it was a big crying thing

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But let me ask you this question, how would the losers club comfort each other when they're crying? (Are you doing HEADCANONS? Idk I just wanted to ask and share some feels)

Sure thing!!

Bill: When someone’s crying, Bill instantly goes into big brother mode. The Losers are quite literally family to him, especially after his parents start to neglect him. They’re the people closest to him and he’s fully aware that they look up to him, so he totally feels a sense of responsibility to be there for everyone. In fact, he often pushes aside his own feelings for the sake of the group. He’ll sit with them and just try and listen and give good advice, pulling them into a huge hug after and asking if they wanna go get food or ice cream or something.

Beverly: If any of the boys are crying, she’s either 1. on the verge of tears herself because she cares about them so much or 2. she’s putting on her bad ass face and talking some sense into them. If it’s the former, she’ll just allow her friends to cry on her shoulders. She definitely has no qualms for showing affection to any of them, holding their hands and kissing their foreheads while they cry. If it’s the latter, though, she’ll have to take deep breaths in order to calm herself down so she doesn’t yell to talk sense into them. A lot of times she feels like they’re crying for reasons she thinks they don’t deserve to be this upset over, so she has to give them pep talks and reminds them to not give a fuck.

Ben: If Ben sees any of the Losers crying, he always feels so guilty and horrible for them. He’s the friend that says “I’m so sorry” or “you don’t deserve this” when his friends tell him about their problems. He gives such good hugs and truly wants his friends to be happy. He can listen to them rant for hours, just nodding his head and trying his best to smile and tell them it’ll be okay. He’ll always remind them that they’re amazing people and tell them all of the qualities he loves about each of them. 

Stan: If any of them come to Stan while they’re crying, it’s when they need really practical advice. Stan, of course, feels bad. However, he’s not the best at comforting. What he’s golden at is logically hearing out the problems, taking both sides of everything and coming up with actually good solutions on how to improve it? If any of them are in fights, he’s the one to convince them of the other side and get them to apologize. Even though he has trouble being super sympathetic and soft like Bev or Ben, he cares so much about his friends and is always there to listen. He always tries to smile and tell them that everything will work out in the end.

Eddie: Eddie is the mom of the group. He takes care of everyone if they’re feeling sad, always prepared with hot tea and blankets and ice cream (with the spoons ran under hot water so they can scoop more easily). He’s the best person to go to when they just want to cry it out and be taken care of. He’s always open for watching movies or playing board games, and has no problem with any of them resting their heads on his lap. He’s not as bad as Richie in this sense, but he’ll always tell his friends to tell whoever hurt them to fuck off and that they’re not worth being upset over.

Richie: Definitely not the best person to go to for solid advice, but he’s an amazing listener and will definitely get as angry/upset as his friends about whatever situation they’re in. If they tell them about a fight they were in or something, he’s the first to say he’s gonna find them and beat them up. After he lets his friends get it all out, he does anything in his power to make them laugh. Making stupid jokes, ticking them, doing his voices. He just wants to see them smile. He’s also another good person to go to if they just wanna chill after a good cry, because he has the best music taste and it’s easy to sit with him and listen to a record and forget about problems. 

Mike: Mike is the friend to go to if any of them want to go out and have fun after they’ve been upset. Mike is always up for going swimming, hiking, out to eat, you name it. He is so fun to hang out with that when they’re with him, Mike makes sure they’re busy and having a great time and not thinking about whatever is upsetting them. He also always has his farm open to whoever needs it, and for the Losers it becomes a sort of sanctuary to go pet the animals and feel relaxed with Mike. 

045. college!jin

045. “we’re watching toy story 3 and we can’t stop crying.”

When Seokjin suggested to watch a movie back at his dorm (where everyone had great timing to leave the pair of you alone), in all honesty, this isn’t how you thought things would go down. Not when Toy Story 3 is playing on the screen and with the time passing by like the emotions wallowing in, the tears fall from your eyes the same time Seokjin does the same and it’s just a whole big mess in his living room.

“It’s just - I just - this is all your fault!”

“How is it my fault?!”

“You chose the movie!”

“But that doesn’t mean it’s my fault! I didn’t ask you to-”hiccup”-cry!”

The door budges open, with three very confused college students as they look at two other college students (aka you aka Seokjin).

“…this was not at all what I thought was going on,”

“I don’t know if this is more confusing or that one time Y/N had her face by hyung’s butt,”

Three shudders and still two sobbing people in the living room, they quietly close the door and step away from the comfort of their home, deciding to take a detour.

“We’re never talking about this,”


i don’t watch teen wolf anymore. i stopped after 5b.

but teen wolf did a lot for me, and i can’t just ignore that, so for the last time, i will write an open letter to teen wolf.

five years ago i stumbled across a little show that would change my life forever. teen wolf has made me laugh, cry, scream, and literally everything in between. i have loved it and hated it alike.

i am disappointed in the way it turned out, not necessarily because of ships or anything superficial but because i wanted better for the show itself (the beast was a tragedy.) but even so, i still find myself watching some scenes from seasons 1-4 bc they’re nostalgic and shit. also, malia from s5 because duh.

all of the characters taught me different things. i would be lying if i said that a big part of who i am isn’t attributed to malia tate, scott mccall, and allison argent. because those three have taught me more than anyone else has. even beyond them, even the characters i hated, they taught me things too.

as shitty as these times have been, wondering who was going to kiss, who was going to die, etc… it created a bond for me. i started on twitter as a teen wolf account. i met so many amazing people, and from there i branched out, but it will always have started with teen wolf for me. it’s like home.

much as i have despised him, i need to thank jeff davis and the entire teen wolf team. there were times when the only reason i would stay alive was because scott did. there were times that malia was the only one who understood how i felt.

this is my show. moving on and growing up has been strange, but it always comes back to this. terrible lighting and subpar plotlines. but the heart of it all, that’s where i come from. that’s where i still am.

so rather than sit here and get emotional as all hell, i just want to say thank you, teen wolf, for making me the woman i am today and for giving me so much to look forward to.

i love you always. thanks for being the shittiest love affair i’ve ever had. you took an impressionable, scared thirteen year old and made her into a strong adult. i can only hope to look back on that and be grateful.



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dude i just found out you're starting T on monday and i legit started crying? like as a closeted trans boy it makes me so happy watching others transition and take those big steps and all? its such a wonderful thing and i cant fucking tell you just how absolutely ecstatic i am to hear the news. i know that it will all go well for you and i cant wait until monday and i want you to know that we're all here supporting you and happy for you on this! <3

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh !!!!!!!! dude thank you so so so so so so so much you have no idea how happy this makes me oh gosh aaah 💖💖💞⭐️💙💙💛💛💞💞💞💞and hey dude, I know how it feels to be in the closet. I’m sending you all the love in the world, okay? you’ve got this. you’re part of a bright, vibrant, and loving community. love you. 💞💞💞

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I was really struggling this week. Working way too hard, skipping breaks and meals, not staying hydrated, not showering, not taking my meds. it was bad. even at the busiest times, self-care is so so important. if I needed help, then I’m probably not the only one. all of these lil ideas are small and relatively easy and I highly doing something nice for yourself, even if it’s not on the list. hope you all have a wonderful day/week/year. 

(my personal favourites in bold)

  1. drink some cold water
  2. wash your hands and face with cool water
  3. make some tea
  4. get a blanket and snuggle it around you
  5. snuggle an animal/stuffed animal
  6. buy your favorite candy from the gas station
  7. close your eyes and listen to your fav song on repeat for 10 mins
  8. put on some throwback jams (high school musical, mamma mia, 90s, u do u) and dance around ur room in ur undies 
  9. make a calming playlist
  10. call a friend/relative just to say hi and hear someone else’s voice
  11. rewatch cute/funny/happy clips from ur fav tv show/band/movie on youtube
  12. put on a skirt and twirl (yes boys/agenders/trans u can do this too)
  13. scribble really hard with black pen on a blank page and scream
  14. look at the sky/moon/sunset/sunrise/stars
  15. write
  16. watch kitten/puppy/small animal live streams on youtube
  17. go outside, even if its just by ur front door, and take some deep breaths
  18. eat something - fruit, veggies are best
  19. change ur contacts/clean ur glasses if you wear those
  20. change your underwear
  21. if u can’t get urself to shower, wash off w a damp washcloth/baby wipe
  22. put on a cute/comfy outfit that makes you feel good about urself
  23. dont put eye makeup on so you can rub your eyes & they wont feel heavy
  24. stretch, do some yoga or meditate
  25. get a breathing/meditation app and use it (headspace is gr8)
  26. take a nap
  27. go to bed before 11 pm
  28. brush your teeth
  29. turn off bright harsh lights and use smaller, warmer lamps
  30. unplug. give your eyes/brain a break from screens for a half hour
  31. get one of those pet/family apps/games and care for someone else for a change
  32. find cool people on tumblr and send them anonymous compliments (that you actually think are true - spread love)
  33. find a quote, write it/print it nicely and stick it on ur wall
  34. watch a new movie
  35. boil some cinnamon sticks/vanilla bean for 5 mins so ur house smells pretty. if in ur room, use essential oil drops or candles
  36. make your bed
  37. vacuum 
  38. wipe down ur desk w some disinfectant
  39. clean something - a backpack, small area, fluff ur pillow, put away one shirt
  40. do your makeup all pretty and nice just because/dress up just because
  41. research into your dream job/vacation/city/whatever
  42. open up pages/canva/photshop/etc and make something just for fun
  43. build a fort and crawl under it
  44. find an easy diy and do it/ be proud of ur creative genius
  45. make a list of things that make you happy. stick it somewhere you’ll see it all the time
  46. print a picture of someone/thing that’s pissing u off and throw things at it (tape it to a dart board if u have one)
  47. reread a book that makes you happy
  48. clip your nails, clean the dirt from under them
  49. send some good old fashioned snail mail to someone u like just for fun
  50. take some selfies if you’re feelin it (see #40)
  51. fuzzy socks. enough said. 
  52. make yourself a fancy meal/cocktail/coffee/tea latte/drink/whatevs
  53. open ur window or put on a fan/air purifier. get some air circulating
  54. draw, even if u think u suck. 
  55. reach out to kids help phone (canada) or a suicide hotline if you need to talk to someone about more serious matters. you deserve help and care and support. (message me if you need resources)
  56. donate to a local animal shelter (if u have the means obviously)
  57. go for a walk/run/bike ride
  58. put on a face mask
  59. take a bubble path
  60. shave ur legs and moisturize
  61. moisturize 
  62. bake some cookies
  63. go on spotify/youtube and find some new music you love
  64. make a really fun upbeat playlist for next time u get the aux cord
  65. scroll through some wholesome or funny meme accounts. whatever you’re in the mood for. 
  66. take some cool pictures of whatever you want
  67. change up your room in any small ( or big) way that you can
  68. teach urself a new skill on youtube (simple like a hair style, or complicated like an instrument, whatever u want)
  69. sign up to volunteer at a library/homeless shelter/soup kitchen/retirement home/daycare center/etc. help those who need it. be giving. 
  70. put on sad music and cry. let ur mascara run. be dramatic. let it out.
  71. put rock music on and stomp and scream throw (soft) things. let it out. 
  72. teach urself the words to a fast rap song thats cool right now so you can impress ur friends/classmates/family
  73. print off some kid colouring pages and dont stay inside the lines
  74. brush your hair, take it out of a ponytail if its been like that for a while, or put it up if its down and in ur way
  75. diy a hair mask (coconut oil) and do that
  76. exfoliate ur whole body and feel like a whole new person
  77. clear out ur phone/laptop. delete old messages, numbers of people u dont like/hang out with, get rid of photos of shitty friends, apps u dont use, etc
  78. find cards against humanity online (or if u have it use the cards) and play with urself - make funny matches just because
  79. empty a drawer (or multiple) and fold ur stuff neatly
  80. do something that will make u sweat (gym, dance, clean) then take a nice shower
  81. take a second to listen to ur body. unclench muscles that are clenched, fix ur poster, massage/stretch tight areas
  82. move to a different area of the house for a little while. clear ur head. 
  83. go out, anywhere. window shop, go to a coffee shop/library and work. people watch if ur broke. 
  84. update your planner
  85. make Pinterest board/real life vision of things that make you happy for when in this situation again
  86. find a youtuber you like and watch their videos
  87. lie on the floor, listen to music and do nothing for a while
  88. give yourself a pep talk in the mirror and then stand like superman for a few mins. sounds silly but it works. its called powerposing. look it up. 
  89. repeating this bc important: hydrate!!!
  90. start a new tv show
  91. order something online so u have something to look forward to
  92. go sit with a family member and keep them company. u dont have to talk to them. 
  93. the app ‘trump dump’ will make u feel better about the current us political situation
  94. read happy news: find stories of students doing something cool, women kicking ass, men being amazing, whatever. bonus points if this inspires u
  95. sort your garbage from recycling and help the environment
  96. smile at people you see just because. smiling is good and nice. 
  97. look at old pictures of u and ur fav people
  98. go through old yearbooks and take a second to appreciate how far you’ve come
  99. go to a park and watch kids play. remember what it’s like to be young. realize you are still young. go on the swings and go as high as u can
  100. play in a sandbox just because u still can

xo soph

so how bout Lance, Hunk, and Keith as kids??

  • Hunk was a chubby kid so a lot of other kids picked on him and bullied him for his size. Lance was the thin, lanky kid who always always defended Hunk, even if it got him pushed around
    • this boy SMALLER and YOUNGER than Hunk would just jump in front of him, arms flailing, and yell things about how they shouldn’t be mean to Hunk
    • Lance was a Pal™ and gave Hunk all the confidence he needed
    • Hunk gets teary-eyed every time Lance springs to his defense and hugs him so hard he can’t breathe
      • Lance, with labored breath: “SEE. BIG HEART.”
  • Keith is the kid who says “FUCK” and Lance is the kid who’s like 😱 😱 😱 😱 
  • Hunk bakes cookies for the first time and they honestly taste like sand but LaNCE SWALLOWS THEM DOWN AND TELLS HUNK HE’S GONNA BE A WORLD FAMOUS CHEF/BAKER (look at him now boys)
  • Lance used to throw small, wadded up pieces of paper at Keith’s head and found it 100% amusing that the little pieces would stick in Keith’s fluffy hair
    • Keith gets reALLY MAD when he finds out about the paper thing and Lance becomes genuinely afraid that Keith hates him so Hunk gives him a pep talk so Lance can muster up enough courage to apologize for it
  • Lance tries to tell Hunk jokes in the middle of class but Hunk has very very loud laughter so that always ends badly
    • Lance starts sobbing because he feels so frEAKIN bad and Keith is standing there like “oh no oh no oh no i’M GONNA GET IN TROUBLE I ACCIDENTALLY HURT HUNK I’M GONA GET IN TROUBL–”
  • the kids all have to play kickball for P.E. and when it’s Hunk’s turn, he goes to kick the ball, misses, and fALLS DOWN
    • Lance immediately runs over like “you ok buddy?? you good??” Hunk just gives him a thumbs up from the ground
  • one day, the kids pick on Hunk when Lance is home sick so Keith steps up and actually whACKS THE BULLIES WITH HIS PLASTIC SWORD AND TELLS THEM TO BUZZ OFF
    • of course they tattle on him so Keith gets sent to the principal’s office where his precious plastic sword is confiscated for the day
    • it’s pretty obvious Keith is really upset, and Hunk feels like it’s his fault so he goes to the playground, gets two sticks (one short and one long), and ties them together into a makeshift sword which he gives to Keith as thanks
      • to this day, Keith has that little wooden sword in his room :’)
    • he helps Hunk bake and cook since he isn’t allowed in the kitchen without someone else
    • he plays swords with Keith and lets Keith beat him up (though he’s honestly gotten some pretty painful bruises from Keith’s plastic sword…the strength of a child can be terrifying)
    • he often entertains Lance by allowing him to “style” his hair
      • aka put so much gel in it that it looks like a grease bomb :’)

Looking back on “IT”, it’s really hard to be scared of Pennywise or even take it entirely seriously as a monster, because, like?

-He randomly calls Ben “Egg boy” while chasing him for no discernable goddamn fucking reason.

-100% wall-eyed 100% of the time.

-Legitimately has a “pennywise the dancing clown” circus-cart deal set up in his lair. Actually fucking dances in front of Beverly. It was either a really weak attempt at intimidation or the dude just str8 up thought “oh hey I can work some dancing into this. live up to the name”. I’m not sure which is funnier.

-For that matter, works dancing into a lot of his routine. Prances around like he’s about to do the fandango 100% of the time. Just a big rude theatre kid?

-Physically powerful enough to overwhelm and catch his prey consistently but loses prey consistently because he’s too fucking extra to actually plan things out. Does shit for “the drama” even if it means losing a meal.

-“Egg boy”.

-Ready to ragequit if things go south. Has little conniptions whenever things don’t work as intended. Legitimately looks ready to cry when he gets his ass beat by a bunch of highschool freshmen.

-Has to dramatically backflip into a shadowy pit while reciting poetry after his defeat. Fucking theatre kid.

Does it ever hit you how much we don’t know about Hunk? 

Like, we know he has a family, we know he’s basically a genius, we know he’s stubborn and blunt, and we know he has a passion for food, buuuuuuut…

How big is his family? How close is he to them? Obviously he cares about them and expresses his desire to see them again. Did he talk to them often when he was at the Garrison? Are his parents together, divorced, remarried? Does he have two moms like in my Very Important headcanon? god i hope he does

Is he an only child? Or is he a big brother to a little baby sibling who he loves with his whole heart? If so, does he think about how he’s not going to see them grow up? Or if he’s he a little brother, does he ever think about how they’d tease and joke with him but be there as a shoulder to cry on whenever things get bad? Does he sometimes hug his pillow so tight, imagining it’s them, imagining that they’re there, telling him everything is going to be okay, even though he knows that’s not true? How often does he think about the fact that he might never see them again?

Was he teased in school for being That Smart Math Kid™? Did he ever let that get him down, or did he work harder to achieve the intelligence we see in show out of spite, or simply because he wanted to know? What made him want to join the Garrison? 

How did he get into culinary arts? He knows what he’s doing. He knows how to present a dish beautifully and aesthetically. He figured out how to make alien food taste good. Where did he learn all that? School? His parents? Youtube???? Did he just teach himself trial-and-error style? 

There are so many more things we don’t know??? I think we know less about Hunk than we do about any of the other characters??? @ DREAMWORKS WHEN WILL YOU GIVE US A HUNK BACKSTORY. GIVE US SOME HUNK INSIGHT I’M BEGGING YOU

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How can you accurately guestimate someone's rising sign?? Or like make a good guess?¿ Do you think there's any give aways for certain risings?

Aries Risings usually come off very powerful and forceful. They’ll give off the vibe that they shouldn’t be messed with. Blunt, loud, aggressive individuals. The go getters // Comes off very masculine, strong facial features, muscular bodies, intense eyes

Taurus Risings have a very serene vibe to them, the first thing that will come to your mind is thinking they come exactly from Venus. Elegant, loves luxury, often looks luxurious. Strong willed and their presence speaks for themselves. Lana Del Rey is a perfect example of a Taurus Rising // Big boned, pouty lips that stand out, luxurious hair, soft smiles

Gemini Risings come off very youthful and fox-like. Effortlessly charming. They’re always curious, like, they never shut up. Very communicative and inquisitive. Adaptable af, they probably act different around certain people. Comes off as the know-it-all, can detect a lie in a second // High cheekbones, mischievous eyes, youthful beauty, fidgets a lot

Cancer Risings usually come off very quiet and familiar. They’re the moms of the group, always looking to nurture and help someone. SUCKS at hiding emotions, their faces can show every emotion they’re feeling. Comes off very defensive // Watery eyes, round/full face, awkward stances or elegant af no in between, looks daydreamy

Leo Risings come off very loud and friendly, easy to talk to and is always looking for new friends. Very warm and welcoming to all kinds of people. Appears confident af, always worrying about how they look. Everyone always notices them, they always have something to show off // Pronounced jawlines, thick af hair, beautiful skin, big and expressive smiles

Virgo Risings come off very reserved but if you get them talking, they’ll be very opinionated. Always looking for someone to help and shows great worth-ethic. Probably has their nose in a book or is worrying about school work. Always anxious // Looks very earthy, wide eyes and stern eyebrows, cupid-bow shaped lips, lots of hair like Leo

Libra Risings come off very charming but in a more subtle way than Gemini, it’s not in your face. Loves to socialize and also acts different around different people. May come off a bit detached or head in the clouds-ish. Always trying to keep balance between their friend groups. Polite af // Elegant eyes, polite smiles, beautiful skin, symmetrical faces

Scorpio Risingscome off hella intimidating or just plain quiet. You probably can’t keep your eyes off of them, they have hella magnetic auras. Powerful personalities, they’re the best at poker faces. Usually very private and defensive, always observing the room around them // Striking jawlines, magnetic eyes, wry smiles and smirks, prominent nose and lips

Sagittarius Risings come off like the class clowns, they’re always cracking jokes and laughing. Laid-back and loves to have fun. Probably has tons of friends. Loud, open, in your face. Very spiritual people, always looking for deeper meanings to things. Optimistic af // Wide features, exciting eyes, prominent features, loud laughs

Capricorn Risings come off just as intimidating as Scorpios, in my opinion, lotsa people confuse them. Always invested in their work, comes off serious as hell, master at bitch faces. Always guarding themselves, always practical and fairly organized // Heart shaped faces, delicate features, high cheekbones, stern facial expressions

Aquarius Risings come off pretty standoffish and detached or very offbeat and friendly, there’s no in between. They’re such humanitarians, they’re always doing things for charity and things like that. Very strong in their opinions and they don’t like when people disagree with them. Quirky as hell, into all the weird topics // Offbeat looks, huge eyes, comes off very awkward, sharp features

Pisces Risings come off very mysterious and like they’re constantly in their own world. They’re also very adaptable like shape shifters. Hella dreamy and always looks like they’re about to cry. Very sympathetic and mystical. They give off a vibe like they’re very hard to read and you just can’t put your finger on something // Dreamy eyes, somewhat oval faces, soft features/skin, big, watery eyes

Also take into consideration that a person might have a certain planet in their 1st house or conjunct the ascendant so that might throw you off a bit!
dear evan hansen themed asks

anybody have a map: where in the world do you want to go the most?

waving through a window: which character in the show do you relate to the most and why?

for forever: how would you describe your perfect day?

sincerely, me: what does friendship mean to you?

requiem: what’s a memory that means the world to you?

if i could tell her: if you could spend 24 hours with any one person, who would you spend it with and what would you two do?

disappear: what’s your biggest fear?

you will be found: what’s your biggest life goal?

to break in a glove: how do you feel about children? do you want any, some day?

only us: have you ever been in love? if so, when did you realize you were and what was it like?

good for you: what’s one thing you will always stand up for?

words fail: which song in the show makes you cry the most and why?

so big/so small: when was the last time you cried in front of someone else?

finale: if you were to write your own ending to this show, what would your ending be?

heidi hansen: what’s the most important thing to you in your life right now?

jared kleinman: if you could choose any person to bring back into your life, who would you choose?

evan hansen: what’s one mistake you’ve made that you wish you could take back?

zoe murphy: describe someone who is of great importance in your life?

alana beck: if you were to be president of any club, what club would it be?

connor murphy: what’s one thing about the world you want to change?

cynthia murphy: if you could get the truthful answer to any one question, what would you ask?

larry murphy: do you find it easy to connect with other people?

It’s the 15th somewhere in the world.

A big, enthusiastic happy second birthday to Undertale!!
I’m a latecomer to the fanbase, but I’ve been a devoted fan ever since I tumbled into the world of this fantastic game.
I was originally very reluctant to have anything to do with it, but slowly it started to draw me in and finally I caved… and had one of the best experiences with a game that I’ve ever had in my life so far.

The message, the characters, the music, the EMOTIONS… I’ve played many games that have resonated with me, made me cry, made me HAPPY, all these things, but Undertale is REALLY special.
Special enough that I wanted to show how much it touched my heart by adapting the whole thing into a graphic novel.
It is absolutely fantastic.
And I know that even after the Undertale graphic novel project is over, Undertale will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for creating this wonderful game, Toby. You changed my life, and changed it for the better!
Happy birthday, Undertale.