it totally warms my heart and soul

So cool how Naruto Hinata saved Sasuke from darkness. Itz so neat how Iruka Hinata was able to overcome personal struggle to be a good and healthy supporter of Naruto. It took guts and love for Iruka Hinata to take that giant kunai in the back just to save Naruto. I love how Sakura Hinata kept Naruto’s heart beating during the war and fought side by side with him against a Goddess. It warms my heart that Sasuke Hinata and Naruto became friends due to their shared upbrining and lonliness. Remember when Sasuke and Sakura Hinata fed naruto during the bell test? So sweet. Also thank god for Minato Hinata putting her essence in the nine tails seal so that if it ever nearly broke, Minato Hinata would be able to use her love to bring him back. Aint it romantic how Sasuke Hinata is the moon and Naruto is the sun? Total soul mates. And its just proven by how Sakura Hinata was his first love and how Sasuke Hinata was his first kiss. ♡

why did you have to be so kind?

You touched my soul
I don’t think you understand
I was lonely before
Not that I though of it that often

You made me smile
My world got bright colors once again
I don’t think you realized how much you touched me, warmed me

You left
my heart broke
and I don’t really know why
I just cried

I’m not like that
I thought I wasn’t like that
But then you came and fucked it all up

You made it worse
The loneliness
You made it worse

‘cause if I was lonely before, then I am totally alone now and it is all because of you and your kindness

You made it worse


So I know it´s later than usual but I was out with friends tonight so I didn´t have time to publish earlier. This is just some fluffy Cas AU because I missed writing Cas and I needed some true happy stuff.
Please send in more Cas requests so I can work on getting more stuff about him online.

Imagine being Castiel´s soulmate 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: super, duper, mega fluffy. soulmate!AU (Also I´m seriously so tired I can´t even see straight so if there are mistakes, I´m awfully sorry)

Length: 1808 Words

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The night before a battle was always something that fascinated you.
You had lived trough thousands of those nights with the Winchesters, but of course they had somehow changed during the last years.
At first it had been just minor fights, like when you knew you were going to take a vamp nest down the next day or when it was time to approach the werewolf you had been hunting the past couple days.
But now, in the middle of the friggin apocalypse, things were different. Those nights were more intense, felt more final and somehow everyone approached them differently.
Dean would usually drink. You knew that it was a bad habit, but you couldn´t blame the man, it wasn´t as if there was much else to do.
Sam for example would read, try to find something that would help you the next day, even though he probably knew that it was in vane.
Bobby was pretty much the combination of the boys: He drank and did research at the same time.
You on the other hand would just sit somewhere, stare into the sky and think about life and what it meant to you.
Castiel was mostly gone, doing who knows what who knows where.
You had only known the angel for a little over a year, but still he somehow had managed to get into your heart and feel like a huge part of you.
It was weird, because you usually had pretty heavy trust issues and it took years for someone to settle down in your life and with him, it just felt as if you had known him forever, as if he were a part of you in a weird way.
A semi-cool breeze blew around you and you looked up into the trees to see the leaves rustle in the tree.
You had always enjoyed the sound of that as a kid and a small smile appeared on your face, when you thought about the times you had played outside in the backyard, pretending to have someone who would run around with you.
Suddenly you felt a little cold, despite the fact that the May day was rather warm and you pulled the leather jacket that was draped loosely around your shoulder closer in order to keep you warm.
For a second you thought about going back inside, but you weren´t ready to talk to any of the others just yet and you enjoyed the feeling of being outside way too much.
This could might as well be your last day on earth, who knew?
You sat in silence for another ten minutes or so, when you suddenly heard a fluttering sound beside you and turned your head to look at the angel who had appeared beside you.
“Cas”, you said and smiled lightly.
He attempted a weak smile back and even though it looked forced and a little wryly, you knew that he tried to be nice.
“You are never startled by my appearance”, he sated matter of factly and looked back at the trees before you shrugged: “Maybe it´s because I always hear the sound of your wings.”
He didn´t answer to your statement and you half figured that he had left already again but when you looked back, he was still standing there.
“Do you wanna sit down? It´s nice out here”, you offered, completely forgetting about the fact that you had wanted to be alone just minutes ago.
He hesitate but obviously figured it was the right thing to do, so awkwardly sat down beside you on the steps of the porch.
His knee was touching yours and somehow that little touch felt so intense you shifted a bit to avoid it.
“So”, you started and looked into his cold blue eyes, “are you ready to kill the devil?”
The angel didn´t move, not even shook his head, but his voice was full of doubt: “I still think the idea of killing the devil is ridiculous and reckless. But Dean seems to be certain we can do this, so I believe him.”
You chuckled a little: “Who would have known that an angel would once put all his trust into Dean Winchester?”
Cas tilted his head a bit: “What do you mean? Do you think I shouldn´t trust Dean?”
Of course he wasn´t getting the irony and you even kept yourself from rolling your eyes when you said: “No, of course you should trust Dean. Believe me, the crazy plans of that man have saved our asses so many times by now that I lost count.”
Obviously he figured that there was nothing to add because he looked away from you and up into the trees and you followed his lead.
Sitting here in silence with Cas, was really nice. You felt protected for some reason and yet you felt incredibly independent.
“I like it so much to hear the wind blow trough the trees”, you whispered, not sure why you were giving him this useless piece of information, but he immediately responded:
“Yes, I enjoy that too. I really enjoy earth in general. If the planet isn´t just threatened to be blown away, it´s actually a nice place.”
You laughed: “Yeah, that´s a way to put it.”
When you looked at him, he was still looking up and you felt somewhat excited and yet awfully calm, the two features that typically went together at one of those nights.
But there was one other feeling too, one that you had never felt before at such an occasion and it somehow made you uneasy because it was so unfamiliar:
The feeling of being completed.
It was as if a connection radiated between you and the angel and then it hit you that this really wasn´t the first time you felt this.
In fact you had felt it lots of times in the last year, always when Cas was near you.
He just had never been so close to you for such a long time and maybe that was why it took you so long to figure this out.
Of course one could probably figure that it was some kind of weird crush, but it felt rather physical than emotional, even though you also felt an psychological bond towards the angel.
You must have stared at him for a long time now, because he suddenly turned his attention away from the trees and focused completely on you:
“You are feeling it too, right?”
Totally taken aback, you opened your eyes widely: “What?”
He sighed: “I always thought that I was imagining it but apparently it´s true.”
His cryptic talk was starting to irritate you and you frowned: “Could you please stop talking in riddles and tell me what you are talking about?”
His eyes sparkled in a weird way and you knew that whatever was about to come was pretty intense but you didn´t care, because you somehow suddenly died to know.
There was silence for another minute, before he started talking: “Somehow, I really have no idea how this could have possibly happened, we are bonded. I never came close enough to you to prove the theory and I also never could figure out if it was really a bond or if…”
He stopped and you sensed this was important: “Or if what?”
Suddenly he faced away from you again: :”Well, it could only be a real bond if you could feel it too. And I was never sure if you did, so I figured that it might as well be my absurd feelings for you.”
Your heart was beating really fast and your hand somehow searched for his without you even really telling it to.

He didn´t pull away when you found it, he just let you touch him but still faced away: “But when I noticed you looking at me with this stunned look in your eyes I knew that you could feel it too.”
You nodded, even though he could probably not see that.
“This is really … strange”, you stated, not sure what else to say, this was new territory for you and you had no idea how to approach it.
That was when he looked at you again: “It really is. Usually angels bond with each other like this. Not with humans.”
This information was completely new for you and you frowned: “So you do know what this bond usually means?”
He nodded but remained silent and you sighed: “Would you mind telling me?”
As if that had never occurred to him, he looked at the ground and somehow took the hand you had placed on his and interlaced your fingers:
“Usually it means that the angels are soulmates.”
The news should have shocked you, but they didn´t. It just felt like something that had to be said.
“So, do you think we are soulmates?”, you whispered and you were sure you saw him blush a little: “Well, there´s one way we´ll know for sure. At least it works with other angels.”
You nodded eagerly: “What is it?”
He smiled shyly: “We could kiss each other. If you are my true soulmate, a bit of my grace will go over into your body and usually you would give me a bit of yours, but since you don´t have a grace, you obviously have nothing to loose.”
This was his attempt of make the situation easier with a joke, and somehow it worked because you could feel yourself smiling: “Then do it.”
His eyes grew wide: “You really want me to do that? There´s no way of going back if my grace really rubs of on you, we´re bond forever.”
And just because this revelation didn´t shock you at all, you knew that you wouldn´t regret kissing Cas right now.
“Do it!”, you whispered and he immediately leaned in, placing the most perfect kiss on your lips. It was soft and he tasted like coffee, which you didn´t even know he drank.
And then the nice warm feeling turned into something intense, something real strong and powerful and yet not painful in any way.
You parted and you whispered: “It´s happening.”
He smiled: “I know, it´s happening to me too.”
And then you felt it, the way something closed around your heart. It felt perfect and you knew it was Cas´ grace.
“I have a bit of your grace”, you said, totally stunned and he still smiled: “And I have a bit of your soul. I hope you don´t mind.”
You smiled back: “Of course I don´t. Where would it be safer than with my soulmate.”
You leaned back in and kissed him again, this time just because you wanted to and because you knew he did too.
“We are going to win”, he said confidently after the second most perfect kiss in the world and you grinned: “I know.”

some thoughts on the new ep now that i understand it:

will tristepin EVER put on a shirt. someone give him some shoes please

oh my god eva and pinpin literally cannot stop fucking wow, what if she has more twins

rubilax: ive seen your parents FUCK btw

flopin is very good pure boy a good son i love him

“mind your manners, im talking about your balls” you WHAT

eva calling pinpin her husband fills me with such warm fuzzy feeling like god they are literally actually MARRIED now i wanna cry im so happy(yea i did see the ova where they did get married but like seeing it in effect is good for my soul)

hot DAMN that blonde chick is hot? jesus christ(i totally watch wakfu for the plot)

NEVERMIND i dont trust her

oh no amalias dad is sick…..BUT DAMN SHE GOT A FAT ASS


goddd i hate seeing yugo and adamai fighting it hurts my heart

oh no baby boys face at the end there….ow…

so green deadpools name is toxine……SHE GOT A FAT ASS


damn i forgot just how good all the fight scenes were

aughhhh i still hate what they  did to adamai…where is my tiny cute baby boy and who the fuck is this ugly frieza lookin ass fool



fuck i forgot what it meant when a iop gets all glowy….im a fake ass fan :(

like i know it was a big deal(i think?) but i just dont remember…

and once again, i cant believe tristepin is fucking dead


Open letter #part1

Dear ex of my boyfriend, thank you for letting me have such a great man! But also, go fuck yourself. I am thankful because of you I got him but don’t you ever wish to meet me face to face because I hate you for any amount of pain you made him feel. And I could easily punch that creepy face of yours, not saying you’re ugly but you got left for a reason! 😊 I honestly don’t know how such a great man, the kind of man that brings your coffee to bed in the morning, the man that tells you how beautiful you are EVERYDAY instead of hot, the kind of man that would give the world up just to see you happy, the man that shows up to your door when you cry, the man who loves you with all his being, simply the man of any woman’s dreams, ended up at some point with a person like you(analyzing you physically and psychically I think he was just blinded because looking at him now, I’m pretty sure he’d never even lay his eyes on someone like you), which is pretty much disgusting if you ask me, I wish I appeared sooner in his life so he would live it without suffering & would get everything he ever wished for, instead of someone like you. And no, don’t get me wrong, I’m no jealous of you at all 😂you can’t even make a comparison between me and you, I’m way high above your usually being, I just hate you with such a passion because you damaged such a perfect being. But thank you so much for giving me the chance of holding this man’s heart & make it whole again, warming his soul up like never before, and finally showing him what real love is about, we’re almost officially a year in this relationship and he smiles everyday, he loves his life, he is what he was supposed to be from the beginning, and I’m happy about this, so screw you, (perhaps those exes that have been totally pathetic), no, you didn’t get my attention how you wished to, more than that, instead of you getting attention from us, you got a lot of laughter at your actions, but it was fun, I hope that if you pass by this one day, you will realize how lame your personality is & maybe you’ll improve some things, that way you will be as happy as he is now. And no, don’t come to me with “I’ve been his before”, because bitch please the Nokia 1100 has been before iPhone as well, but as you can see…😂

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this bot on tinder started a message to me with, “you’re such a sweet guy,” and for a second i was caught off guard by how kind this weird sex scam robot was being. like normally it would be like, “you’re hot, wanna see me fuck online??” and i’d be like, “ah! no, robot!” this thing was like, “you have a warm soul.” like it sort of worked, i was like, “i am a sweet guy! this series of green ones and zeros on a black computer screen gets me.” am i really that sweet? can i change the hearts of robots? it totally endeared me to it. although, i don’t know, if you’re trying to lure info out of people, doesn’t starting a sentence that way almost sound like a rejection? “look, you’re a sweet guy, but i have to be true to my programming here, there’s no spark. i can’t chat with you and the other thousand dudes i’m trying to get to text me pics of their birth certificates.” man what if that’s a new tactic, the bot that got away.

I just mediated which is some sort of galactic meditation, and it was so overwhelming. It felt like my conscious was connecting with the whole universe. I felt so big and powerful as if I’m a part of something so great beyond our imaginations and knowledges, at the same I was feeling unbelievably good, my skin was totally tripping. I could literally feel my soul being the happiest from the deepest bottom of my heart. I felt so warm, and endlessly love coming out of nowhere. The energy I felt during the meditation was fucking overwhelming. This life is so good.

what I’m considering reading next:

  • harry potter poa (because harry potter mends all broken hearts and warms the soul until slumps slough away)
  • between the lines/off the pages (because fluffy romance with magic a books? my poor shattered heart could use that)
  • clockwork prince/clockwork princess (because there’s a read-along yo and I totally need to use this to spur me forward in a series I am otherwise so “meh” over)