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for your Spring Break requests :D Damen and Laurent in the pose 1B or 3B from the Promt five

hello! thank you so much for the request! for some reason i rlly saw this pose as laurent kissing damen’s forehead cus i need more of laurent being soft with damen in return. idk, but i made it work i think!

RFA comforting MC when MC feels neglected

(A/N: This is meant to be headcanons but like, it’s really long. So, it’s more like mini-fics, lol. ^^ Nevertheless, happy reading and enjoy!) 


Yoosung was the type of person who always kept himself busy. When there was nothing, he preoccupied his time by gaming. But now, he spent his time studying and working hard at University to do his best; if not for himself, then you. While you felt proud of him growing up so much in such a little time, especially in order to impress you, you felt lonely. Lately, he had been so busy that he barely talked to you.

And you understood that he didn’t have a choice, you really did. You thought that you should be supportive with his career and not bother him with your emotions. Hence, you kept your unnecessary emotions bottled up.

Until one day, the bottle broke.

And when it did, all the emotions poured out of you like a coke with mentos inside it. You were glad that when this had occurred, you were alone.

Or so, you thought. It had happened that on that day, Yoosung had decided to arrive home early. So, when he came home to find you crying he panicked.

He instantly dropped everything and wrapped his arms around you. He pulled you into a tight hug, and squeezed you tenderly and lovingly.

Despite your protests, he had forced you to tell him what was wrong. And although you felt silly for troubling him with your ‘childish’ issues, the boy shook his head and said just the right words.

“You aren’t a bother, your emotions aren’t a bother no matter how small your issues seem to you. They are never small for me. It’s normal, your emotions are normal so let’s handle this normally by helping you through them.” He had said, before he brought you your favourite food, put your favourite show on, and watched it together with you.

The entire time Yoosung did not release you from his embrace to assure you that he would always be there.


It was a given fact that Zen was a workaholic. After he began dating you, he had decreased his hours of work to make sure that he gave you the time and attention that you deserved. However, recently, he had been offered a new enticing lead role in a musical which he really wanted. The only issue was that the practices for this new role became an enormous commitment. It was not just that. After the release of the musical, it had become a major hit which meant that his work with this project wasn’t finished as he had to attend many fan meet ups and such.

To say that you missed him was an utter understatement. You began to feel insecure as if he did not want to be with you anymore. So, to avoid being in contact with you and not wanting to address the elephant of this situation, you believed that this was why Zen was overworking.

However, your trust in Zen overwhelmed your insecurities. Additionally, you were very reflective of your situations. This helped you remember that Zen was an extremely loyal and honest person. If his intentions were to neglect you on purpose, he would not have pursued a relationship with you in the first place. He loved you too much to do something as petty as what your insecurities had caused you to thought.

However, despite his love, his current actions were still bound to bother you and needed to be dealt with. So, you decided that you would discuss this with him over a cup of tea or so. And when you did, he was incredibly understanding of your situation and told you that he will decrease his work hours.

In the meanwhile, he decided to do other things to make up for the loss time 

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Due to your partnership over the cafe with Jaehee, you two were together all time at work, and at home. You were busy just as much as her, and felt exhausted just as much as she did. However, the only difference was that Jaehee was use to the hectic work life due to working for Jumin prior to the cafe. She was use to the exhaustion: both physically and mentally and dealing it with on her own. However, you, on the other hand, you were not used to working and then living in a way where you did not talk about how you felt throughout the day in a proper face to face conversation with someone.  

These days, Jaehee and you only shared conversations that were about work. Nothing was about yourselves. You were not able to share your thoughts, your feelings, or even have a small conversation which made you feel connected to her as a person. This was beginning to strain you emotionally and the stress that came with it was executed in your behaviour and work practice.

It was on a certain day where it all went wrong. The atmosphere of the cafe was downright sour. Your genuineness of your  customer service felt forced. Everything ticked you off and the work was done poorly. This did not go unnoticed by Jaehee, who had decided to close the cafe early in order to make sure you were okay.

As soon as she even called your name, you broke down crying. This had instantly caused her to enter her mom friend mode. Then, quickly as she could, she made you a cup of your favourite beverage in order to help you calm down, before encouraging you to talk about your feelings. And when you did, she realized that she was treating you somewhat similarly to how Jumin treated her. She instantly apologized and promised to spend more quality time with you as friends and not just as co-workers.


Jumin loved you a lot. For this reason, he tried his best to spend as much time as he could with you. If not only for your sake, but also his. However, lately, he was being bombarded with work constantly. If it was not late nights in at work, it was overbearing meetings. If it was not overbearing meetings, then it would be business trips overseas where he had to stay a few nights. Jumin’s lack of presence caused by this hectic schedule was a normal occurrence. You should’ve been use to it by now.

And you were. You passed your time during his absence perfectly fine. After all, you were not alone. You had Elizabeth the 3rd. You should not be feeling like this.

But you were, and you could not figure out why. This ‘normal’ schedule, did not feel normal anymore. You were beginning to be overwhelmed by loneliness. Additionally, the sorrow and anxiety caused by this continued to increase day by day. You tried to push it away and ignore it, but that just worsened how you felt. When the other RFA members tried to comfort you, or offered  their company instead, you always declined. That’s because it was not their company that you desired, but Jumin’s.

You were not really sure what gave it away. Whether it was the extra longing looks you seemed to direct towards Jumin that made him knew, the RFA members notifying him of your condition, or something else entirely; you did not had to suffer from feeling lonely for too long.

As if he knew it himself, Jumin had automatically decreased the amounts of work that he took on, and started to spend more time with you. You were not complaining, but the sudden change made you curious.

When you asked him about it, he simply smiled at you and wrapped his arms around you. His embrace was nothing but filled with love and warmth. So much that it made you wondered.

Perhaps he was also feeling what you were. After all, soulmates often tend to think alike.


A lot of things required Saeyoung’s attention nowadays. Firstly, he was busy with his work. Secondly, he was trying to rebuild his relationship with Saeran which required a lot of effort and patience. And this took so much out of his time that he barely had any time left to spend it with you. The time he was left with, he spent it sleeping. This was because despite how much he wanted to spend it with you, the fatigue in his body would not let him. After all, as a human, there were only so many nights he could pull an all nighter on without becoming extremely exhausted.

You tried to be understanding of his situation. You tried to ignore your feelings, your needs and put Saeyoung’s needs before yours. But, after all, you were only a human as well. There was only so much time you could spend telling yourself that you didn’t mind it, but in fact you did.

You did not want to seem needy so you did not bother to express your feelings.

However, as if this was a game and Saeyoung had the option to hack into your mind, he eventually figured out that you were missing him. And so, he decided to do what he thought he did best: turn everything into a joke.

He dressed like a gold digger and ordered a Jumin cosplay online that he forced you to wear. As a third party, Saeran was forced to dress like Elly.

When this weird situation commenced, you were extremely confused at what was occurring. You thought it was a weird roleplay kink he wanted to discover. For this reason, it was incredibly uncomfortable to have Saeran standing in a corner and watching you with a stoic face.

Subsequently, Saeyoung began to be incredibly flirtatious towards you and clingy. He began to proclaim his love towards you the way gold diggers did with Jumin. The only difference was that his acting was incredible cringey, but his love was absolutely genuine.

The entire thing was a mess. However, when you busted out laughing with literal sparkles around you, Saeyoung could not be any happier.

Then, finally, he had wrapped himself around you real tightly, before pampering your face with sweet kisses and lecturing you about the importance of talking about your feelings. What a hypocrite lol.

Making the Grade - Ch. 2

A/N: Thank you all so much for your patience.  I’m so sorry this took so long!  This wouldn’t be possible without the support from my friends and readers.  I truly appreciate you guys!

Chapter 1

“Wait wait.  Here comes Lou - tell him what she said when you asked for her number.”  Harry’s laughter peals across the corner of the lacquered bar where Niall’s leaning with his head in his hands.  “Christ Harry, ya think you could keep your voice down to a dull roar?”  Niall can feel his cheeks burning hot with shame.  The entire debacle has been running through his head on a constant loop since the afternoon.  After Poppy had stormed out of his classroom, Niall was left standing at his desk, his mouth hanging open and his arms hanging uselessly at his sides.  For a brief moment he considered running after her, but what would he say?  “Hey, just so you know, I wasn’t hitting on you?”  Niall may have terrible luck with women, but he wasn’t a complete idiot.  Even he knew that wasn’t the way into a pretty girl’s good graces.  So, instead, he sank down into the hard plastic chair, took a deep breath, and shoved all his papers into his worn leather messenger bag.  By the time he’d made it to the pub to meet Harry, Niall’s mood hadn’t improved.  He’s skulked into the bar, heaving himself onto the stool next to Harry’s and waved Louis down for a pint and a shot of Jameson.  Harry had coaxed the entire story from Niall and was now forcing him to repeat it to the bartender for his own sadistic pleasure.  

Louis sidled up to the bar, flipping a bar towel over his shoulder.  They’d made friends with Louis almost immediately, deciding that his caustic attitude and relentless sarcasm could be tolerated because of their shared love of football and collective homesickness for the UK. “Ok Harold, you’ve made your point.  Spill it, Nialler.”  Louis was working on his Masters in psychology, a degree that came in handy more often than not working as a bartender.  With a deep sigh and a tug on his fringe for good measure, Niall reluctantly filled in his friend.

“I kinda accidentally asked out one of my students this afternoon.  Got me ass handed to me in the process.”  Niall raised his eyebrows and took another swig of his pint.  “Gotta be honest, she was fuckin’ terrifying.”  Slumping against the bar in defeat, Niall stared at the drops of condensation rolling down his glass.  

“I’m sorry, did you say you ‘accidentally’ asked out a student, Neil?”  Louis was staring incredulously at Niall, a wicked cackle starting to bubble up from his slight frame.  “How do you accidentally ask someone out?  I mean, logistically, how does it happen?”  Louis and Harry were shaking with laughter as Niall sat back and glared at both of them.

“For your information, Lewis, I wasn’t trying to ask her out.  It was a complete misunderstanding.”  Harry slapped Niall’s shoulder, shaking him slightly in his seat.  “Happens to the best of us, right Lou?”  Harry looked pointedly at Louis, nudging his chin in Niall’s direction.  Louis got the hint, and  piped up quickly.  “Sure Ni, sure.  I mean, can’t win em all can ya?”

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i don't know if your still doing ficlet recs, but I'm dying for a shidge twister fic. there aren't enough voltron twister fics in the world. (twister the game, not an actual tornado I'm suffering enough already)

This took approximately 1000 years, so thank you SO MUCH for your patience! You’re the coolest spacedadio ever, frond. Here’s 4700 words of Shidge fluff… I hope you enjoy!!!!! Many thanks to @howlingmoonrise for the beta-reading too :)

Warnings for mentions of alcohol consumption and some minor sexual innuendo.

As Paladins of Voltron, Defenders of the Universe, there wasn’t much time for rest and relaxation. Empires to overthrow, innocents to rescue, cool robots to poke around in: the usual. So maybe, Pidge reflects over the rim of her second glass of Nunvil, that’s why, when Team Voltron did let themselves take a break, they broke hard.

Allura or Lance were almost always to blame, and if one came up with the idea, the other always backed them up. The theme of this night’s “Club Voltron”, as Lance had lovingly taken to calling it, was classic Earth games. Dubious as Pidge is (and always was) of Lance’s plan, she’s glad they’re back in more familiar territory - they had learned three Spicolian Movements ago that traditional Altean games involved an uncomfortable amount of tentacles and magma.

So of course Lance begs Pidge to start programming games into the Castle’s holodeck, and of course Keith goes off on a “top secret mission” and come back with far too much Nunvil, and Hunk is able to make the food goo taste like pizza, and they have a party.

Pidge sets her drink down and leans back in the couch. On the other side of the lounge, Keith and Lance are spinning a blindfolded Allura with enthusiasm in preparation for a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Zarkon.’ Hunk, still looking a little green after his turn, cheers her on as she toddles towards what she thinks is the holographic image of Zarkon, one hand outstretched, the other clutching Pidge’s bayard. After a tick or two, she fires off the bayard just too far to the left of the hologram, forcing Keith to duck to avoid getting zapped. Keith swears, Allura pulls off the blindfold, and they all dissolve into laughter.

At Pidge’s side, Shiro chuckles and wraps an arm around her shoulders.

“I can’t believe you let them use your bayard for this,” he says, shaking his head. “Actually, I can’t believe I’m still letting them use your bayard for this.”

“Why do you think Lance waited until after we’d finished our first drinks before asking?” she says.

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1/3 sketchdump commission for @gsmudkip of one of their Sirens, Max!

Ever since you sent that cupcake ask on EMR I can’t get it out of my mind that he is best cupcake man oh my god

Anyways, I like his backstory about bringing his family out of poverty and believing that this whole Siren business is really the best way to rake in money to survive; poor baby needs someone to guide him

I’m also sorry this took so long to start on, thank you so much for your patience QvQ

sketchdump commissions still open, info here

message @sai-shouart if interested

>completed sketchdumps

Horses - Tommy Shelby

I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS. May I please request a tommy x reader where reader is biracial (black/white) and loves horses? Maybe someone sweeter than what he’s used to, but also has some backbone? @fullbouquetofwonderland

Horses - Tommy Shelby

Your back was to him but it didn’t matter, he had memorized your features. He could just imagine the smudge of dirt you seemed to always have on your forehead from wiping your hand across sweat. The same sweat that, after a morning of hard work with the horse, caused your skin to glow in the sun. Your curly hair was tied away from your face. For a moment Tommy just stood there, watching you brush down the horse. He knew Curly was watching him and Charlie was pretending not to.  

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Hi Rin, sorry for bothering. i love your blog so much! guess it took a lot of patience to answers and explains. And i think that's a really cool of you. Anyway Rin, I have this thought about ships in general in korea. I mean for exp. Taekook, how popular are they and what is the parameter to know if a ship is popular, in korea? and what is the diff between k-shippers and int. shippers? wether it's the behaviour or etc. Sorry if this question annoys you hehe, but thank you in advance!

well, similar to when you like a group you’ll barely care about other groups, my otps are taekook and namjin so i mostly have those two on my timeline and don’t really pay attention to other pairings, even though i do follow people who ship other pairings (vmin, sope, yoonmin, jinkook etc). the pairings in maknae line are probably the most popular ones, although there isn’t a parameter of which pairing is the most popular, i have come across several accounts about these pairings with high followers number.

differences between kr shippers and int shippers hmh… i think i’m gonna have to list it out (but first of all i would like this ask not being screencapped or repost anywhere ty ;-;)

• the names for pairings. in the kr fandom, a pairing between 2 members has 2 different names depending on who’s top and who’s bottom. for example, taekook = kookv (top kook, bottom tae) or vkook (top tae, bottom kook). saying you ship kookv or vkook basically means saying you like bottom v top k or bottom k top v. it’s… quite important lol, especially when the kookv fandom and the vkook fandom clash quite often (don’t know why but it seems to be there already even before i join the fandom lol). btw i ship kookv but i’m fine with vkook either, i just don’t read bottom kook fics.

• still about the names for pairings, the common names for pairings in the kr fandom are sometimes different from the ones int fandom uses. namjin is more commonly referred to as “rapjin” (랩진) or “jinrap” (진랩) (again, depending on who’s top and bottom lmao). taekook is “kookv” (국뷔) or “vkook” (뷔국). yoonmin is “sujim” (슈짐) or […] (i don’t know i hardly see anyone who ships top jm bottom yg….). jikook is “kookmin” (국민) or “jikook” (i guess…? again most people i see ship top kook bottom jm). lots of people ship member x all (like all jin or all v), and some ship more than 1 pairing of a member but that member is bottom (like vottom for example, vottom = v bottom).

• kr fans whose twitter accounts mention pairings will have an “rps + name of pairing” in their bios. it’s like a pre-warning so people can know that they do talk about pairings and can choose to not follow if it makes them uncomfortable. this i think int fans do too, i don’t keep track with the int fandom activities so…

• kr fandom is normally extremely careful when talking about pairings on sns (or at least those i follow). they don’t reply to bts’ tweets when there’s a moment of their otp there. for example, that recent selfie of taekook after 186492648374 years, the replies in korean would be like “take care, don’t catch a cold” or “so cute” while the replies in english, well, you’ll easily see sth like “OMG BOYFRIENDS” or “YOU TWO ARE MARRIED”…

kr shippers use modificated versions of the members’ names to avoid having their tweets appearing in the search results in case bts search for their names (it’s called 써방 and i talked about this once) and the list of 써방 we can use is getting shorter because jimin and hoseok have used quite a lot of common 써방…

• the int fandom has fanfiction sites like ao3 or aff where you can find tons of fics in one place, while in the kr fandom, fics are posted separately in each writer’s blog or site, which makes it a little difficult to discover new fics but that’s okay because i only read kr fics from my fav writers lol

so far there’s only this much i can remember… a warning again that this might not apply to all ships because most of my timeline are kv and nj so lol


Summary:  Levi and Mikasa are dragged out on a bar crawl by friends. No one really expects it to end the way it does, though Connie does find some success.

My super late RivaMika Jam entry for @squiddlesandsopor. I’m sorry this took so long. Thank you so much for your patience!! 

(please let me know if you’d prefer to read it here)

Read on AO3

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Just wondering when the next chapter of Cold Cape Cod Clams....would be posted?

I’m working on it now. I’m on the last scene but only about partway through. So building in some time to finish it and then time to edit and do some tweaking…maybe a day or two?

Back (Murphy x Reader)

Request\s: #20 with John Murphy \ 11 with Murphy please

A\N: Sorry this took so long to upload! Thanks so much for your patience I really hope you like this, I decided to add in another request I had for prompt 11 I hope that’s okay!! Xx (also let’s pretend the gif is set in arkadia ok)

Prompt: 20 “If we get caught, we’re dead.” & 11 “Midnight. Behind the drop ship. Come alone.”

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

Your legs were shaking with anticipation; you hadn’t seen Murphy in a week. You were sent off with another group to meet with Lexa and had to prolong your stay there in order to make Skaikru the 13th clan and today you were on your way back to Arkadia, where he was waiting for you. Needless to say, you missed him like crazy. You were so used to spending every moment with your boyfriend and bestfriend that whenever you were away from him, you felt incomplete like you weren’t whole unless he was there by your side. In conclusion, you were completely, unquestionably dependent on John Murphy. 

As the car came to a loud stop, you opened the door letting the sunlight stream in before you stepped outside. So far there’s no sight of him. You begin to worry about him as you walk inside the drop ship. But then you hear something that gets rid of all those worries.

“Y\N?” He mutters breathlessly. His eyes widen as if he can’t believe you’re actually here, standing in front of him. In an instant he races towards you, encasing you in a tight hug and you hope it can last forever. Feeling him so close to you, your eyes flutter shut and you smile.

“Did you miss me?” You ask, your mouth next to his ear. When he pulls back after a good amount of time, he places his hands on your hips and looks at you happily.

“Oh, you left?” He asks sarcastically and you let out a laugh, “Didn’t even notice you were gone.”

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The Most Unlikely of Meetings

A/N: This was a request from last week from a lovely anon, who wanted a Spencer x Reader fic where the reader was a model and took Spencer and the team to Coachella! Thanks so much for your patience, love. I must preface this by saying I AM NOT COOL, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT COACHELLA (LOL), but I’ve always wanted to go, so I did my best. I also made a point of mentioning the modeling industry, but not describing the reader herself, so you can think of her however you’d like. :) 

Enjoy my loves! And feel free to send in more requests. This one was a challenge for me, but I loved it!


Nearly a year ago, a friend of yours in the modeling industry was stalked by an obsessive fan. He had been killing those close to her. Anyone who was a threat to him. Anyone who he felt was a threat to her or her career - no one was safe. You were a target as well, considering Holly was one of your best friends. Thankfully, you had both escaped the case relatively unharmed due to the brilliant work of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.

As you scanned the vast audience looking for your boyfriend and his friends, your mind flashed back to the year before, lingering on the lanky, dorky doctor’s face as he walked through the door of the interrogation room. His hair was a shade of brown in between dirty blonde and chocolate, with eyes that matched. As he met your gaze, his face flushed and he pulled at his sweater vest, trying as best he could to keep his composure. After a short interrogation, he had insisted on putting you in protective custody, given how close you were to Holly. You tried to fight it, but he wasn’t having it. The case eventually came to a close a couple of days later, after unfortunately losing another close friend of yours and Holly’s.

You were a complete mess, but the youngest agent seemed determined to make sure you were okay before they went back to Quantico - and during that short exchange, you had been bold enough to ask for his number. You prefaced the question by saying you knew how busy both of your careers were at the moment, but you wanted to get to know him. Over the next three months, you got to know each other through texts and Skype and then he had asked you on a real date, considering you were going to be close to Virginia.

Flash forward another nine months, and you and Spencer were happily dating, but you had yet to meet his friends, so you’d invited the whole group of them to Coachella. It was a bit difficult getting so many tickets, but you suspected the notoriety from last year’s debacle upped your status in the industry - so you were able to get Spencer and his friends into one of the biggest arts and music festivals of the year. You know the saying, “No publicity is bad publicity.” Yea, you weren’t so sure.

“Hey, bae!” you heard from behind you. Holly was here. She wanted to make sure the good doctor was good enough for her best friend. You already knew she approved.

Just as she released you from what could only be described as a bear hug, you saw your boyfriend’s super wavy hair coast over the rest of the crowd. You ran toward him, jumping up and wrapping your arms and legs around him, practically tipping him over. You kissed him before jumping off, “Hi, honey! How are you?”

He returned your passion with a wide grin. “I’m a little uncomfortable, Y/N,” he said pulling at his shirt again, like he had that day last year, “I’m probably the last person that should be at a place like this. I’m definitely not cool enough.”

“Nonsense, Spence,” you said grabbing his hand and kissing his cheek. “Your looks make you fit right in. I can already see ladies looking your way.” At that point, you might have pinched his butt. Just maybe.

“Really?” he asked, grinning wide, secretly a fan of your public displays of affection.

You snorted. “Yup. This butt is mine.”

He turned you to face his friends and placed his hands around your waist. “I guess I’ll fake it until I feel comfortable then,” he laughed. “Until then, I’d like you to meet my friends.”

One by one, his teammates introduced themselves. Penelope was sporting what were seemingly all the colors of the rainbow and was looking around like a kid on Christmas morning. Everyone around her was staring at her eccentric outfit, but she couldn’t give any fucks - it was amazing. JJ was wearing a loose, flowing white dress and tan sandals and Emily was dressed in a red top that accentuated her hair and striking eyes. The boys, Rossi, Aaron and Derek, were each decked out in jeans and a t-shirt; Derek in a tight-fitting navy tee, Rossi in an old Beatles t-shirt (he honestly looked the most comfortable out of everyone) and Aaron wearing a Pearl Jam t-shirt. You could definitely see yourself being friends with Spence’s friends. 

“You know guys,” Spencer started, in a way that indicated a fact or statistic was about to burst forth, “Coachella was actually started because of a dispute between Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster. Pearl Jam felt that Ticketmaster was gouging the fans and the artists, so they decided to pursue another avenue for their tour. It became so popular, it expanded and became this. Nearly half a million people attend every year now.”

You just beamed at him. Some people were put off by his ramblings, but you found it endearing, “I did know that, Spence. And judging by Aaron’s t-shirt, he might know too.”

“So where are we going first?” Penelope practically screamed. “The Coachella Stage, the Outdoor Theatre, the Gobi Tent, the Mojave tent or the Sahara tent?”

You couldn’t help laughing at her fervor, and the rest of team joined you, “I thought you’d never been before, Penelope?” You raised on eyebrow in her direction and she continued, “Yea, but this is where all the cool people are and I’ve always wanted to go!”

Well, between today and tomorrow I’ve got a ton on performances lined up,” you said excitedly, trying to be heard by his friends over the frenzy of the crowd. “I got us all tickets to see Zedd and Kesha, The Chainsmokers, Of Monsters and Men, Halsey and Guns N’ Roses.”

At the mention of Guns N’ Roses, you heard Rossi from the back, “Oh, thank god, someone I recognize!” 

Derek laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “See there’s something for everyone, old man.”

Rossi cut his eyes at Derek in the most loving, yet if-you-say-that-again-I’ll-kill-you voice. “Watch it, kid.” 

You placed yourself behind Spencer, wrapping your hands around his midsection. He seemed to be relaxing a bit. While Coachella was sometimes known for drama, drugs and celebrity mishaps, you weren’t here for that. All you wanted was to have a great time, have a few drinks, see some cool performances and spend some time with your unlikely boyfriend, who’d come into your life in the most unlikely of ways.

“To the Mojave tent!” you shouted, jumping on Spencer’s back for a piggyback ride. “The Chainsmokers start in 45 minutes.”

Spencer led the way, with you on his back, but was practically run over by Penelope, who couldn’t contain her energy any longer.

You nuzzled your face into Spencer’s neck. This was going to be amazing.

[Fic] Anchor’s Knot

This is my inexcusably, reprehensibly, unforgivably late giveaway fic for dreadwulf. She asked for Fenabela with a focus on Isabela and her backstory, and it took me almost a year to come up with something that I felt did proper justice to her and Dreadwulf both. I am so, so sorry for the delay on this; I can offer nothing but my apologies and this fic for atonement.

I also owe an enormous debt of gratitude to w0rdinista for her excellent and thorough beta, without which this fic would be a good deal less than it ought to be. Thank you for taking time out of your already-hectic life to beat this into shape! <3

Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Fenris/Isabela
Word Count: 13,300
Summary: An inconvenient remnant of Isabela’s past endangers her life, and she decides it’s time to deal with the problem at last. Fenris helps. (They both know something of running, after all.)

The third time the assassins arrive through her window, Fenris happens to be there.

Frankly, and as much as she hates to admit it, he’s the only reason she survives that one. He’s lounging by the sill as she folds a new bit of jewelry into her hair, nothing saucy, only a little knot of gold—and then the next thing she knows he’s a blur of silver light and brilliant crimson spraying across her perfectly-stained floorboards. She’s got her own dagger in hand by the time the second one comes over the sill into Fenris’s fist; the third she gets herself, a neat little bite right beneath the second rib that sends him sprawling with a gasp across her floor.

“Isabela,” Fenris says, just too low, but she ignores him to circle the man bleeding out at her feet, dropping one knee ungently between his shoulder blades.

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dustblush  asked:

aaaaa!! Your blog is honestly so lovely! I feel more motivated to revise for my exams next week just seeing these posts!!! I hope you have a fantastic day! What are some of your favourite songs/music pieces?! ☼

Hi! Aww, this was such a sweet message to receive - you’ve made my day! I’m glad I could motivate you, and I hope you have a wonderful day too! <3

I wasn’t sure if you meant to play/perform, or to listen to, so here’s a list for each:
(Just warning you 90% of this is classical music bc I’m a nerd haha - if you want a list that’s more pop-geared lemme know <3)

To Perform:


  • Adagio from the Moonlight Sonata (L.V. Beethoven)
  • Le Cygne (Camille Saint Saens)
  • Gymnopedie no.1 (Erik Satie)
  • Arabesque no.1 (Claude Debussy)
  • La Cathedrale Engloutie (Claude Debussy)


  • Sure on this Shining Night (Samuel Barber)
  • Aprés un réve (Gabriel Fauré)
  • Oh quante volte (Vincenzo Bellini) 
  • La ricordanza (Vincenzo Bellini)
  • The Beauty Is (Craig Lucas, The Light in the Piazza)
  • Astonishing (Allan Knee, Little Women)
  • I could have Danced all Night (Lerner and Lowe, My Fair Lady)
  • On the Steps of the Palace (Sondheim, Into the Woods)

To listen to:

  • Leave Luanne (Ryan Scott Oliver, 35mm)
  • Sous le ciel de Paris (Zaz)
  • Burn (Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton)
  • Satisfied (Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton)
  • Liebestraume in A flat Major (Franz Liszt)
  • La fille aux cheveaux de lin (Claude Debussy)

I hope this answered your question! If you’d like me to put them in a playlist all together, or you’d like any more music recs, lemme know! <3