it took the night


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata and Kenma texting shortly before the game, then Hinata trying to give his phone to someone in the audience.  

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He bought her drinks a ll night long and took her dancing.  She teased, flirted and made sure to grind those pert little ass cheeks into his half hard cock every other song.  At the end of the night she fobbed him off with a giggle and a ‘gotta be up early in the morning’.  He caught her half way across over flow parking, punched her in the gut and bent her over an abandoned car. He pulled her dress top down and grabbed two handful of tits, lustfully whispered in her ear as he pressed his weight down on her, 'you think I’m going to buy you drinks all night, get my cock all hard and bothered and then you just leave it at that’.

She pleaded 'no’ as he reached down between her legs to find her pantyless and dripping wet.  Laughing he dropped his shorts to his knees, grabbed his dick and pressed it home.  She gasped.  It didn’t take him long, a couple dozen hard thrusts.  She could remember feeling the cool metallic of the hood grab her breasts every thrust forward, her tippy toes just touching the ground on his backstroke.  He blew his load deep inside, with a loud grunt and one final thrust forward.  As he pulled out she could feel his rape running down the inside of her legs like little tributaries of lustfulness.  She never came, he just didn’t last long enough, but to this day it is the single most sexually defining moment in her life.  A moment she fantasizes over and touches herself to whenever her fingers go exploring through moistened lips. 

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75 & 97 please! 😊🌼

A/N: this is what us extreme couponers call a two for one deal uwu

also sorry i went off the grid last night i took a depression nap but im feeling kinda better now yall no worries today will be a day full of wRIting and all those goodies

also reader is not quite yet on the relationship status with 2D in this story, sorry bbs uwu

“And to this day… People say when you visit the house she was murdered in, if you listen carefully you can hear a cracking sound… Legends say it’s supposed to be the sound of her rolling her broken neck!”

You yelp when the lights suddenly turn back on and Noodle laughs at your reaction, you look over to 2D who remained indifferent throughout the entire story. The three of you had the house to yourselves that night, as Russel went out to get groceries and Murdoc… Well, you all just hoped he was doing something legal. 

“How was that one?” Noodle asks with a grin, taking a seat in front of you, blowing out the candle.

“Well… it was…” you begin quietly, looking around.

“Not scary,” 2D says, the personification of absolute boredom, his arms are crossed over his chest as he leans back in his seat.

“Seriously?” You look at him, wondering if all those zombie films he watched had any affect on him.

“I have an idea,” Noodle says, standing up, “Why don’t we take a trip to that abandoned insane asylum nearby?”

“I don’t know…” you say wearily, “What if the police stop us or something?” 

“People go there all the time, it’s fine!” Noodle says and the three of you get ready to head out.

It’s particularly cold that autumn evening, and you mentally curse the weather for making you shake more than you were already as Noodle parks the car on a curb a few feet away from the asylum. When you step out of the car, your knees shake with every step you take. 

“Well, here it is,” Noodle says, looking around, her hands on her hips. 

You look around too, noticing the broken caution tape and the overall deterioration of the building, giving you an unsettling feeling in your chest, “W-what happened?” you asked.

“A couple years ago, the place went down because of a fire caused by one of the patients,” Noodle explained, “No one really knows what exactly happened or why, but the asylum was known for a lot of… Um, difficulties? So they decided just to abandon it after the fire. No one has touched the building since then.”

You swallow loudly, your throat running dry and 2D scoffs, “Why not just renovate the building or something?”

You eye him skeptically, wondering how he could worry about something like that in a time like this.


You turn around and Noodle is on her phone. “What? Again?” She sighs before hanging up, “Murdoc needs someone to bail him out again.”

“I’ll go-”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go,” Noodle cuts 2D off, turning to walk to the car.

“Do you want us to wait out here… or?” You ask mainly out of fear.

“You guys go ahead and go in, tell me all about it when I get back!” She shouts before slamming the car door and drives off, leaving you and 2D alone, in the dark, outside an abandoned insane asylum.

Your phone buzzes causing you to jump, you pull it out of your pocket and read a text from Noodle: You’re welcome !  noodle u lil shit dont text and drive

You look at 2D, he’s staring up at the building, probably more concerned on the quality of it rather than what’s inside. His eyes meet yours, “Are you going in?” He asks.

“Uh…” You say, eyeing the place cautiously.

“If you’re scared,we can-”

“I’m not scared!” You answer defensively, even though you are, “I’m fine, okay?” You turn around and march towards the building but stop when you don’t hear any footsteps behind you. You turn around sheepishly, all signs of confidence disappearing from you, “W-why don’t you go in first?”

The two of you walk down a hallway, 2D in front, shining the flashlight from his phone as a guide. You struggle to keep up with his large steps, not wanting to be left in the dark in a place like this. He shines the flashlight around the empty rooms, looking for nothing in particular. You jump when you hear a sudden squeak and the two of you stop in your footsteps.

“… Rats?” 2D wonders out loud, turning around to face you.

“A-Are you scared?” You ask, hoping he is so the two of you can leave this place immediately.

“Of rats? No, not really…”

You huffed, wondering if anyone could be that dense or if he was just doing this on purpose. Nonetheless, you follow him further down the hallway, thinking of possible things that could scare him. The two of you end up finding an elevator, and experimentally, he pushes one of the buttons. Much to your surprise and dismay, it works and the door opens with an unsettling creak in front of you.

“Aren’t you a little nervous?” You ask as the two of you step in.

He pushes the second floor button and the door closes, “Not really… I’ve been in an elevator before, you know.”

You deadpan, “That’s not what I meant.”

The elevator stops and the door opens again, he walks out and you hurry behind him. Suddenly the two of you hear a phone ring in the room nearest to you. He begins walking towards the source of the ringing but you grab onto his arm and stop him, “What are you doing?” 

“The phone’s ringin-”

“In an abandoned insane asylum,” you remind him, but he stares at you, unbothered. You let go of his arm and follow him to the phone. “Hello?” He says and waits, but there’s no response. He hands the phone to you and you hesitantly bring it up to your ear, “… Hello?”


You scream and drop the phone, 2D picks it up again and listens to the receiver, you stare at him expectantly but he places the phone back onto the set and says nonchalantly, “Wrong number.”

“Are you some kind of alien?”


“Don’t you think that’s a little strange? How the phone rang on the floor that we’re on and not to mention in an abandoned insane asylum!” You shout, frustrated that he hasn’t shown any signs of fear at all.

“… Do you want to lea-”

“I’m fine! Let’s go!” You grab his arm and drag him further down the hallway, determined to find something that will scare him. You pass by more paranormal occurrences growing more frustrated with every one of his passive reactions. From weird aberrations to unsettling laughter, you can’t seem to find anything that sparks any sort of fearful reaction. 

“If nothing is going to scare you, then let’s just go,” you say defeated, and you start marching towards the exit but stop when you hear a voice behind the two of you.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

You turn around to see a patient covered in what appeared to be burns standing close behind you. You stumble backwards and your eyes flutter. You hear what you think was your name before you hit the ground, completely unconscious.

You wake up to the sound of voices. You look around and conclude that you’re laying in what seems to be a hospital room, a very dirty one at that almost similar to the one… You sit up suddenly and look to your side and see 2D conversing with a group of strangers. He turns to look at you and notices that you’re awake. He gets up and walks over to you, “You alright?” He asks worriedly.

You look behind him at the strangers staring at you expectantly. 2D follows your eyes and explains, “Oh, these guys are from the drama club at their high school. They come here every weekend to scare people who stop by and practice using their special effects make up and acting, you know? Pretty neat, huh?”

You smile sheepishly, “Yeah… Pretty neat…”

“Man, you were so scared,” one of them says, laughing, “Hope you’re okay though.”

“I’m fine,” you say as you get up from the bed, your wobbling legs proving otherwise. 2D catches you, slinging one of your arms over his shoulder. He says bye to the students, promising them a few signed albums before the two of you head out, him supporting you as best as he could. He calls Noodle, but she doesn’t pick up so the two of you decide to walk back instead.

“You know…” he begins, “If you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to the extreme and faint,” he teases, smiling. You shove him playfully and laugh with him. You look up at him and tell him, “I can walk by myself now.”

He’s not convinced, “You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

He lets you go and the two of you walk in silence for a while before you ask him, “Were… were you scared at all?”

“Erm… Only once…” he admits and you could’ve sworn you saw the faintest hit of pink on his cheeks.

“Really? When?”

“… When you fainted…” he says quietly.

“O-oh,” you say, flustered as well. Your small moment together is cut short when you hear a series of honks from behind you. Noodle pulls up next to you and rolls down the window with Murdoc now in the passenger seat, “Sorry!” Noodle calls out leaning towards the open window. Murdoc honks to the horn again, “Hurry up and get in. It’s been a day.”

“Agreed,” you both say before heading in the back. The car ride back is spent with Murdoc complaining how he had every right to demand an otter at the pet store and how his altercation with the law forces once they were contacted was just an overreaction on their part. Noodle shakes her head in silent disagreement. When she pulls up to the house, she offers you a ride back to yours but 2D interjects, “Um… I’ll walk Y/N home.”

“You sure?” Noodle says pointing towards the direction of your home,“It’s pretty far away-”

“No no, it’s okay,” he cuts her off quickly. She gets the hint and the two of you exit the back and start walking towards your house. You blush deeply when his fingers brush against his lightly. You talk about nothing in particular and soon enough you’re both standing at your door.

“So… Uh… W-when are you free again?” He asks suddenly. 

You think for a bit, “Next weekend?”

“Alright… We’ll try to do something that’s not too scary,” he teases.

“Hey,” you say playfully and pout dramatically.

“… Cute.”


“Uh-Nothing. See you next weekend!” He says quickly before heading off. You watched him disappear, unaware of rosy tint that covered his cheeks.

lmao oops i spent all afternoon on this, fighting with my wifi. also totes mcgoats inspired by that episode from full metal panic fumoffu if you’re into that kinda stuff i totally recommend its one of my favorites.

also murdocs deal with the otter is literally me i want an otter so bad i just had to write about it im so sorry

also again 2D not giving a shit about scary stuff is the funniest thing to me idk it makes sense cause all he does it watch scary movies hes probably immune to the spooks

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It took me 5 hours to read the second chapter, because I was so overwhelmed with certain lines and scenes that I needed to pause and gather myself emotionally before I could carry on reading tbh. I took the longest time reading the scenes from the Olympics party night :3

Yay, that makes me so happy because it means I did a good job!

Hi! Jessica here again. I took this last night while feeling really cute so I wanted to post this here! ^_^ I really liked the pic at first and I still do but then I noticed my hair is a bit messy in it :/ and then the more I looked at it the less I look feminine and I might just look more masculine here. Idk. But I hope not. And I still kinda like this pic a lot. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy <3

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My dad took me to wrigley field the night after the Cubs won the World Series. We'd only been there for a few minutes when I ended up alone. A drunk man who looked about 40-45 put his hand on my shoulder and called me 'his little red riding hood' and asked if I wanted him to be my wolf. I was frozen in fear. When he asked me again, I started running. I'm 14. I'm very obviously underage.

That’s so fucked up.  Men think that alcohol and celebrations are an excuse to be disgustingly disrespectful… FUCK THAT.  I hope you (and all other girls) never have to go through something like that again.

You Laugh Like Sunshine


I’m not really sure what this is. It has like no plot, it’s really just contemplation and thoughts by Cassian. I don’t even say their names. I’m not sure why I wrote this, but I started and I couldn’t stop. SO. shrugssfuauifh

He was born with war and fire thrumming through his veins, had left fury hidden beneath his lungs. Embedded so far beneath every time her breathed he could feel the drums pounding. He was born an Illyrian, strong and mighty. He had become the great army commander, against all odds, despite all ends.

The man who could face even the strongest opponent, and make it out alive and beating. The one who could break mountains with bare fists, but still choked when he saw people lying on the ground before him, still as night. Maybe that’s why he took pity on her, because she looked like she wanted to die.

She was his equal in likeness and spirit. This woman, whose fire played with his, whose fire took hold of his hand and danced to the steady rhythm of forgotten memories and lost dreams.

As if she were a mirror.

If she didn’t tell him what she noticed, he could see it written on her face. The disappointment, the anger, the deceit. He saw the same expression drawn on the plane of his face. The need to become someone else. To escape.

But he had wings and she did not.

So, he joked, stupid expressions. Thoughts that came to his mind in a split of a second that he couldn’t withhold from his tongue. She made his thoughts wild, reckless, and free. Anything to get the light brighter in her eyes, before it dimmed completely.

He couldn’t let them dim.

Her eyes were storm clouds. Her eyes were the days it rained with the sun shining in the background. Even they were contradictory. A soft color to match her harsh expression. Beautiful and entirely her that he could have seen only them and he would have known who they belonged to. No one could make clouds look like starlight.

Even if he looked like a fool to all who perceived him. Even if he had to fall or trip or goad her on. He’d see the light get brighter. Every time the dark purple under her eyes turned a little more lilac, he praised the heavens. Every time one of the wrinkles on her forehead vanished without a trace or a return, he rose from the ashes.

He had seen warriors bigger than her, stronger than her, become someone else for the sake of sanity. Become brutish and wolfish and crass, a monster unleashed and untorn waiting for a chance to fight. She wouldn’t become one.

A monster.

For she wasn’t a monster. She was a warrior. Brave, mighty, and strong. He trained her, fought with her, strengthened her endeavor to become; to become someone who could change the world. A woman the world needed at all costs.

She had it in her, had it since the day she was born. He had seen it in the first glare, in the first snarl, the first sneer. She had seen him as no one of importance, and he laughed at the memory. She had seen someone larger and stronger than her, and wasn’t afraid.

He didn’t think she could ever be afraid.

Except the nightmares argued with him, proclaimed that she was afraid of everything. He could feel her fear like it was his own, could hear her screams like she was right beside him. He couldn’t leave her alone. No one should have been alone.

He worked hard to become someone she needed, someone she could rely on. When her eyes got brighter, and her cheeks rosier, he rejoiced. She was alive- living, thriving, and beating the odds.

And when her lips turned upwards and tears streamed from the corners of her eyes, he had to smile. She had never looked at him like that, looked at anyone like that as far as he knew. Her eyes resembling every bit of the sky above them.

He had said something meaningless, he couldn’t even remember what it was, it all was the same to him now. He had only said it to mock her, to get a rise out of her. True to her nature, she had outwitted him. She played their game so well. But instead of her usual exasperation she had tried to contain the giggles rising from her chest.

It rushed out of her and all he could do was stand in awe. After the flurry was contained, after she had calmed the rush of starlight, she had looked at him in confusion. Her flushed cheeks competing with his ruby siphons. They weren’t as precious as the look on her face. He couldn’t tell what about her made him so contemplative and stunned.

All he knew was that her laugh sounded like sunshine.

These are really short and I like writing them, so I’m going to do one in Nesta’s POV about Cassian, and then maybe one for other ships. Because why not. Pretty ambitious and not at all like me, so we’ll see if I actually do it. Until next time! The next one is called “You Smile Like Rain.”

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Hi Wiggles! It's been so wonderful watching you grow healthy & happier in your new home! Last night I took in a local rescue gecko with all the same problems you used to have, I was wondering if you had any advice about caring for her special needs? We'll be going to the vet today to get her all the medical help she needs, & she'll be getting a UVB too, I would love to know which strength bulb you have if thats okay! I wrote a few posts about what I've done for her so far on my reptile blog

The care my vet recommended may be different from what yours recommends, because we’re all individuals with individual needs, so please keep that in mind.’

My keeper’s vet recommended the following for me, until I was back to a healthy weight:

- Free feeding every day until I got to a healthy weight. I’m back on an every other day feeding schedule now, as I’m at a healthy weight.

- All meals dusted with a calcium/D3 vitamin powder.  My keeper uses Repashy Calcium Plus. Since I’m healthy again, I get mine dusted 3x per week instead of daily now.

- A dish of plain calcium/D3 (even healthy leopard geckos should have this).
- UVB lighting.  My keeper is using the Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact Fluorescent Tropical Terrarium Lamp.

- A high fat, high calorie diet until I was a healthy weight again. Waxworms, butterworms, black soldier fly larvae (they’re not high in fat or calories, but ARE high in calcium), and dubia roaches were my diet for awhile. Since I’m at a healthy weight again, the waxworms and butterworms are just treats now, and I get mealworms instead of those now.

- I also seem to prefer having belly heat AND radiant heat from above for basking (someone forgot to tell me that I’m nocturnal and should sleep in my hides instead of under the heat lamp), so he uses a ceramic heat emitter on my warm side in addition to the undertank heater. Please note that you need at least a 20 gallon long (so not a regular 20 gallon) aquarium to do this or the heat emitter may make the cool side too warm as well.

Once I got to a healthy weight, my keeper’s vet said I could be fed and kept like any normal leopard gecko. I seem to enjoy the UVB light and sometimes even bask under it, so my keeper plans to keep it around.

The Porn Identity

I had some ‘Me Time’ this morning after another night alone .  It took (a lot) longer than expected , and afterwards .. as I lay there breathing hard , Hugging a pillow ,  with my sweaty body (pretend) tied to the bed (my new thing) , a lovehoney vibrator still humming in the distance , and my day old panties stuffed in my mouth …. I thought , you don’t ever see this on erotic media xxx Sarah

anyways kind of a quick PSA even though i haven’t encountered this issue yet. the canon for robin on this blog is he never married && morgan was the product of a one-night-stand he took responsibility for ( i gotta link the meta into his about page lmao )

but like…. despite this… i still won’t be shipping robin w any of the kids despite the fact that the game lets you do it. bc like…. it just messes me up that should robin’s choices have been different, he could be their dad aND IDK MAN I’M NOT COMFORTABLE W IT

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Hi Sam, it hurts so much to see other people in love or having families. I feel like I will never love again. Last night I took a stranger home with me because I just wanted to feel the feelings of trusting someone so much. But it just hurts more now. I feel so lonely and depressed and I'm getting behind in my work and drinking a lot (I am an alcoholic). I don't know what to do

Well, clearly the alcohol has ceased to work. There is a particular kind of loneliness peculiar to the alcoholic. It is loneliness coupled with helplessness, deep sadness and a sense of hopelessness. 

The time has come for you to throw off the yoke of addiction. You are going to need some help at least at first. Find this help. Then, once you have a little sobriety it will be time to work on the underlying cause of your suffering. 

This process would be greatly facilitated by the assistance of a professional counselor. If this is not available to you try:

Took this last night around the same time. Talk about your deer in the headlights… now I understand peoples’ comments in highschool…and university…

Speaking of, a prof told me in front of a class that I looked like an anime character (thanks James Cunningham, completely unsarcastically). Someone (anyone) want to draw me anime style? Cause that would be awesome.