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imagine really looking up to someone and constantly trying to get their attention and one day they notice you and you guys start talking and then fast forward a few years you guys are best friends performing a sold out show around the world and have no plans to ever stop being friends

In the Anthropology class I’m currently in, my professor brought up something called the Gibraltar Skull, then asked us if anyone knew where Gibraltar is. I, of course, raised my hand and answered that it’s near Spain. She was impressed, so I admitted that I knew where it is because it’s in a video game I play.

She was so shocked and asked, “What video game takes place in Gibraltar?!” and in perfect unison, about half of my class (so about fifteen people) replied, “Overwatch!”

One guy who sits next to me mentioned that he didn’t even know Gibraltar was a real location, he just thought it was made up for the sake of the game. Another guy sitting a few rows away looked at me in utter shock when I mentioned Overwatch, as if he was amazed that other people played the game. And to boot, one other guy in class is wearing an Overwatch hat. 

What a small world, huh?

Why I love Newt Scamander

I love newt Scamander because he’s a Hufflepuff

I love Newtscamander because how much he cares about his animals

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I love Newt Scamander because his awkwardness makes me feel so much better about mine

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I love Newt Scamander because he created a bond with a no-maj in a matter of a day

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I love Newt Scamander because he apparates like there isn’t a huge risk involved

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I love Newt Scamander he cares so much more about other people that he was willing to get expelled 

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I love Newt Scamander because an awkward animal loving Hufflepuff who thinks of themselves as annoying who is gentle but not afraid to use a swooping evil to defend his friends and faces every situation with kindness is exactly the kind of hero i wanted as a child who grew up awkward and shy with the fear of everyone hating me and got left so many times.

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Newt Scamander makes me feel like me again. 

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i can see it already:

The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire 10 year anniversary reunion tour

  • Kylo: General?
  • Hux: What is it, Ren?
  • Kylo: There's... something I wanted to ask you for a long time. Only I wasn't sure how you'd react.
  • Hux: What a coincidence! I wanted to ask you something too.
  • Kylo: For real?
  • Hux: Yes, of course. After all, we've know each other for years, it seems about time. Kylo, would you-
  • Kylo: - marry me?
  • Hux: Take Millicent to the vet for me - what
  • Kylo: what

pls imagine a sleep deprived Adrien trying to order Ladybug merch online, but somehow he manages to order a bulk container of actual ladybugs instead.

He doesn’t even realise what he’s ordered till he opens it, and by then it’s too late and they all escape and then he has to try pretend there isn’t a ladybug infestation in his room.

Adrien: I dun fcuked up.
Nathalie, passing by: What was that Adrien?