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Strong love (Harry Styles x Reader)

A/N: I hope this is not too cheezy! You know some of you do not like too much romantic stuff! haha. Anyway, I had this imagine in my head for a week and I was almost going to explode. I had this scenario in front of my eyes. *sigh* Hopefully, you enjoy this and please, PLEASE give me some feedback!!! I really want to know what you think of it! Thx <3

Word count: 1,205

The best feeling to ever wake up is when you notice that you’re wrapped up in the arms of the person that you love more than words can express. Soft breaths on my neck caused me to wake up early in the morning. I slowly opened my eyes. Our bedroom was already illuminated by the sunlight. I instantly could tell that the weather had to be very warm and beautiful. I smiled. I loved beautiful weather. It made me happy.

I became happier when I turned around and was greeted by the handsome face of my boyfriend. The smile on my lips widened. I think I’ll never be able to describe my deep feelings for him. Because I love him more than words can explain.

He was still asleep, soft snores escaped his slightly opened lips. I laughed lightly. He looked like an angel when he slept. So beautiful, so innocent and so pure. My heart always punched harder against my chest when I caught him in a state like this. I observed his flawless features. My fingers traced over his perfect jaw line. He is so damn beautiful. How did I even manage to win his heart? I really had no idea.

My eyes went down to his exposed chest. Last night’s actions were still lingering in the air. I still felt his taste on my lips as he captured his lips with mine into a hungry a kiss. I still felt his weight on me even though he lied next to me. I still felt his hands on me, exploring every inch of my body. I remembered the love, lust and passion in his eyes as he made love to me.

He made me feel perfect. He made me feel loved. He made me feel saved. And I couldn’t thank him enough for that.

Normally, even though I would let him continue sleeping, I had the urge to wake him up now. So, I supported myself on my elbows and leant forward to him. I peppered his face with lightly and gentle kisses. First his forehead. Then his nose. Then his cheeks. Then his chin and finally his soft and pouty lips. I loved the feeling of his lips against mine. The emotions that run through every cell in my body were indescribable every time he kissed me.

I knew he was awake as I felt his lips moving against mine. I slightly pulled back, looking at his mesmerizing green eyes. He smiled at me, tugging a lose strand of my hair behind my ear. His gesture was so affectionate, so loving, so caring. He put his warm hand on my cheek and I leaned against it.

“What a wonderful way to wake up.” He said. His husky and sleepy voice caused chills on my spine.

“Good morning, my love.” I whispered to him.

“Good morning.” He replied.

“How are you feeling?” I asked, letting my hands wander through his hair.

“Perfect…” He sighed, closing his eyes, enjoying my hands being buried in his soft curls. “Everything is perfect at the moment.”

It was. Harry’s solo career went quite well at the moment. 84 countries. He conquered 84 countries’ heart with his song. That was remarkable. He had a fantastic performance on the Graham Norton Show. I could see how proud he was on himself after he hit his last note. And that cute smile afterwards, it was everything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at the show one day prior to support and encourage him. But I watched it on TV. And hell, my tears streamed down my face like a waterfall.

I was so damn proud of my baby. Whatever he was planning in the future, I would always be there to support him. I would be there for him until I would take my last breath. I love him so much.

Suddenly, Harry pulled me against him, his arms engulfed me into a tight embrace. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck. My favorite place. Home. That’s what I’ve felt when I was with him. Home. He was my home.

“What are thinking about, darlin’?” Harry asked. His scent hit my nostrils and I breathed it in like my life was dependent on him. He smelt so heavenly.

“About you.” I admitted. At the same time I was lucky that he couldn’t see how red my cheeks were turning. “And how proud I am of you. How much I love you… “

“Is that so?” He questioned in with a playful voice. I looked up at him.

“Yes, Harry! God, it is insane how much I love you. Look at that, I can’t even keep my hands off of you. You’re addicting to me Harry!” He giggled. I was never embarrassed when I confessed my eternal and deep love to him. He knew how much he meant to me. I showed him every day by little gestures. And he did the same. He bought me a bouquet of roses, sometimes he would even buy lots of sweets and ice cream because he knew I was crazy about them.  

I never knew what true love meant until I met Harry. He showed me the wonderful side of unconditional love. I couldn’t thank god enough for sending such an angel like Harry into my live. He saved me. When I was about to give up hope or even give up my life, Harry was sent to rescue me. I had a reason to live again. Thank you so much, dear god…

“I love you to the moon and back, (Y/N). You’re my life. You’re my everything, my girl.”

I responded by singing a line from One Direction’s song “Loved you first”.

I never understood what love was really like…” I truly didn’t. Until I met him.

But I felt it for the first time, looking in your eyes…” He completed, then capturing his lips with mine again. Every time I felt his amazing lips on mine, it took my breath away. Every kiss he gave me felt like having my first kiss all over again.

“What are our plans for today?” Harry inquired, after pulling away.

I shrugged with my shoulders. “I have no idea. What do you want to do?”

“What about having breakfast outside and then walking through the city?”

“And being photographed by annoying paparazzi all the time?”

“You know we can’t hide forever. I just want to do normal things. I missed being “normal”.”

I kissed him. “Whatever you want, Harry. But before we stand up, can you do me a favor?”

He looked at me questioningly. “Can you sing your song for me again?” I loved “Sign of the Times”. I have to admit that my music taste was different than Harry’s but it was amazing.

“Of course love…” He said, caressing my cheek. Then Harry’s angelic voice filled the room, and I closed my eyes, enjoying the chills that run down my spine.

Just stop your crying, it’s the Sign of the Times

We gotta get away from here, we gotta get away from here

Just stop your crying it’ll be alright

It’s only that the end is near

We gotta get away from here…”

To the heartbroken

I want you to know that although you feel empty, and cold and lost, that there are a lot of people who love and care for you. People who want to make sure you’re okay. Friends who want to try and lift your spirit in any way they can. Family members who want to help you through this painful time. Oneline friends who want to help.

You are wonderful and whole. Just as you are. And I know that me saying this won’t fill that hole in your heart or the punch you feel in your stomach. But it’s all true. Every word of it.

I know you feel lost and alone. I know there are times at night, or when you wake up in the morning, or when you’re driving somewhere, when all you can think about is the pain you are experiencing.

But you will live through this pain, and you will grow from it. No, it’s not easy. Yes, it does hurt. And yes, it is very real. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get through this.

Reach out to your loved ones - your friends, your family, the people who care about you. I know the love you feel from them isn’t the love that you are missing right now but it will help you in the long run. And I assure you, they love you just as much, if not more, than the person you’re thinking about right now.

Heartbreak can be absolutely crushing. But you don’t have to suffer alone and in silence. Let your emotions out. Let your tears fall. And feel yourself grow through the pain.

You’ll get there eventually. I promise you.

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For both Steroline and Bamon - Who would: Ask the other to live together, make the other a striptease dance, ask the other to dance without music, choose costumes on halloween, the one who always wins the argumemts, who wakes up crancky in the middle of the night, makes the other one exercise, who would sing for the other, who texts the other one first when they miss them

LMAO these are going to be so hard for me, you have no idea. Okay:

Ask the other to live together?

  • Bamon - Damon. Bonnie would probably be bitching about having to renew her lease and her rent going up and Damon would be like ‘then don’t renew it’. All her stuff’s there anyway since he lives closer to the hospital, and she’s obsessed with his ridiculously expensive bed (that she used to make tons of fun of until it became her new favorite thing). Plus, his modern, fancy bachelor pad feels warmer with all her books and sweaters and fluffy slippers lying around, and as much as he complains, it’s never felt more like home than it does now that there are flares of her all over it. And most importantly, he has the Keurig machine.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan’s been feeling the situation out, not wanting to push because he knows she works at her own pace and there’s nothing that can slow her down or speed her up, she just is. So when she’s looking for a new apartment that’s closer to her job, he notices she’s asking for his opinion a suspicious amount, and it isn’t until she says, ‘Will your desk fit in here, though?’ that he realizes what’s happening. And he can’t help the smile. Because that’s Caroline. She doesn’t say ‘Want to move in together?’, she says ‘Will your desk fit in here?’, and he tells her that he’ll make it fit, and she nods nonchalantly and hides a smile in her coffee mug.

Make the other a striptease dance?

  • Bamon - Damon. Because 1. it’s Damon, 2. he knows it’ll cheer her up, and 3. it’s Damon.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan can get super lost in his cases and it’s a fun challenge to snap him out of it.

Ask the other to dance without music?

  • Bamon - Bonnie. And she still stands on the top his bare feet like a little kid, and she still hums ‘The Notebook Song’ offkey, and she still calls him a mush ball, and he tips her in outrageous dips and falls a little more in love with her every time. 

  • Steroline - Stefan. The apartment they end up getting has the tiniest bedroom known to humankind, but the kitchen’s big and has high ceilings and a bay window overlooking the Charles, and sometimes when they’re cleaning up after dinner, he’ll grab her hand and spin her around and pull her into him for a quiet, swaying moment. He still doesn’t ‘do dancing’, but he does it for her, and it makes her glow.

Choose costumes on Halloween?

  • Bamon - Both. It’s a fight to the death. The topic literally comes up in July and is a lightning rod of heated debate for months. Sabotage, blackmail, and seduction attempts are all fair game. It usually goes down to the wire.

  • Steroline - Caroline. And they’re always stylish and clever because she makes them herself. But sometimes she makes Stefan wear tights because hey, if they cape fits…

The one who always wins the arguments?

  • Bamon - Damon, usually. Not necessarily because he’s right, but because he’s a bottomless pit of frothy counterarguments and can literally debate forever and Bonnie stops caring because Naked and Afraid is on and a lot more interesting. But if it’s something that actually matters, Bonnie. Except she doesn’t argue, she declares and that’s that.

  • Steroline - Half-and-half. Caroline tends to get more carried away and heated in arguments and Stefan stays really patient and level-headed, so on any given day, it’s just a matter of whose stamina wins out.

Who wakes up cranky in the middle of the night?

  • Bamon - Damon. Shivering. To no blankets. And no pillows. Because somehow, a girl who’s almost an entire foot shorter than him takes up twice the bedding.

  • Steroline - Caroline, because Stefan always slips out of bed at 2 AM to work when he’s got a big case coming up, and she worries he’s not getting enough sleep.

Who makes the other one exercise?

  • Bamon - Both in different ways. Bonnie makes Damon go to open dance classes with her and he always ends up being the life of the party (he loves Zumba and yells ‘arriba!’ throughout the entire thing), and Damon drags Bonnie to the gym for weights (she complains the whole time and almost kills him when she gets distracted - ‘jesus, bon, you’re supposed to be spotting’ ‘I meaaaan, I spotted the froyo stand’). 

  • Steroline - Same deal. Stefan coaxes her into morning runs through the public garden and even though she never wants to go at first, she loves when they stop at the top of the footbridge to watch the sun spill over the pond. Plus, she gets her revenge when she drags Stefan to her spin class (which he still calls ‘biking’ and still finds really stupid because you’re doing all this work and not getting anywhere). 

Who would sing for the other?

  • Bamon - Bonnie sings freely and horribly. Full-volume Disney anthems are an evening shower staple, regardless of if Damon is in there with her, but he does occasionally manage to veer the sounds she’s making into something way less G-rated. Sometimes he just joins in, though. Their neighbors aren’t happy about either one.

  • Steroline - Caroline. Stefan knows a few songs on the guitar, but mostly he plays meandering, improvised melodies, and every now and then, Caroline will add lyrics. Sometimes it’s her poetry, sometimes she makes it up on the spot, but she has a pretty voice that she’s shy about and the rareness of it makes him love it even more.

Who texts the other one first when they miss them?

  • Bamon - Damon has exactly two modes of missing Bonnie - he gets grumpy as hell and starts complaining about literally everything (’this airport blows’/’”please secure your mask before assisting others” is such a fucked up metaphor for america’/’why is seattle so goddamn cold’/’why is everyone so happy in LA’) or he sends a long, whimsical, Shakespearean sonnet about how the world is ending. 

  • Steroline - Caroline. And Stefan always knows it’s coming because it starts off as a checklist. (’Did you remember to bring your external hard-drive?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Did you drop the dry cleaning off before you left this morning?’ ‘yep.’ ‘Are you sure you packed the tie I picked out?’ ‘actually I swapped it for the one Damon gave me for christmas’ ‘The blue one?’ ‘the one covered in penises’ ‘I miss you.’) 

This legit took me like 45 minutes to answer what are priorities.

My mind is but shadows;
surrounded by mist filled memories-
waking up from them each morning
and yet I cannot reach them
they keep
from my fingers- and yet
I still feel them all around me
tasting their presence, breathing
their essence;
suddenly remembering everything as if
I’m still there

time is an illusion
my mind keep whispering with foggy breaths
and I desperately try to let go of these
mythological stories inside my head-
edged with love and sorrow
I keep going
yet moving forward

can you be in two places at the same time?

I cannot seem to find what I had
grasping for what is lost
wishing for another chance
missing the opportunity to
move on
and find a new happiness in love

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write a moment or concept you want in the future

I have so many I could write about but I’ve been thinking about this one a lot lately.

I would wake up in a beautiful bedroom in my dream home. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and the light is peaking through the window. I have a great job that I love and I’m not stressed and we’re financially stable. I’d be holding onto Leah (we’re married at this point) and I’d rub her back and kiss her cheek until she wakes up. Then I’d give her a good morning kiss and fall in love with that beautiful sleepy face like I do every morning. And then she’d roll over and I would kiss her pregnant belly and tell our baby how much I love them and how I’m so excited to hold them soon. Then me and Leah would talk about how excited we are to have a family and talk about how far we’ve come. Then I’d go and make Leah an amazing breakfast in bed and spend the day relaxing and taking care of her. OH AND we would have an adorable husky laying on the bed all day with us too.

That’s got to hurt - S.M - Part 8

Chapter 7 here 


Dave had called me that morning jarring me awake from a pleasant dream, I was surprised when Elentiya didn’t wake up, her name still perplexed me. It was such a beautiful name. I had slid out of the bedroom as quietly as I could to take the call.

“what’s up?” I answered the phone.

“look at the front cover of today’s magazine.” He stated deadly.

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(1) imagine a pocketsized jungkook collapsing in your palm after being too tired from playing the whole day. you quietly pull the sleeves of your pullover over him, like a blanket. as you watch him snuggle in your palm, you fall asleep too on your bed. in the morning when you wake up, you see a real sized jungkook lying peacefully facing you, your lips almost touching o.o


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C-could you give me some..... ummm ... Goodmorning giggles? 🙊🙈

Actually, I was going to ask you to giggle for me!
How cute would it be if you woke up to my neck buried into your neck? I would giggle against your sensitive neck and say “Good morning, my sweet heart! How’s about giving me some good morning giggles.” And I would kiss along your neck and stroke you with my beard until you really started to giggle for me. Then I would hug you close, snuggle you tightly, and boop your nose.
“I love to wake up to your giggles.”

I’m having surgery on Friday morning. I’m having my wisdom teeth extracted. They’re gonna put me to sleep for it ! I better not say weird things after I wake up. I have to take a lot of medication, too, which I don’t really like. Especially if I have to take pills…

Other than that, I’m not really stressed out over the surgery. The doctor thought I was when we were talking but I was only nervous because of the, uh, social interaction.


Oh my goodness, I’m so not coordinated. Today was Cardio Axe and High & Tight. I’m NOT a dancer by any means, but it was still fun. I forced myself I enjoy it because usually I would get frustrated by not nailing the moves in Cardio Axe. Before the workout, I walked a ton this morning, 13k+ steps. So my legs feel a little tired. I decided to save my run for tomorrow and not do the Hiit workout my trainer had on the schedule. I’ll do the Hiit workout tomorrow after my run. If I don’t feel too tired from the Sculpt workout.

The preworkout drink was much better today, no itchy hands or tingly arms. I noticed that even though I didn’t sleep well last night, because Doug kept waking me up with his tossing and turning, I actually felt good this morning.


( “ Saw you walk inside a bar, he said something to make you laugh; I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours, yeah you look happier, you do. — Happier, Ed Sheeran )

“Can I please wake them up?”

“No, let them sleep a little while longer. Besides, you’re the reason they probably didn’t get any sleep last night.”

“Excuse me, I don’t believe that I was the one screaming, ’Fuck me, Mark!’ until two in the morning.”

“You are despicable. And…and evil.”

“Yeah, well, you said you did always like the bad boys.”

A groan wedged its way from April’s throat as she nestled further into her pillow, eyes daring to peek open at the sound of Mark and Lexie’s voice. There the two of them stood in the light of the bathroom, shoulder to shoulder with their heads cocked and arms folded over their chests as they observed the sight in front of them. Mark had a smirk draped over his lips, all too pleased with how the situation had unfolded itself, and too busy caught up in his pride to be as attentive as Lexie was. She caught April’s bleary staring before April had the chance to blink.

“Morning, sunshine.”

                                                read here!

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Hi! This is the anon about my sister being induced, I just thought I'd update you! The baby has been born, and the preferred situation happened where my dad didn't have to wake me up this morning (he does tomorrow, but there's less time restraint so it should be okay), and everything went really well for me :) also I'm super happy about having a niece!!

That’s awesome! Congratulations on your new niece! Niblings (gender neutral for niece/nephew) are the best!


Speed Racer

I move around all night, I wake up a dozen times and sometimes I ask for water. Every night we go to sleep with three blankets and wake up with none because I move them. But somehow every time I wake up, you’re holding onto me. When I do wake up I’ll move into a comfortable position and you’ll follow me. If I lift my head up, you check to make sure I’m okay.

We’ve come a long way in such a short amount of time. Just a few months ago I was writing letters about how I snuck out of your bed and played with Uno cards because I wasn’t sure if you wanted me there in the morning.

Curly Hair

Video Game Date With TJ Perkins would include

Originally posted by 205source

- Instead of going out on a romantic dinner, TJ invited you to his place

-He ordered pizza and had your favorite video game in the PS4

-You would lay in his lap as you both played the video game

-He would kiss the top of your head every so often

-After playing the game for a while, you and him ate pizza

-You and him talked ate pizza while watching movies.. scary ones at that

-TJ would laugh when you jumped at a part in the movie and get closer to him

-After eating pizza and watching movies, you would go back to video games

-TJ would always challenge you but you always win

-”I swear you let me win.”

-”I promise I didn’t babe.”

-”Mhm, sure.”

-You would stay up until about two in the morning

-You would stay over at his place for the night

-In the morning, he would wake you with kisses against your neck up to your lips

-It was a blessing to wake up to the most handsome boyfriend ever!

How I Know I’m A Goody Two Shoes.

Right, little rant, just wanted to get this off my chest because I feel absolutely awful even thought this was a minor slip up. 

I am a college student, and we’ve had two weeks off. Before we broke up, our tutor had told us all the plans for the next couple of weeks, including when he come back, and days we have off. 

Now, this is where I messed up. That night, I had dreamt that my tutor, had said something extra- that we would have the first Monday back, off, because of some training thing they had to do. This dream was so real, I had convinced myself it was, even telling and reminding my mum I had this day off for the entire Holiday. 

So Monday comes around, and my mum doesn’t wake me up to get ready at 6 in the morning, and I sleep until 11 because I’m lazy, and after two hours of not checking my phone, which had texts from my mum telling me this, and my friend who is at college wondering where I am, I finally get a message from said friend, @rebeccabarna, wondering if I was okay. I see this, and think. “Oh, maybe she’s wondering how I am because I haven’t talked to her since last week”, and then she asked me why I wasn’t at college, in which I realised, I’d fucked up. 

I asked her to apologise to our tutor for me, and I feel so bad, that I’ve wrote an actual full page letter trying to explain and apologise to her, hoping she won’t be mad. 

I know that the whole “dreamt it happened” sounds crazy, but it has actually happened to my mum twice. One time she dreamt I’d asked her for cereal, and when she asked me the next day which type, I had to tell her I hadn’t asked her for cereal. The other time, was over a decade ago, when her mother died when I was four. She had dreamt that after she was cremated, my uncle had took the ashes, buried them in his garden, and that a flower bush had grown there, and was thriving because… you know… remains are good fertiliser. She believed this as fact for nearly a decade, before the morgue called her and asked “Hey we still have your mother’s ashes, do you want them?” and after being confused and talking to her brother, realised that she’d dreamt the whole thing, and it was so real, she believed it. I guess it runs in the family.

Anyway, sorry for ranting, I just wanted to explain why I hadn’t posted anything else yet, I was kind of having a meltdown over a minor slip up and apologising to everyone, but so far everyone just thinks it funny. I still feel awful though.

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…


I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;