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“I’m starting to think you like prisons,” he says, idly knocking his knuckles against the wall. “And that you have the worst taste in men.”

Okay I’m defending my lightning child here. She might have made mistakes with Maven, but that absolutely does not mean you say something like this. In case you haven’t noticed, Maven is still and open wound. (Since when he said this, the bowl of bones happened like, a day or two ago at most) You don’t twist the knife where someone is already bleeding out. I get that you’re mad. But guilt and regret is 90% of the reason why Mare is really not okay in this book. I know that you want her to trust you, but this is not the way to go about it. Mare is far from perfect. She’s trying to put everyone else’s needs before her own, to the point where she can barely sleep and forgets to eat. She’s trying. Everything she does, she’s trying to help. And it’s taking a toll on her. She doesn’t need you adding onto the weight on her shoulders. For everyone who’s going to get mad at me for making this post: We all know Maven isn’t perfect, but neither is Cal. He’s flawed too. Yes, he’s had everything taken from him. Yes, he does deserve better, but stop treating him like this perfect angel that never does anything wrong. He’s a part of why Mare is almost at her breaking point.

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hi, please help me. Two days ago I was 90% certain I was just a nb lesbian minding my own business, but now I've fallen back into fanfic and getting turned on by guys. I feel terrible and I hate it so much, what if I'm just straight? I feel like I can't even be turned on by girls anymore, why is my sexuality fuckin like this? I can't even tell if it's compulsory heterosexuality anymore. I'm so sick of questioning my sexuality, when can I ever get it fucking right for once? Any advice?

Hi there anon

Maybe your sexuality is just fluid. If you’re particularly turned on by guys right now and not girls, that doesn’t mean you’re straight. Never feel bad about your sexuality just doing its thing. And there’s nothing wrong with questioning it sometimes. 

But if questioning is making you stressed out then my advice is to just go with the flow. If you want to label your sexuality then you can go with something like bi or queer or fluid. I think those labels would cover what you’re experiencing. 

If one day you can only be turned on by girls and then the next you can only be turned on by guys, that doesn’t matter. You’re still you. And no one else needs to know about the fluidity of your sexuality if you don’t want them to. It’s none of anybody else’s business really. All that matters is what you feel, you don’t need to define it to make other people more comfortable.

I hope that helped?



Twenty years ago today, Life With Loopy premiered on Nickelodeon with “Hi-Fi Frankenstein”. It was surreal, cute, creative, and sweet all at the same time and yeah there were some other cartoons in the half hour to pad out the timeslot but never mind that

This is the first time I’ve ever drawn Larry and Stacey in the original style- and I STILL can’t draw hands. Anyway, this was the biggest piece I’ve done- it took me two days.

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Okay so a few days ago I hit 200 which is pretty amazing considering that two weeks ago I was at like 90 something? And I’ve always wanted to do one of these before I realized how long it takes to scroll through your follow list and write down all the urls and try to make sure you keep track of your mutuals and yeah. otl. But yeah, so here’s some A++++ blogs you guys should check out. ^.^ 

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What I Headcanon about NaLu

1. I bet Lucy practices her hair cutting kills using cancer stadress. She would make Natsu’s hair long over and over to practice giving him the best look. Lucy can’t decide if she likes long haired or short haired.

2. While Natsu loves to sneak into Lucy’s bed, it’s actually Lucy who initiates snuggling and intertwining legs with Natsu’s. Natsu would simply respond to this. She probably won’t let ago unless she wakes up and realizes their position.

3. Natsu always thought of Lucy as pretty. He teases her so much so he could try to forget why she occupies his had 80-90% of the day. He has every figurine, some of Lucy’s undies, clothes and model pictures stashed somewhere.

4. Lucy is the dense one of the two. She can never tell that someone likes her unless someone points it out. Natsu’s surprisingly more mature about it. He’s the first one to realize it and didn’t feel there was a need to do anything about it. After all, Natsu grew up filled up with grown men and women.

5. Lucy’s cooking is amazing. Natsu is superb as long as he does not get distracted by a certain golden-haired celestial mage. Cooking together is a mess because they end up playing with the ingredients.