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The Hound was right, she thought, I am only a little bird, repeating the words they taught me. (Sansa, AGOT)

Arry was a fierce little boy with a sword, and I’m just a grey mouse girl with a pail. (Arya, ACOK)

i like the contrast between these two personas. sansa has always been courteous and pretty but its not until kings landing that her natural disposition becomes her  tools for survival. even after the lannisters betray and abuse sansa she’s expected to be joffreys grateful betrothed. she has to smile and dress well and say everything that is required of her. 

arya adopts a somewhat similar persona when she’s a prisoner in harrenhal. she becomes a mouse, nonthreatening and vulnerable, just like her sister. the major differences are defined by status. while sansa is in a cage for display arya is in a maze wheres she’s just another pow. sansa recites pretty words arya quietly observes. arya wears scratchy grey clothes, sleeps in straw, and scrubs harrenhal until her hands bleed. 

Sansa stalked away with her head up. She was to be a queen, and queens did not cry. At least not where people could see. (Sansa, AGOT)

I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry. (Arya, ACOK)

sansa rarely compares herself to any animals and even when she thinks she’s a little bird its not even her own thought. animals are not particularly relevant to her experiences. she prefers things like songs and social status. her bird-esque behavior also predates her hostage crisis and exists after the fact. this is another huge difference. arya constantly uses animals as symbols throughout her journey. but the direwolf is the one she always comes back to in the end. 

I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth. (Arya, ACOK)

Be brave, she told herself. Be brave, like a lady in a song. (Sansa, ASOS)

again, this is reflected in their castle(/prison) escapes. arya relies on her wolf instincts for survival. but those would have little use in sansa’s situation. i think another factor her is that arya’s actually been inside a wolfs head. she is connected to nymeria, body and soul. sansa’s bond to lady was severed before she got inside her wolf’s head. but ultimately i think its just a difference in personality. 

A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what. (Sansa, AGOT)

I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. (Arya, ASOS)

Running Out Of Time

pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: ANGST

requests: “Anonymous asked: because I’m a literary masochist (apparently), pretty pretty please may I have just all kinds of Lin angst? Ruin me with your words” (i didn’t write this for the request specifically, because i have another fic in the works that’s angst as well which i wrote for the request)

summary: Nine years of being married to Lin, and each of them was a blessing. (idk how to summarize it, just stay for the storyline please)

Okay wow this fic really took a lot out of me. Thank you to @sunshinemiranda for the advice and for generally being amazing! This was somehow inspired by What I’m Proudest Of by @ourforgottenboleros, who also inspires me daily. I don’t know how to feel about this fic. Enjoy!

words: 4050 lmao oops



Lin paused the episode of Gilmore Girls and turned to you.

“Remember how our first conversation was about how boring parents were?”

“We were 4, though, so that’s perfectly acceptable.”

“Remember when you avoided me all through primary school?”

“That was because my friends wouldn’t stop singing ‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G’ whenever you talked to me!”

“Like I would’ve kissed you then, girls had cooties.”

“That wasn’t what you said in high school at that party.”

“God, shut up. I was drunk, we were separated in middle school, and that was the first time I saw you in a dress, okay?”

“Funny how we became best friends, though. Our friendship prevailed through the violent road of high school, college and after college.”

“Funny how we had such faith in platonic sleepovers and we really believed it when we said ‘Oh, we’re just friends.’”

“Funny how I told myself I wouldn’t marry you because my mom thought you were the perfect guy.”

“Funny how I’m getting married to my best friend and nothing has ever felt this right.”

“That, I can agree with.”

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Holidays // Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: I got really drunk last night which resulted in this short little Christmas oneshot. I apologize for the boring title but I just can’t think of anything ;-; Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by crimnatic

Spencer awoke to a loud knock against his door. He groaned as he turned and looked at the clock, noting that it was already one in the morning and wondering who could possibly be at the door at such a time.

“Coming!” He yelled out as there was another knock. His feet dragged in exhaustion as he made his way towards the door, not bothering to look through the peephole as he pulled it open.

“Hey Spence,” you greeted with a slight giggle.

“Y/N? It’s one in the morning- Wait, are you drunk?” he asked as he looked at the bottle in your hands. You looked down at it and gave another laugh.

“I guess so. Kinda have to be with my family,” you replied with a drunk giggle. He knew that your family stayed up until midnight on Christmas Eve, and you had already voiced your displeasure with having to spend it with certain family members you weren’t so fond of. Spencer chuckled as he moved aside and allowed you in, catching you as you stumbled in your drunken state. You smiled and instantly wrapped your arms around him.

“Merry Christmas Spence,” you said happily as you pressed your lips against his. His eyes widened as he stilled, shocked at the drunk gesture. You pulled away and giggled, making your way towards his room before he could say a word.

Spencer watched you go with wide eyes. He’d been in love with you for a while now, but you showing up drunk on Christmas and kissing him was the last thing he’d expected. He wondered if you harbored the same feelings he did and the alcohol had caused you to finally put those feelings into action. He could still taste the alcohol on his lips from your kiss.

“Y/N?” Spencer called out with amusement in his voice as he finally joined you in his bedroom. You had found your way into his bed and had curled up in the exact spot he had been sleeping, happy to find the mattress and blankets were still warm. The bottle had been deserted on his dresser and he grinned as he saw the ring of lipstick on the rim of it.

Spencer immediately knew from your lack of reply that you had fallen asleep. Your chest rose and fell as he came nearer. Your makeup was slightly smeared- no doubt from tears of laughter. Your drunk self was always in a laughing mood for a few hours but that was always followed by a sleepy state. Spencer smiled slightly as he tucked you in, making sure to protect you from the winter’s harsh weather that night. He climbed in beside you and smiled softly to himself as he watched you nestle deeper into the comfort of his blankets.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Y/N.”


03.18.17 // update

as some of you might have noticed, i haven’t been very diligent with the march study challenge. i’ve been overwhelmed by schoolwork as well as complications in my personal life, and i just haven’t had the time to post very much original content (a lot of it was old photos oops). i’m probably not going to be completing the challenge unfortunately because of the aforementioned reasons. thank you to everyone who has supported me w/my high school acceptance/rejection deal and everyone who participated in my blogrates (it was a lot of fun!!), and just all you lovely people in general :3

on brighter note, i’m currently on a four day weekend (though most of it will be spent at competitions and tournaments) so i have a bit more time to work on my notes. i actually really like how this post turned out; when it was just the two pics on my phone not together, it was pretty boring but they go really well together.

i know i’m kinda far away from 1k right now, but i was just wondering, would you guys be interested in me revealing my face, sort of as a thank you for your support? tell me what you think!!

Well fuck. I finally made Jasper’s AU sheet. For a while now it seemed like an elusive as fuck thing that was never going to get done, but I at last got my butt into motion and did it! And… its ok. I like Lapis and Peridot’s sheets way more, but eh. Whatcha gonna do? Anyway, here we go with this…

1. UF Jasper
2. Guard Jasper (Reverse/Diamond)
3. Momswap Jasper (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Permafusion Jasper (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Kid Jasper (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Jasper (Swap AU)

So yeah I think I like Momswap Jasper most out of these, though really I’m pretty damn pleased with how the hair on all of them turned out. Fucking Kid Jasper is ill proportioned as hell and I had no idea how to fix that so fuck it. Who cares. Guard Jasper’s pretty boring, though I like Permafusion Jasper’s sort of “lost” look (because in that AU, she’s neutrally aligned and just wanders around or whatever). And short haired Swap Jasper is pretty adorable if you ask me :) 


They are complete! It took me an age to finish these socks, but as usual I hit a rut when working on the second sock. Second socks are just the worst, I always run out of steam when I get to them. Plus, these were super boring to knit since it was just stockinette stitch (I turned them inside out) Also, somehow, one of the socks is bigger than the other… despite my counting every row and measuring and trying to get things to match up. It is just my luck. I guess no two socks are alike… especially if I knit them.
I don’t really care though, because these socks are hella comfortable. I am wearing them right now and they are fantastic. Madeline Tosh knows what’s up when it comes to spinning some sock yarn. If you have the spare cash and love knitting yourself socks, it is worth the investment.


[Acrylics on cardboard]

The lighting in my room is appalling

I needed to bulk out my portfolio but the only thing I really felt like painting at the time was Pharah. Which turned out to be a mistake. But hey I did eventually finish it so just take it.

The Lonely Tree (Part 8)

Word Count: 1062 (wow okay)

Summary: Your forget your coat but are blessed by the presence of a human space heater.

Warning: Language, little bit of name calling (is that a warning? I don’t even know)

A/N: I’ll just be over here crying and taking finals… But I go home Friday and then I can catch up with the requests and release things more often YAY!!

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Originally posted by mcavoys

You spun around lazily in your desk chair, staring at the time on the lock screen of your phone until it finally read 5:00. It wasn’t that you disliked your job, it just got really, really boring when you inevitably finished all your office assistant related tasks thirty minutes into your two hour shift.

As you moved around the office turning off lamps and tidying up, you felt the cold radiating from the windows and let out a harsh curse. You had forgotten your coat again. The sweater you had been wearing may have been fine under the afternoon sunshine, but, thanks to daylight savings, the sun now set while you were at the office, meaning the temperature had dropped at least ten degrees.

No one was left in the office but you, and your dismayed groans found no sympathetic ears as you checked the weather on your phone.

“Oh, that’s just wonderful! Two degrees above freezing,” you muttered to yourself, sending a pleading text to Nat to bring you your coat.

When no answer came you let out another groan and prepared to face your fate: your terrible human popsicle fate.

Holy shit! Okay!” You locked the door behind you as quickly as possible, wrapping your arms around yourself and breaking into a jog as you headed home.

“Cold, cold, cold, cold, co – Steve!” You stopped abruptly and changed your course, heading for the dearly beloved human space heater at top speed.

“Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve!” you called out his name with every step, but as you got closer you noticed the cord from his earbuds. “Hello! Damsel in distress here! Pay attention to me!”

Whether your words cut through his music or he finally caught on to the fact that someone was running directly towards him, Steve looked up in time to shove his phone into his pocket and open his arms for you as you leapt at him.

You couldn’t help giggle at his wide-eyed expression as you clung to him like a koala, legs wrapped securely around his hips and arms locked around his neck.

“Hi,” you said with a smile as he tugged his earbuds out by the cord and cautiously slipped his arms around your waist.


“I’m cold,” you pouted, pulling at the zipper on his coat so you could slip your arms inside and closer to his warm skin.

Ah, hey! Jesus, Y/N, I can feel your cold hands through my shirt. Where is your coat?” Steve tightened his hold on you and started to quickly run his hands up down your back in an effort to warm you up.

“I left it at home,” you mumbled, burying your face into his neck.

“Why?” he asked incredulously, turning to walk in the direction of your dorm.

“Because daylight savings is stupid. Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to your dorm. Where else would we be going?”

“Uggghhhhh, no!” You lifted your head and scowled grumpily at him.

“Why not?”

“Because if we go back to my room then I’ll have to do work. All my books will be staring me in the face. Judging me. Expensive assholes.”

“So you want me to help you procrastinate?”

“Yes, please,” you begged, looking at him with hopeful eyes.

“Bucky will probably be around,” he warned, and you smiled brightly, knowing you had won.

“That’s okay! I just don’t want to go home. We can do whatever you want!”

“Sleep for five days?” Steve suggested wryly, and you giggled.

“Oh, God, yes. Absolutely,” you groaned, dropping your head to his shoulder for a moment before raising up again to look at him. “You could draw me if you want. We haven’t done that for a while. I’m starting to suspect you’re cheating on me.”

Your teasing smile fell a little when Steve remained silent.

“Steven Buscemi Rogers, you are cheating on me!” Though your anger was fake, the joking punch you aimed at his shoulder fell with a little more force than it should have.

“Ow, hey! I was trying to be polite! I didn’t want to impose!” he argued.

“How long has this been going on, Steven? Who is she?” you huffed dramatically, sinking disappointment helping you keep up the charade.

“She’s… I don’t um… I don’t actually know her name… She just,” he stammered, and embarrassment brought additional color to his already flushing cheeks.

“Aww, Stevie, you’re blushing! Does somebody have a crush?” The light tone you used was strained, but Steve was entirely too flustered to notice.

“NO! No… No, not at all. It’s just… I didn’t want to ask you because… We were supposed to do… Um… The uh…” He paused to take a shaky breath. “The art department hired a nude model so we could master anatomy.”

“Oh! Oh… Um…” You squirmed uncomfortably in his arms, and he gave you an awkward smile.

“Do you want down?” Steve asked hesitantly, shifting his grip on you and preparing to set you back on your feet.

“No! No,” you said hastily, arms and legs tightening around him. “No it’s fine. You just caught me off guard.”


“You have nothing to be sorry for! Although, hey, you could have at least asked.”

“Don’t even try telling me you would have said yes,” Steve scoffed, rolling his eyes.




“Drama queen.”

“Drama - oooooh man. Hypocrite.”

“For someone who was begging me to take her back to my room just a minute ago you sure are being rude.”

“Fine, Mr. Sensitive, but you started it,” you grumbled, flashing him a sunny smile when he shot a disgruntled look at you.

“You’re hopeless,” he sighed, shaking his head and fighting a smile as he headed up the steps of his building.

“Mmm, yes. Hopelessly in love with you,” you said with a dramatic flourish before breaking into giggles.

“Not funny,”

Very funny,” you snickered. “Although not as funny now as it will be when I try that line out on Bucky,”

“Oh, god, please don’t,” Steve groaned.


No!” Steve insisted, very aware that he was lying. “I’m not jealous. I just don’t think you’re prepared for his response because he will definitely play along.”

“Even better!”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” you said with a smile, pecking his cheek and reveling in the blush that followed.

“No, I don’t,” Steve sighed tiredly. 

Part Nine

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Truth or dare

Request:   4 Klaus Mikaelson

This took a turn. Almost smut i guess. 

Originally posted by celestialviolets

I was at the Mikaelsons like any other day. I always came after school to hang out with the original vampires. I loved staying with them they always made me feel safe. Also i loved looking at the bad boy. Klaus was like a better work of art than he had ever made.

“What do you wanna do… i’m bored” i said from the couch. I was laying on the couch in Klaus’s room while he was on the bed. We were just on our phones not really talking. Klaus is the hottest originals by far. He just had a bad boy attitude and it just made me even more attracted to him.

“Well… let play a game then” He said.

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If I Crash On Your Couch Can I Sleep In My Clothes?

Title: If I Crash On Your Couch Can I Sleep In My Clothes?

Request: One where Y/N has to stay with Josh and his family cause hers are out of town they don’t know each other well but they start to bond and it’s fluffy like cuddling and watching xfiles then they fall for each other and tell each other and fluffy smut?

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Laura Dun, Bill Dun

Warnings: None

A/N: I don’t write smut, but I made it really fluffy to make up for it.

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My first request! Thanks anon :) hope you like it! Sorry it’s a little short, I found writing with this particular prompt and character a bit difficult. Just let me know if there’s any issue with it and I’ll happily change anything to meet your needs!

55. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

“Why, hello ma’am,” you heard a smooth voice call. You turned and were greeted by the flirtatious gaze of Nathaniel Greene. You actively fought the immediate impulse to roll your eyes, looking down to smooth out your gown instead. The voice called out again, “Excuse me, I said hello, ma’am.”

You crossed your arms impatiently and looked back up at the man with a harsh gaze. “I heard you,” you offered in a stoic tone. All of the girls your age thought Nathaniel was absolutely charming; you were quite bored by the constant rotation of women on his arm and saw past his flashy smile. In fact, you were somewhat known for being a bit…well, indifferent to most men who tried to approach you. You simply did not find any of them to suit you and hated their cliche flirting tactics. It surprised you that someone with an ego as fragile as Nathaniel’s managed the courage to come and get rejected by you as well. 

Your snarky comment garnered a nervous laugh from the man. “I’m sorry miss, have I interrupted something?” the Nathaniel asked, raising his eyebrows at you. You wrinkled your nose and shrugged, remaining silent. He scoffed at you and rolled his eyes. “I find it to be a terrible shame that an unmarried woman such as yourself would act so cold to a man,” Nathaniel grumbled before storming off, bruised ego and all. A short laugh escaped your lips; you couldn’t believe how childish this man was! You pushed your hair behind your ear before sauntering over to the bar, in desperate need of a drink.

You had only been standing at the bar for a couple of minutes when you heard another man try to approach you. “Hello miss,” a deep voice rang out, causing you to snap around. You opened your mouth, ready to tell him off for bothering you while you were enjoying a quiet drink, but you froze in your tracks. Wow, you thought. He’s really attractive. You stuttered a bit and color rose to your cheeks, completely caught off guard by the man in front of you. He was very tall and broad shouldered; his muscular frame was evident right away. He had soft tan skin with striking dark features, contrasted by the warm smile on his face and his kind brown eyes. After what seemed like an eternity of you standing there, mouth agape, he spoke again.

“May I have your name ma’am?” he laughed quietly, the sound immediately soothing to you. You managed, “Um, yes. My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). And yours?” Your heart was beating at a mile a minute. You had never reacted in such a way to a simple man approaching you before. You had thought you were immune to the charms of men. The way your insides seemed to swell when he looked at you, though, proved otherwise. “My name is George. George Washington,” he introduced himself in that deep voice of his, bowing slightly. He reached for your hand and leaned down to kiss your knuckles gently, polite as ever. His lips on your hand sent electric waves coursing through your veins; you felt as though you were walking on air. 

“So you’re the famous (Y/N) then?” George asked with a hint of humor in his voice as he sat down next to you. You furrowed your brows, confused at what he meant. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, sir.” He laughed gently. “From what I hear, you have the quite the reputation for turning young men down,” he joked. “I told my friends I thought you were pretty and they said I wouldn’t last two minutes before you shot me down.” Your face flushed once again at the compliment hidden in his story; you looked down quickly. 

George placed a gentle finger under your chin, delicately coaxing your head back up to look at him. “Why so shy all of the sudden, Miss (Y/N)?” Unable to come up with a lie on the spot, you blurted out, “You called me pretty.” You couldn’t stop the ear splitting smile that rose up on your face at the thought. This very attractive man had just complimented you - how else were you supposed to respond? George looked down at you, eyebrows raised. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” he asked in a serious tone. Your smile grew, a thing that had never happened in the presence of a man before. He shook his head in disbelief. “I have to go tell my buddies. Not only did I have a conversation with you - I got you to smile!”

Best of 2016: a year in D&D


DM: Yeah, it’s a free action to hiss, but not to hiss with menace.


DM: Never underestimate the power of pocket sand as a weapon.



Turns out water guns are the BEST tool for keeping the party on track. They don’t just work on cats!

Aim away from the character sheets, though.


Harpy: (bored voice) What is your business in the Forgotten Gorge?

Grunt (orc paladin): We’re looking for a gay princess.

Harpy: Aren’t we all?

Me-I-Am: Do you have one?

Harpy: Do you think I’d be sitting guard on this lonely-ass rock if I did?


NPC: Let me show you to your room.

Party: *laughs*

Kate (medic): Does she walk really fucking slowly?

DM: Yes, and if you bump into her she turns around and stares at you before going on.


Guldurphen (elf wizard): So, speaking of gay sex with deer…


*party is discussing whether they should burn down an NPC’s house after killing him*

DM: *sighs loudly*

Party: What?

DM: *raises left hand* Leave quietly with nobody knowing you were involved with his death, *raises right hand* set a huge alcohol-fueled fire and bring down every guard in town on yourselves. *moves hands like scales* Hmm, tough.


DM: You’re in a cave system. If you keep making a ruckus during your short rest, you’re going to get fucking ambushed.



And we’re not sure whether to punch her or officially crown her queen of puns.

(To clarify: the NPC we were sent to rescue is a feegle called Beauty, and the final boss we are facing is a Beholder.)


DM: He’s in a sewer.

Abaddon (orc barbarian): Ah, my natural habitat.

DM: True, orcs are filthy.

Abaddon: Fuck you, only orcs can make that sort of joke.

DM: I’m a DM, I have all creature types at all times.


DM: You’re not going to die!

Parsnip (dwarf cleric): Okay… that sounds fake but okay…


DM: You slice it diagonally across the chest.

Fangs (half-elf ranger): (softly) Like Asuna.

DM: … *glaring* You know what’s missing from this encounter? Dragons. Four of them.



Yoongi x reader Painting Nails

Summary: You were deciding on what nail art you should do when he came in.

Genre: Fluff

You were doing your nails on the living room. You were thinking on doing a Christmas themed nail art. You were still dwelling on what kind looks better on you when Yoongi came out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” He asked you while ruffling his hair dry with a towel.

“Nails. But I can’t decide on which design.”

He sat down on the couch next to you. “Just do any kind. They look the same to me. No one’s going to notice your nails.” He grumbled.

“But I will notice it.” You continued to imagine how different design will look on you.

“This is boring.” He turned on the television. “You can’t do anything while waiting them to dry. It’s ridiculous.”

“It’s really fun actually. You just never tried it.” You said. “Maybe you should try it now.” You eyes beamed when you thought of this brilliant idea.

“Nope.” He balled up his hands and hide his nails.

“Aw. Come on.” You begged with your puppy eyes and hands clasped together.

“No.” Yoongi refused to look at you.

“One time. Just this once.” You held up your finger and continued to bed him. “You can take it off immediately too.”

Yoongi squinted his eyes. “No.”

“Please.” You hugged his arm and gently shook his arm. You felt his hand relaxes and he turned his head to look at you.

“Fine.” He gently replied. “But just this time. Plus you have to help me take it off.”

“Yeah!” You leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.”

“Yeah yeah. Let’s just get this over with.” He gave his hand to you.

You studied his delicate hand with long and slender fingers. You put your hand against his and compared the size. His hands were much bigger than yours. His hands suddenly clasped with yours. You looked up and saw him staring at you.

“Are you going to paint or what? ‘Cause I’m going to leave if you don’t start soon.” Your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at you.

“I’ll start now so sit down.” You said with a blush on your face.

He smirked and looked at you endearingly.

“Done.” You took a nice look of his newly painted black nails. The color black is a great contrast with his pale skin.

“Finally.” Young let out a sign of relief. He had tried to use his phone but you took it away from him. You told him not to mess up his nails. And he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I think I know which nailers I should do.” You said to yourself.

“Help me get rid of these things first.” Your boyfriend nudged you with a scrunched nose.

“I’ll help you with that the I’m done.” You said it softly.

“Ugh!” He slouched back to the couch, defeated.

You painted your nail with a blue-mint green radiant and with snowflakes stickers. You looked at your nails proudly. The nails were nicely painted.

“Can you help me now?” Yoongi murmured against your shoulder.

He had rested his head on your shoulder while you were painting your own nails because he was tired and bored. He had been looking at you the whole time. You took out your phone and took Yoongi’s hand to put it aside with yours. You took a picture and smiled contently.

“Don’t post that. And can you please get it off me?” He asked, annoyed.

You grabbed the cotton pads and rubbed on his nails.

“All gone.” You looked at his now stained nails.

“The things I do for you.” He shook his head.

“Thank you.” You kissed his nose.

He was shock at first but then he pulled you to his chest. And the two of you spend the whole evening cuddling on the couch.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Let’s Play a Game

Summary: Things get exciting for you and Bucky when a board game night in the tower takes a naughty turn.

Bucky x reader. MOSTLY FLUFFY/ A LIL SMUTTY (not really though). Word count: 1.9 K.

TW: drinking, partial nudity

It was a hot summer night in the tower when Tony spoke up and said “I’m beyond bored. We should all do something fun!” A few members of the team were out on a mission, and everyone else had just been sitting in the lounge watching garbage reality TV all evening. Steve leaned forward in his seat and replied “Same. Anyone have an idea about what to do?” “How about a board game?” suggested Bucky. “Sounds good to me. I think Y/N has a bunch in her room. Can we play one of ‘em?” asked Nat. You nodded in agreement. Tony volunteered to go grab one, so you directed him toward the top of your closet and told him to choose whichever one he wanted.

Tony came back snickering with a blue box in his hand. “NOT THAT ONE! PUT IT BACK!” you yelled, drawing everyone’s attention. “Did you make this?” asked Tony, whose snickering had evolved into full-blown laughter. “When I was in college me and my friends made it and used to play it at parties sometimes. I should’ve thrown it away a long time ago. Just go pick something else, ok?” “Nope! It’s this one!” he answered. At that point, Tony had piqued everyone’s interest, and they all started pestering you, wanting to know what the game was. You turned to the group and sternly said “It doesn’t matter because we’re not playing it. Tony’s gonna go put it back and choose a different one, right Tony?” Tony shook his head no, and shouted “IT’S DIRTY JENGA!!!”

Laughter erupted throughout the room. Nat stood up quickly and started walking over to the bar. “I’ll get the booze! I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need it, aren’t we, Y/N?” She flashed you a cheeky smile. “Yeah…” you muttered, becoming more embarrassed as the seconds ticked by. Everyone sat on the floor in a circle while Tony dumped out the blocks on the floor, and then read out the rules that were scribbled on an index card that had been tucked inside the box. “Do what’s on the block or you’re out. Knock over the tower, you lose. If you don’t pick your partner, the group picks for you. Unless otherwise directed, kisses are on the mouth. Good luck!” Nat and Wanda passed out some red plastic cups and shot glasses, and gave everyone a beer to start out with. You noticed the concerned look on Steve and Bucky’s faces. “Don’t worry guys,” you said quietly to them so nobody else would hear, “it’s not that dirty.” You decided to embrace the fact that this was going to happen one way or another, so instead of acting embarrassed, you spoke up, determined that everyone would have fun. “Everyone change spots. We’ve gotta sit boy-girl-boy-girl for this to work.” you instructed. You found yourself sitting between Steve and Bucky, and actually getting excited for the game to start.

Wanda stacked up the blocks into a tower and everyone decided that since you had played before, you should go first. You drew a block from the center of the tower, and turned it over and read it out loud. “Oh, easy one. It says to take a shot.” Your poured yourself a shot of tequila, took the shot, and turned to Bucky. “You’re next!” You could tell he was a little nervous as he drew a block from the tower. “Oh God,” he began, “it says I’ve gotta lick someone’s neck.” Everyone started giggling. “So, you gonna choose someone Barnes or do we have to choose for you?” asked Wanda. Bucky turned to face you with a worried look on his face. “Go ahead,” you told him as you tilted your head away, presenting your neck to him. He licked it and everyone clapped. The rest of the team had it pretty easy on the first go around—most of them just had to take a drink. Steve had to play “spin the bottle” though and ended up giving Wanda the most awkward kiss you’d ever seen.

Eventually, it came to be your turn again. You were secretly hoping that this game would give you some opportunities to do stuff with Bucky—you’d had a crush on him forever, and you had your fingers crossed that tonight would be the night you finally got to kiss him. Who cares if it was part of a game—a kiss is a kiss, right? You drew your block and flipped it over. Before you could read it out loud, your cheeks turned bright red. “What does it say?!” asked Steve. You looked down at the floor and mumbled the words “body shot.” “Holy shit! This is gonna be great! Who are you choosing?!” asked Nat with a smirk. You let out a deep sigh and turned to face Bucky. “C’mon Buck. You’re up.”

“Wait, what do I have to do? I’m so confused. I’ve never even heard of a body shot.” said Bucky with concern. Tony was trying not to laugh when he told Bucky “Just take off your shirt and lie down.” Bucky did as he was told, and you reached for the bowl of limes and dish of salt. “Nope! You’re not getting off easy on this one. I know how you roll, Y/N. You’d probably put the salt on his arm or something. I’m setting this up.” said Nat with a wink. “You’re putting salt on me?!” asked Bucky. “Shut up and just go with it, Barnes!” Nat responded. She proceeded to pour a line of salt across Bucky’s stomach, running from his belly button to the band of his jeans. “Open.” she instructed as she tapped on Bucky’s mouth. She inserted a lime wedge in between his teeth and told him to hold it there and not to move. Finally, she filled a shot glass with tequila and set it in the middle of his chest. “Bonus points if you take the shot with no hands,” teased Tony.

Your heart was pounding with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve pull out his phone and start recording. You were never going to hear the end of this, but it seemed too late to back out now. “Give me a countdown?” you asked. Steve led the chant, and everyone yelled “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” With your hands behind your back, you bent down and licked the salt off of Bucky’s toned stomach. Then you tossed your leg over him so you were straddling him, and you could hear everyone gasp in excitement. You leaned over and wrapped your lips around the shot glass, drank the shot, and tossed the empty glass off to the side. Finally, you dropped down and placed your hands on the floor on either side of Bucky’s head. You lowered yourself down until you were hovering just above his face and you winked at him before pressing your lips against his, taking the entire lime into your mouth. You sat back up, still straddling Bucky, pulled the lime out of your mouth and threw it into your empty plastic cup. “NO HANDS!” you yelled with pride, as everyone clapped at your performance.

You got off of Bucky and sat back down in your spot as he sat up and put his shirt back on. “Well, we sure as hell didn’t have that back in the forties!” said Bucky with a smile. Steve chuckled and said “We definitely didn’t have body shots back then. It’s your turn, Bucky.” Bucky drew a block from the tower and laughed when he read it. “What does it say?” you asked. He turned and looked you square in the eyes as the group slowly fell silent. A flirty smile played on his lips as he said the words “Your turn,” and held up the block. You leaned forward to read it, and laughed when you saw what it said. “Nat,” you began, returning your gaze to Bucky’s smiling face, “I hope you didn’t use all of the salt—it looks like we’re doing more body shots.”

“I’m not taking my top off,” you warned as you laid down on the carpet. You could see that Bucky was sweating a little bit, and was clearly a little nervous. Nat sat next to you and laughed mischievously. “Roll up your shirt,” she instructed you. “HEY-O!” shouted Tony, knowing what Nat was planning on doing. You knew it too, and giggled as you rolled the bottom of your shirt up to just below your bra, exposing your stomach. Nat looked at Bucky and said “Remember, lick the salt, drink the shot, take the lime. Got it?” He nodded affirmatively. She poured a line of salt on your chest, from the top of your sternum down to where your cleavage began. “Oh boy,” teased Steve. She placed the lime in between your teeth and told you to stay as still as possible. Wanda went to hand her a shot glass, but Nat said “Thanks, but I don’t need it,” and she poured the tequila into your belly button. It took everything you had not to start laughing as you watched Bucky’s expression go from nervous to terrified. You could see that Steve was recording this one as well, but you didn’t care. “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” yelled the group. Bucky leaned over you and slowly licked the salt off of your chest. He flashed a flirty grin at you as you watched him move down to your stomach, dragging his fingertips along your side as he did so. He slurped the shot off of you, and then stole a page from your playbook, straddling you just like you had done to him. He bent over, and before taking the lime he whispered in your ear “this is the best game ever.” He took the lime from your mouth, making sure your lips touched as he did so. He sat up, throwing his arms in the air, seeking the same applause you had gotten. Instead, you both turned when you heard Sam saying “What the fuck is going on here?! I’m gone for like two hours and I miss all the fun stuff!”

Bucky spat the lime into a cup and stood up. He held out his hand to help you up, and you took it and stood next to him, fixing your shirt. You jokingly curtsied and he bowed, while everyone else clapped. “I’m tapping out for tonight. I’m just gonna watch for a while,” you said as you took a seat on the couch. “Same here,” announced Bucky as he took the spot next to you. He put his arm around your shoulder, which you felt giddy about but tried not to read too far into. After spending about 10 minutes watching the game, Bucky passed you a hand-written note on a napkin. You smiled as you read the note, which said “Dinner date w/ me tomorrow? 7pm?” You turned to face him, his arm still wrapped around you, and leaned over so you could whisper in his ear. “Seven is perfect,” you said. Bucky planted a soft kiss on your cheek, and you giggled because your wish was finally coming true, and because you never thought you’d be so glad to have lost a debate with Tony about what game to play.

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  • <p> <b>WARNING:</b> This is really crackish. Sherlock did something not good. For what it's worth, I really don't think Sherlock would do something like this. But the idea was fun to write so....<p/><b></b> --------------------------------------<p/><b>Client:</b> ... so Mr. Holmes, you really have to help me! You are my only hope!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Bored. Very bored* No. Go to Scotland Yard. Look for DI Lestrade. Now get out.<p/><b>Client:</b> Mr. Holmes please, there is no one I can turn to!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Utterly bored.* I hear they are is still in operation. Get out.<p/><b>Client:</b> Really Mr Holmes, I will pay you as mu-<p/><b>Sherlock mini-me:</b> *Just got home from school* Daddy!!!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Visibly brightens, opens arms to catch his running son.* Hello spawn. I take it you had a good time in your prison - I mean school.<p/><b>The most adorable Holmes:</b> Yes, daddy! Today we learned how to do binary fingers!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Wonderful! *Sudden light bulb* Very well Mr. Whoever-you-are, since you desperately want to know who's stealing from you, I will give you a clue. You could tell it to Scotland Yard and they could surely solve your case.<p/><b>Client:</b> Really, Mr. Holmes?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> The fact of the matter is, there are actually several people stealing from you. Seeing as you only have five employees, I think it would be beneficial to let you know how many of them are the thieves.<p/><b>Client:</b> Mr. Holmes, can't you just tell me who they are?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Already on the brink of Ennui* Take it or leave it. Either I tell you how many, or I don't tell you anything at all.<p/><b>Client:</b> *Resigned* Very well Mr. Holmes. *Now annoyed* But you can't expect me to pay you if you're not going to actually solve my case!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *No care in the world at all* I'm not expecting you to.<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b>Client:</b> So? *already impatient* How many thieves are there?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Face breaks into an ear-splitting grin. Bends down to whisper to his son*<p/><b>The only innocent Holmes left:</b> *Nods enthusiastically* Okay, daddy!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Turns to the client with his bored face again.* My son will tell you how many thieves you have. *genuinely smiles at the little boy in his lap.* Go on spawn, show him!.<p/><b>Really really the only innocent Holmes left in the world:</b> *smiles then lifts his middle finger*<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b>Client:</b> *shocked and discombobulated**face looking much like a tomato.* Youuuuu....*begins to stand up and glare at Sherlock.* How dare you! To use your son like that! Teaching him such ill manners! I don't need your help, after all! *Storms out the door!*<p/><b></b> ...<p/><b>Client:</b> *turns back* I am warning you Mr. Holmes! Aside from going to the Yard, I am also calling child services! *turns back to run down and make a hasty exit.*<p/><b>Cute little Holmes that makes you wish you can keep him in your pocket:</b> *worriedly looking up at his father, with his big brown eyes.* Did I do something wrong, Daddy?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *bends down to kiss his son's forehead and pull him in a tighter hug* No. you didn't do anything wrong. That man is the one who did something wrong. He is a very bad man who developed a scheme to take money from unsuspecting people. Now, he is going to Scotland Yard and Uncle Greg will arrest him. *kisses his son again* And you, just helped bring him to justice. Well done spawn!<p/><b>Very huggable Holmes:</b> *happier and more satisfied* Did I really help Daddy?<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *smiling gently at his best creation so far.* You really did! Now! I believe you said something about binary fingers....<p/><b></b> --------------------<p/><b></b> Later, after putting their little treasure to bed.<p/><b>Molly:</b> By the way, you are sleeping in the couch for the next two weeks.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Surprised and confused* Oh come on Molly, it's not my fault if the man can't read binary fingers!<p/><b>Molly:</b> *tosses him his pillow and duvet.* Child services, Sherlock! If it weren't for Mycroft's intervention, Will wouldn't be sleeping in his bed tonight! And both of us know that you could have handled the situation in a better way, without making our son do that and without making it look like we're bad parents!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> How could encouraging our son to learn and apply new knowledge, a sign of bad parenting?<p/><b>Molly:</b> *Annoyed and disbelieving* Context, Sherlock! Context!<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> Really, Molly you are blowing this up more than necessary.<p/><b>Molly:</b> No I am not. You clearly need time to think about what you did. So until you fully process everything, you are sleeping on the couch. *closes their bedroom door in her husband's face.*<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Huffs in annoyance but makes his way to their couch.* There's nothing to think about!<p/><b></b> ------------<p/><b></b> Much later.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> *Lying on the couch, wide awake.* Huh, so that's the reason why Aunt Felicia got angry at Dad when she asked me how old I was.<p/></p>

imo sometimes I think no one really likes anyone for who they are but are driven by the evolutionary ingrained human need 4 companionship as in u just need ppl around so u don’t get bored and because it’s written in2 ur dna that’s why ppl settle esp romantic relationshits, is that really love or desperation bc ur turning 36 and ur womb is about to dry up so u gotta squeeze kids out asap or rip.. also with rejection is it really missing someone or an ego wound as in u realize ur not as attractive or interesting as u previously assumed ? and no I’m not embittered and a middle aged ogre living in a swamp what makes u think tht


We’re now working on the Tilesets for the Baron’s Mansion, an odd place full of nightmares and rich cats.

Our musician finished the song for this area (I’ll post asap!), that’ll be a dungeon, and now we need just 3 more songs for the demo (Sheep’s theme, main theme and boss battle song!). I’m glad that everything is going smooth!

Another wip is the title screen that turned out to be a really boring job t_t I hope to finish it soon and to do something cute for Dreameerie xD Moghunter’s titlescreen plugins are helping a lot!