it was 2am when i made this

Please, let him be soft. 

I know you made him 
     with gunmetal bones
     and wolf’s teeth.
I know you made him to be
     a warrior
     a soldier
     a hero.

But even gunmetal can warp
and even wolf’s teeth can dull
and I do not want to see him break
the way old and worn and overused things do.

I do not want to see him go up in flames
     the way all heroes end up martyrs.

I know that you will tell me 
that the world needs him.
The world needs his heart
     and his faith
     and his courage
     and his strength
     and his bones and his teeth and his blood and his voice and his–
The world needs anything he will give them.

Damn the world,
     and damn you too.
Damn anyone that ever asked anything of him,
     damn anyone that ever took anything from him,
           damn anyone that ever prayed to his name.
You know that he will give them everything
     until there is nothing left of him
         but the imprint of dust
              where his feet once trod.
You know that he will bear the world like Atlas
    until his shoulders collapse
         and his knees buckle
              and he is crushed by all he used to carry. 

Dear God, 
you have already made an Atlas.
You have already made an Achilles and an Icarus and a Hercules. 
You have already made a sacrificial lamb of your Son.
You have already made so many heroes,
and you can make another again. 
You can have your pick of heroes. 

So please, I beg you–
he is all that I have, 
and you have so many heroes
and the world has so many more. 
Let him be soft, 
and let him be mine.

—  Please, let him be happy ( j.p. )

                              “  Hello  Toby.  


🌸 I made a cake for my friend’s birthday last week!! 🌸

I present to you ヴィクトル・ケーキフォロフ !!! \(^♡^)/

1. The first time I kissed you, it was barely a peck. You made me nervous but in a good way like no one had before. You laughed and told me it was cute.
2. I tried to sleep over at your house but your mom caught us at 2am and sent me home. She never liked me much after that.
3. The waiteress at Olive Garden shot us snobby looks when we both only ordered chicken gnocchi and water.
4. We drove around town blaring an old Drake album and belted our hearts to the second verse of track two. We must have played it a thousand times.
5. I went down on you for the first time in the basement bathroom with our friends in the next room.
6. You left town for two days and I swear I have never missed a person so much. I could feel it in my bones.
7. You snuck out your bedroom window to meet me in the jeep. We parked and I should’ve been scared of getting caught but you always had a strange way of calming me.
8. You started spending so much time at my house we had to buy groceries for you.
9. We skipped class to have sex and when we came back I swear everyone saw it on our faces. You got me my first detention that day, but it was worth it.
10. We went to a water park and you screamed like a little kid on all the slides. I had to hold your hand.
11. We took a three day trip and shared a hotel bed with dingy white sheets. I fell in love with you there in that poorly lit room.
—  11 things we did when we were 18

Here have a smoking Purple Guy


Preforming with BTS!

I got inspired by their past few concerts (no I did not go, I just watched fancams…) and decided to make these outfits! *also it was like 2am when I made them and rn it’s like 3am when I’m posting them* These outfits are meant to go with the consisting theme of hip-hop kings! The color scheme (« am I spelling that right?) is consists of black, grey, and other dark monotone colors. They are also supposed to be comfortable as well but still flashy enough for a performer! Some outfits are also still great for casual wear depending on how you wear them :)

Made With Adrenaline

An angsty sterek drabble – written during a delirious 2am bought of inspiration – as promised♥ Based very loosely on this prompt.

rated G, 2.3k. Read the rest on ao3!

“Yo, dude.”

The mans eyelids twitch - an absent flutter that sets off a deep, nasally inhale.

“God, you could’ve told me you’d be passed out when I found you.”

Before his mind has caught up, his eyes open. He blinks, focusing his vision, performing a routine sweep of his surroundings. A little girl with an emerald green beanie and tangly blonde hair is kneeling in front of him. He watches the pom-pom on the top of her hat bobble as she talks.

“I’m totally gonna be late for school. You said this would be quick.”

His eyebrows furrow. There’s a pressure in his head, the pulsing ghost of something forgotten that’s desperately trying to be remembered. He tries grasping for it and falls through air, and keeps falling, and falling. There’s nothing. No ledges or vines or steps to catch his bearing on.

He can’t remember.

He can’t remember in the way that remembering is a skill, a task to be performed, and he’d never learned how. 

Many years ago now I worked at a niche pizza shop

It was on what our town calls ‘bar row’. The manager made sure all us closing girls were as young as possible and hired zero security. Most nights we relied on the bouncers from the bars on either side of us. Now this area is on the shore so summers are both musty and busy. We are always slammed at closing…about 2am. We stop serving beers ourselves at 9 pm because that’s when the employees old enough to sell leave and when restaurants stop selling in our state.
Between 9 pm and 2 am there is only 2 girls in the shop. Usually one cleaning the front and one doing the prep for opening shift at 11 the next morning.
Aside from the amount of drunk who would ask for under 18s numbers or argue about getting a beer from us after 9 (we are NOT a bar we just sell food to drunks from the 10 plus bars in the immediate area). We would get random stalkers and all kinds of craziness that the owner never once did anything to make us secure…. But the bouncers sure did.

One night me and my bestie are working close. The bars have closed and there is a longer than usual line. We clear it out and the last 3 sit inside to eat. We decide to clear the patio for closing while they finish instead of kicking them out as we should’ve done.
As we are clearing the patio furniture under the trellis and securing them one of them decides to go BEHIND the counter. We see him through the giant picture window and run in screaming at him. His excuse is he wanted the last slice of pizza. But he didn’t walk 5 ft to the door to get one of us. Instead he walked 10 feet over to the heat lamp to grab it himself. Without paying. Behind the register and near the 450 degree pizza oven we JUST turned off.
My coworker had to chase it out with the cheese stabber… Used to stab the air bubbles in the pizza while baking.

Now normally we would’ve been protected by next doors bouncer but literally 5 seconds before we saw dude do this wed told him not to wait for us because we probably weren’t getting out before 4 am.

Wow. Just seriously. This. Is amazing? Like, when I started roleplaying as the precious goddess known as Lunafreya, I didn’t expect to be greeted and so welcomed as I was. I feel so honored? Like. I’ve forever been in a fandom where it’s filled with negativity and hate but gosh.. This fandom, this beautiful place I’m so pleased to be a part of, made my life so much more peaceful and renewed my love and passion for roleplaying.

And it’s thanks to you guys! c: To those I’ve met, who’ve cheered me up and made me smile, laugh behind this screen. That despite it all, you make sure everyone’s smiling and I’m blessed to be a part of it.~ I’ll try my very best to not make this long but I wish to say my thanks to you guys. I seriously cherish you all in my heart and look forward for what the next year brings for us! 

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I’ll Miss You- Steroline Drabble

A/N: Sorry if this makes you cry as much as it made me cry.  This is just something I felt like writing that’s along the lines of what could happen in 8x07.  Enjoy!

Caroline laid wide awake at 2am.  Stefan’s arm was slipped around her back as her face rested on the pillow just inches from his.  She was afraid if she shut her eyes she would miss something.  Maybe she would miss the way his eyebrow furrowed when he was dreaming or maybe she would miss the way he smiled for a split second whenever she intertwined her legs with his.  These were her last moments with him, and she didn’t intend on wasting them by being asleep. This was their last night together. She wouldn’t be able to reach over and encircle her arms around his torso when she woke up each morning.

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Isak snapped at Noora “I need to sleep! It’s 2AM”. But he was listening so carefully when she said that “Love is not like in the movies” (I see what you’re doing there), that “Nobody gets a happily ever after” and that “In reality, no one is willing to sacrifice anything for love in 2016″. Btw, that’s what did it for him and made him leave bed and confront her.

He’s obviously in pain ughhhhh. But.

“William is an idiot if he gives you up”

PLEASE STAB ME (He’s starting to care about people around him, and not just himself. He’s starting to see that his heartache is something other people experience too. Maybe it’s making him think about how terribly he hurt Eva in Season 1?? CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT YALL)

Self-conscious Mycroft and his s/o

Yesterday I talked to @mycrofts-kitchen about Mycroft and she said: “Poor baby, I’m sure the first times his s/o stays at his place he wouldn’t take his nightgown off because he’s so self conscious”
I somehow started writing a little fluffy scene about it (and i was forced to post it!) so if you don’t care about crappy 2am English, voilà:

Before going to sleep they kiss a little and she begins taking off his shirt. He uncomfortably grabs her hand, looks at her with sadness, kisses her on the cheek, says “Good Night” and turns around thinking: “You god damn idiot…”.
She’s extremely insecure and thinks it’s because of her, that he just doesn’t want to go further with her or that she made a mistake.
“I’m sorry, Mycroft…”, she whispers. It hurts him but he just can’t explain.

The next morning there’s an awkward silence between them. When she leaves the house, silent tears run down her cheek because she’s sure she fucked up. She actually fell in love with him and her heart breaks over the thought that she probably won’t see him again.
He’s angry with himself and feels even more miserable than before. He just drank some coffee for breakfast because he didn’t feel like eating at all. He looks down his body and starts hating it even more. But what can he do when he’s only sitting in his office almost 24/7?
He feels weak, not manly at all. He just wants to hold her, make her feel safe and protected…

He can’t think about it any more, there is work to do, there is always work to do.
They don’t see each other for almost a week.
He starts missing her - a strange new feeling, indeed! - and he knows that he has to be honest with her.
He goes to her work place, is nervous and insecure.
When she sees him she is surprised and doesn’t know what to say.
“I’m sorry”, he says.
She still thinks it’s her fault and starts apologizing herself but he cuts her off: “No, I was very impolite and I am deeply sorry. May I explain why I reacted this way?”
He is nervous and hopes she lets him.
“Yes, sure”, she says with a little smile because she realizes he still likes her. “But I’m sorry i need to finish this. Can we meet later?”
They agree on her coming to his house in the evening.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable”, he says with sadness in his voice. He can’t even look her in the eyes. It’s not easy for him to talk about it but he knows that he needs to trust her - or he will lose her. And he knows that he CAN trust her.
“I’m sorry -”, she starts again.
“It’s not at all because of you!”, it hurts him that she still sees the fault by herself.
“It’s just…”, it’s hard for him to go on. She waits patiently and doesn’t want to interrupt him. He never struggles with finding the right words - she knows how special this situation is. She smiles at him encouraging.
“I’m quite self-conscious about my body and i feared your reaction”, he is ashamed but kind of relieved to have finally said it.
“Oh Mycroft”, she says quietly and with a soft voice.
She goes to him, kisses him careful and slowly takes off his jacket.
He’s Mycroft Holmes, so he knows exactly what she’s up to when she starts unbuttoning his west.
He looks at her with pain in the eyes, feels like holding her back again, tries telling her to stop. “Shhhh”, she places her finger on his lips, her other hand on his neck, “I love you, Mycroft Holmes.”
She never said it before. He’s a little surprised because he hadn’t expected it. But he feels endlessly happy.
“I love everything about you. Don’t you dare ever assuming something else! I love your mind and I love this body simply because it’s yours!”
He’s overwhelmed and relieved and just extremely happy. He pulls her closer to him and kisses her passionately.
“I love you”, he whispers out of breath.

She loosens his tie, drops it careless onto the floor.
She opens the first buttons of his shirt. He starts being nervous again.
Her lips brush over his neck.
“Relax”, her voice is soft and calming.
He closes his eyes as she continues unbuttoning his shirt.
When there are no buttons left he feels her slowly caressing his chest, drawing little patterns with her fingers.
Playfully she pulls on his chest hair. He opens his eyes to complain but she just smirks at him and finally takes off his shirt entirely.
“Disappointed?”, he asks her.
“I’m in love with each and every freckle”, she says more to herself as she continues exploring his upper body.
She looks up to him, smiling: “Stop being so self-conscious. You are how you are and that’s perfect for me.”
He takes her hand and guides her into his bedroom.
“Mind staying the night?”, he asks with a naughty grin.
“You really think I could leave now?”, she asks.
“I wouldn’t let you. Now it’s my turn!”

They were only wearing their underwear. She presses herself against him and sighs pleased.
She never wants to stop cuddling with him. He is warm and soft and she feels secure and comfortable with his skin on hers.
“You really like my body?”, he asks again.
“Yes I do and I even love it, so shut up and better use your lips to kiss me again, for gods sake!”, she reassures him.
“But I’m a weakling”, he teases her, slowly getting used to knowing that there’s no need to feel uncomfortable around her.
“Yes, but you’re MY weakling!”, her voice is filled with love and she is proud to call him ‘mine’.
His long fingers wander tenderly over her back, her stomach, her collarbones. He stops at her breasts.
He places some sweet kisses on her décolleté, her breath becomes heavier and a little moan escapes her lips.
He smirks because it’s almost impossible not to notice what effect he has on her. He stops again and kisses her on her lips: “We actually need to sleep, I think you have to work early tomorrow.”
“That’s not fair!”, she actually seems to be outraged. She wants to feel his warm, soft, gentle lips on every inch of her body.
He laughs and hugs her tight so she can’t move. She knows she could free herself because he indeed was a weakling. But she doesn’t want to remind him again, so she just smiles and enjoys his warmth on her skin instead.
She feels his breath against her neck and his arms around her and maybe, she thinks, that was the best way to fall asleep.

Fool me once, shame on me.
Fool me twice, shame on me still.
How many times before I accept,
This is simply how you feel.
And when it is 2am and you ask me what I am doing,
You can bet that I will wake up.
It is going to take a lot more than a broken heart
For enough to be enough.
—  I Make It Too Easy

anonymous asked:

Slutty confession: I snuck out with this guy at like 2am and it was my first time meeting him and we drove around for a while and when we stopped to figure out something to do we started making out and he fingered me and I blew him. We drove some more and he pulled over and I blew him again and he shoved my head down onto his dick and I made him cum 3 times then never heard from him again lmao


Who are you when you stop pretending? If the mask were to fall and the curtain were to drop at this very instant, who would I see on the stage? You are made of the stuff that lights fires and starts revolutions. You hold the world in you palms, and the voices of everyone who has ever spoken filling your mouth. I would be amazed to see what would become of this universe if you stopped hiding from yourself. Why do you hide from yourself and do this world such a disservice? Are you too frightened the world may fall out of love with you if you become too great? Fall in love with the world, but do not kill yourself in order to make the world fall in love with you.
—  a.p. (10.17.16) who are you when you stop pretending

Gif is mine

I forgot to say with Pride, ugh I got too excited….. sorry m'dude “It’s easy to love someone when they’re happy. What’s hard is loving someone when they’re crying on the bathroom floor at 2am because everything came crashing down at once 

Requested by Anon~

The only thing Pride could do at the moment was just hold you. The sounds of your sobs reflecting off the bathroom walls made his stomach churn; he hated that sound. He much preferred to listen to you laugh. It was your smile that always reminded Pride of how much loved you.

But he also knew this came with the territory of loving someone so deeply. Being there for them when they need you the most. There’s been more than enough times when you listened to Pride’s troubles. Now it was his turn.

When you gripped his shirt even tighter, Pride started to move his hand up and down your back, trying to his best to calm you down. “Everything’s gonna be okay.” Pride murmured. “I’m not goin’ anywhere.”