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Harry Styles on SNL: A Recap
  • harry did this cute lil dance with jimmy i couldn’t breathe
  • harry as mick jagger on family feud literally saved the acting industry
  • sign of the times live? the rasp of harry’s voice? the note changes? his high notes??? an absolute masterpiece!!
  • he was teary eyed after the performance and did the prayer hands harry you deserve the whole world
  • harry was a prisoner and basically showed us a preview of dunkirk
  • harry for the life of him cannot keep facial hair on him, not even fake ones
  • EVER SINCE NEW YORK!! “tell me something i don’t already know” is now stuck in all of our heads
  • again!! with his high notes!!!!! he’s full of raw talent and passion!!
  • he did the kiss hands thing oh my god im deceased
Arrival: Louise Banks [INFJ]



Introverted Intuition (Ni): The entire premise of the movie hinges on Louise understanding…. the absolute incomprehensible. The other plot device of the movie is Louise having constant flashbacks which actually turn out to be flash forwards. Louise thus becomes one of the first humans gifted with the ability to see the future and subsequently works within these terms. When signs point to the aliens having hostile intent, she feels it in her guts that there is actually an alternative explanation to it and becomes adamant in making the rest of the world shift to her perspective. 

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): As a world renowned linguist, she is also a gifted communicator. She is optimist and prefers to believe that the aliens have peaceful intentions. With the ability to bend time, she uses it to convince the Chinese general to reconsider retaliation against the aliens by using words of his deceased wife in order to get a emotional hold of him and subsequently change his mind. Despite knowing what she knows ahead of everybody, she still decides to live out the family life.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Her mission requires a massive amount of analysis. Comparing data meticulously, piecing everything together to get a broader picture and so on. She starts figuring out small isolated words and concepts then eventually with help of her physicist colleague, they crack the code that the aliens’ language and concept of time is non-linear. 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Though meeting an extra-terrestrial species face to face would be enough to overwhelm anybody, Louise needs to retract and get inside of her head to reach her breaking conclusions. In the end, she learns that she will face love and loss and is ready to embrace it, deciding to enjoy every bit of joy she has in front and ahead of her as it is fleeting. 

“The Mourning Locket”

The former shinigami, Undertaker, was wearing a jewellery wrapped around his hips and is known to be a “Mourning Locket”.

Mourning Jewellery has started around the 16th century but was widely asscoiated during the Victorian Era. The death of Prince Albert in 1861 made the trend reached its high point when Queen Victoria and the member of her high court wore black clothings with matching mourning jewellery for decades. Lockets are popular to be used as a mourning jewellery which some used the locks of the deceased person’s hair as a keepsake. They usually use a glass pane in front so that the locks of the hair won’t fall out. The hair is carefully woven into different designs and some would write the names, dates or message that is related to the deceased person.

Source: Collector’s Weekly
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The Other Prince + A CS Modern Royal AU [Chapter 3]

Modern Royalty AU: HRH Prince Killian has grown up in the shadow of the crown while enduring tragedy and the burdens of being the spare to the heir. With a desire to escape his past, he agrees to play host to the visiting general’s daughter in exchange for an eventual life outside royal bounds. Moving on is never that easy though and he quickly learns that being the ‘other’ prince is even more difficult when you find yourself falling for the girl everyone wants your brother to marry.

Catch Up On Previous Chapters: One, Two
Also on and AO3.

Word Count: 5,064

Alright, here’s the next Killian chapter! Lots of backstory and setting the stage for what’s coming - I know a lot of you are anxious for Killian and Emma to meet and I promise, it’s coming! Stick with me :]

The route to the palace was a familiar one and Killian wagered little had changed since the first time a driver escorted him from Kensington to the heart of Westminster. The streets of metropolitan London were busily lined with citizens taking full advantage of the near noon bustle, scurrying along to various shops and pausing for late breakfasts at any one of the various cafes found in the downtown district. Their lives seemed casual and enviously simple, a fact that Killian tried not to harbor on as he stared out the window of the unmarked black car Liam had sent for him. It was highly likely that his dutiful brother was already well immersed in whatever task list a future king gets handed when he shows up at Her Majesty’s headquarters very bright and far too early.

Such a stubborn arse, Killian thought as he ran a hand over his unamused eyes. It was probably for the best that the Queen was part way around the globe for now. The absence of their lovable yet all too proper Gran and the steaming cup of coffee Marco had brought along were the only two things lending him luck at the moment.

“Around to the back gate, your highness?”

“Aye,” Killian nodded, glancing up toward the rear view mirror with an arched brow. “But are we ever going to agree on you calling me 'Killian’? I’d thought we were well beyond formalities by now, mate.”

He caught the humored smile of the man in the driver’s seat via the reflective overhead glass, accompanied with familiar eyes set in typical analysis and a beard almost all white as a reminder of just how long the loyal confidante had been chauffeuring the royal family around. Marco was a former carpenter and had come from Italy right around the time of the last elaborate royal wedding, beginning his work initially in one of the palace’s many gardens on instructed maintenance and upkeep. It hadn’t taken long for the flower loving and recently wed princess to prod him into an unlikely friendship, one that was built around what blossomed on royal grounds but eventually extended into a bond akin to family.

Killian had heard many tales of those simpler times from Marco on their countless drives together, his favorite including a time when building a royal crib suddenly became a request for the man who was more accustomed to being asked to pull weeds. He had told Killian so much about his mother over the years - how she lovingly bossed him around when it was time to select what to plant for spring, how she’d all but demanded that he attend every holiday banquet as an esteemed guest of their family, and how he’d helped her learn bits of conversational Italian while escorting her between the regal grounds and whatever location she was destined for. It was this kindly man who’d migrated to London only a few decades earlier who had been instrumental in their lives for a number of critical years, certainly long enough to see the high points and the extremely low ones. He’d claimed teasingly several times that there were very few rides more unpleasant than the time he drove the royal couple and their second newborn baby boy - one with 'strong lungs and even stronger opinions on London traffic’ - home from St. Mary’s on a very snowy January morning.

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Night walking protection & invisibility glamour

For those of you in need of safe passage after dark, whether you’re out drinking with friends or roaming between ports, I’ve made a spell jar for night travel protection and invisibility.

As a lifetime collector of curio, I had lots of weird stuff laying around even before I started practicing, which I now use in my craft (that hobby of mine was perhaps a sign of things to come). But there are several redundant ingredients in this jar, and if you only have one for an intended purpose, that will serve you just as well.

  • A jar small enough to carry (a sachet is good too)
  • *Cat fur (for watchfulness, intuitiveness, silent movement)
  • Mugwort (protection, safe travel)
  • Poppy seed and/or mustard seed (invisibility, confuse enemies)
  • Paper and pen
  • Safe travel sigil (I used a pair of Icelandic sigils, one on each side, against theives and against evil by land and sea)
  • Dark blue glitter (protection, invisibility)
  • Gray thread (glamour, invisibility)
  • Candle (either dark blue, or one of the gray-scale colors: white, black, or gray)

Draw your sigil on your paper and charge it however you prefer, but a silent method may be preferable in this case. As my sigil was double-sided, I held it between my wrists and charged it with my pulse.

Set aside your gray thread. Light your candle(s), and begin placing the rest of the ingredients inside your jar as you focus on stilling your energy, cloaking it from those around you.

Take your gray thread. As you tie a knot in one end of the thread, whisper,

I pass through the night silent, light-footed,

As you tie a knot in the other end, whisper,

Invisible to all the monsters of the darkness,

Now loop the thread snuggly around the neck, and as you tie a knot to secure it, whisper,

And the shadows protect me from harm.

Cap your bottle and use wax from your candle to seal.

If you leave decently long ends on your thread, you can tie it onto a necklace, belt loop, etc, to wear.

*I hope this doesn’t need saying, but just in case, please collect your cat fur ethically. I used saved fur from a deceased kitty of mine. If you have your own cat, use shed hairs if possible. You can also scritch a friendly kitty with bent fingers, which they will enjoy, and after a few passes you should have a bit of hair on your hands.

Update: US and Canadian Nationals have me like

So asks might be a little slow while the Nats finish up and I recover from them. But feel free to scream at me about the competition in my askbox.

I am so proud of the Shibutanis and my girl Karen Chen and Mirai and I am rooting for Nathan and praying for no more hip injuries. Good luck guys for the Men’s free skate.

[BLOCK B OFFICIAL] Hello. This is Seven Seasons.

Pyo Jihoon(PO)’s mother has passed away from a chronic disease.

While Pyo Jihoon and his family were participating in her funeral with sadness in their hearts, and said his last farewells to his mother.

To the family of the deceased, the procedure of the funeral will be kept confidential to the media and to the fans and the coffin will be buried on the 29th in the morning. We won’t say anything else aside from that. All of the fans, please give us your understanding.

Please pray respectfully for the deceased.

okay, so, since it has become horrifyingly clear that marc guggenheim and his minions pretty openly don’t like katie cassidy, i’ve seen a lot of people asking “wow, what did she do to make them hate her so much?”

i’d like to address that question:

…nothing. she did absolutely nothing. how do i know that? well, let’s break that down.

let’s start with: there is literally nothing she could have done to warrant this kind of treatment. full stop.

these people, mostly men, were her bosses. they were in a position of power over her and her livelihood. they used this power to consistently demean her importance, push her aside, and disrespect her for over four years.

they did everything in their power to try and make laurel unlikeable and when people instead connected with her and loved her louder than the hate, they shoved her aside, eventually slaughtered her character, and still continue to use this deceased (read: fridged) female character as a punching bag.

they shoved katie out of the show for literally no reason, replaced her, and they continue to keep her on contact -which limits what other projects she can take on - despite not giving her any work.


not to mention, there is countless proof that she was nothing but professional, prepared, classy, and friendly while she was working on arrow. she praised those writers every chance she got because she was so grateful and happy to be playing dinah laurel lance. she threw her heart, her soul, and her body (several times over) into that role.

every actor she worked with praised her and loved working with her. these are not just her co-workers; they’re her friends. and it’s not just the regulars. it’s the guest stars, the extras, the crew members. everyone who has worked with her has praised her. (and genuine praise - not the bullshit company line guggs and his minions spew.)

i want to be clear here: katie did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this kind of disgusting treatment. she was not and is not the problem. this is on them and only them. for four years, these people used her job to punish a woman simply because they did not like her. let that fucking sink in.

you feeling a little horrified and nauseated right now? good. that means you have a conscience.

make no mistake: guggenheim and his minions are not just bad writers. they are bad people.

warning signs → pcy

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→ mafia!park chanyeol
→ in which two respectively fucked up people found a way to love each other despite the warning signs.
→ word count: 2.5k
pt 1 // pt 2 // pt 3 // pt 4 // pt 5 //
→ song of the chapter: honest by the neighbourhood

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