it walks erect!


The group called dinosaurs includes all the animals that evolved from the very first dinosaur, the common ancestor. Because the fossil record is incomplete, we have not found fossils of this common ancestor; however, based on the characteristics we see in all dinosaurs, we can determine new and unique characteristics it possessed.

A key evolutionary innovation of dinosaurs is that they walk with a fully erect posture, holding their hind legs vertically under their hips. The top of the thighbone (or femur) has a knob or head that sticks out to the side of the rest of the bone and fits into the hip socket (or acetabulum) in the pelvis. The hip socket has a hole in the center, as well as a rim of bone along the upper margin, which helps support the weight of the body on the leg. Since these features are present in all known dinosaurs, we deduce that they first evolved in the common ancestor.

In popular culture, many other kinds of animals, which don’t have this fully developed hip and leg structure, are often incorrectly called dinosaurs. Some examples include Mesozoic marine reptiles, such as plesiosaurs, mosasaurs and ichthyosaurs, as well as a group of Mesozoic flying reptiles called pterosaurs.

This video is part of a series, “Dinosaurs Explained,” produced by the American Museum of Natural History. In the series, Museum paleontologists answer the most frequently asked questions about dinosaurs.


in which someone just needs some attention

Word Count: 1,500

Rating: R (i’m sorry mom)

You understood. You really did. Youtube was his job, and that meant that he had to spend a lot of time creating product, from videos to merchandise to books. However, Joe was very much so an all-or-nothing person. If he had a week full of work, you were lucky to steal a kiss and 5 minutes of alone time. On the other end of the spectrum, if you were spending a week together he would schedule tweets and spend the entire week fully unplugged. So all was well that ended well.

Most of the time.

Tonight, not so much. You had wanted nothing more than to have a relaxing day in cuddling with your boyfriend, which always ended up as something more by the end of the day. Hell, you were past wanting it. You needed it. And you tried to be understanding like usual while he edited his main channel video. And then the vlog from the past day. And then when he had a 2-hour skype meeting with Caspar about their production company. It didn’t help that he spent the whole day without a top on, and his abs were on full display. You caught yourself staring all day, watching the muscles ripple under his skin. You were patient, no matter how painful it was. But watching him enter the closet at 10:30 to grab his gaming hat practically made you groan.

“You’re filming a gaming video tonight?” You pouted from your spot on the bed.

“Yeah, I’ve gotta get another episode of Outlast II up, it’s been a few days,” he explained, picking out a Sugg Life shirt to throw on for the video.

“You can’t film tomorrow? I’ve hardly seen you today.”

“I know baby, I’m sorry. I just have to film this really quick and then I’ll be back. I’ll make it a short video, 40 minutes tops. I’ll even wait to upload it until tomorrow,” he said, arranging his hat over his hair.

“Alright, that’s fine I guess, as long as you promise to come right to bed when you’re done.”

“Promise,” he smiled, leaning down to give you a kiss before headed to his office.  

Once he was out of view, you slipped out of your jeans and shirt, revealing your matching bra and panties – some of Joe’s favorites on you. Let’s just say you’d woken up with a plan for how the day was going to end up. You strolled out into the kitchen, making sure he would get a view of you from the office.

“Do you want a glass of water before you start?” You called, watching him carefully.

“Yes please!” He responded, not looking away from his screen. You poured him a glass before grabbing a post-it note off the counter and scribbling a quick note.

Let’s see how long you can outlast. Gotta film a whole episode tonight, right? Finish before you come to bed Xx

You laughed slightly at your pun, but you knew it would get the message across.

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Jamilton- Candy

“Jefferson, you…” Alex gulped, eyeing the red lollipop Thomas was twirling between his fingers. “Can you… can you seriously not do that?”

“Not do what?” Thomas asked, swirling his tongue around the lollipop. Alex couldn’t tell if he was being a shit about it, or if he legitimately didn’t realize. Most likely the former. 

That, with the…” Alexander glared, crossing his arms. Thomas sucked the entire thing in his mouth, god help Alex, and frowned right back at the shorter of the two.

“What?! It’s not like I’ve got my dick out, Alexander-”

“You may as well!” Alex retorted heatedly, “Look at you, you’re obscene.”

Thomas pulled the candy out from between his lips with a vulgar pop that sent Alex into a mild meltdown/panic. “See here, Alex-”

“I’ve seen enough,” Alex squeaked, and quickly turned and began to walk away, hoping his erection wasn’t noticeable. 

“What the fuck?!” Thomas sputtered, “Come back here, you little prude-!”

“Jefferson, leave me al-”

“Stop being so damn-”

“Get off-”

“Come h- ummfffff.

Alex had Thomas pinned against a wall, lips pressed firmly against his rival’s. He tasted like cherry, the sugary candy still fresh on his lips and tongue. When the shorter man finally pulled away, Thomas’ head was spinning. 

“My my, Hamilton… you sure know how to make a man weak in the knees,” he smirked, flicking his finished lollipop stick out as if what just happened was nothing. Alex balled his fists, opening his mouth to let fly in a continuation of his usual anger, but Thomas just closed it again by leaning down and placing a softer, sweeter kiss on the immigrant’s mouth. 

“You may be a little bitch, but you taste better than any candy, any day,” the  Virginian informed him earnestly, and Alex just about blushed himself into the ground as Thomas took his hand. 

harry’s nipples get hard at the most nonsensical times. at a funeral? erect titties. getting into a heated debate with an old lady about the benefits of a slow cooker? erect titties. watching a home renovation show? erect titties. walking through the sahara desert for hours on end, water supply dwindling? hard titties.

Unfinished business


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material 

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count: 1785 

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Where Senility Ends

Summary: Logan cares for Charles in the silo. Did I already write this setting? Too bad, have another one. I don’t even know if it’s heartbreaking or just worn out anymore.

WARNING: a rather graphic quote from x-men is used, regarding Auschwitz. It’s marked with a (5), and is that entire paragraph. It can be skipped

Logan walked into the fallen silo and slammed the door closed, making sure Charles wouldn’t be startled by his sudden appearance. It had taken him several months to realize the professor wasn’t always home anymore, and the times when he wasn’t were coming more and more frequently. Especially as Logan found the necessary medicines harder and harder to come by. It wasn’t that Chuck was becoming senile. He would just lose himself in his powers more often.

It hadn’t been so bad when Magneto had been around to help draw out the younger man. Logan had always admired Erik for his ability to remind Charles of just who and where he was. But the first of the seizures had taken that option out of the equation rather soundly.

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Needed Me | Epilogue

As you can tell by the picture, this is after the Theo-drama and we get to see what happened to you, the reader

Originally posted by beatriiiixhoechlin

Warnings: Explicit language, smut, inappropriate pictures ((explicit))


The sun shone over Beacon Hills and spaced out clouds seemed to smile.
Everyone was going about their day doing whatever it is that they all needed to do.
Stiles rushed into the hallway and nearly trampled six kids just to get to Scott.
Scott looked at him with wide eyes.

Scott: What’s going on?
Stiles: A lead
Scott: *sighs* St–
Stiles: –Don’t you Stiles me, I found something that could help us figure out who’s taking those dead bodies
Scott: …
Stiles: Look, this is a picture from a traffic cam that shows a car speeding away from a graveyard. That’s gotta be it!
Scott: …
Stiles: Are you going to answer?
Scott: I’m not sure how to start without saying Stiles
Stiles: This is a good lead!
*Enter Liam*
Liam: Did you guys hear about the body snatchers? They were caught trying to take some jewelry from an old grave
Scott: *looks at Stiles*
Stiles: Shut up
Scott: I think you’re a little too eager to find a new supernatural mystery
Stiles: Duh, when the mysteries find us, everything goes to hell
Scott: Look, Theo’s locked away in Eichen House, the beast is dead, enjoy the quiet while you can. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ve got a date with Kira
Stiles: Sure, no that’s fine. I’ve got a date with a girl named TV
Scott: She sounds great

A black Chevy Camaro with white stripes rolled into town like a snake slithering in a garden.
It drove smooth and nice.
Coming to a stop, a pair of lustrous legs stepped out of the car, it’s body leaning against the car door.
Stiles came out of his house and dropped his jaw.
Stiles ran up Y/N and hugged her as tight as he could.

Stiles: What are you doing back?
Y/N: I missed this place
Stiles: Seriously?
Y/N: I traveled enough, I went to rural China, Tibet, and Miami
Stiles: Wow, those are all odd places, well, except for Miami
Y/N: I met another succubus and she taught me how to use my powers
Stiles: What can you do?
Y/N: A lot of things I never thought I could do. Enough about me, it’s Friday
Stiles: Yeah
Y/N: Jesus Stiles, I mean it’s movie Friday, I got a couple of movies you might be interested in it
Stiles: I can’t believe you remembered
Y/N: Why wouldn’t I? Anyways… I got Star Wars, Ba—
Stiles: You had me at Star Wars

Stiles ran upstairs, grabbed some blankets and extra pillows so Y/N and him could watch the movie comfortably. Halfway through the movie, they weren’t even really watching it. Every time something Anakin did something stupid, Stiles made a comment that made Y/N laugh. He missed that sweet sound and he was trying to savor the little moments.

Stiles: So what did she teach you?
Y/N: She taught me how to feed off of people’s dreams and not physically drain them, she taught me to control my touch so that it doesn’t drive the other person crazy, mind projection, and etc
Stiles: Have you had sex since you left?
Y/N: Not while they’re awake, why?
Stiles: Just wondering
Y/N: Have you?
Stiles: *snorts* No
Y/N: You say it like you’re a joke
Stiles: Apparently to women, I am
Y/N: Not to me

Stiles turned to look at your eyes to find some truth in it.
When he found what he was looking for, he looked down at your plump lips, ready to be kissed.
In the back of his mind, Stiles knew he had to have kissed you before.
A piece of him was broken off and in need of your attention.
With you, Stiles felt whole again.
Before he could do anything, you got up to go get a drink.
The aching sexual tension between you two was more bearable once you stepped away.
But Stiles was strong.
His lust, emotions, and desire rolled off of his skin like pencil shavings once you place it in the pencil sharpener.
You felt like you were back where you started; you had no control of the fire igniting within or the sweet nectar soaking up your panties.
Something about Stiles burn passions of fire both inside and out.
A light sheen of sweat began to form on your forehead.
You picked up the bottle of orange juice and went back to Stiles.
He sat on the floor, looking at the TV with focus.
It was all so much, your head started spinning.
“Stiles, can I sleep in your room? I’m feeling a little tired”
He smiled and nodded.
It was uncomfortable climbing the stairs when you were soaking wet, the front of your pants were damp.
You groaned at the realization.
You could wear some of Stiles’ stuff but you just decided to sleep in the clothes you had.

Stiles kept his smile.
He just couldn’t stop.
He could smell how wet she was from five feet away.
This is your chance.
Stiles turned off the movie and walked upstairs.
The erection in his pants was manageable but it’s growing.
Stiles walked in and slammed the door.
Y/N jumped in surprise as Stiles smashed his lips onto hers.
It was a kiss to die for.
Not objecting, Y/N moved with him, running her fingers through his hair.
Stiles groaned in response and squeezed her sides, rubbing his erection against her wet spot.
Flashes of memories came at him and he had a strong sense of déjà vu.
He had kissed you before and he knew how to make you crumble.

Stiles took off your shirt and unhooked your bra then made you lay on the bed.
On top, he kissed his way up your stomach then around the swell of your breasts to excite you. Finally, Stiles took a hardened nipple in his mouth.
He rolled the other one in-between his pointer finger and his thumb.
Last time you were sensitive but you felt like you were over-sensitive from the lack of real touch.
He was making you feel so good, and he was taking his time with it.
Stiles moved on to the other one, doing the same thing.

By this time, you were on the verge of screaming bloody murder.
Stiles licked the crook of your neck, paying special attention to your moans and finding what feels good.
Stiles slipped his hand past the waistband of your panties and massaged it before slipping in a finger, slowly pumping inside of your entrance.
He picked up the pace and slipped in another.
Stiles used his thumb to stimulate your already hardened clit, making you cry out in wondrous delight.
“You’re so damn beautiful, Jesus Christ”

It didn’t take long, before his hot touch, all of his sexual and emotional energy, created a euphoric sense of pleasure as you released your juices.
Instead of watching you cum like he planned, Stiles took off your panties, gripped your shaky inner thighs and blew on the sensitive area.

You bucked your hips in response.
Stiles licked a line up your slit and felt you tremble.

His slow movements grew hungry as he slipped in a finger and furiously pumped his long fingers in and out.
Your skin burned underneath him and a huge knot formed in the pit of your stomach as you rode against his fingers.
He continued until you stopped throbbing after each wave of pleasure.

“You taste so fucking good baby”
Stiles threw off his shirt, unbuckled his pants and pulled down everything so that he was naked like you.
Despite his eagerness, Stiles asked if it was okay.
You smiled and pulled him down for a kiss.

During the kiss, Stiles lined himself up at your entrance and slowly pushed into you.
The both of you moaned into the kiss in complete bliss.
Your swollen lips welcomed him by giving his member a warm, tight hug.
Giving you a little time to adjust, Stiles pulled back then pushed forward at a constant rate.
He was slowly working you up, building anticipation, and so he could last longer.
His slow, but deep thrusts, were driving you crazy.
It felt good but it wasn’t enough.
Stiles pulled all the way out, then slapped your clit with his hardened and engorged sex against your heat. You moaned at the feeling as it created an abnormal heat.
Then without warning, Stiles plunged into you with heavy force, his pelvis slamming against your starving clit.

A loud moan escaped your lips and he continued to do this at a fast rate.
A thin fog formed on all the windows in the room, both of your sweaty bodies slapping against each other.

Stiles rested his forehead on top of yours while he rammed himself into you. Your eyelids closed as you slipped into a trance, closing your walls on him, making you tighter. Stiles groaned at this feeling, every stroke brought him closer to the edge. Everything in your body tensed up and you squeezed around Stiles like a brand new glove. Stiles’ body began to spasm while his hot, seed shot into you.

It was like you were milking him because some of his cum dripped out and he continued his sloppy thrusts.

After the two of you cleaned up, you both laid in bed, holding each other. Stiles kissed your forehead and covered you up with a blanket. “Please don’t leave again.” You looked up at Stiles and nodded. You needed Stiles as much as he needed you.

Snapshot: Let’s Get Dirty

A hot and steamy smut inspired by the above picture. Photo edit by @anothermendesfangirl. Enjoy :-)

We had seen the dark clouds of impending doom looming in the sky as we left through the backdoor of the house in Upstate New York, but it didn’t deter us. It had been threatening to rain for hours now, but not so much as a drop had fallen. We were convinced we were going to be safe and make it back from our walk before the heaven’s opened up, but how wrong we were. We had made it to the edge of the woods when it started. First one drop, then two, followed by a vicious downpour. Zoe shrieked making a break for the house.

“Where are you going?” I asked laughing, chasing after her, grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around to face me..

“It’s raining!” she exclaimed, placing her hands on my shoulders.

It had been less than a minute and we were both already soaked through. My hair was hanging over my forehead, dripping water down onto her cheeks, mixing with the rest of the falling rain. “We’re already wet. What’s the rush?” I asked.

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No. Apocalypse has a very high sex drive but if someone isn't well fitted with his roughness and his needs... Well, he can quite literally fuck you to death. However, he will not be referred to as the 'Walking Erection'. ~H

But….But I wanna call him the ‘Walking Erection’. 
Come on pleeeeeaaassseeee!?

femine23  asked:

In regards to the person that called A the Walking Erection: So very very suiting since he was made by Gear, and my two lovely friends already know my fav name for Gear WALKING DILDO~

Hahahahaha, exactly. 
And Gear is now called the “Waling Dildo.” No questions or explanations needed folks.


Title: Sergeant

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Request: (½) Could you make one where Bucky is supposed to be training you to be an Avenger and when he sees Tony flirt with you he takes it out on you during a BS argument where he says that your not fit to be an Avanger which just leads to you asking…(2/2)… asking what’s really going on and he fucks you to show that your “his” and it can end fluffy and cheesy if yo want. That’s so much boo ^-^. {This is for @thatonegirljessy99}

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, Oral sex, rough Bucky, Jealous Bucky, fingering, unprotected sex

Originally posted by enochianess

Your name: submit What is this?

“Morning gorgeous” Tony said as he walked into the training room, a smirk on his face. “Really Tony, you have nothing better to do than flirt at 8 am?” I asked as I slipped on my running shoes, getting ready for the three miles treadmill run I had each morning. “Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine” Tony commented as he proceeded with his daily push up routine. I got onto the treadmill, setting it at a slow jog. I glanced at Tony and rolled my eyes as his brown eyes raked over my form.

“Stark my eyes are up here” I said as I maintained my speed. “That’s funny, because the last I checked my eyes seem to love your chest, (y/n)” he said, an arrogant smile on his face. I got a shock when I heard the sound of weights crashing onto the floor. I stopped the treadmill immediately, stepping off and turning to see Bucky, well a pissed off Bucky.

His blue eyes were raging, filled with obvious anger, his fists were clenched hard, and if looks could kill, Tony would be a pile of ash. Well something the team didn’t know was that Bucky and I are more than just friends. Oh, we were so much more than friends. We were “fuck buddies” have been since he pounded me into his bed three months back. And ever since then, the two of us couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

“Hey that’s newly renovated tin man!” Tony exclaimed as he grabbed his bottle. “(Y/n) keep a hold on him before he trashes my entire gym, I’ll get someone over to fix the floor” he said and left, obviously upset. As soon as the doors slid behind Tony, I glared at Bucky.

“What the hell was that Barnes?” I asked pissed off. “Well if you weren’t too busy flirting with Stark you probably noticed I was here (y/n).” He snarled and I stepped forward. “I noticed you, didn’t you say you did not want the rest to know about us? And me making googly eyes at you wouldn’t bust our cover?” I yelled angrily.

“You aren’t fit to be an Avenger. You get distracted easily” Bucky said casually. “Excuse me? You’re taking it out on me now? Kiss my ass sergeant” I hissed. His eyes darkened as he walked forward, backing me up against the cold wall of the gym. “Call me Sergeant and see what happens to you doll” he threatened, his hand slowly trailing my arms. I breathe deeply as goosebumps formed on my skin. I shot him a smirk. “Kiss my ass, sergeant” I retorted and before I could make another comment, his hand was around my neck.

Bucky slammed his mouth onto mine in a feverish kiss, bruising my lips as he used his free hand to pin my wrists above my head. His mouth moved against mine as he shoved his tongue into my mouth. His wet muscle tangoed with mine. He slowly let go of my hands, and grabbed my legs, wrapping them around his waist. I cupped his face, pulling him in for a deeper kiss, I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, and moaned into his mouth when his hard on rubbed against my covered cunt. I grind against him, rubbing the material of my shorts against his cock. He growled softly and grabbed my breast squeezing hard causing me to moan louder.

Bucky pulled away, his dark eyes meeting mine as he guided me towards a mattress that laid on the floor. He grabbed my tank top pulling it off, his eyes fixated on my bare chest. “No bra, for Tony?” He asked, his eyes taking the sight of my taut nipples. “For you sergeant” I whispered and squealed when he threw me on to the mattress. I watched as he removed his shirt, throwing it aside. His muscles were obvious, his body was well toned with scars here and there.

He hovered over my chest. “Sergeant….oohh god” I moaned when his mouth covered my nipple, gently sucking. He spread my legs wider, using his knee to rub against my soaking cunt. He gently bit down causing me to buck against him. He held me down with his weight and I whimpered when his cold fingers played with my other taut peak, rolling it between his index finger and thumb. “You’re soaked sweetheart” he whispered and rubbed his knee harder. I moaned when he gently pressed his knee against my covered cunt. I was soaking through my shorts.

Bucky grabbed my ankles pulling me towards him and I squealed. “You’re mine” he growled as he hooked his fingers into the band of my shorts pulling it down only to realize I want wearing anything else. “Aren’t you just asking to be fucked?” He stated, slapping my thigh. “Damn near begging sergeant’ I whispered as he grabbed my legs hooking them over his shoulder. I hissed as my calf came in contact with his cold bionic arm.

I whimpered as his hot breath came in contact with my dripping cunt.

“скажите, что вы хотите возлюбленную"

[tell me what you want sweetheart]

“You sergeant. I want you” I whimpered, begging for him to do something with that tongue of his. He swatted my thigh and I squealed.

“скажите, что вы хотите мне делать с этой симпатичной киске твоей”

[tell me what you want me to do to that pretty pussy of yours]

“I want your tongue…..I want you to finger me with your metal fingers…..please sergeant” I begged nearly pushing myself to orgasm when he traced my slit with one cold finger. “Oh god…” I moaned bucking my hips towards his face.

Bucky shot me a smirk, and then his tongue was flattened on my clit. I cried out in pleasure, feeling his flesh arm wrapping around my thigh pulling me close. “Sweetheart I’ll write a number and you’ll repeat it in Russian If you can’t, you don’t cum” he said and I nodded, trying to keep myself steady as he traced his god sinful tongue over my cunt.

I felt the number seven and I moaned.

“семь” [Seven]

He continued with the number nine, his tongue tripping over my clit and down my slit.

“девять” [Nine] I whimpered

I was in a moaning mess when he reached the fourth, I was begging for release, the knot in my stomach so tight, my pussy was throbbing with want. He stroked my legs, his feather light touches doing nothing but pushing me further to the edge. “Sergeant please….I need to cum….oohh” I moaned.

“кончить для меня куклы”

[cum for me doll]

With those words, I came hard, panting as I did, Bucky’s tongue continued teasing me as he lapped up all of my juices. He set me down, using his fingers to trace my slit. Just as I thought he was bringing me down from my high, he thrust two thick fingers inside me. “Fuck!” I screamed as he moved them, repeatedly pushing his two metal digits deeper into my dripping cunt.

“Sergeant…” I moaned, feeling the pads of his fingers brushing my g-spot. I whimpered feeling my end inch nearer, my second orgasm of this morning approaching as he pressed the pad of his thumb onto my clit, rubbing circles and sending me over the edge. I gripped his arm as I came again. I threw my head back, my toes curled as I climaxed.

Bucky pulled his fingers out and cleaned them with his mouth. I watched him stand up, pulling his sweatpants and black boxer briefs down his legs. His length stood erect, he walked towards me and grabbed me gently by the arm. I knelt down knowing what he wanted me to do.

I fisted him, feeling his smooth, taut and rock hard cock. I gave his tip a few kitten licks, and moaned softly when he webbed his fingers through my hair, gently pulling it into a loose ponytail. I took his cock into my mouth, taking him in deeper inch by inch till his fat tip hit the back of my throat.

“бог куклы, ваш рот чувствует себя так хорошо” he groaned pulling my ponytail a little harder as he pushed his cock further in to my mouth.

[god doll, your mouth feels so good]

I sucked him harder, and when his dick twitched in my mouth, I knew he was close. So I pulled out the big guns, using my hands to play with his balls, gently cupping and rubbing them. He groaned, thrusting his hips. My gag reflex kicked in and I gagged on his cock. He twitched another time and he came into my mouth. I choked on his thick cum, tears forming in my eyes.

Bucky pulled out of my mouth, and I swallowed whatever he had to offer. “Good girl sweetheart” he said.

Bucky sat down on the mattress, and pulled me towards him. “Come here” I complied and swung my leg around his waist, followed by my left. He lifted me up, positioning his cock at my slick entrance. He coated his tip with my previous orgasm and my saliva. Slowly I sank down on his length. “Sergeant” I whimpered as his cock slid deeper into my cunt.

We both moaned when he filled me to the hilt. I started moving, bringing myself up before slamming myself down on his thick cock. “Shit (y/n)” he groaned. I whimpered softly as his hands held onto to my waist, bringing me up. He thrust upwards, and I moaned when his cock prodded my g-spot each time I sank down on him.

“ffuck…. (y/n)” he groaned as he tightened his grip on my waist. I moved faster, bouncing up and down on his cock, he watched me, his eyes dark with lust as he watched me ride him. I screwed my eyes shut, my pussy aching to cum. His eyes raked over my breasts which bounced every time I moved. “God I love these” he said softly. I cried out as my end drew near.

Bucky slowly lifted me up, pushing me onto my back. He spread my legs, positioning his cock at my entrance before he slammed in hard. He started moving at an animalistic pace, pounding my cunt. “Yes….yes…yes….ffuck” I screamed. The sounds in the room were pornographic as skin slapped against skin.

“I’m cumming” I whimpered, my walls tightened around his shaft, my walls squeezing him as I held onto to his bicep. I screamed his name as I came hard, I threw my head back, my legs trembling from the intense pleasure. Bucky followed, my walls milking him of his orgasm. He stilled. “Fuck…. (y/n)” he moaned as he came hard, his hot cum coating my walls.

Bucky pulled out panting as he rolled over. “I’m telling them about us, I don’t want Tony flirting with you again” he said as he handed me my shorts. I chuckled. “So you were jealous” I joked and he shot me a playful glare.

“If the two of you are done screwing each other’s brains out, sanitize the who god damn gym!” Tony’s voice echoed over the system. I heard Natasha’s laughter and Steve chuckling.

“Well I don’t think there’s a need for that. They already know” I said and pulled my tank top on. Bucky shot me a smirk.

“это просто означает, что я могу винт, который вы в любое время я хочу возлюбленную”

[that just means I can screw you anytime I want sweetheart]

Hope you enjoyed it!;)

curlygothisbae  asked:

hhh! Your art is so cute ovo I'm sorry to bother you again but what's your most favorite gayest episode of beavis and butthead uvu?

If i have to count a Top 5 then it will probably be…

  1. Buff n’ Stuff
  2. Walking Erect
  3. Take a Number
  4. TV Violence
  5. Beware of the Butt (”Hey Butthead, why are you so interested in my butt?”)

Honorable Mention(s): Baby Makes, Uh, Three & Butt, Butt Hike!

Imagine #3:Harry styles  Smut:Babysitter

Warning: Daddy and spanking kink  

Your POV

“Your not the boss of me!” I yell at my babysitter Harry. Yeah I know why would a girl my age have a babysitter. My parents think I’m to irresponsible to watch over my little brother, and myself. Its only because of that one time I snuck out of the house. It was one time!!!! They are away for the weekend so Harry has to watch over us. How stupid are my parent, your going to let a boy my age stay the weekend alone with us. He is a pervert, If they saw that they wouldn’t have hired him. He always makes me bend down to grab stuff and I know he looks. He also always stares at my boobs when Im running down the stairs. Now, do I mind it, no actually. Even though we argue and don’t get along. 

“Uh back up babe, According to your parents I AM the boss of you. So go and get the pan from the lower cabinet” he answers back. “Yeah, just to bend me over, pervert” I murmur from under by breath. “What was that?” Harry asked. I actually like teasing him. I love to get him all worked up and then leave the room. I slowly bend over and take a little while extra time to find the pan he needed. I get the pan and slowly turn around and see his bulge. Already? That was easy. I give him the pan and walk out of the kitchen. I over hear him curse under his breath and smirk to myself and go check on my brother to see if he is still taking a nap. After I see he is still sound asleep I head to my room and do random stuff on my laptop.

“No I’m telling you man, she’s a 10. Id defiantly tie her up if you know what I’m saying. I’d always wanted to spank that pretty ass of hers” I over hear. My bed room is right next to the stairs so i can easily hear whats going on down stairs. He is probably on the phone. He’s into kinky stuff? and me? Hmm, I’ve always fantasized about this, but never did i think i was going to do it. Im gonna fuck my babysitter.

Im first going to tease, more than usual. So I think I should slip into something more skimpy.

A cat. Whats kinky if not a cat? well the black lingerie set is new, but there cat ears are from halloween. I listen closely before walking down stairs. He is off the phone, it seems. I slowly walk downs and into the kitchen. He was there leaning against the counter looking at something on his phone. 

“Harry im hungry” I groan sexually. His head shoots up and his eyes meet my body. “umm…uh” he stammers he is at a lose of words. “The food will be ready in 20 minutes” He whispers, holding back his moan. I can already see his erection. I walk toward him and put my hands on his chest as he gulps. “Im not talking about food silly. Im hungry for your cock” I say innocently. His eyes are wide, shock making up his face. He quickly puts together the situation and smirks. “Really” he grunts and i node my head. 

Without another word in bent over the kitchen counter with my hands behind my back. He grabs a dish towel and ties my wrists together with it. “Now kitten” he says and spanks me. “I have only one rule you need to obey” he says spanking again “You do exactly what i say, and you call me daddy” he says spanking me yet another time. “Do I make myself clear” he asks. “yes daddy” I reply.  He spanks me again. It stings like hell, but it pleases me anyway. 

He stands me up “Get on your knees kitten” he demands and I obey, my hands still tied. I look up at him with innocent eye. He pulls down his pants and boxers not breaking eye contact. “Now suck” he demands and I do. I bob my head fast and suck, gagging a fe times. I graze my teeth on his shaft lightly a few times also. “Oh yeah-y-your making daddy happy’ he groans. Seeing him like this makes me so wet. I think I’ve soaked threw my panties I can tell he is about to cum and he moves away. He stands me up and bends me over the counter again. He spanks me yet again. “Oh baby , I’ve left marks” he grunts and spanks me again. I can’t help but moan at the pain and the pleasure of his words. 

Without warning he slides his monster cock inside me. “oh daddy” i squeal. He starts to pound into me recklessly. my hands are still tied which adds another element of feeling. Im already about to cum. Before i can cum, he pulls out and chums on my back, cursing under his breath. Then he goes down and shoves his fingers in me and roughly fingers me. “oh daddy I’m gonna cum” I moan. “Cum when daddy says to’ he said. His fingers quicken and he starts to count down. When he reached one I completely lost it. “yeah thats right kitten cum on my fingers yeah” he whispers in my ear.

He untied my hands and used the towel to whip the cum off my back. I go upstairs and get dressed and come back down. “Dinner is almost ready” he said shyly. I nodded awkwardly and leaned against the count. It went from me calling him daddy to this awkward state. “l-listen i was wondering if maybe we can go on a prober date” Harry asked rubbing the back of his neck. “yeah that would be nice” I agreed. “just don’t tell your parent about what we did on this counter” he said making us both laugh. 

We went on that date and developed a romantic relationship. Now he is my daddy every night.

Hello!!:) I really need to learn how to make a good ending:/ anyhoo this was requested(all the kinks and everything;) so if you want to read an imagine with a different boy or scenario go ahead and request one. I hoped you enjoyed and ill talk to you guys later xxx -Christina

Preference #6: Makeup Sex - Part 3 (Liam)

Your heels click on the pavement as you pace back and forth, clutching your coat around you in an effort to retain any warmth. You check your watch again and sigh, if Liam didn’t come out soon you were going to leave without him. Your blood is still a little hot from the argument that had sparked between the two of you before you left for this red carpet event, something that had been simmering since last night when Liam had gone out clubbing for the third time this week and dragged himself back into the house at half past three am smelling of liquor and sweat and trying to get lucky with you.

You had been taking small shots at each other throughout day, and the breaking point finally came when, as you were pulling out the shoes you planned to wear tonight, you made a (admittedly childish) remark about him preferring to be out all night at an after party rather than being at home with you, and Liam turned on you. The screaming match had begun, suddenly you were acting like an overbearing, nagging bitch that’s trying to change him and he was being a giant dick who takes you for granted. By the end of it Liam had shut down from you completely and you were close to breaking down into angry tears, not wanting to even be near him let alone go anywhere with him, but he was expected to make an appearance and you had promised him you’d go with him. The ride to the venue was silent and full of tension, but you managed to put on a smile for the cameras.

Throughout the night both of you had taken to blowing off steam by doing your own thing, mingling with a few other people you knew or simply engrossing yourselves in the spectacle on stage, and you weren’t ready to wring Liam’s neck anymore, but you still weren’t excited to play the ‘are we going to go to bed mad at each other or pretend nothing happened?’ game once you get home.

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