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To Forget About the Stupid Little Things (4/14)

TFASLT | After Phil Lester is in an accident leading to the loss of his every memory of Dan - and just how badly they’ve ruined each other over the years - the two of them work to find out just who they are to each other. But is history doomed to repeat itself, or can Phil fix where he went wrong in the first place, even if he doesn’t remember it?  | Phan | Mature | Co-Written withnotanannoyingfangirl | Words: 28, 361

This part: 2,749 words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Warnings: This fic talks about the v-day vid a lot though it never directly quotes the video. This fic also discusses other events such as Phil and Charlie’s friendship. However, we are not claiming that any of this is actually what happened. The purpose of this story is for entertainment purposes only

I nearly forgot to post today. Like, I remembered last night, but then I nearly went to work without this going up, which means no one would have gotten it until like 10 pm PST, and that’s just rude x3 Anyway, I know we’ve been suffocating you all with angst, but I think this chapter is a good indicator of the boys actually making a move to move forward in the situation and problems they’re facing. We’ll see if you agree. Update on Wednesday on notanannoyingfangirl‘s blog, and thanks as always to our awesome betas mostlikelyprocrastinating and justanotherlittlefangirlll

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Phil really hadn’t meant for it to happen. He’d only been home for two days, but it had been so easy to settle into being comfortable when he was living with his best friend, they way he’d been dreaming of doing for months.

So it really wasn’t his fault when he forgot to pull on a t-shirt and instead wandered out of his room in nothing but a loose pair of pajama bottoms and no glasses to grab himself some breakfast.

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anonymous asked:

Jack, on a real note man.. how does one build such a beautiful community, along with how long did it take you to get said community?

I’ve been doing videos solidly for just over 2 years now. I started everyday uploads in March 2013 so it took about 2 years to get it to where it is now, 90% of it being the last 365 days.

As far as “how” to get one, I’d say just be nice to people and show them you care. Many youtubers use shitty tactics and ideas to try get ahead and get subs when really you just have to have fun, be nice and interact and good things happen :)


Took this picture at sunday for a movie with some friends. But I only get to upload it now because my laptop broke. I use Macbook Pro and been 2 years, and apparently the battery are unusable now. Geez.

I think I curled my hair too tight… And my mom said I used too much make-up that day. hmmm

Dress: custom made

bag : Levi’s

watch : Elle

sandals: Vincci