. Soon you finished bringing all the food you prepared on the dining table on the deck and settled down on one chair waiting for him to come, just then you saw him walking towards you he wore sweatpants and simple black tee and still managed to look hot. He sat on the chair in front of you. Once he sat, you started servings him, and you could feel his eyes boring into you “what??” you asked looking upp from the plate.

“What did i do ?” he asked innocently “stop stareing at me” you requested “well you kept staring at me the entire day , when you first entered your place then when i came out of my bath and even now sometime ago ” he said reminding of what you did your cheeks turnrs red and you totally were embarrass “ Don’t be embarrassed love, its ok ” he said. Your cheaks turned reder and you can’t help but say “sorry, but you are just way to hot, it’s hard to handle” he chuckled at your words.

“Well thanks, and don’t be sorry cause i can’t take my eyes of you either, you are beautiful you know” you blushed even harder if it was possible.

When you were both done he helped you pick up the plates and hepled you to take them in you kitchen he also offered you to help you in dishes but you kindly declined, while you were doing the dishes he scanned you house then he came back and stood behind you “this place is beautiful ” he said admiring. “Decorated it myself ” you said proudly. “You are really good at it then cause its really very beautiful” he commented “Not as beautiful as your place” you said turning around to face him, but when you turned around your heart skipped a beat for the second time today. He wad standing this close to you his green emeralds stareing right into your eyes he stepped a step closer to you and you stepped a step back and hit the kitchen counter he stepped closer pinning you between him and the kitchen counter, he leaned still maintaining the eye contact, you were literally breathing his breath when he captured your lips into his, you can’t help but kiss him back his lips were soft and the kiss was gental it felt like complete bliss your lips moved in sync with each other but suddenly something came into you and you pulled back waking away from him. He got the hint he was still a stranger for you “sorry i just…” “It’s ok, i understand i just can’t help myself ” he said cutting you mid sentence and started leaving.

When you saw him leaving you called, “Harry” “Yes?” he asked turning back “umm.. I was wondering if you would like to come on a walk with me tomorrow morning at 6, i mean i know it’s early and this place is in woods but it still has some beautiful places to admire i know this place and i can show you, but only if you want an-..”

“I’ll like to come, infact I was going to ask you if you can show me around. 6 you said right ?” “yes ” you replied “I’ll be on time” he said giving you a wide smile flashing his dimples. And your heart melted just seeing his dimples and you were now excite on what tomorrow will bring.

To be continued…..

A/N:- I was going to do this one in one part but i realized its going to be big so i decided to do it in parts I’ll be posting the second part soon probably tomorrow. So stay tuned. And let me know if you liked it feedback you see really helps.

Love ~ - ~ Faith.

The multiple voices

Prompt: Everyone in the loser club is dead and comes from different times eras, everyone except Eddie. (Soulmate AU)

Edward Kaspbrak remembers meeting Ben at age four when he was at the park. The sky was a bright blue and beautiful. Eddie remembers being alone, besides that his mother was approximately five feet away. This was before his mother completely lost her shit about illnesses.

But away, Eddie was sliding down a long swirly slide and slid down a little too quick and landed on his knees into the mulch. Eddie’s knees stung a little and tried to get up, eddie did of course but with a little bit of help.

Eddie looked up and saw a beautiful big boy, his hair a shade of dark blond, eyes brown and a sweet plump smile resting on his cheeks.

Eddie felt startled but not afraid. “Thank You.” Eddie mumbled, pulling himself together.

The blond boy continued to smile, “No problem. I’m Ben.” he shoved out a hand excitedly.

Eddie felt a giggle rise to his throat but not come out. “I’m Eddie.” he stated, shaking Ben’s hand.

His first soulmate, except Eddie didn’t know that of course.


Eddie met his next two soulmates from adventuring with Ben. At age 7, Ben truly was Eddie only best friend real or not. But one day Eddie and Ben were adventuring around Derry when he started hearing some kind of arguing in an alleyway. Ben started walking towards it no problem but Eddie was struck with fear and pulled his inhaler out of his fanny pack, took a puff and followed.

There stood two boys that Ben started to converse with. One boy had neat curly hair with a little hat on his head. The other boy had curly hair and big glasses. They’re attire looked nothing like eddie’s clothes maybe older or from another time.

Hat boy groaned when he saw Eddie. “Ben, you better be watching Eds over there cause I swear if he gets hurt your gonna get it.”

    Hat boy’s gaze was scaring Eddie, he took another puff of inhaler.

Ben chuckled at hat boy. “Oh Stan.”

Glasses boy ran over to Eddie with excitement and started talking a thousand miles an hour. Eddie afraidly backed away from the boy.

Hat boy or ‘Stan’ yelled “Beep, beep Richie!” and glasses boy chilled out immediately.

Two more soulmates.


To be continued…

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The mood had changed in the office overnight.

Drastically. The empty desk was like a black hole everyone tried to avoid, afraid it would suck every bit of life out of them.

Delly had been a ray of sunshine, always smiling, bringing sweets and candies, scented candles or bags of tea, organizing the Secret Santa.

On top of being one of the best in her area, searching for the effects of gravitationnal waves.

She had been one of the astrophysicists who looked at the collision of two neutron stars.

It had been a few days now since she passed her way, her too big heart failing her.

Katniss couldn’t look at her desk without feeling the tears pooling in her eyes.

She heard the familiar sound of Peeta’s heavy stomp as he arrived, stopping next to her desk. It didn’t take long before she found herself in the warm embrace of his arms, forgetting this time again their no-PDA-in-the-office rule.

She felt the the soothing of his hands- no, she could only sense one, something else bothering her until she realized it was - plastic?

She reluctantly let go of Peeta’s arms.

“Is it …” She asked, afraid to look behind at the magazine wrapped in a plastic protection.

He didn’t answer, just nodded as he extended his arm.

“I can’t open it, Kat..”

It was her turn to nod. Delly had been Peeta’s friend since their college years, when they discovered their passions for anything star-related.

Her hand shivered as it made contact with the plastic.

She took a deep breath.

It was like the whole office had stopped breathing, waiting for Katniss to open the latest issue of Science Magazine.

With trembling hands, she tore the plastic off, taking the magazine out of it as quickly as possible, opening it, obviously searching for something.

She felt a small smile creep up on her face - a mere consolation to the loss the whole office just encountered.

“It’s here!! it’s published!”

She held up the open magazine high above her head.

There, on the glassy white pages, was her name.

Gravitational waves: So many new toys to unwrap“ By Delly Cartwright, Astrophysicist.

Delly would live on forever.

For @maxwellandlovelace. Jag älskar dig min kära … unbeta-ed, all mistakes are mine.

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How about a female s/o who has a habit of talking too much and cracking jokes when their nervous with Mccree and Reaper.

I just realized I’m almost at 300 followers and that’s… kinda crazy. Thanks guys!

Yandere McCree

  • At first, he thinks you’re settling in. You’re awfully smiley for someone that’s been kidnapped, and McCree would be lying if he said he wasn’t suspicious, but there’s a big part of him that wants to believe you fell for him. He can tend to be a bit of a lovesick fool. 
  • When he realizes you do it because you’re nervous, it breaks his heart a little bit. He loves you! He wants you to be happy with him! When he figures out you’re scared of him, he feels kinda terrible.
  • McCree will try to give you some distance at first, but it’s hard to resist making you even the tiniest bit uncomfortable when he knows this is how you react. He likes your dumb jokes. He likes when you talk to him. Even if it’s just fast-paced rambling that leaves you wheezing, McCree loves to hear it. 
  • Yeah, he wants you to be comfortable around him, but when you act like this, it’s hard for him to not enjoy it, especially because he knows it might be most he ever gets from you. 

Yandere Reaper 

  • He wishes you’d cut it out. Reaper isn’t a very talkative person in the first place, and he’s come to enjoy a good amount of silence. With the job he has and the people he has to deal with, it’s a rare commodity. 
  • He actually hates that he makes you uncomfortable, but he doesn’t think there’s a lot he can do about it. Reaper could try opening up to you so that you think of him more as a man than a monster, but the chances are slim. You might just hate him anyway. It’s not worth it. 
  • He goes between trying to stay away from you and keeping close by. Some days Reaper doesn’t want to be reminded that you’re nervous around him. Other days, he enjoys the fear. You never really know which kind of day it’ll be with him. 
  • You can never quite catch onto his real feelings. Reaper thinks you’d never understand how his world works, and he doesn’t want to deal with the rejection that he thinks is inevitably waiting for him. He’s not really good at talking anymore. It bothers him that it’s all you seem to do. 
New Arrival - Part 1

He’s too big to sit in my lap, so he rests his head there instead. It’s a little awkward since he has to sit up again to sign when he’s talking, but it really gives him comfort.

And after everything he’s apparently been through, he deserves as much comfort as I can offer.

I’d been surprised when Beau brought him home a few days ago, claiming to have found him in his and Rin’s old place nearby. It’d apparently taken a good bit of coaxing to get him to communicate, and even more to get him to actually come out of hiding and come here.

I run my hand over his neck and shoulders, over the layers of scars from cuts and burns and who knows what else. He pushes slightly into my touch, which makes me smile a little. He hadn’t opened up very much yet, but he seemed starved for affection in the deepest way. (Also starved for food, but that was a different matter.)

He’d initially been afraid to be near me, but came around with Rin and Beau’s help. To be honest, I’m not sure he would have stayed if it weren’t for them; he seemed terrified of humans.

He’s huge, nearly eight feet tall, with a long tail that comes out of his middle back and a strong, animalistic build. His face is reminiscent of a gas mask, but is organic, and because of it, he cannot speak but through sign language. His hands are large, with long fingers, and the skin is black up to the elbow. He wears a pair of tattered camo pants, more like ragged shorts now, and his legs are strong and similarly colored to his arms. All over his body, scars crisscross in layers: cuts, burns, bullet wounds, but the most disturbing part is the number of healed sutures he had mixed throughout. It hinted at something sinister that I didn’t want to imagine. He seemed to have a sort of camouflage ability that seemed to trigger spontaneously when he was startled, but it never lasted long, and his scars were always visible. It was horribly easy to startle him, and my heart ached every time he was, even by accident. 

I sat with him in the living room with Beau watching over us as Rin cooked dinner in the kitchen. He’d been voraciously hungry since arriving, and to no surprise; it seemed he hadn’t eaten much of anything lately for fear of being found by…anybody. The only reason he’d trusted Beau enough to follow him was because Beau wasn’t human. 

As I gently brushed my hands across his scarred shoulders, his arm wrapped tightly around my waist, and he sighed softly while snuggling closer. I glanced up to see Rin looking over at the two of us from the kitchen, and our eyes met. A silent understanding passed between us, a promise, as it were. I could see Rin’s eyes look up, and I turned to follow his gaze. Beau looked between the two of us and nodded his agreement.

We’re not sure where he came from, or what had happened to him to make him like he is, but we did know this:

He was safe now. And we’d protect him. No matter what.

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I love Jin to bits and think he looks good in every hairstyle but seriously... big hit needs to do a better job in enhancing his features, such as by giving him a hairstyle that shows more of his forehead :( this bowl cut ain't the most flattering

i think it suits him? it makes him look so soft.. but i agree i want to see his forehead too asdfgfds. i think ever since his choppy bangs they’re afraid to try new hairstyles for him.

Hi guys, this really truly sucks big time. Our computer took a big ole flop yesterday. It’s the only computer we have at the moment. I’m working on getting mine back from the United States. So this means my posts are going to go down a little bit. As you know it’s much easier to post on tumblr via computer than it is by phone. So my posts per day may drop. I will still be posting very often because I live on here but it will be a little harder for me to find those posts I love and I know you love too. Just bare with me for a couple of days and hopefully we will get the computer back up and running!

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im finally moving into the vegan stage of my life where i use less and less processed foods and buying vegan shampoos and such(i live in eastern europe so availability of these is atrocious). and ive recently started getting into skincare(i aint getting any younger and plants can only do so much) but HOLY HELL WHY ARENT THERE MORE CRUELTY FREE VEGAN COSMETICS WHAT ARE THESE BIG COMPANIES DOIN?????? who tf still tests on animals its literally 2017 what the actual fuck

This is the unfortunate byproduct of the “vegan movement” being so focused on plant-based nutrition for the time being. People have no idea that veganism is a lifestyle movement, rather than a diet. This means that cruelty-free and vegan household/hygiene items are still few and far in-between. 

I’m sorry that you’re struggling (I still do too, particularly because cruelty-free brands tend to be a bit more expensive, or I have to order them online), but remember what good you’re doing! It is incredible that animal testing is still so common (and even required in some countries), but we just have to keep fighting! People need to become aware of how cruel, barbaric, and archaic this type of behavior is. 

-Admin Samantha

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Hi, its me. Im feeling incredibly sad and a bit angry cause all the drama going on around you lately when you are one of the most lovely and kind people I know in this hellofasite and this fandom. I don't go to drama. Ive been roasted before so I don't engage anymore with anything drama related, I just dont care (maybe thats why I dont bond enough too) but I DO CARE about nice people being harrased like I'm seeing here. So,hey! Stay brave, stay strong, stay as you are! Big hug ur way! LotsfLove!

And THIS right here is WHY I want to connect more with my followers and mutuals. @duckland Isa my dear, thank you!! You are such a lovely, kind hearted and awesome person. I love scrolling and seeing you on my dash. You wouldn’t believe how many times I just want to quit this freaking hellsite all together..just up and abandon my blog..but then I will see something you reblog/post and I feel lighter–drama free! Big HUGS back gurl. 😚

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Ps. no need to feel sad or upset. I’m okay. Truly.


Remember the way I sad I hated the first draft so I shook it up a bit?

Thought it might be good for you all to see, how tiny changes can make a big difference. Really take a step back and study your own work, sometimes we all get too focused on finishing that we don’t take the time to examine how it could be improved.


Finally took pictures! This is my completed “Wheel of Sacrifice” skirt from the Suffering Game arc of The Adventure Zone! 

It was my first time making a skirt, a waistband, a sash, and inserting a zipper- this whole skirt was full of firsts!
It was a lot of fun, though painting on the symbols by hand did get a little tiring at times. 

What’s more, you might recognize some of the symbols as being from the TAZ Animated Opening - the Cat Skull, Clock/Hourglass, and Eye with Knife symbols all belong to @teamrtist and @skinnymister who kindly allowed me to use them on my skirt.

I’ll make a close-up post of all the symbols in a moment, so look out for that!
You can find them HERE!