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ive been chatting with @sigalawin about a really cheesy cat cafe au and today i was inspired to actually draw the first part out

hux never figures it out because millicent is nothing but nice to him and he goes to the cafe every day its open to see her and kylo maybe develops a gross crush on him idk his cousin rey certainly seems to think so  

Sometimes you just gotta..
  • Marinette:*Chilling in the park playing with a yoyo*
  • Civilian:Stop, thief!
  • The Thief:*Running towards where Marinette is*
  • Marinette:*Braces herself and reflexively flicks out her yoyo and hits thief in the head briefly stunning them*
  • Marinette:(Oh shit oh shit I'm not in costume right now)
  • Thief:(Shit oh shit Ladybug's here-- or... Not?)

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Jesse finds a baby fox and adopts it. Hanzo comes around to it in time.

Hanzo wasn’t involved with the mission to Eichenwalde, but he heard of its severity from McCree during their nightly strolls through the base. With Talon in control of the castle, it was imperative that they figured out why they’d taken interest in what Reinhardt described as a tomb for his fallen idol. Reinhardt was adamant about recovering Balderich von Adler’s remains, while Morrison was determined to rid the village of Talon’s presence first and foremost. McCree explained that some of the senior members – Winston and Ana, mostly – were weary of bringing them both on the mission. Morrison’s combat experience and Reinhardt’s familiarity with the area meant neither one could be expended. They’d simply have to put up with the fact the men would inevitably butt heads. 

In all honesty? Hanzo was relieved that he didn’t have to tag along and deal with the quarreling expected to take place. His only real concern was that such infighting would put McCree at risk. As usual, McCree soothed his nerves with a few tender kisses and a handful of sweet nothings whispered in his ear. The gunslinger certainly had a way with words, and Hanzo ate every last one of them up. McCree had him wrapped around his finger, but he was pleased to report that he had a similar effect on McCree. 

However, McCree’s rugged looks and devilish charm could only get him so far. When he arrived back from the mission with some unruly hairball curled up in his serape, Hanzo was tempted to kick him out of their room for a whole week.

“C’mon, sugar,” McCree sighed, cradling the creature in his arms like a mother would with their child. “It’s just a lil’ fox. He ain’t gonna do ya much harm–”

“You were sent to acquire a body and slaughter Talon agents,” Hanzo dryly replied. “Not bring some – some mutt back to the base.”

“He ain’t a mutt,” McCree insisted, brows furrowing in agitation. “He’s a poor critter who lost his folks and had no one else to turn to. He wouldn’t stop followin’ me ‘round and Mercy said it was alright to bring him on back with us.”

Hanzo suspected McCree was projecting a piece of himself onto the fox and calmed down considerably. Of course, he still refused to get within five feet of the abomination. “You may keep it then,” he said, “but I will be moving back to my old quarters until you find a better place for it than our bedroom.” 

“Now don’t be like that,” McCree pleaded. “I’ll keep him on the floor, I promise. Y’won’t even know he’s there, darlin’!”

McCree flashed him the most endearing puppy eyes Hanzo had ever seen. He lasted a total of two minutes with his arms crossed and face set in a scowl before finally caving. There were only so many things he could stand up against, and McCree’s puppy dog eyes were not one of them. 

“Fine,” Hanzo grumbled. “But if he wakes me at all during the night, I want him out of our room.”

“Deal,” McCree agreed with a grin. He stole a quick kiss from Hanzo, which caused the baby fox in his arms to squeal and squirm between them. “Sorry, sorry, forgot y’were there for a second.”

McCree then brought the fox up to Hanzo’s line of sight and suggested, “Why don’t y’all get to know each other better? He’s gotta meet his other papa, y’know.”

Before Hanzo could protest, the creature popped its head out from its makeshift nest. Bright, blue eyes blinked up at Hanzo, then squeezed shut as it quietly yawned. It nestled back against Jesse’s palms through the fabric of his serape, but continued staring up at the archer curiously. 

“Give it to me,” Hanzo snapped, immediately taking the bundled fox away from his husband. “You’re not even holding him right.”

McCree raised a brow in shock. “Is that so?”

Hanzo was now protectively holding the baby fox against his chest, keeping it nestled within the serape. “Do not assume I am fine with you bringing him home,” he scolded. “But since you leave me no choice, I must help raise him.” 

He paused for a moment, then added, “We will call him Kitsune. We will take turns feeding him and cleaning up after him. I also expect us to find him a bed before it is time for him to sleep, otherwise you will be sleeping on the floor while he takes your side of our bed.”

And with that said, Hanzo was already marching off in the direction of their quarters, with McCree trailing right behind him. 

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Gunplay. And but gunplay I mean nerf gun wars. -lenny face-

“Lúcio, ‘m not gonna make it,” McCree choked out, clutching his gun tightly to his chest. “We’re surrounded on all fronts. Back-up won’t get here for another five minutes. We’re gonna die here–”

“Don’t talk like that, man!” Lúcio gasped. His hands were shaking as he tried to reload his own weapon, desperate to hurry up before an enemy found them. “We can do this, McCree – we’ll make it out of here, I promise.”

McCree let a weak laugh fall from his lips. “You always know how to look on the bright side of things, don’tcha? ‘m glad I got to serve by your side–”

“It ain’t over yet,” Lúcio muttered. “Look, I’ll scout ahead and let you know if the coast is clear. Then we’ll make a break for it, yeah?”

“Lúcio, don’t–” McCree was too late. The musician was already zipping out from behind their barricade, gun drawn and fully loaded. It only took a few seconds for Lúcio to suddenly scream in horror, followed by the sound of an arrow whizzing through the air. Then, there was a choked cry and a body crumpling to the ground.

“You son’sa bitches!” McCree shouted, standing up with his gun drawn. “He was just a kid! Y’all have gone too far now!”

Before McCree could even locate an enemy target, a slew of arrows ricocheted throughout his hideaway, nearly striking him in the process. He had no choice but to jump out in the open, where he could see Lúcio’s body splayed out. A single arrow was in his chest. 

“I need back-up,” McCree said into his earpiece, crawling towards his fallen teammate. “Man down! I repeat, man–”

Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!”

Suddenly, McCree was met with the sight of two ferocious blue dragons lunging straight for him. He had no time to flee, and could only try to withstand the brutal attack. The air chilled around him, electrifying every nerve in his body and sending a shiver down his spine. He heard nothing over the roaring of the beasts and could no longer see anything around him, completely engulfed by the dragons.

He collapsed to his knees by the time they vanished into thin air, but the damage was done. The wind was knocked right out of him, courtesy of the ammunition now lodged in his head. His fingers brushed the tip of the weapon before his body slumped down beside Lúcio’s. 

“Do you really have to be so dramatic, Jesse? These are not real weapons.”

McCree immediately sat up, eyes narrowing as he looked up at his attacker. “Anyone ever told you that you suck the fun out of everythin’?”

“Indeed. I believe Genji has called me a ‘fun sucker’ multiple times,” Hanzo chuckled. He pulled the drawstring of his bow and launched one more nerf pellet at his boyfriend. “However, I believe you’re simply a sore loser.”

“Did you guys see that?!” Hana came bounding behind Hanzo, hopping onto his back so she could launch a few pellets at Lúcio from above. “Hanzo was all ‘ryuu ga waga teki go fuck yourselves!’ and you were all ‘ugh, we’re dead!’ and we totally kicked your asses!”

“You only won ‘cause you’ve got a master assassin on your team,” Lúcio huffed, sitting up once Hana stuck a pellet to his forehead. 

“I can’t believe y’used the dragons on me,” McCree scoffed as he stood up, brushing himself off. “I thought ya loved me, Hanzo.”

“Sometimes love hurts,” Hanzo chided. “Also, I am a very competitive man.”

“That’s what I love ‘bout ya,” McCree chuckled, leaning in for a kiss. Lúcio and Hana both gagged, but the older men chose to ignore their obnoxious sounds.