it took me years to understand this scene

Why hasn’t Aladdin thought more about the rukh system over the past 3 years?

It’s very odd that Aladdin is so passionate going into this conversation, but immediately has to turn to Alibaba once Sinbad asks him a very loaded, valid question. I find it hard to believe he hadn’t been mulling over that question every day since the fight that took place in Night 304-305.

Scenes like this make me feel like Magi is a baffling, unholy love child between a sienen & shounen. I’m not criticizing Aladdin and Alibaba per se, I just don’t understand the rationale for the narrative choice(s) Ohtaka made to get us here. I think I get why the first meeting was so banal. If they had this discussion before the SP invasion now. It would just seem like a personal dispute and might escalate in a way that never gets to the meat of the rukh system conundrum. I don’t think he should be able to immediately rattle off a perfect answer to the question, but I think the scene falls flat when Aladdin can’t even begin to answer the question on his own.

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Frances Bean & Courtney Love Discuss Kurt Cobain Death Photos

Declaration of Frances Bean Cobain

“I, Frances Bean Cobain, declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington as follows:

1. I am Kurt Cobain’s daughter. I am over 18 years of age and I am competent to testify. I have personal knowledge of the matters below and could and would testify to them.

2. I understand that Richard Lee has filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department to try and force them to release never-before-released graphic photographs law enforcement personnel took at the scene of my father’s death, so that Mr. Lee can publicize them.

3. I once saw mock photos depicting my father’s body. That experience irreparably scarred me. I cried for days afterward. Those horrible images still haunt me. I cannot imagine how terrible it would be knowing that the photographs that Mr. Lee seeks were public, and that I or any of my loved ones, including my father’s mother and sisters, might inadvertently see them. Release and publication of the photographs would shock me and exacerbate the post traumatic stress that I have suffered since childhood.

4. Releasing the photographs would physically endanger me and my mother. My mother and I both receive a constant stream of death threats from very disturbed individuals who are obsessed with my father. Once, a stalker broke into my home while I was on vacation, and laid in wait for three days. This person’s twisted explanation was that he was meant to be with me because my father’s soul had entered my body.

5. Releasing these photographs into the public domain would encourage more disturbed stalkers and fanatical threats. It would make me feel even more unsafe in public and make me more fearful for myself and my family’s safety. I would have to delete all of my social media to prevent receiving the photographs.

6. I was less than two years old when my father died. I have worked hard to know him from stories from friends and family, photographs, and from his art, as the living person who was my parent. I do not want that image to be stained by the knowledge that these horrible photographs are public and that I might be exposed to them. I have had to cope with many personal issues because of my father’s death. Coping even with the possibility that those photographs could be made public is very difficult.

7. I am not the only person who would be irreparably scarred by public disclosure of the photographs. Although disclosure and publication of the pictures would harm all of the family and friends who loved my father, his parents (my grandmother and grandfather) and his sisters and brothers (by aunts and uncle), would be especially vulnerable to emotional pain and trauma from knowledge that the pictures were public.

8. The tragedy of my father’s death is a personal and private matter for me, his other family members, and his friends. Further sensationalizing it through the release of these pictures would cause us indescribable pain.

Signed at Los Angeles, California on July 20, 2015.”

Connor Appreciation

Could we all legit take a comment and admire Connor’s MATURITY in the last episode when he responds to his father with “I know dad.”

This boy has to deal with his still homophobic father who constantly and subtly jabs at his sexuality ever so often and obviously still disapproves of it.

But Connor, this thirteen year old boy, who took a bullet to his foot, has to walk on crutches and also has to handle his new relationship just fucking lets Adam off the hook.

Most hormonal teenagers would lose their shit, or at least look fucking annoyed with their parent who just refuses to understand but Connor, my dear Connor basically just tells god damn Adam that it’s okay.

I really did admire him in that scene. I don’t know, it just really touched me and made me appreciate this kid even more.

“I know dad.”

This kid is an angel.