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I liked Biden’s speech about trying to make men understand how women suffer when we are raped, and bringing up the movie Deliverance. Saying, if that happened to you (being tied up and raped by two men), what would you do? And men saying, well I would get my shotgun and come back -

I just wanted to cut them off right there and say, and that would be a justifiable use of violence right? Would you think it was unfair if you were then arrested for shooting your rapists? They’d say well of course it would be justified, no I shouldn’t have to go to jail for shooting them after what they did to me. AND THEN: That’s a great idea! Women should be able to enact violent calculated revenge on any man who sexually assaults her! Then of course we’d get the “Well now wait a minute, there’s no proof, women lie, anything could be called assault, that’s going too far…” because they know what that would mean. They know that could mean their friends. Themselves.

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I'm writing a story in which my main character (and several others) are intersex, but I don't know how to describe him. i mean, I know he has feminine biology (because he does get pregnant in the series) but he also has physically masculine features. And I don't want to sound/come off as offensive or inaccurate.


First, a language note. HE does not have feminine biology. If he identifies as HE, then his biology is HIS, even if it includes a uterus. 

Second, here’s a great article by an intersex writer about giving birth:

It would be a good idea to not use terms like “masculine features.” The joy of writing intersex characters is that your characters’ very existence denies the gender binary. Jodie doesn’t have masculine features, but they might have a strong chin and stubble. Charlie doesn’t have feminine features, but might have a smooth shin and breasts. 


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Hey so I’m attempting to apply to some apartments today but I don’t have enough $$ and if anyone could spare for my sister and I to apply that would be reallly nice!!!

ALSO if u wanna know anything about my life feel free to message me and I’ll keep u updated on my life because I don’t want my posts to come off like I’m scamming ANYONE I’ve been through a lot in the past couple months and I’ve really been needing help.

Thank you.

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neighborhood party - six o’clock

*reminder: cynosure is completely gender neutral*




5:45 PM. 

The first thing to catch your eye is the clock.  

You find yourself sitting in a chair in your living room, hands curled around the armrests. For a second you allow yourself to revel in the softness of your armchair. You’re practically sinking into it. 

With a jolt, however, you realize that you only have fifteen minutes to get ready. 15.


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Thank you so much for finding those links for me I really enjoyed them. Um I was also wondering if u knew any good fics where Sansa seduces Petyr? I've found a couple but I really like ur blog and u seem to have good taste so if there's any you like i'd love to read them. Thanks again I'm super happy I've found ur blog it's become one of my favorites.

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the compliment you’re too sweet😚 If you ever want to come off anon feel free! :)

Damn you’re really testing my fic knowledge today (no complaints I like reccing things i enjoy) so I think i have a few for you if you haven’t read them already:

A Controlled Experiment - More of a power play but still great

A prescription for Pain - Chapter 8, but I highly rec the whole fic 

Underworld - Chapter 8, Sansa is not skilled at seduction and Petyr turns it around on her, again I highly rec the whole fic

A Special Kind of Broken - If you call withholding sex to manipulate someone as a form of seduction lol

Me and the Devil - Sansa wants to seduce Petyr for power, this one is canon verse

Frustration, Ambition - Less seduction more Sansa trying to get Petyr to cave, one of my favourites 

I really don’t think people who aren’t Autistic or who don’t struggle with sensory issues understand that when it comes to certain stimuli, those things provoke actual feelings of pain, nausea, disgust, discomfort, etc for people that are Autistic/have sensory processing disorder.

Take “picky eating.” I was labelled a “picky eater” even as a little toddler. I couldn’t eat sauce, tomatoes, or have my food touching other foods. People said stuff like “She’ll grow out of it” or “She’ll eat it if she’s actually hungry” or “Tastebuds change; she’ll like it when she’s older!" 

But the fact was, if it was a food I couldn’t eat, I literally couldn’t eat it. I’d try to eat lasagna and start crying, and gagging, and I’d have to spit it out. Guess what? I didn’t "eat when I was hungry” if it was one of those foods, I just didn’t eat. This was especially an issue when I started going to school and daycare (I eventually got a note from my doctors that detailed my Autism diagnosis and sensory problems, so that the local kids center would provide me with alternative meals. They treated it the same way they did with kids with allergies, basically.) 

Also, I didn’t “grow out of it.” I still cannot eat tomatos, sauces, and most mixed food dishes. Because I just can’t even make my mouth chew and swallow without gagging and spitting the food out. Just a couple months ago I went to grab some chicken wraps from the local taco place, and I asked specifically that they hold the sauce. But they didn’t, so when I took a bite I got a mouthful of pain and chucked it right into my napkin (gross, I know. I’m making a point here though.)

So when Autistic people, or anyone with a sensory processing related disorder, tells you that they cannot handle something-whether that means being touched, wearing certain clothes, being around noise, or eating certain foods-remember what I just said. That’s how it feels, when people willfully ignore our reminders and warnings about our stimuli and triggers. That’s what you’re doing when you touch someone when they tell you it hurts them, or make them wear that suit or outfit, or put sauce on their food when they politely ask you not to. Granted, overload is different and presents differently in everyone, but bottom line-you’re choosing to disrespect someone’s boundaries, and their medical issues, and you are hurting them when you force certain stimuli on them after they’ve asked you to stop. Just respect people, and don’t shame people for not being able to handle or do the same stuff other people can. 

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )

Now that I’m on an ableism-education spree, I might want to add this to the list.

To all able-bodied cosplayers:

Let me make clear, first and foremost, that cosplaying as disabled characters as an able-bodied person is okay. Just like cosplaying white characters when you’re POC or vice versa, is completely fine.

What is not okay, though, is using devices to aid these disabilities for your costume. If your desired character is in a wheelchair, please don’t use a wheelchair if you’re able-bodied. Because you’ll take up unnecessary space and get special treatment that you do not need from other people. I don’t care if the wheelchair is essential to the character. If you are able-bodied, don’t use one. Just walk.

If your desired character uses a cane, make sure you only use it for pictures and walk normally in public any other time.

Let me try to see if this metaphor works: If you’re white, it’s not okay to change your skintone to match a POC character (blackface ain’t cool yo), so please do not pretend to be disabled just to accurately cosplay a character, either.

Our disabilities are not a costume, they are cold, harsh realities. And our devices to help aid these disabilities are not props for your entertainment.

She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

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iwadai week - day 7: home

reincarnation au (avalanche by walk the moon)


└ Ohmiya cuteness needs to come with a fangirl-wellness warning.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 27.05.2017

How does Isak know Even is drunk? Well, the thing with drunk!Even is that he gets happy and clingy. Don’t get him wrong, Isak is not complaining. Where someone might think he’d find that annoying, he finds the constant need of contact, the flushed cheeks and the ruffled hair of his boyfriend were nothing but adorable.

Even doesn’t drink often, which is why, when he does, he gets drunk pretty quickly. He usually just nurses one or two beers over the timespan of the party but on some occasions he allows himself some more drinks.

If it is one of those rare nights, a few things are very likely to happen:

  • Even exclaiming “Halla!” even though they stood beside each other the whole time with a crinkly smile that makes Isak’s mouth widen into a grin in return. With a much softer and lower voice Isak responds, “Halla, baby.” which earns him nose nuzzles when Even leans in. Isak pecks his lips once and then assesses his boy and asks quietly “You ok?” while he bumps their noses once more. Even nods enthusiastically.

  • Even slumping down close to Isak on a couch (or rather, at least half on him) or scooting closer and closer until he has a leg over or under him before he circles both his long arms around Isak’s middle, settles his head down against his shoulder and sighs contentedly. 

  • Even falling asleep curled beside (or on top of) Isak, who strokes his arms up and down or scratches his head or just has an arm around him.

  • Even talking with Eva, Mags, Eskild, Vilde, Ricardo (who even was that again? A friend of Eskilds? Doesn’t matter tho, he’ll be rambling) about how much he loves Isak. (Drunk Eva and or Eskild always agree excitedly and well a lot of gushing happens until Even goes off to find Isak bc he misses him).

  • Even hugging all the boys repeatedly and telling them how awesome they are. Mahdi and Jonas always gently shove him in the direction of either Isak or Mags when this happens (which both of them gladly take on, Isak not at all jealous that the attention wasn’t on him for a minute. Not at all. Ok? He isn’t. Stop, he really isn’t jeez. But that’s enough Mags, give him back already). 

  • Even inviting everyone for breakfast at their place for the next morning and promising a variety of pancakes, fruitsalat, waffles (cue fingerguns at Mahdi), scrambled eggs etc. 

  • Even allwoing Mags to crash at theirs (which Isak revoks instantly).

  • Even hugging Isak or attacking him with cheek kisses out of the blue even though they were in a conversation with someone else. 

  • Even telling Isak he loves him a good 20 times in an hour and dramatically pouts when Isak doesn’t respond with i love you, too in an instant. (which he really always does but Even is an impatient fucker when drunk). 

  • Even poking into Sana’s dimples when she grinned at something sassy Isak says at which both bio buds roll their eyes but can’t really surpress a smirk.

(Thir friends don’t find the cuddling out of the ordinairy since A) they have seen Even drunk before and B) drunk!isak is honestly way worse with the PDA bc drunk!isak is just one hell of a horny guy.)

“Hey, vampires! Was all that human blood you drank today tasty? Sure hope so…because that was your last supper.”