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Pairing: Dick Grayson x Wally West
Rating: T
Word Count: 2800

Summary: Wally crashes with Dick while he and Artemis are on a break. Fluffy.



“Uh huh,” Dick replied to Wally distractedly, running his glove through the large display in the cramped computer lab at Mount Justice. Maps molded and shifted and grew as he finished sorting the data from the latest case surrounding Two-Face, before he spun toward his petulant friend, who was lounging a few feet away at a standard console, feet propped up on a nearby chair.

Wally growled over the the Bejeweled “You Lose” music tinkling from state-of-the-art computer speakers. “This sucks.”

Dick ran one finger under his snug uniform collar; it was starting to itch as the Two-Face case dragged on over days. Wally was in civvies. It really shouldn’t have been, but it was always a little weird when he visited the Cave in civvies these days.

Wally wears civvies in the Cave all the time, why …? Dick frowned a little. Hell, he was here last weekend in a t-shirt and … He glanced over at his annoyed friend … those same khaki shorts to hang out.

He tried to shake the unease with a shoulder wiggle and a stretch, reaching above his head and to the side, a little farther than a human being probably should be able too. Wally gaped at him a second before groaning subtly–in boredom?–and turning back to the game. Propping his head lazily in one hand, he restlessly drummed his fingers against his freckles as the bright gems in Bejeweled flickered and fell away on the screen. His half-eaten Power Bar plopped to the side of the keyboard as Wally tossed it after a final absentminded bite.

Maybe it was weird because he shouldn’t really be here in the first place.

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