it turned out really bad and i'm sorry

OK, so I saw this really cute picture of Leafeon pressing flowers to Glaceon’s mouth (the same way that Gon is to Killua) and I started squealing and then this happened. I think it turned out pretty decent.

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

Day #3 of #12daysofcanon from @thebaywindows
“We’ve been dating for a month, can’t we just tell ____?”

“Alright,” Maya started, giving Lucas a quick peck on the lips. “I have to leave so I can get to Riley’s before school.”

“Don’t leave yet,” Lucas begged with a puppy dog face.

“I have to.” Maya tried to entangle herself from Lucas’s arms but he tightened them around her so she couldn’t escape. “Come on, Huckleberry. Let me leave.”

“I don’t want to,” Lucas pouted. Maya gave him a look that said he better let go or face the consequences. “Fine. But at least let me walk you there.”

“No can do, Ranger Rick. You have to meet us at school so Riley doesn’t question why we’re together.”

“We’ve been dating for a month, can’t we just tell Riley?” Lucas asked.

“How do I tell Riley that I’m fucking her ex-boyfriend?”

“Well you could probably leave out the fact that we’re having sex,” Lucas stated. “She’s with Farkle now. We broke up mutually. She’d want you to be happy, even if it is with me. She doesn’t need to know our sex life, but I think she should know we’re dating.”

“Like, I hear the words coming out of your mouth, but I’m not really processing them,” Maya joked. “I don’t know how to tell her or how to bring it up. How was your weekend? ‘Good, yours?’ Great, I spent it with Huckleberry. ‘Why?’ Oh, ‘cause we’re dating now.”

“It doesn’t have to be an awkward thing, Maya,” Lucas promised. “Tell her you need to have a baywindow chat, and say, ‘So, I’m dating someone.’ And she’ll say something along the lines of, ‘YAY! Who’s the lucky guy, peaches?’ And you’ll say, ‘Lucas’ or ‘Huckleberry’ or whatever and she’ll be happy for us.”

“How do you know that? What if she hates me?”

“She won’t hate you.”

“But you don’t know that.”

“I do know that,” Lucas told her exasperated. “Did Riley tell you that she actually broke up with me? It was mutual but she initiated it.”

“She never told me that,” Maya replied.

“Her words to me were, ‘I think we should break up. I think I like someone else and I know you do, too.’ And I told her that I liked her and she said, ‘You like me as a friend. But you like Maya as more than a friend. Go. Tell her you love her.’ And I didn’t want to admit it then, even to myself, but I did like you as more than a friend.” Lucas revealed. “She told me to get you back. She won’t be mad at you.”

“Why didn’t Riley tell me that?” Maya stared at Lucas confused.

“I think she wanted our moment to be our moment.

“Come tell her with me?”

“I’d be honored, ma’am.” Lucas tipped his imaginary cowboy hat.

Maya playfully shoved Lucas backward, only to be returned with a sweet kiss to the lips.

“Come on, let’s go tell Riley about us, Shortstack.”

Lavender ✽

Bisexual Percy Headcannons

It’s bi-visibility day, so I thought I’d write some bisexual Percy headcannons!

- Okay so since he was 12 Percy has been so preoccupied, as a result he literally never got time to even question his sexuality.

- It’s not until he turns 17 after the giant war that it even occurs to him that he might actually be attracted to guys, like he had a crush on Annabeth for so long and heteronormativity and internalised biphobia/homophobia made him just assume he was only attracted to girls.

- Plus Percy is pretty embarrassed about being attracted to anyone anyway, and gets embarrassed so easily about it.

-he probably realises he’s attracted to guys because of Nico saying he had a crush on him to be honest

- once he starts to think about it, he realises that he is definitely bisexual (he totally realises his huge crush on Luke from when he was younger)

- He definitely talks to Sally about it straight away, who of course is an absolute Saint about it.

- I reckon he tells her that he’s worried what people will think, and she tells him he doesn’t have to tell anyone if he doesn’t feel comfortable 

- (and that if he wants too he shouldn’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t accept him anyway)

- I think it’s quite a while after until he tells anyone else. He definitely has some internalised biphobia.

- after a while, I think he tells Paul next?

-I’m not too sure how close they are, I like to think they are and he seems to be in canon, but I’m not 100%. 

- but assuming he tells Paul, Paul is totally understanding and nice too.

- I think he’d be really nervous to tell Annabeth at first.

- this could be totally self-indulgent but I like to think he talks to Nico about it, and he comforts Percy by saying how nice Annabeth was to him when he came out as gay.

- I think he would be worried she’d get jealous or something?

- which I don’t think she would, I think she’d be totally nice and accepting of it, she knows Percy loves her and him being bi doesn’t change that or make it more likely he’ll cheat. 

-I mean Annabeth is quite a jealous person, but she wouldn’t get more jealous because of this.

- basically after that is just Percy being happily and openly bisexual and totally smitten by Annabeth Chase at the same time, and Annabeth chase is just an amazing person as usual too.

- once Annabeth gets used to the idea her and Percy totally talk about guys being attractive (read: Jason) and Annabeth is bi too (so they talk about girls as well, PIPER).

Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1

What am I doing instead of writing up the requests I got and doing my homework? Writing for Prince!Joshua. TBH I actually really like the idea of Prince!Joshua but this AU turned out really bad. I have yet to write an AU that I am truly proud of. ONE DAY!

dt: @kikhwa  @jisooscat  because Jenny is the biggest Joshua fan I know and also @jisooosgf because perf and ily and also @pastelmeatballs I HOPE YOUR FRIEND ENJOYS THIS (tagging @seokmins-angel  just in case lol)

  • Real-life Prince Charming tbh
  • Looks so regal in his suits. It looks like he just came out of a fairytale or something
  • Whenever he has to go to official meetings or appear on TV he has his hair styled, but on more casual days he just leaves his hair as it is and even though it’s supposed to be a “casual hairstyle” he somehow makes it look so elegant like how??????
  • Is literally so kind to his staff
  • Regularly pops into the kitchen to see if the cooks need any help. They always refuse, saying that they don’t need his help, honestly, it’s fine, your highness, but Joshua just rolls up his sleeves and helps wash the dishes (because he’s not a very good cook and would probably burn all the food)
  • Wakes up in the morning and fixes the sheets and blankets himself so the servants and maids don’t have to do it. When they walk into his bedroom and see that the bed is all neat and tidy they’re just like “His highness…such a sweetheart” because they know how much he cares for them
  • Always politely bows to any of the servants or staff that pass him by in the hallways and they’re just like “Your highness…please…no…we’re supposed to bow to you…not the other way around…” but Joshua just keeps bowing because he believes politeness is key
  • Such a gentleman, honestly
  • Once saw this female servant struggling to carry a bunch of boxes stacked on each other and she couldn’t see because the boxes were obstructing her view and it looked like she was about to drop them, so Joshua went in front of her and helped steady the boxes
  • The servant let out a relieved sigh and was like “oh my goodness, thank you so much” and Joshua popped his head on the side so the servant could see him and smiled really big like “haha it’s no problem!” and the servant f REAKED O UT
  • Tried to take all the boxes away from the servant like “here, let me take these” and she was like “N-NO! I CANNOT LET YOU, YOUR HIGHNESS! IT IS MY JOB TO BRING THESE TO THE KING!” but Joshua wouldn’t let her and was like “I cannot let you continue to carry these boxes at the risk that you get hurt. Please, let me bring these to the king” and the servant got so embarrassed and was like “o-okay…”
  • One day the King just sighs and is like “Jisoo, you need to let the staff do their job…” and Joshua was like “But they might get hurt!!!!!!”
  • Went to another kingdom with bodyguard!Jun, royal advisor!Seungcheol and gardener!Jeonghan (he brought along gardener!Jeonghan because he wanted some nice, friendly company) and when he stepped out of the limo he was greeted by the sound of excited squeals
  • All the (eligible) males and females had gathered around to get a glimpse at the charming Prince Joshua that they had heard so much about. They’re all screaming because he looks!! better in!! person!! and he has!! really handsome!! servants!!
  • Some people are actually crying because he just looks so much better in person.
  • Bodyguard!Jun is blocking the crowd from reaching out and touching Jisoo, and is also having fun because some of the people in the crowd are trying to flirt with him while he’s protecting Jisoo and he flirts back with 10000+ grease power and all of them love it
  • Near the front of the crowd, a girl gets pushed by some people that are trying to fight their way closer to Joshua, and she falls on the ground
  • Joshua saw what happened and quickly walks over to the girl, despite the protests from bodyguard!Jun and royal advisor!Seungcheol.
  • Gets down on one knee in front of the girl and is like “are you okay?”
  • The girl looks up, tears falling down her face, and her eyes widen upon seeing him standing before her and then quickly looks back down because he’s so handsome up-close that it’s hard to look him in the face
  • Wipes her tears away with his handkerchief and then softly takes her chin between his fingers and tilts her head up so that she’s looking at him
  • “Don’t cry, everything will be alright,” he says, and the girl swears that she saw his eyes sparkle. He puts his handkerchief in her hands and helps her stand up
  • The girl thinks that he’s going to walk away, but before he does, Joshua goes back down on one knee, places a soft kiss on the girl’s hand, and then smiles softly, causing her to turn R EAL RED
  • Advisor!Seungcheol, bodyguard!Jun, and gardener!Jeonghan are all really surprised like your highness!!! When did you become so charming??!!?
  • Joshua turns really red later on because OHMYGOODNESS DID HE REALLY DO THAT???? S O EMBARRASSING!!!!
  • You’re a kindergarten teacher and one day you send a letter to the royal family, wondering if they could maybe send someone from the castle to come to your class and teach the kids a bit about the royal family and what they do.
  • Royal advisor!Seungcheol gets your letter and is like “Hey, we should do this. Should we send Jihoon to go talk to the kids?” but everyone else is like nononono that’s not a good idea, Jihoon would probably get really angry at the hyperactive kids and yell at the
  • Gardener!Jeonghan turns to Jisoo and is like “hey, you should go. You’re the prince, next in line for the throne, you know more about the responsibilities than any of us do” and everyone else is like “yeah, that’s a good idea!”
  • Joshua agrees to do it, although he’s a bit nervous because he doesn’t want to mess anything up and give the kids the wrong idea about the royal family.
  • Royal advisor!Seungcheol is just like “jeez, calm down. They’re just kids, they’re not going to judge your shoes”
  • Tbh you hadn’t really expected anyone at the castle to read your letter, which is why you’re pleasantly surprised to see one of the royal limos parked outside of the school.
  • You had expected them to send over a royal representative or something, maybe an advisor, but when Joshua steps out of the limo you s HRIEK
  • Royal advisor!Seungcheol walks up to you and is like “Are you the teacher that sent a letter to the castle asking for someone to come and talk to your students?” and you’re just like “u-uhm, yeah” and Seungcheol is like “Great! I’m Choi Seungcheol, royal advisor! Nice to meet you!”
  • “Nice to meet you, Mr. Choi” you say
  • “Oh no, please, call me Seungcheol,” he says. “Or, if you’d like, your next boyfriend.”
  • You’re really startled because W HOA is this guy flirting with you?????
  • “This is Kim Mingyu, his highness’s butler, and Wen Junhui, his highness’s bodyguard.”
  • The butler has his hands in his pocket, his head is tilted, and he’s looking at you with a lazy smirk. You avoid looking at him at all costs because this guy looks more like a model instead of a butler and it is honestly a little much for you to handle
  • The bodyguard walks up to you and points at the flowers behind you in the tiny garden
  • “Did you grow those yourself?” he asks, and you’re just like yeah, with a little help from the kids
  • “Out of all the flowers here, you’re the prettiest one.” The bodyguard takes your hand in his and places a small kiss on it and you’re just like ohmygod what is with these guys?? Why are all of the members of the prince’s staff like this?? Are they all this greasy???
  • You’re starting to wonder if the prince is as greasy as them, but then you realize that you don’t actually see the prince anymore. You look around, trying to find the prince, and then Mingyu steps to the side, revealing Joshua, who had been hiding behind him the entire time
  • Joshua had been hiding behind Mingyu ever since he saw you because he wasn’t expecting you to be so cute. He had cringed a bit when Seungcheol and Jun had flirted with you, and he knew that Mingyu probably smirked at you.
  • When Mingyu moves away, Joshua kind of squeaks, but then clears his throat and tries to act more royal-like because he has an image to maintain, he can’t let a cute kindergarten teacher make him get all blushy
  • “Oh, are you the prince? Hello, nice to meet you,” you say and bow politely. You introduce yourself, and before Joshua can say anything, your students run out of the school and gather around Joshua.
  • Joshua is basically standing in the middle of a swarm of tiny children, looking very nervous and worried (and also a bit sweaty?)
  • “Are you the prince?” one of your students asks.
  • “Yes, I am!” Joshua replies, smiling at the kids.
  • “Did you come to marry our teacher and take them to your castle?” another kid asks and Joshua turns sO RED SO F AST and you’re so embarrassed like no, students, please don’t do this to me…. meanwhile Seungcheol, Mingyu, and Jun are just on the side, laughing their heads off
  • “O-oh, n-n-no! I-I came to ta-talk to you about the responsibilities I have as a prince!” The students are a little disappointed that the prince didn’t come to marry you (because they know you deserve to marry a prince) but then they’re also excited because yay!! a real prince!! talking to us!!
  • The talk goes well, and when Joshua is done talking to the kids about his princely responsibilities, the kids go outside to have lunch and you invite Joshua and his staff to stay and have lunch with them, to which they accept.
  • You’re sitting under a tree, eating your lunch and watching the kids play with Seungcheol, Jun, and Mingyu when you hear someone clear their throat. You look and see Jisoo awkwardly standing there, holding his lunch.
  • “M-m-may I j-join you?” he asks timidly and you’re like yeah, of course, please sit down! He sits down next to you and it’s really awkward and you can see Joshua fiddling with his fingers and he looks so shy it’s so adorable
  • “Thank you for coming today,” you say. “I didn’t expect you to come.”
  • Joshua tells you that it was no problem, he really enjoyed talking to the kids. You two start to have a nice conversation, but then one of the kids runs over to you and is like
  • “Hey, Prince Joshua? I like your shoes” and Joshua’s face lights up with the power of the sun and is like “Really?! Thank you!” he’s so happy that the kids didn’t think his shoes were weird and in the very back Seungcheol is laughing so hard that his sides hurt
  • The kid runs away, and you and Joshua just watch the kids play around. Mingyu is giving the kids piggyback rides on his shoulders, Seungcheol is lifting kids into the air, and you can hear Jun having a lovely conversation with one of the little girls
  • “When I grow up, I wanna marry Prince Joshua!” she exclaims excitedly. Joshua blushes and Jun goes “Why would you marry a prince when you can marry a bodyguard? Bodyguards can protect you from all the bad guys!” and the little girl lights up like “Yeah! That’s a good idea! I’ll marry you instead!” and Jun just laughs and winks
  • It comes time for Joshua and his staff to go back to the castle to and all the kids are whining, begging for them to stay longer and to be honest you kind of want them to stay too
  • Seungcheol and Mingyu get back in the limo after saying their goodbyes. Jun stands by the door, holding it open, waiting for Joshua to get in the limo
  • Joshua doesn’t get in the limo—at least, not yet anyway. He stands awkwardly in front of you, and you’re looking at him, waiting for him to say something. Joshua wants to say something, he really does, but it’s just that he’s so awkward with these things and he just met you but you’re so cute and nice and oh no he’s blushing again
  • “Thank you for letting us come here,” Joshua finally manages to say.
  • “Of course! Feel free to come back anytime!”
  • Joshua bows to you, and you’re startled because wait, isn’t he the prince? why is he bowing to you??
  • Quickly walks back to the limo, where bodyguard!Jun (who had seen the entire awkward conversation) teases him
  • “The teacher was pretty cute, huh?” Jun says with a grin. “We should tell your father to stop looking for your future mate because I think we just found ‘em”
  • Joshua brushes him off with red-cheeks because marriage? that’s so far away. And he can’t marry you, he just met you! He would have to visit you at the school for at least another month, and then ask you on a nice date, and then date you for three years, then propose to you under the moonlight…or something like that…
  • “God, Jisoo. Under the moonlight? How cliche can you get?”
  • Shut up, Seungcheol. Joshua will propose to you however he likes. Oh…he should really consult royal wedding planner!Wonwoo about yours and his future wedding….
  • Prince!Joshua is a charming guy who unintentionally makes everyone fall in love with him, but when he’s around you he’s a red-faced, blushing, stuttering mess and his charming self just suddenly disappears. Seungcheol, Mingyu, and Jun totally ship your relationship with him. Even though Joshua has only really hung out with you once (and he’s not sure if it really counted because there were tiny children and three members of his royal staff) he’s already planned out your future dates and your wedding. What a cutie

Kija for @tartsplace ^^ Sorry for taking it for so long!

sam vimes was this wide-eyed naive kid who volunteered for the watch because he friend did, and who worshipped john keel and believed in ideas such as right and wrong and that things could get better, who thought politicians might really bring a better tomorrow and that he could make a difference  and the point of the watch was to protect the people but keel dies and things don’t get better and snapcase turns out just as bad as the rest and the watch doesn’t dare run too fast after a criminal (poor old gaskin) and they’ll never make a difference, not with the guilds, not with the way the city turns and sam slips into drink and despair and he can no longer believe in any of those ideals that drove him so much when he was young and one of the first things he tells carrot is that anyone who volunteers for the watch needs their head examined probably because he can’t see why anyone would volunteer themselves for the pain he’s been through 

Title: Ailing
Relationships: Gavin Free/Ryan Haywood/Michael Jones
Summary: Michael is sick and Gavin naturally freaks the fuck out while Ryan has to take care of the both of them.
For: mogartrash

Gavin rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he trudged into the kitchen, bumping against Ryan’s side. “Where’s Michael?” he asked groggily.

Ryan pressed a kiss against Gavin’s temple. “He hasn’t gotten up yet.”

The Brit slowed his advance toward the refrigerator and turned. “Wot? He’s always up before me.”

“Maybe he wanted to sleep in?” Ryan offered.

It didn’t sit well with Gavin, though, so he trudged back through the crew’s house toward Michael’s bedroom and slipped inside. “Michael?” he asked into the quiet darkness.

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I feel really bad for Johanna Mason

At the end of Mockingjay (both the movie and book) most of the victors get a happy ending. We find out what happens to all of the victors (all the main ones at least) except two, Beetee and Johanna. Based on what we were told about Beetee, he seems like he would do fine. He seems less mentally damaged than most victors and he’s a genius. It’s safe to assume that he does alright after the war.

But Johanna on the other hand, probably not well. She did not fare so well mentally, she likely had an array of mental disorders and a drug addiction to boot, and on top of all that, no one. She made it clear that she had no one she loved, and no one who loved her.

After the war, nearly every person was consumed by reconstruction, either of the nation or of themselves. All the other victors got to work trying to fix themselves and likely received help. But no one loved Johanna, sure some people liked her (such as Katniss and Finnick) but with one dead and the other screwed up so much she wouldn’t ever be OK in her lifetime, there was no one left for Johanna. She wasn’t important like Katniss, she wasn’t smart like Beetee, she wasn’t sweet like Peeta or Annie. She was more like Buttercup than any other character. So she probably was forgotten. Sure she probably had her basic needs met for the rest of her life, but not much else. And then what? She must have had to live the rest of her life trying to cope. But how? Drugs. Alcohol. And even then, she may not have been able to cope. With just Johanna and her thoughts, she probably didn’t make it very long.

I’m not saying she killed herself (she could have though), she probably just lost the will/willpower to continue living. You and I can sit here all day coming up with happy headcanons about how she did but if you look at the facts, I would say they don’t look good for Johanna Mason.


((OOC: OKAY, completely unrelated to the koopalings, I have a temporary tablet working for me right now! Snail is letting me borrow their old tablet till I get a new one: as it turned out it WASN’T the drivers causing the issues, like it had been for a lot of people, but the tablet’s pooped out. >:0! So I might, after I finally finish the commission I have, open them back up to start a fund for a new tablet. qvq

So, for practice, I started drawin’ squids for a super secret project I’m doing. eve Which is not actually a secret, it’s right here. Or at least the blog is. The content remains a secret.

More koopz to come in the near future, however!))

(this is for picklestpickle)


Eren has never been one for drinking. Even aside from the awful taste, he’s just never really felt any desire to partake in it.

But on this night, he’s had more than his fair share of wine. It had started to taste less bad the more he drank, and the strange anxious feeling in his gut had died a little more with each glass. After awhile he’d felt weird and giggly, but now everything is sort of heavy and hazy.

Eren tilts his head back and stares up at the night sky. It seems really bright tonight. He’s pretty sure it’s not just the wine.

There have been a lot of nights these past few months that have made him feel this way. Since the fall of the titans and the ongoing exploration outside of the walls, the open sky has never felt more enchanting, more inviting.

Eren hiccups, covering his mouth belatedly with a hand.

Luckily no one is out here with him, all too busy drinking and recounting stories inside.

“Had a bit too much, huh?”

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Here is my completed road trip spread! I hope you will give this and the uncompleted road trip spread some love <3 I really like the way this turned out and I hope you do as well. Right under the word “Adventure”, I tried underlining with a mildliner but it smeared and so I tried covering that up. I don’t think it turned out too bad. :3 Thank you! Please enjoy and anticipate! :P


so, after a bit of a mess up with a job today, i decided to spend 8 hours starting to (kinda) learn photoshop. i’m pretty good at editing photos and stuff but this sort of thing’s completely new to me. i’m just starting with like, really simple backgrounds and stuff, plus i had a go at removing a few backgrounds which turned out… ok :’3 there were a few more that were so bad i didn’t save though~

so yeah i guess this can be considered my head start for the monty oum project, on monday i think i’ll start writing again for the first time in nearly a year :3

also i’d kinda like @angie-collective to see these since she kinda sorta maybe inspired me to even try