it was a beast in my first gameplay
Bloodborne: The First 18 Minutes - IGN First - IGN

IGN has posted the first 18 minutes of Bloodborne! Proceed with very spoiler-laden caution folks!

Additionally, from this point until release, I will no longer be posting screenshots or GIFs from the marketing of Bloodborne (unless they’re linked to). New gameplay and story details will also be predominantly posted through Read More breaks. I still want to do my best to keep you folks updated on stuff but avoiding spoilers (for myself and for others) is a top priority. 

EDIT: From what I gather, the video does NOT contain an intro cut-scene or character creation, and primarily revisits the same Gamescom demo/Alpha test area we’ve all seen. Folks tempted to take a peak shouldn’t be too worried I think (but I wouldn’t carve that on my tombstone since I haven’t watched it yet myself!).