it used to be 45 dollars

Since my food stamps post about the woman using food stamps while wearing a north face coat is circulating again I thought I’d throw something out there. The other day I was thrift shopping and I found a north face hoodie in my size. I payed 8 dollars for a hoodie that retails for 45-80 dollars. Just goes to show that you absolutely cannot judge someone’s status by what they are wearing. And even if you do go there, being poor does not mean you are undeserving of quality items. If you saved up to buy something nice that’s going to last longer than one of those thin Walmart jackets, you deserve it and that is nobody else’s business.

anonymous asked:

how do you do the edit thing where you put sunglasses on ppls faces

So I use SAI but this should work with any editing program. First get your picture then find sunglasses. Use the wand tool to select around it then delete that area

scale and rotate those cool shades

You can use the deform tool and I recommend changing that perspective meter based on what you want.

remove any excess (like part going above nose, other bar-thing hold those glasses on your ears…. which this cat isn’t using for these… If it looks weird you can use a small brush to smooth it out

and finally grab the other bar-thing and use the deform tool or transform tool, it depends on the angle, and change it to your design

If you don’t have any programs (SAI is like 45 US dollars), I recommend GIMP because it’s free and kind of like photoshop, though there may be different steps and directions.

I heard FireAlpaca is free and almost identical to this program, keep in mind that neither FireAlpaca or SAI are actually made for photo editing, they’re for drawing but I’m rebelious

I hope this helped! I might make a GIMP tutorial but I don’t have the program right now.


On this day in music history: April 13, 1985 - “We Are The World” by USA For Africa hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks, also topping the R&B singles chart for 2 weeks on May 4, 1985. Written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, the benefit single recorded for Ethiopian famine relief becomes one of the most successful humanitarian efforts of all time. Following the singles release in early March of 1985, it quickly becomes one of the fastest selling singles ever released when it sells out of its initial pressing of 800,000 copies in two days. Entering the Hot 100 at #21 on March 23, 1985, it rockets to the top of the chart three weeks later. On Good Friday, April 5, 1985, over 8,000 radio stations around the world play the song at exactly the same time as a show of support in the effort to assist in the famine relief effort. On May 16, 1985, then Columbia Records president Al Teller presents the first royalty check to the USA For Africa Foundation, which is for $6.5 million dollars. By June of 1985, the first cargo plane with food, medicine and other supplies take off for Ethiopia and the Sudan. A year after the songs release, sales of the single, album and associated merchandising have raised over $45 million dollars and continues to generate revenue to this day. “We Are The World” wins four Grammy Awards including Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, and Best Music Video, Short Form in 1986. “We Are The World” is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Ok serious talk, if you’re able to make your own stickers instead of having to use a website like say, Redbubble, then please do.


Redbubble changes the price of a product depending on how much of the percentage you want to earn. (I.e. you want 50% of profit) 
A reasonable price for stickers is $2 (which is like 10% profit or so)
“But what does that mean?”
 That means you the artist will get paid in dirt. A measly .45 some cents.

Right now I have my own stickers set at like 100 some%, that makes the public price $4+ dollars just so I can get $2 back.


And get this, most of your sales (if you’re lucky) will come from like “If you bought this, you’ll like this” recommendations to customers and that’s usually to apply a discount.
Now you’re small .45 cents will now be .23 cents.

Redbubble is shit and you deserve better.

Now, if you don’t have the essentials to make your own and you have no other way besides Redbubble and other similar sites to make your stuff, that’s ok. I understand the struggle. 
But please, do try to find a way to eventually make your own because
 you deserve so much more for your work!

Why? Part II - Zico Scenario

Originally posted by myungsxxs

  • Request:  Can I get a scenario where Zico and the reader r best friends and the reader has a crush but hears dating rumours with seolhyun and she ignores him happy ending please ❤️❤️❤️ for admin amanda plzzzzz
  • Genre: Still angsty AF / Fluff found somewhere hopefully
  • So this scenario will magically have more parts and you’ll probably have to wait like another 2 months before you get part 3. Anyways I hope you enjoy part 2! ❤️  -Admin Amanda

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Send me a number and I'll talk/rant/gush about...
  • 1: A fond, childhood memory
  • 2: A song that means a lot to me
  • 3: My favorite local food place
  • 4: My job/school
  • 5: What I believe in
  • 6: My favorite four-letter word
  • 7: An awesome game I like playing
  • 8: My first fandom
  • 9: The first time I kissed someone
  • 10: My computer
  • 11: The place I live in
  • 12: What I first wanted to be when I grew up
  • 13: My celebrity crush(es)
  • 14: Something I'm looking forward to
  • 15: Something I'm dreading
  • 16: My favorite book
  • 17: A memorable first encounter with a person
  • 18: The last time I'm cried
  • 19: My hero(es)
  • 20: My greatest fears (excluding oblivion because dozens of other nerds who read TFIOS will say that)
  • 21: My sense of humor
  • 22: A date I went on
  • 23: The outfit I'd wear all the time if I was in an anime
  • 24: The best birthday I've ever had
  • 25: A story I'll never get tired of telling
  • 26: My guilty pleasure(s)
  • 27: My music taste in middle school
  • 28: The place I want to go to the most
  • 29: Someone I look up to
  • 30: The weather where I live
  • 31: Something I haven't done in awhile that I used to do
  • 32: What I'd do with a million dollars/my regional equivalent
  • 33: My thoughts on money
  • 34: My history with memes
  • 35: The last thing I ordered on the internet
  • 36: Who I'd be in a fantasy world
  • 37: Roleplaying
  • 38: My favorite type of weather
  • 39: The last time I got out of the house
  • 40: The last time I laughed really hard
  • 41: The last time I spent the night at someone else's place
  • 42: The last movie I watched
  • 43: What I want to know most at the moment
  • 44: Politics
  • 45: Chris Pratt
  • 46: A moment when I had butterflies in my stomach
  • 47: The nicest thing ever said to me that I remember
  • 48: One thing I live for
  • 49: The obligatory crush number where I will be forced to talk vaguely about them or describe my boyfriend/girlfriend/datefriend in a gushy manner
  • 50: I dunno, butts?
Let’s Go To The Mall!

Or, the Avengers going shopping on Black Friday weekend

Characters involved are Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Scott Lang, Natasha Romanoff, Vision, Maximoff twins, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker

This may or may not be inspired by Black Friday and the fact that I spent over a hundred dollars in five hours

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                Since announced in August, the fashion world had been locked with anticipation in regards to Alexander Wang’s newest collaboration with Adidas. After wowing the crowd with his S/S line Wang transitioned the attention towards a cryptic film teasing the collaborative collection.  The campaign imagery was shot by Juergen Teller; starring Rocco Ritchie, Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s 16-year-old son. Immediately following the short film, the former Balenciaga designer debuted the Adidas collaboration featuring 70+ models including pop icons Madonna and Nicki Minaj as well as on the rise model Kendall Jenner would work their way down the runway wearing black track suits covered with upside-down Adidas trefoil symbols which in turn blew the crowd away. The unisex collection featured athleisure looks featuring cotton pullovers and board short style pants. Staying in touch with modern trends, oversized garments were also in attendance. It was, as Wang himself had said, “the biggest show we’ve ever done.”

                When asked about the choice to feature the iconic Adidas emblem upside down on all garments by Vogue, Wang said “Originals is such an iconic brand, with instantly recognizable symbols and trademarks. It’s both grounded in heritage and also completely modern.”With this collection, the idea was to take the codes and iconography of the Adidas Originals brand and look at what their symbols mean and turn them on their head, to invert what’s on the surface and add a layer of subversion; also to toy with the idea of what’s authentic and what’s fake, and how a certain setting can change perception entirely.” With Alexander Wang succeeding in court and as a result winning 90 million dollars from over 45 defendants who had been operating hundreds of sites dedicated to selling Alexander Wang knockoff merchandise, many believe the upside down trefoil symbol is in homage to the latest controversy. In addition to the upside down logo, Wang used an image of the email pertaining to copyright infringement & cease and desist as a graphic on the back of the tee designs.

               For Adidas, the company has been thriving on working with artists such as Pharrell Williams, Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto, so to work with Alexander Wang is practically a given. “I’ve been a fan for a long time, this connection he has with culture and New York and breaking down boundaries,” said Nic Galway, vice president of design for Adidas Originals, who began exploring a partnership with Wang the day after attending the designer’s 10th anniversary runway show last September.

               As for Wang, this was his chance to indulge in his passion of sneakers. “I grew up on sneakers,“ he said. "It’s a very interesting time obviously for sportswear, the whole market and how people utilize fitness, incorporate it into their daily uniform. So the sneaker is something that I’ve always been very close to. And it’s always been something that’s very hard for us to do in house, to be honest — obviously Adidas has the most innovative resources.”

                On September 15th Adidas x Alexander Wang branded trucks packed with the first nine styles released of the 84-piece collection set up shop in New York City while the London and Tokyo drop were set up September 17th for distribution. The integrated pop-up launch concept was thought up by creative director Ferdinando Verderi, as the truck sale represents “a rejection of traditional retail and is inspired by subverting the boundaries between fashion and streetwear and overturning commonly accepted rules”. The pop-up trucks held the limited capsule from Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang, The limited launch included Tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, athletic shorts, a skate shoe and more. The tees, Sweatshirts and hoodies are graced with the graphic appliqué, while the sportswear silhouettes will feature a co-branded monogram with an inside-out stitching of Adidas’s iconic Three Stripes. The pop-up exclusive black colorway of Alexander Wang’s skate shoe notes a needle punched upside down trefoil, herringbone structured foxing tape sole, and Italian suede upper with one-piece overlay construction.

                By 3 a.m., just hours after Wang’s collection was announced sneaker collectors and fans of the designer alike began lining up for a secure purchase. By noon, the line had stretched almost two blocks, from Canal and Mercer to Mercer and Grand. Promptly at 12, helpers of Wang x Adidas jumped into the back of the truck, started pulling out merchandise for sale, placing them into black trash bags tied with a white Alexander Wang bow, clearly a nod to the infamous Canal Street vendors.

anonymous asked:

If I have 45k US dollars saved up how much can that last me in Thailand ?

I could do a year on 45$ in Thailand. (NOT including visas though)

Id bet anyone 300k USD that I could. 

You dont need much money if you got passion man!

Your gifts make room for you in life!

Prom (Miles Luna/Reader)

lunaarynn said: What about Miles/Reader high school!AU at a dance or graduation??

Word Count: 1.063

Warning(s): Cursing, I think

Summary: “I’ll tell you what, Arryn. If Miles Luna asks me to go to prom, yeah. I’ll go.”

Author’s Note: Yeah, Miles! I totally forgot how much I loved him, and then I spent all of yesterday watching RWBY, and then I saw the Gangnam Style RT life, so god bless you Kat for requesting this omg

Also, please let it be known that I absolutely adore Miles and Arryn’s relationship and I wish nothing but the best for them. The same goes for any person I write a fic for when they’re already in a committed relationship. This is fiction. If you don’t like it, please don’t read it.

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magical fourth questions (an icebreaker-style ask meme)
  • : so for some reason it has become my position to come up with icebreaker questions for most groups i'm in, and they're generally well received so here are some of them in the form of an ask box meme thing
  • 1: if you had a one-way time machine, what time period would you want to live in?
  • 2: if you had a magic tree house (like the books) and could only bring one other person on your adventures, who would you choose?
  • 3: if you were a pair of shoes, describe those shoes.
  • 4: if you were a painting, what would you depict?
  • 5: if you were a bird, what strange materials would you add into your nest (shoelaces, pompom pieces, hair, etc)?
  • 6: if you were a butterfly, what would your wings look like?
  • 7: if you made a horcrux, what object would you use?
  • 8: if you could have any other language be magically placed into your brain so you could speak it as though you were a native speaker, what language would you choose?
  • 9: if you were weather, what would you be?
  • 10: if you could own a celestial body (star, planet, asteroid, etc), what would you want?
  • 11: if you could bring back any trend, what would it be?
  • 12: if there were another one of those "sending things into space for the aliens to know about humans" things, and you got to choose something to sen into space, what would you send?
  • 13: if you could be best friends with any character from something produced by disney, who would you pick?
  • 14: if you were a piece of furniture, what would you be?
  • 15: if you were toast, what would you have on you?
  • 16: if you were a city, describe the kind of people who live there.
  • 17: if you were a nascar racecar, what would your number one corporate sponsor be?
  • 18: if you were a material (silk, leather, tweed, etc), what would you be?
  • 19: if you were a potato, how would you be prepared?
  • 20: if you were a mix for creating a baked good, what baked good would you create?
  • 21: if you were a box in an attic, what would you contain?
  • 22: if you were a graffitied wall, what would you say?
  • 23: if you were given ~luck~ but it needed a vessel to be carried in (a lucky coin, a lucky necklace, etc), so that you only had the luck when you were carrying/wearing said vessel, what object would you choose?
  • 24: if you were a broken clock, what time would you be stuck at?
  • 25: if you could design a crest (like a family crest or a house crest if you're into harry potter) to represent you, what would it look like?
  • 26: if emotions could be induced through medicinal means, what emotion would you want to try?
  • 27: if you were a farmer, what would your primary crop be?
  • 28: if you were a briefcase, what would you contain?
  • 29: if you could only wear one pair of pants for the rest of your life, what pair would you choose?
  • 30: if you could read any book for the first time again, what book would you choose?
  • 31: if you had antlers, where would you want them to be placed on your body?
  • 32: if you were a bag of chips, what would your chip-to-air ratio be?
  • 33: if you lived in a medieval story, what character trope (witch, knight, peasant, etc) would you be?
  • 34: if you had a pet shark, what would you name it?
  • 35: if you had to move to any other planet in this solar system, assuming you would be provided with conditions to support life, which planet would you choose?
  • 36: if you could double the efficiency of any of your organs (make your stomach digest twice as fast, make your brain twice as smart, etc), which organ would you choose?
  • 37: what is your favorite pattern?
  • 38: if you were a sorcerer/sorceress, what would your wand/staff look like?
  • 39: what flavor fluoride do you choose at the dentist?
  • 40: if you were a shampoo, what would you smell like?
  • 41: what would you combine with chemical X to make a powerpuff you? (instead of sugar, spice and everything nice)
  • 42: if you were an item in a dollar store, what would you be?
  • 43: if you were a mattress, what size would you be?
  • 44: if you were a crayola crayon color, what would you be? (purple mountain's majesty, mac n cheese, etc)
  • 45: if you wrote a young adult novel, what would the name of your protagonist be?

Donation Watercolor Postcards (12/01/2016)

I’m so sorry I need to ask for help again. Not only am I struggling to keep up with rent and my general medical bills, but I learned recently that I need to have my gallbladder removed and I do not have enough money to get it done. 

I had been experiencing extremely painful gallstone attacks for a few years now, not knowing what they were or why they were happening. I got an ultrasound last month because the attacks became so frequent I thought I was dying. I was shocked to be able to clearly see stones of all sizes in the scans. My doctor told me I need surgery immediately. 

If you haven’t known anyone who has gone through this, the severe pain can be described as worse than a heart attack or giving birth to a baby.

If I don’t get it out, my gallbladder could rupture and develop an infection that can be life-threatening. That surgery can easily cost several thousand dollars and I am nowhere near capable of affording it.  Which is why I am reaching out to you kind and generous people. 

I’ve always felt a sting of guilt whenever someone donates to my paypal. So from now on, I will send postcards to those who use the donate button on my blog or donate to my paypal directly with my email ( no matter what the amount is.

Even if you donate $2.50, you will get your own postcard. Not a print, not a digital file, but an original hand painted watercolor postcard.

Those who donate over $45 will be able to request a custom painting on your postcard. All who donate lower than that will receive whatever I decide to paint. 

If you are a fan of my artwork and have never been able to afford a commission or items from my shops, this is your chance to add my paintings to your collection. If you can only donate $1, you still get a postcard from me.

Once you donate, please email me your name and address and I’ll get started on your card right away. Your wait should never take longer than a month because I’ve started using these cards as my sketchbook. 

Thank you in advance to those who donate or share this post, I appreciate all forms of help!

raxra  asked:

8, 18, 19, 21, 32, 40, 45, 48

8.Do you prefer reading paper or electronic books?

18.Tell us about an early childhood memory.
I don’t have any cool memory, but I remember rescuing each one of my dogs and they changed my life so, yeah, I remember finding homeless puppies on my yard all the time.

19.What is the strangest thing you have eaten?
Wasabi, maybe (I hate it)

21.What are you most thankful for?
For my parents having enough money to support me and my brother.

32.What are you afraid of?
Failing in life.

40.If you had to have a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it?
This, my dear, is the million dollar question.

45.What is your most used emoji?
The laughing one. 

48.Describe yourself using one word.

Thank yooouuu!


a collab with francis @ganseyiil for the wonderful chelsey @cigarettesmokeandexyracquets​‘ birthday! hope you have a great day💕

Andrew jumps out of the cab he called from the exy stadium, feeling more energetic than he usually does after playing a game. As per usual, he didn’t really try all that hard, and ended up playing less than half the game since he’s the backup goalie for his pro team. He didn’t let any goals in or anything, but wasn’t exactly putting his heart and soul into it.

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Don't mess with my laundry.

So the dorm that I currently live in has one laundry room (it’s one of the smallest dorms on campus) with 10 washers and 10 dryers. The other day I loaded up an empty machine, paid, and left the laundry room.

A bit of backstory: to pay for laundry at my school, you go to a little box on the wall, choose the machine you want, and swipe your ID card you can load it up with (Team Name) Dollars and use it at stores on campus, etc- you have to use it for laundry. There’s no quarter option or anything.

Fast forward to me returning about 45 minutes later to move my stuff to the dryer, only to find that someone had taken all my stuff out and left it in a soaking pile on top of the washer and put their stuff in. I see that all the washers have filled up in my absence, so I get that he was looking for an open one, but based on when I got there my cycle had ended about seven minutes ago.

Really? You couldn’t wait? Generally people in my dorm are pretty good about getting back down to their laundry in a reasonable amount of time.

So after retrieving some socks from behind the washer (thanks buddy) and loading my stuff into a dryer, I decide to go get my laptop and sit in the laundry room (which is a common occurrence) to see who just couldn’t wait to wash.

The guy comes in after his cycle and loads all his stuff into a dryer, swipes his card, and leaves.

Here’s the thing about this little payment box. You can pay for your washer/dryer, but you can also add time to a dryer cycle if you have a lot of stuff in the machine- costs 25 cents to add 15 minutes- and anyone can add time to any current load. Generally, people don’t unless it’s an accident, and it happens, but…hmmm.

He’s got 35 minutes left on his load, I make it 50. He comes back at the time he thinks it should be done -I was still in there, casually surfing the internet- and leaves again, a bit confused, but maybe he just thought he got the time wrong. After he’s gone, I get up and add another half hour to his load before heading back up to my room.

Maybe this will teach you patience, buddy.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here.


The feel when you score the ultimate deal at Torrid!

Okay so I only went in there to buy a new bra I swear. But I looked at the clearance section and they had a Belle dress in my size for $89. Still too much for me but I wanted to try it on anyway. I mean, I never find stuff like this in my size. There’s two little rips in the overlay fabric, no biggie. I feel like a freaking princess and I look pretty damn good. I ask if the two rips are why the dress is on clearance and the cashier says they are but I can give it to you with another 50% off the clearance price. $45.

Fourty five freaking dollars you guys.
Well you can bet your sweet ass I bought it. Corey’s mom says she can fix the rips and I’m planning on using it for our wedding (whenever that day comes!)

need $$ for food

We’re two mentally ill Trans people, my partner has schizophrenia and works 40+ a week being underpaid for the work they do, I have BPD and deal with PTSD and am also disabled and can’t work outside of the home, whatever money we do make is currently being sucked up by bills, we only have 20$ for groceries again this week (sept 30) and won’t be getting any more money until next week (oct. 7)

We’re paying a 120 bill, a 200 dollar bill, a 45 dollar bill and the last of that money goes to food and gas, leaving us with about 10$

If you can’t donate PLEASE REBLOG THIS

We’ve been losing weight rapidly over the last month and a half since we had to spend all of our savings in one go and have nothing to fall back on for right now, we’re waiting for a tax check to come in but the person we’re dealing with hasn’t been getting back to us and it’s a good chunk of money that could help us out that we’ve been waiting on for months now

I’m hoping the holiday season will help me make more money from my craft work so if you’re interested i something hand made in return for a donation, message me on here and lemme kno!