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Holy SMOKES that’s a looooong post!!

So, @min-play​ made those skelebros reactions to alcohol, and it got me thinking! (It’s dangerous to think, I know) because I always thought US!Papyrus as a regular stoner, and with a big heart for sweets, he would probably make some “funny” brownies.

My friend @thelongshorts​ came up with the idea that Sans just becomes other alternate universes of himself, ESPECIALLY UT!Sans since he’s so chill and sleepy and punny :> But also UF!Sans because your mood can swing so much when you’re high.

I’ve NEVER made anything this long! Proud of myself *runs around in circles*

Creating Cool Villains: Dragons


I know that many of you in the community love to read or write, since DnD is mostly reading through the books and writing out everything for your next session.

So here is just a quick post with ideas on creating cool dragon-themed villains, since every party is guaranteed to fight a big bad dragon sooner or later.

So here are a few tips and examples of using world-ending dragons as villains in your campaign.

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Harry isn’t only smiley

(a far-from-comprehensive post for @gettingaphdinlarry​)

All of One Direction are generally professional and controlled on-camera, so it’s fairly unusual for a camera to capture Harry in anger. I think he presents genuine parts of himself to the public — zenHarry, goofy joker, stageHarry, charismatic fashionista, etc — but he’s a private person and he keeps himself to himself. We’re more likely to see him laugh off any irritation, as here:

In my opinion,  the enjoyable “Harry is a sweet zen angel” trope is sometimes used to demean and dismiss complexity in Harry. His emotions include the uncomfortable ones, of course. I think he likely has a substantial and sometimes vicious temper. He doesn’t like to be criticized. He tends to get cold and/or passive-aggressive…  

When I look at the following gifs, I see varied displays of discomfort, irritation, and anger (but seeing as I wasn’t there and I’m not Harry, there’s every possibility that I’m wrong).

What did you say, Louis, that got Harry in a snit?

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FINALLY, he’s finally done!! Been wanting to do big bad Sansy for forever and half now! Gosh, ever since I finished the layout, I’ve been itchin’ to get to him. And he’s finally done!! Came out a lot cooler than my original idea. Thank you guys so much for all the support and those that have joined me in the streams! You guys believe it or not make my experience so much more fun in the chat! I plan to stream a lot more, I just wanted to build up some Sans hype, nutin’ wrong with that right? So thanks you guys! As for what’s coming up next, I’m not droppin’ any hints until the speedpaint comes out…so you better go watch it! Teehee! :p



A bunch of speedy overwatch sketches.

While drawing the comic with kid!pharah, I started to kind of like the idea of Fareeha spending a lot of time following around Bad Role Model Gabriel Reyes, since I’m sure he wouldn’t be as hung up on keeping her away from, or not talking to her about, certain things ‘for her own safety.’ So, kids being what they are, it’d be easy for Pharah to read “totally irresponsible” as “freaking awesome” and make herself as big of a nuisance to him as possible haha

Chance - Zen x Reader

Request from anon.  “ omg hi can i request like a rly angsty zen story pls i’m addicted to pain (like jealousy or first fight or a huge argument pls) tysmm”

Word Count: 2483

Trigger Warnings: Really big argument, yelling

Genre: angst angst angst 

A/N: I love angst so much. This is gonna have at least one sequel. I get carried away with angst, it would have been too long. I’m like I want a good ending but like after a while so I’ll make this a multi-part fic! Or unless you want it to end on a bad note. Please request that if you do.

Also, huge shoutout to @all-mystic-messenger​ for helping me with the idea and being really supportive. I hope the anon likes this!

It happened again. Like every time you ever go out and try to have a nice time, it happened again. You were getting tired of the same sight flashing before your eyes, getting repeated as if you lived in a loop. What was more tiring was that he couldn’t even tell.

When you had first met Zen, he was a small actor who basically took up a job that would pay rent. His career was progressing, but very slowly. However, somehow, in the time you knew him, his career completely flourished and now he was a rising star.

Of course, you were happy for him. When he met you he could only worry about finance and building his career. Now that his career skyrocketed he could start taking the project he wanted to do, he could enjoy acting. You couldn’t be happier for him, but with more fame comes more fans. More female fans. More beautiful female fans. Every one of them would leap at the opportunity to be his, and they threw nothing but hate at you. You were the girl who was in the spot that everyone wanted to be.

And just like every other night where you tried to go out and have a nice time, one or two of his fans would be there and completely ruin your night. What hurt was that Zen would just let them.

“Zen, won’t you tell us about your new role?” one girl said, batting her eyelashes over her deep blue eyes. Her eyes were wider than your, brighter than your, prettier than yours. “We’re absolutely dying to know!”

Zen just chuckled, as if it was just okay for these girls to steal your night. “I’m sorry girls, I really can’t tell you. I promise you you’ll find out soon,” he said with a wink. Something he would casually flash at you after a compliment that made your heart melt. He used it to make their hearts melt.

“What about your costume for the role?” her friend said, as she pushed a lock of her flowing auburn hair behind her ear. Her hair was shinier than yours, silkier than yours, prettier than yours. “I heard they’re dressing you in navy blue, how gorgeous you would look in navy blue!”

“Well, I must say, it is quite a sight on me,” he casually complimented himself. His eyes were devoted to these strangers, when they were supposed to be devoted to yours.

“I wish I could look nice in navy blue like you would, it’s such a nice color,” the first girl said. You knew the game she was playing. She knew that you knew. “But I can’t suit any colors, I’m hopeless.”

You’d think a professional actor could look through her false sigh. He just smiled through it. “I’m sure you’d look beautiful in any color.”

And that was the last straw for you. Every part of your heart broke. You dropped the menu you were pretending to look and and quickly paced out the door. Zen looked over at you, puzzled at why you were leaving. The two girls tried to continue conversation, and boy was it a chore for Zen to try to escape the two of them.

When Zen had finally returned to your shared apartment, almost an hour later, you were on the couch with tears rolling down your face uncontrollably. Your heels were kicked off, your once nicely done hair was falling apart, your makeup was smeared all over your face by your tears and dripping onto your dress. They also covered your hands when you attempted to wipe away the tears that kept flooding. You decided that it was useless, and you just let them drown. (A/N: If you get that reference I love you.)

“What’s wrong?” Zen’s voice was filled with concern. You didn’t even notice him standing at the door. He tried to reach for you on the couch but you simply jerked away. You couldn’t try to pretend that he didn’t do anything wrong like you have been since the day you started dating.

“Just stay away from me,” you tried to mumble out, barely audibly. You were shattered, and you didn’t even care about Zen in this moment. After all, he didn’t seem to care about you.

“Why did you just leave, we were supposed to have a nice night, Y/N!” he asked, a little annoyance in his voice. You paused, and suddenly rage completely boiled inside of you. You couldn’t believe him.

“You think I ruined our night?” you exclaimed as you turned around, your voice was scratched and dry. “For the longest time, I’ve been trying to have a good date with you, but you always ignore me to flirt with your fans.”

Zen looked at you like you were insane, you thought you were going to break. “Oh, sorry for taking a moment to thank a fan for their support and compliment them!” Now there was as much anger in his voice as yours.

“A moment?” you yelled in awe. “The waiter came up to us three times to see if we were done ordering. I had to stall while you were chatting with your fans.”

“You’re mad at me for my fans supporting me?” Zen screamed, anger glossed over his ruby eyes. You flinched slightly, he had never yelled at you before, you hated the feeling. As an immediate response more tears flooded your cheeks.

“I’m mad at you for always prioritizing your fans over us having a nice time,” you snapped back. “Your fans are so supportive, and that’s wonderful, but every time we try to have some alone time, you just keep talking to them.” You felt a small wave of relief over all your pain as you finally let this go. This was very, very short lived.

“I’m just thanking them for all of their support,” he spat, and continued without even thinking. “God, I wish you could be supportive of me just once and be less selfish and actually let me show my gratitude!”

And in that moment, whatever you had was gone. Every part of your soul shattered. Your self-esteem had been torn from you long ago, when Zen would compliment you then somebody else. You didn’t need yours, as long as Zen had his. Your time had been long consumed, and you spent every waking hour making sure Zen wouldn’t break down from his job and everything in his life would go smoothly. You didn’t need time, Zen did. But when he accused you of not supporting him, anything you had was blown apart. You had given an unhealthy amount of yourself to him. Under all the love, you had been suffering for a long time.

“Are you serious?!” you yelled louder than ever. This time, Zen wasn’t glaring back at you. He had realized what he said. He had realized how much he broke you. “Who goes to your set every day to bring you lunch? Who helps you practice lines when you’re home? Who helps you de-stress when things aren’t going right? Who has to constantly push their plans off so that your career would be successful? Do your fans do that? I don’t think so.”

Zen just looked at you, trying to find words. You shook your head, you were done. “You know what, if you think I’m not being supportive, then I won’t be. I’m done giving you every part of myself to make sure your life is going right and with no appreciation. You picked up your purse and worked your way towards the door. “Find one of you ‘supportive’ fans to do all that for you. I’m done.”

Zen tried to stop you, but you were already out the door. He buried his face in his hands, feeling tears trickle down his forearms. His hands slid into his silver hair. His tears flowed like a waterfall, and he regretted everything he had done. He let you walk out his door, not knowing if you would ever come back.

You had gone to stay with Jaehee, who lovingly offered you her guest room for as long as you needed. She asked for Jumin for some money to buy you some necessities. Jumin surprisingly agreed. You needed clothes, toiletries, etc. All your stuff was still at Zen’s. You had been planning for Jaehee to stop by his place sometime to retrieve it. For now, you told her to break all contact with him. You had broken all contact with everything. Every part of you was completely shattered.

Zen was in no better shape. He had called you and texted you in attempt to apologize an endless number of times. All he knew was that you were safe, with Jaehee, as he found out from the other RFA members. None of them knew anything otherwise, and Jaehee wasn’t revealing anything. He was thankful that you were physically safe, but he still wouldn’t forgive himself until he fixed the fact that you completely resented his presence.

He was never aware of how much you helped him, and he wish he could just eat his own words. He didn’t have time during his lunch break to go out and get his own food, neither did anyone on the staff. He skipped meals every day because you weren’t there to bring him a meal every day. Getting in and out of his intricate costume was difficult every time, you had always helped him. He was having trouble with new lines, you were always there to practice with him. When he had a bad day you were no longer there to comfort him. You offered him so much, and he had accused you of being selfish.

His boss could also tell that something was up. Zen wasn’t making any progress, and opening night was creeping closer. The director had threatened to fire him if he couldn’t pull his world together, but you were his world, and he threw it away. He needed to fix this, his life was miserable without you.

You were in the guest room as always. There was a bathroom in the room so that wasn’t an issue. You would only see Jaehee when she checked in on you, or brought you food or water. You would always thank her, but then close the door back. Jaehee was getting worried. You were eating less and less.

There was a knock on the main door of the house. Jaehee opened it to see Zen, with bags under his eyes and looking like an awful mess. Jaehee tried to slam the door on him, but Zen was stronger.

“I need to see her,” he said. Jaehee recognized the feeling in his voice. It was the same in yours, so awfully broken. She crossed her arms. You could hear his voice from the guest room, and you raced into the corner, failing to keep your tears from falling.

“She doesn’t want to see you,” Jaehee spat, as if reading your mind. “Please leave.”

“Jaehee,” he said, trying to hold himself together. “I know you don’t like seeing her like this, in pain.”

“You mean the pain you caused?” she rose an eyebrow. Zen pushed that behind his head and swallowed in nervousness.

“Just let me try to fix this, please,” he begged. Jaehee could tell he was just as broken as you, and sympathy started to flood her. If this went wrong, you would break even more. However, if this went right, she could see you happy again.

She didn’t protest as he stepped in, her eyes still filled with anger. She silently nodded to the guest room, then left to her own.

Zen opened the door, to find you in the corner, sniffling as you cried.

“Y/N-” he started, you cut him off immediately.  

“Leave,” you spat, your voice muffled. You were curled up in a ball and you hid your face in your knees. You didn’t want to face him. You just wanted him to get out.

“Not until I can tell you how sorry I am.” He took a step towards you, and you let out a yelp. He stopped right there. “Everything I said, I wasn’t thinking straight. You mean the world to me, I love you. I’m sorry. My life is falling apart without your help. I need you.”

“Just have one of your amazing fans replace me, they’re all dying to.” Tears streamed down everywhere. You were used to the feeling by now. No matter how much you denied it, you loved him too. But you couldn’t trust him right now. “Leave me alone, please.”

That broke him. He needed to prove to you he meant it. He needed you back in his life. “Baby, please, I’m so sorry-”

“Leave me ALONE!” you screamed, letting the sobs take over you. Zen ignored you.

“I hurt you, I can’t possibly live with that. Please, forgive me. I love you more than anything. I would throw away everything for you.” he pleaded, carefully taking a step closer. You didn’t have the energy to stop him.

Suddenly, as if it were the world telling you to give him a chance, all your good memories flooded your head. From falling in love with him, when he asked you out, every kiss, every laugh, every smile. You missed it all. You wanted it back. You wanted to trust him again.

You looked up at him, and cherished the sight of him. Your E/C orbs met his bright red ones, and you knew he felt the same. You didn’t stop him as he wrapped his arms around you. He held you like a treasure.

The reality snapped back. You could only give him this one embrace. Just because you missed him doesn’t mean he didn’t do what he did.

“You still need to leave,” you whispered, which completely broke him. To be honest, you didn’t feel bad. It was what he got for doing the same to you, all those weeks before. You slowly pulled away, showing sorrow in your eyes. But you were able to tell them with your gaze that you still loved him. He understood. He had never felt happier. He took your hand.

“Just promise me that one day I can have you back in my life again,” he pleaded. You refused to meet his eyes. This wasn’t something you could possibly give him. You pulled your hand away, and to him, you had pulled his entire existence away.

“All I can promise you is a chance for you to prove what you said wrong, we’ll see from there.”

And he intended to dedicate every fiber of his being to take you up on you offer. This was the first step in the long journey of getting you back. He was going to take every single step.

I’m a bit on the fence about this episode. It felt fragmented. Part of that is surely due to the fact that there was a commercial break every five minutes but also because everyone is doing their own thing. 

  • Dean’s being slightly weird; killing stuff, making a mess, being sloppy?
  • Sam’s lying to Dean even though he knows better and they recently had a big falling out with Mary about the lying thing. And Sam doesn’t need a random civilian’s sad background story as a reminder that lying is bad and gets people killed
  • Castiel is doing the same boring thing and obviously some random angel dude tries to sell him the return to heaven ticket. So apparently Castiel thinks that’s a good idea and doesn’t even let Dean know that he’s going up to Heaven. And that last part…? It bugs me. How many times do we need this back and forth between Cas and Heaven? We have established that Dean and Sam are Castiel’s family, that the Bunker is his home. Why this Heavenly family crap again? Castiel doesn’t want to go back, why is this a plot point again? *grumbles*
  • Many bonus points for Crowley though, very badass.
  • Futher bonus points for Dean in glasses. 
  • And even more bonus points awareded to Castiel because he was amazingly pretty in this episode.

My blonde-haired, big-brown-eyed 3 year old is helping me make cookies and she just started dancing around the kitchen singing “I’m an itty bitty baker!” and it was super adorable but also gave me a MASSIVE case of feelings about Jack and Bitty as parents because this kid is totally the spirit offspring of Eric R. Bittle.

I just needed to tell someone - because my family will have no idea what I’m talking about - so I’m telling all of you.

when your friends make jokes about hating themselves, stop them. don’t laugh. i know in the moment it might slip out, but make sure you follow it up with asking them about it. don’t accept a calm, “i’m the worst” tell them, “no, you’re not.” even if they made big mistakes, tell them it’s okay. that they just messed up a little bit. even if you told them before they did it that you thought it was a bad idea: no “i told you so.”

let them know that you don’t agree with the voices in their head. the thing about this is that once they hear you gently correct them, they’ll start to hear how much they say this kind of thing. and hopefully, over time, they can start correcting the voices, too.

i know it’s the kind of joke i make all the time, but the truth is that those jokes are insidious. when you loudly announce, “i’m a waste of space” and other people laugh: they’re agreeing. and it adds up. the thing is: all jokes have some element of truth. and that little bit of truth weighs a whole lot on you. 

all my smol steeb feels - let me show you them

So I am totally down with the whole idea of Steve Rogers’ Super Soldier Serum acting kind of like Bruce Banner’s?  In which he turns into Big Mighty Steeb when he’s good and goddamn worked up about something Bad, Unjust, Evil and Needing a Good Kick in the Ass? 

– So Smol Steeb basically makes an appearance when he’s generally good and content with his world and all the things and he is, of course, the Little Shit we all know and love.

– And Sam Wilson is like “OH GOD THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH.”  And also, Smol Steeb was chilling out at Sam’s when Mama Wilson comes to visit her baby boy. 

– Smol Steeb is INSTANTLY ADOPTED into the Wilson family.  Like basically Sam has a younger sibling now.  Who’s a little shit.  And loves Mama’s cooking and also listens when she goes into Justice Mode™ because Mama Wilson is totally a kickass lawyer and part of the Elle Woods’ batch from  Harvard. 

(“Why am I the younger one, Sam?  Technically, I was born in 1918 – “


– Also Smol Steeb gets to establish a Sekrit Identity™ of his very own because Lord knows he needs to get away from the superhero insanity every now and then and it’s Mama Wilson who tells him all about Samwell’s great Fine Arts program.

– Smol Steeb looks deceptively fragile and weak.  The bully on the subway who thinks it’s a fantastic idea to pick on said tiny thing will get a solid punch on the jar, amid yells of “WORLDSTAR!!!”  and also, Steeb will get an unexpected assist from the tiny Georgia-born hockey player who came to the Big Apple to visit his Dugan cousins.  Smol Steeb and one Bitty Bittle are perfectly capable of kicking ass when needed. 

– The Bully on the Subway™ does not know how close he came to Death by Winter Soldier™

– This headcanon bears repeating btw - the Winter Soldier basically comes in from the cold due to Smol Steeb’s adorable tiny behind and the magical baking powers of his “Cousin” Bitty. 

Who is more powerful than Kaido, Shanks and Whitebeard? She couldn’t talk about Blackbeard because the Strawhats met Lola before Marineford (and before that point the guy was nothing) Dragon is the most dangerous and wanted man in the world but it doesn’t make sense for him to marry the daughter of a yonko…could it be Vegapunk? Since Big Mom want the technology of the Vinsmoke so bad he’s the only one that came to my mind, but he work for the marines so it would have been even more difficult to have a wedding. 

Any idea who it could be?


So today when I took a walk I collected lots of tiny flowers and plants. When I got home I made tiny flower crowns with them. 

I suppose they’d be too big for like a five inch tiny but they work for bigger tinies. (they’re between 22 and 25 mm in diamenter) Here is one compared to my hand:

browntiger15  asked:

In mermaid au, why is Keith an outcast???

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ boi i’ll tell u wHY

The quick and easy answer is Keith is hot headed and can never follow the rules.

The deeper answer which explain more of the au is that humans are the big bads. They are constantly hunting mermaids for sport more than anything else and they probably make up reasons to hunt mermaids. As such they are banned from interacting with humans at all. Keith himself grew up with the same idea and that his mom is dead. boi u can guess his shoCK when he found out his mom was actually a regular old human. While he hasn’t ever told anyone he started seeing the side of the humans and defending them so much and the second he was caught interacting with a human he was practically banished from his pod (?) but with connections in the pod allows him to still follow, he’s just not allowed within the main group ever again.

And while this question doesn’t really warrant a picture i wanted something cute to balance out the darker ideas of the au sO

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

anonymous asked:

Hello~💖💕 I just found your blog and accidentally read everything. I love your writing so much, it's amazing~!! Could you maybe do RFA reacting to MC with really bad acne, like covers their entire face? I suffer from acne really bad and don't see many head canons of MC with it..

hey, love! first of all, tysm for your kind words! you have no idea how happy it makes us to know that you’re enjoying our content

now, as someone who also suffers from an annoying skin condition, I agree with you 100% and we gotta change that asap!! so here’s my take on your request, please let me know if you had something different in mind ^^

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • listen, this cutie patootie loves you deeply just as you are, and it’s never been a big deal for him, he barely even notices it?
  • therefore he has never mentioned anything about it.
  • nothing, nada.
  • but if someone even dares to stare at your face or make unsolicited remarks, he’ll have no mercy on them.
  • don’t underestimate the power of his death glare.
  • come on, he gets it, he’s had pimples before.
  • and he knows how annoying it is when people point them out as if they were entitled to do so.
  • uhm no one asked? for god’s sake.
  • feeling self-conscious about your pimples and your scars today?
  • he’ll remind you that the moon is covered in scars and is still pretty, and bright, and loved and praised by many.
  • or how about doing facials for one another? he’ll ask what works best for you so that you can try it together while watching movies! it’ll be like a slumber party.


  • does not care at all.
  • yes, he may go on and on about looks sometimes
  • to be more specific, his looks.
  • but he thinks the world of you regardless of your flaws?
  • he doesn’t mind pimples, or stretch marks, or scars.
  • you’re human and it’s normal for you to have them! that’s what great about bodies and there shouldn’t be any shame in that.
  • whenever you’re feeling down about it, he compliments you and reminds you how beautiful you actually are.
  • “but babe, it must have been god’s intention to curse you like this… you must have been way too perfect when he made you.”
  • besides, as he is an expert at skincare and knows plenty of tricks, he’ll come up with an excelent routine for the both of you to try (taking your dermatologist’s recommendations into account of course).
  • it’ll be kind of like your thing.


  • understands your position to an extent.
  • the pressure of having porcelain skin can be unbearable at times.
  • so she can’t even begin to imagine how rough you must have it.
  • still, she’s not the one to care for looks.
  • she didn’t care the first time you met, she doesn’t care now.
  • the only thing that matters here is that you feel happy and confident in your own skin.
  • and if there’s anything she can do to help you achieve that, never be afraid to let her know.
  • don’t worry, she’ll notice even if you don’t say anything.
  • you both end up sharing makeup and skincare tips, and looking for products that won’t damage your skin.
  • also!! if you have severe self-esteem issues, she’ll be constantly cheering for you!! she’ll suggest setting up resolutions to boost your confidence because she wants you to love yourself as much as she loves you.


  • this man
  • this man adores you to death.
  • he loves you for your heart and your mind.
  • and because you were his support system when he felt the most alone and unstable.
  • he couldn’t care less about how your face looks.
  • plus he’s always thought that appearances and conventional beauty are highly overrated.
  • that being said, he also believes that having a healthy body is important.
  • and he’s willing to do everything in his power to help you ease your skin disorder if that’s what you want/need.
  • he’ll get you appointments with his dermatologist (the best one in the country), pay for your treatments, and ask his chef to come up with an appropriate meal plan for you.
  • but he’ll always reassure you that it’s not about beauty, it’s about your health, and that you should embrace your best and worst qualities as those are what make you who you are.


  • this has never been an issue for him.
  • there’s so much to love about you…
  • and he always gets lost in your eyes and your lips anyway.
  • “acne who? the hell are you talking about, MC? I thought you had a galaxy on your face.”
  • if you ever express disgust or frustration due to your skin, or seem like you’re uncomfortable/in pain, he’ll find ways to cheer you up and make you laugh.
  • “eh? someone did this to you? someone is hurting you? unacceptable! don’t worry, MC, I’ll find their ugly butt and hack everything they love.”
  • “hmm, could it be an alien, though? an alien cat? what do you think? I’ll have to look into it.”
  • on one occasion he handed you a red marker and asked you to draw spots on his face.
  • “I want to feel what you feel.”
  • he adores you from head to toe, and he finds things like this so irrelevant, but if it’s troubling to you, it will be his duty to help you overcome it! (even if he fucks up at times, we all know how much of a dork he can be).


  • I think we’ve mentioned before how soft this man actually is !!!
  • it’s pretty obvious that he’s never put much thought into it.
  • he finds you beautiful, he was captivated by your unique personality, and he feels like you two have made a real connection.
  • and if you ever bring up the topic
  • because lbr here, he won’t say a word about it unless you do.
  • he’ll frown slightly and shake his head.
  • “oh?”
  • and then there’s a brief moment of realization right there: of all the times he’s brushed his hand against your cheek, or kissed your forehead and eyelids, of all the times he’s ever done the slightlest thing to you, have you ever felt insecure or uncomfortable?
  • …questions, he’ll ask lots of questions.
  • mainly about how you feel, if it’s affecting you physically and/or emotionally, if you’re taking care of yourself, and if you need his help.
  • he wants to know how to handle this situation so that he can avoid hurting you.
Big Bang Reacting to their child asking them to help them surprise their mother on Mother’s Day

》 FAQ // Masterlist

T.O.P - His daughter was his world, so the moment she asked for his help he was completely on board. He’d sit with her, surrounded by markers so she could make you a card, only realizing how bad of an idea it was when she got glitter on one of his chairs. Saying nothing, he’d continue helping her with breakfast, pretending that the eggs were supposed to be black.

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Taeyang - There was absolutely no way he was going to say no to his son, especially at such a sweet request. He wanted to make mommy a five course breakfast? So be it. That several hundred dollar purse matches mommy’s favorite shirt? Just another purchase. Taeyang was wrapped around his son’s finger, and at times, he thought his son knew it as well.

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G-Dragon - Your daughter was spoiled. There was no doubt about it, and that didn’t change when she wanted something for someone else. She knew she could get her when it came to her father, and the five year old used it to her advantage. She’d dress him up in a cute costume, and even have him hold a tray of your favorite foods as she woke you up, but he had no complaints.

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Daesung - Daesung had made plans long before his son asked him, but the second he did all reservations were cancelled. Your son was everything to both of you, and he knew that his son’s idea was much better than his. Afterall, who wouldn’t love a movie day with their two favorite people, with a whole lot of flowers, snacks, and especially cuddles. 

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Seungri - Seungri had agreed to her request in a heartbeat. He wanted to pamper you just as much as the little girl did, and earn some brownie points as well. He’d help her draw pictures on her card, put fresh flowers in every vase they could find, even fill the kitchen with your favorites. Anything they could do to make you happy would be done, and you’d wake up to two very happy faces.

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good things 11.3.17

  • got a B on my midterm from hell!
  • spent yesterday afternoon with fav toddler. only accidentally made her cry once. (twice, but the second time was her fault.)
  • my name came up in terms of a big promotion at work. three people want me for it! no idea if it will happen because my degree is so far off, but it was so great to know people Want me in that position & independently brought up my name to boss boss :D
  • some answers re: my mom’s kidney issues. shitty news! but at least things are moving forward.
  • did not make the bad investment of a haunted camper
  • vegetarian cooking class this morning was fantastic. expanded my palate!
  • decided to write a book of essays + prose abt abuse
  • it is spring.break.
  • monday’s thunderstorm was the stuff of dreams: hard and chaotic and middle of the night. swoon.
  • i ate/reclaimed chinese food today! chinese food has been PTSD trigger for me…big breakthrough. 10/10 will eat again.
  • 8 weeks of bachelor’s degree down. 88 to go!
  • finally tagged untagged posts so my blog is momentarily organized
  • found out at random dinner w/ a mom friend that she wrote one of the Iconic bella/edward Fics. we bonded over writing fic + fandom things while sipping hot chocolate in the lawn furniture section of target
  • six of crows did not wow me in terms of characters but it was an excellent heist story
  • discovered Sorta Awesome and Boost, two great new-to-me podcasts
  • lorde’s new songs cleansed my soul a bit