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↳ “Tell me, why do you think people believe in God? Because they want to. It’s not easy living in such an ugly and corrupt world. There is no certainty and nothing to hope for. People are lost, so they reach out, don’t you get it? 

God didn’t create humans, no it’s humans that created God.

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Lance with rescued prisoners. Bonus points if they're Galra.


I wasn’t really sure what to do but I hope you like it!! 

Also a small hint of Langst cause I had too 

Lance checked his map and turned down another corner. He was running as fast as he could and he could still hear the fighting that was happening outside the ship. Lance silently prayed that no Galra would notice that he was out of his lion and come find him. 

“Lance how are you doing?” Shiro called over the coms and Lance could hear bullets hitting the Black Lion. 

“Almost there, roughly 300 meters.” Lance ran around another corner keeping his gun aimed at anything that could pop out at him. 

“Okay try to be fast, we may need to form Voltron soon.” Shiro started saying something to Keith and Lance tuned him out. 

Almost there, come on. Lance willed his legs to push through the burn that consumed them and finally reached what he was looking for. Prisoners. 

Lance immediately shot the lock off the door and scared everyone in the cell. 

Lance swung the door opened and looked around at all of the occupants of the cell. Some of them looked scared of him while others put on a strong mask. 

Lance immediately recognised some of the species that were in the cell. There were three Balmeras, two Arusians and four Galrans? Lance’s first thought is that they were undercover spies that were meant to keep the prisoners in order and keep them from rebelling or something like that, but there was no way they were still serving the emperor. They all looked skinny and weak, one of them had a scratched up face and another only had one arm. 

Lance shook his head, remember what mama said, staring is not socially acceptable. Lance cleared his throat and held his head higher. “My name is Lance, I’m the Blue paladin of Voltron. I was sent here to rescue all of you.” 

The aliens all smiled, some even cheered and they all stood up and surrounded him. Lance smiled at all of them and started to direct them out of the cell, he turned when he felt a tap on his shoulder. 

Lance attempted to not screamed when he came face to face with one of the Galra that were in the cell. “Yes?” Lance cursed at how weak his voice sounded.

The Galra that tapped his shoulder looked scared and she quietly spoke “are you saving us as well?” She motioned to the other three Galra.  

Lance looked at the other three who didn’t even bother to stand up, most likely assuming that Lance didn’t want to save them and he looked back at the girl. “Didn’t I say all of you?” 

The Galran smiled and Lance directed them out of the cell. 


Lance followed the escape pod in Blue and ran out as soon as it landed in Blue’s hanger. I want to talk to all of them before anyone sees them. Lance opened the pod door and escorted everyone out, stopping the Galrans. He heard everyone else enter the hanger and Lance pushed them farther into the pod. One of them opened their mouth in protest but Lance shushed them 

“Listen,” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper, “I don’t know how everyone will react to having Galras in our castle. Let me talk to them first, I don’t want them to hurt you.” 

The Galrans nodded and Lance walked out of the pod. He saw his team along with Allura and Coran helping the newly freed aliens out of the room. Lance inhaled until his lungs ached and walked over to Allura, quickly tapping her shoulder. 

She turned and faced Lance and smiled, “you did well.” 

“Thank you Princess, but there is something you need to see before you leave.” Lance started to make his way back to the pod and Allura hesitantly followed him.  

When Allura reached his Lance stopped her from entering, “can you just promise me that you won’t freak out?” 

Allura gave Lance a sceptical look. “Lance what are you talking about?” 

“Look, I save more prisoners but they aren’t our normal prisoners.” Lance looked back into the pod, seeing what Allura couldn’t see. 

“Lance, just show me what you’re talking about.” Allura pushed passed him and gasped when she saw the Galrans. 

Allura attempted to run out of the pod but Lance stopped her and begged her to listen. “Lance! Are you insane? You brought the Galra right to us? They could be spies or assassins. You put the entire team at risk, I told you to just rescue prisoners not save the wounded!” 

Lance shook his head and held Allura’s arms down in fear that she would hurt him or someone else. “They were prisoners, like I said. Believe me I was sceptical at first but look at them.” Allura turned and looked at them. “See how malnourished that are? See how that one only has one arm? I don’t think they are still serving the emperor. That’s why I brought them here. I was completing my mission.” 

Allura nodded at what Lance said and slowly made her way over the them. She paused in front of them and examined them. After a few moments she reached out her hand and introduced herself and Lance sighed with relief. That could have ended badly. 

I had no idea what to do tbh 

I hope you like it!!!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you! 

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I have a friend and she won't take up my recommendation of watching Criminal Minds because she doesn't trust me or my taste because I'm rather weird, do you think you could respond to this convincing her that Criminal Minds is definitely worth watching? Also you are probably my favourite blog on tumblr and I love everything you do and say 💕


Dear (insert friends name here), I believe that you should start watching the riveting show Criminal Minds based on its ability to capture an audience through its storylines. For example, recently in season 12, the Spencer Reid (I will get into characters later) storyline consisted of amazing plots in that one given storyline. As well as that, Criminal Minds has a vast audience and to cater to their needs I believe that the relationships between the characters are vital to the success of the show. I guarantee once I explain the characters in detail you will completely fall in love with every single one.

Aaron Hotchner: Or more commonly known as ‘Hotch’ was the esteemed Unit Chief of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) for over a decade, before he had to step down in 2016. He is also a father to a boy named Jack. His story is definitely heartbreaking. His wife was targeted by a serial killer that tortured him for several weeks before… well, I’ll let you watch that for yourself. He can seem cold at times but I assure you, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his team.

Derek Morgan: Frankly he is one of the best agents the BAU has ever had. If he wasn’t kicking down doors he was slamming his hand on a desk whilst interrogating an UnSub (Unknown Subject). He fights for what he wants and usually succeeds. His relationship with a gorgeous blonde named Penelope Garcia is probably one of the best dynamics in a show you’ll ever see and I’m not just saying that from bias. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you, once you get to know him, he’s a sweetheart.

Spencer Reid: Personally one of my favourite characters in the show. He is a doctor, who has bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology, PhD’s in Mathematics, Engineering and Chemistry. He’s arguably a genius, with an iQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute. Honestly, when you start watching in season one you may not consider him attractive (I don’t know how you couldn’t?) but when it hits around season 4 or season 5. You’re about to witness God’s work, my friend. He possibly is the most all rounded person, his friendships with everyone are just amazing and so special.

Penelope Garcia: She is known as the technical analyst for the BAU. She may not be the one to catch the bad guys in action but without her, the team would never find the UnSubs. She’s a very important member of the team and CANNOT be replaced. She’s probably the sweetest, kindest soul you will ever meet. She’s  different to the rest of the team in that she gets incredibly upset by the cases they deal with and so to cope she wears bright clothes and decorates her office with soothing ornaments just to remind her of everything good in the world. Derek Morgan, as mentioned above, is her best friend in the whole world and their relationship with each other is excruciatingly beautiful. She cares for everyone on the team and is honestly one of the best people you will ever meet.

Jennifer Jareau: Or more commonly known as ‘JJ’. She’s a gorgeous blonde who’s probably the kindest person you’ll ever meet. But, when you peel off that kind persona, you reveal a seriously badass agent. Honestly, when her family or team is put in jeopardy, she seriously changes in a way that’s so admirable that you can’t not like her. She’s such an integral part of the team and she’s worked her ass off to get where she is. She’s gone from being a communications liaison to a talented SSA (Supervisory Special Agent).

Elle Greenaway: You’ll first meet her in season one, and honestly, she’s probably one of the most confident women you will ever encounter. Yes, she goes through a lot of trauma and some heartache but, she’s one of the strongest people you will ever meet. She honestly deserved so much better, and you’ll see why later on in the show.

Emily Prentiss: This wonderful agent joins the team mid-way through season 2, and she demonstrated how talented she is quite early on and she such an asset to the team. She has had quite the life. Honestly, once you find out about her background you’ll absolutely fall in love with her. She’s one of the most caring people and would protect her team at all costs, shown in season 6. She recently took over from Hotch as the new unit chief and I honestly can’t think of someone more right for that position. She’s been through so much, yet she manages to bring happiness everywhere she goes.  

David Rossi: He originally was supposed to be retired, but he decided to come back to the Bureau which enabled him to solve a 20-year-old case that he was being taunted by. He can seem controlling at the beginning but truly, once you see him interact with the team in the coming seasons he will feel like such a father figure to the team. He rarely shows emotion but when he does its heart breaking, he becomes this beacon of light in everything dark and he’s one of the best agents the BAU has ever seen.

Alex Blake: This angel, joined in season 8 after Emily Prentiss departs for reasons I will let you find out on your own. I believe her character development is an important part of her personality. She begins to become close with every single member of the team, especially Spencer Reid. We see her shine through as a mother figure throughout the two seasons she’s on the show. She has this quality about her that makes her so likeable. She is a pure example of how much the team cares for each other, even if they haven’t been on the team for that long.

Kate Calahan: She has been through a lot. She lost her sister in 9/11 and she took in her sister’s daughter as her own. If this doesn’t show you how kind of a person she is, I don’t know what will. She has been through so many struggles and yet she brings this incredible sense of humour that almost masks the dark acts that these people experience on a daily basis. You see first hand her develop on the show and it’s a beautiful experience. You watch her grow as a person, dealing with traumatic things in her past that she reveals in the beginning of season 10. She has this energy that makes you want to smile all the time which is something incredibly rare.

Luke Alvez: A new addition to the team could not have been better introduced or portrayed. His relationships with everyone are so clearly shown and developed in such a way that it makes you feel like he’s been on the team forever. He’s a member of their family already. We get an insight into his life and his past which is something so interesting. We see him as a normal person with a dog who goes running, and it almost makes you forget about the horror he probably dealt with whilst serving in Iraq. He’s one of the funniest human beings, literally his interactions with Penelope Garcia honestly what make season 12 amazing.

Stephen Walker: Moving on to this wonderful man. Not only is his voice deep and it soothes every ounce of my being but he is so intriguing. We see him as a family man, someone who values and cherishes the time with his wife and children. This is what makes him one of the greatest people. He is definitely underrated, but I honestly don’t know how. He is one of the most caring people you could ever meet. He’d only known the team for a short period of time and he was already willing to give up anything to protect them. He considers them his family. That’s what you call noble.

In conclusion, I know I’ve left out masses of information on these characters but I honestly want you to watch for yourself and see the dynamics unfold with your own eyes. It’s incredibly powerful first hand. If this isn’t enough to get you to start watching the show, I don’t know what is. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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Lance for forgetting everything temporarily


You can read this with slight klangst if you want! 

Lance groaned as he lifted his head off the ground, everything hurt and Lance slowly looked at his surroundings. He was on some sort of planet, that definitely wasn’t Earth, and he stared at the giant Blue lion that was laying a couple hundred meters away from him. 

Is that a giant lion? Judging from where I’m located and the lion is located I must have come from inside that ship? Lance attempted to stand up but pain consumed him and he fell right back down on the purple grass. What type of place has purple grass?

Lance laid in complete silence his head throbbing and his muscles screaming out in pain whenever he moved them slightly. After a few minutes of Lance attempting to remember how he got in this situation he heard someone calling his name. 

“Lance? Lance? Are you okay?” A low panic voice came through Lance’s helmet and Lance groaned in pain from the noise. 

“Keith calm down, Pidge has the Blue Lion on our scanners, he can’t be far from her.” Another low voice came over Lance’s helmet and Lance threw the helmet off his head. Everything was too loud and Lance didn’t know who these people were or how they knew his name. 

How do they know me? I don’t recognize them at all, and what the fuck is a Pidge? 

Lance felt his heart race increase when he saw more giant lions fall down from the sky. Lance had no idea what they were but they landed next to the Blue lion and were those people coming out of them? Lance could barely keep his eyes open and he eventually let sleep consume him just as he heard footsteps get closer. 


About a week later Lance fell out of the pod and was immediately caught by Hunk. 

“LANCE! You’re finally awake!” Hunk hugged his best friend tighter, ignoring the confused sounds Lance was making. 

Lance felt like he couldn’t breathe and used all of his strength to push back against the person who was hugging him. “Get off me!” After what felt like eternity the person let Lance go and he slumped to the floor. 

Lance looked around the room and saw six strange looking people that were looking at him like they knew him and that he was crazy for pushing that guy away from him and screaming at him. 

“Lance are you alright?” A ginger haired man with a huge moustache approached him with concern in his eyes. 

Lance looked at the man who was speaking to him. “Who are you?” 


Lance was sitting what was apparently his bedroom with the man he now knew as Coran. He was escorted here after a raven haired boy started to scream and the man who hugged him broke down crying. 

“So you are telling me that you don’t know any of the people in this place?” Coran questioned as he stared at Lance intently. 

Lance shook his head no, “should I?” 

“Yes, we’ve been living together for a few months now. You knew Hunk and Pidge back at the Garrison. Shiro was your hero and Keith was your rival.” Coran counted off his fingers as he listed the different thing Lance should know. 

Lance was destroying his brain thinking about what Coran was saying but everything seemed like new information. “I’m sorry, I just don’t remember any of it.” 

Coran sighed and stood up from where he was sitting. “Stay here, I’ll get you some food and we can discuss ways to jog your memory.” 

Lance watched the older man exit his room and placed his head in his hands. I don’t know what I should know. Who are these people? Why am I with them? What purpose do I serve with them? Lance kept his head in his hands and stayed in his room even when he heard the same raven hair boy yelling down the hallways and other people telling him to calm down. 

I really liked this idea tbh 

I may write more if people want! 

I hope you like it! 

Sorry this took so long!!!

Thank you! 

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Omg!! Please!! Use all the voltron characters and 28 from that prompt thingy!

28: “ I thought we were family!”

Sorry this took so long! 

I hope you like it! 

Lance stared at the boy standing in front of him wide eyed. He couldn’t wrap his head around what he just heard. “What do you mean you’re leaving?” Lance’s voice was barely above a whisper. 

He wasn’t sure if he was talking quietly because he was unsure what he heard or the fact he thought if he was loud he would scare the raven hair boy away. 

“I’m sorry Lance I know you’re probably upset with me but I have to do this.” Keith stared at the boy who was sitting on the couch in disbelief. He shifted uncomfortably as he watched the tan boy process what he just told everyone. 

It was just after dinner and Keith knew he had to tell his team his plans tonight or else he may never leave. 

Shiro shook his head and placed his human hand on Keith’s shoulder. “Keith…why do you want to leave? We’re a team.” Shiro sounded broken and confused, no one expected that Keith out of all people (after the trouble he gave Pidge) would want to leave the team. 

Keith squeezed his eyes shut and push Shiro’s arm off his shoulder. “I know, but I need to go with the blade. I need to learn about my mother and why what happened, well happened.” 

“Keith, do you really need to leave for that? Can’t you just ask the members that are already here?” Hunk gave the Red paladin a sad look, he wanted to find a solution so Keith didn’t leave. 

Keith shook his head no, then Pidge stood from her spot on the couch. “You told me I couldn’t leave when I wanted to. Why do you think you can just leave? Are you entitled to something that we’re not?” 

“Pidge, enough.” Allura cut the younger paladin off and face Keith, her eyes filled with sympathy. “Do you really feel like this is necessary Keith?”

Keith gave Allura a hesitant nod. If Keith was being 100% honest he didn’t even know if what he was doing was the right thing to do, but he needed answers and he wasn’t getting any being tied down with Voltron. 

Everyone was silent, they knew they couldn’t change Keith’s mind and Coran handed Keith a small device. “It’s a beacon. If you find yourself in trouble, activate this and we can come and save you. I wish you luck in your travels.” 

Everyone was shocked by how quickly Coran accepted Keith’s decision and soon everyone was mumbling goodbye to their friend. First it was Allura, then Hunk, then Pidge and Shiro.

He was the hardest to watch say goodbye to Keith. Shiro didn’t cry but everyone could tell he was fighting back tears and the urge to tell Keith that he needed to stay. After all you can’t have a productive team when people are forced to be a part of it. 

After hugging Shiro for a few minutes Keith turned to Lance, who was still sitting on the couch, his eyes drilling holes in the floor. 

Keith took a hesitant step towards the boy, he slowly reached his hand down and touched his shoulder. “Lance?” 

“Don’t touch me.” Lance slapped Keith’s hand away, stood from the couch and started walking towards the door. 

Keith stared at his hand and quickly turned toward the boy that was walking away from him. “This is your goodbye for me? You want me to remember this when I leave?” Keith attempted to keep anger out of his voice, but he was hurt. Even after all of their bonding moments and training Lance was just going to walk away from him. 

Lance stopped where he was walking and stood still as a statue. Nobody moved and Lance kept his head cast down. “I thought we we’re family.” 

Keith felt like he was just punched in the gut, “what do you mean? We’re still family.” 

Lance let out a tied laugh and face the raven hair boy, tears streaking his face. “Family doesn’t leave family. Family stays together through everything. Family tells people how they are feeling and what they want to accomplish so everyone can help them reach their goal. Not just leave because they weren’t learning what they wanted. That’s was family is and if you leave this team tonight, you leave this family.” 

Everyone was speechless, Shiro opened his mouth to stop Lance from saying any more but Keith put his hand up to silence him. “You’re right Lance.” 

Lance gave Keith a confused look and wiped his eyes. Nobody would have thought that Keith would have agreed with Lance. 

“You’re so right and I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave this family, this is the best family I’ve ever had.” Keith swallowed around the lump that started to form in his throat. “I’m sorry for being selfish, I just got caught up in the idea of learning about my mom. I’m so sorry.” Keith wanted to keep apologizing but he was hugged by the Blue paladin. 

“Hey, don’t cry it’s okay, we’re all stressed. We all want to learn about something, we understand.” Lance hugged Keith tighter and Keith wiped his eyes with his free hand. He was crying and soon the entire team was surrounding him. Some crying, other on the verge of tears. 

Keith hugged his family and kept apologizing long into the night. 

Cliche ending I know but I hope you like it!!!! 

I’m sorry it took so long! 

Thank you!!!!! 

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yo yo can i have some blog recs please i need variety on my dash 🙌

of course!! I can’t tag all the blogs i’m following because that’s nearly 800 (i have a problem), but some of my favourites include:

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I’ve probably left out a lot but here ya go pal! let me know if you want ones from a certain fandom because there’s some i follow but just don’t reblog