it turned out better than i expected woo

Pristin 1st Mini Album

Currently listening through the album..

Wee Woo is honestly very catchy to me and i dont see how people can think its boring :c the song does sound off in some parts but its barely their debut song so dont judge them too hard.

Running got updated!!! Its sounds dreamy now but i still love it ;-; most likely will be on repeat!

Be the Star was nice too! It turned out different and better than what I expected :) the rap parts are my favorite actually lol also Yehana has such a nice voice jeez, when she sings i cant help but melt

Over N Over is such a sweet ballad omg i love it! I can definitely see myself singing this when im in that love sing mood ^^

We OT10 version omg thank you! I was wondering how the rap parts would be divided but they did rly good still! Still love it :)

Black Widow omg Kyla and Rena pls this is completely girl crush and i hope we get to see them perform it soon!!! The rapping is amazing, the vocals are wow, the beat is NICE, with this i am completely wrapped around Rena finger now