it turned out so well!


Happy Birthday to our cute sunshine hero ♡ |
↳ ★ Kirishima Eijirou ★ 10.16 ~ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ ♥

flower cloak.


I shouldn’t have made some parts of this so complicated, but it was an experience.

[Belated] Congratulations to the Jacksepticeye community for 17 Million subscribers + 5 years on YouTube. Here’s to many more years of fun.

Inktober day 28 - What if Jack Skellington went down one of the other holiday doors instead??

This is based off of the prompt that @thatsthat24 gave for today. Valentine’s day is kinda like Halloween, it just has a different kind of heart-pounding excitement and candy giving. Tried a different style for inking and coloring this piece, and I can’t help but like how it turned out. Don’t know how I’ll use this style again, but hopefully an opportunity will arise.

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Egotober, Day 06 - Sepsis

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Didn’t really know how to go about this day so I decided to break out some good ole gross gore. Poor Anti isn’t really feeling well…