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Once again I am gonna have to call out on the SS fandom for their immaturity. Honestly I didn’t want to rant on this but screw it!

To those of you complaining about chapter 10, I am gonna be very blunt, you have become just as bad as the NS and SNS fandom! Immature, petty, childish and self-entitled! Of course you just had to make everything about Sasuke and Sakura!

With Sasuke’s dialogue to Naruto, I don’t see what the big deal is other than few changes. Same with Sarada acting flustered when Boruto said he will protect her. I don’t see anything too different other than a bit more flustered than in the movie.

As for the SS part, I can understand some were upset but to me this outrage is not only unreasonable but also complete BS!
First, you claim that SP apparently hates SS, Sasuke and Sakura but of course compare Ikemoto’s panels with the movie scenes that were animated by the same studio you accused them of having a bias against SS (though Kishi was involved in the movie but that’s besides the point). Do you guys realise how unhinged and hypocritical you sound? You criticise SP for not following Kishi’s manga but of course criticise Ikemoto and Kodachi for not following the movie scenes which again, animated by the same studio whom you criticised for not sticking to source material. Again BS!
Secondly, few chapters ago they also left out the part where Naruto asked Hinata to check Boruto’s arm with her Byakugan but where was the outrage on that? Same with the Uzumaki Family scene in this chapter which was reduced so no outrage on that? Or does this only apply to SS? Talk about double standards! Everything is about SS!
Thirdly, Ikemoto was drawing according to Kodachi’s script, not to mention the number of new content there so there was not enough panel space to include this.

Just because it is not Kishi drawing or writing this, doesn’t mean they have to do exactly like Kishi did. I mean this is the same fandom that insulted Ikemoto’s art style just because it doesn’t look exactly like Kishi’s.

I keep saying this again and again! If you didn’t like how SP handles the anime don’t watch it! If you don’t like how Ikemoto and Kodoachi handles the Boruto manga don’t read it! Simple as that! I honestly don’t understand why continue following if it doesn’t go your way?

This is one of the reasons why I took a break from tumblr!

Anyways, sorry for my rant but with all honesty, I have lost what little hope I had left for the Naruto fandom, especially the western fandom!

I come back to Tumblr after a considerable amount of absence only to see this shit

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Favourite Big Brother! (Sherlock X Baby Brother!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Baby Brother! Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Bit of blood, upset toddles


Request: Do you mind if I Request a SherlockxBabyBrotherMaleReader? The MR is 2-3 years old, really shy, almost deaf (he needs hearing-aids) and he cant walk properly on his own (like he have to be carried). Mycroft left the MR is Sherlocks care for the weekend (John helps him too) but Sherlock kind of upsets him and he cries non-stop and nothing works at some point he injured himself and then fluff! If not possible please tell! Im sorry for bothering you with it! Wish you nice weekend!

Originally posted by the-cutest-shoes

Mycroft and Sherlock had a little brother. A VERY little brother, called Y/N. You were a surprise on the Holmes family, but loved all the same. You were 2 and still mastering walking, but you didn’t mind being carried. Also you’re two older brothers were very protective of you since you were so little and you also had trouble hearing. You got checked up at the hospital and they found out you had lost most of your hearing, but since you were so young, you needed special made hearing aids, and since yours were broken you were waiting for your new ones to arrive.

Your parents had left you in the care of your eldest brother Mycroft for a few weeks while they went on a cruise. Unfortunately he had to leave the country for the weekend, so he had no choice but to leave you with Sherlock.

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My parents are starting to notice that I'm eating less, so my mom bought chocolate cake for me bc she knows what I'm doing and I could not resist the fucking cake! Why is she soo mean?! 😤 What can I do?

Well, you’ve eaten it now so please don’t stress about it. I’d say in future, you should try to eat “bad foods” in front of your parents but only have a tiny bit. If you want to eat a cookie or a cake, then you can. Eat one slice of cake. Eat a quarter of a cookie (if it’s a big cookie which are the ones I like.) 

What you should do now, I’d say is exercise to burn it off. Or just continue to eat at least 1200 calories per day. Don’t stress too much about it. And DON’T FAST. 

I hope I helped :)

D and I got into our first really big argument last night. Without going too into details, he did something during a date night that left me feeling disrespected and embarrassed. We talked immediately after, I felt better…and then I woke up this morning and got to work and started thinking about everything again and knew that things weren’t 100%. A friend of mine from Tumblr (you know who you are!) did an amazing job talking with me, centering me, and allowing me to vent and just be sad for a bit. As corny as it sounds, I needed to feel the depths of my emotions so I could really work out what I needed and wanted from another conversation with D.

We eventually spoke later this evening and he was - as always - incredibly willing to listen and let me say my piece. He took full responsibility for his actions last night, then we spoke about ways that we could rebuild and work through what proved to be a really difficult moment for me. He made no excuses for himself, let me be angry and tell him what I needed, and we are now on a path to something really positive.

Today was a long and difficult day. I left for work at 6:30 am, worked until 6 pm, babysat until 12:30 am, and just got home at 1 am. I’m exhausted. But I’ve washed my face, brushed my teeth, changed into clean clothes for bed, and - as silly as it sounds - I feel like I’m ready to conquer tomorrow. I can do it. I know I can.

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I'm not trying to be mean or unsupportive, I'm just curious as to why you decided to choose they/them pronouns. I have a bit of a similar issue. I want to use they/them pronouns but because I also identify as a lesbian, I don't know if that's okay for me to do? Thank you <3

i just feel like i dont identify completly as a female but its also not too big of a deal for me because i feel like i do identify as a girl but i dont at the same time so im trying to see if they/them pronouns will help me get more comfortable i guess??? and yes you are completly valid!!! nb lesbians are real and alive and valid!!

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I'm gonna continue with my hc that Jonathan has a very sweet and soft son. // Both you and Jonathan encouraged him to try tee-ball, hoping that it would help him make friends and that he'd enjoy it. He was very excited for his first day, posing for photos from Jonathan with his little helmet that was a bit too big for his head, and his new jersey tucked neatly into his pants. He put a lot of effort into it, genuinely trying to do well, but within one week, he decided he hated it.

The final straw for the kid was when the ball whacked him in the head (he was protected by the helmet, but it still wasn’t exactly pleasant, plus it was a bit scary), and it caused some tears. The other kids made fun of him, which didn’t help with the tears. Jonathan was down on the field in seconds, scooping him up into his arms and carrying him off. One of the other mothers commented that he could use a better male figure so he could be more tough. Being that she managed to simultaneously insult both your son and your husband. Jonathan was already at the car with your son, helping him out of his helmet and helping him tidy up, when he heard yelling. You arrived at the car a few moments later, and when Jonathan asked what happened, you told him not to worry about it. That evening, when he picked up the phone and was told that you were banned for life from the tee-ball team for punching one of the others in the jaw, he only smiled.

i’m fucking crying because i can see all of this happening so much oh my god it’s perfect

What have been change with Jack.

What I’ve changed about Jack here is….

He works and somehow own the place where he works at as a security guard. Not wanting to deal with too much stuff but keep an eye on everything and well… he’s still the head of this entire place. (That is confusing I know, I just don’t know how to explain it properly)

It is not just a restaurant but also a big Hotel on top of everything which consist of some shops and then the restaurant. Blake works there as the Host so he can help out Jack a little bit. Nothing here says what restaurant it is, there might actually be two of them (which can be a big possibility especially if I don’t want to associate his original story to FNAF when it comes to other stuffs)


Some people here decided to integrate themselves, they choose to consider Jack as their top boss which, to be honest, I don’t mind if asked and well made. As for now, the one official for that FNAF version of his story (which is pretty much the blog here) will be listed in my blog. The Original story will mostly be tagged under (Serial Killer AU).

@the-blue-bonnie is the toy-Bonnie (he actually choose my Jack to be the big boss which I am soooooo happy and it is very touching)

@punkrocker-bonnie as the old Bonnie

@capn-foxycove as the Old Foxy (which is also me btw, just a separated blog)

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6, 12, 26, 27, and 47?

6. how did writing change you?

Writing fic has done quite a lot for me, actually. I’m more confident in what I write, and I’m more willing to play around with my style and technique. Most of all, though, writing fic has helped me handle my social anxiety quite a bit. When I first entered the fandom, I was still intensely shy and nervous, but everyone seemed like they were having fun, and I wanted to join in. Community is such a prevalent aspect of fic writing, and the friendships I’ve found here have been an invaluable addition to my life. (The fact that it’s all online is also probably a pretty big reason I’ve been able to come out of my shell.)

12. favorite place to write

Pretty much just my desk at home. Nothing fancy. The coffee isn’t too far away, and all my music is within easy reach :)

26. story you’re most proud of

Well, I’m really proud of what I’ve been able to do with Family Resemblance so far. The plot that I’ve worked out (and continue to figure out as I write it) has a satisfying amount of complexity to it, and I’m really looking forward to some of the upcoming events >:D

But FR isn’t finished yet, so instead I’ll say Hawks and Doves. I’d never written an action-adventure story before, so it was a bit of a challenge to figure out pacing, action, and dialogue. I was also still new to both fic writing and the fandom, so I wrote and posted without a beta. In retrospect, I see where I could’ve been tighter in the storytelling, but overall, I’m still very proud of it. It’s almost 50k words, it’s completed, and it did everything I wanted it to do, including setting up certain events and character dynamics that I wanted to explore in Family Resemblance. Also, it was just plain fun to write :P

27. best review you ever got

Oh gosh, that’s so hard to say. I don’t get a lot of comments, but the ones I do get always make me blush and hold my face for a good five minutes before I can function again :P I mean, look at this one from @inglorious-boshtet from their tags about Hawks and Doves:

#this is easily one of my top 5 favorite longfics #badass hannah shepard #great take on shanxi #and family resemblance is like one of two #(count them two) #true aftermath fics #proving that you can tell a compelling story without war! #or adventure! #or revolving around somebody getting married #10/10 would read again

I’m still blushing!

47. how many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?

*laughs nervously*


Yesterday there was a party at the nursery school where I teach english 3 days a week: kids were invited to dress up as their favorite characters.

Today I asked E. “Who did you dress up as at the party?” to which she replied “Marinette!”. Since I’m a big embarrassing nerd and I couldn’t help it even in front of a 4 year old, I just had to say “Oh I love that cartoon!!”, a little too enthusiastically. She frowned and said “You’re way too old to watch cartoons!!”


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Love the music month, but whoah do I get tired of it being one man after the other. Don't women sing in Switzerland? It might be an accurate picture of Swiss music scene, I don't know. Still it gets a bit grating after a while. Please give us some more female musicians.

I queued everything up before February even started (so there won’t be any changes in programme, also bc I do have an internship rn and I’m too tired and have too little time to do any kind of project thats as big as this one)

On the other hand, here is a list of amazing female Swiss musicians/all-female bands/bands with female singers:

I think that Schlager, 90s/00s Pop-Rock and modern (Indie Pop) are probably most common for women to be somewhat known for in Switzerland… Anyways, there are a lot of female Swiss musicians and I’m sorry if some got lost in my series, but I won’t change anything for now as I don’t really have the time. The list above is just a small selection so add on in the comments

(Also the next four Month of Music posts will all be about women and one female fronted band and her solo project)


“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”

Lettering tips

I did a thing! :D It’s been ages since I made some sort of a lettering tips/tutorial (it was just an answered ask and it was pretty bad tbh), so I thought I‘d make a new one. Nothing too complicated, just filling more pages in my bullet journal :).

Now, these are tips that I sort of discovered myself and am using now, which doesn’t mean that you have to! I did not include the “double the downstroke” which we all sort of know, rather I concentrated more on the letter heights, which was a big problem for me when I started with lettering. Well, hope you find it at  least a bit helpful :D


justrandomeveryday: Story time with jre!
First of all the fan meet was Dope!
Then after was the photo op! They were really strict with phones and you cannot touch the members. So I put away my phone and got in line with KML and friends I met at the fan meet. It was my turn. Instantly Jackson saw me (excited as hell lol) saying “it’s you!!!” He comes up to me close to my face, hands on my shoulders shaking me saying “it’s you!!” And all I could say with a big smile on my face laughing and saying “What’s good!!” 😂 he grabs my hand and shakes it too. I quickly asked (while showing my phone in my pocket) can I record a bit?! Jackson quickly says “yea yea quickly!” Even though security said no before …. hey I got permission from My bias Jackson himself! So as you see in the video, I took out my phone and recorded a bit as he was Saying “HE’S here!” 😂 with JB(he had a sore throat ☹️ hope he feels better) putting up them duces ✌🏼 then security started coming and the host @limited.89 (what’s up bro lol nice to see you as always😁) saying “JRE…” quickly I put down my phone and smiled for the picture… or I bit my lips or some derpy face I forget. I said hi to the rest of the members and during this time security gets in front of the got7 members separating both them from us, but… Jackson then again comes and shakes my hand again and bam bam talking on the mic about watching my videos and mentions Me and @kennyboyslay (he remembers you kenny lol) while shaking my hand (again you are not suppose to reach to got 7 which I didn’t they stuck their hands out to me so ofc I’m going to shake it lol) with a big ass smile on my face laughing I say what’s up to the other members exiting outside the venue! #bless wooow sorry for this long story but it’s still fresh in my mind. And I just really can’t believe it. Also I think it’s funny that I sat in between my bias Jackson and thee bias wrecker JB 😂. Got7 I hope you have an amazing time in Miami! Todays weather in Miami has been beautiful and I hope you enjoyed it as well! Thank you for choosing Miami. 🙏🏽 come again soon.

emoji review: dragon emoji

he is very very powerful. a little bit intimidating. he wants to protect the things he cares about. 10/10

he’s trying to seem scary, but really he’s just a big sweetie pie!!! he’s scared of a lot of things and tries to act extra-tough. 10/10

i’m not a fan of the outline but it’s not bad! he’s very big and strong, but he’s a little bit of a scaredy-cat. he needs a lot of love. 10/10

this one is very young and inexperienced, but he wants to be strong like all the other dragons!!! he’s still a kid, so his proportions are a little bit weird. he has a bouncy-ball that he likes to pretend is a fireball! 10/10

this one is old and wise. he talks like an anime villain and tries too hard, but he’s actually just a big nerd. 10/10

no one knows very much about this dragon; they are very very mysterious. what we do know is that instead of capturing princesses or anything like that, they protect the kingdom from enemies! 10/10

very very old and very very powerful. he’s like a dragon wizard. has a very large hoard! i would not trust him with my gold. 10/10

she is clumsy but also very friendly!! she is a very bad flyer but she tries her best. please please be nice to her!!! 10/10

a bit of a grumpy dragon, but he is a young dragon and will work through this. i believe in him and love him. 10/10

she’s the absolute prettiest dragon!!!!! she’s actually holding a bubble of water! she has water powers and she’s beautiful!!! i support her!!! 10/10

he’s a grumpy old man!! he’s very nice if you give him a chance, though. he will tell you lots of stories, if you ask nicely! 10/10

this dragon has been hurt…. he’s a little bit cold because of it. please give him time, he’s still learning how to trust again. 10/10

Museum: so we got this weird animal from Madagascar called a tenrec

Taxidermist: ok what does it look like

Museum: well I guess it has big teeth so you should probably make it scary


Museum: maybe it’s a bit too much though can you do like, rounder and cuter?


Museum: …but not TOO round


Museum: …

Taxidermist: …

Museum: you know what?

Museum: just




The Immortal: The Winchester Model 1897

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, and I’ve been racking my mind trying to think of a gun that could really work for this post, as I’ve had many famous guns requested but I’ve never done due to their being a ton of sub-variants, but also noting that those posts where I cover a gun in brief don’t do so well.

Then after watching some movies, I’ve found the lone survivor that appears almost everywhere. Gangster dramas, noir, war flicks, and in the hands of everyone from Burt Lancaster to Billy Dee Williams. It’s one of the older pump shotgun designs, but also one of the more common older models. It’s Winchester’s very own Model 1897.

Now I’m sure we all know the designer of the Winchester 1897, our lord and savior John Moses Browning, but there’s other elements to it’s birth than just that. The concept of a pump-action shotgun dates all the way to the early 1880′s when two other designers, the famous Christopher Spencer of the Spencer rifle and Sylvester Roper patented a similar pump action shotgun, the Spencer 1882.

Spencer’s design was interesting, using the same pump mechanism you see on the 1897, except it ejected from the top. However, while the gun was novel, it came out in a bad time. At this point, Winchester had begun a rather long crusade to stop many competitors and the Spencer rifle was one of them. By 1889, the company Spencer was running was out of money and bankrupt, and the license for his guns went to Francis Bannerman, who you should remember from when I talked about US made Mosins.

Now Bannerman continued selling and making Spencer shotguns, rebranded as the Model 1890 from the 1880′s until 1907. At the same time, Winchester had grabbed the patents and copyrights for the pump handle, and while forcing other guns like the Burgess shotgun out of the market, tasked their chief designer John Moses Browning to make a pump-action shotgun rather than the rather unpopular lever action 1887. 

Browning improved upon the 1882 with a number of changes, the main being the larger pump handle, exterior hammer and the much better bolt design allowing for an ejection port. This hit the market as the Winchester 1893, and was reasonably successful. But it had problems and by 1897, the gun was improved and also made into the brand new smokeless powder 12 Gauge. Winchester offered any owner of the 1893 a brand new 1897 and the rest is history.

The 1897 was a very successful shotgun in many hands. It was well liked for it’s fast action and accuracy for hunters, and it’s fast action made it well liked by soldiers. The 1897 and later 1912 models had no trigger disconnect, so as long as you held down the trigger, it fired. The US Armed Forces bought many shotguns during WW1, and were rather famously used by US troops to pepper German trenches, something that became so devastating that many German higher-ups threatened to execute any US soldier captured with shotgun ammo or caught with a shotgun.

Now while they never followed through, the 1897 helped set the standard of combat shotguns in militaries, and while it was elderly by WWII, it still saw service alongside more modern guns like the Winchester 1912 and Ithaca 37. In fact, despite it’s age, the 1897 soldiered on all the way through Korea into Vietnam, with a few remembering the trenches of France, the cold of Belgium, the havoc of Seoul and even the jungles of Laos. And even now, many hunters and a few police departments still have or use the old 1897. It’s quite a long lasting shotgun, and if the heavily worn ones in your local gunshop’s used rack isn’t a prime example, then it’s long history in the real world and film would.

The film industry and the 1897 have a very long history, dating back to the 1920′s and 1930′s. It’s ability to be slamfired allowed for some gloriously large muzzle flashes, and with many coming off of surplus from many police departments made them cheap. And like I said, the 1897 seems to breach many genres. Gangster flicks feature them in the hands of both sides of the law. Action flicks of every flavor use them, from the dark overtones of Assault on Precinct 13 to the chases of Bullitt. Westerns like The Wild Bunch have them, and every WWII movie tends to have some character with an 1897. It’s everywhere, and while it’s starting to fade away to modern gun, most period pieces still use the 1897.

Now unlike the Ithaca 37, the 1897 is a somewhat common shotgun in the field of video games, but in many different forms. Almost all war shooters set in either world war use the 1897 Trench Gun as it’s standard shotgun. Many games set in specific periods use the 1897 or 1893 as their premier pump shotguns, and survival horror love the 1897. While the exact model in these games vary, the external hammer, fast firing rate and 5-6 round capacity clue you in that it’s an 1897.

And that’s the long history of the Winchester 1897, one of the oldest and yet also common pump shotguns. It’s production ran from 1897 to the mid 1950′s, and while it’s an antiquated by modern standards, the 1897 is still useful for many situations even after around 100 years of technological evolution. It’s big, old and goes boom, when you need to pepper a flock of birds, Germans or zombies with shot, not many can beat the old Winchester.

Boom boom boom, gonna shoot your ass down”


Erin being a Badass Action Hero ™ + Abby’s heart eyes (Ghostbusters)

But hear me out JACK WAS SO NERVOUS. We have seen him be steady and secure around Bitty because that’s what he needed. He’s been reassuring, letting him know he’s willing to take risks in his life and career go be with him. But listen, this is a fucking big deal and a huge risk for him and he has anxiety and he’s allowed to be scared. And in those moments before he talks to George, he is allowed to have a few seconds of vulnerability where he is shaking and breathing heavy. And he pep talks himself out of it, and he says “for you and Bits” and that’s what gets him past the blockage and take the jump and Jack 110% Zimmermann might be impulsive and romantic but he’s allowed to be afraid and seek support too and I’m so emotional.